Returning to his home, Peter found Levi and Caleb had awoken, Levi reported that there were a number of messages for him in his office, once there, Peter looked over the messages and found that all the leaders of the other species had replied to his request for a meeting and had left their contact numbers for him to call to confirm the meeting.

Peter opened his computer and made a priority list of the calls he would have to make after he had slept for his usual 5-6 hours, sitting back in his chair he sent his mind out to check on his staff, Trantor was up and sitting at a desk in his apartment, Milly was readying breakfast for the human staff and Alfred was setting up the dining room. Levi and his brother were sitting on a couch in the recreation room and the other four guardians were getting ready for their sleep period, the two boys, Simon and Max were also involved in a passionate session in their room before they also settled down to their day sleep.

Peter yawned, shut down his computer, and made his way to have a shower and then to bed, his day and night had been busy and exciting, he was beginning to enjoy his new life style, even though he had to drink blood to retain it, at that thought a small shudder still ran through his body but was soon pushed to the back of his mind, after all, he is what he is, he thought to himself, all he could think of now was how to get a friend to keep him company, while the guardians and his staff were good people and fun to have around, he still felt a growing loneliness, to have all he now had and still not have a boyfriend or close confidant, was beginning to play on his mind, an image of the young Indian Shaman flashed into his mind, 'Now' Peter thought to himself, ‘he would make a good boyfriend' at that thought Peter began to get instantly hard as he stripped for his shower.

As he stood under the hot water of the shower, the Shamans image became more and more real, there was nothing for Peter to do but follow the instincts of any fifteen year old and take himself in hand until he came to the final inevitable mind jolting conclusion and sprayed his seed all over the shower wall until his knee's began to buckle from the sheer force of his ejaculation. Shuddering from his discharge, Peter finally finished washing himself and after drying off, made his shaky way to his bed just as the shutters came down to cut off the dawning sun of daylight.

Peter slid under the cool silk sheets, this time they were of a pale blue, and settled down to sleep, the first stirrings of loneliness were making themselves known in the deep recesses of his mind as he drifted into dream land.


As the first glimmer of dawn rose over the high mesa, Swiftwing settled comfortably onto his bearskin bed in his solitary Hogan tucked away in a small arroyo, breathing deeply, he began to pull the image of the young Prince into his mind, the tangy smoke from his small fire surrounded his head and body as he took himself into the dream state that would allow him to travel through the ether to his young soul mate, a smile flickered at the edges of his young tender lips as the image became clearer with each passing second.


Peter stirred in his sleep his subconscious mind detected the presence of another body in his bed, the flashing smile and penetrating eyes of the young Shaman formed in his minds eye as his body felt the warmth of a young smooth body settling comfortably beside his own, smooth hands ran over his own slender body in a tantalizing symphony of touch and seeking.

Small shivers ran through Peter's sleeping form as the ethereal body of Swiftwing closed with his own, the touch and feel of the young flesh rubbing against him, brought an instant hardness to the sleeping Prince, soft lips covered his own in a long and lingering kiss of passion, the slow thrusting of their two hardened rods bringing them swiftly to the edge of climax. Suddenly the Shaman lifted his body and looked deeply into Peter's eyes.

'Not long now my soul, soon we will be together for all eternity, there are times coming when we will have to be stronger than any steel ever forged, but also we are destined for tragedy as well, but fear not, all will soon be revealed for your eyes.'           

The whispering voice of the Shaman penetrated Peter's inner most mind as their bodies again began to dance with each other in an age old dance of sexual satisfaction until, with deep gasping breaths, both boys sent their juices outward to mingle with each other in pools of warm lust as they drifted off into their respective periods of rest, together in their need for each other but apart in body, their spirits forever bound in the act of love.

Peter started awake as the image of the Shaman boy shimmered in his mind, the feeling of dampness on his stomach and chest told him all he needed to know.

'Oh shit, not again, what is it with this Shaman?' Peter thought to himself as he shook his head to clear away the cobwebs of sleep. With a large yawn, Peter dropped back down onto the silk sheets, his eyes closed in sleep almost before his head hit the soft pillows.

Four hours later, Peter awoke, the first thing he noticed was the dry crustiness on his body, 'oh shit, I better have another shower.' he thought to himself as he sent his mind out to check on his house, all seemed well with the household as he rose to go for his shower, Levi, he noticed was making his way to Peter's bedroom, he must have felt Peter awaken, Peter sent him a message that he was going to take a shower and then he would meet Levi in the office, a mental nod of acceptance came back from Levi as Peter stepped into the shower and turned on the water full force.

Twenty minutes later, Peter walked into his office; Levi sat in a chair close to the desk waiting for him.

"Morning, Levi!"

"Morning Peter, you look as though you had a rough night?"

"Just another dream, I'll be ok in a few minutes, anything interesting for today?"

"Just those messages and, one other thing, I've talked with Caleb and Sin Yu, they both agree that you should start your training as soon as possible, in fact, they think you should start today, Caleb will take you for extra's training and tonight, Sin Yu will take you for self defence and weapons training, if you agree?"

"Yes, sure, I have to start sometime so it might as well be now, first though, I better get to these messages and find out what the others are planning to do about our meeting."

"Ok, I'll leave you alone to get on with it; I'll see you downstairs with Caleb when you're ready."

Levi rose and walked towards the lift, Peter activated his console and got to work on the messages, first he dialled the number for the Queen of the Felines, he felt that, if he could convince her to come then the Avian would not be so difficult, he would then have to contact his other Vampires from the four states so that all the parties were represented at the meeting.

It took only seconds for the Queens phone to be answered; a soft female voice asked who was there.

"Queen Sheevan, I am Prince Poitr Vladd of House Vladd, I would like to invite you and your representatives to a meeting of the folk, it's to be held here at my home one week from today."

"I see, Prince Vladd, and to what end is this meeting being held?"

"I want to try to bring all our folk together in a sort of alliance where we can help each other if and whenever it was needed."

"Well that would certainly be unusual, we've always looked after our own, why would you want to bring the folk together now, from what I understand, you have just come of age?"

"Yes Queen Sheevan, that's true, but surely you can see the advantage of us working together instead of trying to work alone, I know I'm young, but I also have all my Father's memories to work with, I've been informed that there may be a time coming when we will all have to work together or we will all disappear from the face of this earth."

"I see, well, I suppose it will cost nothing to come and listen to what you have to say, as to joining the other folk, well, we will have to wait and see, next Friday you say is the day?"

"Yes your Highness, at 8.00pm, I hope this will give you the time needed to gather any representatives you may wish to attend."

"That would be excellent Prince Vladd, until then, good bye."

"Good bye your Highness."

Peter switched off the connection and then turned to the next one; again he did not have to wait long for the Flock Master of the Avian to answer.

"Good morning, Flock Master, I'm Prince Poitr Vladd of House Vladd."

"Ahuh, what does a Vampire Prince want with me?"

"Flock Master, I'm calling to ask you to join me and other of the folk to a meeting next Friday at 8.00pm."

"Hmmm, I see, and why should I attend some meeting of the folk, especially held by a New Blood Prince?"

"I feel it is in the interest of all the folk to come together to discuss the possibility of combining our resources for our own protection, I've been told that there is a time coming when we will need each other or face extinction."

"And who would know such a thing, Prince Vladd?"

"A Shaman has contacted me."

"A Shaman? No I don't think so; they never interfere with us, that's not possible."

"Possible or not, it's happened, if you wish to join us, the meeting is next Friday at 8.00pm here at my home, you're welcome to bring any representatives you wish."

"Hmmm, well I think that may be possible, 8.00pm you say?"

"Yes Flock Master, you will be made most welcome should you wish to come."

"Very well then, if for no other reason than to see what will be the outcome, until then Prince Vladd?"

"Until then Flock Master."

Peter disconnected and then started to send out an order for his four heads of house from the other four states to join him on the same date and time, all of them had been at his birthday party so he was sure they would attend without a problem. Peter shut down his console and went to the lift, shortly he was in the reception hall where Levi and Caleb waited for him, Peter noticed that eight security guards were sitting down eating a huge breakfast at the main table.

Caleb turned to Peter.

"I think we should go down to the practice room, there's some things there that will help you, Peter."


Peter lead the way to the lift again, this time it was the down button, soon both boys were in the corridor leading to the two practice rooms, Caleb opened the first door and motioned Peter inside. The room was bare except for a tall wooden wrack and a few narrow beams, the walls were made of rough stone blocks and the ceiling was rough cast concrete. Caleb took a stance in the centre of the room and motioned for Peter to do the same.

"Now Peter, most of what your extra's can do is activated by your mind alone, for instance, to levitate, you first need to feel the surfaces around you so it's better if for now you strip down to your shorts or briefs, whichever you like to wear."

With a blush, Peter stripped down to his black briefs; Caleb gave him a look of admiration as he took in the slender form of the boy Prince.

"Ok Peter, close your eyes and let your feet feel the stone of the floor, try to imagine each grain that makes up the stone, feel how your skin blends into the structure."

Peter closed his eyes and began to try and imagine his feet becoming part of the stone floor; within minutes Peter began to feel a difference under his feet. The solid stone paving’s of the floor seemed to soften as the soles of his feet began to make out the differences in the stone, small roughness’s began to feel larger, smooth areas felt course like sandpaper, Peter sighed as he became familiar with his immediate surroundings.

"Good, you've got it, now I want you to imagine yourself gliding above the floor, try to imagine your feet are the underside of a snake rippling along until you come to the wall in front of you."

Peter concentrated harder, soon he got the impression of moving over the floor, it was as though skin on his feet were rippling and pulsing, suddenly Peter felt the wall touching his nose, he started and opened his eyes, he was looking directly at the wall not more than an inch from his nose. Peter smiled and turned back to where Caleb was still standing in the centre of the room watching him with a smile on his face.

"I did it that was awesome."

"Yep, not bad for a first timer, other Vampires can take weeks to perfect that move, however that's just the start, now I want you to close your eyes again and reach forward with your hands, touch the wall and get the same feeling you had with the floor."

Peter did as he was told, reaching out with his hands, he laid them lightly on the surface of the wall and let his mind feel through his hands, it wasn't long before he began to feel the different textures, the hardness of the solid stone, the deep lines of the joints, the softness of the mortar. Peter felt as though he could sink into the stone, it seemed alive under his hands. Caleb’s voice was like a soft whisper in his head.

"Move one hand higher and bring the opposite foot up to touch the wall."

Peter, still keeping his eyes closed, did as he was told.

"Now move the other hand up higher and follow it with the other foot."

Again Peter followed his instructions, his hands and feet seemed to grip tightly to the stone and the small grooves of the joins, he felt as though he was climbing a staircase, it was all so easy, his senses were so acute he could feel the small motes of dust falling from the stone and mortar. Slowly he continued the spider like crawl until he felt his head touch something hard, opening his eyes he could see the ceiling only inches from his face, he was about to break his concentration when he heard Caleb’s voice again.

"Just take a deep breath and then begin to think of yourself as being as light as a feather, just floating there with no weight to your body."

Peter closed his eyes immediately and did as he was told again, suddenly he felt weightless, he could feel the lightest of drafts flowing around him from the gap under the far doorway.

"Good, now just slowly release your hold on the wall and imagine yourself floating downward."

Peter did as he was told, he then for the first time in his life felt what it was like to be weightless, the feeling was so free, he opened his eyes and looked down at Caleb, ten feet below him.

"Hey I can do....."

With a loud yelp Peter dropped like a stone to come crashing down on his back onto the floor.

"Ouch, ouch, damn, shit, fuck, that hurts."

"You have to concentrate until you can do it without thinking, you see we don't really fly, it may look like it but it's really only our more sensitive abilities that lets us climb walls and the training of the mind to feel weightless that allows us to seemingly float down from any height, don't worry, for a first time you did really well, I'm impressed, now, let's do it again but, this time try to get the light feeling and walk across the ceiling as well then down the opposite wall without falling on top of me."

Caleb smiled at Peter as he picked himself off the floor for another try. Peter went through the exercise again, letting his mind do all the work, trying not to think of what he was suppose to do but just letting his mind dictate his actions. The feeling of rippling movement sent a thrill through his body as his actions became more fluid and co-ordinated with the feel of the stone.

For the next hour, Peter practiced his wall walking until he could leap from half way up the wall and hold onto the ceiling with one fluid movement, slowly Caleb taught him to release his hands and make his upper body lighter than air so he was held to the ceiling only by his feet with his body hanging down towards the floor, it had taken a few bruises and scrapes but eventually Peter could suspend himself from the ceiling without worry.

"That's great, Peter, now you can see, we don't really levitate, it only appears that way, now for your next lesson, I want you to become invisible. To do that, I'm going to dim the lights so there's some shadow in here."

Caleb went to the switch on the wall and dimmed the lights so that the corners of the room were in semi darkness, although Peter had his vampire sight he didn't use it.

"Ok, now I want you to look at that far corner, get a picture in your mind of every stone, every crack and every shadow, make a solid picture in your mind, once you have that, imagine standing in the corner and being a sheet of glass that others can see through, think about your body being as dark as the shadows but letting the stones show through as a dim outline. If you're dealing with humans and some other of the folk, you can project that image into their minds."

Peter tried to do as he had been told, at first, Caleb just smiled and said.

"I still see you."

Peter tried harder but the harder he tried the less effect he had.

"Ok, Peter, you're trying to hard, it's just like the wall walking, let your instincts take over, don't try to push it, just relax your body and mind, deep inside you know what to do, you just have to let it out."

Peter relaxed his muscles and let his mind semi wander around the room, slowly a picture of standing in the corner came to him, he felt the deep shadow, the touch of the stone, his desire to blend into the dark corner as part of the wall, his breathing slowed until he was almost totally immobile, the feeling of not being in the room took hold of his subconscious. He could still see Caleb clearly just the same as the rest of the room but there was a different feel to the whole place. Caleb’s voice came from a distance.

"Good, that's really good, I can see your outline and your feet are still showing but for your first try, you're doing well, if I was human I wouldn't be able to see you at all, it's only my own vampire sense that can make you out. Now come back to the middle of the room and start again."

Peter returned to his place beside Caleb and began again, he repeated his exercise over and over for the next hour until he was no more than a very faint shimmer even, to Caleb’s sharp vampire eyes. At the end of the hour, Peter was feeling pleased with himself, his extra's seemed to be kicking in whenever he relaxed and let them take over.

"Ok, Peter, I think that's enough for your first day, you need to rest for a little until Sin Yu wakes and he can bring you back down for your martial arts training."

Peter felt relieved to have made it through his first lesson; he dressed quickly and, followed by Caleb, returned to the lift to be taken back to the main hall. Levi was sitting in a corner reading a book, looking up, Levi asked Caleb.

"How did it go?"

"Really good, his blood extra's make it easier for him to learn than most vampires can, I don't think it will take him long to get the hang of all of his abilities."

"What do you think, Peter?" asked Levi.

"It was great; I can see how the humans could mistake our abilities for something else though."

"Yeah, it's fun to play with their minds; it keeps up the illusion of magical beings in their minds."

Caleb settled down beside Levi as Trantor appeared from nowhere.

"Would you like coffee now, My Lord?" Trantor asked.

Peter realised he had not had his morning drink before going to practice.

"Thank you Trantor, what about you two?" he asked Levi and Caleb.

"Sure." they both answered, Trantor left them to get their drinks, within minutes he had returned and placed their coffee's on a small table in front of them.

"Thank you Trantor, how are you getting on with finding staff?"

"Quite good My Lord, I have a number of interviews set up for tomorrow, some are very promising."

"Good, I'll leave it to you to sort out who is suitable."

"Thank you My Lord." Trantor bowed to Peter and left the three boys alone.

As the three sat drinking their coffee, one of the security guards appeared from the passageway leading into the kitchen and accommodation area, bowing to Peter he said.

"My Lord, there's one of your visitors from the other night wanting to enter the estate."

"Who is it?"

"It's the young man from the construction company, My Lord."

"Ok, let him in, he has any access he requires until further notice."

"Yes My Lord, I'll see to it immediately."

The guard disappeared back into the corridor to return to his post, a few minutes later the door bell buzzed and Trantor appeared as if by magic to admit Felix Walter, Trantor gestured towards where Peter and the others sat, Felix made his way to the three vampires.

"Take a seat Felix." Peter said. "What have you got for me?"

"Thank you Prince Vladd, I've had a look at the property, there's a lot of work to do down there, I've also talked it over with my Father as to what you may want. At this early stage, and until I can actually see the plans, I would estimate a cost of somewhere between 3 million and 5 million dollars, the time to do the work is a bit harder, trying to get good experienced and reliable labour now days is not easy, I would say that with the guys I have now it will take about six months or so."

"And if you could get all the labour you needed, how long then?"

"Depending on the plans, I would say about two months, but that would include a lot of overtime as well. Here are is the list of the permits you'll need to begin work."

"That sounds reasonable, ok, I can get you all the labour you may want, the cost is not important at this stage, I'll have a contract written up, subject to your approval of the plans, there may also be a little extra work I want done off the plans, if this goes ahead there will be an extra payment made to you. Fair enough?"

"That's very generous of you My Lord; do you know when the plans may be available?"

"The rough draft should be ready by tomorrow morning."

"That soon! Well if you can get a final plan for me we can start as soon as you want, the industry is slow at the moment and I have a lot of my men on temporary layoff."

"Well you can contact them and tell them you have work coming up for them very soon Felix."

Rising to his feet, Felix said.

"Thank you My Lord, I really appreciate your business and your trust in us."

"Just do a good job for me Felix and I'll be happy."

"Certainly My Lord, now if you will excuse me, I have some men to contact." Felix said with a smile as he moved towards the front door, Trantor did his magic appearing act again and opened the door for him.

"Good, at last something's happening." Peter said to the other two."All we need now is for Seaton to pull his finger out."

The two boys nodded their heads in agreement as Peter stood up.

"I think I'll go and contact those lawyers and start them on the paper work, see you two later." Peter said as he moved towards the lift.

Once he was back in his office, Peter switched on his console, going through the menu he found the tab labelled 'Lawyers' opening the window he saw the number and pressed 'dial' The phone rang only for a moment before it was answered by an older woman.

"Good afternoon, Sutton and Kemp, how may I help you?"

"Good afternoon, my name is Peter Vallison; may I speak to Mr. Sutton, please?"

"Mr. Vallison, yes Sir, certainly Sir, I'll put you right through."

"Prince Vladd, a pleasure to meet hear from you Sir, how can I help?"

"Mr. Sutton, I need some building permits drawn up, also a contract for my construction contractors."

"Certainly, Prince Vladd, if you could just send me the details I'll get started on them right away, is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, thank you, that's all for the moment, although, I will need this done as soon as possible, it's an important scheme and I want it underway as soon as possible."

"If you can send the details now, we'll have everything ready for your signature in two days."

"Good, thank you again Mr. Sutton."

"My pleasure, Prince Vladd."

Peter disconnected and sat in front of the console, he flipped through the pages on the screen, not really concentrating on any one thing but more just flipping here and there and letting his mind wander over the events of the day, suddenly something caught his eye as a page flew past, pausing in his reverie, Peter flicked back to the page and tried to see what had caught his eye.

Peter saw it was a daily update to his bank statement, something had caught his eye but he could not see clearly what it had been, starting at the top of the page again he read downwards, there was line after line of figures, his fathers memories told him what each line and column meant, daily deposits from his clubs, the same from his office buildings, the bank charges for administration fees, it all looked right, but Peter felt deep inside that there was something there he was not seeing, again he began at the top of the page reading each set of figures again, still he could not pick up what had caught his eye, slowly he let out his breath, maybe he'd made a mistake. Shrugging his shoulders, he closed down the console and went to his room to rest before changing for the upcoming night.

The sound of the shutters opening for the night, brought Peter from his sleep, he felt revitalised and ready for another night, the sounds of his guardians waking and getting ready for another night had Peter moving towards the bathroom for his shower, the three hours of rest had been dream free and Peter felt fully refreshed. Once again in his office Peter heard the twins settling down for their own rest as Sin Yu and the others began to move around the house. Sin Yu appeared in the office to talk to Peter.

"Tonight we have to start your martial arts training, Peter, it's important that you can defend yourself, if you come across humans, your abilities will be enough but, if you run into any of the folk that have bad intentions you'll need to be ready."

"Yes I see that Sin Yu, I had fun with Caleb earlier today so, I'm looking forward to your help."

"Don't be to happy, what I'm going to teach you will be hard and will take a lot of practice each day for you to become really proficient, most of the time you'll have us around but, if something happens and we get parted from you, you'll need to be able to take care of yourself, tonight we'll start on basic unarmed combat and a little sword work, so, whenever you're ready we can go down and start."

"Ok Sin Yu, I've just got something to check about my accounts, there was something that didn't look right this afternoon but when I tried to find it again I couldn't so I thought that after resting I might see it again."

"What do you think it was?"

"I'm not sure; it's something to do with the bank accounts."

"As far as I know, we've never had trouble with the bank before, after all, they're the biggest bank around and the CEO is a simbo of your Fathers."

"Yes I understand that, that's why I can't seem to see what it was that caught my eye."

Sin Yu sat in front of the desk as he watched Peter open his console, Peter went to the same page again and ran his eyes over the figures once again, still, the discrepancy he had thought he saw, did not show up, flipping over to the commercial properties page, he ran his eyes down the columns, nothing seemed wrong, loan repayments, bank charges, income amounts, outgoing costs, everything seemed right, next he went to his list of apartments, the same there, the columns seemed to add up, lastly he went to the retail holdings but once again all seemed correct, but still something niggled at the back of his mind, with a sigh, Peter closed the console and stood up from the desk.

"Ok, Sin Yu, I can't see anything, I must have been imagining it, lets go and practice."

The two boys went to the lift and then down to the training room in the basement, this time Sin Yu took Peter into the other room, it was set out with punching bags, wooden silhouettes and solid posts, on the walls were a collection of wooden swords as well as real ones, solid planks had been bolted to the walls and had obviously been used as targets for various weapons. On the floor were a set of thin rubber mats at one end and a plain wooden floor covering the rest?

Sin Yu went to a cupboard beside the door and took out two sets of white clothes neatly folded and tied with thick white cotton belts.

"These are training Ghi's, they'll let you move better than the constriction of your ordinary clothes." said Sin Yu as he handed a set to Peter.

Peter looked down at the heavy cotton clothes and then up at Sin Yu again, the Asian boy smiled and nodded his head for Peter to start changing, Peter blushed and began to remove his clothes, slipping the heavy cotton pants up his legs, Peter saw they had an elasticised waist about two inches wide, they clamped snugly onto his slim waist, next was the jacket, it was heavier than Peter thought it would be and the extra width of the two front panels made it look as though it was made for a very fat man.

Sin Yu had already donned his own Ghi and went to Peter to show him how to wrap the front panels around until they overlapped and then took the belt and, reaching behind Peter, he pulled the belt to the front and slowly tied it tight and pushed the two loose ends back into the tight belt. Peter had watched his every move so he could do it by himself next time.

The Ghi seemed strange on Peter, the heavy cotton felt coarse on his now more sensitive skin but the extra wide sleeves and loose flowing pants did give him a feeling of freedom. Sin Yu took him to the area covered by the mats and explained the correct procedure for beginning, how to place his feet, how to go through the bow of respect, and then with patience, Sin Yu showed him how to take his first stance, right foot back and about shoulder width apart from his left foot, then he showed him how to take guard with his hands after instructing him on how to make a solid fist.

After a number of practices, Peter could get his guard quickly and seemed to be quite well balanced, next Sin Yu then started to teach him how to stretch all his body, often during his first attempt at the splits, Sin Yu would stand behind him and push strongly down on his shoulders until he felt as though his crotch would split apart. For the next hour Peter was put through a rigorous round of stretching until he felt his body would explode with all the stresses it was put under.

Finally, Sin Yu got him to take his stance, with infinite slowness he began to take Peter through a procession of blocks, both with his arms and legs until he thought Peter had caught on to them, next came the variety of punches, each time Peter moved, Sin Yu would correct his balance until Peter began to automatically move into the best position for maximum balance, with all his extra's helping him, Peter soon had no trouble with the flowing movements of attack and defence.

Sin Yu explained to him about using Karta to perfect his moves and balance but told Peter he would go through those tomorrow and called a short halt to the training so Peter could solidify the information he had learnt so far. After half an hour, Sin Yu took Peter to the centre of the room and told him to take his stance on a white line painted on the floor.

Suddenly Sin Yu punched him in the chest, Peter flew three feet back and landed on his butt, hard, as he opened his eyes he saw Sin Yu's foot less than an inch above his face.

"Wha...wha...what the fuck was that for?" Peter asked in a shocked voice.

"Oh, you're awake now, right back to the line." replied Sin Yu with a smile on his face.

Peter scrambled to his feet and, with a glare at Sin Yu's smiling face, took his stance again, bang; again he was on his butt with a smiling Sin yu standing over him.

"What the fuck are you doing, Sin Yu?"

"Ah, at last a question, well young Prince, you've been sat on your ass twice now, what have you learnt?"

"Not to trust you." Peter said with a grimace on his face as he got back to his feet, his butt and chest felt bruised and sore.

"No, no, little Prince, balance, that's what you have to learn, when you get your balance right you can stand on that line and dodge every blow or kick, now, back to the line and try to save your butt this time."

Peter shook his head but went back to the line, four more times Peter landed hard on his butt, his chest was now feeling the pain as each punch seemed to get harder and faster, Sin Yu just stood and smiled as each time Peter rubbed his very tender butt as he took his stance at the line. At last Peter began to get the hang of it and for the next three minutes managed to dodge every punch thrown at him, Sin Yu stepped back from Peter.

"Yah, that's got you." Peter said to Sin Yu with a happy smile on his face which, disappeared as soon as Sin Yu's foot kicked his legs out from under him, again his butt suffered.

"Always concentrate, Little Prince, the fights not over until the enemy is down and out." laughed Sin Yu as Peter struggled to his feet again.

With a devious smile, Peter lashed out with a turning kick only to be on his butt again as Sin Yu laughed louder.

"There's no way you're ready to take me on yet, Little Prince."

Peter 'harrumphed' in reply as he once again got to his feet and took his stance on the line.

"That's enough for your first day Peter." said Sin Yu. "Time for you to get some rest, just fold your Ghi and put it on the shelf, I'm going to go through a few more Karta then I'll see you upstairs."

Peter felt thankful that the lesson had ended, he didn't think his butt could take any more of the hard floor and his chest felt bruised although it was becoming less so as the minutes ticked by as his extra's took over his healing.

Peter walked into the main reception hall just as an alarm began to ring, small red strobes began to flash around the room as one of the security guards came running from the kitchen/accommodation area, Dmitri, Jason and Mbeda held glocks in their hands as the twins came running down the stairs still in their tight black satin boxers, Simon and Max stood at the entrance to the kitchen hall with a look of readiness on their faces.

Peter stood stunned as all the activity took place around him, he could hear the lift coming up to the room level and within seconds, Sin Yu stood beside him with his Katana at the ready, the guard bowed to Peter.

"My Lord, we have a human on the property, we picked up his signature but we can't find him."

"Where was his signature?" asked Sin Yu.

"Just as he came over the southern wall, Sir, but there's no sign of him anywhere."

"There must be something, a human can't get in here and not be found?" replied Sin Yu, "Levi, you and your brother go take a look around, a human can't hide from us."

Levi and Caleb turned to go to the front door when, suddenly, the doors flew open with a rush, the twins went on instant alert, three glocks swung towards the door and Sin Yu took up an attack stance with his katana, in the vacant doorway was a faint shimmering image, Peter could almost see right through it, it was as though a faint sheet of water was standing in the doorway, a soft voice emerged from the image.

"Stand down, Vampires, I mean you no harm, I come only to claim what is mine."

The voice was young and slightly lilting; it had a strange accent, American sounding but not really any strong accent. Slowly the image began to thicken turning from crystal clear into a soft pastel green until, finally turning darker, from the green shadow stepped the person of Armand Swiftwing, dressed as usual in his breechclout and moccasins, his slim golden body shone in the light flowing from the room, Peter gasped as he looked upon the beauty standing in the doorway.

"No, hold it, it's the Shaman, let him come in." Peter said loudly.

Swiftwing smiled at Peter and began to walk towards him with steady and certain steps, Sin Yu edged in front of Peter so that he was guarded by his body.

"What do you want here, Shaman?" asked sin Yu as the others stood ready for any sudden moves.

"As I said, I'm here to claim what's mine."

"And that is?"

"Why, my soul mate of course, my Prince of night and day."

"You have no claim on a Prince of the blood, Shaman."

"Ahh, that's where you're wrong, guardian, the Prince and I were destined for each other, times are coming when only the two of us together will make a difference, Your Prince knows, deep inside himself he feels our attraction, he knows we are meant to be, isn't that right my little Prince?" Swiftwing sent a dazzling smile to Peter as he finished speaking.

Without realising it, Peter just nodded his head in agreement, he did feel it, he knew it was right, without further thought, Peter pushed past Sin Yu and walked into the opening arms of Swiftwing, the Shaman closed his warm arms around Peter and pulled the slimmer boy close to his chest, the faint smell of wood smoke came to Peter's nostrils, as he was pulled lovingly into the warm embrace, Peter let out a loud sigh of contentment, Swiftwing bent his head and kissed Peter on the forehead as if to seal a bargain with his lips, Peter's legs went weak at the soft hot touch of the Shamans lips.

The air was still pregnant with tension until the guardians saw that what the Shaman had said was so obviously true, Peter’s features were relaxed and a haunting desire showed on his young face.

"My Lord?" Sin Yu asked quietly.

Peter lifted his head from the warm chest and looked at Sin Yu.

"He's right sin Yu, this feels so right."

Sin Yu looked sceptically at the Shaman as he held Peter to his chest.

“Be warned, Shaman, if you bring any hurt to our Prince, your life is forfeit."

"That would be an interesting contest, Vampire, but never fear, I could never harm my soul mate, he will watch me grow old and know that I loved him without reservation as none other could be loved." replied Swiftwing with a smile on his tender lips.

Peter lifted his head from the soft chest and spoke to Sin Yu.

"Have all the security notified that Armand Swiftwing is to have all accesses to the house as I have, you will all treat him as you treat me."

Everyone in the room bowed low to Peter in acknowledgement, this had been Peters first true edict, Armand Swiftwing was now consort to Prince Poitr Vladd and would be under the protection of the guardians as well as the security personnel. House Vladd was now becoming a home to them all.

"We're going to our room." said Peter as he pulled back from the comfortable embrace he was in and took Swiftwing’s hand in his to lead his soul mate away.

Everyone in the room bowed again as the two teens made their way to the lift, there was a lot of discoveries to be made by the two before the night was over. Peter clasped Swiftwing’s hand as they rose to Peter's private rooms, the warmth and intimacy of the contact brought shivers of delight and anticipation to Peter as they both stepped from the lift.

Swiftwing looked around the office/lounge and nodded his head as he lifted and eye brow in Peter's direction, Peter smiled and nodded towards his bedroom as his hands was squeezed lightly by his boy friend of five minutes. Peter lead the way to the privacy of his bedroom, no sooner had they walked in the door than Swiftwing turned Peter towards him, with infinite sweetness, he leaned close and pressed his soft lips to Peters in a caring and loving kiss, Peter's knees weakened as the heat of the other boys lips melted any resistance he might have had, Peter leaned in closer as a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist, the feel of a strengthening hardness pressed into his own as the heat built between them.

Peter reached forward and ran his hands over the bare bronze flanks as Swiftwing lifted his hands slowly up Peter's sides until they were holding his shoulders to pull him closer, both bodies seemed to melt into one another as their heat rose, small soft grinding motions began as they tried to climb into each other. Swiftwing reached down and lifted Peter's shirt until it was removed from the slimmer boy, as their passion rose a thin film of sweat broke out on their bodies making them both shine with desire.

Next, peter felt those strong capable hands at his waist, slowly loosening his belt, the pressure of the kiss increased as Peter's jeans were pushed down his shaking legs, his erection pushing outward from his briefs as Swiftwing’s breechclout miraculously disappeared and his boyfriends hard 6" pushed frantically at the fabric of the briefs. Peter pushed Swiftwing back a half step and looked down at the perfection before him, the same bronze colour continued unbroken down the full length of the other boy, Peter reached forward with his hand and ran his fingers over the pulsing flesh before him, Swiftwing gave a little shudder at the slightly colder touch of the young vampire Prince.

With infinite slowness, Peter push his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and, with a small smile, pushed them down, his rigid boy/manhood sprang back up to bounce on his smooth tight stomach, it's size bringing a small gasp from Swiftwing’s lips as he saw the vampire enhanced organ. Swiftwing reached out and wrapped his warm hand around Peter's hardness, his own bouncing up and down in time with his own heart beat, apart from the slightly colder feel, Peter's organ was also pulsing with anticipation, slowly both boys came together again in another passionate embrace.

As they broke their kiss, Peter turned towards the bed, his libido now on full drive, he lead Swiftwing by the hand and, as he sat on the edge of the bed beside Peter, Swiftwing reached down and began to untie his moccasins, with a smooth long practiced pull, he removed his footwear and reached again for Peters' smooth body, both boys fell back onto the soft silk sheets, their bodies becoming entwined as they dove into each others mouths.

Swiftwing rolled on top of Peter and lifted back from the deep kiss, his eyes showed deep love as he looked down at the young vampire below him, with infinite slowness, Swiftwing lowered his head until his mouth was close to Peter's nipples, gently his tongue came out and lightly rubbed over the erect and sensitive nubs sending a shiver of delight through Peter's body as Swiftwing slowly sucked the nipple into his warm moist mouth to lightly suckle on it with a passion.

Peter writhed in ecstatic pleasure as the hot mouth tried to milk his tender nipple, running his hands up and down the Indian boys sides, Peter slowly began to reach further and further down until his hands were running freely over the firm mounds of Swiftwing’s bronzed cheeks. The feel of the strong and yet, soft flesh sent new signals to Swiftwing and he lowered his mouth further until he was caressing Peter's small inny navel, his chin lightly brushing the small bush of pubic hair, the rigid organ adding moisture to the underside of Swiftwing’s chin.

Peter's hands were now clamping firmly onto Swiftwing’s raven haired head, the braid had slipped over the boy shoulder and was gently caressing Peter's chest and nipples, bringing them to a new sensitivity. Swiftwing’s mouth moved lower until Peter felt the first hot moistness surround his rampant organ, the flicking tongue trying to push back the soft foreskin and tickle his over sensitive glans.

With a slowness that sent Peter into a realm of utter pleasure, Swiftwing took more and more of Peter's rigidity into his hot mouth until he had more than half of Peter inside, the feelings coursing through Peter was having more of an effect than he had ever thought possible, the warmth, the softness and the action of the hot tongue drove Peter to buck his hips upward, catching Swiftwing by surprise as another inch tried to penetrate into the Shamans throat, a quick gasp and half cough made Peter pull back quickly from the attempted invasion of that hot throat.

There was total silence in the bedroom apart from the rustle of silk sheets and the moans and murmurings of the two boys as the continued to feel and search each others bodies in the heat of their lust and passion. Peter's added sens of smell could pick up the pleasant odour of wood smoke on the skin of the boy above him and, as they both heated up in their passion, Peter began to smell the pleasant odour of newly turned earth, the fresh smell of spring grass and the sweet smell of youth as Swiftwing worked his way lower on Peter's body until he could lightly lap at the tight sack of Peter's scrotum.

With a strength that surprised Peter, he flipped Swiftwing over and turned his own body until he was looking directly at the 6" bronze organ of his boyfriend, without further thought, Peter lowered his head and opened his mouth to take in the rigid and slightly dripping organ, the foreskin easing back as his lips put pressure on it, the feeling of the silken skin of Swiftwing’s erection sent shivers through Peter's body as it slid freely into his hot mouth, the small pearls of precum adding a new flavour to Peter's senses as he lapped lightly at the new taste.

Swallowing, Peter pushed his head lower and took more of the hot muscle into his mouth until it was pushing against the back of his throat, the feeling of the warm meat sent new shivers of delight through his body as well as enhancing the feeling he was getting from the hot moist tongue that was working on his own testicles, suddenly, Swiftwing lifted his head and dove down on Peter's rampant organ until he too was impaled on the thick muscle, both boys groaned at the feelings running through them as they tried to take more and more of each other into their mouths.

With infinite slowness both their throats began to open and slowly the organs began to sink deeper into the warm cavities waiting for them, both boys swallowed at the same time, both glans slipped into the tight constriction of the other boys throat and both boys shuddered at the new feeling of such a tight hot cave, slowly they both began to bob their heads in unison as the lifted and lowered their heads together, each trying to bring the most satisfaction to the other.

Both boys felt their climax coming closer and closer as they tried to bring the other boy to ejaculation first. Peter felt himself build and build until he could hold it no longer, his cock was so hard that he thought the slightest wind would snap it off until, with a loud groan and much shuddering, Peter felt himself release his pent up juices eject into the warm tube that surrounded it, at the same time Peter felt the heavy pulsing in his own mouth and heard the loud moaning of his mate as he too sent his hot offering deep into Peter.

The rustling of silken sheets slowly grew quiet as the boys lay in each others arms as they descended from their orgasmic high, while the smell of sex was heavy in the air, all Peter could recognise was the smell and feel of a forest boy in his arms, the rustling of the sheets was like a soft breeze moving through the leaves of spring saplings, Peter opened his eyes to look at the bronze godlet that now lay in his arms, their slightly sweaty bodies entwined, Swiftwing’s braid lay over Peter's shoulder and part way down his back, it was like a small silken black snake that curled around to hold them close together.

Swiftwing slitted his eyes open to look at Peter's smiling face, with a small thrust of his young bronze body, he tried to move closer to the perfection he saw before his eyes, nothing could compare to the vision of beauty that lay in his arms, the young vampire was all he had ever wanted in his short life and, while he had certain duties to his own calling as a Shaman, he knew that this was meant to be, their souls sang to each other and their bodies, although different in many ways, were made to fit together, both in sexual delight and in the combining of their respective souls.

Swiftwing relaxed back into the soft arms of his soul mate and sighed with contentment as Peter slightly clasped him closer until they were nose to nose, crotch to crotch and thigh to thigh, both sighed softly in contentment as they felt the bond growing stronger by the minute.









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