The meeting had finally drawn to a close at midnight but the ensuing party was still going strong when the daytime shutters fell into place, Swiftwing had long ago gone to bed but, as Peter was the host, he stayed with the others. The earlier feeling of tension had long dissipated as each of the folk realised that their own aims were more often than not, the same as the ones they had held in suspicion for so long, this lead to an understanding amongst them all that working together was not going to be as hard as first thought.

The party continued on with a good feeling in the air, all parties congregated freely now that all tension was gone, Peter felt that the hard work had been well worth it and that now all were agreed on the principles of a local council, it would only improve from there on.




Gilliard Thomes received the last report from his men, it had all gone smoothly and without a hitch, he wondered if he should call Gregor but put this idea aside, any possibility of a leak had been plugged and they could now move on to better things, hopefully the vampire who now seemed to don the mantle of leadership of their small group, would let him know what and when the next step should be taken. Gilliard sighed deeply and turned to his bedroom, it had been a long night and he needed sleep.

Gregor Antovich replaced the telephone, it hadn't been to hard to find enough men to fill his quota, there were plenty of free men in his home country ready to do anything he wanted, his reputation guaranteed a steady supply when he needed it although he was surprised at the young age of some of the applicants, still, cannon fodder for any fight was cheap, some had military experience and some were the dregs of the mean streets of Europe, all would do what they were paid for.

The vampire replaced the phone, his call to the police had been made to make sure that the murders would be on the early news broadcasts, he felt it best to start the fear now so that when the real carnage started it would seem less severe, and there would be plenty of carnage if he had his way, his ultimate goal was to rule the five states and then over the years, move into the head council and take that over, he would rule all of the vampires and given time he would rule this decadent soft country and all the human cattle that lived in it.




Peter arrived in his bedroom just in time to see his boyfriend open his eyes, his smooth bronze skin shone with the thin sheen of sweat from his sleep, his eyes were still a little bleary from his rest, Peter fell down onto the bed beside Swiftwing and opened his mouth to swallow the enticing morning hard on that poked proudly from the slender groin. Swiftwing sucked in his breath as his lovers lips slid down his hard shaft, he moaned softly as the heat of Peter’s mouth consumed him until his silky black pubic bush was rubbing on his lover’s reddened lips.

With Swiftwing’s hard shaft deep in his throat, Peter tried to wriggle out of his clothes to free his own throbbing cock and at the same time never lose the rigid shaft in his mouth, although a little difficult he at last managed to free himself, and, with his vampire skills in full sexual mode, dove onto the bed between the slender thighs as they lifted and bent until they were back against Swiftwing’s chest, Peter still holding his lovers shaft deeply in his mouth and sending small shivers through the Indian boy as he suctioned him lightly.

Peter felt Swiftwing begin to throb lightly, quickly he removed his hot mouth and lowered his head to run his tongue down past the full sack until he felt the heat of his lovers hole sending small spasms to his searching tongue, with no second thoughts, Peter began to lick and probe deeply at the small tight hole and, as it slowly began to loosen with the hot probing and licking, Peter lifted his slim body again until he was now over the open eyes and panting lips of his lover, with the urgency of youth, Peter lowered his lips to meet those below him, as their lips met their minds joined into a single entity as Peter thrust gently forward with his young hips, his inflamed glans searching for the hot hole he had just left.

As he sucked on the lips of Swiftwing and pushed his tongue deeply into the waiting mouth, Peter's rigid meat probed for entrance into the hot hole waiting so willingly for him, and, as he began to push into the parting breach of Swiftwing’s hotness, he felt the small gasp of his lover and the added suction on his tongue as Swiftwing felt his man sized muscle entering him.

Peter tried hard to hold back his desire to force his length into the small hot hole and it took all his will power to only push slowly inch by inch until, with a groan of utter pleasure, he felt the last inches of his thickness seat deeply inside Swiftwing’s tightness, the feeling of the heat and muscle contractions sent shivers through him as his lovers mouth sucked frantically at his probing tongue, with a final deep push, Peter sighed and moaned in delight.

He had wanted to wait until he had settled all the problems that had arisen before he went this far with Swiftwing but his desire had taken over his common sense and now, he was buried deeply inside his lover and soul mate, the feelings running through him were beyond description as the heat surrounding his shaft took away all other thoughts, with the innate understanding of all men and boys, Peter began the age old dance of gratification, the first feeling of withdrawal sent further shivers of delight through both their bodies as Peter began to make the first moves in consummation of their sexual joining.

Swiftwing’s body shivered as he felt his lover begin the first withdrawal of the man sized shaft from his tight hot hole, oh yes, he knew there was pain but, in his mind he could also feel the pleasure and love that went with it, he encircled Peters young body with his arms and legs as the hard thick shaft began to move deeply inside him, he felt a surging pride in losing his virginity to this slender boy, his soul mate. The rigid muscle rubbed over his hot spot deep inside his butt, his own shaft gave a tremulous shudder as Peter’s glans excited him deep inside.

Peters first full sexual experience sent him to another place, he could feel the love of Swiftwing coursing through his mind as he began the age old dance of mating, it took all of Peters self control to keep from heavily pounding into the hot receptacle that surrounded him, he wanted them both to enjoy their first true mating so kept to a slower pace as he withdrew then pushed deeply back into the hotness.

Swiftwing was writhing around on the bed as each thrust sent new sensations through him, Peters thickness and extra length finding places that Swiftwing never knew existed in a boys body, it was like have an internal massage until Peter gave an extra deep push and sent faint shivers of pain through him, the mixture of pleasure and pain sent Swiftwing to places in his mind he had never investigated, his own need for release never crossed his mind as Peter worked away on his insides, unbeknown to Swiftwing, he had already ejaculated over his own stomach, some of his emissions had even reached his own chin and Peters right nipple had a small patch of white silken fluid shining on it.

Peter felt the beginnings of Swiftwing’s second ejaculation as the tight ring he was now thrusting into vigorously pulsated around his throbbing shaft, he could hold back no longer as he threw his head back and with a loud moan and a louder cry from Swiftwing, Peters eyes turned red and his fangs dropped as he began to unleash a torrent of young boy juice deeply into the hot hole that sheathed his shaft. The new feeling of his release so deeply into a place that held him as tight as anything he had ever known sent Peter into a void of pleasure as each spurt of hot juices made him try to thrust deeper inside the body that held him.

Swiftwing’s cries were a mixture of pleasure and pain as his virginal hole took all that was given to it, his soul mates thrusts sent new shivers of delight as they both panted out their needs until Peter could offer no more to the hot place he was buried in and, with a final moan of pleasure, he collapsed onto the smooth young body below him, only his vampiric senses kept him even remotely aware of his surroundings as he felt his lovers arms encircle him, his eyes cleared and his fangs retracted as he panted with hot breathes on Swiftwing’s tender neck, both boys fully spent, had Peter taken notice of the time he would have seen that he had been deeply inside Swiftwing’s hot sheath for over thirty minutes, but, as these things are inclined to go, who had time to look at the clock when all that you desired lay under you.

Peters eyes began to close and, although he was still fully hard, his first deep penetration of his lover and the all night party had taken their toll, Swiftwing folded his legs around Peters small hips and pulled him forward to keep that full feeling deep inside him, his lover was, for the moment, spent but he was not going to release that thick hard shaft from his still throbbing hole as long as he could, he felt Peter begin to relax fully and realised that he was falling asleep while still buried deeply inside, Swiftwing slowly rolled them both over until he was now lying on top of Peters slim body, this way he could keep his lover deep inside while he slept, there was nothing to do today so he could stay as he was for as long as he liked and, he liked the feelings he was now experiencing for the first time.

Five hours later Peter awoke to the pleasant feeling of having his hard rod still buried deeply inside Swiftwing’s moist hotness, his lover was still sitting above him with a knee either side of Peters body, Swiftwing’s small tight butt was pressed tightly into Peter's groin, Swiftwing saw that he was again awake and began to flex the inner muscles of his hole as Peter smiled broadly at the feelings on his rigidity, it seemed it was his turn to be awakened with a hot body and an even hotter boyfriend.

Swiftwing smiled down at the now wide awake boy and began to flex his sphincter in anticipation of his lovers desire, his chest and stomach still showed the dry white crusty marks of his own double emissions as did Peters chest, the heavy, heady smell of boy on boy sex was rampant throughout the room, it was like and intoxicating drink to the two lovers, Peter began the upward thrusts that sent a wide smile over Swiftwing’s face, working together the two boys began their second dance with unadulterated passion, neither one wanting it to end as Peter reached out to take a hold of Swiftwing’s bronze shaft and stroke it in time with his own upward thrusts.

The soft fleshy smacks of hot skin on hot skin lasted for a full twenty minutes as the two boys found their own rhythm of push and stroke until, with heavy sweating bodies and panting breathes, they both began to send their juices into and over each other in a simultaneous groan of pleasure and love, their minds joined as their bodies were in a duet of understanding.

As Peters fangs once again retracted he looked up into the glazed eyes and sweating face of his lover, both boys felt satiated and all they wanted to do was collapse into each others arms as the heady scent of their sexual exploits surrounded them, the two boys once again drifted off into sleep as their hot bodies adjusted to their needs, their chest again smothered in hot boy juice as the lay in each others arms, sated and happy.

Two hours later both boys woke to a light tapping on the door of the bedroom, Peter lifted his head and sent out his senses, it was Caleb, Peter called out in his mind.

'Come in Caleb'

The door opened and Caleb strode into the room, the smell that met him brought a smile of understanding to his normally tight lips.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Peter, but I have a call for you in the office, it's the bank manager, do you want him to call back or do you want to take it now?"

"Tell him I'll call back in twenty minutes, I need a shower before I can do anything else." Peter blushed at the innuendo of what he had been up to with his lover.

"I'll pass on the message, Peter, although he does seem a little upset over something but he wouldn't tell me what it was." Caleb smiled as he turned for the door.

Peter nudged Swiftwing in the side as he tried to tenderly withdraw his still half hard penis from its hot sheath, Swiftwing groaned and smiled as he felt the hot shaft begin its slow withdrawal, even though he felt tender and just a little sore, he still didn't want to lose that full feeling that his lovers thick shaft gave him, with a resigned shrug, Swiftwing helped Peter to extract his hardening shaft from the hot home it had been in for the best part of the daylight hours.

After a very hot shower, which almost turned into another round of sexual delight, Peter along with Swiftwing, went into his office and dialled the number for Michael Chase, the phone was answered before it had rung more than twice, Peter could hear the distress in Michaels voice as he related the events of the previous night, the older man was completely distraught at the loss of his son, even though it looked like the young man had been involved in blatant fraud of a customers account, and a very powerful customer at that. 

Peter commiserated with the older man and told him he would do all he could to find out the perpetrators of the murder. Peter was not so naive as to think it had all been an accident, deep inside him a suspicion that all was not as it appeared to be continued to nag at his senses and, while his vampire life was still at an early stage, he had already developed a vampires deep suspicion of anything that seemed out of the normal.

As Swiftwing laid his hands on Peters shoulders, the deeper thoughts of why and what began to enter Peters head, he had been warned that his elevation to the position of prince would bring many, as yet unseen jealousies, Peter had the outlook of a youthful teen that all is right with the world, it was only now, at the news of so much death in one night and the implications that it implied, that Peter began to see conspiracies in his once safe small world.

Peter had assured Michael Chase that his people had had nothing to do with the death of his son or his friends, the assurance seemed to do the trick and, although he was still very upset, Michael chase had taken his word for it, there was not much else he could do but, Peter had seen the multiple deaths at this particular time as beyond coincidence. When Peter had hung up the phone and leaned back into his chair, Swiftwing had lovingly massaged his slim shoulders until Caleb returned to take them both down to the training room for their daily practices, Peter pushed the events of the night to the back of his mind as he and Swiftwing concentrated on their training.

As the weeks went by, the two boys delved into each others desires, and, after a lot of experimentation they found that Swiftwing preferred to take all of Peters desires and Peter preferred to be the top although they both changed positions on occasions to satisfy other needs. The rebuilding and renovations of Ellis Street were going ahead in leaps and bounds as the combination of wolf strength and human ingenuity combined to make an effective work force.

Jakes wolf friends had come up with many new security features and Peter had asked them to relook at his own home security and to update it when the rebuild was complete. There had been no new attacks in the city after the murder spree which had caused an uproar in the media for a few days but, as usual, it all died down as the police attempted to find the culprits but with no success.




Gregor switched of the replay button on his answer phone, it had been the first message of any kind in nearly three weeks, from the vampire, Gregor lifted the handset and dialled a number, the voice that answered was gruff and spoke in Russian.


"I'm sending two vans to pick you up, take twenty men with you, don't leave anything standing, my drivers know the address." Gregor replied in the same language and received a grunt in reply; he then replaced the phone on its cradle.

At last there was some action, it was just past dawn so the vampires in the house would be no competition, as he understood it, there was only a light security team at the house, his men were trained killers and the security would not stand up to them for long, Gregor smiled at the thought of the destruction his men were about to cause. The only worry he had was how to get his men out of the country before the police rounded them up, although he had been assured that that side of things had been taken care of.

Gregor sat back in his chair and sipped his strong bitter coffee as his thoughts drew a picture in his mind of the wealth he was going to receive from this little episode.




Peter, Swiftwing, Caleb and Levi had joined the off duty security team for breakfast when the alarm went off, the duty guard ran from the lift as the others rose to their feet.

"What is it?" Peter asked.

"We have a large group of men forming outside the fence, My Lord, it looks like an attack."

"Who are they, are they folk or human?"

"The infrared signature says they are human, My Lord."

"Thank you, Levi, go down and arm the guards, Caleb, arm yourself, I'm going up to get my swords, tell Trantor to secure the front door."

Peter along with Swiftwing, ran for the lift to the upper floor, as soon as they were inside, Peter went to his bedroom and took up his Katana and a Tanto, slipping the smaller knife into his belt he grasped the Katana by the scabbard and with Swiftwing holding a pair of Kama, at a nod they both went back downstairs to meet up with the others.

Eight of the guards stood there in black combat suits along and were armed with a glock on their hip and seven of the held M4's, the eight man held a heavy looking Barret sniper rifle. Peter had changed quickly into a black suit as well but Swiftwing was now dressed in his breechclout and moccasins, his hair tightly plaited down his back. Peter looked over at Caleb and Levi.

"What's the plan?" asked Peter.

Caleb answered; he seemed to be the tactician.

"I suggest that Swiftwing goes into the trees outside the wall, two guards stay in here to defend the house servants, our marksman should go up on the roof in the north tower, Levi and I will go into the garden near the gates, the other guards will spread out in the grounds and take whatever cover they can use."

"And me?"

"I assumed you would want to be with Swiftwing, but be very careful Peter, use all your training, remember if they shoot you, you won't die but it'll hurt like hell."

Peter looked over to his lover, Swiftwing answered with a smile.

"Don't worry my love, we've got enough arts between us to sort out the humans, what gets me is why are they attacking us?"

"I don't know, I never expected anything like this, do you think it could be tied in with the deaths of those others three weeks ago?"

"I don't know." replied Caleb to the open question "But it seems really strange to me that anyone would want to attack us out here, we haven't made any enemies as far as I know, Peter? Do you think you should call for backup from some of the folk?"

"I don't think so, besides by the time anyone gets here it'll be over, one way or the other, ok come on, let's move."

Everyone switched on their personal com units, which consisted of a small earpiece and throat mic, the two wires were plugged into a small black box on their shoulder, held in place with a Velcro strip except for Swiftwing who had his held in place with a wide band of medical tape. As the door opened, Swiftwing changed into a large hawk, his Kama held one in each talon as he took to the air with a promise to meet Peter in the heavy trees that surrounded the outer wall.

The marksman headed for the kitchen and the stairs that went up to the low tower at the end of the building as the other guards headed out into the grounds to conceal themselves in the bushes and behind hedges and low walls. Levi and Caleb used their vampiric abilities to move to near the front gate, Peter used the same means to run to the wall and, with no apparent effort, scaled the wall and dropped silently to the ground on the other side, with swift steps he disappeared into the trees and began to move to the front of the outer wall.

Using everything he had been taught, Peter moved silently around the wall until he was at the front, there was still no sign of Swiftwing, there were four men by the gate, it looked as though they were going to try to blow it, the others were spread out around the wall and in the trees as they waited for the men at the gate to do their work.

Peter took a deep breath and moved back into the trees once he had taken note of the different positions of the invaders, this was his first battle and even though he was almost

Unkillable his nerves still jumped at the thought of having to fight so soon, suddenly a soft whoosh sound came to his sharp ears and Swiftwing appeared from the sky and transformed into his human form, a shiver of delight went through Peter as he saw his half naked lover beside him.

"What's the plan, my love?" asked Swiftwing.

"I think we should circle round and take them from the deeper woods, come in at them from behind, if they blow the gate, the others inside will take care of them as they go through."

Swiftwing nodded his agreement and the two boys set off deeper into the trees without even a whisper of sound, for Peter it was easy as he could levitate just barely above the ground but Swiftwing, although not able to do the same, was just as silent, he moved like a shadow in the thick trees. Slowly they moved up on the waiting men, all of whom seemed to be concentrating only on what was going on at their front, never dreaming that the occupants of their target were forewarned and would be out and about.

Swiftwing whispered no louder than the breeze into his mic.

"I'll go left to the far end of the line, you take the right hand side, the others should be ready inside by now."

Peter nodded his agreement, they would both work from the ends of the line towards the centre as soon as they heard the blast from the gate, Peter watched as the four men at the gate, rose and moved quickly back with the others, suddenly a loud roar erupted from the front gate, Peter felt the ground shake underneath his feet as the flame. Smoke and dust shot into the air from where the gate had been, it looked as though the men knew it was well reinforced as they had used a lot of explosives to blow it, somehow these men had information not easily gotten hold of.

As the dust settled Peter could see the big steel gates hanging from there hinges, they hadn't blown completely but had been forced far enough apart to gain entry for the attackers, at the same moment both Swiftwing and Peter went into their first action just as two loud reports sounded in the air followed by two loud explosions then the staccato chatter of automatic weapons filled the air as the attackers found they were the ones being attacked from inside the walls, in the first few seconds they had lost four men as they went through the gate, six more rushed forward only to be met by Levi and Caleb who both stood calmly with their Katana’s and cut the  men down.

Peter shook himself into action as the man in front of him stood up to move, Peter put a picture of his home under attack into his mind and the rage built quickly, he attacked with a scything slice of his katana, the mans head rolled from his shoulders without a sound, it took no time at all for Peter to move into attack mode just as he been trained to do by Sin Yu.

Moving sure footedly he attacked one  man after another until they became aware of the demon in their midst, with his extra sharp hearing Peter could hear Swiftwing fighting a little further in the trees, Peter felt the sudden impact of something in his chest but it didn't slow him down as he slashed the next man in front of him and increased the speed of his movements.

Levi and Caleb ran from the gate and attacked the rest of the men head on, their swords a whirlwind of death as Peter slashed and sliced his way towards them, Peter called into his mic.

"I want one alive."

Suddenly there were only two attackers left standing, they faced Peter with fear in their eyes as he stalked towards them, his eyes blood red and his fangs fully extended, just as he got to within striking distance of the first of them, the man went down on one knee and spun around firing his automatic at the slim shadow appearing from the trees, Peters blade struck him down just to late as he felt a sharp pain in his head, meanwhile, Caleb and Levi had grabbed hold of the one remaining attacker and rendered him unconscious with a quick punch to the head.

Peter spun around to look at the trees in the direction the man had fired, what he saw sent him to his knees with a loud cry of anguish, laying on the soft pine needles of the woods floor was Swiftwing, a trickle of blood running from his chest, Peter stumbled forward to where his lover lay and took hold of the partly raised hand as the tears ran freely down his young cheeks, blurring the vision that lay on the ground below him.

Swiftwing was gasping for breath as a small trickle of blood discoloured his tender lips, the very trees trembled with fear at the high pitched scream that issued from Peters throat, it was a sound of torment and pain that seared the very air around the two boys, with every muscle in his body, Swiftwing tried to reach up to the face of the boy he loved as Peter rent the air with his grief and anger.










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