PART 7

                                                                             BY ARTHUR











Swiftwing turned over and Peter immediately wrapped an arm over his shoulder and spooned in as close as he could get, his lips close to the wood scented skin of Swiftwing’s tender neck, the smell of his boyfriend sent shivers of delight through Peters body as he tried to snuggle closer, his slightly plumping rod slipped easily into the narrow crack as Swiftwing opened his thighs to allow the thickening muscle to nestle comfortably between his butt cheeks, he sighed deeply as Peter drew him into a closer hug.

The eyes of both boys began to close as they rested from their first adventure into cementing their love for each other. This time there were no dreams to disturb Peter's sleep, every dream he had was now  laying spooned in front of him, he felt satisfied, everything he had ever wanted was now held in his young arms, a small smile crossed his lips as his body relaxed into sleep.

A movement brought Peter to awareness; Swiftwing was slowly leaving his clasping arms.

"Wha...what are you doing love?" asked Peter

"I need to go home for a few hours, I have to collect what is mine, I'll return in about three hours, I promise."

"Oooh, do you really need to go?"

"Yes my love, I have to collect my things and bring them back here so we never have to part again."

"Are you sure you won't be more than three hours, it's going to seem like days."

Swiftwing leaned down and gently kissed Peter's eyes and smiled softly.

"I swear, it'll only be three hours and I'll be back, Promise."

Peter put on a pouty face but the underlying smile was not far from the surface as he reached up and pulled Swiftwing’s face down for a long, deep kiss, both boys blushed as they broke their lip contact.

"I'll be back before you know It." said Swiftwing as he stepped back from the bed and, with a green tinged shimmer, he changed into a falcon, Peter caught his thoughts as clear as though the boy was still attached to his lips.

'Open a window for me lover, the sooner I leave, the soon I return.'

Peter went to the windows and opened one fully, the Falcon rose silently on golden brown wings and, with a small squeal, took flight, doing a 360 turn as he left the house and then flew off into the night sky, Peter felt as though half his heart had just been torn from his chest, sighing deeply he turned back to the now empty bed, it held no attraction to him now that he was alone, with another deep sigh, he began to dress, there was nothing more to do until his soul mate returned. Peter went out of the door and sat at his desk just as Sin Yu appeared from the lift.

"Where's your friend, Peter?" said Sin Yu as he looked around the empty room.

"He had to go home for a few hours, he'll return in three hours." Peter’s voice sounded a little despondent at the loss.

"Well, I’ve got something to keep your mind off things for a little while."

"What's that?"

"Seaton is here with the first of the drafts, I've put him in the conference room."

“Ok, I'll come now, nothing else to do here for now."

Peter rose and, with Sin Yu following, went to the lift and descended to the ground floor, as he entered the conference room, Peter saw Seaton along with two more young looking vampires, sitting at the table, all three rose and bowed to Peter as he entered, Seaton was the first to speak.

"My Lord, we have the first drafts for you to look over, these are two of my offspring, they helped with the plans."

"Thank you Seaton, let's see what you've got." said Peter as he walked around the table until he could see the plans laid out for him.

Everything he saw was almost exactly as he had wanted it, turning to Seaton he smiled.

"They look perfect, it has the right amount of space in each room and the set up for each of the folk is just right, how did you do it?"

"We've had a lot of experience in designing this type of building, My Lord, there's only the provisions for the security systems to be added and they can be used."

"No, the security systems will be added by others, this is all I need to begin with, thank you, you and your two assistants, you've done a splendid job, can you get these blue printed so we can get a start as soon as possible?"

"Thank you, My Lord, we'll get it done tonight and have them for you tomorrow evening."

"Send your account with the plans and I'll see it's paid immediately, I can't thankyou enough, Seaton, they're just perfect."

"Thank you My Lord, I hope we can do business again soon."

"With this sort of service and detail, I'm sure we will find more work for you and your assistants, Seaton."

Peter held out his hand and, after shaking with Seaton and the other two boys, he let Sin Yu escort them to the front door where Trantor stood waiting. Peter sat down in one of the empty chairs and gave out a soft sigh of satisfaction; his dreams were starting to happen. Sin Yu returned and stood by Peter's side.

"They look like just what you wanted, Peter, looks as though you will be able to start construction in a day or so, that's if we can get the permits in time?"

"Oh shit, I forgot I'd need them, that means there's going to be copies of the plans out in public, I wanted to keep all the secrets of the building hidden."

"That won't be a problem, you've got simbo's in city hall, use them to make the copies disappear, it won't be hard to do."

"Can I, I mean, will they do it?"

"How do you think we keep our safe houses from being looked at?"

"Good, then can you make arrangements for it to be done?"

"Sure, I'll make some calls early tomorrow evening and get it started; I also think we will have the permits by Friday, if you want it that soon?"

"Yes, as soon as we can, I'll call Kemp now and get it started."

Sin Yu gave a small bow and left the room as Peter switched on his console, dialling the lawyers number he waited no more than 5 seconds before it was answered, this time by a young boys voice.

"Good evening, Sutton and Kemp, how may I help you?"

"Mr. Kemp please, this is Prince Vladd calling."

"Yes My Lord, just a moment, My Lord."

Peter smiled at the flustered nervous sound of the young boy’s voice, moments later a smooth professional voice answered; the voice was young but not as young as that of the receptionist.

"My Lord, how can I help?"

"I was talking to Mr. Sutton earlier about some permit applications for Ellis Street, the plans will be ready tomorrow evening, if I have them delivered can you get straight on to presenting them, I really need them cleared as soon as possible, I want the construction to start at the earliest."

"We have all the applications ready, My Lord, all we need is the copies of the plans to attach and the cheque to cover the costs."

"What are the costs, Mr. Kemp?"

"They will total $56000.oo My Lord."

"Then I will send the cheque with the plans tomorrow evening."

"Thank you, My Lord, is there anything else we can do for you, My Lord?"

"Not at this time, thank you, but I'm very thankful you were able to attend to this so quickly, if there's anything I can do for you in the future, please let me know."

"Thank you My Lord, but your Father did both of us a great favour in setting us up, we'll always be grateful for his and your support."

"Thank you, Mr. Kemp; I'll be pleased to stay in touch."

Peter disconnected and sat back with a look of satisfaction on his face, at last it was all happening, checking the time on a wall clock, Peter saw it was only 1.00am, calling for Sin Yu, he stood up just as the guardian entered.

"Let's go to Satan’s Pit, I want to see if Jake's there."

"You looking for another fight, are you?" Sin Yu smiled at Peter.

"Not this time, I want to offer him a job, if he's interested."

"Ok, which car do you want?"

"Well as it's only going to be you and I, lets take the Aston Martin."

Peter grinned widely at Sin Yu, his eyes held a hint of devilment in them as he pictured the small sports car.

Sin Yu smiled back.

"Well in that case it's good that I'm driving, by the look in your eyes we'd be at take off speed before we got out of the driveway."

Peter laughed and headed for the garage entrance as Sin Yu called out to the others where they were going and what they were doing, the other three guardians tried to hide the grins on their faces as Peter and Sin Yu went through the door, within seconds the deep throated roar of the Aston Martin could be heard as it warmed up, then, with a screech of rubber, they heard the little car take off out of the garage, the faint yelp of pleasure from Peter could be heard as the car disappeared into the night.

The drive into the city seemed to Peter too take only minutes as the little sports car roared through the night, Peter's windblown hair and large ear to ear grin said it all.

They were soon pulling into the sidewalk outside the club, the same two large Wolfs were standing at the door and, as Peter and Sin Yu slowed to a halt in their private parking place, both Wolves slightly lowered their eyes in greeting, the wolf on the right reached behind himself to push open the door as the boys approached.

Peter smiled his thanks at the two large wolves as he entered Satan’s Pit, inside the bar was almost just the same, from a dark corner a rumbling voice called out.

"Hey, Spunky, back for more." Jakes thick voice was unmistakable.

Peter laughed and headed for the dark corner with Sin Yu close on his heels, reaching hake's table, Peter sat his hip on the edge and leaned over to Jake and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, making the large alpha wolf blush, Peter giggled at the response.

"Hey Spunky, if I was into boys, you'd be my first pick." Jake said as he tried to wipe his cheek.

"You're too late Jake, I'm already taken." Peter replied with a grin.

"In that case, what brings you here, little Prince?"

"I want to offer you a job, if you're interested?"

"Uhuh, and what sort of job would that be, I don't do labourers work, little Prince."

"I'm doing some renovations in one of my properties to turn it into a safe house for the Vaga boys; I need some extra workers to make it go quicker so it gets finished as soon as possible."

"I see why do it for the Vaga, they don't do much for any of our societies, most times they're just pests."

"Not the way I see it Jake, they are all our folk, we should at least try to help them where we can."

"I see, so how many extra men do you think you need for this experiment of yours, little Prince?"

"How many can you get?"

"Depends on the pay, I can get a few other alpha's to bring in their packs as well if it's worth it."

"Ok, you tell me how much, the contractor says his own guys will take about six months if they have to work alone, but then they're humans, sooo!"

"Humans! You gonna let humans do the work? you gotta be nuts little Prince, my guys can do more in one day than those cattle can do in a month."

"Ok then Jake, what's your price?"

"Wait, wait...." Jake looked out at the bar area, lifting his hand he called. "Hey, Lou, Steve, how about coming over here for a minute."

Two large Wolves at different tables stood, and for just a second, looked at Jake's table and the two young vampires sitting with him, with a deep grumble, both wolves began to make their way towards the three others. Once they were in front of the table, Jake signalled them to sit down.

"You guys know the Prince?"

The two wolves looked over at Peter, he could tell by the look in their eyes that they were sizing him up, both gave a small nod.

"So little Prince, what are we talking about?"

"I own a building on Ellis Street, it's an old factory, there's five floors above ground and three sub-basements, I want them all to be changed to house as many of the Vaga as can get in there, the plans are drawn up, all the permits are being taken care of, the contractor has been with my family for years."

"Ellis Street, huh, Lou, that's your territory, you know it?"

"Yep, think so, big place, old factory, right?"

"That's it." said Peter.

"Big job, you want security as well?"

"Can you do security?"

Jake interrupted.

"My guys specialise in heavy demolitions and construction, Lou's boys are security specialists and Steve’s guys are interior specialists, you want this job done right, little Prince, you got the right guys, but, we don't come cheap."

"Ok Jake, how many men and how much money for you to look after all of it?"

"We can bring about 40 guys, all well experienced, you say the human guys can do the job in six months, with us there as well it'll be finished in two, or less, price is $450,000 for the lot including the best of security systems for the whole shebang."

"Uhm, tell you what Jake, you get it done under the two months and to full specs, and I'll round it off at $500,000, call it a bonus for a good job, fair enough?"

Jake glanced at the other two alphas and got a slight nod from both.

"Done, spunky, when you want us to start?"

"Soon as the plans are approved, hopefully you can begin next Monday." Peter smiled back at Jake. "There's one other thing though."

"What's the catch then little Prince?" Jake smiled as he asked.

"I'll need at least two escape routes on each floor for the sub-basement areas, off the plans of course, and I don't want any of the humans knowing about them."

"Tricky little devil, aint you." chuckled Jake. "Don't worry, that's Lou's speciality, he won't let you down, I personally guarantee it."

"That's good enough for me Jake, when do you want to sign the contract?"

"Contract! you gotta be kidding me, you give me your hand and shake on it, your word is good enough for me, if my word is good enough for you?"

Peter reached over the table and grasped the offered hand, giving it a solid shake, smiling up at Jake, Peter said.

"Done, do you want an advance on the costs?"

"Yep, shall we say 10% when we start and the rest on completion, I wouldn't even ask for the 10% but our guys have been out of work for more than two months, things are getting a bit tight at the moment."

"Fair enough, but let’s make it 20%, just for trusts sake." Peter smiled at the three wolves.

Jake looked at the other two Wolves and, at their nod of agreement, replied.

"Done Spunky, now let’s have a drink,..OI!..Barman, line em up, we got some celebrating to do."

A round of drinks seemed to miraculously appear on the table within seconds, Peter lifted his glass in a toast.

"To good expectations?" he said, the three Wolves lifted their glasses and repeated Peter's words. Once his drink was finished, Peter turned to Jake.

"Sorry I can't stay and drink with you guys Jake, but I've got things to do at home, thanks for doing this job for me, I know it's going to be a success for all of us."

"No problems Spunky, if we can get it done sooner, we will, you take care now, see you later."

"Thanks Jake, and you as well Lou, Steve, I feel better now, knowing you guys are working on it."

Peter shook hands with all of them and stood up to leave, giving the three Wolves a wave and a smile as he left the club, once in the car, Sin Yu turned for home, thoughts of Swiftwing came into Peter's head as they sped out onto the highway. The feeling of pleasure filled Peter to the brim as a picture of his boyfriend laying naked on his bed brought an almost instant hard on and his breath caught in his throat, he wasn't sure if it was his own thoughts or a message from Swiftwing himself as the details of the golden bronze boy was so vivid in his mind.

Pushing down on his suddenly tight groin brought a blush to his cheeks as Sin Yu glanced his way and smiled.

"I don't think I have to guess why that's happening."

Peter's blush deepened as he tried to push a little harder on his throbbing erection. It seemed no time at all and they were pulling into the garage back at home, Peter jumped from the car and almost ran into the house, he saw that the twins had now rejoined the other three but to his instant sadness, he could see that Swiftwing had not returned yet. As if on cue, the front doors sprang apart and the vision of perfection that was his boyfriend, strode into the hall, a small leather satchel slung over one shoulder.

For some unknown reason, Peter ran to his boyfriend and wrapped his arms tightly around the slim waist, raising his lips to be kissed which, of course was instantly supplied, once the lip lock had finished, Swiftwing looked at the slightly smaller boy and asked.

"Did you miss me, love?"

"Yes." sighed Peter into the boy’s warm silken chest.

"I don't know why, I sent you a message." smiled Swiftwing.

"It was you, I knew it was,...well really I hoped it was." blushed Peter at the memory of his hard on in the car.

Peter stepped back and again looked over the perfection of his boyfriend, the small breechclout accentuating the smallness and the perfection of Swiftwing’s bronze globes, his slender but strong legs and the tautness of his flat stomach, as well as the hint of a bulge under the small breechclout, Peter reached out, grabbing Swiftwing’s hand he began to pull him forcefully towards the lift, Swiftwing laughed and willingly followed his boyfriends lead, they were soon in their private quarters, where clothes became nothing more than a hindrance as they tried to devour each other in their passion.

Swiftwing could feel the added strength of Peter's enhanced vampire muscles as the boy lead him to the bed, his mouth still surrounded by the soft moist lips of his soul mate. Peter turned and lightly pushed Swiftwing down onto the bed, quickly following so that he lay full length on top of the boy, their now naked bodies sending small sparks of desire into each other. Peter was so hard, he thought that he had never been so hard as the fine silken skin of Swiftwing’s abs causing him to leak like a broken pipe.

Slowly the two boys jockeyed for the right position until peter was fully on top of Swiftwing, his enhanced size grinding wantonly against the other boy, ever so slowly, Peter moved his body lower until he was pushing his iron hard rod down between Swiftwing’s damp thighs, Swiftwing relaxed his thighs and let the hard rod slide down past his ball sack and perineum until it was rubbing against his small tight hole, the glans exciting him beyond reason.

At the feeling of the hot moist hole against his glans, Peter deepened his kiss until they both could hardly breathe, their hands running freely over the other boys body, rubbing, probing, and teasing every new place that brought excitement to the other boy, Peter was in a world of ecstasy as he felt those soft but strong hands play over his body, his desire becoming all consuming as Swiftwing lifted his legs until Peter could feel the open invitation to bury himself deeply into his boyfriends tight small hole.

Peter’s glans pushed again and again at the tightness between Swiftwing’s legs, it was an urgent plea to open up the tight entrance to a final delight, copious precum began to cover the area of his desire until, ever so slowly, the tight hole began to give as Swiftwing plunged into the depths of his boys need and desire. Peter pushed harder, trying to force open the tight doorway into bliss, suddenly he felt Swiftwing tighten up his body and with a deep 'ugh' sound, Peter felt his glans slip into a hot, warm, moist tube, the feeling that came over him was beyond describable, it pulsed with heat and an underlying power, it drew him further in as the body below him moaned in pleasure and pain as the thick weapon of delight entered him for the first time.

The rigid tool filled Swiftwing with a feeling of power and love as it stretched his hole further than he thought possible, the burning sensation of his ring being stretched was soon replaced by a need he could not describe, it was a pain and a pleasure, a need to expel the invader and a desire to take more into himself, his mind played on the confusion of his bodies feelings until, with no though of self preservation, he thrust his hips upward to meet the penetrating invader.

Peter felt the upward thrust and knew it was meant to be, with infinite slowness he pushed forward, an inch, two inches, three inches, more and more as Swiftwing’s body adjusted to the pleasure of the invasion, small grunts and shivers ran through Swiftwing’s body as sweat dripped from his silken skin until, at last, Peter leaned back from the heavy kissing, to look down on the boy beneath him as the last of his manhood sank deeply into his boyfriends tight hot hole, his shaft was now surrounded by heat and moisture, the feeling was beyond understanding as Swiftwing panted and sweated below him.

Peter's testicles and small pubic bush were hard against the golden bronze cheeks of his lover, the feeling of such heat and surrender by this boy he loved more each day, drove Peter to let nature tell him what to do, slowly he began to withdraw his pulsing rod as Swiftwing’s eyes popped open fully to stare up at Peter's face, only the faintest hint of pain was left on the boys face as he watched Peter pull back slowly, with shaking hands, Swiftwing reached forward and clasped tightly onto the small pale globes of Peter's butt and pulled, Peter did not hesitate at the signal from Swiftwing, he buried himself deeply again into the hot throbbing tube.

Swiftwing’s rigid manhood lay between them, dripping furiously, as Peter pushed downwards it pulsed and more of the boys clear liquid dripped from the opening in the glans, Swiftwing shuddered as the hard muscle of his boyfriends excitement ran over his sensitive prostate sending and electrical shock through his whole body, again his own rod pulsed with each passage of Peter's manhood.

The two boys were now panting in a sexual haze between bliss and desire as Peter began to speed up his deep thrusting, Swiftwing could only lay there and writhe in pleasure and need as that hot thick muscle played over his prostate time after time, the eyes of both boys became glazed with passion, the physical act taking over every action of their bodies as the primal need of generations set the pace.

Peter's enhanced muscles made him sped up until his small narrow hips were almost a blur as he buried himself time and time again, below him, Swiftwing could only hang on and try to enjoy the ride, there was now no going back, even if he had wanted to, the continual attack on his prostate had already sent him over the edge but Peter was in a world of his own as the heat of flesh surrounding his rigid cock would not release its hold on him, faintly in the distance, Peter could hear gasps and moans as he continued to take pleasure in the tight fitting hole, his eyes had turned red and he was sweating a pinkish moisture, his fangs dropped as he came closer to his first full orgasm in another boys hot hole.

A sudden and searing explosion of white light, erupted in Peters head, he was suddenly aware of being somewhere else, as his vision cleared he could see his own face looking down on him, the intense feeling of fear and terror was creating a turmoil in his stomach as the fangs came closer to his open throat, the awareness of Swiftwing’s perspective brought Peter back to some semblance of normality as he saw the look on Swiftwing’s face, his own reflection was shown in the other boys fearful eyes, fangs extended and his eyes blood red, Peter suddenly stopped his attack on the hole he had buried himself in, the look of fear in Swiftwing’s eyes bringing him back into the here and now, with a hard shake of his head, Peter stopped and cleared his vision, his eyes returned to normal and his fangs retracted as he became aware of what he had been about to do in the heat of his first virginal passion.

Slowly a pink tear formed in the corner of his eye as he collapsed onto the boy below him, still buried deeply in the hot hole, he felt Swiftwing wrap his legs around Peter's back and reach up with his hands to pull the smaller boy down towards his waiting lips, his fear disappearing as he saw Peter returning to normal.

Swiftwing hummed into Peters soft ear as the boy relaxed on top of him, light tears ran from Peter's eyes as he realised how close he had been to letting his instincts take over his love for Swiftwing. Slowly Swiftwing began to rub Peter's back and whisper soft words into his ear as the boy sobbed out his desperation, he had been so close to sinking his fangs into Swiftwing’s pulsing throat in his hot desire to find dominance over a mere human.

The new realisation brought Peter back to the new world he had been so easily ready to sacrifice in his hazed desire, slowly the two boys began to kiss softly, Peter still buried deeply inside Swiftwing’s hot boy hole, with a new understanding of his own innate power, Peter began to tenderly run his hands over Swiftwing’s body as he apologised tenderly for his insensitive actions, Swiftwing gently rubbed Peter's back and sides as he told him it was alright, it was just a moment of lost control and that he would be ok now he understood his own power.

Slowly Peter began to softly thrust again into the boy below him but, this time he was more aware of the feelings of Swiftwing as he started to thrust gently into his warm tube of love until he felt the new sensation of approaching climax and also became aware that Swiftwing was again close to his second emission, with a final deep thrust, Peter began to send his own love juice deep into the body of his boyfriend, pulsing out his feelings and his juice in a long loving moan of gratification as Swiftwing came down from his own high of ejaculation and the feelings he was receiving from Peter.

Peter let his softening rod slowly slip from the tightness he had been in for at least the last 30 minutes, sated and with an afterglow that made his skin tingle with life, Peter wrapped his arms around Swiftwing’s damp panting body and tucked his head into the bigger boys shoulder as Swiftwing softly stroked his damp hair and leaned in to place small soft kisses onto Peter's wet brow.

Peter snuggled tightly against Swiftwing’s body, the combined heat of the two of them bringing a sense of freedom to both boys, Peter lifted his slightly and looked up into Swiftwing’s eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't know that would happen, you just felt so beautiful and I love you so much, I would never hurt you, I just didn't know that was going to happen." said Peter in a soft voice full of meaning.

"It's ok my love, I know you didn't mean it, it's just the vampire in you, you'll be able to control it now you're aware of your reactions." Swiftwing continued to caress Peter's cooling body as he replied.

Peter snuggled closer and rested his head on the other boy’s chest slowly pushing his tongue out to lightly lick up the sweet essence from Swiftwing’s flavour, his mind now at rest from the turmoil of his inner vampire, now he began to understand some of the power he held deep inside himself. The sound of the daylight shutters interrupted his thoughts as Swiftwing jumped a little at the sound of the steel shutters falling into place.

"Wha...what was that?" Swiftwing asked

"It's ok , my love, just the shutters coming down, they're there for the guys that have no protection from daylight." Peter answered as he gave out a large yawn.

Swiftwing replied with a soft hum and pulled Peter closer, his own eyes feeling heavy after his double ejaculation while having his first full sex with his soul mate. Both boys snuggled closer and closed their eyes as their exertions overtook them, sleep was the only answer for the events that had overtaken them in the past hour.

Some hours later, Peter forced open his eyes, his beloved was still asleep and lay with his back pushed tightly into Peter's stomach, sudden memories of what he had nearly done to Swiftwing brought a deep and sorrowful feeling to him, it had been so close. Peter let his mind wander again over the events of his first real sex, as he replayed his feelings again a small spark lit up his minds eye, he tried to look again in his head, yes, it was there, a small spark of Swiftwing’s memories of the same event, the love he had felt, the emerging fear and terror as Peter's instincts got the better of him and then, the loving tenderness of his lover returning to him from his dark side.

Peter looked down at his boyfriend and lover beside him, suddenly he could clearly see the emotions of Swiftwing as he dreamt of Peter being inside him and his own feelings for his lover, nothing seemed to be hidden from Peter's searching mind, a small shiver went through Swiftwing’s thoughts and suddenly Peter could feel the boy smiling at him with love, the emotion rushing over Peter in a tidal wave of love and lust.

Peter looked again and saw Swiftwing’s eyes open and give him the most beautiful smile Peter had ever seen on any boys face, love and tenderness rushed out of Peter as he saw his boyfriends smile until he saw the startled look on Swiftwing’s face, then felt the warm arms of his lover reach out and surround his slim waist.

"Did you feel it, my love?" asked Swiftwing.

"Yes, lover, it was like being inside your head, I could feel every part of you, was...amazing."

"I've been told by the old ones about this sort of thing, we're bound now, what I feel, you feel, what I see, you can see, even if we're parted we'll be able to find each other, it's very rare but it sometimes happens with two people that are meant to be together, here, look inside my mind and see what I am feeling?"

Peter opened his mind and felt Swiftwing’s mind open to him, what he saw surprised him but, with a smile at his lover he leant down and began to run his tongue over Swiftwing’s ripe nipples as the boy moaned at the touch, Peter grew immediately hard and pulled the warm body closer to continue his ministrations on the dark brown nubs, Swiftwing groaned and began to thrash about as his own shaft grew hard against Peter's stomach. Peter lifted his mouth from his lover.

"How's that for mind reading?"

"Oh, lover, don't stop now, please."

Peter returned to his duty, Swiftwing again writhing below him as his hot tongue worked its magic on his tender young nipples, slowly Peter moved lower until he could just lick the very tip of Swiftwing’s glans, teasing and playing with the soft warm tip until it began to emit its sweet, salty juices, Peter lapped a little harder as he tasted the elixir from his boyfriends rock hard shaft. Opening his mouth, Peter let the warm flesh sink into his mouth, the faint boy smell was enhanced by a tinge of forest smell in the boys skin, Peter lowered his head further until his mouth was as full as he could get it, the soft spongy glans now rested at his throat, Peter withdrew his mouth slowly until the glans was again at his lips only to return to being full again.

It took only minutes before Peter felt the hard shaft begin to expand and with hardly any indication, his mouth was suddenly filled with hot warm juice as Swiftwing sent him his love offering, Peter swallowed as fast as he could but his inexperience let a small amount slip from his lips to dribble down his chin, Swiftwing reached up with one hand and lovingly wiped off the warm cum.

Peter looked into the glazed eyes of his lover and lifted himself up until he could give Swiftwing a long hard kiss, his own shaft settling in between Swiftwing’s parted thighs.

"How's that for mind reading my love?"

"Uhm, perfect, better than perfect." Swiftwing tightened, then loosened his thighs around Peter's hard length as it lay between his legs just barely nudging his perineum, its precum making his skin slippery as Peter felt the movement and thrust lightly back and forth. Peter sent out his feelings to Swiftwing to see what the result would be, it took no time at all for Swiftwing to smile at him and nod his head, with quick movements Swiftwing opened his legs and pulled back his knees, letting Peter's hard rod poke gently at his still reddened hole.

Peter felt what Swiftwing was feeling so he gently let his shaft poke lightly at the waiting entrance, as his glans pushed past the tight ring of muscle, Peter also felt it, it gave him a start to know that he was also getting the same feeling in his own butt, slowly he pushed further in, same result, it felt like someone was entering him at the same time, his rod pulsed with the pleasure of the entrance just as his own boy hole tightened at the phantom feeling of being entered, Peter pushed in gently until he was fully inside Swiftwing, his own butt felt the same fullness, it was a weird feeling to be doing the fucking but also feeling it being done to you, Swiftwing wriggled his butt around the fullness, Peter felt the same pleasure so he began to slowly stroke in and out of his lover, with his minds eye he could see himself from Swiftwing’s eyes.

The huge smile and surprised look on his own face sent shivers of delight through him, he quickened his strokes as a broad smile broke out on his own face above him, the duel

feeling of being on the receiving and as well as the giver sent Peter over the edge very quickly, the mixed feelings of both of them combined was too much for both boys and they yelled out loudly in their combined mental ejaculation.

Peter collapsed on to Swiftwing’s waiting body, mentally and physically worn out, he doubted there could ever be an orgasm as full as they had just had, both boys were spent, again their heads dropped to the pillows and they drifted off to sleep in each others arms, sated and complete.

An hour later, Peter felt Swiftwing stir lazily beside him, he turned and looked into the soft brown eyes.

"What are we going to do now, my love" Swiftwing asked.

"Anything you want, lover."

"Food would be good." smiled Swiftwing.

Peter smiled and sent out his senses to see who was about, the twins were sitting cuddled up to each other in the office watching TV, Trantor was down in the hall with six strangers that Peter assumed were applicants for work, the cook was busy readying meals for the security guards and her son was setting the table in the great hall, Peter turned to Swiftwing and asked.

"You want to shower first, looks as though lunch is nearly ready."

"Yep, sure, you joining me?"

"Of course."

"For both?" said Swiftwing with a broad smile on his face.

"Same answer." smiled Peter

"Let's go then." called Swiftwing as he leapt from the warm bed and made a dash for the bathroom with Peter close on his heals.

Peter could have easily flashed past him with his extra speed and strength but watching the smooth bronze globes flexing was to much of a temptation to want to move ahead. Both boys filed into the large shower and Swiftwing turned the water on as they held each other in a tight hug with their lips melting together, the shower took a little longer than planned but the boys didn't complain, after dressing they headed for the lift and rode down to the hall, as Swiftwing took a seat at the long table, Peter signalled for him to sit at the top so they could be together, Peter didn't need to eat but he saw no reason not to be by Swiftwing’s side as often as possible.

Alfred saw the two sitting patiently at the table and came forward.

"Good morning My Lord, would you care for some lunch?"

"Good morning Alfred, not for me but my mate will eat, thank you."

Alfred stared at Swiftwing and blushed deeply as he bowed and left for the kitchen only to reappear a short time later with a plate laden with hot food, the aroma almost made Peter wish he could eat like he used to. Alfred lay the plate carefully before Swiftwing and left, Peter reached over and took a small slice of potatoe from the plate and popped it in his mouth as Swiftwing picked up his knife and fork and began to devour the food with glee.

"This is good." he tried to speak around a mouth full of steak. "Aren't you going to eat?"

"I don't get hungry and I can only eat a very small amount, so I'm going to just steal from you." Peter smiled, just then Caleb appeared beside him.

"Morning Caleb, what's up?"

"You've got your training session when you're ready."

Swiftwing looked up from his plate.


"Yes, I've got a lot of training to do to get used to being who I am, would you like to watch?"

"Sure, soon as I finish here, ok?"

"Of course, I'll wait till you're finished then we can go down, ok, Caleb, I'll be down shortly."

"Thank you My Lord."

Caleb disappeared to the lift and they heard it descend to the basement, Swiftwing continued to eat with relish as Peter watched his smooth jaw working the food and the action of his smooth throat as he swallowed, every movement seemed erotic to Peter as he watched. Shortly, Swiftwing had finished and he sat back to let his food settle a little, his satisfied expression told its own story, he had dressed in a tight pair of jeans and one of Peters tee shirts that made his slender body stand out, he still wore his long moccasins as he told Peter they were far more comfortable and he was used to wearing them.

The two boys left the table and went to the lift, in minutes they were opening the door to Peter's training room, Caleb stood in the centre of the room waiting for them.

"Now today Peter, I want you to learn how to become invisible, it's not really invisibility but it gives that sort of impression, perhaps your mate can help you here?"

Peter looked at Swiftwing in askance.

"Ok," the boy said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Just stand there and let Peter try to change your perspective, if he does it correctly he should disappear from your sight, even though he will still be there."

"Ok, I can do that." smiled Swiftwing.

"Now Peter, I want you to concentrate on your mates eyes, let your mind work on giving him the impression that you are not standing where you are, it's like getting him to look just to the side of where you are and so not really see you completely."

Peter began to concentrate on giving Swiftwing the impression he was slowly moving out of his sight and making Swiftwing look slightly away from where he stood. After five minutes there was no apparent result, Swiftwing shook his head to let Peter know he could still see him clearly, Peter tried harder, another ten minutes passed by and still no result, Peter turned towards Caleb.

"Nothings happening, what am I doing wrong?" He asked Caleb.

"What do you mean, nothings happening, you disappeared within minutes, I can just make you out now that you've spoken, it was perfect."

"No it wasn't, Swiftwing could still se me clearly." Peter’s voice sounded frustrated.

"I'm telling you Peter, you did it so quickly I had trouble following you, maybe you and your mate have a special bond or something that won't allow you to do it for him."

Peter looked at Swiftwing.

"What do you think, love?"

"It must be that we're bonded by our thoughts and bodies, we can't fool each other, here let me try something."

Swiftwing’s aura shivered and soon he was invisible to Caleb but not Peter who could see him as clear as day, Swiftwing moved position so that he was standing behind Caleb, once there he nodded to Peter.

"Caleb, can you see him?"

Caleb looked around the room in wonder, the shaman had disappeared before his sight.

"No, no, I can't, he's very good at it."

Swiftwing appeared beside Caleb and smiled.

"That's one trick us shamans have never been able to pull off, I must have got something special from Peter."

"You mean shamans can't do that trick?" asked Peter.

"No, it's one thing we can't do, most what we do has to be related to nature, the shape shifting and things like that."

"But I saw you disappear twice before."

"No, that wasn't me, that was only a dream projection, all I have to do there is stop the dream but we've never been able to do it with the actual body, not like I just did, maybe  it's something you gave me last night and this morning." Swiftwing smiled as Peter blushed at the memory of their sexual activities.

"Well" Caleb interrupted."You don't seem to have any problem with that part, why don't you practice a little with your mate and then we can go on to the next part."

Caleb stepped back and let the two lovers play with their new found extra. Caleb smiled as the two boys tried to outdo each other in the swiftness they could change, it soon became apparent that the two boys were very good at disappearing so Caleb called a halt to the practice.

"Now the next thing you need to know is what we call,’ the calling' it's a technique in subduing a person to do what you want, much like hypnotism but you do it with only your mind and not fancy wheels and things. I can see it's no good trying to play you two against each other, so, I'm going to ask one of the guards to come in."

Caleb left the room only to return in a few minutes with one of the guards from the security room, the guard immediately bowed to Peter and Swiftwing, it appeared that the word had spread that their Master had a mate.

"Good Morning My Lords, how may I help?"

Peter nodded a greeting and noticed the inclusion of Swiftwing in the address, Caleb took over.

"The Prince needs to practice some of his arts, we'd like your help, don't worry, you wont get hurt, it's just a mental training." Caleb added as he saw the startled look on the face of the guard.

"Yes Sir, no Problem as long it's to help his Lordships"

Caleb leant over and whispered into the guard’s ear, the guard nodded and smiled.

"Ok Peter, now I want you to look at his aura, watch the patterns and flow of his inner colour, let them flow with your senses, follow them through his body, now as they rise towards his head, follow them and try to become a part of them, let his own natural flow take you where you want to go. Once you have that look for his centre it will be like a bright spark, go there and start to tell him what you want him to do."

Peter tried to do as he was told, at first he kept loosing the flow but, slowly he began to get the hang of it and each time he got closer and closer to the centre, when he was almost there, a dark wall appeared as if by magic and shut him out. Peter shook his head to clear it and again began to follow the flow, again he was shut out but this time he saw a faint glow further in. Peter started again, this time the dark curtain was opened a little wider but he still couldn't get all the way in. For the next ten minutes he tried, each time he got closer before the curtain appeared and shut him out, finally he got so close he was almost there and then a bright flashing light sent him reeling from the flow.

Peter pulled back and then looked at Caleb and the guard, the guard was covered in sweat, his arms and legs were shaking with the strain, Peter noticed that Caleb had one hand on the guards shoulder, Peter smiled at Caleb.

"Are you cheating Caleb?"

Unabashed Caleb grinned.


"Hmmm," Peter said.

Now that he knew what he was up against he really began to concentrate, suddenly he felt a soft hand rest on his shoulder, the contact with Swiftwing immediately opened up, not only the guards defences but also Caleb’s, with a mischievous smile, Peter sent his compulsion, the results were spectacular as the guard turned and pulled Caleb close to kiss him full on the lips, once they broke apart Caleb looked at Peter with a little awe.

"How did you do that so easily, I can usually stop anyone from compelling me?"

"Like you Caleb, I cheated." Peter laughed as Caleb tried to work out what had happened, suddenly understanding dawned on him as he saw the smug look on Swiftwing’s face.

"Oh I see, actually that's good, if you two can make your bond work like that, it's going to be interesting for anyone on the receiving end. Why don't you two continue practice working together." Turning to the guard, who stood there with an embarrassed look on his young face, Caleb thanked him and sent him back to his office to continue his duties.

The two boys continued to train with each other, by the end of the training session they had Caleb wondering what was happening to him when he found himself hanging upside down on the ceiling with his thumb in his mouth and both boys laughing their asses off below him, Finally he called a halt to the session and left with the boys to go back upstairs, shaking his head in disbelief the whole way, the boy was strong and very quick to learn, but when you added his mate to the mix, Caleb doubted that anyone, even his own Father, would be able to stand against them.

Peter and Swiftwing returned to the office upstairs where he sat at his desk and brought up his console, his lover close beside him. Once the screen had opened, Peter clicked to the pages he was having doubts about earlier, slowly he scrolled through the pages just letting his eyes roam to see if he could find the errors he thought he had noticed on earlier occasions but it was his lover who spotted the errors.

Peter stopped his search and looked harder, flipping back and forward between pages until he understood what it was that had caught his eye in the first place, Peter leaned back and looked Swiftwing in the eye, as he thought through the implications of what they had found, making up his mind he stood up and kissed his lover deeply.

"Thank you my love, I've been trying to find that for days now, I think we're lucky to find it so soon, it could have cost us a bundle if you hadn't seen it."

"You mean 'cost you a bundle' don’t you?"

"No love, what's mine is yours, everything I have is yours, we're soul mates so it all belongs to you as well."

Swiftwing kissed Peter deeply before letting him go and standing back.

"So what are 'WE' going to do about it?"

"First check up on who, and how, it was done, then we'll take the right action to straighten it out."

"Well let's go back and get right to it" said Swiftwing as he again sat at the desk beside Peter as they began to riffle through the pages on the screen to see how long it had been going on.

It took two hours but eventually they had all the proof they needed, it was time to take some remedial action.










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