Yes, it was an error on my part, as pointed out by a large number of readers, the boy whom bred Elios was not BAX but was in fact MITA, I am sorry for the confusion this caused and from now on the mistake is corrected and MITA will take his rightful place as Elios Man, if all is forgiven then we can continue their saga.



Elios watched intently as the small group of vehicles tackled the steep climb up the sand hill to where he stood waiting, as the Humvee pulled up beside him, he jumped in and smiled at both Mita and Usof then directed Mita to where the entrance was below them, the small convoy followed close behind until they were all parked out front of the sloping ramp that was the doorway.

The boys looked at the huge open door with awe, it was far bigger than the home bunker, there was still no sign of the security pad outside the door so for now it would have to be controlled only from the inside until they had time to search for it, Elios had a feeling they would have to dig through a lot of loose sand to find it, the small convoy drove into the new bunker and parked clear of the door while Elios went and closed it from the outside world.

All the boys got off their vehicles and could immediately feel the soft vibrations of the power units under their feet, all gave out a sigh as they realised they had found their first new bunker but this one looked to be far bigger than their old one, it was not going to be until Elios found his office room that they would realise just how big it was.

Leaving the vehicles, Elios led the boys in the direction he hoped would lead to the common room where they could sit and rest and then work out how they were going to search this new bunker, Mita had his arm over Elios shoulder and Usof followed close behind, and felt again the longing for Elios as he watched the newly cut hair with its thin braid bob up and down on Elios shoulder, it suddenly struck Usof how much he would have liked to be in Elios position as a bred boy just so he could always stay close to Elios.

It took a short while before they found the common room and were not surprised that it was at least twice the size of their other one, everything in this new bunker was bigger, they went to the nearest table and set about taking out some food for a small meal, once all had eaten their fill they set about planning how they should search, as would be expected, Elios came up with the best idea.

“We all need to find the office room, when we do I can send a message back and also look over the map of this bunker and find out what we have here.” Said Elios.

All the others agreed that seemed the best plan, as in the other bunker, everything could be found on Elios marvellous IBM machine that only Elios and four other boys had been able to work out how to use, this decided the boys began the hunt for Elios office room. It turned out to be no mean feat as they walked and ran to look for the office; this bunker was so much bigger it took a lot longer to cover all the rooms and places in it.

Finally, after what seemed hours of searching, they all came back to the common room with the same answer, there seemed to be no office room, although one of the guard boys said he had been into a huge room that had a lot of strange things he had never seen before but it was called a “COM CENT” and not an office room, Elios mulled over what the boy had said but it made no sense to him either, he had not come across a “COM CENT”  room before although the description of strange items in it did stir his imagination a little until, after exhausting everything they had all seen, Elios decided to get the guard to show him the “COM CENT” room and so the group started after the guard boy as he led the way down one of the passages deeper into the bunker.

Everyone was still surprised at the sheer size of the new bunker, the passage ways were wider and longer, the rooms were easily twice the size of the home bunker’s rooms, the small group of boys continued on until they came to a large double glass door, through the glass they could all see the huge room beyond, Elios stood still and tried to take in the full size and scope of the room behind the door.

The far wall was one big opaque screen, in the centre of the room was another opaque screen but this one was lying on its side and looked like a huge table, around this table screen was row upon row of long tables and interspersed evenly along the length of each was an empty chair in front of which was another of the small screens.

Apart from the large screen table, the room was filled with the smaller narrow rows, Elios led the boys into the room and when he was part way inside he looked around again, it was then he saw the glassed off box above the rest of the room, it faced the room from above, it was, to Elios mind, the obvious place for the leader to be as he would be able to see the whole room from up in the box.

Elios led the way to the metal stairs and began to climb up to the glass box, if his intuition was right he would find all the main controls up there, and so it turned out to be. In the glass box was one large curved table, it had seven large screens mounted into the raised back, in front were four thick chairs and the flat surface was covered in buttons and blank lights, further back from the glass was a large wood desk, it was total bare except for one single large screen and four coloured items he had seen before but did not know what they were as when he lifted them to his ear all he could hear was a dull buzzing sound from one end but total silence from the other end.

Elios sat at the curved table and looked for the familiar buttons he knew from the office of the home bunker, finally he found them and within minutes he had the table lit up with the small familiar lights, entering his code he saw the screen come alive and from the silent room below he saw all of the rows of screens on the tables light up as well, he had guessed right and found the main control room.

The huge table screen lit up and showed a strange and never before seen sight, there was a picture in fine black lines of a lot of funny shapes separated by wide blank spaces, thin red and blue lines ran over the main picture in a wavy pattern and small red lights blinked all over the insides of the black lines, only one of the patterns seemed slightly familiar to Elios sharp eyes but he was not sure, he would have to check further later on, for now he had to try to notify home bunker that they had arrived, Elios set to work to find his home bunker on the small screen picture before him while the rest of the boys stood in wonder at all the flashing coloured lights and the sound of humming from all the machines.

Elios tapped out the short message and waited for his answer, it was a short time later that he got his answer from the home bunker, he was overjoyed at seeing the letters come up on the screen for it confirmed he had been right and that all the bunkers were connected in some magical way through the computers, he passed on to the others what had happened and then they all left to find the cooking room and then find a place to wash and sleep, it had been a long and strenuous day for them all, Mita took Elios in his arms and held him close to his body where Elios could feel the lengthening and hardening manhood against his butt, tonight was going to make up for the long days without Mita firmly inside him.



On a hill top not far away from the now closed door sat three figures, the biggest was a teen of about 17 years old, his skin was almost black and on his cheeks were three horizontal scars on each side, these were the marks of the warrior, leaning against his thigh was a round wooden shield covered in tanned animal hide, lying by his side on the sand was the metal tipped spear, the handle was a short wooden shaft and the metal blade was long and finely honed to a sharp point, the edges were also very sharp. He wore a white cloth garment that looked like a cylinder with two holes cut for his arms and one for his head, it was tied at the waist by a thick hide belt from which hung a long dangerous looking knife.

Just behind the warrior sat two boys, they were pale skinned, what was left of their hair was so pale it was almost white, their heads had been shaved clean apart from a small round spot of hair that was plaited into a thin tail, not only were they both bred boys, they were also double brothers, a rarity in this day and age, each was a mirror image of the other, where one used his right hand for most things, the other used his left. Both boys were also armed with light weight crossbows, their clothing was a small wrap around skirt of the same white cloth as the older boy, it was held tight to their slim waists by brown leather belts, they sat patiently waiting for their man to decide what to do next.

Modou had seen the far off cliff open like magic as though it was going to swallow up the world, he was a follower of the Ala belief and to his unknowing eyes it looked as though the ground had opened up to the underworld, a place to be feared by all the believers, what happened next surprised him utterly, from the far off darkness of the opening there appeared a small insect like figure, it raised its arms and from them came a flash of light and a sound the likes of which he had never heard, it was like a small thunder burst, not long afterwards came another answering thunder burst, it came from way down the valley below him and to his left, he had reached out his hand to calm his K’bine boys but they seemed fascinated rather than scared.

A short time later they all heard the strange droning sound of something approaching and, looking to their left they saw a large cloud of sand being raised into the air by something still hidden in its depths, Modou waited patiently as the dust cloud grew bigger and bigger until, by squinting his eyes tightly, he could just make out the faint images of five strange things if the dust, two were small and seemed to carry a single boy, two were bigger and sat like square boxes, these carried more boys, and finally there came another larger box, he could not see inside it but he had the impression that it had at least one more boy in it.

While Modou was a follower of Ala he did not always believe in the djins and the underworld stories that the elderly H’mins told the followers when they were young boys, but the sight of the strange boxes, the new boys and the strange and loud sounds coming from them, made him start to think about the old stories.

Under normal circumstances, Modou would not have been here alone in the sand wastes; he also would not have had the double brothers as K’bines, when he was a year younger he had been made a warrior, as a warrior and by the laws of the K’ran, he was entitled to have two female breeders and two male K’bines for when the females were impregnated and he was not allowed by law to sleep with them.

Modou had been promised a K’bine from one of the nearby friendly tribes but when he went to take the boy he had found the camp of the tribe destroyed by haws barbarians, all the females had been taken and the elderly killed in horrible ways, some of the young boys were also raped and killed but of his intended K’bine there was no sign, he had been taken by the barbarians, in a fury that he did know he had, Modou had taken his weapons and set out to chase and find his promised K’bine, even if it meant killing every barbarian he could find.

A full year had passed and there had been no sign of his promised one, finally, one hot and windless day, he had seen a cloud of dust on the horizon, knowing it could only come from barbarian haws, he quickly looked around for a place to hide and observe, while his anger was still hot he was not stupid or blinded by rage, Modou quickly saw a place to hide and watch the approaching riders, unfortunately the same hiding place was already occupied by two thin white haired boys they were both hungry and very thirsty, the Renegs, as they knew them, had been trying to trap them for days, the boys were at the end of their strength and had only enough strength left to find this hiding place and hope they were missed by the riders far below, now there was a large strong looking black skinned teen crouching down looking at them.

The two boys began to shake in fear, clinging tightly to each other, this black skinned boy looked so fearsome, his weapons were well used and the scars on his cheeks made him look very dangerous but, to the boys surprise, the black skinned teen raised his finger to his lips in the universal gesture of silence, immediately the two boys relaxed and smiled faintly back at the young face.

Modou saw the double brothers relax and also he knelt down close to the covering rock, it was some time later before they all heard the thundering hooves of the haws and riders disappear into the distance, Modou took his skin bag of water and gave it to the boys, he then took some dried meat from a small skin bag at his waist and handed that to the boys, the gratitude in the mirror image faces brought a lifting of spirits to Modou’s young face.

Modou was fascinated by the sameness of the double brothers, he had heard of this happening but it was so rare that most people thought it only an old tale, to actually see them was still a shock to Modou, his loins began to make the usual strained movements of his needs, he had had no company of any kind for the last year and now, looking at the double brothers, something deep inside him finally admitted that his promised K’bine was long dead or too far away for him to ever recover, the sense of dishonour overwhelmed Modou for a short time but then one of the double brothers, sensing Modou’s sorrow, laid a soft gentle hand on Modou’s arm, to Modou it was like a sudden sharp pain and then, somewhere deep inside him, something broke and the tears began to fall from his eyes as the memory of his young promised boy hit him hard, the two brothers took a place each side of him and held him, they too were lonely and lost.

After the barbarians had long left the area, Modou had led the boys to a small cave, there he had started a small fire to keep the naked boys warm for the coming night, he told them to stay there while he went to hunt for something more to eat. It was almost dark before he returned with fresh meat; he had been lucky and killed three small rodents that had come out early to eat the tough grasses of the sand wastes.

Modou quickly skinned the three rodents and started them to cook, the two boys were dozing in each others arms, their thin legs wrapped around each other and their slim butts stuck out in a fashion that brought Modou to instant hardness, his large dark rod pushing urgently against his long white Jaba, Modou could hardly keep himself in check, his rod begged for attention as it throbbed urgently but, Modou was not a barbarian, he would not just take a boy for the fun of it, it was forbidden by the K’ran.

Modou set about preparing the three skins for tanning, there would be enough that he could make two belts for the boys and with his large knife he sliced off a portion of his own Jaba to make a covering for the boys loins, at least then some of the temptation would be hidden from his yearning eyes, after he was finished, Modou went outside for the second thanking of Ala, facing the dying sun he sent his thoughts to Ala and then returned to the cave to finish cooking the rodents.

That night the two boys slept one either side of Modou wrapped in his strong young arms, it was the first time in forever that the brothers had felt safe, the fact that their bellies were full also helped, Modou had wrapped an arm around each boy and pulled them both close to his side, their body heat seemed to pour into his insides as they both closed their eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

For Modou, sleep was hard to come by, the two brothers were a constant reminder of how alone he had been for the last year and now the realisation that his promised K’bine was long lost left an empty place deep inside, many times during the night he would drift off to sleep only to awaken suddenly as one or other of the boys moved against him in their sleep, Modou’s rigid manhood would not relax as the two boys warmth settled into Modou, his thoughts and feelings became so intense that finally his rod ejaculated its thick white cream onto his bare legs without being touched, his loud moan made the brothers start a little in their sleep but, even after that, Modou could not fully sleep, his mind filled with images of the two brothers lying under him as his K’bines.

Modou’s thoughts turned to the two brothers, could this be a sign from Ala that these two were meant for him and not his long lost Promised boy, Modou would have nothing to do but wait for more significant signs that he was to forget his promised and take these two brothers instead, it was a momentous decision that could not be hurried, for Ala to replace his promised with two brothers that were neither black, nor were they of the belief, had to be thought out carefully, if it was meant to be then Ala would send Modou a sign.

It had been a full cycle of the moon before the sign came, or, at least Modou thought it was a sign, they had been walking through a deep pass when Tam, the so called older brother (by less than a breath) had stopped to relieve himself, as he lifted his white cloth covering that Modou had made for him and his brother, he had glanced down, and there, in plain sight, were two light weight cross bows, they were weathered and needed new strings but it was so strange to see them abandoned in such an empty place as this.

Tam had turned away and relieved himself then called Modou to see what he had found, Modou along with Tem, the other brother, looked down at the two crossbows, it was the sign he had been waiting for, it was evident to his mind that they had been led here to find these weapons, two weapons that were able to be used by smaller boys, Modou nodded and let the brothers pick up the discarded weapons, he had some rodent sinew that he had treated and dried, rolled in his side bag along with the dried meat, it would make a new string for the crossbows, all he had to do now was find the wood needed for some bolts and the brothers would be suitably armed.

That night, as the three of them sat around a small fire while Modou fashioned new strings for the crossbows, the dark teen told them about his dream of waiting for a sign, he was sure that these weapons were the sign that the three of them were meant to be together, he asked the brothers if they would agree to be his K’bines.

It took a while for Modou to explain to the brothers what it meant to be the K’bine of a warrior like Modou, he would teach them what they would need to know to fight enemies and also the teachings of Ala so they would also be protected by him as well as Modou, after some deep thought, the brothers nodded their heads in unison and agreed to be Modou’s K’bines.

That first night for the double brothers was filled with pain and also satisfaction, they had many times seen the size of Modou’s thick black rod but, when it became rigid, it was huge, both boys had had their legs spread wide and their small holes had burnt like fire when the thick rod had entered them time and time again, by the time the sun had risen, Modou was totally exhausted, the two brothers were splayed out on their backs, their thin legs spread wide apart, Modou was satisfied as he saw the small amount of blood and his own juices trickle from each of the tight holes, he had bred them correctly and they had given up their inner blood for him, although tired and satiated, Modou took the time to wash the two boys clean and then pulled each of them into his tired arms, they all fell into a deep exhausted sleep, they would have to stay in this cave for a few days until the boys could once again walk freely without pain.

For three days they stayed in the cave, Modou tending their still very sore holes with an oil from a container in his belt bag, slowly the pain left the boys, in the mean time they tried as hard as they could to satisfy their man with their small hands and mouths, although this was again very hard to do due to the size of the manly rod of Modou but they gave him great satisfaction each night and he was content with his two K’bine

That night had been three moon cycles ago, and, even though the brothers never tired of having Modou inside them, they still let out small grunts of pain every time he entered them, he was just so big and thick and while the boys loved to be filled and their small holes had slowly enlarged a little, it was still a very tight fit for them, now the three sat and watched the strange happenings below them.

The three boys were surprised to see the five boxes stop and then disappear into the depths of the dark hole in the cliff face shortly after they disappeared the cliff sealed itself once again, the three boys waited patiently for the rest of the day but nothing more happened, Modou decided to find a place to sleep and then at sun rise they would look more closely at the place where the cliff had opened.



The next morning, Elios and the other boys decided to continue to investigate their new bunker, Elios went to one of the computers and found the plan of the bunker, what he saw amazed him, it was not only one level like the home bunker but, this bunker went down into the ground for six levels, each one held something different, as he went through the different levels he saw a small extra window open at the top of the screen, at last he saw what the six round mounds outside were for, each held some type of large weapon, it was shaped like a long cartridge and stood upright in the narrow hole but over each picture was a red cross, these he saw were called “SILOS” and the strange cartridges were called “ICBM’s” but the window told him they were no longer there, they had been used and hence the red cross, Elios could not work out what they had been used for but they no longer existed, Elios continued to search the plans of the bunker.

There appeared to be no way down to the lower levels, search as they did, they could not find any metal steps going down, Elios returned to his computer and the maps, over an hour later he thought he had found the way down and so called all the boys back into the entrance garage. Elios led the boys to a far blank wall, it appeared to be only thick panels of metal, at each end was a small sign that said “ELEVATOR-20 PERSONS” in the middle of the wall was a sign that read “ELEVATOR-FREIGHT ONLY” none of the boys knew what it meant, even Elios with all his new found knowledge, could not work out what an “ELEVATOR” was.

They searched further but found no indication as to the use of an “ELEVATOR” but on closer inspection they discovered small square boxes on the wall, each had two buttons, one with a pointed mark showing upwards and the lower button with the same symbol pointing downward.

Mita was the first to jab at the downward button and they saw a red light flash as they also heard a loud click from behind the metal wall but nothing more happened. Mita pressed the up button, there was a small pause and then they all heard a loud click and then a low deep humming sound began, there were a few squeaks and groans from behind the metal wall as something stopped, a short pause, and then a loud hissing sound like a snake and the huge metal wall began to move apart.

The boys watched with their mouths open as the sheer size of the doors revealed themselves, behind the doors were a set of metal gates that were made also of metal but looked more like a netting, Mita reached forward and pushed at the lattice work but nothing happened, he experimented a little further until, finally, he worked out that one gate went up and the other went down at the same time.

Inside the cavernous empty metal box, the boys felt very small and all moved a step closer to each other as Elios saw another small box with the six numbered buttons, he reached out and pressed the number 2 button as the number 1 was already lit, nothing happened and then a red flashing light lit up the box, it came from a small glass box at the end of the bigger one, Elios tried to work out the symbols, or as he now knew them, the letters and words on the red glass.


The words kept flashing on and off as Elios tried to work out what they meant, the other boys huddled a little closer as Elios closed his eyes and tried to work out the meaning, with his own sudden flash of incite, Elios gestured for Mita to pull down the lattice door, he breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the doors clicked into place, the outer metal doors hissed shut, they then heard a low rumble from above them and, with a slight jolt, the “ELEVATOR” began to go down until the small lights in the number buttons flashed that they were at number two, again there was a small jolt and then the hissing sound of the outer doors opening, Mita pushed up the inner doors and the boys stepped gratefully out of the large box and into a room full of recognisable items.

Above Elios the ceiling was at least 10 metres away, around them stretched row after row of tall round cylinders, marked on the front of each one was the numbers 1 followed by five 0’s, Elios smiled at the revelation, they had enough fuel here to supply them for the rest of their lives.

Elios took out a small black book he had picked up in the home bunker and, with a shaky hand wrote down the words and numbers for the ‘ELEVATOR’

Button 2—level 2--fuel

Satisfied, Elios ushered the boys back into the ‘ELEVATOR’ and pushed the number 3 button after this time, Mita had closed the doors, the elevator went down another level, here they found the room filled with rows and rows of metal shelves that were stacked full of everything a person could want, clothing packed in tightly sealed plastic bags, washing items, rows and rows of boots, belts and small and large packs, sleeping bags and tents, Elios guessed that in this room alone there was enough gear to cloth every boy in the land, Elios took out his small book and filled in the list.

Button 3—level 3—clothes and stuff

The group moved back to the elevator and went down to level 4, here they found the food storage, again it was row upon row of shelving, every type of food the boys could think of and many they had never seen or knew existed, was stacked neatly on the wood bases and covered in the same plastic as the clothes, the wooden beds were then stacked on the shelves, Elios made his entry into the book.

Button 4—level 4—food

Back into the elevator they all went and down to the next level, here they found four neat rows of vehicles with a large workshop at the far end, between each row was a clear area marked out with yellow lines and arrows showing which way to go, there were the familiar quads, jeeps, Humvee and more APC’s but there were also new vehicles they had never seen before, one was a little smaller than an APC but had four large black tyres on each side instead of the heavy metal tracks, on the top was a round turret with two weapons that had many barrels on each one that went in a circle around a central solid metal rod, the next vehicle was the most dangerous looking one, there were six of them in a line.

These new vehicles looked dangerous and deadly just sitting in their place on the floor, they were made all of heavy looking metal and they moved along on wide heavy looking metal tracks like the APC’s but the weapon sticking out the front was huge, it hung over the front end by some distance and the open mouth was big enough for a boy to put his whole arm down it, the boys stood in awe of the machine, its size and evident power were mind shattering, how to get inside was something Elios and the boys thought they would wait to find out about at a later time, Elios took out his book and made his entry.

Button 5—level 5—new vehicles

The next and last level was the weapons level, the wracks of weapons seemed to disappear into the far reaches of the huge room, everything was here, from the small metal boxes of cartridges stacked onto the familiar wooden beds to the rows and rows of wracks and shelves filled with weapons of every kind, again some of them the boys had not seen before, the boys decided it was going to take a long time to work out how to use everything down here, Elios dutifully filled in his small book.

Button 6—level 6—weapons

They returned to the elevator and went back up to number 1 level, here they sat and discussed what they had found, this, they eventually came to agree, had to be the most important bunker of them all, everything for any other bunker must have come from this one, so they named it the control bunker, the next important work was to get some vehicles ready for their return journey to home bunker.

After some discussion it was decided to use four new quads from the bunker as well as the original Humvee but Elios would drive it along with Usof to act as his guard, Mita would try and learn how to drive one of the big vehicles that was the same as the one Elios and the other two boys had found, they would fill this big one up with food and water along with what they needed to make camp at night as well as extra fuel.

Once everything had been planned and decided on, Mita selected two of the boys to go out and watch for any Renegs that might come along while the rest set to work on filling the first big vehicle with everything they would need for the return trip home. Mita along with one of the other boys set about loading the first big vehicle in line while two of the others went down on the elevator to get what was needed from each level.

Elios followed by Usof went back to the com cent office to make new maps from the information he had there, by the middle of the day most things had been done, it was as they were looking out the open door that one of the outer guards came running into the garage, his breathing was short and sweat was running down his young face as he pointed outside and tried to tell them in a breathless voice of what he and his friend had seen.

Mita motioned for the boy to catch his breath first and then tell them what he wanted too, the rest of the boys stood and waited for the guard to catch his breath, when he had done so he began to tell them what he and his friend had seen.

“Down on the valley, there’s three people moving towards us, they’re still a way off yet but one of them is really strange, the other two look just like us but the bigger one has skin like a dark night.”

“What do you mean, a dark night?” asked Mita.

“His, his skin, well it’s black.”

Mita looked firstly at Elios and then the other boys, they all shrugged their shoulders, no one had ever heard of a black skin people before, the guard must have made a mistake and it was only an ordinary boy moving through a deep shadow, they all began to make jokes of the guard boy but he got a look of determination on his young face.

“Ok, you don’t believe, me then go look for your self, I’m going back to my friend, at least he knows the truth.”

The guard boy poked his tongue out at the others and returned outside to his friend, the others looked at each other, what did they have to lose, maybe the boy was just imagining it or maybe it was a joke on them but this was new territory and they couldn’t be careless, the boys began to move towards the doorway, once outside they saw the folly of their jokes, for there, not to far away were three boys moving carefully towards them and one of them was as black as night, suddenly, from behind Elios and Mita, came a soft groan, turning around they were just in time to see Usof fall to his knees holding his head in his hands and shaking violently while he muttered out through pursed lips.

“No, no, no, no, no,”

Over and over again he muttered to himself until he suddenly burst into to deep sobbing tears and let out a fear filled scream of anguish, in the distance the three boys stopped at the sound of the far off scream, The larger dark figure went down on one knee and held his shield up to cover his body as he pushed his spear forward, the two smaller boys quickly knelt just behind the bigger teen and brought their light weight crossbows up to their shoulders and aimed towards the group of boys standing in the open cliff face.

Elios quickly went to Usof’s aid, he knelt beside him and wrapped his arms around the crying boy, slowly the sobs receded and Elios let Usof stand up, his young face was streaked with tears as he gulped for air, slowly Usof looked at Elios and then turned around to look at the other boys, with a sad look on his tear streaked face he told them his story.

“It was a long time ago, fully one year, I was a promised boy of the belief of Ala, the night before my promised warrior was to come and take me our village was attacked by the men you know as Renegs, I was taken along with a number of young females and some other boys, during the night before the Renegs could take me I managed to escape into the darkness. I wandered for a long time but could not remember anything before the escape, now, seeing that warrior down there, it brought it all back, I think he is the warrior that I’m promised too, if it is him then his name is Modou.”

Elios replied to Usof.

“Then it’s going to be ok, he’s come for you, you’ll be with your, uhm, promised one.”

“No, you don’t understand, by the laws of the K’ran, our book of laws, he is only allowed two females for breeding and two K’bine for his pleasure, look at the two boys with him, their hair is shaved, they are his K’bine now, by the laws of the K’ran I must be killed by him because if I lay with another and become a K’bine of another warrior then he will be dishonoured.”

A loud gasp went through all the boys at this new revelation, Mita then spoke up.

“There’s no way I or any of the other boys will let him kill you, you’re one of us now Usof, we protect our own as you’ve already seen with the Renegs.”

“But he has to kill me, Mita; it’s his honour at stake.”

“He will not kill one of our friends, if he tries then he will die, not you, now let’s go and meet this warrior of yours, there has to be a way to save you.” Replied Mita.

Usof could only nod his head in defeat, slowly he looked up into the sun and silently apologised to Ala for his lack of belief and would welcome his death at the hands of his promised one in an attempt to clean his body and mind for Ala, with dragging feet he began to follow the others as they made their way towards where his warrior still knelt with his weapons ready.

Modou watched as the small group of boys grew closer, with a sudden start and eyes widening in wonder, he spotted his promised boy, Usof, the boy was slightly behind another bred boy who was walking with confidence along side a youth who was almost the same size as Modou, it was evident that the bred boy belonged to the older teen, Modou’s eyes moved to his promised one and a sudden sadness hit him, he knew what had to be done now, it was the law of the K’ran, Usof would have to die by his hand, there was no other honourable way out of the situation.

Slowly Modou rose to his feet, his weapons at the ready, as far as he could see the group of boys carried no spears or other weapons only some strange looking black pipes with small boxes underneath, Modou felt confident he could hold his own against such a poorly armed group of boys, he also had his two K’bine armed and ready, they would account for two of the boys and the rest he could deal with, with his spear and blade, Modou waited a patient and wary look on his face as his enemies drew closer until they were only a short distance away, well within crossbow and spear range, Modou noticed that the group of boys were now pointing their funny looking black pipes at his group, he ignored them, they could do little damage from that distance.

Modou studied the group of boys especially their strange clothing, he now knew why he had not seen the two guards until one of them had jumped up and run into the cave, the colour of the clothes blended perfectly with the surrounding ground, Modou spoke first to the oldest teen, assuming he was the leader.

“I am Modou, warrior of Ala, follower of the K’ran, I see you have my promised one, by our laws he must now be killed by my hand as I have already taken two K’bine and can own no more than two, Usof, come, you know this must be done and it hurts me greatly as I have searched for you for more than two seasons, but now I am filled with these two K’bine and can take no more.”

Mita spoke up.

“Usof is of our clan, he is one of us and we will not let you kill him for some unknown belief, you can not win against us and we do not wish to harm you or your bred boys but we will not let you kill one of us without repayment in kind.”

Modou saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye, with a quick glance he saw that the two guards had moved down from the hill top and were now lying on the ground pointing their black sticks at him and his K’bine; Modou ignored them as he answered the older teen.

“There is no choice, it must be done according to the laws of the K’ran, Usof knows this is true.”

“There must be another way, we will not let you harm Usof, we are enemies only of the Renegs, not other rovers or boys, you can walk away with your honour intact but Usof stays with us and will be protected by us.”

Modou stayed silent for along time as he thought over the words of the teen, suddenly a long forgotten thought came to him, it was a part of the law that he had forgotten and was very rarely used as it was very unusual for a promised boy not to be matched with his own warrior.

“There may be one way to save my honour and also save the one promised to me.” Said Modou.

“And that is?” queried Mita.

“I have to give him as a gift to another warrior who has to breed him and make him his K’bine, this is the only way, I see you already have a K’bine, does your law allow you to have more than one?”

“We have no law about bred boys; unlike your law we can have as many as we please as long as the boy agrees to being bred with us.”

“Then, if you wish to save Usof, I will gift him to you for your K’bine, it will save my honour and his life, do you agree?”

Mita turned to look at Elios who had a small smile on his face, with a quick nod in reply, Elios agreed to have Usof as his second, he had deep inside always had a small feeling for the unusual boy but now it began to blossom as he looked at the younger teen again. Mita replied to Modou.

“I and my bred boy agree to take Usof as the second, if he also agrees to being bred to me.”

“Then it is done, Usof, my promised boy, I gift you to...what name do you go by, leader of the boys?”

“My name is Mita but Elios, my first bred boy is our real leader and you have not asked for Usof’s permission first.”

“Usof knows his permission is not required for this, he also knows that it is the only way we can save his life, now let me do this again. Usof, my promised boy, I gift you to Mita as his K’bine for the fullness of your or his life, take your place behind him and bow to his will.”

Usof, still with the traces of tears in his eyes, quickly knelt behind Mita, as he did so he felt the soft hand of Elios touch his shoulder, although he would now be second boy and not first as he would have been with Modou, he was content, no one had died and no honour had been lost nor blood spilt, Usof at last was content and looked forward to his breeding later that night which he knew would have to be overseen by Modou to make sure that the gift had been fulfilled.

“I accept your kind gift warrior and will breed Usof tonight, now let’s go back to our bunker and eat, I know you must be hungry and thirsty, let us show you good food and rest with us, you’re welcome to our home.”

“Thank you Mita, my K’bine and I are hungry and thirsty, it’s been a difficult search trying to find Usof, also I will have to watch the breeding, it is our law, I hope you will not mind but it is the needs of the gift of K’bine.”

Mita smiled and looked at Elios before nodding, what could be the harm, they had at least saved Usof without bloodshed, Mita led the now larger group back to the bunker and through the open doors into the coolness of the garage, as they entered he heard the gasps of surprise from the three new boys and noticed that the double brothers were quick to close in beside Modou in fear, Modou, ,as a warrior could not show the fear he felt at entering the huge open space underground, were these just D’jin disguised as boys to trap him in the underworld, Modou went onto the alert just in case it was a trick but the group of boys seemed at peace and were quite content to wander anywhere in the large cave with it’s many strange boxes, the air had a strange sharp smell he had not smelt before, he kept his eyes open and his mouth shut, he would know more by the time the dark took over the world.

The boys led their new friends deeper into the bunker until they came to the common room, Mita led Modou to an empty table and along with the warriors twp bred boys as well as Elios and Usof sat down and began to talk, Modou first told them of his long search and how he had found his Kbine, next Usof told of his capture and escape and then being found by Elios and Mita.

It was not long before a large tray of hot food was placed on the table along with another dish of canned peaches, Modou looked at the food in wonder, he had never seen so much at the same time, a warrior’s diet was sparse at the best of times, the small slices of gold fruit excited him, it was new and he did not know whether he should try them first or the large dish of hot meat and vegetables, his double brothers were just as confused and waited for their warrior to tell them what to do.

Mita gestured to Modou to begin eating when Elios and Usof started; Usof looked at the face of Modou and said.

“Try the fruit first; it is truly a gift from Ala.”

Carefully, Modou picked up a slice of the golden fruit with his fingers, the juice ran down his fingers as he tentiveley put it in his mouth all the while watching that the others were also eating, he was still wary of them being D’jin in disguise, as the peach slice hit his tongue for the first time, his eyes almost rolled back in his head at the sweet flavour, he heard a soft chuckle coming from Usof.

“Is it not truly a gift from Ala, Modou?”

Modou could only nod his head as he reached for another slice while he gestured for his two K’bine to eat their fill, with the sounds of eating there was no time for talk as Mita, Elios and Usof watched with fascination as they watched first the peaches and then the hot food begin to disappear into the three mouths.

Elios opened a plastic bottle of water and filled three glass tumblers with water for their guests, a short time later and there was no sign of food, the two bred boy’s stomachs were distended and they were slumped against their warrior fully sated, Modou let out a loud burp of pleasure as his stomach was now filled for the first time in his long search.

Mita spoke to Modou as the warrior sat back on the chair and rubbed his full stomach.

“Would you like to wash, I see that your clothes also need cleaning, if you wish we can give you some of our clothes to wear while yours are being washed.”

Modou lifted his head at the suggestion, it had been a long time since he had been truly clean and his Jaba was filthy from the long search, he asked Mita.

“But do you have water to spare; I would not want to cut your water supply by washing when it is so hard to find out here?”

“We have plenty, more than you could use in a life time, this place was made by the ancients, they were very good at finding and storing water and everything else you have seen, that’s why we are here, our home bunker is three days away from here, we came to search for new ones and this is the first of many that we have found, over time we will find the others and then all the roving boys can have a safe home if they want it, that’s how the first home bunker started, it was Elios and his two friends that found the first one and we have been trying to save new boys from the Renegs since then.”

“It is truly a marvellous place, but who are these Renegs you speak of?”

“They are men that ride Haws and will kill or rape any boys they find in the sands, they are our sworn enemies and we will kill any of them we find, for too long they have killed many boys and raided a lot of the breeding caves and villages that supply food for others, we are going to try and get enough trained boys to eventually attack their main camp so more boys and rovers will be safe from them.”

“Ah, now I understand, your Renegs are what we call, Barbarians, we have also had the same trouble from them, perhaps you will allow me to join you for a while, I am a long way from my own home and it would take a long time to return, specially as I have to move slower now that I have by K’bine to protect along the way.”

Mita looked at Elios and Usof.

“What do you think Elios?”

“How can we refuse, we are here to help all free boys and rovers and I can only see advantages to having a true warrior with us, there must be lots he can teach us, Modou, I would welcome you as my friends Elvan and Elam would do, Usof, what do you think?”

“I will soon be the K’bine of your man and a second brother to you, I can only agree that having a warrior of Modou’s strength would be a help to us all, if it is his will.”

Mita replied to Modou.

“There you go Modou, we welcome you, if you wish to return to your people at any time it will be with our help and friendship.”

Modou rose from the table and gave his hand to Mita.

“On my honour as a warrior of Ala, I promise to stand by your side till death or age part us.”

Mita shook the offered hand, even for the hardened boys it was a moment of mixed emotions, there was almost a tear in every eye as the two older teens shook hands.

“Now,” said Mita, “Let’s get you to the ablution room for washing, Elios can you get their clothes and put them in the machine for washing, I’ll go down and find some clothes, Modou is about my size and the double brothers are about the same as you so the size should be ok.”

Elios nodded and began to lead the three newcomers to the washing room where he waited as they shed their soiled white clothes, Modou had lay his weapons by the door and quickly shed his Jaba, he smiled as he heard a soft gasp from the bred boy Elios, looking down he realised his manhood had betrayed him once again, it was rising rapidly to its fullest extent as the boy Elios, watched in awe and fascination at the huge member, Modou turned fully around to face Elios.

“Is your man not as big?”

“Uhm......I......I thought he was and when he is with me he feels very big, but to tell you the truth, I don’t think I could take all of you, your bred boys, must be very special and very lucky.”

Elios stammered out as his eyes took in the hugeness of the black skinned teen, quickly he picked up their clothes and left the wash room to get them clean as he heard the two boys begin to wash Modou’s body, how could the two small slim boys take such a big man inside them, to Elios mind it seemed that the boys would be killed by such a man weapon.

A short time later Mita walked into the washing room with the new fresh clothes for the new members, as he placed the clothes on a narrow shelf he looked up to see Modou holding one of the boys up in his arms and leaning back against the wall, the boys legs were wrapped tightly around the warriors waist as the Modou plunged vigorously in and out of the smaller boy, Mita could not believe the size of the warriors weapon as it withdrew and then fully plunged back into the small butt of the boy, his groans and grunts filling the wash room with excitement, Modou looked over his shoulder at Mita and smiled as he continued with his thrust.

“Are not my K’bine beautiful, they do enjoy being ridden well and the fine meal has made the three of us hot with desire.”

As he finished speaking, Modou gave one more mighty thrust into the boy and grunted with pleasure as he filled his smaller K’bine with his hot juices, Tem, for his brother Tam had already been well serviced by their warrior before the leader of the new boys had arrived, clenched tightly to Modou’s strong body with his legs as he felt himself filled with the hot juice, he felt that there would be more to come later when they went to sleep.

Mita left the wash room with an awed look on his face, he had seen and felt some big men when he was captured by the Reneg but this young warrior had them all beat in length and thickness, he could only wonder how the double brothers were able to take such a mighty weapon, Mita shook his head in wonder as he returned to where Elios and Usof waited for him in the common room, soon it would be time for him to breed Usof and the sights in the wash room had made him more than ready for the boy.

When the three new boys returned to the common room, they were fully dressed in the new clothes, Modou carried his shield and weapons with a relaxed ease, looking down at their feet, Mita suggested that Usof take them down to the clothes level and found some new boots for them, this they all agreed with and so Usof led the three to the elevator a showed them the way, as the elevator door closed and they were left alone, Mita looked at Elios.

“Do you really not mind me taking Usof tonight, I know it was only one of the ways to save him but I want you to be happy.”

“I’m really happy; I know it will be good for us all but you will now have a lot of work to keep us both satisfied.” Elios smiled a knowing smile as he laughed.

“Well I know I don’t have the weapon like Modou but I will try my best to keep you both happy each night, come on, lets go to a sleep room while they are down below, I want to take you now so you will be full when I have to spend the night breeding Usof, I don’t want you to feel left out and a full butt will keep your mind occupied.” Laughed Mita as he grabbed Elios and began to steer him towards the sleeping room.

Some time later and they were back in the common room, Elios had a very happy satisfied look on his young face as he moved unsteadily to a chair and sat gingerly down, Mita had proved better than Elios could remember, he had no doubts that Usof would be a very sore boy in the morning.

Modou was striding around the large room with his new boots as he tried to get used to the feeling of his feet being covered for the first time in his life, he like the feel and could see the obvious advantage of such boots, no more dodging carefully around sharp stony areas and the softness on his soles was a wonder, as his new friends had told him, the ancients had many great and wonderful things in the old days.

Finally the long day had become to much for Modou’s two boys and it was time for them, to go sleep while Modou took care of the needs of Usof and saw that he was properly bred to his new man, he sent his double brothers off with the other K’bine, Elios to the sleeping room, even in there it was a marvel of pleasure, Mita then led him and Usof to another smaller room set out with only a single sleeping platform, quickly Mita stripped off all of Usof’s clothes and lay him down on the bed, his light caramel skin shone with a thin film of sweat as he saw that Mita was not a small size, a thin film of oil was covering Mita’s rigid rod as it neared Usof’s unused hole, Modou looked on in interest as he saw that this boy Mita was not small at all, it would be a good match.

Even from their own sleeping room, the three bred boys heard the cry of Usof as Mita began to breed him with hard fast strokes of his manhood, Elios knew the feeling and also knew that by morning Usof would not be able to move to well, he would have to go and help him the next day, he looked at the other two boys and smiled as he saw that they too were remembering their first time, slowly sleep took over and the three drifted off to sleep even though the sounds from the far off room could still be heard, none of the boys heard Modou enter the room and slip into the bed with his two K’bine, He woke Tam and rolled the boy over on top of him and entered him deeply as he sat on top of Modou’s hardened rod, the breeding of Usof had excited him too much and he needed relief, when he finally drifted off to sleep he was still fully buried into his K’bines small butt.

The next morning, Elios left the three sleeping forms and went to get some food ready, as he sat at a table with the trays of food waiting for the others to join him, he spread out his maps and checked the new way home, shortly Mita joined him carrying Usof in his arms, the boy was still unsteady on his feet and was fully naked, he couldn’t stand to have clothes on at the moment as his butt was still to sore, carefully Mita sat him down so he could eat, Elios leaned over and gave him a warm hug and welcomed his new brother, Mita was happy to see Elios accept his new brother with such warmth, tonight he would have to repay Elios with a good long breeding when they stopped for the night.

Not long after, Modou joined them along with his two boys’; they both looked as though they had been well serviced that morning if the happy satisfied look on their young faces was any indication. Slowly the rest of the boys arrived and plans were explained to them all, only the addition of the three new boys had to be added and Mita suggested that Modou and his two boy’s travelled with Elios in the Humvee while he took Usof with him in the big truck, the others would use the same vehicles they had been using before.

When he had to get into the Humvee, Modou had shown the first sign of fear but Elios soon put his fears to rest as he jumped in and smiled at the warrior, Modou got in beside Elios and his two boys were placed in the rear seats, one of the guard boys opened the doors and the small convoy drove outside, it was then that Elios realised that they had no way of closing the door, he tooted the horn and stopped the convoy as the last guard boy came out of the door scratching his head in confusion as to how to close the door.

Mita joined Elios and they looked at the long open ramp, finally Elios ran to the ramp and went inside, next there came a low rumble and Elios came sprinting out of the doorway breathing heavily as the ramp rose and sealed the bunker once again, Mita looked at Elios in wonder.

“I’ll just have to go in the other way next time until we can dig out the control box when we come back.” Explained Elios.

Mita nodded his understanding and returned to his still running truck, he had found it difficult to drive, it had so many more movements to make it move forward but if he took it slowly he would work it out in time and then it would give them a good means of transporting any thing in larger quantities, he climbed back behind the steering wheel and the convoy got started on their return journey, this time it would be through the long sands and not over the Oshun sand, Elios was sure they could find a faster way back than just following the long winding shore line.









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