More than an hour passed the next morning before the boys found what they hoped was the way up and over the mountains in the hope of finding the next bunker, as yet they had had no trouble, any signs of Renegs being around were not apparent, but the group knew better than to let their guard down, their lives always depended on their vigilance.

The two quads took up their position at the head of the convoy and about 100 metres ahead of the others, the valley floor was unnaturally flat and was bordered by very steep and straight rock sides, they looked to unnatural to be normal nature. The flat area wound its way ahead of them with only the occassional rock fall to break up the flatness.

It was another hour before the group noticed they were starting to slowly climb, the flat area which Elios called the roadway, was now narrowing until it rose only on one side of the steep edges, sometimes the road forward was partially blocked with fallen stones and rocks, at these times the convoy had to stop and all except the chosen guards, would start to clear a way through.

For the next three hours the convoy wound its way slowly up the steepening road, they were now well into the mountains and at times felt as though the tall sides were pressing in on them as they drove higher and higher, the air had cooled and the drivers of the quads were now starting to feel a little cold, especially their bare hands.

Elios tried to look forward to try and see the end of the climb but the road wound back on itself so often he had no view, slowly they climbed until at last in the distance Elios saw what he hoped was the top of the pass, there was still some way to go but now he could see, hopefully the end of the claustrophobic feeling he had had all the time.

Half an hour later and there was only a long steep climb to the top, about half way along the climb they could see another large rock fall, it had covered too much of the road for them to be able to go around it and they would have to stop and clear as much as they could, as the convoy slowed almost to a halt, there was a sudden loud yell from somewhere in the rock pile ahead of them, with startling swiftness, Elios saw the guard boy on the back of the leading Quad suddenly fly backwards off the quad, there was a crossbow bolt sticking out of his slim chest, when he hit the ground he didn’t move.

The driver of the quad came to a speedy halt and dived off the seat and behind the quad; his rifle was in his hands as all the others found cover when the air was filled with crossbow bolts filling the space around them, Mita was the first to react to this sudden ambush threat, he pulled the big eight wheeler as far forward as he could and gave the order for the boy on the double guns to open fire at the rock slide in front of them from where the bolts were coming from.

The ambushers were hard to spot and it was difficult for the boys to pick out targets but the boy on the guns soon decided enough was enough and opened up in the general direction of the rock slide, the large brass cartridges tumbled out of a slot in the side of the vehicle as the multi barrels fired in a very loud hum that sounded like a million bees all flying together.

Rocks and debris flew high into the air as the bullets peppered the rock slide, some of the bullets were what the boys called, ‘fire bullets’ they lit up the ground and air as they whizzed and bounced around. This display of firepower was new to the attackers, when they had first seen the strange boxes on wheels they didn’t have the faintest idea of what they were, all they knew was that they did not belong in their territory and so they attacked.

When the first boy had been killed they thought it was going to be easy, when the bees started to hum around their heads and bodies they were not quite so sure, suddenly cries and shouts erupted from the hiding points as the strange bees began to find targets amongst the Renegs, this as well began to bring worry to the attackers, they could see no bolts only large holes that appeared from nowhere and their fellow gang members fell like toppled trees.

The leader of the Renegs started to get worried about the loss of so many men so quickly, shouting over the humming sound, he called his men to charge and kill every boy on the flat stretch, the last bolts flew and then the Renegs rose as one and charged down the slope, jumping rocks and boulders as they went, as the leader made it close to the funny four wheel thing they had first attacked he saw one dead boy and another hiding behind the thing, the boy didn’t look as scared as he should in the face of a large group of charging Renegs.

The boy lifted the black pipe he was holding and pointed it at the leader just as the same man suddenly realised there was not much noise coming from behind him where his men should be, as he turned to look for his men he felt a stinging pain in his leg that knocked him back a step, before he could turn back to the boy he felt another pain in his shoulder, this one spun him around to face the boy again but it also sat him on his butt, the boy was still standing in front of him with a calm look of hate on his young face.

The leader tried to turn his head to look for the rest of his men but all he could see were lifeless bodies all over the rock slide and on the flat just behind him, with a look of surprise on his face, it finally dawned on the leader that he was alone, all four plus ten of his men were gone, what sort of weapons did these boys have that they could defeat such a force as he had led, he didn’t hear the last shot fired, you never do hear the one that finishes your miserable life.

Elios and the others looked around at the devastation caused by the double gun backed up by the rifles of the boys, there was not a tear amongst the boys as they looked at the bodies lying on the rock slide, only the front driver of the quad was the first to move towards the boy on the ground, at least the boy had died instantly and did not have to linger like so often happened with a crossbow bolt, it had pierced his heart and he did not even feel anything as he was thrown backwards onto the ground, a small tear slipped from the drivers eyes as he looked down at the first boy he had seen die since joining the bunker boys.

Mita walked over to the boy and put a comforting arm over his shoulder, they would bury the boy here by the side of the road and leave a marker so that anyone coming after them would know he was there and had been a part of the expedition that found a new bunker, for the Renegs he gave orders that they were to be tossed over the side and left to rot in the sun down in the far off valley floor, the boys then got to work on clearing a way through the big slide.

Everybody except five guards, worked tirelessly on moving rocks and stones, by nightfall they had only gone about halfway and while they did not want to stay out in the open in such an exposed place, they had no other option, setting out guards they stopped to eat and rest, as the boys were so tired, Mita set the guards for only one hour each, they would need to be as rested as possible for the next days labour.

It was late the next day before the road was finally clear enough for the wider vehicles to pass the rock slide, they had noticed the previous night that it was a lot colder at night now that they were high up in the mountains, Mita decided to push on until dark in the hope they would be lower before they had to stop.

From the top of the pass, they could see far away below them, what appeared to be an unusual stretch of green but it was so far away they were not at first sure of what they saw. They only had two hours of driving before it was too dark to continue and again, they had come to another large slip, the convoy pulled to a stop and they set about getting ready for a meal and sleep, the temperature had not noticeably warmed and so they rolled up inside the vehicles in their sleeping bags after they had refuelled the vehicles and eaten, the next morning was going to be another repetition of the previous two days.

Midday found them once again on the slow descent, smaller slips were driven around whenever possible, others had to be cleared but, by late afternoon they could see below them, a small green valley, this alone caused a lot of speculation from the boys as they gathered for a midday meal, they had all heard about green valley’s but none of the boys had ever seen one.

Through his binoculars, Elios could make out what he knew to be trees, not just one or two but lots of them, also the ground appeared to be marked out in even lines with dry dirt tracks between them, as they went lower, Elios was sure he could make out what he thought was a large wooden dwelling. As they came to the last stretch before the bottom of the now warmer road, Mita saw the road was again blocked by rocks but, looking closer, he saw that the blockage was more man made than any rock fall they had seen so far.

The rocks appeared to be more of a tall wall, there was no rubble mixed in with the rocks like a natural slip, these rocks had been carefully stacked for maximum strength, as the first quad pulled up short of the fall, a grown man with a crossbow stood up from behind the rocks, he was tall and well tanned by the sun but he also looked to be well fed, not like most Renegs, looking closer, Mita could see the faint outline of other men and boys hiding along the top of the rocks.

Mita called a halt just out of crossbow range, slowly he and Elios stepped out and began to walk towards the rock wall, when they were well within calling distance, Mita let Elios take over, the man had held up a hand in the universal stop motion, the boys waited for the man to speak first, it didn’t take long for the fear and curiosity to take over the mans better judgement, he called out to the two boys standing patiently in the open, and, the man noticed, just out of effective range of their weapons.

“What do you boys want, who are you and where do you come from in those boxes with wheels?”

“We’ve come from over the mountains, we are searching for a special place that the ancients made, we don’t mean any harm as long as you’re not Renegs.” Elios replied to the questions.

“And if we are Renegs?”

“Then we would have to kill you, all we want is a way to pass down onto the plains and continue our search.”

“Well boy, there’s no way for you to kill us if we were Renegs but, as far as passing here, you can’t, you have top go back, we don’t like strange boys or Renegs here, this is our valley.”

“We’re not after your valley, we only want to pass through, if you let us pass we promise not to cause you any problems.”

The man looked down at Elios, he saw that the smaller boy was a Bred Boy and he could not work out why this boy was doing all the talking, it should be his man that was doing the negotiating, everything about the group in front of him was strange, the clothing, the like of which he had never seen, the odd looking pipes they all carried, the scary boxes that made growling noises, everything was like a mans worst nightmare, he and his group were not sure what they were looking at but, one thing for sure, these strangers were not Renegs, the commune had been fighting those thieves and killers for way too long not to be able to recognise them on sight and these boys were not them.

No if these boys were not Renegs, could their outlandish story be true, unlikely, but then there was all the new and strange things they had, nothing had ever been seen like all the things they had, maybe they really were from the ancient times, the confusion seemed to run over his face as he looked down on the two boys along with a larger group standing back by the wheeled boxes.

Elios looked up at the man on top of the wall, while the wall looked solid enough to stop any man or haws, he was sure their eight wheel vehicle could drive through it enough to make a clear pass but, Elios didn’t want to make enemies of these people but he did want to find the next bunker, there had to be a way for them to get through, Elios stepped back and began to try and think it through while the man watched from above.

Finally, after talking over his plan with Mita, Elios turned and walked back to the man but this time he walked well within the range of their weapons, he kept his hands well clear of his own weapons and went to stand directly below the man on the wall, if they didn’t believe him he would be an easy target for their crossbows, it was a show of faith.

“We’ve come from the other side of the mountains, down on the sand wastes, some time ago two of my friends and I discovered a place long hidden by the ancients, we found out it was called a Bunker, after a lot of time we found out about others they had made, now we have two of them and are looking for a third one over on this side, we believe there are many others and we are trying to open them up for other boys to use as a home. As you can see, the ancients had a lot of things we lost a long time ago, we now have more than four tens plus ten boys with us and more are coming to us for safety every day, all we want is to pass, we don’t want to destroy any of your valley, in fact, if you let us pass we may be able to help you with protecting your valley and then trade with you for your goods if you have any for that purpose, we are not Renegs, in fact we hate them and destroy them at every chance, all we ask of you is to let us pass without causing you any losses or fighting.”

“I don’t see how you could hurt us, you have no weapons and you can’t get past this wall, many Renegs have tried to beat us and always failed, that’s why we guard this pass, it’s the only way down into the valley, we have been here growing plants to eat for more yarn than I can remember, we have nearly ten plus ten folk here so your few boys stand no chance to win a fight with us, now why don’t you turn around and go back to your own place?”

Elios looked up at the man sadly, it appeared that, if they wanted to move forward and find the next bunker, they would have to either fight or put on a demonstration that would either scare or convince the man that they could go through if they wanted to, Elios spoke up.

“Well you leave us no choice, if that’s your final answer; we are sorry that you feel this way and would not see the benefit we could be to your home and your boys.”

Elios turned his back on the man and walked back to Mita, with a nod of his head Mita followed him back to the small convoy, once there, Mita took his place in the drivers seat and Usof sat at the firing panel of the double guns, Elios went back to his Humvee and waited for the eight wheeler to take up position at the front of the convoy, all the others stayed back from the front two vehicles, this was a show of force in the hope that the man blocking their way would see sense and let them through without further problems.

Mita drove close enough for the defenders to be within crossbow range, he sat there for a short time and then told Usof to fire at the rocks about half a mans height from the top, immediately the two guns hummed for a few seconds, chips of rock and small stones flew into the air as the echo of the guns ran down the quiet valley below them, for a few seconds nothing happened, it appeared the defenders were stunned by the sudden display of firepower but it didn’t last, as if a signal had been given, the air was filled with crossbow bolts and small stones from hand slings.

The small ping sound of the missiles bouncing off the armour of the vehicle could be clearly heard by everyone, the sudden barrage stopped as the defenders saw that their weapons made no impact on the boxes, again the guns hummed and again chips and stones flew into the air then, when Usof had finished firing, Mita put the eight wheeler into low gear and pushed his foot hard to the floor, the loud angry rumble of the motor rang throughout the valley as it began to gain speed and headed towards the center of the stone wall.

The loud crashing of metal on stone could be heard all over as the vehicle hit the wall and pushed through as well as climbed up over what had not been knocked down, behind the wall boys and men ran for their lives as the metal monster pushed through their best defences leaving them in the open, try as they might they couldn’t penetrate the metal skin of the box thing.

Mita pulled to a halt and waited for the scattering folk to get to a safe distance, he then called Elios on their com units and the rest of the convoy rolled slowly forward until they were at the opening in the wall, with skill, Elios drove up and over what remained of the wall until he was behind Mita, taking a chance, Elios stepped from his Humvee and, with his rifle in his hands, began to walk towards where the other group was now standing and watching, Elios raised his voice to reach the group.

“As you can see, we could have avoided this way had you been more helpful, we don’t want to hurt you, in fact we want to help but we won’t be stopped from finding the ancients bunkers, they hold to many things that could help all of us defeat the Renegs and then we can live our lives in peace, we don’t want to conquer you or make you slaves, we want you to be as free as you always were, but we will go looking for our bunker, it’s up to you, you can be our friends and have the benefits of the ancients knowledge or you can fight us and lose.”

Elios waited as he saw the group of defenders gather into a circle and start to discuss their limited options, it took some time as it seemed all of them were allowed to have their say, after half an hour, the original leader slowly walked forward, his head was down a little and a look of defeat was on his face as he came closer to Elios.

“We all agree, there’s nothing we can do against you and your things, we will let you pass as long as you let us stay free, but now we have to rebuild our wall or the Renegs will be back and destroy our valley, we’ve all worked to hard over the yarn to let them have it, but it takes a long time to repair the wall, we are going to be an open target for them now.”

“We can help you if you like, I can ask some of the boys to stay and guard the road for you while you rebuild, but we are coming back this way after we find the bunker, why not make a big gate here so you can close off the road but still be able to let our vehicles pass back and forth, because there will be other vehicles some time in the future, this way you are still protected and we can train some of your boys to defend you with the ancients weapons, we have plenty of them to spare and as long as we keep them from the Renegs then we will always be safe from them.”

The man thought for a short time and then, with an almost helpless gesture of defeat, he nodded his head in acceptance of his situation, all he could hope for now was that the boy was telling the truth and they could stay free in their valley, his idea of a large gate did sound better than having to rebuild the wall each time one of their metal boxes came along.

At the acceptance of his position, the man appeared to lighten up a little, he then invited the new boys to stay for the rest of the afternoon and evening at their compound where they could talk more about the things the ancients had left behind, Elios sighed with relief, he really didn’t want to hurt the people of this valley, they were only trying to live their very precarious lives without the danger of the Renegs murdering ways, Elios accepted the invitation and, leaving four boys to help guard the broken wall, he invited the man to travel with him in the Humvee.

The look on the mans face almost made Elios laugh but he kept his face turned towards the front of the Humvee so as not to embarrass the man too much, as the man got in Elios could feel him shaking with fear but the man was determined to brave the unknown, if these new boys could travel inside these boxes then he could, besides it would not look good to his own men and boys if he was afraid, no man could stay leader of the commune if he was scared or afraid of every new thing that came along.

The sound and smell of the Humvee took the man by surprise; it was not the fresh air of the open valley and clean fresh smell of the mountains but a thick oily smell that constricted the lungs and the noise was like thunder as the motor drove the vehicle down the short road to the base of the mountains, the sight that greeted the convoy boys took their breath away, they had never seen anything like the view in front of them.

All around was the green like they had never seen before, trees and plants, and even the ground in most places was covered in so many different colours of green they could not take it all in at the same time and the fresh smell of the place could be detected even in the confines of the vehicles, it was a heady mix of freshness and something that made their heads spin with the alien sights and sounds around them.

When they had at last pulled to a halt in the center of the commune, Mita told their boys to set up relief guards for the road block, he then went with Elios and the leader to the largest house in the commune, this was the meeting hall for all of the members of the valley community, there was a subdued bustle about the small commune, everything appeared to be made here and the valley residents seemed to be self sufficient.

The leader led the boys into the large meeting house to be presented to the rest of the committee that ran the valley, there were five of them, three older men in their thirties and two younger men in their late teens, these five men along with the leader were responsible for all that went on in the valley, each had his own area of concern and would report to the others at the end of each days work, this way they kept order and allotted work for all the others.

Elios and his boys were amazed at what had been achieved in the green valley, it worked in a well oiled way that only a lot of time and hard work could have accomplished, they were also impressed with the happy looks on everyones face as they went about their days work. Elios and the others were soon seated at a long table and within a short time there was fresh food being put on the table.

To the boys from the bunkers, the freshness of the food was a new sensation, they had been so used to the food of the bunkers that they didn’t realise what they had been missing, the vegetables were the best they had ever eaten and the meat had flavours that left their mouths watering for more, they were told that everything was grown here in the valley and the only reason for their existence was a small stream of fresh clear water that ran from a large crack in the mountain side and down into the center of the valley.

From this stream they syphoned off water for the fields and the rest was left to flow naturally, it was because of the water that the Renegs wanted to take over the valley, the leaders explained that they thought there could be other streams but this one was too good to leave just to go searching for something that may not be there in the end.

The meeting hall slowly filled with boys and men as they gathered for their evening meal, the hum of conversation filled the room, Elios saw that many of the boys were Bred Boys and the obvious partnerships looked to be happy, they sat and talked far into the night as they exchanged stories and information, Elios learned that the end of the valley was also blocked off with a large rock wall but it had a small gateway built into it so the people could go out into the wastes below them and to let any new boys into the commune but keep out the Renegs from the plains.

It appeared that those boys and men that were not bonded slept in one of three large halls, they were built from the trunks of small trees, the gaps in the walls filled with mud to stop any wind and sand from entering, the bred couples had their own small houses that were spread out in the trees, almost hidden from sight to give them some privacy, when a new boy was Bred he and his man were given a new house of their own to live in, Elios was impressed with the thought and leadership of the commune.

The next morning the boys rose to the fresh smell of more food, while eating he asked the leader of they knew of any bunkers although he described them as large caves with metal over the openings, much to his surprise, the leader told him of one strange cave about a days walk away, it was a huge cave that went back into the mountain and then ended in the blank metal wall, no one knew what it was and so had left it alone as something from the old days of the ancients, why the ancients had put a metal wall on a rock face they never considered, it was just there and that was that.

Elios asked if he could take a boy from the commune with them to show them the way, he promised to bring the boy back once they had looked at the cave, when asked how long they would be away, Elios told him they would be back before the afternoon sun had set as their ‘vehicles’ could travel a lot faster than any man could walk, with a little reservation, the man finally agreed and called for a volunteer from the assembled boys, the leader was surprised at the reaction, ten boys jumped to their feet waving their arms and showing huge grins on their faces, the leader shook his head at the enthusiasm of some of his boys.

Turning to Elios he could only smile and shrug his shoulders at the reaction, Elios and his boys chuckled at the sight of so many boys wanting to experience the new things these boys from the wastes had with them, even the growling ‘vehicles’ as they now knew them, could not scare them from a new adventure, it was the natural inquisitiveness of young boys taking over.

Elios pointed to one boy in the smiling crowd and gestured for him to join them at the table, after introducing himself a Mika, the boy sat down with the others and listened to what was wanted from him, he knew the large cave well as he had stayed in it when he came looking for the commune, he told Elios that the metal wall had once had some type of painting on it but it was now mostly faded and very hard to see, the cave went back into the mountain for quite a distance and when you got to the metal wall, the light from outside was very dim.

When asked how big the cave was, Mika tried to describe it but he had no real gauge of the size to compare with, from what Elios and the others could understand, the cave mouth was very large and oval in shape with a flat stone floor, it sounded much like the other bunkers and the boys were hopeful of finishing the quest that same day but, what the cave or bunker held was an unknown to them, there had been no description on Elios computer back at home bunker on what could be in the new one, the boys made to get ready for the next short leg of their journey.

The leader set out a new work order for the boys and men staying behind, the day would be filled with designing and making a large gateway up on the pass, Elios would leave six of his boys behind to act as guards for the working crew, the new palisade would be entirely of tree trunks and anchored to the wall of the mountain, it would then allow any of Elios or other vehicles to pass through but be big and strong enough to keep out any Renegs that wanted to try and attack the commune as they had in the past.

With exact directions the boys made the opening to the bunker in only an hour and a half, their first sight of the cave convinced them they had found the opening to their new bunker, it was way bigger than they expected, it was a wonder that it had not been used by the Renegs as a home base, the convoy had now trouble driving right into and up to the metal wall and, with the use of their vehicle lights, they saw, what to them was an obvious doorway into the bunker itself.

Elios got out of his Humvee along with the boy Mika, and walked to the doorway, looking around d he soon found the control panel, it was covered in years of grime and almost unrecognisable but he soon wiped it clean with his shirt and proceeded to swipe his card and enter the code numbers, for a minute or two there was no response, then, deep under the floor he heard a low whine start up, his activation of the panel had somehow caused the power plant to activate and soon he heard the door start to lift up into the high ceiling above them, the boy, Mika jumped in surprise as he saw the metal wall begin to move and then his boyish inquisitiveness took over and he waited with Elios as the hole got bigger and bigger until the whole wall had disappeared into the roof, ahead of them was a long dark tunnel.

Using the lights from the vehicles, Elios stepped fearlessly into the tunnel and looked around for the panel he knew would be there, with a flick of the many switches on the panel, the tunnel began to light up as the power went into the glass tubes in the ceiling high above them, this bunker was even bigger than the last one, Elios tried to remember the words that were under the picture on the outside of the door.

The faded picture had been of a large bird, the colours were faded and hard to make out but the bird looked like one that would hunt for prey, the words under it were very hard to read and in some places total gone but Elios worked out that they read, “US G VE   MENT R PO  ITO Y NO E T Y” none of the words made any sense but he knew that it was the bunker they were looking for.

The passage ahead of them went on for a long distance, it was clean and dry and had no dust or dirt in it, they left their vehicles parked at the entrance and, leaving two guards just in case they had visitors, the rest of the boys began the long slow walk down the long passage, it was about 10 metres wide and the ceiling was also about 10 metres high, as they walked along they came to a side passage leading to the right, the sign above said “US TREASURY” it meant nothing to the boys so they kept moving, they would look at it later, the next side passage led off on the left, the sign read “HISTORICAL LIBRARYthis also meant nothing to the boys and so they continued to move on, the next passage was the one Elios had been looking for “ADMIN CONTROL” this is what Elios wanted, turning down the passage he led the group down it until they came to a familiar glass door, using his card and code he led the boys into the control room and switched on the nearest computer.

For the next ten minutes Elios worked at the computer he never noticed the awed look on the young boy Mika’s face as the boy’s head snapped left and right at all the ancient artifacts surrounding him, he was surprised that these boys looked as though it was all normal, to his eyes it was a magical place, he tried to watch what the boy Elios was doing but the boy’s hands and fingers moved to fast for him to understand what was going on.

Elios looked for and found the details of the bunker system; it was even larger than any of the others but it did not seem to have the weapons rooms of the home bunkers, most of what he saw was almost meaningless to him, there were the usual common rooms with kitchen sleeping rooms and wash rooms, they were all on this level but all the others were down under the mountain on lower levels, each item had a different level and were very large areas, Elios printed a copy of the levels and then closed the computer, he would investigate them further after they took the boy Mika back to the valley.

Elios got up and they all returned once again to their vehicles, after leaving and closing the door again they returned to the valley, the reception was a little muted by the valley boys until they saw that Mika was safe and happy, he was soon in the middle of a throng of other boys retelling his adventure into the ancients cave system and all the wondrous things he had seen there, Mika was an instant hero and he loved it, for the first time in his life he was the center of attention.

That evening Elios and the committee members sat and discussed what was to be done next, Elios passed on their plan to return to their bunker the next morning, they would leave eight boys to help defend the valley until they returned but would take ten of the valley boys with them to be trained in the ancient weapons, when they returned to investigate the new bunker more thoroughly, they would bring extra weapons for the rest of the valley along with the boys to train them all.

The committee agreed willingly to the plan and promised they would have the new gateway ready for them, once all the ite4ms had been finished with, they were given the same space again to sleep as well as another big feast of fresh meat and vegetables, with their bellies full, they went off to sleep, the next morning would see the start of their return home.

The convoy had left the pass behind, now that they did not have to stop and clear a passage through the rock falls, the trip was faster, Elios estimated they would be back home in two days, in the back of the truck, the new boys from the valley were perpetually trying to hang outside the back of the truck to watch the new lands pass by, after a short time, when all they saw was the endless wastes of arid sand, they settled down to the long trip, it was not long before the boredom of the travelling set in and they began to doze off in a light sleep, only the occassional bump or shudder of the truck waking them from time to time.

That night, while they were camped out, some of Elios boys began to describe to the new boys, what the weapons were and how to hold them, what to do to check if they were ready to fire and how to aim them but the valley boys were too tired from the long day of travel and found it hard to take in everything they were being told, finally it was too much and they began to curl up and fall asleep.

The next day was much the same, the convoy moved forward at a reasonable pace and by nightfall they were only a few hours away from the home bunker, Elios decided to call another halt for the night, it had been a long trip and everyone was tired, it would not be good to travel during the night only to have an accident because they were too tired to be alert, the camp that night was subdued and everyone was glad to just curl up and go to sleep except the guards, it would only be a few hours to go in the morning and they could all rest properly, the valley boys were beginning to see that travelling in these ancient vehicles was not all fun and games, they were the first ones to fall asleep.

Mid morning of the next day found the convoy approaching the mouth of the bunker, the first thing Elios and the other boys noticed was the two Humvee’s parked outside the open door, they were from the lower level and each had a single weapon mounted on the roof, they were parked one each side of the doorway, further up the sand hill were four small stone walls, evenly spaced just below the top of the ridge, two boys could be seen in each small pocket, Elam had created a new sentry system while they were gone.

From one of the Humvee’s a boy stood up and waved at the returning convoy, Elios tooted the horn on his Humvee and continued to drive straight into the bunker followed by the rest of the convoy, Elam stood in the center of the garage waiting for his friends to return, Elios noticed that there were a lot more boys around than when they had left, he would have to ask Elam about them.

As the rumble of the engines died, Elios and the others got out and stretched their aching bodies, it had been a long drive and they were all ready for a soft bed and hot water shower as well as some private time with Mita, Usof and Elios had been too busy to have time with their man but, even as tired as they were, they were not going to miss out tonight.

The valley boys were soon paired off with some of the convoy boys and taken to the washing rooms, they would then be given a big meal and a place to sleep, Elios, Usof, Mita and Elam went to the common room to discuss the trip to the new bunker, it was four hours later before they had caught up on all the news and innovations that Elam had instituted, he now had boys in training to drive the other trucks, two of which were already carrying boys back from the home bunker along with two more drivers who were good in the Humvee’s with the single weapon on the roof for escorts as well as the two outside guarding the door during the day, at night all the outer guards came inside as there was no way for any Renegs to enter in the dark.

At last it was all over, all the information had been exchanged, the valley boys were clean and well fed and were now settling down on the new soft beds, Elios and Usof were in the shower helping Mita to wash, although there was not a lot of washing going on, their need for each other was to great and Mita’s desire for both his Bred Boys knew no limits, by the time they went to their room to rest, both boys were well filled and slightly unsteady on their feet but they were happy, Mita had treated both of them equally and both boys felt full and well bred.

Over the next week or two there would have to be a lot of plans made for the search of the new bunker and the training of the valley boys as well as sorting out new equipment to be taken back to the people in the valley when they returned, Elios snuggled back into Mita’s stomach, his mans large rod buried deeply inside him, Usof was curled up facing Elios, their smaller rods pressing against each other as their lips gently touched, it seemed only seconds before all three were asleep, Mita still buried deeply into his number one boy.









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