Peter stirred in his sleep, his chest felt like a heavy weight had been pressing down on it, a faint hint of decay seemed to swirl around his head as he felt a hunger like never before, there was an aching in his bones and his mind was in a turmoil of images and visions. Gasping loudly, Peter opened his eyes to the sound of the shutters lifting to mark the onset of night.

What had the dream meant, his confusion didn't abate as he smelt the decayed moss from the spare room, his enhanced hearing picked up a rustling of movement from the same room, could it be? Again the faint sound, this time a little more urgently, Peter gasped and ran, Swiftwing was waking, Peter dashed into the room in time to see the dead mat of moss beginning to tremble as the boy underneath fought to free himself from his prison.

Peter raced to the bed and began to frantically tear away the dead moss that encompassed his boyfriend, suddenly Swiftwing was free, he lay on the bed in all his naked glory, his beautiful red bronze skin was slightly paler but his definition had been improved so that he now looked as cut as a diamond, his long black raven hair was shining like ebony but it was his face that caught Peter by surprise, from his mouth protruded two one inch fangs but his eyes were the biggest difference, where before he had beautiful soft brown eyes like a young fawn, he now had pupils of jet black and the whites had now changed to pale green, the contrast was shocking but to Peter it was also beautiful.

Those strange eyes stared back at him and all he could see was the love projected from them, in his excitement, Peter had unwittingly broadcast his joy throughout the house, as minutes later, all the guardians were standing around the room to watch the two lovers greet each other in the only way they knew, the kiss had more meaning and feeling in it than just passion, Peter looked deeply into his lovers new eyes.

"Oh god, my love, I thought I had lost you, I've been so afraid while you were sleeping, I...I'm sorry I had to turn you...I couldn't bare to live without you."

Swiftwing raised his hand to Peter’s cheek and brushed away the single tear that was falling.

"My love, I wouldn't have had it any other way, now at least we can spend a long life together,... that's if you'll have me?" he said with a smile.

Peter pushed in for another deep kiss then said.

"Just try to leave me, is there anything you want or need?"

"I'm hungry, I feel so empty as though I've been starved for weeks."

Peter didn't have to ask as just then Sin Yu returned with one of the prisoners, nobody saw Swiftwing move, he just appeared in front of the prisoner and was digging deeply into the mans neck before even the heightened sense of the vampires were aware. The prisoner fell to the floor drained of his life force within a minute, Swiftwing looked around the room at the others as they stared in disbelief at his speed, there was still a hungry look in his eyes as a small trail of fresh blood ran down his chin, Peter lifted an eyebrow in askance, Swiftwing nodded and Sin Yu carried out the body only to return minutes later with another prisoner, Swiftwing took a little longer this time and, as the body fell to the floor, he felt sated, sated and alive like he had never been before. Sights, sounds and smells he had never been aware of before, came crashing into his mind as the fresh blood worked its wonders on his new senses.

Swiftwing looked over at Peter, there was nothing but love in his eyes but Peter could see something resembling doubt behind the beauty of his lover.

"What's wrong, my love?"

"I... will I ever be able to see the sun again?" Swiftwing asked with a hitch in his voice.

Sin Yu spoke up just as Peter was about to reply.

"No one will know, Swiftwing, you've been made by Peters blood and you have a lot of power from your own background, all we can do is wait till the morning to find out, if you had been just a normal human you would have been in darkness but, your shamanism maybe strong enough to counter that, we will have to wait and see."

Swiftwing nodded his head in resignation, at least he would be with his soul mate for a long’ long time, even an eternity, he was prepared to sacrifice the daylight for his lover and the chance to spend eternity with him by his side. Swiftwing walked over to Peter and took him in his arms, pulling Peters head down onto his shoulder and caressing the soft hair as they both rejoiced in the rebirth, the guardians smiled in understanding and left the room after congratulating Swiftwing on his re-emergence.

Peter stepped back from the tight embrace and, with a smile said.

"Come on my love, you badly need a shower and some home grown loving."

Swiftwing sniffed at the air and winced at the smell coming from his body.

"God, does it always smell this bad, I reek, how can you stand to be beside me?"

"Cause I love you, but, I'll love you more when you've showered."

The two boys ran giggling towards the bathroom, Peter stripping off the few clothes he still had on, his erection leading the way as he followed the delectable pair of bronze buns ahead of him, this shower could take some time and water was not going to be the only thing flowing this night.




Torson sat with eight other folk at the large new conference table on the ground floor of Ellis Street, the renovations had gone along at a frantic pace, the wolves responsible had not let up on their desire to have the building finished in record time for the Vaga. Torson sat at the head OF the table, the others were seated equally around the rest of the seats, this was the first meeting of the representatives of the house, The cell phone given to Torson by the Prince, began to ring in his pocket, Torson opened the phone and acknowledged the voice of the young Prince, no one else had the number so it could only be Prince Vladd.

"Yes My Lord?" he asked.

"Torson, I would like to meet with you tonight, can you come out to the house, I'll send a car for you?"

"Certainly, My Lord, may I bring my house representatives, we have formed a committee to run the house and I feel it would be best if you met them all?"

"Of course Torson, I'll send the limo."

"One more thing My Lord, I have two young boys I think you should meet, may I bring them also?"

"Yes of course Torson, are they part of your committee?"

"No, My Lord, but after the attack on your house, you may find their talents very helpful in the future."

"Then by all means, bring them along, shall we say in two hours?"

"That'll be perfect, My Lord."

"Fine, until then Torson and thank you."

"My pleasure, My Lord."

Torson closed his phone and then explained to the others what was wanted, there was a flurry of action as each of the folk ran off to change into the best clothes they had, such as they were for a Vaga, Torson smiled at their sudden sense of action, maybe he would have time to see his little brother and his mum once the business had been completed, he had no idea why the Prince would want them out there but they all owed him so much that the thought of refusal did not even enter his head.




Grant Combe’s sat in the back of the sedan as it wound its way along the sealed road leading to his suspect, his orders were to take this homo into custody and take him back to the deputies office, the advantage of being in homeland security was there was no need for all the bull about warrants and court clearances, he had been ordered to go out to the address and pull in this homo Vallison for the deputy director, piece of cake, the other three agents with him could handle anything some old homo could do.

The car pulled up to a set of large reinforced steel gates, just the sort of place an old peado would have for safety, lock his little boys inside and have his disgusting way with them, there was no official file on Vallison but the deputy commander had told him all he needed to know as far as he was concerned, grab the homo and return to the office, don't take no for an answer was the order.

The driver got out of the sedan and went to the intercom box, Grant could hear his gruff authoritive voice demanding entry, the driver returned to the car as the gates swung open, the drive to the house didn't take long and at the top of the steps stood an older man, might be the one he was looking for, although he seemed to be a little more than what Grant had expected, Grant and the agents got out of the car and walked up to the older man.

"Are you Peter Vallison?"

"No sir, I'm the butler, do you wish to see,...ah... Peter Vallison?"

"Of course I want to see Vallison, where is the homo?"

"I beg your pardon sir, what did you say?"

"You heard me man, now take me to him, right away."

"Very good, sir, this way."

The butler turned his back on Grant and the other agents, his face showed a look of total distain at the way Grant was acting, shortly all four men were standing in a large hall, near the centre of the hall sat six young men and boys, even Grant had to admit they were very attractive boys although the youngest one was definitely jail bait, it was all he needed to arrest and charge this Vallison homo, a kid that young would put Vallison on the sex offenders list for life, if he survived his prison term.

"What is it Trantor?" asked an Asian looking boy.

"This person wishes to see Peter Vallison, Sir."

The Asian boy looked over at Grant.

"What do you want with Peter, sir."

"None of your business kid, just get that old homo out here now."

Grant watched as four of the boys tensed up as though ready to attack the four men.

"Don't even think about it kid, you wouldn't get half way." said Grant smugly, if these little punks thought they could take on the might of the service they had another think coming, "now where's this Vallison guy?"

Strangely the Asian boy looked at the youngest boy who had sat quietly on the sofa with another boy who looked like an Indian, with disgust, Grant noticed they were holding hands, jeez, didn't these queers ever stop this sort of shit. The younger of the two boys stood up.

"I'm Peter Vallison, what do you want?"

"Don't shit me kid, where's your dad?"

The four other boys had stood up at the same time as the two on the sofa, all four of them were tense and alert, Grant sneered at them as though challenging them to try something, he hoped they would.

"I told you mister, I'm Peter Vallison, but if you prefer you can call me Sir."

Rage flamed through Grants body at the insult, taking a deep breath he turned hate filled eyes on the little homo boy.

"Listen kid, I'm senior agent Grant Combe’s of homeland security, now stop pissing around and go and get the old man." just as he finished talking, Grant felt a strange tingling in his head, it then stopped seconds later, 'must be the stress' he thought.

"And for the last time mister, I'm Peter Vallison, now if you want to talk to me then do so now, if not, then get out."

"Listen snot nose, I'm tired of your bullshit and you don't tell me what to do, you hear me?"

"This is my house, Combe’s and not your boss Gilliard Thomes office, here you follow my rules or get the fuck out, understand?" Peter glared at the human, the shocked look on the mans face at the mention of his bosses name when he had said nothing about who his boss was, put Grant on the back foot, how did the kid know who his boss was, the boy looked really mad as he advanced on Grant.

"Now state your business or go."

"I'm here to take you in under the rules of homeland security."

"What for? Have you got a warrant?"

"I don't need a warrant to take you in for questioning, as far as what it's for, well that's for us to decide, now move your ass kid." Grant reached out to grab Peter’s arm, where it came from and how it happened, Grant had no idea but, he was suddenly on the floor with the Asian boy standing over him, he could see his three men backed up against a far wall with some very nasty looking swords at their throats.

" can't do this Vallison, we're homeland security."

"Go tell your boss Thombes, next time he wants to come for me he better be ready for a fight, now fuck off."

Peter nodded his head at Sin yu and the other boys, quickly they pushed the four men towards the front door, they weren't to careful about how hard they pushed, the four men stumbled down the front steps to their car just as a large limo pulled up to the steps, and a gaggle of young kids got out of the rear, none of the kids even glanced at the four disgruntled men.

"Fucking kiddie orgy by the look of it." mumbled Grant to his brother agents, lets get the fuck out of here, Thombes is going to be real pissed." the four men got into their sedan and pulled out towards the main gate, not another word was spoken on the entire journey to the city, Grant sat and fumed with anger as they got closer to the office.

Torson lead his large group into the main hall, the Prince was seated on a sofa with a young Indian boy, there were four others, the Asian he remembered from the first meeting in Ellis Street, the other three were vaguely familiar from his last visit, Torson nodded a greeting to all of them as Peter signalled for them all to find a seat.

"Hello Torson, how is everything going down at Ellis Street?"

"Great, My Lord, everything is going so fast, I don't know how we will ever be able to thank you."

Peter smiled at the young man and then looked at all the others around the room.

"And who are your friends Torson?"

"These are the members of our committee, as you can see we have voted in two of each of the folk, everything will be voted on, I can only vote if there is a need for a deciding vote, we all discussed it and decided that it would be better this way so everyone was represented on the board."

"Sounds like a good idea, and who are the two special boys you wanted me to meet?"

Torson gestured to two young teens, one was slender with pale skin and hair that was almost white, he looked to be about 14 years old, his aura showed he was an Avian, the other showed definite traits of mixed heritage, Part Asian and part African, he was taller than the other boy with the high cheek bones and slightly slanted eyes, his hair was more to wavy than curly and he seemed to have a permanent smile on his full lips, he was about the same age as the other boy, perhaps a little older, his aura was that of the Feline.

"My Lord, this is Leon and Carter, they have very special talents that you may like to make use of."

"And what would that be, Torson?"

"These two are the best hackers in the city, they've been using their talents to keep us fed when things were tough, I swear My Lord, they can get into any computer system anywhere."

"Really, well they've come just at the right time." turning to the two grinning boys, Peter continued."What do you need to hack into homeland security computers?"

The two boys gave Peter a startled look, was he kidding, it was one system they had left alone because their bits and pieces computers would not have been able to keep them secure from the law, Leon explained to Peter what their limits were.

"My Lord, there's not many systems we couldn't break into but our problem is to stay undetected, our computers are to old and out of date to try anything like that."

"If you had the right equipment could you do it?"

"Well, yes, My Lord, but the system we would need is not easy to get and is very expensive." explained Leon.

"Sin Yu, can you go and see if you can contact Jake, ask him if his electronics friend can find the systems the boys would need, if he can then take Leon and Carter to the phone so they can order whatever they need. Steven, go and ask the security to find a room with power and cable access for the boys to set up an office and workroom. Now guys, is there anything else you need, I would like you to move in here as a permanent part of my household, you job will be to keep an eye on anything and everything going on the net."

Lifting a pad off the table, Peter wrote a number on it and handed it to Leon, whom he supposed was the leader of the gang of two.

"This is what I'm offering as a salary for both of you combined, if you're as good as Torson says then there'll be a revue of it in six months." Peter handed over the paper, it was amusing to Peter to watch the jaw dropping look on both boys faces as they read the numbers. "That also includes your keep and accommodation here at the house."

At that moment Sin Yu returned with the phone in his hand.

"My Lord, Jakes friend Lou on the line, he says he can get anything you want, like all wolves though, he said it comes at a price."

"Give the phone to Leon, Leon, tell him everything you want, don't worry about the cost, get the best you can."

Leon held out a shaking hand for the phone, he had a look on his face as though all his Xmases had come at the same time, he then handed the phone to Carter, explaining that Carter was the best of the two of them at setting up a system. Cater began speaking in a soft lilting voice into the phone, as he spoke he nodded at the phone as he made up what seemed to be an endless list of requirements, at a final silent nod he held out the phone for Peter to take, Peter took the phone from his slightly shaking hand.

"Hello, Prince Vladd here, Lou, what can I do for you?" The deep baritone voice of the wolf answered him.

"Hi Prince, this list is pretty expensive stuff, when do you need it?"

"As soon as, Lou and I'll need it installed as quickly as possible."

"Have you got power and cables for the setup?"

Peter looked up just as Steven came back to the hall. "What have we got for them Steven?"

"No problem, there's an extra room down in the basement next to the guards, it's not in use and has all the power and cable set up, it was going to be a spare security room."

"Hello Lou? Yes we have everything to get hooked up, when do you think it can be done?"

"For you Prince, we'll be there first thing in the morning, I'll send one of my guys out now to pick up everything needed, it's going to be expensive though, this stuff is top of the range, some of it is even kept secret by the governments top security agencies but we can get hold of it, it's going to come out at around $25,000.oo though."

"Ok Lou, if you can get it installed tomorrow morning I'll make it an even $30,000,oo as a bonus for speed, fair enough?"

"No problems Prince, it'll be up and running by lunch time tomorrow, guaranteed."

"Good enough Lou, and thank you."

"Thanks Prince, for the business, it's a pleasure."

Peter closed off the call and turned to the two boys, if you would like to stay tonight, Lou will be here in the morning and you can set everything up with him, ok?"

Both boys nodded their heads, the look of awe on their young faces, Torson smiled at them as they both slumped down onto a sofa still in shock at their good fortune. Peter then looked at Torson.

"Torson, I need some new employees for the grounds, do you think that some of your Vaga would like a permanent job here at the house?"

"What are you looking for, My Lord?"

"Well our electronic detection system is good close to the house, but further out we don't have anything, that's why they nearly caught us by surprise the other day, if they send a lot more men we are going to be under a lot of pressure if we don't get an early warning so, I was thinking of having four wolves during the day roaming around the outer forest with two Avians up above, during the night I was thinking of four felines on the ground and two more Avians above, they'd all be housed and fed here as well as paid for their services."

Torson turned to his committee.

"Well people, it looks like this is your first time to make a decision and take a vote, do we help our Prince with his problem?"

A very quick and short discussion took place, one of the committee turned to Peter, his aura showed he was a Feline.

"My Lord we have all agreed unanimously, we will have the boys here in the morning, I have two tigers and two panthers that would be perfect for that type of work, they're yours."

An Avian boy was next to speak.

"My Lord, I have two owls and two hawks that will be willing to take up the positions, they're yours."

Lastly was the Canine.

"My Lord I have as many wolves as you want, but I must warn you that they eat like there's no tomorrow." he said with a broad smile.

"Then I thank you gentlemen, and I promise that they will be well cared for, and in the case of the wolves, there'll be plenty of food for them. Lastly Torson, I need two more people for the kitchen and serving, with the extra mouths to feed Milly, my cook, will need extra hands to help her."

"I might have just the boys for you My Lord, there are two human boys that we've been looking after, they're nice kids, I think they're a couple but their English is very rough, best we can guess is that they came from South America somewhere, how they ended up here is anyone’s guess, we took pity on them when one of the guys found them sleeping on the street, they'd both been badly abused so instead of making a meal of them we decided to look after them, they're very quiet but I'm sure they're smarter than anyone thinks. They should be ok out here and they're used to being around the folk so there won't be any surprises and it would be safer for them out here instead of in the city."

"Sounds good Torson, perhaps they could come back in the limo when we take you home, now I'm sure you want to speak to your brother and your mum. Trantor?"

Seconds later the butler appeared from the kitchen hallway.

"Yes My Lord?"

"Would you ask Milly to set out a meal for our guests and then she might like to have some time with her son."

"Yes My Lord."

Trantor turned away calling for Alfred to set the table with the help of Simon, Max and a very subdued and willing Estaphan, within minutes the long table had been set and the food was beginning to appear, again Milly had proved her worth as each species of the folk had been well catered for as the table filled up with the delicacies that were the favourites of each of the folk, Peter gestured for all of them to take a place at the table and enjoy their meal, the invitation was taken quickly and with many looks of delight and satisfaction.

"May I go and see my Mother, My Lord?" Torson asked Peter.

"Of course Torson, take all the time you want, I'll have the limo ready for you whenever you want it."

"Thank you My Lord." replied Torson as he headed towards the kitchen area.

Peter and Swiftwing sat at the head of the long table and nibbled on a small salad as his guests filled their plates and began to eat, minutes later four of his security guards appeared for their dinner and were told to join the others, Peter thought it wise to introduce the guards to the new boys that would be staying in the house and inform them there would be more additions the next day as he beefed up his outer security, the guards nodded in total agreement to the idea. It was 1 am before the guests retired to the limousine to be returned to the city and their newly renovated home, all  of them had a very satisfied look on their faces.

After all his guests had gone, Peter gave Swiftwing a look of desire and held out his hand, it was time for a little one on one with his boyfriend, the excitement was obvious by the bulge in his pants as was Swiftwing’s.




Grant Combe’s was not looking forward to the meeting with the Deputy Director, he had failed and the Director would not be a happy man, tentiveley, Grant knocked on the Deputies door, a gruff command to enter came from inside, Grant opened the door and walked with trepidation towards the Deputies desk.

"Yes Combe’s, where's the little shit?"

"We ah,...couldn't get him Deputy Director, he refused to come along." Grant waited for the explosion.

"Good, I thought that would happen, now we've got an excuse to raid the place and shut it down for good, well done Combe’s, you better get home and get some sleep, I'll call you when you'll be needed again for the raid."

Confused, Grant could only stand and stutter, it had all been a set up, well the next time that little homo shit wasn't going to get away with it, him and his men would squash them like the little bugs they were, finally Grant nodded his head in thanks and left the office just as Gilliard reached for his phone.




Peter awoke in the arms of Swiftwing just as the shutters descended for the morning sun, Swiftwing’s eyes were open and were showing love towards Peters smiling face. Their night had been filled with love making and soft words of devotion toward each other. Swiftwing stretched and Peter looked down the length of his naked body, his loins tingling at the sight.

"Morning my love." said Peter.

"Morning yourself lover." replied Swiftwing with a smile.

"Well it looks as though you won't have to sacrifice the sun or you would be asleep right now, do you want to go for a walk and see if you'll be ok outside?"

"Yes, let's try it, but after a shower, I smell like a brothel." laughed Swiftwing as the two boys got out of the bed.

Thirty minutes later both boys stood at the front door, slowly Trantor opened the door and the morning sun streamed into the hallway, Swiftwing winced at the sudden bright light and backed into the hall a little as Peter held his hand.

"Are you ok, love?"

"It's so much brighter than I can remember, it's not painful but to bright."

"Trantor, have we got any sunglasses in the house?" asked Peter.

"I'll go and look, My Lord."

Shortly Trantor returned with a pair of dark sunglasses and handed them to Swiftwing who donned them immediately.

"One of the security guards had these, he said they were well polarised."

Swiftwing looked out at the bright sun and felt better, Peter took his hand in his and lead the way toward the front steps, as they came into the full sunlight, Swiftwing winced again.

"What's wrong love?" asked Peter.

"My skins hot, hotter than it should be, let me just try to adjust."

"Don't take any chances love, I don't want anything to happen to you now."

"It's ok love, it's hot and a little uncomfortable but not unbearable."

Peter looked at Swiftwing with concerned eyes, his lover’s skin was holding up under the sun but it was obviously uncomfortable for him, Peter turned and pulled Swiftwing with him back into the hall.

"That's all we need to know, love, you can stand the daylight but it's not good for you in full sunlight, at least you'll see each day and not be confined to the dark, I'm sure that on a duller day you'll be fine, can you feel if any of your Shaman powers are still with you?"

"Yes, they're still there, in fact I think they may even be stronger, I feel so alive, I can almost hear the trees growing and I can see lay lines in the ground, I've never been able to see them before, I could feel them but now I can actually see them. Thank you my love."

"What for?"

"For turning me and not leaving me to be lost from your side, I love you so much."

Peter fell into Swiftwing’s arms and hugged him tightly until they heard a cough behind them, Levi and Caleb stood there with large smiles on their faces, Levi was the first to speak.

"Welcome back Swiftwing, you look as though you're feeling ok."

Swiftwing smiled at Levi and Caleb,

"Never better, Levi, at least now I can be with Peter forever."

Levi nodded and told Peter.

"Security just told me there's a pickup outside the gates wanting to come in, someone called Lou."

"Yes let him in, he's here to do some security work for us, Caleb could you go through to the accommodation area near the kitchen, there's two new boys there, tell them the equipment they ordered is here and they can start to set it up, I want to be told as soon as they're finished."

"Ok Peter, what's their names?"

"Leon and Carter, Leon's the Feline."


Shortly there was a heavy knock on the front door, Trantor opened it to reveal Lou and another wolf standing there, between them were two young teens of about 13 years old.

"Come in Lou, welcome to my home, who've you got there?"

"Hi Prince, these two are from the Vaga house, Torson said you knew they would be coming, can't get a word out of them, well not in English anyhow."

"Ah yes, thank you Lou, the two boys you want to set up the equipment with, should be here in a minute, there's an office room in the basement to set it all up."

"Ok Prince, just point us towards it, my pup here will bring in the gear, go on pup, start getting the gear out and bring it in."

The younger wolf ran off back towards the pickup as Caleb lead Lou to the lift to show him where the room was, just before they stepped into the lift, the two hackers arrived and got in with them, the doors closed and they all disappeared downward.

Peter turned to the two young teens.

"Hello, I'm Peter." he said holding out his hand.

The two teens were holding hands and shrank back a little at Peter’s gesture.

"Do you speak English?"

The boys looked at each other then at Peter shaking their heads, Peter looked around.

"Trantor, is there anyone here that speaks Spanish or Portuguese?"

"I think Alfred speaks Spanish, shall I get him for you?"

"Yes please, and ask Milly to get some breakfast for the boys, they must be starved after getting up so early."

Trantor nodded and left for the kitchen, moments later Alfred appeared.

"You wished to see me My Lord?" asked Alfred.

"Yes, Alfred, I'm told you speak Spanish?"

"Yes My Lord, I have a talent with languages so in my spare time I learn as many as I can."

"What others do you know?"

"Latin, Portuguese, French and German, My Lord."

"Good, now see if you can find out about these two boys, we're not sure if they speak Spanish or something else."

Alfred turned to the two young teens and spoke in Spanish, one of the boys shook his head. Alfred tried Portuguese, the broad smile on both faces told them all they needed to know, suddenly the same boy began to babble excitedly as he heard his own language, at last there was someone to understand them, Alfred laughed and nodded his head as the boy animatedly talked away until Alfred held up his hand for him to stop.

"Well My Lord, that settles that, they're from Honduras, they were kidnapped from their village and brought here to be sold as male prostitutes, when they refused they were beaten and thrown out on the street in pretty bad shape, they were found by one of the Vaga and taken to Ellis Street, they've been living there for the last two months, they want to know what's going to happen to them now, the chatty one is called Raul, the other is Ravilla."

"Thank you Alfred, tell them I would like to give them work here and become part of my staff, if they want, they can start in the kitchen and you can train them to look after the table when we have guests."

Alfred translated for the two boys, at first they stared openly at Peter and Swiftwing, then they chatted excitedly to each other for about two minutes, finally the same boy looked at Peter and held out his small brown hand as he looked at Alfred and spoke something to him.

"He said it would be an honour to serve you, My Lord, I told him who you were."

Peter smiled at the two boys and shook the offered hand, nodding and smiling in acceptance, the two boys bowed low to Peter and then looked to Alfred.

"What would you like them to do, My Lord?"

"Firstly, get them fed, secondly, get Trantor to order some new clothes for them, he can get some for Estaphan as well, thirdly, congratulations Alfred, you've just become a teacher, it'll be one of your jobs to improve their English when they're not busy."

"Me, a teacher, well...ah...thank you My Lord, I think, I'll do my best."

"I'm sure you will Alfred, now take them to the kitchen and get some food into them." smiled Peter.

"Yes My Lord."

Turning to the boys he gestured for them to follow him, the two boys very seriously bowed low to Peter and followed Alfred down the hall to the kitchen, Peter looked at Swiftwing,

"Looks as though our little house is becoming a home, my love."

Swiftwing smiled and nodded his head, while they had been talking to the boys, the young wolf had finally finished bringing in the boxes of equipment and stacking them by the lift door where he had been told to put them, he straightened up and looked around the large room, he had never been in a house this big before and he took in everything in sight, it was certainly grander than the double wide trailer he lived in.

As he stood looking around, the doors of the lift behind him opened and Lou stood there looking at him.

"Come on pup, get that stuff in here, we got a tight schedule going on."

The young wolf immediately began to load up the lift with all the boxes, within minutes they were done and the lift was once again descending downwards, quiet descended on the hall as Peters cell phone rang, looking at the number on the screen, he saw it was the one he had given to Torson.


"No My Lord, I'm Felix, a member of the committee, Torson is in his daysleep, he asked me to call you if there was any problems."

"Oh, yes thank you Felix, and what's the problem?"

"Well, My Lord, I don't know how to ask you this but, we have a transport problem to get your new staff out to the house, all the kids wanted to volunteer for it but we had to sort them out for experience and common sense, some of them were a little to young for the type of work you wanted."

"Transport, hmm, never thought of that, ok, I'll have something to you in the next hour or so, have the guy’s ready, say, in two hours."

"Thank you My Lord, I'm sorry to worry you about this."

"Don't be sorry Felix, I told Torson to ask for help when needed, you did the right thing."

"Thank you My Lord."

Peter closed the phone and asked Levi.

"Who looks after our vehicles, Levi?"

"We use a dealer in the city, what do you need?"

"A people mover, something for House Vaga to use."

Levi opened his own phone and dialled a number, after giving his instructions into the phone he waited, shortly he began to speak again and then looked at Peter.

"He has three vans, a twelve seater, a fourteen, and a twenty six, colours are, red, brown and black."

"The fourteen seater Levi, in brown, have it registered to House Vaga with Torson as the principal driver and Felix as the second, others to be added as needed, I want the van at Ellis Street in one hour, if he can't do it then we'll find someone else."

Levi relayed the information, and, after a few choice words, he smiled at Peter.

"It'll be there in an hour, he didn't like it but I reminded him of how much he would lose if we went to the opposition."

"Good, now let's get some coffee, I need a pick me up." Peter smiled as Swiftwing wrapped an arm around his waist.

After their coffee, Peter and Swiftwing spent the next few hours upstairs in the office, working on the computer, when Peter checked up on Centenial Corporation, he saw the they had marked the Ellis Street property for demolition at the end of the month, Peter went to check on the members of the board, at the head of the list of twelve names was his own, nominated as the chairman in perpetuity, Peter pointed to the demo order and said to Swiftwing.

"That's not going to happen, let's set up a meeting of the board for this afternoon and put a stop to it right away."

Swiftwing nodded in agreement while Peter called for Levi, when the guardian appeared in the office, Peter gave his instructions.

"Levi, contact the secretary for Centenial Corp. and tell them the chairman wants a board meeting at 4.00pm today, all board members will be there without fail, no excuses."

"Yes Peter, who do you want to go with you, you can't take any chances after the attack?"

"You will come with Swiftwing and I, get two more security guards as well, Caleb will stay here and be in charge of the house in case of emergencies, he will have full authority to act as he see's fit."

"I'll get on it right now, oh, and by the way, the boys have finished with the computer room and want to see you in the hall when you're free."

"I'll be right down Levi, thanks."

Levi left the office and the two boys finished up the checking on the bank accounts, all the proceeds that had gone missing had been returned to Peters account and, although he had spent a lot of money on Ellis Street, his own personal fortune was still large and steadily growing.

"I think we should look into some of the other clubs and businesses after the meeting, love."

"Yes, sounds like a good idea, but I'm worried about your security, my love."

"Well, we'll just have to do what we can, I refuse to be locked away out here just because someone wants to take a shot at me, sorry love, at us, remember sweet heart, we're at the top of the food chain and not easy to get rid of."

Swiftwing wrapped peter in his arms and smooched him under the ear, with a light giggle, Peter stood up and turned in his slender arms, pecking Swiftwing on his red lips.

"Later my love, come on we have to see what the boys want and Lou has to be paid."

Holding each others hand, they went down the lift to the main hall where the two hackers and Lou, along with his boy, stood waiting, Peter held out a cheque for Lou.

"Thank you Lou, I see it's right on time as well, I've added the bonus for you, how much more have you got to do at Ellis Street?"

"Thanks, Prince, good to do business with you as always, Ellis Streets security systems will be done by tomorrow night, the tunnels are done and only the safety doors have to be fitted and the scanners set up then we'll be done, Jakes got most of the heavy work finished and it's mainly just fitting out the rest of the rooms that haven’t got tenants in them yet. Altogether I'd say it'll be done by the end of next week, the main building will be done by Friday, it's only the superette and the club that's taking time, those humans are slow." grinned Lou.

"Thank you Lou, I hope we can do business again, I appreciate all you and the others have done."

"No problems, Prince, call any time."

Lou saluted casually with his hand and lead his boy outside, the sound of the pickup telling Peter he was on his way home. Peter turned to Leon and Carter.

"Now guys, how does it look down there and are you happy with it?"

"Yes My Lord, very happy, it's unbelievable, since we both became Vaga we never thought we would be able to get good equipment ever again."

"My pleasure, Leon, now I've got your first job for you."

"Yes My Lord, we only have to finish installing some of the more difficult security programs and then we'll be ready for anything you need."

"How long do you need Leon?"

"An hour, My Lord."

"That's fine Leon, once you get set up and running, I want you to try to go into the head office of Homeland Security and find out everything you can on a Deputy Director called Gilliard Thombes, right down to what size socks he wears, can you do it?"

"Once we're in their system, none of that would be a problem, My Lord, if its there we'll find it for you."

"Good, now after that, I want you to search for anything you can find on immigration, I want each of the guys that attacked here the other morning to be traced, get Estaphan to tell you their names, you may have to go overseas for them, will that be a problem?"

"Not at all, My Lord, anything can be found if you know where to look and have the system to find it."

"Thank you Leon, I'll leave it to you and Carter, please let me know when you have something."

"We will, My Lord, would you like it sent to your console in the office?"

"My console?"

"I'm sorry My Lord, I had to run a test of the system, so...I...thought it better to keep it inside, I'm sorry My Lord, I...ah hacked your system to test out ours."

Peter looked at Swiftwing and then both of them broke up laughing, they had been hacked by their own employees, Leon and Carter looked relieved as they saw Peter and his partner laughing at the congruity of it all.

"How far did you get in Leon?"

"As far as the vampire net My Lord, given time I could probably get in there as well but we though it was a bit much for a test of the system."

"Well done, both of you but I hope my assets won't go missing to some off shore bank in the future?" smiled Peter.

"Oh, no, My Lord, we'd never do anything like that, but I would suggest that you let us update some of your security areas for sake of safety."

"Can you do that Leon?"

"Oh yes My Lord, if we can get in we also know how to keep others out and what they would be looking for to get into your system, if you wish, Carter can set up a virus system that will infect anyone trying to get into your system, that's his real strength, he loves to create new viruses and try the out, I prefer to do most of the mainline hacking for him, I get him in and he leaves his presents."

"Remind me to not get you both angry, ok Leon, you have my permission to upgrade and thanks for you honesty, now anything you need just let Caleb or Trantor know, is the apartment good enough for you both?"

"Yes My Lord, much better than what we've been living in for the last five years."

"Good, then thanks again, I'll leave you both to get on with it."

Both boys gave Peter and Swiftwing a small bow and left by the lift for the basement. Peter stood up and reached for Swiftwing’s hand.

"Let's go and shower before we go to the meeting, might even be time for a little rest or recreation." he smiled seductively at his boy friend.

Swiftwing jumped up and took Peter in a tight hug and whispered in his ear.

"To hell with the rest, lets just go straight for the recreation."

Peter laughed as the both ran over to the lift.








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