The boys awoke in the dim light of a new dei, they could hear the faint whisper of wind on the outside as it moved past the entrance pipe, it seemed to all of them that the first winds were going to aid them in hiding their new cave as they had made quite a large trail from the original place to the cave as they had carried and pulled each box from their treasure cave.

After a light meal they sat down to think what they would do, they knew that at this time of the lowering sunlight, the winds would get stronger and last longer as the dark time increased and the sun time lessened, it was always the way. After some discussion, they decided that Elam and Elvan would make some light sticks from the thick soft wud boxes with a small fire starter from the pieces they had from before, Elios did not want to use the ‘MANUAL’ blocks until he had had the chance to look them over more thoroughly, he was somehow sure that they held the secret of the ancients.

The boys set to work making the rolled fire sticks for light until the two that were going searching had eight each, Elios found the box that had the symbols of the ‘MANUALS’ on it and proceeded to open it fully while the other two began their hunt into the darker recesses of the cave, Elios could follow their progress by the two small flames as they receded from him.

Elios finally opened the box and saw inside many, many of the blocks, all were packed in on their sides so he could only see the folded part, he decided to take them all out and put them on a free table so he could spread them out, once he had them where he wanted them he looked them over, he again began to feel frustrated for not being able to make sense of the symbols but something deep in his mind was trying to get out.

Finally he decided that the only way to tell what each was, was to open them and look at the pictures, it was going to take him a long time but he was sure he had plenty as the wind outside was picking up and was now almost to a roar as it passed the mouth of the pipe, he also noticed that some of the sand was being blown into their new cave by the wind, he looked around for something to close the pipe with, it took a little time but finally his eyes settled on a strange shelf above the pipe hole, there was a linked metal rope holding the shelf in place, Elios thought that it was a strange place to have a shelf, also it was rather small for anything, he moved to the hole to have a closer look.

A short time passed as he gazed up at it and then it was like a light coming on in his head, he jumped up on the table and reached for the rope, with a small push upward, the rope came free and the shelf dropped down with a loud ‘clang’ sound, the sound of the wind and the fine sand was immediately cut off, now he could only hear the faintest of murmurs from the pipe, he was intrigued by the symbols on the closed shelf that he now knew was a small door, they said.


Of course this meant nothing to Elios but it did seem strange that the ancients had to put symbols on everything, he became determined to find out the secret of the symbols, maybe it would give him new insights if he could understand them, again Elios looked at all the blocks spread out on the table, a strange feeling ran over him, something about them was familiar, but, what?

Elios pulled over the table they used for their fire and added some more wud, again he looked at the blocks, something was there, time passed rapidly but unknown to Elios as he stood trying to work out what it was that was familiar, at last he gave up and with a bitter feeling deep inside he gave vent to a very loud scream of frustration and banged his hand on the table, turning around he stormed about the cave using all the worst words he knew until, while he was still a little distance from the humiliating blocks he gave the two finger gesture of insult and challenge that all boys used when they wanted to fight another boy, as he spun around and gestured at the table of blocks, something clicked.

Looking at the two fingers so insolently pushed into the air at the blocks he saw something else, his fingers made the same symbol as that of one of the levels of the breeding caves and then, like a bolt of lightening it hit him, he rushed back to the table and looked again, pushing blocks aside as he looked at the wide range of symbols, suddenly total silence settled over his cave as he saw it, even his breath was silent as he slowly turned about and looked for his friends lights but they were nowhere to be seen, in a whirlwind of action, Elios jumped as high as he could and yelled out, this time in glee, he had it, he had the secrets of the ancients symbols, dancing with a new found joy, he rushed back to the table and began to set about sorting out the blocks.

Looking around he saw what he needed, taking a piece of wud from the fire he shook it until the flames died and he had a blackened stick next he carefully cleared an area on the floor that would give him the space he felt he would need, if there was one thing every boy did learn, it was the numbers, all boys knew how to make the shapes of the numbers, all the way up to ten, it was a necessary part of bargaining and so he began to mark down all the numbers up to two tens plus six with a small space between each number and a large space between the line on top and the line below, this is where he would put the ancient symbols that matched the symbols on the breeding levels that they got their names from, he knew a lot of boys from other levels so by saying the boys name he would be able to work out the sound of an ancient symbol and then make out the secret of the symbols.

Elios started with the first level, he knew a boy called Atro, from that level so it must be that the symbol ‘A’ sounded like ‘arh’ Elios looked at one of the blocks and saw a number of the same symbols, next he moved to the number two level symbol it was a ‘B’ what boy did he know from there, again his eyes lit up, he didn’t need to know a boy from there, he already knew the sound because they had lived in the boys level  ‘B3’ and it sounded like ‘buh’ and so Elios worked away almost in a fever of excitement as the symbols he had at first thought were unreadable became clearer and clearer to his young eyes, at last, after what seemed like eternity, he had all the symbols out on the floor and now knew what each sounded like, he hoped he was right as he had been working on the problem so long that his stomach began to growl with hunger.

Elios straightened up from the table and stretched his sore limbs, his naked body shining in the dim light of the fire, looking around for his friends he saw that he was still alone, where had they gone? Were they lost in the darkness of this huge cave and its many mysteries? As he looked into the dark where his friends had disappeared, he heard far in the distance a loud clanging sound and the faint echo of a bad word, it sounded like Elvan’s voice and then he saw the faintest of glimmers from one of their light sticks, they must be coming back, Elios felt better and decided to open a few food cylinders for their return.

As he sat opening the food cylinders he could see the light getting stronger as the boys got closer until he could call out and they answered, there was definite excitement in their voices as they finally appeared from the dark, both were on their last light stick and were very happy to be back with their friend, it had been quite an adventurous dei.

The boys sat down at a table to eat their food, with a small smile of pride, Elios lifted the square cylinder up and told the boys.

“This is called, spam.”

The two boys looked at Elios as though he was a mad boy like some of the ones that were put out into the night from the breeding caves when they came out wrong from their breeders as sometimes happened, Elam asked what he was talking about and how did he know what the ancients symbols were, Elios began to explain his long day to them, how he had discovered what the symbols were and how he had worked them out, both boys leaned back with awe on their young faces at the inventiveness of their smaller friend, Elvan picked up another cylinder and gave it to Elios to read, this one was easy for Elios as it only had three symbols, slowly he spoke out the symbols.

“Huh-arh-mmm, harm.”

Both boys clapped their hands at the revelation from their friend, it was true, he had broken the ancient secret of symbols, next Elios asked them about their searching, they regaled him with stories of hidden caves within the big one and all the wonders that were hidden inside them, it looked as though it was going to take them a lifetime to see it all and work out what it all was for, their main concern was the lack of light to see it all, sooner or later they would run out of fire sticks and then they would be back in the dark, Elios got a thoughtful look on his young face and then confided in his friends once he had it worked out.

“If the ancients were that smart they would have some way of getting good light when they wanted it, there has to be something or somewhere that has light for them to see all their symbols all the time or they wouldn’t have put the symbols on everything they made, all we have to do is search for it, next sunrise I’ll start to look at the symbol blocks and see what I can find.”

The others nodded their heads sagely as they looked at their friend as though he was a special person, for the first time in his short life, Elios had a deep feeling of pride at his accomplishments of the dei. Finally the long hard dei caught up with them and they both stripped off their breach-clouts and joined Elios under the cloth cover of their sleeping mat, Elam was the first to move in close to Elios small butt and begin to prod softly for entrance into his tight hole, it had been a couple of dei’s since they had, had the strength to want to play a boys game and Elios was willing to let them find his small hole to play in.

Elios opened his legs a little wider and let Elam start to push in deeper and Elvan wrapped his strong arms around the smaller boy and put his lips to Elios and begin the slow kiss they all liked, Elios pushed his butt back so Elam could go as deep as he could and Elios would feel all that strong hard muscle move inside him with pleasure as Elvan covered his lips in a long soft kiss as Elam began to move in and out faster.

Both Elam and Elvan had their own likes when they played the boys game with Elios, Elam, like now, preferred to have Elios on his side so he could lift Elios upper leg high and go all the way deep inside his friend, Elvan liked it when Elios was on his hands and knees and he could mount him from behind and at the same time hold the small slim hips with his hands until he was close to spurting his boy juice then, he would grasp Elios smaller boy tool and pump him as fast as he could so he could feel Elios spasm inside when his juice shot out at the same time, both boys always made sure that Elios was pleasured as much as they were when it came to the games.

As the sound of Elam’s soft grunts got louder, Elios pushed back as far as he could and his lips and tongue hungrily sort out Elvan’s mouth for his oral pleasure, Elvan’s hard boy hood pushed with insistence against Elios soft stomach as Elam pushed in hard and held himself there as Elios felt the pulsing of the hard muscle inside his small butt, soon it would be Elvan’s turn so Elios sighed in contentment that his two closest friends looked after him in such a way.

Elvan then moved behind Elios as the boy got up on his hands and knees for him, Elam and Elvan always thought it was better for Elam to go first as he was thinner although longer than Elvan who was quite thick but shorter, Elvan spread open the small slim butt cheeks and rubbed his hot aching glans against the small hole that now had a little of Elam’s boy juice leaking from the reddened hole, slowly Elvan used the white boy juice to make his thickness slippery then began the slow push into the waiting heat, Elios grunted as the large head pushed through his tight muscle and then sighed with pleasure as the rest began to stretch and fill him, he was now going into that place where he always felt so good as Elvan began to push and pull his slim hips over his thick boy hood.

Elam regained his feeling and slipped under Elios soft body then began to swallow the smaller boy to his pubic bone as Elvan began to speed up with his thrusts and soon he gave his final strong push as deep into Elios as he could reach and moan out his boy juice inside the heat of Elios small tight hole as he felt the tightening and pulsing of Elios loosing his own boy juice, both boys shuddered with the intense feelings that overtook them both in that moment of climax.

Elvan collapsed onto Elios back as the smaller boy did the same, Elam had just enough time to swallow the sweet taste of Elios and move from under him before the other two boys collapsed onto the sleeping mat, both exhausted by their efforts, a little later and all three were wrapped in each others arms as they drifted off to sleep after a fantastic day of discovery and boy fun.

As the boys slept the wind outside became a roaring sand storm, these types of storms could last for days and would often kill anyone caught outside, the boys were unaware of the turmoil going on outside and slept in peaceful bliss as it raged on around their new cave, unknown to the boys, their entrance was quickly becoming full of the wind blown sand, but, it was also hiding them away from any prying eyes that might have made them open to an attack.

The next morning was a time for putting together all they had learned the previous dei, Elios to his learning blocks, as he now called them, and the other were put to work with burnt sticks to draw a picture of their travels on the hard stone floor, as the fires burnt lower it was necessary for the boys to open more of the hard wud boxes, the contents were piled neatly in their place as Elios had asked, they were finding that there was an incredible amount of items hidden in the many boxes but Elios was determined to find all the answers in his learning blocks before they began to inspect any of them.

The main thing that confused Elios about the ancients symbols was their need to double up on so many symbols, he could see no reason behind their need to do this, Elios decided to ignore the use of double symbols and just pronounce the words as though they had only one symbol, it became obvious after a short time that this made it easier to understand them.

After a long time had passed, Elios gave a small yelp of excitement, the other boys ran over to him.

“I think I’ve found how they made light.” Elios told them.

The boys looked down on the table at the open learning block; at the top of the thin sheet of wud were the symbols for ‘FEILD ACCESSORIES’ Elios tried to explain what he thought the symbols meant according to the pictures in the block. In the picture, a man was standing in a dark cave, in his hand was a strange black cylinder and from the front of it was a ray of light, it looked even brighter than the sun, Elios spelled out the symbols under the picture.


Both boys gave Elios a funny look but the boy held up his hand for them to wait while he ran the symbols over and over in his mind until they fell together like he had taught himself until finally he had the word.


To Elios it wasn’t so much the word but what it meant and the picture explained that to him with ease, somewhere the ancients had a cylinder that could make light, he had to find it and now that he knew what symbols to look for, he set all three of them to search every box until they found the same symbols, it took longer than he thought it would but, as they neared the last of the boxes he saw it, a box of about four hands on each side and the same high, Elios asked the other two too carry it closer to their fire, just the same as all the others, this one had the symbols of the mans name and a description of what was inside, in this case.





Elios understood the tow tens as being the number of items and so surmised that there were two tens of each but he couldn’t work out what a batt or ergonomic was, still he would see what he had and then try to understand the new symbols later.

Once at the fire, Elios quickly worked on the top and had the box open in no time, he was becoming very good at opening the hard wud boxes by now, inside were rows of smaller soft wud boxes, there were two sizes of boxes, one was more square and the other was longer and wider, he removed one of each and lay them on the table, they were both the same colour as everything the man owned, a strange dull green but the hand drawn picture on the box told him what was inside each  one.

Taking the longer one first he carefully opened it and tipped out the contents, there was one long round pipe with one end being bigger than the other and had a round clear gles face with a small gles thing inside, he turned it over and over in his hands then put it down, next he looked at the ten plus two smaller cylinders, they were quite heavy for their size but he now had another picture to work with as, on the back of the container that the smaller cylinders were in was a set of drawings and the symbols of fig 1, fig 2, fig 3, he didn’t know what a fig was but the numbers told him all he needed to know, it was a picture of how to use the flashlight.

Elios looked carefully at the fig 1 and took up the long pipe and, fastening his hand around the bottom he twisted in the direction of the small spia, much to his delight it began to unscrew and soon he had it off, he put both parts on the table and then looked at fig 2, taking his bled out he carefully slit the soft gles covering on the ten plus two cylinders and took out three of them, checking the fig 3 he turned them over until he saw the difference at each end.

When he was sure he had it correct he slid each cylinder in one by one and made sure to keep them facing the same way as in the fig 3 picture, once done he looked at fig 4 and began to screw that piece back on to the long pipe, once that was done he looked at his item, it was now heavier than before but there was still no light coming from it, had he made a mistake?, Elios went back to the fig pictures and ran everything through his mind again, no he had done everything right so, why was there no light, turning the flashlight around in his hands for a while he suddenly realised that there were a very small part of the pipe that had a raised area and felt a little softer than the rest of the pipe, shrugging his slim shoulders he pressed down on the soft area with the his finger, all three boys yelped with surprise as a strong beam of light erupted from the round gles end.

Instantly all three boys oohed loudly as they saw the beam stretch all the way to the furtherest dark recess of the cave, lighting it up like sun light or even brighter than the sun, instantly the boys began a happy dance, not only for the new light but for the smartness of Elios marvellous mind and his ability to work out the secret of the ancient symbols, they now had a real light source to search the cave but Elios wasn’t finished yet, he wanted to see what the other sort of flashlight was and how to use it.

Elios took out the smaller box and began to open it, it was obvious right from the start that this one was different apart from begin smaller, using his bled he opened the small soft gles covering and took out the strange item, it had the same gles end but this one was facing of the side and not at the end, on the main part of the cylinder was a strange piece of thin metal, Elios lay it on the Table and went to look at the pictures of the figs.

Again following the numbers, Elios copied what they said, it was not long before he was pumping the small metal handle furiously as the light shone out from the gles, he stopped pumping the handle and watched as the light stayed on but as time went by he saw that it was losing some of its power, being inquisitive, he began pumping again and the light got stronger again, now he understood, one flashlight was stronger but had to have the batt things, one was smaller but would always go as long as you squeezed the handle enough to keep it alight, all the boys were ecstatic at their new finds, Elios especially as he now knew he had learned the symbols correctly, from now one it would be easier to work things out as long as he had the fig pictures to help.

The boys decided to assemble one more flashlight each and take one of the ergonomic ones as a spare, they could now begin their real search of their new cave home, for all of them had agreed that this cave was theirs and it would be their home to come back to after they went searching, it was somewhere to call their own and a good base to work out from, the valley was small and didn’t seem to attract much attention from other searchers so while the winds were howling outside they would put all their efforts into looking at all of their cave and then settle down to work out all the new treasures they had found.

And so their real search began, Elios, never being one to take things for granted, told the others to follow while he used only one flashlight at a time, he would take the lead for a while using his flashlight and then one of the others would take over with their light and so on until they had seen all of their marvellous cave system, they had put some cylinders of food in their sak’s to take with them and had rolled up three of the sleeping cloths as well, they planned to stay on their search until they had seen everything they could in their new home cave.

Finally leaving the big cave it was only a few steps when Elios came to the first door, it was marked like all things to do with the ancients.



After working out the sound of the symbols, Elios pushed on the door, nothing happened and he turned to look at his two friends, Elam stepped forward and showed Elios how to wrap his hand around the knob on the door and turn it and push, the door easily opened at Elam’s touch and Elios flashed his light around the cave, what he saw made him suck his breath in with awe.

The cave was larger than he thought it would be, everything was made of white shiny stone or bright shiny metal, the other two boys turned on their lights to look at all of the cave, it soon became apparent to Elios that this was used only for cooking although he couldn’t see where they had their cooking fires but it was obvious it had never been used, he looked around the tables and there, sure enough was a ‘MANUAL’  it was a lot thicker and bigger than the ones he had so far seen but as soon as he opened it and saw the first fig picture he knew what he had for sure, the only thing that confused him was why they had two smaller caves in the same place, one was marked ‘FREEZER’ and the other was marked ‘COOLER’ at this stage he didn’t know what they were but was sure his new ‘MANUAL’ would tell him all he would need to know, after a final look around they decided to keep on with there search.

The next door was just across from the first and was marked ‘DRY GOODS’ Elios turned the handle and pushed on the door, again he was struck with awe, it they had thought that their treasure was a lot then this cave dispelled that idea very quickly, the whole cave was lined with the a shiny white stones, inside every spare space was covered in metal shelves and down the middle was a long metal box with small round knobs on it, the first thing to strike Elios was the fragrant smell of the cave, he didn’t know what it was but it made his mouth water.

All the shelves were full of white Saks, soft wud boxes and row upon row of the food cylinders, everything had its place marked with the ancient symbols which Elios soon worked out was what the item was, in the long metal box in the middle of the cave they found small soft and hard gles cylinders, inside were so many different seeds he was unable to comprehend what they were but the smell they gave off when he opened one was mouth watering and at the same time intriguing.

The boys left this cave to explore more, they knew it would take a long time to work out what everything was for but at this stage they were pretty sure it was all for cooking food. A little further along and they came to a new door, opposite was one marked with the same symbols ‘BUNK ROOM’ Elios ran the sound of the symbols out loud until he had it sounding right then he opened the door and flashed his light around.

It was a long cave, on the floor was a strange type of covering that was a brown colour, the sides were of the same dull green as the boxes had been and, in two long rows were some shelfs but these had their own legs to stand on, the boys moved close to the first one, it was square and made from a grey metal they had not seen before, in the middle it was covered in thin metal ropes that went from top to bottom and side to side, Elios pressed his hand down on the metal ropes and found that it bounced with the pressure, at the end closest to the Cave sides was a strange roll of something covered in the soft gles the ancients seemed to use a lot of, Elios also tried pushing on it, it too bounced under his hand.

Elios looked closer and sure enough there was a fig picture underneath the soft gles, shining his flashlight on it he saw that it was all set out on how to open the gles and set out the items inside. Step by step Elios followed the fig picture, he also learnt that the gles was called ‘PLASTIC’ after removing it had unrolled the thick may inside, after that he unfolded the white cloths then the two cloths that were the same as the ones they had for their sleeping mat, at the same time and after slowly sounding out each set of symbols, he learnt that each item had its own name.

The thick pad was called a ‘MATTRESS’ the thin white ones were ‘SHEETS’  and their sleeping cloths were called ‘BLANKETS’, Elios along with the help of his two friends set the items out on the ‘BUNK’ just as the fig pictures showed him then, all three at the same time, jumped onto the sleeping platform called a ‘BUNK’.

They all loved the soft bouncy feel of the ‘BUNK’ and then and there decided from now on they would sleep in here instead of on the harder floor although there would not be space for all three on one ‘BUNK’ they were sure that they could come up with an idea to make that possible, there was no way they were going to sleep apart after spending their whole short lives together. After a little more playing on the ‘BUNK’  they left the cave that Elios now called a ‘ROM’ dropping the second O as he could see no need for it so from now on he would call all the smaller caves ‘ROMS’.

They left the ‘BUNK ROM’ and continued their search until they came to the end of the passage where it then went both to their left and right, Elios asked his friends which way did they search last time, they told him they looked in both directions and there was as much interesting caves one way as the other, Elios decided to go left and they others followed along until they came to the first door, it was marked as being the ‘USMC ADMINISTRATION’  Elios opened the door and looked in. It was a very basic ‘ROM’ there were two lines of tables each with one chair, on the table covered in ‘PLASTIC’ were smaller boxes, one with a gles front and another with a number of metal ropes running from it, it seemed that these boxes were called ‘IBM’,  he picked up one of the fig manuals and put it in his Sak for later, there were also other items he couldn’t put a fig to but was sure they had a special use, at the end of the ‘ROM’  was a half wall behind which was another bigger table also with the same boxes and other things, Elios could not see what the ‘ROM’ was for so closed the door and continued down the long passage until he came to a door marked ‘GEN ROOM’  he opened the door and looked inside.

The three huge items meant nothing to Elios eyes but he quickly went in search of the ‘MANUAL’ he just knew would be somewhere like in every other ‘ROM’ it took only a short time to locate what he wanted and so, closing the door they went onward. Door after door they investigated until they came to what was obviously a very big metal door, in the centre was a large wheel with handles attached around the outside, the centre of the wheel had two large metal bars fitted on to it which ran across the width of the door and disappeared into the wall on either side, again the strange symbols of ‘EXIT’ were on its surface.

By this time the boys had been searching for a long time and their stomachs were starting to grumble at the exercise and lack of food, as it seemed that this was the end of the passages in this direction, they all decided to stay here and eat then take a good long rest, they only knew by their stomachs that it must be late in the dei and so set about eating and laying out their sleeping mats.

Settling down to eat, Elios looked in his Sak at all the new learning manuals he had collected, it was going to take him a long time to go through them all and find out what everything they had so far seen meant or could do for them, plus he still had all the other smaller ones back at the main cave to understand as well, Elios had also noticed that his flashlight was getting dimmer and so while they ate he added three new batts and put the others in his Sak, no one in this dei and age wasted anything of value.








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