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Peter stood watching the two boys work their magic on the computer system, it covered more than half the room, wires ran from every outlet available and four large monitors sat on two long tables, the boys each sat in front of two monitors, their fingers flying over the keyboards, on their heads they wore ear phones and attached mics. One of each monitor screen was split into four windows, these were the four cams erected on the walls, the boys had changed the feeds from them into a loop feed and as far as the outside watchers were concerned, they were watching an empty yard.

The boys had instructed Peter that at any stage that a vehicle left the yard, they could cut back to real time so the observers outside would see the vehicles leave the property, when the vehicles had gone they would reinstate the loop feed so that everyone could continue to move around the yard unobserved, Peter thought it was eat way of keeping their privacy without alerting the enemy.

Leon had explained to Peter that the satellite coverage of the property was only available to the watchers for two hours each day and two hours at night, rather than interfere with the satellite via micro waves, they had gone into the computer operating system and altered its ability to receive infrared pictures, this would negate any problems with night time body counts, the watchers would never know how many people were in the house at any time.

Peter patted both boys on the shoulder and told then how pleased he was with all their efforts.

"Don't worry My Lord, this is no effort, its pure pleasure, I also have all the detail of Gilliard Thomes files for you, Carter has put a trace on all his phone calls for the last three weeks and has them ongoing, any call he makes we will have access too."

Again Peter reiterated how pleased he was with their efforts, with that, he and Swiftwing left to go to the practice room, they had decided to put in a couple of hours with Sin Yu although both boys were by now very proficient with their selected weapons they were now working on how to combine them together for duel attacks so they could protect each other in a fight, both with their weapons and with their abilities, even Sin Yu  was envious of their combined abilities and the ease in which they moved around and with each other, they made a formidable duo.

The next few days moved along without incident, the two surveillance men were kept under observation by the guard folk, Peter had to make sure his orders of leaving them alone were strictly followed as the two tigers had suggested a midnight feast when they had reported the first night, the two panthers had smilingly agreed that it was a good suggestion much to Peters horror.

"We leave them alone; I don't want them warned that we're onto them yet."

The four Canines gave Peter a smile and asked if they could have them when the action started, as they were sure it would, Peter was non committal about the request. It was in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the day of the official opening of Ellis Street, that the first attack came. It was preceded by a warning from the two boys in the new control room, five SUV's full of men were coming along the access road towards the house, it was an hour before dawn.

Peter and all the others were on their guard listening to the reports relayed to them by the two boys of the conversations between the cars and their headquarters; it took no time at all to set up their defences. The five SUV's pulled off the road 1 kilometre from the house where all the armed men got out and assembled, as they began to move through the woods, the two owls and two hawks took to the air, the four wolves disappeared into the deeper trees along with the two panthers, the two tigers stayed very close to the two watchers.

In the house, all the security guards took up their posts around the ground floor except for the three down in the security office who kept an eye on the defences and reported any movements, Leon and Carter were standing by to cut all the communications to the attackers headquarters while Peter and Swiftwing got all the vampires to spread out around the grounds ready to add some weight to the defence, Peter had insisted that they only disable the attackers but after a lot of loud groans and complaints from the four felines, had agreed to let them have a small party with the two that had been spying on them for so long, but, only as long as they left no evidence as to what had happened to the two men, the four cats had nodded happily as they licked their lips, their green and yellow eyes shining in anticipation.

The reports from the Avians and the wolves soon told Peter where the attackers were and what they were doing, they had stretched out in a line and were moving slowly towards the outside road, Peters accelerated hearing picked up two identical growls and muffled screams as the two scouts were taken out of the action, the cats had their party pieces.

The wolves had been told to separate and attack the line of men as silently as possible from each end too disable as many attackers as possible, Peter found out afterwards that as there had been thirty men in the line there was no shortage of targets for the wolves, the hard part had been to take them out without sound so as not to alert their friends.

By the time the attackers had made it to the road along the front of the estate, there were only twenty two men left, but they were not aware of that as it was too dark to see more than a few feet either side of them and they didn't have the advantage of extra sight, like the defenders, they all stood out as bright as daylight as well as their very bright auras giving them away.

Peters sharp hearing could easily pick up their whispered orders as well as receiving a direct feed into his earphones from Leon and Carter, the soft rattle of grappling irons hitting the top of the wall told Peter and the others where they planned to come from, the Vampires spread out and waited in the darkness created by the heavy foliage of the gardens, Swiftwing, with his Shaman abilities had totally disappeared into the dark greenness, even Peter could not spot him among the trees.

Peter heard the soft scrabbling of boots on the wall, to human ears it would have been soundless, to Peters sharp hearing it sounded like a jack hammer hitting stone, Peter readied himself as the mans body lifted above the wall and then slid over to hit the ground, again it was like the man landed on a bass drum to Peter, as the man straightened up Peter gripped his katana in his left hand and faster than the blink of an eye, he spun and hit the attacker with a solid round house kick that put the man on the ground without a sound, he was out cold.

Peter saw the plastic ties attached to the mans belt, quickly he tied the hands and feet just as he heard the next one trying to climb the wall, it seemed the others had dispatched their men just as quietly and quickly as Peter had, he immediately slung his Katana over his shoulder and readied himself for the next one, as the man landed he saw the first one lying on the ground, Peter heard him take a breath, ready to warn the others, with his superior strength and speed, Peter rushed the man before he could utter a sound, the ease in which he lifted the man off his feet and drove him head first into the wall, even surprised Peter, the man went limp in his hands, checking that he was not dead, Peter quickly bound him as well and with a little time he picked up both men by the shoulder and dragged them effortlessly deeper into the bushes before returning for round three, he felt a small chuckle starting in his chest as he realised he was beginning to enjoy himself.

If Peter had it right and his friends had done the same as he had, of which he had little doubt, there was only ten men left to come, as he thought that he heard the next one coming over the wall, for variation and a little practice, Peter waited until the man had straightened up before pile driving his fist into the mans chest, the look of shock and horror on the mans face almost brought a smile to Peter as he clamped his thumb and forefinger into the nerves just above the mans collar bone, the mans eyes rolled upwards and he sank to the ground to be tied and hidden like his friends.

'Four left' Peter thought as he waited, a minute went by and then two, still no more men came, suddenly Peters ear piece came to life as the voice of one of the wolves reported to him.

"Where would you like these four, My Lord?"

Peter easily jumped the wall and landed on the outside, on the side of the road stood the four wolves, their arms were crossed as they looked down at four unconscious men, their faces projected a look of boredom as they watched Peter approach them, Peter smiled at the four young Wolves.

"That's not fair guys, they were ours, you had your fun earlier."

The lead wolf smiled at Peter.

"No My Lord, we only got eight last time, you got more than we did so this was to sort of even up the score."

Peter chuckled and then sent an order for the men to be searched for car keys, as soon as they had been found, Peter sent off five of the security guards to bring the SUV's back to the compound, as Peter waited for the cars, the four Canines strolled casually into the yard, their bellies looked full and the smile on their lips told their own story, seconds later the four Avians landed and transformed, with a quick glance at the neat line of unconscious men laying on the driveway, they smiled at Peter and gave a little bow of acknowledgement.

"We got them all My Lord?"

"Yes, I'm going to do a search of their minds when they become conscious, I want them all taken down stairs to the basement, keep them tied and blindfold them all, if any of them start to speak, then gag them, better still, gag them as well, I want them to think they are alone and the only one surviving, Sin Yu, get Levi and Caleb to help getting them down there, I want them separated as much as possible."

No words were needed as the men were easily picked up after being properly gagged and blindfolded, and taken into the house, Peter sent orders to Leon and Carter.

"Ok guys, crash their system and set your virus loose, let’s cause as much trouble as we can for our Mr.Thomes."

The only reply Peter got was a small giggle in his earpiece, turning to the Felines, Peter asked.

"Did you clean up any evidence?"

One of the Panthers threw a mass of torn clothing onto the ground as he answered.

"No My Lord, this is everything, we had to scuff up the ground a little to cover a few wet spots but they'll disappear soon enough."

"Good, well done guys and gals, those who need it better get some food and then we'll need the patrols started again, just in case he sends some more snoops out."

"And if he does, My Lord?" asked the same Feline.

"Then we play it the same way for a little while until we're ready to make them disappear as well, next time it's the wolfs turn, ok, guys?" everyone laughed and agreed then all of them returned inside the house. As Peter sat down with Swiftwing on a sofa he heard his earpiece come alive, it was Leon.

"My Lord, we've let loose with the virus, it should take them at least two days to clean their system and start again, with a bit of luck they should miss the real bug and we can hit them again after they think they're clean."

"What if they replace their hard drives with clean ones?"

"It won't matter My Lord, it's not in their hard drive, it's hidden in one of the vid card systems, it then attaches to the feed to the monitor, it’s the last place they would look for any virus as well as being disguised as a normal application."

"Thank you Leon and pass my thanks onto Carter, keep up the good work."

"Thank you My Lord, we're going to take a break but the auto systems will keep us up to date."

"Yes, you guys take some time off, you've both been at it for ages and you deserve it."

"Thank you again My Lord."

Leon disconnected and Peter sank back into Swiftwing’s waiting arms and relaxed with a sigh, their second battle had been won and they were now onto the man behind all the trouble.




Gilliard glared at the dark grey blank screens, how could it happen, they had the most modern and up to date systems, nothing could get in without tripping alarms everywhere, it was worse than he thought, the computer system for the whole building was down, technicians were running around everywhere trying to work out what had happened, all landlines were out of action as well as most of their cell phones, whatever had hit them was big.

Gilliard fumed and raged as each new report came in to tell him there was nothing left of their terabytes of records, they would have to reboot every system and then reload everything from the back ups, it was going to take two to three days he was told, Gilliard went ballistic and began to yell at anyone that came into his line of sight.

Everything, old records, pay records, current projects, agents details the whole structure of homeland security had been wiped from the records, whatever had hit them was more than just some hacker playing games, this was obviously an external attack by some terrorist group, Gilliard had no options left, he had to contact other agencies to see if they could cover his area until they were up and running again, it would be embarrassing but it was better than not being prepared for some terrorist attack in some city.

Reluctantly Gilliard got to his feet and took the long journey down in the lift to the ground floor and then out into the street, he had no option, he had to use an open public phone to make contact with the next line of defence, the FBI, NSA, and the CIA, they would all have to be made aware of what had happened, Gilliard shuddered at the thought of what was going to be said around the agencies about this debacle.

Three phone calls later and anyone who knew Gilliard Thomes, knew he was on the very edge of exploding into outright anger, the snide remarks and comments had cut him to the core as he related what had happened in his department to the other agencies, they would laugh about this for years, he could almost see his future power base disappearing before his angry eyes as he stormed back to his office.

Gilliard had to hope that at least his men had performed their tasks and finally had that Vampire kid under lock and key or better still, had him in the ground along with all the other weirdo's, they probably were wondering what had happened to their communications, but they were well trained enough to go ahead and complete their mission of destroying the Vampire nest.

All he could do now was sit back and wait for them to return and make their report, Gilliard settled back to wait, they should all be back in a few hours and then he could start to cover his ass before the head got a hold of what had happened, unfortunately he didn't have that much time as there was a knock on his office door and in walked his boss, Gilliard looked at his superiors lined face and knew this was not going to be pleasant.

"What the fuck happened Gilliard, the whole system is down, we're totally blind."

"I don't know yet, boss, the tech's are checking it out now, they think it was a concerted attack by overseas terrorists, I’ve warned the other security departments so we have some cover until we are back online."

"How the hell did some terrorist group get into our system, it's practically impossible and how long will it take to get us up and running again?"

"They can't find out how it was done and the techs say it will be at least two days, luckily we can reload from our backups."

"That's not good enough Gilliard, I want the place working in the next twelve hours, I don't care if you have to replace every computer in the building, just get it done, how the fuck am I going to explain all this to my superiors."

"It's not our fault, Sir, it was an attack by some very sophisticated people, at least we will be able to watch for any terrorist activity and won't be caught out again."

"You better not Gilliard, after this debacle you're on thin ice, I had high hopes for you in this department, but this is not helping your reputation around here."

All Gilliard could do was reply with a very quiet, "Yes Sir" and watch his boss as he stormed out of his office, Gilliard started to yell for a technician as soon as his boss was out of hearing range, when the man had arrived, he was slightly breathless, Gilliard glared at him as he asked for a report.

"The servers are ok but fourteen of the mainframes are toast, the two backup mainframes are ok for now, they weren't connected when we were hit."

"Can we use those two until the others are operational?"

"Yes, I think we can patch them in but you will only have limited use, it'll be like going back to the dark ages of dialup and you can't use too many computers at the same time, it'll be slow but usable."

"How long to set it up?"

"Two hours at the most."

"Do it, and make sure only heads of departments can access it, the rest will just have to wait or use hard copies for now."

"Yes Sir."

The technician left in a hurry, the news to Gilliard had been better than he expected, he decided to tell his boss of the short term solution, maybe he would begin to overlook this set back, after telling his boss about the temporary solution, all he received was a grunt and a buzzing sound from the intercom.

Gilliard was not a happy man.




Peter and Swiftwing retired to their bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet, they had a party to go to later that night and would be up until dawn if he knew what it would be like for the Vaga to throw their own party, probably for the first time in their young lives.

Their love making that morning was both tender and deep, they both realised at the same time that they were totally in sinc with each other, both mentally and physically, every thought, every feeling, was doubled by a special link they had not been aware of earlier, it was as though they were both in the same body and experiencing everything twice.

Peters eyes were red with intensity while Swiftwing’s were now a bright living green, the combination of the two souls soared to new heights as the boys made love too and with, each other, the sensations were over-whelming to both boys, and when they had fulfilled all their desires, they lay back in stunned silence as the event sank into their minds.

As they lay in each others arms there was no need for words, each knew what the other was thinking, each knew how the other felt deep inside and all they felt was total love for one another, the mood was only broken when they both felt the approach of Levi coming through the office, the boys gave each other a final kiss and then went to clean up in the bathroom, by the thoughts being projected by Levi, they knew the first of the men was conscious, it was time to go to work.




Senior agent Jones slowly regain consciousness, everything was still a little hazy as he tried to sort out his memories, what had happened to him, did someone drug him, he could feel the plastic cuffs on his wrists and ankles, his breathing was difficult because of a gag in his mouth and where ever he was it was pitch black or his eyes were blindfolded. Slowly he began to feel the pressure of the blindfold over his eyes, 'Ahh so that was it' somehow he had been caught by someone, there wasn't much he could remember, he knew that he and three others were waiting outside the thick stone wall while his men went over the top, there had been four young teens walking down the road towards them. He and his men had taken little notice of the teens, their clothes were not much better than rough street clothes and there seemed to be no threat in the faint smile on their faces.

As the four teens had got closer he had been about to warn them away from the area and then it was just waking up here, where ever here was. Jones tried to make some sort of noise to attract attention, where were his men, jeez, there had been thirty men with him plus the two in the woods watching the place, how the hell did he get caught like this. The area around him was totally silent, no sound of breathing or any other movement was he the only survivor, his mind became bogged down with useless questions too which he had no answers.

Suddenly a loud click, like a lock opening, echoed around the space he was in, a soft whispering sound filled his hearing, suddenly he was pulled to his feet by unseen hands, Jones struggled to keep his feet once he was released as his ankles were still tied, a soft swish of metal on metal sounded and then his ankles were free, a very young voice spoke to him in the eerie silence.

"Agent Jones." how did this voice know his name, none of his men carried any ID on any missions, more confusing thoughts ran through his mind.

"Agent Jones, don't try to be a fool, if you behave yourself we will release you, we have no intention at this stage, to hurt you but, if you try to make any moves we don't like you will be hurt, I promise, now if you agree to behave just nod your head and you will be released, but remember what I said about foolish moves."

The voice was young but it had a tendency towards authority, if he agreed he could take care of them once he had full use of his hands and feet, he was trained to take care of multiple enemies even if he was unarmed, by the sound of the voice he would have no trouble with a kid, Jones nodded his head and waited to be released, it would only take a few minutes to get his faculties back into full working order.

More than a minute passed and nothing happened, then the young voice spoke again.

"You wouldn't lie to me would you Agent Jones?"

Jones shook his head in the negative, next thing he knew was the swish of steel again and his hands were free, seconds later the gag had been pulled from his mouth and the blindfold was untied from around his eyes, the room he was in was very dim, only a single low wattage bulb in the center of the room gave any light, he could barely see that the walls were made from stone and under his feet the floor was concrete, apart from a few wooden cabinets on the walls the room was bare, the biggest surprise was the boys.

There were six of them, all young, in fact the boy in front of him could not have been more than fifteen, beside him was an older teen with the strangest eyes Jones had ever seen, the pupils were jet black but the whites were a pale green, he was a native American, copper skin and a long braid of black hair laying over one shoulder, there was a set of twins who looked to be in their late teens and off to one side were two boys who appeared to be Latin Americans, it was the youngest one that spoke to him first.

"Now Agent Jones, I hope that you are a man of honour, I would hate for you to have been lying to me." the teen was totally relaxed and seemed to be in charge, as unlikely as it sounded, all the other boys remained silent as the youngest asked the questions.

Jones tried to flex some feeling back into his limbs as he looked over the group, six kids, now even he could handle that just as soon as he had all his faculties back, they didn't seem to have drugged him, so, how the hell did they get a hold of him in the first place, instead of answering the boy he decided to go on the offensive by asking his own questions.

"Who are you? How did I get here? Do you know who I am? Do you know what will happen to you boys when my agency finds out about this?"

"I'm the one you came looking for." said the youngest boy. "I'm Peter Vallison, now why are you here."

Confusion ran over Jones’s face as he looked at the young boy, no something is not right here, he was sent to catch a large gang of drug dealers, not a group of young boys, his mind whirled with possibilities, maybe these were drug dealers, he had seen it on the streets often enough, the dealers were getting younger and younger, no, that couldn't be true, this kid wasn't even out of school yet, then again, who knew what the drug trade had been up to these days, more confusion, it just didn't make sense.

Peter stood on front of Jones as he read the mans thoughts, he wasn’t about to let on that he could see everything Jones was thinking about, some secrets were not meant to be known by humans. Jones decided that for the time being, the truth would be best until he could take care of these kids and get out of here to find his men, there was no way that these kids could have taken all his men out, so, what the fuck happened to him.

Jones decided to carefully look around to see what his chances were and where each boys was situated, he would have to make sure of the order to attack them, the young boy was right in front of him, he held a very fancy and ornate Japanese sword, as far as he could see all the others were unarmed, the boy would have to be his first target, once the sword was gone they would have no weapons.

Next to the boy was the Indian, he had no weapons and nowhere to hide them as he was dressed like some old time Indian in a breechclout and moccasins, at each end and slightly behind these two were the identical twins and against the back wall and separated by about six feet were the two Latin boys, one of them smiled at Jones, he glared back at the boy, suddenly his breathe caught in his throat and he gasped, after blinking and shaking his head he looked back at the boy, no, it was his mind playing tricks on him, maybe they had drugged him but he was sure he had seen the boy shimmer and change into a Panther, no it couldn't be, it was some type of drug they had fed him, the Latin boys smiled a sinister smile and then, as hard as it was for Jones to believe, the boy winked at him and ran his small red tongue across his lips.

The silence in the room was a little unnerving but Jones straightened his back and took a deep breath, must be some new type of drug.

"I'll ask you again Agent Jones, why are you here looking for me?"

"I was ordered to come and take down a drug house."

"Do I look like a drug dealer to you, Agent Jones?"

"Who knows what a drug dealer looks like these days, kid, I get orders and that's that, now let me go or you and your kids are in big trouble."

"Let me think about that,.....Ahh, no, you're not going anywhere until I have all I want to know, now what did Gilliard Thomes tell you about us?"

That brought another gasp to Jones throat, how the hell did this kid know his boss, something wasn't right here, these kids knew too much, could it be...nah not Thomes, he wouldn't be involved in the drug trade, besides why would he want to attack his own trade house, that was stupid,...unless of course he was in it with the kids and wanted to take it all over for himself, no that was bullshit, Thomes was known as a back stabbing son of a bitch in the office, but, drugs? no it just didn't seem right, then again, he was a very ambitious bastard but, would he go this far? Ahh fuck, now his head was somewhere else instead of concentrating on how to get these kids down and he could get out of here, maybe later he could give is mind free rein to think more about the drug thing.

'Think man think, what do I tell these kids so I can get out of here and find my men' Jones mind was in a mess, jumping from one item to another, he had to settle down and think straight or he might be done for. He decided that part of the truth was better than an outright lie.

"I received orders to raid this house as it was a drug house, everyone was to be arrested and taken back for processing and all evidence was to be handed to my boss for prosecution cases to be made ready, that's all I know."

"Tell me Agent Jones, do you know what a food chain is?"

What the fuck was this kid talking about, just at that moment he was sure he saw one of the Latin boys flicker in and out of a Panther shape, no it was his mind playing tricks.

"What kid, you think I'm dumb or something, of course I know what a food chain is."

"Good Agent Jones, now do you know your place in that food chain?"

"What the fuck is this about, kid, stop fucking about."

"Answer the question Agent Jones."

"Ah fuck this bullshit." as he finished talking, Jones lashed out with his right leg, he aimed to catch the kid in the groin, it would hurt like hell and disable the kid for a long time, his foot only caught air, the kid had disappeared, only the Indian and the twins were standing in front of him, jeez, did he kick the kid that far, no he didn't make contact with anything, he stumbled slightly as he became unbalanced, quickly he adjusted and got ready to attack the three boys in front of him, as he focussed on the Indian a soft voice was heard from behind him.

"Now, now, Agent Jones, that wasn't nice."

How the fuck did the kid get behind him, he quickly looked over his shoulder, the kid was standing about three feet from him, he quickly looked back in front, again a shock to his system, only the two Latin boys stood by the wall, the other three had disappeared, what the fuck was going on here, a noise behind him made him look again over his shoulder, all four boys stood there smiling at his confusion, one of the twins spoke up.

"Want to try that one again, I promise not to move." Levi leered at Jones as the others moved back to leave him standing alone in front of Jones.

Jones growled deep in his throat, his muscles tensing as he made ready to charge this arrogant little shit, he would show him what the real world was all about, Jones charged at the boy throwing kicks and punches at his target, too his utter surprise the boy stood his ground and, with surprising ease, countered every move Jones made, with a splitting pain in his shoulder, Jones looked up from the floor at the boy above him.

'What the fuck just happened' he thought to himself, he was more disconcerted by the thin smile on the lips of the boy above him, Jones was no slouch, he often took on three grown men on training and had never been beaten so, how the fuck did a teen boy put him on the floor, it has to be the drugs they hit him with. The boy above him stepped back to give him space.

"Want to try that again, maybe you would like someone smaller?"

The sneer in the twins voice brought Jones to his feet again, taking a deep breath he summoned all his skill and knowledge, it must have been a fluke, the kid caught him off balance some how, Jones moved in fast only to find there was no one there, behind him a young voice spoke up.

"Looks like you missed again, have another go."

Jones spun around to face the voice, there was no one there, behind him again the voice taunted him.

"Over here, dumb ass."

Jones spun around again, nothing, only the three boys leaning back against the wall watching with amused smiles on their faces, something stung his cheek, lifting his hand he felt the warm trickle of blood from a deep gash in his skin and the voice behind him again.

"Hmmm, A positive, nice."

Before he could move, another stinging contact on his other cheek and the warm wetness of his own blood, Jones began to become afraid, in seconds he was very afraid as the two Latin boys shimmered and became two lithe black Panthers, their green eyes never leaving the face of Jones as he began to back up, trying to find somewhere to hide as his mind began to send signals of panic through his head.

What the fuck was going on, was this a nightmare, was he home asleep in bed and couldn't wake up, boys that turned into animals, other boys who disappeared and reappeared everywhere, no, no, no, he wasn't insane, it had to be a dream, this was stuff of fiction, a soft voice near him soon dispelled all doubts.

"What's your place on the food chain agent Jones? Do you have nightmares, Agent Jones?"

Jones stood alone shaking his head, what the fuck was this, a horror movie, his voice was unsteady as he answered the boy’s question.

"I...I don't know." all the fight seemed to evaporate from Jones system as he stood stunned by what he was seeing and hearing.

"Then I will tell you Agent Jones."

Suddenly Jones was looking at the worst nightmares he had ever seen, it was right out of a horror story, there, right in front of him were four boys with dark red eyes and fangs coming out of their mouths, their fingernails had extended two inches and were very sharp looking, except for the Indian boy, his eyes were still the strange green but darker, and the two Panthers were stalking back and forth around the room.

This was becoming too  much for his mind to handle, shape shifters, vampires, no, no, his mind was cracking, it had to be drugs they had put in him, the youngest boy spoke into a mic attached to an ear piece, five minutes of total silence later and a door opened and in walked two of the young teens he had seen on the road earlier, the young boy spoke to the two new arrivals.

"Our friend here doesn't believe in nightmares."

The two new boys looked at the other boys in the room and saw they were all transformed, with a huge smile they also changed, now Jones was really in a state of panic as two large wolves appeared where the two boys had been, no, no, not werewolves, they were fiction, this couldn't be happening to him, he had no psychological problems, his last phsyc test was good, this wasn't real, it was drugs, it had to be, in seconds even this last hope was dashed as the boy spoke again.

"No agent Jones, it's not drugs, and yes, I can read your mind so you see it was all useless to try to lie to me, now, I have an appointment to go too so I'll leave you in the capable hands of these two new boys, guys, I don't want him dead, when you finish playing games he's to be put into one of the cells upstairs, oh, and agent Jones"

Jones stammered out a reply.


"You're at the bottom of the food chain, just so you know, now enjoy your play time with the boys, I'm sure you'll find it fun."

One look at the two werewolves and Jones began to panic, he yelled out loudly as the others went to the door.


The young boy turned back to him with a smile.

"You don't need to tell me anything, Agent Jones, I've already got everything you know, bye now, enjoy yourself, and, boys, be careful with him."

Peter led the others out of the door and closed it behind him as he heard the loud scream from Jones as the two wolves growled. Once they were all back in the reception hall, Peter gave instructions to Caleb.

"I want you to have all the others stripped, then get some of the guys to trash the uniforms, once that's done put them all into a crate and get it delivered to Homeland

Security, address it to Gilliard Thomes, lets see what he makes of it, I think after the party we will have to sort him out personally. Levi, I want you to make arrangements to have all Symbiots from the city to meet here tomorrow night, it's time to mark them all and see who's who."

Both boys nodded their agreement and left the room just as the Trantor appeared from the kitchen area followed by the rest of the staff. Peter congratulated everyone on their actions during the attack, afterwards he and the other vampires left to dress for the party, he had let the guard folk decide for them selves as to who would come with them, it was after all a party for their own new house, two of the wolves said they would stay as well as one of the owls and a tiger to watch over the house in case of a second attack.

Peter had insisted that both Leon and Carter came with them as an extra reward for their invaluable help, the boys had tried to avoid going but Peter had told them it would be the only chance for quite a while to get away and have fun with their friends from House Vaga. Peter then sent Sin yu and Mbeda to collect his surprise for the party and, when Levi returned from his job half an hour later they all went to the garage to get the limo and head to the city.

When they arrived, Peter could see that the party had been arranged at the new club building, it was not entirely finished inside but there was enough done to make it a great party venue, a large sign read PRIVATE PARTY INVITATION ONLY, above the door, waiting outside were the committee and Torson to welcome their guest of honour, all of them gave Peter and his friends a bow as they welcomed them inside.

Once inside Peter saw how the club looked, it amazed him how much work had been done, on the ground floor was the reception and main dance floor, higher up on a mezzanine floor much like the wide balcony running around the four walls, were the tables booths that could look down on the main floor area, everywhere were streamers and other decorations, laser lights flashed around the room and the DJ was pumping out music for the Vaga and guests on the dance floor, Peter turned to Torson.

"Amazing, you're going to make a fortune with this." Peter continued to look around the room that was packed with close to three hundred boys and girls from House Vaga, just then Peter felt Sin Yu and Mbeda enter the club, between them they had a large square parcel, Peter whispered to Torson, who bowed and nodded then walked down the club to where the DJ stood at his console, after a few words the music died and a few groans from the dancing kids could be heard, Torson stood beside the DJ and leant into a mike.

"People of House Vaga, I want you all to welcome our benefactor and his friends to our new club and new home, everyone, Prince Vladd."

A spotlight shone down onto to Peter and his group as the crowd began to chant, clap and cheer, Peter lifted his hands for silence, a slight blush covering his cheeks at the reception he had received, once they had all quietened down Peter began his short speech.

"Thank you all for inviting us here, I'm sure that from now on things will go better for you and that your new home will be a place you can be proud of, I have a small gift for you all to prove that you will never be forgotten again by any members of the folk of the night."

Peter nodded to Sin Yu and Mbeda, they stepped forward and tore the covering from the large parcel, it was a large stone tablet, engraved on it were the symbols of Peters house, below the signet were three wavy lines and under that was the name in capitals, HOUSE VAGA.

"Torson, as head of house Vaga, I want to present this plaque to you and all the Vaga, from today on, you are recognised as an official house, the Council has also registered this house as an official member and you will now be protected by all the laws of the folk, when you start to rebuild in the other four states they also will come under your house, as you can see, I have placed my house mark as a symbol to others that you are also under my protection, so everybody, you are now true members the folk, congratulations."

To Peters dismay there was total silence for a minute and then, once what he had said sank in to the minds of all the Vaga, pandemonium broke out as they began to cheer and whistle, even all the workers, both wolf and human joined in, then the party really got underway, each of the committee members came up to Peter with tears in their eyes as they thanked him and promised to do everything in their power to start new houses in the other states for the rest of the Vaga not in this city.

The dancing and drinking went on long into the night, as dawn approached, only the Vampires had to leave but everyone else was still going strong as the first rays of sun tried to break through the morning smog of the city rush hour. Peter and the others sat back in the limo as they made their way back to the house for some well earned rest, Sin Yu and the others that could not handle the daylight had left two hours earlier in the BMW to be home before sunrise.

On arriving home, Peter saw that only Trantor and two security guards were up and about, with a smile and a thank you to everyone, Peter and Swiftwing went to their own room for a rest, tonight was going to be a very busy one, Peter had decided to finish with Gilliard Thomes once and for all after the Symbiot meeting and then hopefully things would settle down and they could live their lives in peace and quiet.








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