Dark Vengeance

                                              By Arthur


The drive back to the mansion was as silent as the grave, both boys felt
they had no need for words, everything they needed to say was done so by
looks and small gestures, a squeeze of the fingers, a rubbing of knees, a
small soft smile, both boys knew they were meant for each other, the
stirring deep inside each boys chest told them of what was about to happen.

The first sign they had reached the mansion came as the driver opened the
rear door of the limo to let them out, without loosening their hold on each
others hand, the two boys drifted towards the open doorway of the house,
neither wanted to stop and talk to Phin as he watched the boys move past
him and head towards the stairs leading up to JJ's bedroom, Phin smiled, he
well knew they would not be seen for some time, instant love did that to
some people.

It was two hours later that JJ looked up into the dark eyes of Marco, he
was still on his back with his knees pushed back by his ears and his narrow
butt held high for the best penetration Marco could get, the continuous
slapping of Marco's groin resounded in the room as he came closer to his

JJ watched through misty eyes as the small wrinkle between Marco's thin
dark eyebrows grew more pronounced for the fourth time as he drew nearer to
his ejaculation, the room smelt thickly of the musky scent of young boys
sexual urges, neither had called for a rest as their young bodies called
out for more of each other.

As Marco came close to his moment of joy, small beads of perspiration
dripped onto the smooth skin of JJ's chest, his well muscled belly showing
the signs of his own pleasure with the slickness of his own ejaculate, each
one being in perfect time with the other, it was as though both boys were
tied at the groin, JJ felt his own impending explosion as Marco's hips sped
up until they were like a blur as the resounding slapping of his thin
caramel coloured hips tightened in expectation.

The fourth explosion of young boy juice was as large and as satisfying as
the first three, the two boys stayed joined together, neither wanting to
part from the other, for JJ it was the first time he had been entered but
he found that, for Marco it was natural for him to be on his back whereas
with the twins he had been the dominant one, to his eyes, JJ felt he wanted
Marco just where he was, even now, after their fourth joining, neither
wanted to lose their place, Marco stayed buried as deeply as he could, his
young manhood still semi rigid, he had no idea how he was able to maintain
his hardness, it had never happened before.

Marco could only think about how happy he was to at last meet, and be with
the boy he had been dreaming about every night for two weeks, he had no
idea where or how the dream came into being as he did not know the face
that met him in his dreams every night, and then, while in the mall where
he very rarely went, his dream came to life and now, he was here in a large
house with the very dream boy, his libido seemed to not be able to die even
after four times buried deeply in the hot moist sleeve that encompassed his

JJ released his knees and reached out with both arms to wrap them around
Marco's back, he curled his hips a little more as he pulled Marco close to
his face, their lips met in an instant and the passing of love was renewed
as their tongues began to battle, it was a forgone conclusion that Marco
would again win this small battle, it was also enough for his boyhood to
harden once again, every pulse or movement was felt deep inside JJ, this
was what felt right, the distant memory of his Mothers sharp words faded
into the background as Marco began his slow hip movements once again.

In the dining room, Phin looked at the old grandfather clock in the corner,
by his reckoning, the boys had been in the bedroom for over five hours,
quite an accomplishment for two young boys although it was little surprise
given the nature of JJ's new body, what surprised Phin was that JJ's bond
partner had had the stamina to keep up with the Defender of the Gods,
perhaps Zeus had something to do with it, neither he nor the boys would
ever know.

>From above him, Phin heard the footsteps of two young men, they had
finally decided that food had an important place in their new awakening,
Phin smiled as the twins Poma and Tana began to lay the food out on the
table, both were very happy the defender had found his heart, the boys were
in for a long and exciting time, it had been ordained as the twins well

When JJ and Marco finally made it to the dining room, JJ saw that the head
of the table was now set with two chairs and two settings, Poma stood
behind one chair and Tana behind the other as they waited for the two boys
to sit, Phin, along with his usual tall wine glass of red, sat at the right
side of the table.

Marco looked at the huge table and all the food spread out on it, he also
saw the twin servant boys but his only thoughts were for his one true love
as well as his very empty belly, he had never done `IT' seven times before,
in fact he had never done `IT' once before, his whole body screamed out for
sustenance, if for no other reason than he wanted to return to the bedroom
as soon as possible and make his dream boy feel good again, his groin
throbbed in agreement.

JJ was given his usual sweet wine although it was truly nectar of the Gods
but he had little or no thought about that, for Marco there was a simple
white wine, neither boy noticed the difference, in all the time they had
been together, the boys had barely said one word, they both felt that words
were not need for what they felt for each other, they were completely happy
just being together, it was at this time that JJ suddenly had a thought
about his roll in the world and how Marco was going to be able to fit into
it, he would have to get Phin alone and talk with him.

High above, Zeus had watched the two boys in their throws of ecstasy, he
had now and again had to push a little power into Marco to help the boy
fulfil his desire to bed his Defender, it had been an exciting and rousing
performance by both boys, Zeus felt he had been right in his selection of
life partners for Perisone, the young Latin boy was the perfect match for

He looked down at the pair as they sat side by side at the large table,
they were both dressed in only black silk boxers, the bodies almost
identical in shape and form, the smooth, hairless, caramel skin of Marco
set off the paler tan of JJ, they were an ideal pair and their performance
so far in bed had been well up to his expectations, even though he had had
to inject a little power to Marco towards the end but it had all been for a
good cause as far as Zeus was concerned.

For JJ though, any thoughts of further gymnastics with Marco had to be put
aside as he heard the far off trumpet call ring through the heavens, with a
sad smile to Marco, JJ walked out onto the patio and opened his recalled
wings, behind him there was a loud gasp from his new friend, not having
time to explain, and hoping Phin would do the honours, JJ took flight in a
flurry of soft sound as his wings gripped the air around him.

In his mind, JJ saw the challenge before him, again the evil had broken the
veil, in the far North of Alaska, a small mining town was under siege from
a far than normal storm, within the storm swirled beings of another plain,
being as they were well hidden by the buffeting winds and driving snow from
the eyes of the towns people, JJ had his work cut out,

Calling his nine Wraiths to his side, JJ picked up speed and height as he
headed north and into the thick swirling mass of snow and ice, as he neared
the location of the disturbance, his vision was cut to the very minimum,
even with the aide of his Helm he could see little below him, in his mind
he knew what was waiting for him but he could not actually see them with
his sight.

As JJ hovered above the place of the pending disturbance, he tried
everything he could think of to get a good sight of his supposed enemy, as
he hovered and peered intently into the white out gloom, small bright blue
sparks began to appear around him in the thick snow, for a moment he
thought they were some form of static electricity until he saw that they
were not being pushed around by the now roaring wind, instead they were
forming up around him in differing geometric shapes, slowly they came
closer to him, JJ readied his weapons, perhaps these were part of the
forces aligned against him from the broken veil.

Suddenly, one of the bright lights came very close and then settled onto
the back of his hand which held his sword at the ready, on closer
inspection, JJ saw it was a very small miniature boy, not much bigger than
his hand when it was open, the tiny elfin figure smiled at JJ and then
proceeded to hop around on the back of his hand as though playing some sort
of childish game.

JJ could only smile at the childish antics and, as he replaced his sword
into the scabbard, the minute figure clapped his little hands and danced in
front of JJ's face with a huge smile covering its delicate features, in a
soft but childish voice, the small light being explained he was a sprite,
sent by Zeus to guide Defender to the breach where the enemy were now
entering the realm of this world through the veil.

JJ watched as the miniature figure took to the violent air once again and
called his fellow sprites to form a new pattern, once this was done, JJ had
only to follow the bright blue lit arrow towards the ground and a little
further to his east, as he neared the breach he could almost feel the heavy
smell of evil in the air, with the same suddenness of their appearance, the
brightly shining sprites disappeared and JJ could now see below him the
full extent of his mission.

On the ground, and in the centre of a swath of burnt and smouldering ground
was a shimmering hole in the air, through it came all manner of strange and
terrible beings, some looked to be made from the very frozen wastes around
him, others were obviously from the very pits of Hades, again Loki had sent
his minions to do his nefarious work. As he watched, JJ saw the numbers
increase dramatically, he had to begin immediately or he would be overrun
by the masses moving through the hole in the veil.

With his nine Wraiths forming up around him, JJ took his sword and shield
and dove into the ever growing mass of evil below him, this time, as far as
he could see, there were no humans involved, this was an out and out
attempt by Loki to show his superior forces, as he dove towards the mass of
inhuman beings, JJ worked to calm his own fears, he was heavily outnumbered
and was still new to this, oh yes, he did understand the honour he had been
given by the Gods but, deep within himself he still felt and thought like a
young teen boy and had all the same fears and hesitations, for him to be
diving wildly into a mass of evil the likes of which even he could not have
dreamed up, was not giving him any comfort.

As his boyhood fears began to come to the fore, JJ suddenly felt a calm
come over him, it was as though a golden veil had been flung over his
shoulders, with a precision he had not had before, JJ saw his enemy, where
they were, how they moved and, best of all, how to defeat them even with
the numbers against him, at a thought, JJ made his Wraiths turn into their
alter egos, the fierce screams of the long muzzles filled the snow filled
air as they reached the ground, the long hackles rose on their shoulders as
their long black claws scraped the ground as they circled back and forth in
front of JJ.

JJ pulled his brightly shining wings in around his body leaving only his
sword and shield free and the bright golden helm showing above the white
armour of the feathers, as he watched the enemy slink around and try to
find an advantage, JJ saw they had no leader, it was nothing more than a
numerous pack of evil with no lead on what they should do.

JJ instinctively knew he had to close the rent in the veil, with a last
look at the massing hordes, he raised his sword and charged into the
heaving throng,
his Wraiths close behind, what eventuated was a free for all of screaming,
snarling blood letting, beasts of ice fell to the scything blows of the
Sword of Damocles, the glowing golden shield shuddered with the strikes of
ichors dripping claws and teeth from beasts that smoked and flowed like

As JJ and the nine Wraiths battled with an intensity that defied logic in
the face of the ever growing hordes, they realised that they were slowly
making ground, as each beast fell they were one step closer to the tear in
the veil, around the small group of fighters lay all manner of beasts,
some, as they were struck down, withered back into nothing more than a pile
of snow or ice, others left splashes of burnt and singed ground where they
fell, and still JJ and his Wraiths battled on towards the broken veil.

The carnage around the small force was growing by the minute, the Sword of
Damocles sang with power as it glowed an even brighter golden fire, each
beast struck down seemed to add to the swords strength as JJ swung and
sliced his way closer to the shimmering rent in the air, around him the
battle raged on with all the power of the Gods, growls and screams echoed
through the swirling snows and screeching winds as one after another of the
beasts fell and was trampled underneath the ever moving feet and hooves,
claws and talons of the masses.

Had there been an outside observer, they would have seen what appeared to
be a small circle of golden light surrounded by a mass of blackness, within
the mass they would have seen the dead and dying as the golden circle moved
ever closer to a shimmering circle in the air from which the beasts of
dreams seemed like a never ending river of evil.

JJ never felt the burning acids that dripped from his black grieves onto
his golden sandals, nor did he feel the slashing claws and talons as they
left cuts and gouges in his white wings, all JJ knew was that he had too
close the rent and then finish defeating the ugly hordes that surrounded
him and his Wraiths.

All of them now carried the marks of a bloody battle but to an observer it
seemed they did not notice their own injuries, it was as though they were
protected by the very Gods themselves, and so it was, as Loki tried to push
more of his evil through the veil, so Zeus and Hera sent power into their
Defender and his Wraiths, for those involved in the battle it was now a
personal desire for survival, for the Gods above, it was their own private
battle for supremacy of Olympus but fought on the earthly plains.

Unknown to those on the actual field of battle, what they fought for was
far more than just the tear in the veil, what the outcome of this battle
would decide was the freedom of thought of the human race, it was once
again nothing more than a battle of good over evil, a battle that had rage
since time began.

It had all originated from the minor bickering of lesser gods and godlings,
slowly over millennia it had grown into personal challenges, each and every
war throughout history had been fought on these same principles, while men
thought they were the ones in control, the Gods had looked down and smiled,
the minions of Loki had used the weak humans as fodder for their evil,
while those of the Gods who disagreed with the Prince of darkness, had used
mortal man for their own gains and means, was it not better to have the
small mortals do their work than they actually soil their own hands on such
trivia, besides, mortals were so gullible.

JJ knew none of this, all he knew was he had to close the veil or the rest
of his world would fall under the sway of Loki, even as young as he was, JJ
knew that was not an option, he had been given the very power of the Gods
Defenders to make a difference and that was what he would do or die trying.

JJ looked up through his blood splattered visor, even though his young body
ached and he was beginning to feel the effects of the poisonous damage done
to him, he saw that he was now only steps away from the break in the veil,
calling all his remaining strength and pulling his nine battered Wraiths
close to him, JJ put in his remaining power to reaching the veil, he knew
instinctively that once that was closed, the power that drove the beats
would be cut off and they would wither and die without further fighting.

Battered and bleeding from many cuts and burns, JJ fought his way in one
last bloody drive to the very edges of the veil, calling for all his
remaining power, he raised the sword of Damocles and drove it with all his
strength into the tear, as the sword glowed a brighter gold, the rent
closed, as it did so, the howls and screams around the small band of ten
increased as the pain of the beasts cut off from their power source left
them with only pain and agonising death.

>From deep in the darkness of the closing veil, JJ heard the loud scream of
rage from the banished Loki as he saw his minions fall to the new Defender,
on the clear air of Olympus came the heavy sighs of relief from the two
Gods watching from above the carnage until only ten small, bloodied and
injured figures stood alone amidst a landscape of snow and ice covered with
the remains of burnt and broken bones of beasts best left to the dreams of
the demented.

As the last of the beasts fell to the ground in the agony of defeat, JJ
felt a weariness come over him the likes of which he had never known
before, it seemed every bone and muscle ached, his skin was blistered in
places that defied realism, even his once perfectly white wings were now
covered in greasy soot, on the ground lay broken feathers that had been
pulled from his wings during the intensity of battle, his armour was
scratched and dented, the golden shield felt heavy on his slender forearm
and his sword felt heavier than he could ever remember as it dragged its
point towards the ground when his arms felt the weakness of a long battle,
the heavy stench of victory did nothing to lift JJ's spirits, as he saw the
devastation around him, a single small tear fell down his cheek, it had all
felt too much for a teen of his age, and yet here he stood, a mere tool of
the Gods surrounded by blood and gore the likes of which he had no real

As he stood in awe and fear of what had just happened, JJ was once again
suddenly surrounded by the flickering but intense bright blue lights of the
Sprites, with a slowness he could not understand, he felt a small amount of
power returning to him, his wings opened and, with a mighty effort, he took
to the dark night time skies once again, it was time to go home and heal,
every fibre of his body strained to keep him aloft as he winged his way
south, his torn wings battling to keep him driving forward to his safe
haven, the terrors of the battle never receding as the distance grew from
the battle field and, as he flew with his Wraiths southward, the faint
trails on his cheeks from the shed tears never left, it was his first truly
horrible experience of total bloodletting that he had faced, even the
battle on the sea side with Loki had not measured up to the brutality and
slaughter of this last battle.

The first rays of the sun were just showing over the horizon as JJ winged
his way closer to the house where his friends awaited him, it was one of
the battered Wraiths that saw it first, to JJ's tired eyes it was nothing
more than a smudge on the darker tree line of the estate, his weary mind
took a while to realise what he was seeing and a new fear raised its ugly
head as he got closer.

As he touched the ground in font of the smouldering wreck that had once
been his new home, JJ saw the tall figure of a man dressed in silver
armour, on his head was a small silver skull cap with silver wings and on
his feet were a pair of white winged sandals, his shield was also silver
and in his right hand was a long silver spear with a silver snake wrapped
around it, only the dark brooding eyes of Phin could be seen above the
shield, at his feet were the twisted, torn, broken remains of Tana and
Poma, of the other servants there was no sign, it was also at that moment
that JJ saw there was also no sign of Marco, a deep anguished fear rose in
his chest as he took in the scene of devastation before him, with a shaking
voice he asked Phin.

"What Happened, where is Marco?"

With a heavy heart Phin looked at the beaten and bloodied small figure of
Perisone before him, even his own injuries could not stop him from feeling
the hurt in Perisone's voice.

"He has taken him, Loki set the trap in the North to pull you away from
here, once he had you fighting up there he opened a new gate and attacked
us here, I did all I could but we were outnumbered, his minions took Marco
and closed the gate, you missed them only by minutes."

>From somewhere deep in his very soul, a new anger rose in JJ, hurt or not
he was not going to let Loki win even if it meant his own life he would
follow his desire and track down the evil if it meant he had to enter the
very gates of Hades alone to find Marco, deep in his chest a new fire grew,
Phin immediately recognised what was happening and hurried to try and relax
JJ's building torment but, he was just a fraction of a second too late.

Had anyone been awake and watching in those first few minutes of a new day,
they would have seen a bright shining light like a thousand suns begin to
glow, even Phin and the nine torn and bleeding Wraiths had to turn their
heads away from the brightness as JJ went into his own world of pain and
anguish, as he glowed brighter, JJ suddenly felt a blackness surround him
and he fainted, to the eyes of Phin and the Wraiths, they saw only the
bright flash of JJ disappearing into nothingness, one second he was there
with his cheeks running with tears and the next, he had disappeared into
thin air.

High above on the top of Olympus, Zeus and Hera looked on in amazement; the
attack on the home of their Defender had also gone unnoticed by them as
they also were embroiled in the battle to the north but on a different
plain, the destruction and death at the mansion had caught them by surprise
and that was a rarity, now their Defender had disappeared into thin air,
Zeus instinctively thought he knew where the boy would be, with a quiet
certitude, Zeus slipped into the private realm he had given to Perisone, it
was the only place the boy would know where to go for privacy.

Zeus arrived into the open green fields of Perisone's private realm, much
too his surprise the boy was not there, his armour, weapons and even his
battered wings were laying on the fresh green grass pulling power from the
earth to repair themselves but of the Defender there was not a single sign,
Zeus used every inch of his considerable power to search for the boy but,
in this realm there was nothing, his Defender had simple disappeared from
the very face of the earth and even the heavens could not find a trace of
him, it was as though Perisone, Defender of the Gods, had never been.

JJ found himself in a place of darkness, for as far as he could see or feel
he was alone, there were no stars in the sky or even a glimmer of light in
any direction, he was totally alone with is own misery and loss, even his
memory was blank except for a deep feeling of loss, his mind swirled with a
strange feeling of being in a limbo of nothingness, the last fleeting
thought he had was of a pile of smouldering rubble and the faint vision of
a figure dressed in silver and the broken bodies of two small figures lying
on the burnt and devastated ground.

Even as he tried to pull in more details of these last memories, they faded
away and he was left with only broken images that also began to fade into
the blackness surrounding him, all he had to hold onto was his name and
title, Perisone, Defender of the gods, the Guardian of truth and justice,
this name and title rang in his bemused head as though it were being tolled
by large bells as it rang out into the darkness.

Perisone drifted in the nothingness, all thoughts of a life before now were
gone, only a deep feeling of having lost something important clung to him,
he was Perisone but, why was he here and where was here? So many thoughts
with no answers, and so he drifted in the cold darkness, did he have a
world to go too or was this blackness his true life, fleeting glimpses of
bloody battles and inhuman gore occasionally flittered through his mind as
he drifted in this nowhere place, why he was here he had no idea, perhaps
this was where he had always been, and so he floated on.

Perisone started awake, that is if he had actually been sleeping, from the
very depths of his own mind came a soft voice, it sounded very much like a
child's voice but with a power behind it that Perisone had only heard in
some bygone age, how long he had been drifting in this darkness he had no
idea but it seemed like forever, the faint whisper of the child like voice
drifted once again into his blank mind.

Slowly Perisone made out the sound as his own name being called over and
over by the soft voice in the blackness, Perisone turned around and looked
for the origins of the childish voice but there was no sign of anyone in
the darkness, even had there been a body to go with the voice he knew he
would not have seen anything in this world without light.

Again the voice echoed in the darkness, Perisone searched in vain for its
origin and still there was nothing, and then, on the very edge of his
peripheral vision, he saw the faintest speck of light, as he turned towards
it, it grew in strength, with bated breath, Perisone waited with a renewed
desire for company, it seemed he had been in this lonely blackness for
eternity and now there was light.

Perisone waited, his breathing was shallow as the light inexorably moved
closer to where he lay in the darkness, somewhere from the very depths of
his soul came a glimmer of hope, for what, he had no idea but it was hope,
something he had lost when he entered into this world of blackness with all
memory of a previous life long lost to him.

The glimmer of light grew larger as it closed on his place of rest until it
eventually got close enough for him to make out the small slender figure of
a young boy but, around the figure was an aura of power the likes of which
Perisone had never seen or imagined before, with a voice that crackled with
emotion and lack of moisture, Perisone asked the small figure.

"Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here? Where is here?"

The soft childlike voice had the sound of laughter buried within it as the
small figure answered Perisone.

"So many questions from such a one as you Perisone, who am I? I am everyone
and everything, I have a thousand names in a thousand worlds, where are
you? You are in the world of Limbo, a place for you to rest and find
peace, why are you here? You are here to gather the strength you will need
to set right all the wrongs that have been done in the name of the many
false Gods of man, where is here? It is my realm, one which is now at your
disposal to gain all you will need to settle the many scores and injustices
committed in my name."

"But who are you?"

"My name is, He that Creates and too you I give all power, wielded wisely
it will bring truth and light to those blinded by greed, false desire and
wrongful lusts, should you choose to use this power for false means, this
is where you will spend the rest of eternity, should you choose to use the
power wisely and only for good then all your heart desires will be made
truth for you."

"But what am I too do, I have no memories or desires except for something
that is missing within me?"

"You will now become my arm and hand of justice, even the very Gods will
tremble at the sight of you, when you return to your place in the worlds
you will know your own desires but they will be trials of the hardest means
for you to accomplish, should you do so then all you have dreamed of will
be made whole for you, go now Perisone, from this time on you will be known
as the Hand of Justice of He Who Creates, let none stand before you or turn
you away from the right path.

As suddenly as the last words left the young mouth of the childlike boy,
Perisone found himself standing in an empty field of green grass surrounded
by old trees, in the air he could hear the calls of birds and deep in the
trees the unmistakable movements of wild animals, the air was filled with a
freshness just like after a rain fall, from the earth under his bare feet
he felt a power surging up into his body, it was then he realised he was as
naked as the day he was born, fortunately there was no one within sight as
he looked around for something to hide his nakedness, as though it was an
order from the very Gods, Perisone found himself to be fully clothed in the
fashion of the day, white sneakers, blue faded jeans, red tee shirt with a
loose white hoody over the top.

Perisone looked down at his new clothes as best he could, they felt
unusually familiar after his lifetime of lying in the darkness of Limbo,
where he was to go and what he was to do was still a mystery for him,
somewhere deep in the furtherest recesses of his mind he knew that what he
had to do in the near future was going to be made known to him, Perisone
turned to the rising sun and began to walk towards the far off rolling
hills he could see in the distance, what will be will be, everything will
be made clear in its own time.




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