Firstly my sincere apologies for the long wait but events stopped me from writing earlier; I hope this chapter will make up for the long delay.



They had been out for four days, both the Humvee and the APC were now overloaded with new boys, some even sitting on the laps of others, their food and water were also very low and Elios had decided to make a dark time run to the bunker in the hope of avoiding the heat of the dei.

As the first hint of the rising sun made itself known over the ridge top, Elios saw the door to the bunker emerging from dim dawn light, the valley seemed eery in the semi darkness, as the lights of his Humvee swept over the valley floor, he could make out the bleached bones of the Renegs that had attacked them, the creatures of the dark had made short work of the bodies that had lain there only a short time ago.

Pulling up to the huge door and stepping out of his vehicle, Elios noticed the silence and stillness for the first time, it felt as though the death of so many Renegs had brought a curtain of silence over the valley, Elios shivered slightly and put his card in the detector, seconds later the sound and rumble of the opening door could be heard in the stillness, Elios returned to his Humvee, still a little uncomfortable at the feeling of the valley around him.

As the door lifted to its full height, Elios saw all the other boys lined up along the passage, their rifles slung over their shoulders and their new clothes all neat and tidy, Elvan and Bax stood at the front with big smiles on their faces as they watched the two overloaded vehicles start to enter the bunker, first Elios, then Elam waved as they drove past while all the new boys tried to look out the side windows at the smartly dressed boys inside the huge passage, a new sense of excitement pervaded the two vehicles as the new boys tried to take in everything they were seeing in this strange new place.

While the two boys parked their vehicles in the garage, they could feel and hear the rumbling of the door closing, it was not long before Elvan and Bax along with the other boys came rushing into the garage to see the new boys. The noise level grew quickly as the new boys began to call out questions to the others, asking about food and the strange clothes they were wearing as well as the obvious ancient weapons they all held.

As quickly as possible, Elios and the other three boys tried to get some sense of order in the garage until finally Bax let out a loud yell and everyone quietened down enough for Elios to begin explaining to the new boys where they were and what was happening.

The first thing he asked was for the boys that had been in the bunker for a while, to take one of the new boys and show him where he could sleep and wash, once that was organised he then told them that there would be a big meal ready when they had all had a chance to wash and find a place to sleep, with that they all began to leave while the four boys made their way to the main room to organise the new additions to their small army, to Elios surprise, Bax walked up to him and, with a tenderness Elios had never known from anyone, Bax took the smaller boy in his larger, stronger arms and pulled him into a warm heartfelt hug.

At first Elios was taken by surprise as he did not think Bax had ever had any feelings for him but the strength of the hug and the warmth behind it made Elios tired body respond in a typical young teen way and he melted into the strong arms as he saw Elam and Elvan smile widely at the little blonde wrapped in the large arms of Bax.

With a final gentle hug, Bax took Elios hand and led the three of them down the passage to the main room, once there he gently pushed Elios into a chair and rushed away, only to return shortly with a heaped plate of food, as he placed the plate on the table in front of Elios he leaned in close enough so only Elios could hear him.

“I want to sleep with you, I want to protect you, I want to never leave you, will you have me Elios, forever?”

Elios could not speak, he had never thought someone would want a runt like him and Bax was so big and strong, he couldn’t get his head around such a handsome and strong boy like Bax would want someone like him, all he could do was sit and stare up at the soft eyes above him, he could see in Bax’s open face a sense of hope as well as fear at the smaller boy rejecting him, his look changed to longing as he looked down at the small blonde.

From the first time he had seen Elios out in the desert after the Reneg attack he had wanted to hold and protect him, the smaller boy had not only a hardness in his slim body but he also was smart and very good at organising things both in the bunker and outside in the sands, Bax had never felt this way about any boy before, most times boys just liked to play their games with anyone they liked but this boy was something special inside Bax and he was still a little confused about the feelings but he knew he could not go on without Elios by his side or in his bed, he waited with apprehension as Elios looked deeply into his face.

A small shiver went through Elios as he looked up into the waiting eyes of Bax, slowly he began to understand why he was always looking for the bigger boy, why his body stirred with happiness when Bax was around, the closeness of Bax was beginning to make his blood warm and his loins stir in that familiar way, with a blush on his young cheeks and almost a tear in his eye, Elios could only nod his head in acceptance of Bax’s offer.

Bax saw the small nod and his face broke into the widest smile that any of the boys had ever seen, he immediately reached down and pulled Elios up into his strong  teen arms and hugged the smaller boy as close to his chest as he could get him, even the staleness of the four days of travel could not take away the desire and feelings he had for the boy, he quickly looked at Elam and Elvan as though asking them for their approval, happily both boys just nodded and smiled, as far as they were concerned, their little friend deserved someone to look after him and protect him in the long and hard times to come.

Elvan broke the spell that had come over the room, in the distance they could hear all the new boys laughing and splashing around in the ablutions room as he began to explain to Elios and Elam what they had been up to while they had been away. Firstly there had been the clothing and training of the other new boys and then they had decided to go and investigate the rest of the bunker that had as yet not been looked into, the best news was left till last.

“The passage that goes on past the office that we never bothered to look at is the best part, down there is a number of smaller sleeping rooms, I think that’s what gave Bax the idea to finally ask you to be with him, each room is big enough for four people and the sleeping platforms are way bigger, we thought that we could either each have a room or they would be big enough for two in each room, they have their own wash room and big places for your clothes.”

Elios and Elam looked at the two boys with surprise, the far end of the passage had not been one of their priorities but the news that there were smaller rooms to use was good news indeed, it would leave the larger sleeping rooms for the other boys to use, Elios looked at Bax.

“Uhm, did you find one for us?”

“Yes, and I’ve already got it set up in the hope you would say yes to me, I’ll take you there when you’ve eaten then we can talk more about us, if that’s ok with you?”

Elios blushed and returned to his food as Bax sat down next to him and put his arm around the smaller shoulders of Elios, Elam sat opposite and shovelled the food into his mouth as though he had not eaten in deis while Elvan went back to his kitchen to ready food for the new boys who were starting to drift in from their washing, the look of wonderment on their young faces.

Elvan called for the boys that he was teaching to cook and they left to start bringing the fresh food out into the room for the newcomers, soon the room was filled with laughing, eating boys as Elios, along with Bax close by, left to find his new room, with addition of the new boys the large bunker no longer seemed empty, the laughing and chatter seemed to make it more of a home than any of them had ever had.

Bax led Elios to their new room, the walls were coloured in fresh white, the floor had some type of soft warm skin over it and the bed was so much bigger, carefully Bax reached out and gently began to remove the dirty clothes that Elios had been wearing for four deis.

Slowly, as though unwrapping a special gift, Bax revealed Elios small slim body, revelling in each new view of the smaller boy until Elios stood in all his naked glory before the bigger teen, Bax could only hold Elios at arms length and smile as he once again laid eyes on the beauty of his partner, to Bax there was no other boy that could compare to this small compact vision of delight.

Elios smooth soft skin, now paling a little as he was wearing the ancient style clothes more and more, took Bax’s breath away, the boys untidy mop of blonde locks falling over his soft eyes as he looked up into Bax’s face with a new innocent look that Bax had not seen before broke the idolising stare and Bax started to move again, picking Elios up in his arms he carried the smaller boy through to their new washing room and placed him on his slim feet, next, Bax quickly stripped himself and reached up to turn on the water as he slipped behind Elios in the washing space.

Once the water was at the right temperature, Bax took up the new block of what he now knew was called ‘soap’ and began to gently soap and wash Elios body, taking special care as his larger hands came down to hold the now erect boyhood and wash it all thoroughly and tenderly, Elios was over come by the tenderness of the larger boy and all he could do was let himself lean back onto the harder and more solid chest behind him as the strong hands worked their magic on his tired body.

Elios was almost overcome by the gentleness that Bax showed him and even though he had become erect almost the moment Bax had touched him, he was just too tired and comfortable in the big hands to want to go any further, besides, if Bax was really true to his word then they would have a long time together to make up for any time lost in the wash room.

Although Bax was also rigid and wanted nothing more than to feel the hot delights of the boy leaning back against his chest, he held his feelings for the smooth body under control as he finally turned off the water and lifted Elios from the wash area, wrapping the smaller boy in a warm dry towel he again picked him up and carried the boy to their new bed where he again gently laid Elios down and, for the first time in his life, Bax leant down and softly kissed the soft red lips before him, immediately Bax felt the pressure of a small  slim tongue on his own lips and he opened his mouth to accept it, it was the first time either boy had kissed another person but to both of them it seemed the right thing to do.

Elios put his hands on Bax’s shoulders and pulled him towards the bed, the feeling of heat in Bax’s mouth had brought Elios back to life and he wanted to feel the bigger boy beside him, even though Bax’s boy hood was now more a man hood, Elios still wanted to feel it slowly enter him and fulfil the hidden dream he had been harbouring since he had first seen the teen out on the sands.

Bax let himself be pulled down onto the bed, careful not to lay his full weight onto the smaller boy, the towel that had covered Elios had now slipped to the side and his slender beauty was now fully displayed below Bax, the boys rigid pole showed no signs of the tiredness he had felt earlier as Bax lay down, his own rigid pole pressing down until it slid between the slightly open thighs of Elios until Bax was covering his whole body.

Need and desire took over all of Elios thoughts as he felt the full size of Bax slide between his thighs, the hugeness almost made Elios think again until he felt the heat of that large shaft radiate onto his own tender skin, Elam and Elvan were both smaller than Bax but the need deep inside Elios brushed away any concerns about being hurt if, and when Bax decided to take him, the need for the bigger boy over took any thoughts of safety or pain.

Elios was almost taken by surprise at the gentleness of Bax as the bigger teen slowly turned Elios onto his side and lay with him tucked up against his chest, one hand behind Elios neck as they kissed deeply, and the other hand spread over the small butt and pulling Elios closer, Elios sighed deeply as their mouths parted and he tucked his still damp head deep into Bax’s shoulder as he felt the full body contact.

Bax held him close as he smelt the clean freshness of the boy hair, the soft rhythm of Elios breathing slowed and before either of them knew it, Elios had drifted into a deep sleep, the previous four days having taken their toll, even against the wishes and desires of both boys, Bax smiled to himself and lightly pulled the small body closer to him and closed his own eyes, everything felt right and he was happy and still smiling as sleep also took its hold on him.

Bax’s eyes fluttered as he felt a slight movement in front of him, feeling with his free hand he noticed that somehow, Elios had turned in his sleep and was now nestled tightly into him with his small butt pressed hard against Bax’s pubic region and his hard shaft was still tightly held between the soft thighs as though they welcomed the larger shaft into the heat of the smaller boys body, Bax pulled back slightly and felt his manhood slide up the boys crack until it was just barely touching the rim of Elios relaxed hole.

Bax could no longer resist the feeling and pushed softly against the moist place between Elios thighs, as though in a dream, Elios lifted his upper leg and bent it backwards until it rested over the top of Bax’s thigh behind him, Bax pushed gently again and was surprised to feel a slight give in the tightness as his skin slid back and his glans made the slightest on entries, a soft moan issued from Elios lips as the pressure increased slightly.

Elios was in dream land, it was a dream that he was beginning to enjoy, in his dream he was cuddled back against Bax and the bigger boy was gently pushing his large hard man hood into him with a steady pressure, Elios sighed deeply in his sleep, it was as though he could actually feel the large shaft entering him from behind as his new boy friend was starting to make a new adventure in boys games for him, Elios sighed again.

Bax was more than surprised as his rigid shaft sank deeper into the willing boy hole, Elios was very tight but he seemed to relax his boy place without effort as Bax moved further forward, suddenly there was an indrawn breath from the boy in front of him as Bax felt the tight ring open up and let him enter into the heat and moistness of his chosen mate, the small slim hips bucked slightly as Bax’s glans popped through the tightness and then there was a long deep sigh of contentment from Elios as his small butt accepted the larger shaft, in his mind Elios was still in dream land and it was a dream he didn’t want to awake from.

Bax’s time with the Reneg had not been pleasant and his mind was trying to make him just force himself into the smaller boy without thought or worry but something deep inside him didn’t want that for Elios and so he used all his strength to take his time and move as slowly as he could, when ever his will power was about to give in to his desires he would look down on the still sleeping form wrapped in his arms and slow down again.

Even Bax did not understand the amount of will power needed to stop from burying himself deeply into the boy in his arms but he remain steadfast and made each movement as slow and carefully as he could. With one arm around Elios narrow chest and the other wrapped around the sender waist, he slowly pushed in another inch of shaft; his answer was another deep sigh from the still dreaming boy and apart from a little movement from Elios as his body adjusted itself to the new intrusion, Elios seemed to sleep on until finally Bax was pressed hard up against the two small smooth globes of Elios butt, he was now fully inside and the heat was overwhelming.

The hot feeling and the long slow entry had Bax softly panting as he tried to hold himself back from rampaging forward and taking his pleasure, his lower hand wrapped around the slim waist was now brushing the soft downy pubic hair that was all Elios had and his smaller slim shaft was rigidly pressing against Bax’s hand.

Bax began the slow withdrawal but before he had moved more than enough to feel the softness of Elios soft cheeks leave him, his new mate seemed to awaken slightly and at the feeling of the rigid shaft being withdrawn, Elios immediately pushed his small butt backwards with determination, it was obvious to Bax that his mate wanted him to stay where he was and so Bax pushed back until he was again buried as deep as he could go, his answer was another satisfied sigh from the boy laying against him.

Elios eyes fluttered at the last gentle thrust, he felt good and full, it then hit him and brought a smile to his still sleepy face, Bax had entered him in his sleep and it felt good, it also felt very big and filling, more than he had ever felt before but it was a nice feeling, that large shaft buried as deep as anything had ever been inside him, he flexed his butt cheeks and tried to push back a little more but Bax was fully deep inside him, there was only a small burning sensation around his tight hole but the longer Bax stayed inside the more he liked the feeling.

Bax felt the small flex of Elios but cheeks and with a smile he also flexed his shaft a couple of times, the feeling was way above anything he had ever felt, Elios hole seemed to emit a fire of its own and Bax could wait no longer, slowly he began the long withdrawal, feeling the tight ring flexing as he rubbed against it on the way out.

Once his glans was close to exiting, Bax stopped and Elios flexed his tight ring again, Bax started the return as Elios opened his legs wider to accommodate the larger shaft as it made its slow way back inside him, he was in a place he had never been and he enjoyed being there and, just as he thought it would not get any better, Bax shuffled slightly and his large glans hit that spot inside Elios that had the smaller boy squeal with joy and Elios pushed harder backwards, forcing that large shaft deeper into him, his own smaller thin shaft pulsed without assistance and his clear ejaculate was forced from him as Bax bottomed out once again.

Elios could hold himself back no longer and he started to force the pace by rapidly moving his hips back and forth on Bax’s rigidity, each thrust sent shivers of delight through Elios and he wanted more and more of the bigger teen which Bax was now only to glad to accommodate and he went to work with a will that surprised even him.

Turing Elios onto his stomach, Bax took a position above him, supporting himself with one arm and both knees, he used his free arm to lift the smaller boys butt high and began to speed up his penetration, pulling out almost to the limit before burying himself as deeply as he could not knowing that each thrust was hitting Elios button perfectly and turning the younger boy into a frenzied, writhing mass of arms and legs as he was brought to another orgasm, Bax holding on tight to the small wiry body as he came closer to his own release.

Elios didn’t want the new feelings to stop and although he was again ejaculating from the sheer action on his inner button by the larger shaft working in and out of him, Elios did not want any of it to stop, his moans and squeals filled the room as Bax came closer to fulfilment until, finally, Elios gave one very loud squeal of pleasure as he felt Bax’s shaft swell and then a hotness seemed to fill his insides as Bax continued to pump harder into the tightness that was his new mate.

Elios was still moaning as Bax turned him on his side and lay down behind him, he was still buried as deeply as he could be and didn’t want to release the boy until they both died of old age, Elios was still panting heavily and tried to snuggle back as much as ne could into Bax’s stomach, not wanting that large full feeling to leave him, both boys were covered in a sheen of sweat and panting heavily but both also knew that this was not the end of their first night, it was only a pause in their new awakening.

Bax began to move although Elios tried his best to keep Bax just where he was bit the older teen would have none of it, slowly he withdrew his now semi hard shaft from the hot tight place it had been, once free he slipped off the side of the bed just as Elios turned towards him with a look of askance on his young face as well as a small smiling pout of his lips.

“We need to wash.” Said Bax.

He leaned in close and scooped the startled boy into his stronger arms then carried him into the wash room and placed him on his feet under the water spout, once the taps were turned on Bax joined Elios under the water, taking the younger boy in his arms and pulling him back against him, Bax began to soap and rinse Elios as he stood leaning against the solid chest behind him.

Both stepped from the wash area and Bax proceeded to dry Elios off with a fresh towel although Elios had other ideas at that moment but Bax would have none of it, he spun Elios around and gently pushed him towards the bedroom to put some fresh clothes on, there were a lot of new boys waiting or them and they needed to get them settled as quick as possible.

A little disappointed, but understanding the need to take care of the new ones first, Elios drew the towel over his now slightly sore butt, making sure he was not leaking any of Bax’s warm juices before he started to pull on his pants. Elios mind began to wander a little as a sudden thought came into his head, it was something that would take a lot of thought and he didn’t even know if Bax would agree to it.

If both he and Bax came to a decision on the subject, it would mean Elios would have to give up any further thoughts of playing games with any other boys, although Bax would still be able to do as he liked, even if he found a real breeder female but it would mean that Elios would always be number one if Bax wanted to follow along that path, Elios decided it would need more thought on his part first.

Bax joined him in the bedroom and began to don his own pants and cut off shirt, Elios eyed the still semi hard shaft and then looked up into the watching eyes of Bax and gave him a tight pout before laughing happily and running from the room, followed quickly by Bax.

The two arrived at the main rom just as Elvan and his helpers were placing many trays of fresh food on the tables, The room was now full of hungry boys all trying to talk at the same time while they did their best to fill their mouths as well, apart from the four boys who were now outside the bunker on watch, everyone else seemed to be there.

Elios two friends, Elam and Elvan were giving both Elios and Bax long smiling looks, Elios slightly tight walk and tenderness as he sat down told them both all they needed to know about what had happened the previous dark period. Bax and Elios just looked back at the two friends with a smug and all knowing look on their faces.

After some time, all the food trays were empty and all the boys were leaning back in their chairs, their stomachs distended by so much fresh food, for the new boys it was a marvel of the ancients that so much food was even available, as they sat and rested, the difference between the new boys and those that had been in the bunker for a while was quite apparent, the new boys sat naked and the older boys were all clothed in the ancients clothes, Elios stood up to address all the new boys.

“Welcome to our home, it’s called a bunker and was built by the ancients, everything you have seen here was also made by them and it has taken us a long time to learn as much as we can about it all, if you want to join us and stay here, you will also have to learn all there is that we can teach you. Beside me is Bax, if you stay he will be in charge of training you all in the use of the ancient weapons, over there is Elam, he is the leader of the transports, those who want to learn about them will go to him, the boy who supplied the food is Elam, he is in charge of all supplies and will also need more help now that we have so many boys here.”

Elios looked around the room waiting for any questions so far, none came, the new boys were sitting and waiting to see what happened next, Elios continued.

“We were not asked to be the leaders here, it’s just that we found it and have been here the longest and we know most of what’s going on in the bunker and how the ancients did things, our plan is to go out and look for more of these bunkers as well as bring in as many boys as want to come and join us so the idea is to gather as many boys as we can and train them to protect not only each other but to protect our home, there will come a day when we will have to fight the Renegs so the more we know now the better. The way we have set this up is that there will be groups of boys with one leader in each, the ancients called them squads, they’re a group of six boys and they work together all the time, also you will be asked to stand guard outside so we don’t get surprised by the Renegs, they tried it once and found we are not easy to kill or invade.”

There was a soft rumble of voices at this new revelation, if these boys had beaten the Renegs in a fight then it was obviously in all the new boy’s interest to stay and learn as much as they could, Elios continued.

“Now if you want to talk it over, those that want to stay can see Elvan and he will get you some of the new clothes and then Bax will start your training, any of you that want to go on alone, we will give you some food and clothes to help you but we can’t give you any of the ancient weapons as we need them for those who stay to help us, thank you all.”

Elios sat back down beside Bax and left the new boys to talk it over, it didn’t take long for all of the new ones to agree to stay and be a part of the new bunker system, as Elvan came back into the room he signalled for all the new boys to follow him and he took them away to be fitted with the new clothes as Elios laid his head on Bax’s shoulder and sighed in satisfaction, their little family now numbered over six plus ten.

Elios stood up and with a smile to Bax left to go to the office room, he had a lot of work to do to try and find a way of searching out new bunkers, by now he had a reasonably good understanding of the strange computers and his natural intelligence had worked out most of the systems he would need to set a plan in motion.

Bax waited for the new boys as they drifted back dressed in their new clothes, most were to large for the boys but the use of a knife and a belt soon made them useable, finally all the new boys were back, Bax signalled for them to follow him to the armoury where he would issue their weapons and then start them on learning how to use them and how to maintain them, it was going to be a long day and he was already missing Elios, his feelings for the smaller boy were so deep and strange he had never felt like this about any boy he had been with, he just hoped that Elios felt the same way.

It turned out to be a long day for every one, the new weapons training and assignment of places within the bunker for the new boys took a lot of work but finally Elios had it all set out and he was now learning about the ancients system of distances and time, he had been trying to learn these things so he could work out a way to find more of the bunkers, he just knew deep down inside that these bunkers were going to be the answer for all the boys sent out on their searches and with luck they would be a way of stopping the Renegs once and for all.

Elios settled back again to read the computer window, it took a while but slowly the strange symbols and figures began to make more and more sense, at last, after what must have been half a day, he had most of it worked out and it all seemed so easy. The ancients had a time measure of 24 hours to make a day, each hour had 60 minutes and each minute had 60 seconds, by looking at the ‘clock’ on the far wall he was able to see how it all worked, they also had worked out that there were seven days to make 1 week and 4 weeks to make 1 month, followed by 12 months to make 1 year.

At last he could make sense of their thinking, the new age had it all wrong, some of the words were the same but made up of different symbols, as for the distances, it was even better, now there would be no need to guess how far a place was, by using the ancient’s system of measurement they could judge the distance down to nothing, Elios looked again at the measurements, it was all so easy once you could understand the basics.

10 millimetres became 1 centre meter, 100 centre meters became 1 metre, 1,000 meters became 1 kilometre, it was all so easy, now a lot of the numbers and symbols on the maps became clearer, he could now plan for a search for more new bunkers, all the information he needed was in the computer.

Elios shrugged his shoulders to relieve the built up tension, as he did so his stomach rumbled, it was time to go and find some food to satisfy his hunger, it had been a long day and the exertion of having to learn all the new meanings was now telling on him as well as the thought in the back of his mind of what to do about his strange feelings for Bax. Elios shut off the computer and left the office, he hoped that some of the new boys would be interested enough to come and help him in the future, if he went searching for new bunkers they would need someone here to carry on for the rest.

Over the next ten days, Elios worked hard in his office to set out his plan, they had been accepting boys from outside at a steady rate of 2 or 3 a day and sometimes more, it seemed that a rumour had set it self in motion, as they are apt to do in isolated areas, that there was a safe haven for boys leaving the breeding caves in a valley now called “Ded Valy” and if you could find it you would be safe from the hated Renegs, the valley was littered with the bleached bones of long dead Renegs and when you found it all you had to do was call for help and you would be safe.

No one knew how the rumour had started, but like all things in this world, it just had and now new boys were arriving daily. The bunker was now becoming crowded but it was a happy and bustling place, every new boy had to be clothed and fed as well as trained for his chosen job.

Elam now had a garage full of boys learning to drive the transports and do the maintenance. Elvan had six boys working in the kitchen all the time and also had started another three boys to learn about helping any boy who got sick or was injured in their training classes. Bax was the weapons teacher, he would take boys for long runs out in the high sun heat and then take them to his new place across the other side of the valley where he had set up the newly found ancient targets for the boys target practice to improve their shooting abilities, in the early evenings all boys would be assembled in what was now known as the “Common Room” there all the new lessons of the day would be discussed and any important announcements were made by the four leaders.

Elios continued to expand his own mind even though he was sidetracked by his own personal thoughts, he had mastered the long lost art of the ancients and, even though it had been an accident, he could now print the clean white sheets of paper he had found in a room off the side of the office, on a small machine attached to the computer called a ‘printer’.

From this discovery he had made out the new time and measurement papers that now were given to each boy to learn so that they could revert to the old way which to Elios seemed far more efficient for their purposes, without knowing it, the new table of measurements also help Bax’s riflemen to attain a new ability in hitting the far off targets as they could now work out how to use the sighting systems.

But today was a far more important day than any that had gone before, today was the day of Elios final decision, he was very happy with Bax, each night,(for that was the true name for the dark time) Bax took Elios gently from behind like all boys did when playing the night game, and with real passion would fill Elios with his hot juices until they both collapsed in each others arms and slept, but tonight was going to be different, it would be the night for Bax and Elios to decide where their boy fun went. Elios finally left the office and made his way to the now very busy kitchen to search out his friend Elvan.

As soon as he entered the busy kitchen, Elios gestured for Elvan to follow him outside to a quiet area, once there he began to tell Elvan what he was thinking and ask his friends advice about certain things, the look on Elvan’s face was one of awe and acceptance and finally he told Elios all he knew about his friends plan and how to accomplish it.

“Are you sure you want to do this Elios?”

“Yes, I’ve thought a lot about it and I feel it’s the right thing for me to do.”

“You know what it means for you, don’t you?”

“Yes, but it’s what I feel inside, it feels right and I’m not giving up much when I look at what I’m gaining.”

“Well as long as you’re sure then I’m happy for you, you do realise that if you do this, then it’s for life.”

“Yes, I know it is, it’s what I want and I’m sure Bax wants it as well but he just doesn’t know how to ask me.”

“Ok, well I’m with you all the way and I know Elam will be happy for you, when is it going to happen?”

“Tonight, I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“Ok, then wait here for a bit, I want to give you something to help you.”

Elvan rushed back into the kitchen and a short time later he returned with a small bottle of thick liquid and handed it to Elios.

“When the time comes, use this, put as much on as you can, it will make it easier but you’re still going to be very sore for a while, especially if Bax is as good as I think he is.”

Elios blushed and then smiled his thanks as he put the small bottle in his pants pocket, Elvan reached for Elios and drew him into a strong hug and squeezed him tightly.

“I’m going to miss our games and so will Elam but if you’re sure then its ok with us.”

“I’m sure, and thank you for this, please, don’t tell anyone yet, if Bax says no then I don’t want to look silly.”

“It’ll be our secret, well it will be a secret until tomorrow morning.” Elvan smiled his devilish smile and raised his thin eyebrows in a knowing arch.

Elios laughed and waved as he left Elvan standing outside the kitchen, he had a lot to do before he joined Bax for sleep later. Elios went to their room and took out his breach-clout, then the moccasins, swiftly he made his way to the washroom and began to clean his breach-clout until it was spotless and then set it to dry, next he took up each moccasin and, with the red coloured writing stick he had found in the office many days ago, he began to make the symbol on the top of each moccasin, the strong smell of the red dye made his head a little light but he continued until the two symbols were complete, he looked at his handy work and smiled, it looked right, he replaced the moccasins back in the storage cupboard for the next morning.

Looking around their room he decided to clean it and find something to make it look nicer for this special night, and so he set to work. Elios had no idea how much time had passed all he knew was that now his stomach was continuously rumbling with hunger, he looked around the room and decided it was enough, turning, he left for the common room to join Bax and to eat.

As soon as he walked into the common room he felt the tingle of Bax’s smile as the older teen looked up at him from his place at a table where he was discussing the guard duties with two new squad leaders, Elios quickly moved to the table and sat beside Bax, the older teen reached and arm out and wrapped it around his partners shoulders, pulling Elios in closer.

Elios blushed slightly but didn’t resist and laid his head on Bax’s chest as the older teen finished his explanation, the two new leaders looked at Elios and smiled the got up and left to see to their respective Squads of boys, Bax called out for some food and one of Elvan’s kitchen boys quickly arrived with two plates full of steaming meat and vegetables.

Elios had to try hard to swallow his food even though he was ravenous, his plans for later in the night were still forefront in his mind and he just hoped that Bax would agree when the time came, Elios knew there was going to be a certain amount of pain and that the next day he was not going to be at his best, he also knew that he was giving up a lot of his freedom of choice if Bax agreed but deep down it was what he knew was the right thing to do.

Elios hoped that what he was feeling for Bax was going to be reciprocated, he was sure it was but there was always a little doubt in anyone’s mind when they were going to do what he wanted to do, his only assurance was the fact he could not be away from Bax for long without feeling alone and lost, Bax seemed to complete him and every time he looked at the older teen his body tingled with excitement, his face would blush and he would feel all hot and sweaty, just a smile from Bax could set Elios body on fire and half his mind was always consumed by thoughts of Bax.

Their meal finished, Bax took Elios in his arms and hugged him close then sat back and sighed with contentment, all he had to do now was find out if his little Elios would agree to the thoughts Bax had had for more than three months, it was a problem Bax could see no way of fixing, if he made the offer and Elios turned him down he would have to leave the bunker, he would not be able to work so close to Elios and not be reminded of the loss and so he waited, his desire and need for the smaller teen was overwhelming but he waited, what he wanted to do would mean a lot of changes in Elios life and Bax was not about to force him into that position, he would just have to wait it out and see what the future would bring them both.

Bax felt Elios push back from the gently embrace he had been holding him in; Bax looked at Elios in askance.

“I need to do a couple of things before we go to sleep, are you coming to our room soon?” Elios asked him.

“Yes, I just want to let all the food settle and I’ll be there in a bit.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Elios smiled as he got up from the table and left the common room, his stomach was full of flutters and his knees shook slightly, he only hoped that Bax would understand what he was doing and would accept the offer, he knew his feelings were far more than just boy game needs, there was something deep inside him that cried out for the comfort of Bax.

Elios made it to their room and began to get himself ready, after washing himself thoroughly and drying every nook and cranny of his slim body, Elios got out the small bottle and began to apply the smooth oil, making sure he used plenty where it was going to be needed, next he checked the bed and saw that all the bed clothes were fresh and clean, once that was done he laid himself down on the bed in the position he knew was not going to need any questions but the important ones, every boy knew these special questions, they had been taught to them by the old crones in the breeding caves and now it was Elios turn.

What he was going to do was not common, only very few boys got this chance and it had to be with someone very special, someone you could trust with your very life, but Elios was sure Bax was the one and now it was time to finally find out what the older teen thought of Elios.

Elios waited patiently for Bax to arrive and after a short time he heard him walking down the passage, Elios began to sweat and a nervous tic started in his cheek as the foot steps got closer, finally there was Bax, standing in the doorway looking at the smaller teen laying on the bed waiting for him.

Bax gasped in surprise as he looked at the young teen laying on his back in the position of a breeding female, his slim legs splayed wide and the knees slightly bent to offer his small hole to his man, Elios arms were spread wide as a sign of acceptance of Bax’s domination over him, Bax could see a sheen of something oily spread on and around the small hole, Elios had prepared himself for his Bax.

Elios was looking up at Bax, the nervousness over taking him as Bax stood in the doorway with a look of awe mixed with desire, Elios waited, it would be up to Bax to ask the right questions if he chose to take Elios and make him a Bred boy. Bax began to speak with a slightly choking sound at first.

“Is this what you truly want?”

Elios voice shook as he answered.


“Do you give me all of you?”


“Do you obey me in all things?”


“Do you promise to never lay with another boy or breeder?”


“Do you have questions?”

“Yes, will you protect me?”

Bax hesitated as he looked down at the boy he had always wanted and without further thought began his answers.


“Will you keep food on my table?”


“Will you always keep a roof over my head?”


“Will you take me as your first Bred Boy?”


“Then I am here to be taken by you.”

It took only moments for Bax to shed his clothes and get onto the bed, with out further talk or actions, he grasped Elios legs behind the knees and with one forceful lunge he buried himself fully inside Elios well oiled hole and began to take him immediately ignoring Elios loud cry as he was entered so harshly, while it hurt a lot it was expected, this was the way it had to be, Bax had to prove he could breed him properly and there fore prove he could care for Elios in the future.

Elios cries faded away to loud moans and then groans as Bax pounded deeply inside him, each time rubbing over Elios button and bringing flashes of electric shock through his body as he was rubbed again and again. Elios began to ejaculate uncontrollably as Bax continued his assault on his button trying to force himself deeper into the tight body.

Elios was now rolled right back onto his shoulders, his knees pushed right back by his head as Bax stretched his long body to its fullest and rose up on his toes to get more of his rigid shaft into the teen, on he went as Elios thrashed his head back and forth moaning and yelping as he was bred by the older teen, Bax went rigid as his first juices sprang from him in long hot spurts deep inside Elios but Elios was past feeling anything more than the thick shaft filling him and still thrusting deeply even as Bax spent himself he did not stop his fast thrusts.

Bax continued on thrusting as deeply each time as he could get, Elios moans had changed to long groans as he lay there being bred, his eyes were beginning to glaze over as the breeding continued at its frenzied pace, Bax was sweating heavily and his breathing was coming in short heavy gasps but he could not stop, he would have to keep breeding Elios until he could no longer remain above him.

By the time Bax had spent himself for the fourth time, Elios eyes had turned upwards and there was a thin line of spittle running down his chin, his face was flushed bright red and his slim body covered in a sheen of his and Bax’s sweat, the bed clothes beneath them were saturated with the sweat and the leaking juices from Elios ravaged hole and still Bax forced himself to go on, Elios had long ago been having dry orgasms, his bodies ability to produce any more boy juice had passed and still Bax continued to breed him, just he as he should.

Eight times Bax spent himself into Elios until he could go no further, his arms and legs ached with the effort and his shaft could no long stand hard, his glans was beyond sore and he was barely breathing as he pulled from the swollen, puffy, gaping and dripping hole, Elios had been bred, he would now be known as a Bred Boy and was off limits to any other boy for as long as either of them lived, he would always have the honour of being the first and therefore, even if Bax took other boys or females as breeders, which as the man he was entitled to do, Elios would always be the first and therefore have a special place if the family grew bigger, any new breeders that joined Bax’s family would have to bow to Elios decisions, it was his rightful place in the family.

Bax looked down at his first Breeder, he was sated beyond consciousness and lay there on his back like any good breeder, totally bred, Elios body looked like and empty bag, there was barely movement of his chest as he was still under the influence of the long and hard breeding, his young slim body was covered in sweat and his own boy juices, his long blonde hair was now matted and lank, he had allowed it to grow to his shoulders in all the long months they had been in the bunker, Bax reached forward and ran his fingers through the lank hair, it would be the  last time he could do it, when they had slept their fill the last part of the breeding would take place and this was often the hardest part for a Bred Boy, Bax relaxed down beside his boy and quickly fell into a comatose sleep along with that of Elios.

When he awoke, Bax felt the need to relieve his once again hard member so he rose from the bed and went to the wash room, every bone in his body ached from the exertions of the previous night, he was sure Elios would be feeling even worse, Bax’s member no longer hurt and for that he was grateful, he still had one last act to perform before it was finished and this one was the hardest of all, especially for Elios.

Bax saw the implement on the shelf that Elios had found for the next act along with a small bottle half filled with what looked like oil, Bax returned to the bed and looked down at the barely awake Elios.

“Are you ready to accept the last law?”

Elios ached in every part of his body, his chest and stomach were covered in the dry spots of his own juices, his once small hole felt on fire and swollen but he was ready for the last p[art of being Bax’s Bred Boy, all he could do was nod his head in agreement to Bax’s question.

Bax lifted Elios off the bed and carried him into the wash room, once there he looked over the boy’s body to make sure he wasn’t badly hurt, then, with a flick of his wrist, he opened the small bottle and poured a copious amount of the oil into his free hand and gently rubbed it over and in Elios puffed hole, next he knelt down on the bare floor and leand back making his rigid shaft stand up hard and proud and waited.

Elios moved forward and placed a leg either side of Bax and then with a grimace on his face as he lowered himself onto the rigid member until he was sitting once again filled with his man, Bax began the last of the actions that would change Elios from a free boy to that of a Bred Boy.

“I took you as a breeder, now you must look like a Bred Boy.”

Elios stayed sitting hard down on Bax’s hard shaft as he watched his man take up the implement he had found and with nothing further to say, Bax began to cut off all his hair except for a thick band at the back of his head, Bax could see some pain in Elios face from being once again forced to take all of Bax inside him when his small hole had so recently been pounded for most of the night but the adoration in the younger boys face as his hair fell to the floor was the final justification for Bax.

Once the hair had been cut, Bax physically lifted the smaller boy and turned him around while still buried inside him, the twinge of pain on Elios face calmed as he was settled once again into Bax’s lap now facing away, Bax slowly and with deep feeling began to make the single plait with the remaining strip of hair that Elios had left, when that was finally finished there remained only the final act, Bax pushed Elios onto the floor on his hands and knees, keeping his shaft deep inside the younger boy.

“You were bred like any female should be bred; now I will take you as a boy should be taken for you are still a boy and will be known as such.”

Bax raised himself behind Elios and began to take him for the last time as a boy, from now on Elios would be taken by Bax from the front like any true Breeder, Elios felt the pain of the last breeding, his hole was now so sore he whimpered at each and every stroke of Bax’s shaft, even so his own still sent a small spurt of juice onto the floor as Bax rubbed his magic button time and time again, at last, with a deep groan and panting breath, Bax spent himself deep inside, finally, Elios was a Bred Boy and belonged to Bax.

It was some time later before the two had washed themselves and Bax had watched as Elios had carefully put on his fresh clean breach-clout, his now enlarged and swollen hole could not stand the roughness of the ancients clothes, his small feet were covered in the unworn pair of moccasins with the big red B painted on the top of each one, Elios moved awkwardly his butt hurt as did his back and legs, he was also a little weak from lack of a good meal, the efforts of last night had been huge and he need to regain some strength, Bax attended him like a special prize, re-plaiting his hair and making sure he was not bleeding or hurt in some way as to cause him any danger.

Before leaving for the common room, Bax once again took Elios into his arms and with a new passion, kissed the smaller boy fully on the lips and then laying an arm over the boys shoulders, they made their way to the door of the common room where Elios took his place on Bax’s left side and slightly behind him so that all the boys inside would see he was now a Bred Boy and belonged to Bax, together the two teens entered the common room.

It seemed every boy in the bunker was there and, as they entered, loud cheering and whistles broke out which brought a deep red blush to Elios and Bax’s face, in the centre of the room were four tables pushed together to make a larger square, there were four settings on the table and Elam and Elvan sat one on each side waiting for their friend to arrive.

Bax as the man, Lead the way to the table with Elios trying to cover his sore butt struggled to get there as well, it was evident to all the boys there that Elios had been well and truly bred by Bax, Bax waited until Elios made it to the table and then helped him to tenderly sit down before he took his own seat, a kitchen boy arrived with plates of food for the four and then everyone else there started to eat.

When the three had finished eating but before the two could leave, Elvan stood and clapped his hands together, immediately two of the kitchen boys came through the door carrying a large tray covered in a white cloth and placed it in the centre of the table, then, before they left one of the boys gave a large kitchen knife to Bax and stood back to whisk away the cloth.

When Elios saw what was hidden under the cloth he gasped in pleasure and surprise, there was a huge, round, white covered mound, it looked like thick layers of round white stone pile one on top of the other and getting smaller and smaller as it got to the top, a mouth watering smell was coming from the tall tower, Bax pushed the knife in easily and cut downwards, inside the white coating was a dark brown mass of soft bread like texture.

“What is it?” asked Elios of Elvan.

“It’s called a chocolate cake; it took me three tries to get it right.”

“What’s the white stuff on it?”

“It’s called frosting, or icing, it’s made of sweet sugar, try it, you’re going to need all the food you can get.”

Bax cut a slice and gave it to Elios before anyone else, Elios hesitantly brought it to his mouth and took the smallest bight he could, he had no doubts about Elvan’s abilities with food but this was something new and no one had ever seen anything like it before, Elios also had been a guinea pig for Elvan’s experiments when they were just boys at the breeding caves so not everything turned out the way Elvan wanted it too but after the first bight, Elios knew this was going to be one of his favourite foods, quickly he pushed more into his mouth, the white frosting on the outside coating his lips as the cake was forced inside.

Around the room everyone clapped and laughed as they watched the newly Bred Boy, the first one ever in their new home, push more and more of the new ‘cake’ into his mouth, for the next little while, Bax was kept busy cutting the cake for everyone until he could finally take a piece for himself and sit with his arm around his Bred Boy who was now on his fourth piece of cake, Bax laughed softly at the sight of Elios with his mouth and chin covered in the white frosting, he leant over and gave Elios a soft kiss on the top of his head.

As the meal finally came to an end, each boy there would pass by Elios and Bax and would pat Elios on the shoulder and wish him good breeding until the last had left, Bax then helped Elios to his feet and lead him back to their room for him to recuperate from the event, it would be two full days before Elios could appear again and move normally, during all that time Bax looked after him and tended to his every need, feeding him, carrying him to be washed with gentle hands and dried off before being once again laid carefully on the bed to sleep or rest, Bax wouldn’t let Elios do anything for himself, it appeared that everyone in the bunker had forgotten that Bax had once been one of the hated Renegs, now he was the first man in the bunker to have his own Bred Boy, he was now in a special position within the ranks of the leaders.

Elios was just glad that he had been accepted by Bax as his first Bred Boy and was now happy and content in his place with the older teen, once he had recovered he went back to planning his adventure to find more bunkers and set up their own system of safe havens for all the wandering rovers out in the sands, each day their numbers were swelling as more and more boys learnt of the Bunker and the boys who had set up a safe zone for boys, Bunker #42 was nearing it’s full capacity and it was time to find some new ones, Elios set to work in his office.










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