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As the limo pulled up next to the steps, Peter could see both Levi and Caleb waiting for them, stepping from the car, the group made it's way up the steps and, followed by the twins, they entered their home, Max was trying to appear invisible in this palatial house, Simons arm still around his waist was a comfort as the sheer size of the house was taken in by Max's ogling eyes.

Peter lead the way to the lift, it was a tight fit getting all of them in at the same time, but, by the time each pair had moved a little closer to their boy friend, there was just enough room for them all. Peter pressed the button and within a few second, they were all walking into the office/lounge.

"Simon, maybe you could show Max to the guest room, you others can retire as you wish but I would like Levi and Caleb to stay with me, we have a lot to talk over." Peter said to the boys.

The boy's paired off and went to their rooms, Simon whispered something in Max's ear that made the Vaga giggle and nod his head, Peter ignored it and turned to Levi and Caleb.

"Caleb, I need you to go to Ellis Street just before dusk tomorrow and pick up a couple of the Vaga, they know you're coming so should be waiting for you once the sun is down, just bring them  back here, also, if you see any of the felines around, ask them to give a message to their leader asking if he would agree to a meeting with me."

"No problems Peter, anything else?"

"Yes, I think so, it's time to start to staff this place, I want a mixture of Symbiots and vampires, preferably younger vampires that need the work and a place to stay."

"Ok, no probs, I'll keep my eyes open."

"Thanks, now Levi, I need to find out about my holdings and cash deposits, can you help me with the computer, I also need to find an architect and a construction company to make some alterations in one of my buildings."

"That's no problem Peter, we have our own architects that know what we need for vampire buildings and there's a Symbiot construction company we have always used, I'll show you on the computer, there should also be a daily update of all your holdings and cash deposits there as well, lets go look?"

As Peter and Levi made their way to the desk, Caleb called out to them.

"Do you two want some coffee; I'm going to make a new pot?"

Both boys nodded, although Peter had never drunk coffee before, he thought he might as well start to get used to being grown up. Peter sat at his desk and activated the computer console as Levi pulled up a chair close to him, just before he was ready to start, Simon came into the room with a questioning look on his face, Peter looked up at him with a smile.

"Hey Simon, what's up?"

"Uhm, Peter, would it be ok if a stayed with Max tonight, well you know, his first night and all?"

Peter's senses told him all he needed to know, and although he and Simon had not gone all the way with their sexual pleasuring, Peter knew that he had no real attachment other than the excitement of his first boy experiment, he had also been well aware that Simon and Max did seem to click rather quickly.

"Sure, you go enjoy yourselves; I've got a lot to do here, so no problem as far as I'm concerned."

Simon turned with a smile on his lips as Peter added.

"Hey Simon,... you like him, huh?"

Simon turned with a slightly embarrassed look on his youthful face.

"Yeah...sorta....quite a lot."

"Great, go for it." Peter said with a look of understanding on his face.

Peter turned back to the monitor as Levi began to explain to him.

"Ok, Peter, go to your main menu, good, now select, "holdings" good, now, select what you want to see, "Industrial,Retail,Clubs,Apartments,land" ."

Peter followed the instructions and clicked on "Industrial", the page reloaded quickly and Peter saw the long list of industrial buildings in his portfolio, there were twenty six entries which also included the Ellis Street building.

"Jeez, I've got 26 industrial buildings?"

"That's just in this state, if you click back on the menu and select one of the other states, you can see what you have there."

Peter let out a slow whistle under his breath but stayed on the original page, looking at the drop down menu, he clicked on that and saw the headings for the buildings. Peter clicked on the Ellis Street building and when it came up on the page, he opened the drop down menu and selected, "Plan" immediately the full floor plan of the building appeared with a set of up/down buttons, Peter began to click on the buttons and slowly a picture of the full building appeared, both above ground and below. The building had a sub-basement set up that went down three floors, a plan began to form in the back of his mind although a lot of it would depend on what the other species came up with if the meeting went ahead as he hoped.

Returning to the main menu, Peter clicked on "Cash Assets" a long list of deposits and withdrawals filled the page under the heading of "Chase Manhattan Bank". Peter scrolled to the bottom of the long page, and with one glance, collapsed back into his chair.

"Holy shit." He exclaimed "$27,758,157.68, what the fu... did I get that much?"

"Your Father has been depositing all the profits from the five states in your account since the day you were born, but that amount is just your own personal account. Go to "Value -Total Holdings" that'll give you your true worth."

Peter did as told, after taking one look he became speechless, there just wasn't that much money in the world as far as he knew, all the years of growing up and his father had kept a very low profile and had never splashed out any extra money on his family and, now Peter was a multi millionaire in his own right, Flabbergasted, Peter could only stare up at the grinning face of Levi.

"Well that's a nice birthday present, isn't it Peter?" Levi had a grin like a Cheshire cat.


"Yep, that about covers it." Laughed Levi.

"Shiiiit, all...all this is mine?"

"Yep, not bad for 15 years saving is it?"


"You've got to add another $354,000 to the balance of your own account from your gifts as well."

"I....I....fuck me."

"Sorry my Prince but I have a boy friend."


"Just kidding Peter."

Peter took a deep breath, he could do it, he could do all the things he wanted to do, Peter sat quietly for a few more moments, a small tingle went through his body, almost immediately he could understand all the figures, what they represented and how to assimilate them, another extra from his Father had just kicked in, what had at first seemed a lot of confusing figures quickly became understandable.

"I think Dad just sent me a little help." Peter said to Levi.

"How so?"

"I just had a tingling sensation down my spine and all of a sudden I could understand all the figures better."

"That's great, it has to be one of your Fathers extras opening up to you."

"Who looks after all this stuff?"

"Well your private account is looked after by the CEO of the bank, no one else, your holdings are held and administered by the firm of "Barton, Bailey, and Simms", they're your accountants, only their board of directors know about your account and they have to send updates each day to your terminal, same as the bank."

"What about purchases and legal stuff?"

"Purchases are what ever you want to buy, they can advise you if you wish but you don't have to listen to them, remember your decisions are always final, they're just there to keep track of things like taxes and things. Your lawyers are "Sutton and Kemp" you're their major client, so anytime you need them, they drop everything and run. Kemp is a vampire, he's always on duty at night, of course, Sutton looks after your daytime stuff, he's a Symbiot, both of them aren't long out of law school but your Father liked their drive and set them up on the understanding that they dropped everything when you wanted them."

"But how do they keep going if I'm the only client?"

"No, you're not the only client, they're slowly building up their client base and when they aren't working on a case, they do research to better serve you, but, you're the main client, I think your retainer to them is about $500,000 a year."

"This is going to be a lot more work than I thought." said Peter.

Peter shut down the computer and turned to Levi.

"I think I'll go have a sleep, can you look after the appointment for the contractor and the architect?"

"Sure, you go ahead, I'll have it all set up for you when you awake."

Peter rose from his chair just as the shutters fell into position around the house, Peter headed towards his bedroom, his head in a whirl as he tried to take in everything he had just learned. Once in his room, Peter quickly stripped off and slid into bed under the now, black silk sheets, quickly he began to nod off, the night had been a full and eventful one, with a sigh, Peter closed his eyes as was immediately in a deep sleep.




Armand Swiftwing lay naked in his bed of luxurious black bear skin, his head rested on a pillow made from the skin of an otter stuffed with goose down. His eyes were closed and he lay relaxed on his back, only the faint glow of his fire flickered over the bronze skin of his features, his breathing was slow and even, he was at the in-between state of sleep and awareness.

Ever so slowly, his breathing got deeper and deeper, his lips pursed slightly as he sent his mind outwards. In the place where there was no time, his mind travelled over a vast distance until it caught the vibrations of its other soul. Slowly, Swiftwing’s mind began to settle towards the young body of the sleeping vampire.




In the deepest recesses of his subconscious, Peter became aware of the young bronze skinned teen's body as it slid into the bed beside him, in his dream he could see and feel the firmness of the young muscles as they slid along his body, the boys organ was engorged and about 6" long with a nice thickness, it had a small tuft of black pubic hair around it, but, Peter could see no other hair on the body of the young Shaman.

Peter's body immediately responded to the touch of the bronze god beside him, his erection filled out and rose within seconds, the feeling of the firm body bringing shivers of delight to his groin, a soft whisper tickled his ear.

"Hello my Prince, I'm your soul mate, does it make you happy?"

Peter squirmed against the warm body, the whispering breath tickling his ear as he sighed in contentment, Peter felt it, the immediate bond of the beautiful Indian boy. Slowly Peter began to grind into the body laying on top of him, the feeling was ecstatic, his skin burned with desire as his soul mate pressed more urgently on to him. Peters climax was growing so quickly he couldn't control it for long, suddenly Peter felt the stickiness of both their ejaculations on his skin. The dream boy smiled and began to lift from the bed.

Startled, Peter sat bolt upright in his bed, he was alone, wiping his eyes and running his hand down his front, Peter shook his head, 'That was some dream' he thought to himself, as he lifted his hand from his groin.

"Yuck, not even."

Peter looked down at his sticky hand, lifting it to his nose he smelled that familiar odour.

"A wet dream, you got to be kidding me."

Peter got up and went into the bathroom, taking a towel he wiped his stomach, noting that there seemed to be an awful lot of cum for one boy, shrugging his shoulders, he wiped himself down and returned to his bed to again try to get a little sleep, this time he dropped off without hesitation, the image of the bronze boy still in his mind.

It seemed only minutes and peter was awake again, immediately he sensed Levi in the room.

"Hi, Levi, what time is it?"

"Just on 1pm, Peter, You have the contractor’s son arriving in an hour, I thought you might want a coffee before he arrives."

"Thanks, Levi, yes that'd be nice, I'll just have a shower and meet you in the office."

Levi gave a half bow and left the room as Peter got up and went for his shower, 20 minutes later he was sitting down behind his desk and Levi was placing a coffee before him. Peter took his first slow sip and then asked Levi.

"What do we need to get ready for him?"

"I think it is best to meet him downstairs in the conference room, tell him what sort of ideas you have and ask him to cost it out and give you an idea how long it will take. As I understand it, it's the son not the Father that's coming, the Father is a Symbiot but the son isn't, I don't know wether you want to change him or not? it's really his decision if he wants to join you or not."

"Thanks Levi, has Caleb gone to look for staff?"

"Yes he's out there looking now."

Peter finished his coffee and put the cup down.


"Yes Peter?"

"I...uhm...I had another dream, it was weird."

"How so?"

" was....uhm...a wet one." Peter blushed deeply as he revealed accident.

Levi tried to smother a laugh as he took in Peter's deep blush.

"Well it happens at your age, not enough sex, will do it every time."

", I had a dream about that Shaman, it felt as though he was in bed with me, when I woke can guess."

Levi chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm sure I can."

"But it was so real."

Levi became serious.

"I just don't know Peter, it's quite rare for a vampire to dream at all, to have one about a Shaman is even weirder, all I can suggest is to talk it over with Sin YU, he's the oldest of us, maybe he can answer your questions better."

Suddenly a loud buzz sounded in the room.

"That'll be our guest at the front door, I'll go and let him in, if you would like to go to the conference room, I'll bring him there." Levi said.

Peter and Levi made their way down in the lift, Levi went towards the front door as Peter made his way to the conference room. Taking the chair at the head of the table, Peter sat and waited the few minutes for the young man to appear with Levi. Moments later Levi stood in the doorway.

"My Lord, Master Felix Walter, son of your Symbiot Mr. Hans Walter to see you at your request."

A young man of about 30 years of age, walked into the room, he was a well built young man with broad strong shoulders and narrow waist, thick wrists and large calloused hands on thick sinewy arms, he was quite a handsome man, Peter gestured for him to take a seat near him, the look of shock on the young mans face, almost made Peter laugh out loud. Quickly the young man shook his head and took the offered chair, he was the first to speak.

"I'm sorry Prince, I didn't expect someone so young."

"No need to apologise,..Felix, you don't mind me using your name, do you?"

", not at all."

"Thank you, Felix, I've got a job for you, if you wish to take it, it's fairly big and I need it finished as soon as possible."

"Our company will do its best...ah...My Lord." Felix said with a little embarrassment.

Peter almost relented on the use of his title but thought better of it until a more secure relationship had been formed. Peter pushed the appropriate buttons on the table top and his console rose from the desk, bringing up the plans of the building, Peter asked Felix to step around and have a look at it.

"This is the building I want renovated, I believe your Father has done work for us before."

"Yes My Lord, he has."

"Do you know who we are, what we are?"

"Yes My Lord, my Father told me a couple of years ago."

"You have no objections to us or our way of life?"

"None, My Lord, my Father said he has always been treated well and paid fully for all work done."

"Good, now let me explain what I have in mind. I want this building made into accommodation for the street kids, who're like us, the three sub basements are to be made sun proof and totally secure, I don't want dingy rooms, I want them to have a good room to call their own. On the first floor, I want a totally secure entrance and reception area as well as a small flat for the manager. On the second and third floors again I want all individual apartments to accommodate two people to each room, all with shower facilities. The fourth floor I want a secure area of cells down one side leaving a wide corridor on the other, the top floor will again be apartments with space for 4-6 people in each one. Now the roof is to be reinforced, at present its solid concrete, I want a layer of steel plate laid down and then another concrete pad laid on top. Have you got all that so far?"

"Yes My Lord." said Felix as he looked up from his note taking.

"Good, The building is down at 747 Ellis Street, the two empty lots at each end are to be cleared and I want a club at one end and on the other a small shop for mixed goods, much like a 7-11  but smaller scale. Now if you could go and have a look, then let me know what you can do and how long it will take, I can have our architects draw up the plans for you and get our lawyers onto the paper work and clearances."

"I'll go down there now My Lord, I should have something for you by tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you Felix, anything else you need?"

"No, not really My Lord,...well...there is one thing?"

"Fire away?"

"Will I have to be,...well, changed like my Father?"

"Would it worry you if you had to be?"

"I don't know My Lord, I never really thought about it, I'm not sure at this stage."

"Felix, it's not a requirement for you to be a Symbiot to me, as long as your work is good and you stay honest with your costing, as well as keeping our secret, I see no reason that you should be changed, if it's something you don't want, as I understand it, you have to be in total agreement for me to change you, we do have rules and laws as well."

"Thank you My Lord, I will give it some thought though."

"Thank you Felix, Levi could you show our guest out and then try to contact Caleb and see how he's getting on?"

As the two moved towards the door, Felix paused.

"My Lord, may I ask another question?"

"Of course Felix, if we're going to be working together, you can ask anything you like."

"Well My Lord, I thought....uhm... all of your people could only work at night."

Peter smiled at Felix in understanding.

"That's what I thought too Felix, but it appears that some of us are a little different, we're a sort of new breed, but as far as I know, there won't be many of us."

Felix nodded his head in understanding and left the room with Levi. Peter sat back and gave a deep sigh, well his first business meeting had been fairly easy, he hoped all of them would go as smoothly. Peter shut down his console and went to meet Levi in the reception hall. Levi returned from showing Felix to the door, he had his cell phone to his ear, as he caught up with Peter he closed the phone and smiled.

"Caleb has three applicants with him now, he's on his way back, should be here in about 10 minutes."

"Where are they from?"

"They're local, I don't know all their history but Caleb seemed to think they would make good staff."

"Ok then, lest wait until they get here and then we can start to get this house running, anything from the other species yet?"

"No, not yet, but Caleb said he did pass on your message to one of the felines in town, also the architect will be here at about 7pm."

"Thanks Levi, Caleb all set to pick up our other guests?"

"Yes he won't forget, he should have then here about the same time."

"Good, then they can help with the designing of the place, they'll know more what they need than I do."

"A good idea, although I still can't see why you think the Vaga are so important, no one else has ever given them any thought?"

"That's half the reason Levi, they're a part of our world, I don't see any reason why they aren't given the same opportunities, I'm pretty sure they don't like being where they are either."

"Yes, you're right, I...I just never gave it any thought."

"Look at it this way Levi, if something bad happened, whose side would you rather have them on, ours or the enemies?"

"Yes, I see what you mean, are you thinking that, that might happen?"

"I don't know, it's just something Sin Yu said last night, besides, like my dad used to say, it's better to be ready than not."

"That's true, right what's next?"

"Nothing for the moment, I think I'll go and see how the two boys are getting on, it’s not long until nightfall and we have to see these staff people soon."

"I'll wait here for Caleb, where do you want the applicants to wait?"

"In here I think, let them sit over on the couches till I get back down."


Peter went to the lift and pushed the "up" button, once on the next floor he went to the door of the guest room and peaked inside, what he saw made him smile and almost laugh, it looked as though Simon and Max had been in the middle of something when they both fell into their day sleep. Simon was three parts laying on top of Max's back, it looked as though Simon was still buried inside of Max's small tight butt.

Peter gave a little shiver of delight, he really wanted to try that, his organ began to thicken at the thought of being inside something that would be tight and warm, with a shake of his head, Peter closed the door and returned to the lift, he had a strange almost warm feeling in his heart at the thought of the two boys together, there was no thought of jealousy for Simon or Max, there had been a couple of great moments with Simon, but, apart from the sexual pleasure of Simon, there was no real deep feeling of a lover. A clear picture of the Shaman rose in Peter's mind, again he began to thicken and harden at the thought of his wet dream and how it had felt.

Peter left the lift just as Levi was seating three people at the other end of the hall, Peter walked down to them, as he approached the three quickly stood and bowed to him, Peter gave a nod and looked the three over. The man was of average height and very smartly dressed in a dark suit and tie, his shoes were shined to a mirror finish and his hair was cut in an old fashioned short back and sides with a parting down the middle, he looked to be about 50 years old but very fit. The woman was large and plump and had a soft smile that made Peter think of his Mother, she felt comfortable was the only thing Peter could think of to describe her, beside her was a boy of about 18 years old, he was quite slender and showed certain effeminate traits as he bowed, his features were close to those of the woman.

"Please be seated." said Peter.

The three answered quickly together.

"Thank you My Lord."

"Now, who's who and why do you want to work for me?"

The man was the first to stand once again, with a deep bow, he held out his wrist so Peter could see the house mark.

"My Lord, I have served your Father for a number of years, I was happy but know there is not much work for me in the city, I was hoping to come and serve you as Butler, as that is what I'm trained for, it's all I know really."

"And you are?"

"Oh,..I'm terrible sorry My Lord, I'm Kevin Trantor."

"Well Mr.Trantor, if my Father thought so much of you, I can see no reason not to trust his judgement, I presume you will take over the whole running of the house hold?"

"That would be my duty my Lord, and please, My Lord, it's just Trantor, we butlers have our pride, My Lord." he replied with a small smile.

Peter smiled back. "Then welcome Trantor, I hope you're happy here, I'll have to change your house mark soon."

"Certainly, My Lord"

Trantor returned to his seat on the lounge, the woman stood with the young man by her side.

"I'm Milly Connors, My Lord, this is my second son, Alfred, I've been training him to be a steward since the age of 6 to care for the dining room and meal service, I'm a cook, I've been trained to cook in any style that's need for any of the other people of the night, I worked also for your Father until recently, I did the catering for your birthday party, so I'm sure you will know what I can do, My Lord."

"Thank you Milly, yes it was an outstanding job, the food was amazing, may I ask about your other son, or sons?"

"Ah, yes My Lord, I don't know what happened to Torson, that was my eldest, he went out one evening about six years ago and never came home, I...I...don't know what's happened to him." tears were beginning to fall from her eyes as she sat down again.

Peter stood there in shock, not knowing what to say to this distraught woman, should he tell her about her oldest son or should he wait and discuss it with Torson himself when he came later for the meeting, glancing at Levi, who had caught the look on Peter's face, he decided to tell the truth.


"Yes My Lord?"

"I know where your son is."

Milly looked up at the barely pubertal teen standing in front of her as though she had just seen a ghost.

"My Lord, you know him, you know where he is?"

"Yes Milly, in fact he's coming here in a couple of hours to discuss a project I have in mind. Milly, I don't know how to tell you this, but,....Torson, was... turned, I don't know why he has never contacted you but there must be a good reason, I want you to work here, I'm positive you're the right person, but for now I have to ask you to wait to see Torson until I've had a chance to talk to him, do you agree?"

"Oh, thank you My Lord, yes, yes I agree, but please My Lord, ask him if he will see us, we've both missed him so much."

"I'll ask him, Milly, but the final decision is his, fair enough?"

"Yes My Lord, thank you, thank you." more tears ran down her face at the possibility of seeing her oldest son again.

"Now Albert, I notice you haven't got a crest mark, do you realise you will have to have one and be bound to me if you wish to work here?"

"Yes My Lord, I have no hesitation in agreeing to that My lord, if it be your pleasure."

Peter looked at the boy, he wasn't a striking beauty but he was quite good looking, his movements, although a little effeminate, were smooth and confident.

"In that case, I welcome you all to my house and I hope you will all be happy here, Trantor?"

"Yes My Lord?"

"As you can guess, I've had nothing to do with running a house of my own, can you set out a plan that will help me to understand what is going on in a day to day basis?"

"Certainly My Lord, it'll be my pleasure, I will need a few other staff My Lord?"

"That's not a problem Trantor, perhaps you could see to the hiring of any extras we need, oh, I have a two young vampire boys upstairs, I would like you to train them in looking after the upper rooms for me, the lift is a secure one so you'll have to get one of my people to take you up there to show them what is needed or, any time you need to go up there yourself."

"Certainly My Lord, that won't be a problem."

Peter turned to Milly and her son.

"Milly, can you set about sorting out the kitchen, make a list of what you need for the house hold, any time there's visitors for dinner, just order in anything extra you need, If you need more staff just see Trantor and get them, if things go as I plan then we could have quite a few extras for meals each day. Albert, the same for you, look over the facilities for dining, anything you need just give a list to Trantor, all meals can be served here in the main hall, I'm sure Trantor will know what's needed."

All three stood and bowed, speaking at the same time.

"Thank you My Lord."

"Now there's only one thing left to do, Trantor, your wrist please?"

Trantor stepped forward without hesitation and bared his wrist, Peter performed the change for him as he had done for the security guards, next Milly stood up and followed suit. Peter looked at Levi.

"How do I go about Albert?"

Levi motioned for Albert to stand and come over to Peter.

"Hold out your wrist Albert." said Levi, “Now My Lord, if you just think deep inside yourself that you want to leave your crest on the skin of this boy, then feed him in the same manner, while doing that, lick the signet ring and press it into his wrist after that, just add the two bars. Albert, The Prince is going to give you a little of his blood, don't worry, it won't turn you into one of us."

There was almost a look of sadness on the boys face, but he held out his wrist and waited for Peter to put his wrist to his mouth, as a few drops of blood fell into his mouth, Albert felt a strange tingling then, a small jab of pain as Peter held his ring to the boys wrist and quickly sliced the two bars below. Peter felt the attachment to the three people immediately and his head filled with their memories, just as quickly, Peter put up his brick wall to stop the flood of information.

"Thank you all, one thing more, Milly?"

"Yes My Lord?"

"I have twelve security guards that watch the property, I'd like you to take over feeding them as well, from what I've seen, and they’re living on frozen pizza and micro wave food."

"Certainly, My Lord, when would you like us to start?"

"No sense in waiting, make a list of everything you want brought to the house and I'll have it trucked here, the three apartments along the hall over there are for you three, as heads of house hold, you're entitled to your own apartments, the other rooms will be for the extra staff you will need to hire, I want all staff living on the property at all times, they will have time off of course but for living arrangements and our safety, I would prefer they all lived on site."

"Of course My Lord." replied Trantor, "If you will excuse us My Lord, we will go and get settled."

"Thank you Trantor, and again, welcome."

The three bowed once again and left for the accommodation area. Peter looked at Levi and Caleb.

"Thanks Caleb, they were perfect, how did you find them?"

Caleb gave a mysterious smile.

"Ah, Peter, I have my ways."

Peter laughed as he watched the attempt at an evil grin on Caleb's face.

"I just bet you do, shit, Caleb, you better go and get our Vaga guests from Ellis Street."

"Ok, I know when I'm not wanted." Caleb replied with a grin as he turned for the door.

"Levi, give Milly and the others a chance to get settled and find out where and what they want brought here for their comfort and then tell her we will be having guests here tonight and don't want to be disturbed, but she can start to get a meal ready for our security, I'm sure they'll welcome it after their own cooking attempts."

"Ok, Peter, where will you be?"

"I'm going up to the office to sort out some of the things for the Ellis Street place."

"Ok, I'll give you a call when our guests arrive."

Peter left Levi to go after the three new employees and went to the lift, as he stepped inside he heard the shutters lift from the windows, dusk was here at last, now he would have the company of Simon and Max, assuming they were not in a hurry to finish what they had started last night. 

As Peter left the lift, his mind filled with images of Simon and Max in their bed, Simon was slowly stroking into Max as though they had not been interrupted by their forced sleep, max's small whimpers were of pleasure were all the indication Peter needed that both boys were happy with each other. Peter decided to let them finish what they were doing before interrupting them to explain what they would be doing in the household.

Peter sat at his desk and opened his computer terminal, raising the floor plans of the Ellis building, Peter sent them all to the printer for three hard copies, it would make it easier for the upcoming meeting. Once the printing had been completed, Peter heard the two doors of the other Vampires rooms open, immediately, Peter sensed Sin Yu, Dmitri, Jason and Mbeda coming into the office.

"Evening, guys, have a good sleep?"

All four boys replied in unison.

"Good evening My Lord, Thank you, yes."

"Sin Yu, I need to talk to you later tonight about a dram I had."

"Ok Peter, anything else?"

"Yes we have a meeting soon with the Vaga and the architect will be here as well, I would like all four of you there."

"Ok, that's not a problem, any particular reason?"

"No, not really, just a feeling I had about the architect."

"Well, Peter, if it's one thing I've learnt as a vampire, it's to always trust your instincts."

"Thanks, Sin Yu, now, Caleb has found us the first of our staff, I've bonded them so there's no worry about security with them. There's a cook and her son is the steward, there's also a butler, Trantor, he will be in charge of the entire household, including up here. I'm going to ask Simon and Max if they will take the job of looking after these areas, I'd feel better having vampires up here and, those two seem pretty into each other so it might be better to have them together up here."

Sin Yu smiled broadly.

"If they're into each other, do you think they will get any work done?"

Peter laughed at the suggestion, but nodded his head in agreement.

"I think that they will do what's needed, they can move down to one of the double staff rooms, I want Jason and Mbeda to take them shopping tonight for what ever they need in the way of clothes or anything else they want."

Looking at Jason and Mbeda Peter waited to be acknowledged, Jason nodded his head in understanding.

Suddenly a blue light began to flash on his monitor, Peter gave an enquiring look at Sin Yu.

"It's your phone line, just press the button on your desk and it connects you through the computer, it will give you the persons ID."

Peter followed his instructions and the screen flashed his Mother's information, Peter clicked on "connect" and his Mothers familiar face filled the screen.

"Hello Mother, how are you?"

"Hello son, are you ok?"

"Yes Mum, sorry for not calling you, it's been a busy few days."

"I understand son, I called to tell you that your father has asked me to join him, so I'm moving over there to be with him, it means I won't be able to see much of you for a while, I hope you understand son, but I do love your Father and I want to be with him."

"Of course Mum, I understand." Peter choked out as a tear began to form in his eye, his love for his Mother had always been strong and the thought of her moving away from him and that it would mean it would be very difficult for him to see her again, left an emptiness in his heart.

"It'll be ok son, we'll still be able to talk on the phone whenever you want."

"Yes Mum, it's...just...well...everything is happening so fast, I just wasn't ready, I suppose."

"It's ok son, like your Father said, you're an adult now, you have to make your own way and you have a lot of responsibility as a Prince, just do what you think is right and everything will work out right."

"Thanks’ Mum, I'll try my best."

"I know you will, son, sorry, I must go, the car is waiting, I'll call when I'm settled."

"Ok, Mum, I...I love you."

"I love you too Son, bye for now."

"Bye Mum."

The connection was immediately severed as his Mother broke the call, a pink tear fell down his cheek as the enormity of the occasion hit him, and Sin Yu coughed lightly.

"You ok Peter?"

"Yes, yes, thank you Sin Yu. it's...just, I don't know, strange somehow, Mum's gone, Dad's gone, and I sort of feel all alone."

"You're not alone Peter, you have all of us and your parents are only a phone call away."

"Yes, you're right, I've got to get on with it."

At that moment, Peter heard Levi call in his head.

'Caleb is here with the Vaga, Peter.'

Peter closed his computer and lead the others to the lift, taking the copies of the building with him, once in the hall, Peter looked over the Torson and his two companions, they were the same two boys that had been with him before, the names jumped into Peter head immediately, the blonde was Steven and the redhead was Michael, Peter smiled a welcome to the three boys and indicated they go through to the conference room.

Torson and the other two boys bowed to Peter.

"Good evening My Lord." Torson said."I hope you don't mind that my two friends join us tonight."

"Not at all, Torson, as I said, you were welcome to bring who you liked, please, follow me into the conference room and we can start to discuss Ellis Street."

The three boys gave a short bow and followed Peter to the room, as Sin Yu and the other three vampires walked ahead of them, Levi said that he and Caleb were going up to their room for a sleep, Peter nodded his agreement and lead the others inside. Just as they settled into their respective seats, the door bell buzzed, Peter could here the firm steps of Trantor going to open the door, moments later, Trantor was knocking on the door of the conference room, Peter called for him to enter.

"My Lord." Trantor said."There is a Mr. Seaton for you, he says he has an appointment?"

"Thank you, Trantor, please show him in."

Trantor bowed and left the room, seconds later and a tall thin vampire walked into the room, Peter could see by his aura that he was quite and old vampire although he only looked to be in his thirties. The Vampire bowed to Peter and ignored his other guests.

"Good evening My Lord, you wished to see me?"

"Yes, Seaton, I have some work for you, Would you like to take a seat, these are my guests, Torson, Steven and Michael, they'll be helping us to do the design work for the building."

"Vaga, My Lord, you trust Vaga with important decisions?" the obvious sneer in Seatons voice showed his total distain for the lower class of vampire, something in Peter snapped. Before he even understood it himself, Peter was standing over the seated vampire, his eyes were glaring red and his fangs were on full display, without thought, Peter grabbed the older vampire around the throat, his nails extended to cut into the skin, drawing blood from Seatons neck. The reaction had been so swift that the older vampire could not react in time.

In a cold and icy voice Peter spoke to the older vampire as Sin Yu and the other three guardians drew their weapons.


In a very shaky voice, Seaton tried to answer around the tightening grip on his throat, his idea about an inexperienced boy quickly fled from his mind, the boys power was way more than it should have been for someone just come of age, now Seaton was starting to feel very scared, and for a vampire his age, that was no mean feat.

"My Lord." Seaton tried to get out through his constricted throat, “My sincere apologies for my offence, I didn't mean it, I...I was just taken by surprise to see them here in the house of a Prince."

Still in a state of anger, Peter tried to control his voice.

"Who is a guest in my house is not your concern and, you will treat them as you treat me, they are my guests." so saying, Peter released his death grip on the vampire and withdrew his fangs and nails, turning, he went back to his chair a little confused in how he had reacted so quickly and violently, he noticed Sin Yu give him a smile and a quick nod of admiration.

Resuming his seat, Peter started the meeting.

"Now, if all the rubbish is finished with, here are copies of the building down on Ellis Street, I want you to draw up plans for the alterations, Torson and his friends will tell you what they think is needed and then we'll discuss it until we come up with a good design that suits everybody, Seaton, I want you to make a list of all the permits need so I can get that part started, Torson, I would like you and your friends to go over these plans and see if we both have the same idea in mind, I'll run over what I've thought of and you see what changes will be needed to suit your needs."

The four Vaga nodded and Seaton followed suit, each pulling up the plans and starting to study them. After fifteen minutes, Peter began again.

"Firstly, Torson, how many Vaga do you think there are in the city?"

"I don't know for sure, My Lord, but I would estimate between 200 and 300."

"Next, do you know if there are any other of the people that are Vaga, like felines, canines and avians?"

"Yes My Lord, all species have Vaga among them."

"Ok, my idea is to renovate the Ellis building to take in as many of all types of Vaga as we can get, it's to be a home for any that need it, to this end I thought that the three basement floors would be for the vampires, it's more secure, the first floor is for the superintendant, that's you Torson, if you'll accept, it'll be reception and office as well as dining room, second floor is for the Canines, third floor for the Felines, fourth floor is for cells and recreation room, the top floor will be for avians, any suggestions so far?"

Peter let his mind lightly probe each of his guests, when he saw the question in Torsons mind, he sent a quick message to him alone.

'Don't mention escape routes from the basement, I want to keep them as secret as I can so only you and your people will know about them, they won't show on the plans.'

Torson had started a little at the instant message from Peter but he kept his calm demeanour in front of the others. Seaton was the first to speak in a very subdued voice which was full of respect for this young Prince.

"My Lord, how far do you want to go with this, I mean the set up seems to have some sort of plan behind it as to the floor allocation, also how much do you wish to spend?"

"The set up is designed for the best chance of safety for all the tenants, in an emergency, the canines are the best form of defence so they need to be as close as possible to any breaking point, as to cost, it doesn't matter as long as it's done properly, I want all residents to be both comfortable and safe, as you can see on the margin of the plans, I've set out approximately what each apartment should have in it, the only thing I can see that needs altering is the top floor, I want the outside walls and windows changed to include a small balcony with large sliding doors as access."

Seaton continued taking copious notes as Peter spoke, nodding his head in understanding, it seemed to Peter that the scare had got his attention as he had intended. Finally Seaton had finished his scribbling and looked up at Peter. Peter turned to Torson and the other two boys.

"Any thing you think should be added, Torson?"

"Not at this stage, My Lord, I think you've covered it pretty well until we see the final drawings."

At this, Seaton spoke to Peter.

"My Lord, I think I have enough to start on some plans for you, can you give me two days, I'll have all my staff start work on this immediately and have a rough draft ready by then?"

"Thank you Seaton, that'll be fine, is there anything else you need?"

"Not at this stage My Lord."

"Then I won't keep you any longer, thank you Seaton, I look forward to your results."

"Thank you My Lord." Seaton rose and Dmitri escorted him out of the room.

"Now Torson, I've got a couple of things to discuss with you and your friends, first, I'm going to have my own security people see to double escape routes out of the cellar, only they, you and myself will know about them, we'll have to do it separately after the main renovations are finished, also, all security areas will be protected by thumb print security locks and alarms, I want that place as secure as it can be made, oh, by the way, you do accept the post of superintendant, don't you?"

Torson smiled and nodded his head, "What can I say My Lord, of course I accept your offer, the only thing that worries me is, how are we going to fund the building once it's ready?"

"The two vacant lots are going to have a club at one end and a store at the other, they will be the main income sources for you, I think if you watch your budget you should be pretty independent, if there's any shortfall you come and see me, we'll get you a cell phone that connects directly to me or my guardians at any time of day or night so, if anything comes up you contact us immediately, fair enough?"

"Thank you My Lord."

"Now, I sense that Steven and Michael need to feed, if you wouldn’t mind staying for a moment I'll ask Mbeda to take them upstairs so they can get what they need."

Mbeda stepped towards the door and gestured for the two young Vaga to follow him, Torson remained seated as Peter began to speak.

"Torson, today I hired some staff, two of them expressed a desire to meet you, the decision, of course is yours if you want to."

"Who are they My Lord?" there was a quaver in Torsons voice, a little fear and a little curiosity.

"Your Mother and Brother, they miss you terribly and want to see you again, they can't understand why you never came home and why you have never wanted to see them again."

A look of horror and shock moved over Torsons face as he heard who the people were, suddenly his shoulders began to heave in silent sobs as pink tears ran down his cheeks, Peter was instantly on his feet and grasped Torsons shoulder to try to help.

"My Lord,...I...I...missed them so much but,...I didn't know what to do...I...thought they,...might...hate me for being the way I am."

"Torson, listen to me."

Torson turned his tear streaked face up to Peters, the concern in the face of the young Prince was evident.

"Torson, your Mother is a Symbiot, she has been for years, she knows all about us, all she wants is to see you again, also, your Brother became my Symbiot tonight, they both work for me now, would you like to go and see them?"

"I...I...oh god, My Lord, there's nothing more I want than to see them again."

"Good, you stay here, Jason, can you go and ask Milly and Alfred to come here."

Jason left the room as Peter, Sin Yu and Dmitri got up and left the room as well, leaving Torson alone to meet his family for the first time in years, Peter was sure they would need the time alone, there was going to be a lot of catching up to do. Peter waited outside the door until Milly and Alfred appeared.


"My Lord?"

"There's someone wants to meet you both inside, take all the time you need, there'll be no interruptions."

A questioning look came over Milly's face to slowly be replaced with a dawning understanding, softly a whisper eked past her lips. "Torson!" with a flurry of skirt and apron, Milly barged through the door, closely followed by Alfred, as the door closed, Peter heard a heart wrenching scream from Milly's lips.


The door closed and Peter tuned out the tumult of noise in his head from the mixed emotional thoughts of the three family members inside the room, with a sigh of satisfaction, Peter walked towards the lift just as Trantor appeared as if by magic.

"My Lord?"

"Yes Trantor?"

"The two vampire boys, when would you like me to start their training?"

Peter smiled at the butler.

"Why not now, I'm going up there now so you might as well come along and start them in the right direction."

Trantor bowed and followed Peter into the lift. Once they had arrived at the upper floor, Peter called out for Simon and Max, both boys appeared within seconds, although they were only wearing their underwear and were looking decidedly breathless.

"well hello boys, you seem to be late in waking up tonight." Peter laughingly told the boys, both of which blushed as much as a vampire could. "This is Trantor, he's in charge of running the house, I want you two to join my house and work here, it means you will be in charge of these rooms, you can have any room downstairs for your own and come up here each night to tidy up, what do you think?"

Both boys nodded their head excitedly, to them it meant a good home and a good job, also they could be together, which was one of the things that they had not been sure of being able to do, now they could be together and still have a job to support themselves.

"Good, I see you agree, right, Trantor is going to run over what you will need to know, when he's finished go down to the ground floor and see Jason, he's going to take you shopping, you'll need some things, If I were you, I would also go and check out one of the rooms downstairs, pick any one you want and buy anything you think you'll need to make it your own."

Both boys were to dumb struck to say anything, instead Peter signed to Trantor to take over and went through to his bathroom for a shower, he was feeling a little weak and after the run in with Seaton, was also feeling a little dirty, Peter sent a mind message to Sin Yu to bring one of the detainees from the cells.



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