All over the four states the battles began, only in the home state was there no action, it appeared that their assumption was correct and that Seaton did not wish to attack Peter directly, however, in the other states, the fighting became vicious and deadly as the combined forces of House Vladd and the Vaga, along with the addition of the federal troops battled with the ever increasing numbers of enemy Vampires and Werewolves tried to take over the towns and cities, still Peter held back his copious reserves until the last minutes.

Slowly the enemy began to make small inroads into the cities but at a very high cost, the Federal snipers were taking out Vampires at a high rate which in many cases left the attacking wolves at a disadvantage in close combat with the Vaga combinations but still Peters people suffered losses because of sheer numerical advantage of the enemy. Every home owner kept his doors and windows closed tightly as they heard the slaughter going on out in the streets but even so, some were not so lucky, when they could, the Werewolves would break into a house and ravage everything and everyone in there which caused total chaos as the families tried to defend themselves against creatures right out of a horror movie.

Slowly, Peter began to let small parties of reserves go to the aid of the more hard pressed of his troops but with the main attack still formed in the back of his mind he tried to hold back as many as possible, he was well aware that he may not be attacked tonight as they were all sure Seaton would want to weaken them further before trying for the home state. Small sporadic attacks took place in his own city but they were no more than tentative probes and, as there were no survivors from these probes, Seaton would get no answers to his questions of strength or dispositions of his arch enemy, Prince Vladd.

Over the next four days the system of attacks stayed the same, still there had been no concerted attempt on Peter’s home, of the four other states there had been considerable losses to his own members but the enemy had suffered more, their losses were nearly double those of Peter’s and the latest attack had been weaker than all of them. Slowly, Peter pulled back his remaining reserves until only the original members of each state held their own defence line.

All of House Vladd knew that they would be next for a round of very heavy assaults, it appeared that Seatons plan was as they had expected but by the sixth night, when the first wave of attackers arrived, Peter had all of his reserves back and rested. His instructions to hold back all of the Vaga had been a wise one as the attacking Vampires and rogue wolves tried to attack and destroy House Vaga first. Jake and his friends had done a magnificent job on the defences of the house as it stood up to continual attacks time after time and only a few of the attackers made it through the front doors, only to be met by the defenders of the house in an outright vicious and brutal counter attack.

As the sun rose next morning, the slaughter around House Vaga was like a battle field of old, dead and wounded wolves lay around, limbs severed and other deep wounds trying to heal themselves as the defenders went among them and showed no mercy, not a single Vampire lat among the wounded, they knew better than to stay around, only the dead were left behind but even as the wounded tried to flee from the conflict, the roof top snipers took a heavy toll, their depleted uranium rounds destroying the fleeing vampires until there were none left in the vicinity of the House.

Jake and his crew took care of removing the bodies of the slain wolves while the rising sun destroyed any evidence of the Vampires, the first round had been a victory for Peter and his friends but at the back of their minds was the realisation that this was just the start of the final battle. Over the next three nights the attacks intensified until the streets were even to dangerous for the local police force and the governor had to ask for the military to assist in trying to keep order, but even this was not enough to stop the attackers, their number seemed to increase as the fighting got more and more vicious and the body count rose on both sides as well as human losses to the military.

The Vampire Councils worst fears had come to pass, all those old fears of things that went bump in the night were now revealed to be true, panic began to set into the human population as the terrors of the night were seen more and more on the dark streets. The howling of wolves and screams and snarls of large cats echoed through out the city as the battle after battle took place, only Peter’s own house was exempt from the onslaught, for some reason of his own, Seaton had not attacked his house directly, this alone made Peter and his friends wonder why they had been left alone, Peter decided to call a meeting of all the heads of house and include the Council by conference phone.

On the fourth night there was a lull in the attacks; Seaton must have seen that his frontal attacks were only weakening him and his forces, so Peter called the meeting for that night. The other four states had been quiet since the start of the attacks on Peter’s state; everyone had either come to Peter’s house or were online like the Council. All four states reported no further attacks and that they now had some forces free to assist Peter if he needed them.

After the state reports, Peter asked for ideas on what they thought Seaton was up too, it seemed senseless to just keep throwing forces at well defended positions for what appeared to be no gain what so ever apart from depleting some of the defenders numbers. It was Count Drakula who came up with a reason that had not crossed anyone else’s mind.

“Prince Vladd, I think he has accomplished what he wanted too.”

“How do you mean Count Drakula?”

“The humans, he’s made them all aware of us, if he pulls back now and waits then the humans will start to take things into their own hands for him, remember we are the terrors of the night to them and, you know what they do to anything or anyone they fear, they try to destroy them or it. If Seaton just stays hidden for long enough, and you know how long that could be, then the rest of us will eventually be found out and destroyed by the humans, or at least that’s the way he is probably thinking.”

“Yes I see your point Count Drakula, but is he aware of our meeting with the President; surely our agreement with him and his security departments would put a stop to any hunting by humans?”

“Perhaps but remember that the President can be voted out of office at the next election in two years time, or, he can be impeached and any agreements you have with him will mean nothing, you have to find Seaton’s lair and destroy him before it goes much further, if it comes to a final solution with the humans then you will be the target, the rest of us are still well hidden so the humans don’t know our real numbers but you and your friends are right in the firing line.”

“Yes you are quite right Count Drakula, we’ll have to give it some thought, our Vaga friends are out now trying to track him down but he’s hidden himself in the mountains and its’ dense forest up there, the wolves and cats are trying to trace him and will let us know as soon as they get a scent but it’s difficult terrain, we think he is underground so that makes it more difficult, but, as soon as he uses his communications we will have a better line on him, my boys are scanning every band width they can to trace him.”

“Well there’s nothing more I can add, Prince Vladd so all we can do is wish you luck and thank your Vaga and other friends for helping you in this time danger.”

“Thank you Count Drakula, and also the other Members of the council for your help, we’ll do our best to keep it from spreading any further from our own states.”

Peter hung up and turned to his friends.

“Well, that’s that, we’re on our own, lets see if Leon and Carter have found out anything more about Seatons whereabouts?”

Leon reported that they had again narrowed down the search area to about half a square mile, by the looks of the signal they had found it appeared that Seaton must be underground as there were no signs of life anywhere in the area that the signal came from.

Two of the Feline Vaga had picked up a very faint trace of a vampire around a rocky outcrop but it had then disappeared and there was no sign of any entrance that was immediately visible, they had decided to start all over again and retrace the scent to find out where it had gone too or where they could find an opening in the rock face, Peter agreed with them that Seaton had too be somewhere close but he was stumped as to how to find the opening to the vampires underground hideaway.

Everyone present tried to think of a solution to the vampire’s disappearance and how he had managed to conceal his headquarters so well. Finally, after an hour of discussion, one of the Vaga contingent put up a suggestion; it was way out there and involved the boy’s interest in SiFi and fantasy stories.

“My lord, what if he was using an old abandoned rocket silo or underground defence bunker, surely there must be some sort of map or plan as to the locations of them all?”

Peter beamed a smile at the boy and gave him a pat on the back in recognition of his input.

Peter immediately dialled the private number for their friend in homeland security; it was answered on the first ring.

“Mr. Shaw, I need a very big favour urgently.”

“Certainly, Prince Vladd, as the President said, you have full priority, what is it you need?”

“We think we have found our attackers headquarters, well the general area at least, we want to know if there is a hidden silo system or underground bunker system in the area with a hidden entrance to it, we know he’s in the area but as yet can not find out how he got to disappear into thin air.”

“What area are you searching?”

Peter gave Shaw the co-ordinates of the area that Leon had passed to him.

“Can you give me half an hour, My Lord and I’ll call you back with everything we have in that location.”

“Thank you Mr. Shaw, we’ll wait for your call.”

Peter hung up and sat back in his chair, all they could do now was waiting for Shaw’s call. No further reports had come in about attacks although there were some disturbing reports about a number of human fanatics beginning to assemble and making noises about getting rid of the abominations against god that the evilness of vampires and their ilk had to be wiped from the face of the earth so that decent god fearing humans could live in peace without the devils spawn infecting their lives.

At hearing the report, all those around the table gave a heavy sigh of resignation, it had started, just as Seaton had planned, the general populace was now getting in on the act and, although they were not aware of the real reasons behind the attacks, the humans were in no doubt as to their divine right to rule over everything and everyone that walked the earth, and if it was too different to themselves then it was best to destroy it, just as they had done for centuries.

While the numbers of the folk world wide were a considerable number, they knew, that even with their many and varied superior abilities, a war with humanity would only bring eventual doom to them all because of the sheer numbers of humans arrayed against them, oh yes, the slaughter would be monumental among the humans but the eventual outcome would be the same, there was only one solution to the problem, find Seaton, stop the internal war and hope that the President had enough power to stop any attempt at destroying the folk, everything hung on the willingness of the President to keep his word and stop any back lash for one vampires greed.

Peter admitted that there would always be those that would see no further than their own needs and that the folk could do what they had done for thousands of years and go back underground to wait out any attempt at destroying them but in the mean time there would be a terrible loss of life to both the folk and the humans, it would set back any chance at peace for quite a number of generations, the implications of Seatons war was not over by a long shot, Peter felt deep in his bones that there was a lot worse to come in the future, even after Seaton was destroyed and his plans made public.

As Peter mused over the coming problems his phone rang, picking it up he heard the sound of Shaw’s voice on the other end.

“My Lord, there is only one bunker in that area, it was set up during the cold war and then sold off in the late 80’s to a private consortium, the entrance was in the rock face, there should be a hidden panel to the left of the doorway that will activate the opening of the bunker. To find it you will need to look for two small stars engraved in the rock, they should be at waist height, push hard on the stars and the panel will appear, the original code was 77812935, if they have changed it then you will have to try another way. It’s protected from explosives by a heavy steel door behind the facade of rock so you need the code to get in, it’s the only way.”

“Thank you Mr. Shaw, we’ll try the old code first, if it doesn’t work then we have a number of very resourceful people here that will find another way in, again my thanks.”

After acknowledging Shaw’s reply Peter turned to the assembled folk and told them what he had, immediately he sent Leon out to contact their Vaga search party and relate the information they had just received, an hour later and Leon was back with his report from the searchers.

“My Lord, they have found the hidden panel and tried the code but it didn’t work, it looks as though it has been changed, what are your orders?”

“I...I don’t know where to go from here Leon, have you any suggestions?”

“Well, one My Lord.”

“Anything at this stage will help Leon.”

“There was a friend at school that was something of a genius with electronics, but I don’t know if you can get him to help, he’s in Juvie as far as I know and he’s also human, I don’t know if he will be up to helping us.”

“What’s he in for Leon?”

“Mostly for hacking but he also used to make small electronic devices for door code breaking for his friends to break and enter apartments, that’s how he got caught, one of his friends told the police about his abilities and he got three years in Juvie for it.”

“How old is he Leon?”

“He’d be sixteen now My Lord, he’s got at least two more years to go.”

“Give me his name and the hall he’s in Leon, I’m sure I can get him out and maybe even guarantee his continuing freedom.”

“His name is Roland Abbot but he’s known as Worm, his nickname came from his habit of always being stuck in a book, hence Bookworm or just Worm now days, are you sure, My Lord, that you want a human to know about us?”

“Do you think he will help us Leon?”

“If you can get him out of that place, I think he will, but as too working with the folk, I don’t know, he was always terrified about horror films and stories, he maybe just to scared to take the chance.”

“Thank you Leon, leave it to me.”

Peter again reached for his phone and dialled Shaw’s number, once he was through he related his problem and the solution he had come up with, Shaw immediately called up the boys file and instantly sent a letter of authority via email to Peter’s computer. The boy, Roland would receive full amnesty if he helped to solve Peter’s problem, all that had to be done was to go and get him and that was not going to be easy, the facility he was being held in was one of the toughest in the state and was ruled over by a political appointee that seemed to think of the facility as his own little world, it would take a lot of convincing by Peter or his representative to get the boy out, even with the authorisation paper.

Once he had again hung up peter sat back and thought for a few minutes and then turned to Jake.

“Jake my friend, how would you like to pick up a juvenile delinquent for us?” Peter smiled at the expression of fun on Jakes face.

“Oh My Lord, Prince Vladd, how could I refuse such an offer, if he plays up can I eat him?” Jake laughed back at Peter.

“Only after he opens the doorway, my Friend.”

“Oh well, I suppose that will have to do, where is he?”

“Elworthy Detention Centre, here’s a copy of the release papers, oh, and Jake?” Jake looked up. “Don’t take no for an answer from any of the guards or the head warder.”

Jake gave one of his ferocious stares.

“Me, My Lord, take no for an answer, I don’t think so, if that’s all, I’ll go get our little deviate, I should be back in about three hours.”

“Thanks Jake.”

Jake left the room and Peter again sat back to try to think of any possible problems that could arise once they had the door open to Seatons hideaway, not knowing how many guards the vampire would have was the biggest problem, his best plan was to use the one advantage that he had over Seaton, daylight, he was sure there would be guards about but he could handle any of them with extra heavy forces once they were ready to enter.



Jake had decided to make a short stop on his way the Detention Centre to pick up one of his new pups, the boy sat beside him in silence, even though Jake had insisted the pup wear some very brief and exposing clothes, the pup seemed relaxed and at ease even though Jake had explained what he thought the Centre would be like for any young offenders there, Jake didn’t know for sure but he had sneaking suspicion that the centre was a more than just a juvenile prison.

Jake pulled his beaten up utility into a vacant parking space near the front doors of the foreboding plain brick wall of the Juvenile Centre, only at the front centre of the building were there any windows and they were positioned just above the large entry doors, obviously the offices of the Centre, the rest of the building was just plain red brickwork with no external windows, Jakes heightened senses could smell the fear in the air.

Outside the doors stood two large well fed guards, they eyed Jake and his little pup with suspicion but Jake could smell the increase in testosterone as their eyes fell on the slim young body of his underdressed pup, Jake smiled to himself as he once again looked at his young pup, he had made sure the boy had put on the smallest pair of cut off shorts they could find for him to squeeze into, the wife beater tee shirt was two sizes too small for the boys slender form and exposed his flat stomach with its slim six pack ridges and his neat little belly button was on full display which accentuated the smooth flat pubic area as it disappeared into the top of the way to small shorts. On the boys feet were a pair of hiking boots with the socks rolled down over the top, this brought the attention of any roving eye to the long slender legs that seemed to rise forever up to the tight small butt at the rear or to the delicate bulge in the front, the pup (Boy) was a walking advertisement for sexuality.

Jake watched the two guards begin to drool at the sight of his pup, the heightened sexual tension in the air almost made Jake wrinkle his nose, it was so strong, it also proved his guess about the place was right on the mark. Jake squeezed the pups shoulder and whispered in his ear.

“Remember what I told you pup, say nothing and do nothing until I say so, got it, Pup?”

“Yes Alpha.” The boy answered softly enough that the two guards could not hear him.

Jake strode up to the guards at the top of the stairs, both of them barely glanced at Jake, their total concentration was on the little sex pot walking beside the rugged looking man, their guess was that the guy was a bounty hunter and was bringing in some kid for detention, if that was the case then their latest little fuck boy could have a rest while the took to training this new one. Jake could almost read the lust in the eyes of the guards, this was going to be so easy.

The first guard looked down the steps at Jake and the boy.

“What you want, bounty hunter?”

“Want to see the Warden.”

“He’s busy, make an appointment.”

“Since when do you make an appointment to put a kid behind bars?” Jake was starting to enjoy this game.

“You putting that kid in here?”

“Could be, depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“Who I take out of here.” Replied Jake, with a smirk on his lips.

“Man, have you come to the right place.”

It was obvious to Jake that they had misinterpreted why Jake was there, which was fine by him, this game got more interesting by the minute.

“So, where’s the boss man?” asked Jake.

The guard paused for a few seconds but the look in the man’s eyes told Jake he had won, his young pup had seen to that. The guard grunted and flicked his head behind him to indicate for Jake to follow him into the building, he then turned and let Jake follow him through the heavy wooden doorway and into a long hall. It had closed door on each side of the hall and a flight of stairs leading upwards at the far end.

The guard nodded towards the stairs but his small piggy eyes never left the slender form of the pup.

“The wardens office is at the top of the stairs and to the left, you can’t miss it, by the by, what’s the boys name?”


“Funny name, why call him that?” Jake smiled and decided to lay it on a bit thicker.

“It’s his favourite position.”

“Really, he likes it doggy style, huh?”

“You have no idea, buddy.”

“Well he’ll soon get a lot of practice in here, most of the guards like a bit of boy butt and a doggy boy will get a real good workout.”

“Oh, I’m sure he will, now where’s this boss of yours?” replied Jake as he pulled the pup with him, he could feel the pup shaking with anger at the image of what the place was truly like for its inmates, he glanced up at his Alpha but knew better than to voice his thoughts, instead he just followed his pack leader up the stairs until they came to a door marked ‘WARDEN’

Jake didn’t bother with the niceties of knocking, he just threw open the door and pushed his pup through roughly, behind the desk in the office sat a very large and very fat man, he was a good 6’4” tall but was layered in rolls of thick fat, his small button eyes peaked out through the thick fat cheeks, his small lips framed a thin mouth that was already drooling at the sight of Jake’s pup, his chubby short fingers were tapping urgently on the desk top, he finally tore his eyes away from the delectable morsel that stood in his office and looked up at Jake.

“So Mister, what do you want?”

“I’ve got an order here for one, Roland Abbot, nickname, Worm.”

“So what; he’s ours, he stays here.”

Jake threw the papers on the repulsive mans desk.

“That’s not what these say.”

The Warden opened the papers and glanced at them before he continued.

“They’re just copies; you want the boy you have to show me the originals.”

“Those papers are signed by the President and are bona fide, now release the boy to me and I’ll be on my way with no further trouble.”

“Not gonna happen, Mister, the boy stays here until I see the originals and, knowing how slow the beaurocracy is, that could take some time, in the mean time he stays.”

Jake put on his friendly face.

“Look Warden, I’m sure we can work something out, the boy is needed elsewhere for some important people, and I have to take him with me.”

“Well, I suppose we could come to some sort of agreement, that’s if you’re willing to do some trading?”

“What did you have in mind, Warden?”

By this time the Warden was openly drooling from the side of his small mouth and his narrow piggy eyes were bright with desire as the never left the slender figure of Jake’s pup.

“I suppose you could leave this boy here as a guarantee, we could look after him until you bring back the other one.”

“Well Warden, normally I wouldn’t mind helping you out that way, but if I left this pup with you, he’d probably wreck your Centre in a week, he’s nothing but trouble at the best of times.”

“Him, I wouldn’t worry about a kid like that, we have our own ways of bringing them to heal, and why do you call him a pup?”

“Ask the guard at the front door, he knows.”

“Well I think that’s the only way it’s going to work, Mister, you leave the boy and you can take the other one.”

“Not gonna happen warden, this is a legal release form signed by the President of these United States.”

“It’s a copy and nothing more, you get the original and you can have the boy, of course there’s another way.”

“And what would that be warden?”

Jakes sharp hearing picked up the muted sound of a buzzer outside the office.

“We could just take this one and throw you out of here.”

As the Warden finished speaking, five large heavily built guards walked through the door and surrounded the two canines, Jake looked at the five men with a hint of distain, but the smile on his lips never left his face, with an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders he looked down at his pup and gave him a hidden wink.

“Looks like you hold all the cards Warden, you go get the other boy and I’ll leave this one for you, but remember my warning, this ones nothing but trouble.”

The warden and other officers looked over the young boy and smiled at each other, the Warden spoke up first.

“Don’t you worry none about us, trouble is our speciality, we’ll soon have this one on his hands and knees.”

Turning to one of the officers, the Warden gave the order to bring in Roland Abbot, for the five minutes to find the boy and bring him to the office, the Warden and other officers were undressing the boy with their eyes, Jake caught on and decided to up the ante as soon as Roland was with him, he winked again at his pup.

Minutes later and the door opened to reveal the young teen, Roland, he may have been nearly seventeen but his body was small, he looked to be no more than thirteen or a young fourteen, his head had been shaved and showed fresh scars on his cranium, his glasses were broken and had been repaired with tape, the right eye was swollen shut and badly bruised, on his arms and kegs were old and new bruises where he had been held to tightly, the finger marks could still be seen, it was obvious to Jake that the boy had been badly abused as he tried to shuffle painfully into the room, held by the guard in a tight grip.

The new boy was roughly pushed towards Jake, the sudden push sent him almost to the floor as Jake grabbed his skinny arm and helped him to stand up, Jake looked down at his pup.

“Right, Pup, fairs fair, get out of those clothes and give them back to me, they’re mine and I’m sure you won’t be needing them for a little while.”

The pup looked at Jake and gave a small smile as he pulled off the wife beater and began to untie his boots, once they were off he began to slowly, very slowly, unbutton his shorts, the loud inhaling of the guards breathes told Jake all he needed to know.

“Now Pup, you do what I told you and don’t forget to clean up any mess you make.”

The boy smiled at Jake and nodded his head as he pushed his small shorts to the floor to reveal his whole body for the assembled guards and warden, he had nice round testicles and his thickish shaft was hard up against his belly, no one noticed that the boys shaft seemed to fit snugly into a small indentation in his pubic and abdominal area as though the slight groove was made for his penis to rest in, it gave him the appearance of being permanently erect where in truth it was his natural state as it was for all canines.

The guards and Warden sucked in their breathes once again at the disclosure of such and beautiful and sexually explicit demonstration by the young teen, Jake could see the lust rising in their eyes and crotches, his pup was going to have fun with these degenerates, Jake took hold of Roland’s arm gently and steered him towards the door, the others hardly noticed him leaving as their eyes were all glued to the naked boy in the middle of the room, Jake held on tightly to the boots and clothes, he didn’t want to leave them in there with that lot of fools.

Jake took Roland out through the door then pushed it closed, he then rested his back against the door and slowly lowered himself onto his haunches as he gently pulled Roland into his chest and began to sooth the fearful boy and almost rigid boy by rubbing him gently on the back. Roland didn’t know who the big man was or why he was here but the soothing massaging of his back began to make him feel safe and he began to relax slowly onto the heavy chest of the man.

His saviour was a huge man, he had a broad chest and had a strange, slightly musky smell about him but for some reason Roland knew he was safe with this man, he looked up into the concerned eyes of Jake and asked.

“Why are you here?”

“Leon sent me to get you, you remember Leon don’t you?”

“Yes, he always looked after me but I haven’t seen him for ages, he just disappeared one night and never came back.”

“Well you’ll son meet him again, now soon there’s going to be a lot of noise coming from this office, I don’t want you to be scared, you’re safe here with me.”

“But why can’t we go now, they won’t let that other boy go now?”

“Oh, I think they won’t have an option but to let him go, we just have to wait for him here so he can have his clothes back, now just relax and don’t listen to anything that goes on in there, ok?”

“Well, if you say so, Mister.”

“Jake, that’s my name, so you just call me that, ok, no mister business, just Jake.”

“Uhm, ok, Jake.”

“Good boy.” Jake continued to caress the black boys back as he heard through the door that things were about to get heated up inside, he smiled to himself, he had warned them about his pup so it was up to them now and no concern of his.









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