BOOK 3

				CHAPTER 11


Under peter's orders, every vehicle that could be found was used to make a
fast transport back to his compound, they had had to wait for the sun to
set before they could begin the removal of the New Bloods, the four in
shackles tried at first to fight their way out of going but the numbers and
the shackles soon changed their minds, they were not a happy foursome.

Peter was still mystified about not finding Michael Strong but at least now
they should have a breathing space before the renegade Vampire could show
his head again, with the slaughter of his minions he must have had little
left to fall back on, had Peter known about Michaels present predicament he
would have felt a lot safer but, as he well knew, when things were going
too well then Murphy was inclined to step in and play games.


Michael awoke to darkness, constriction and movement, it suddenly dawned on
him that he was now mobile and encased in a black shroud, not the ideal
place to be when one awakens from his death sleep, Michael opened his eyes
and used his Vampire sight to see where he was, it took little time to
realise he was in one of his blackout bags, the faint smell of his five
boys entered his nostrils, his ears began to pick up their soft chatter, in
the time they had spent with Michael they had picked up or invented a kind
of pigeon English so they could talk to each other and understand their
masters orders.

Michael listened for a few minutes before calling out to be released, he
felt the vehicle slow to a stop then the scrabbling sound of one of the
boys coming towards him, as the thick zipper opened up the bag he looked up
into the face of one of the Russian boys, the fear on the boys face was
evident from the first glance.

Michael looked at the scared boy and asked him with one word.


Michael watched as the boy tried to find the right words to explain why
they were travelling and he was in a blackout bag.

"Many kill, run, run fast, now us only, you come, you see."

Michael looked at the scared face of the boy and tried to work out the
meaning of the broken English, as best as he could decipher, they had come
under attack, but by whom? He was now being taken away from the bunker by
his boys, why? The bunker should have been able to withstand any attack
from outsiders, how had they got inside with all those wolves patrolling?

Michael had too many questions and no answers, he had to find out more and
quickly, if he had lost the bunker during the daylight then all of his
troops, both his New Bloods and those imports, would now be dead, they
could not defend themselves when in their death sleep, that left him with
another problem, Chen Sin Yu and Senti Matsumoto, when they found out that
he had lost every man would they still want to back his plan to take over,
it looked as though one problem just caused more, he had to find out more
about what happened while he slept.

Michael left the narrow bed he had been sleeping on and walked to the front
of the large RV that had been his escape vehicle, one of the older Asians
was in the drivers seat and looked a little like a doll at the wheel of the
big vehicle, using a hand signal, Michael told the boy to pull over so he
could take the wheel.

After the change over, Michael told the five boys to go to the back and
sleep while he drove, when the dawn approached he would let one of them
drive again while he slept, as they had been heading North he decided to
keep in that direction, with luck he could make the Canadian border and
disappear until he could make contact with his two backers, when that time
came, Michael knew he would have to watch his words carefully, the only
bright spark in all the chaos was the lack of transport on the roads, his
escape was made easier as there was little to impeded his movement.

When it was time to make the driver change, Michael thought they were no
more than a few hours from the border, he had selected a small country road
to follow in the hope there would be little or no control for them to cross
over, once on the other side and out of the New States, Michael felt he
would be safe enough to try to recoup what had been lost, it was a long
shot but the only one he now had.


Peter sat at his desk, it had been nearly a month and no sighting of
Michael Strong had been made, there had also been no sign or indication of
the whereabouts of Chen Sin Yu, once his secret was out he had made sure to
disappear as he well knew the Council would have their hunters out looking
for him, while the Council knew of the involvement of the Yakuza, they
could not find out which one was behind the attempted invasion.

The new calmness over the country had at last made Peter feel safe and
secure, for anyone to raise another fighting force to attempt another
invasion would take time, in the mean time he had the influx of New Bloods
to contend with, most of those who had decided to go back to their families
found little waiting for them, they were either shunned or looked upon as
some sort of invalid, most ended up with the Vaga, only a very few were
welcomed back into their families but, even those families who wanted to
understand were still a little leery of have such a powerful boy under
their roofs.

Of the four that Peter had taken back with him only one made any attempt to
change his ways and thinking, the other three found themselves chained
outside as the sun rose, Peter even wept at the loss of three young men, he
had so desperately wanted them to have a real chance in the new land.

Slowly, as the time passed and there was no sign of any more attacks,
things in the seven states began to get back to normal, or as normal as is
possible when trying to rebuild a new country, with the needed rebuilding
and repairing of so many Vaga houses, there was plenty of work for those
who wanted it, once again the country was beginning to come alive but, far
underneath, Peter felt something was still not right, of the notorious
Michael Strong there had been no sign and the central council had not been
able to track down Chen Sin Yu, this fact alone left Peter with many
doubts, the Asian did not seem the sort of man that would take such a loss
lying down.

Peter and Swiftwing sat quietly on one of the sofas, Peters young brow
wrinkled in thought; Swiftwing looked at his partner with worried eyes.

"What is it Love?"

"I don't know, something is not right but I can't put my finger on it."

"You worry too much, let the people go about their business, we've heard
nothing from that man and it looks as though Chen Sin Yu has given up on
his plans to take over, he can't afford to be found or the Council hunters
will have him, now settle down and relax."

"I can't Love, look at those last figures about the numbers of people
leaving and emigrating overseas, the country has lost another two million
in just the last three months, our population is down to less than eighty
five million, if this keeps up we won't have enough people to rebuild."

"That's not your problem, Love, we can't keep those who don't want to stay,
remember, this is not like the old days when the Government tried to
subjugate its people, if they want to find new lives then it is their
decision not ours."

"But we are being weakened, what if we come under another attack."

"You have to settle down Love, there's little we can do now, it's really up
to the people, things will get better in time and we both know we have a
lot of that at our disposal."

"It's just I feel so useless, I really wanted the country to be freed from
all the tyranny of the old ways of Government but now it looks as though
they don't really want that sort of freedom."

"They do Love, it's just some can not handle the fact that they were never
really the owners of the land in the first place and that those who were
really here first are now back in control of their lands, some humans just
can't reconcile those facts in their head so it's better they find a new
home if they can not adapt."

"I know but it still rankles that we have lost so many people, even after
the boys had finished with their escapade, we still had one hundred a fifty
million, now we have lost nearly half of that number."

"Then look at it this way, the earth will now have a chance to recover from
the raping that went on before, given time all the toxic waste and poisons
that were pumped into and onto her will slowly disappear, the country now
has a chance to regroup, it can only be a good thing."

"Yes, I know you're right, I just can't help thinking that it's all too
easy and quiet."

"Come here, I know what you need."

Peter looked at the beckoning arms of Swiftwing and, with a smile lay back
into them and felt the warm embrace start to wash away some of his
concerns, he sighed as the arms closed around him and pulled him into the
firm chest of his Lover, the bustling of the house went on around the two
as they sat quietly and felt the love of each other.


Michael looked around him at the small cabin, they had made it far to the
North of Canada without being seen, it had now been months since his close
escape and, in that time he had found no way to recover what was his, only
the gold stored in the back of the RV for just such an occasion had kept
him viable.

He had now turned four of the boys with him, the only one not wishing to
join him in the night was the older of the three Asians, he had decided to
remain human but it had been for the better as the boy could now watch over
all of them during the daylight hours, for his four other boys the change
had meant they did not have to worry about the freezing cold days and
nights as they sat far in the hinterland waiting for their Sire to make new

Michael had finally been able to make contact with Senti Matsumoto of the
Yakuza, as yet there was still no sign of Chen Sin Yu but Michael had
little doubt the old Vampire would resurface when he was ready and able,
for Michael it was time to look back and try to see where he had made
mistakes and next time correct them, he had no intention of giving up on
his dream of owning the New States.

The call to Senti had been filled with tension, the old Yakuza Vampire had
not been happy at losing so many men so easily although he had thousands
more to call on and his plans for new lands was still foremost in his old
mind, it had come down to whether he still needed Michael Strong for his
plans, he had finally decided that he did need the man but there would be a
tighter leash on him in the future.

Unknown to either Michael or the Vampire Council, Chen Sin Yu was easy to
find if you knew where to look, Senti Matsumoto knew exactly where to look,
Chen Sin Yu was staying in Senti's guest rooms at the rear of his palatial
estates in Kobe as Senti's guest, neither of the two old Vampires had given
up on their idea of owning some of the New States and making them into
their own countries far from the problems of their now over populated
countries where corruption was rife and, even the underworld was at times,
at war with each other, the plan the American Vampire had brought before
them had given them a way to make their own mark in history.

With the sudden loss of their men in the New States, the two powerful
Vampires now had another thing to think of, Chen Sin Yu no longer had his
seat on the Council and therefore had little knowledge of what was going on
apart from the certainty that he was being hunted, while being a guest of
Senti, he was at least safe from the Council hunters, the Yakuza Vampires
had refused to be a part of the Council when it had been formed two hundred
years ago and so were outside their laws, it was one decision Senti had
been happy with, he had free rein with no oversight by anyone and, as he
was so long lived, he had been able to outlive any of his opposition in the
ranks of the Yakuza, as he had grown more powerful, even the mighty Emperor
of Japan had been under his influence without the people knowing.

At any one time, Senti could call on twenty thousand black clad soldiers,
like his new guest Chen Sin Yu, who could also still call on nearly twice
the number if needed, Senti had kept his head when the first proposition
had been made to them, it would have been simple to just use his power and
influence to invade the new country but that would have brought out more
trouble than they both wanted, like now, it was a time to wait and watch,
now that the foreigner had made contact they still had a way of getting
what they wanted, of course the American Vampire would have to be
sacrificed but that was neither here nor there, it was just a means to an
end that would favour both Senti and Chen.

Michael knew none of this but he was glad that he was still able to keep
his head and no threats had been made at his miserable failure, it seemed
that Senti had understood how it was impossible to defend against an attack
during day light hours when you are in your death sleep, the Tongs and the
Yakuza had no real understanding of most of the Folk, too their purest
ways, the Avian, Feline and Canine species were no more than an abomination
and were quickly disposed of when found, to the ways of the ancient ideals
and those Asian Vampires in particular, anyone not the same as them were
not accepted, had they known the effectiveness of those same species in
bringing down Michael and his plans, they may have changed their opinions.

As there had been no survivors except Michael, and he had been in his death
sleep, none of them knew who had been able to cause the destruction in the
first place, the two powerful Vampires had assumed that humans had been the
cause as they could go out during the day and would not be affected by the
sun, it was the only time that the humans would be stronger, even with
Chen's knowledge that Peter was a day walker made little difference in
their opinions of what had happened as one single Vampire as young as the
Prince, could not have caused the collapse of their plans and so, it had to
be mainly humans that had destroyed their planned take over.

It was now full winter in the far North, while the low temperatures had
little or no effect on Michael and his four New Bloods, the sole remaining
human boy had to be looked after and the old cabin kept warm, to this end
and as practice for the four New Bloods, they were set the task of keeping
enough wood in for the sole human boy to keep warm, for blood they used
animals that they hunted down when needed, although the fresh blood was not
as invigorating as human blood, it was enough to keep them from going
feral, for the small Asian human, it gave him a good source of meat for his
meals, something the five vampires did not need to bother with.

During the winter of the North, the Vampires needed little sleep as the
days were actually as dark as the nights, this gave Michael a lot of time
to work on his return to the South and the final destruction of the Prince
and his New States, power and wealth was one thing but nothing was as sweet
as revenge.

It took another month before Michael found a way to contact his cohorts in
Asia again, they were not happy to say the least but, with a lot of humble
pie eating, Michael finally convinced them to stay with the original plan
although somewhat modified, it would now be more under the control of the
two Asian men with Michael now playing a small support role, he was not
happy but it would be the only way for him to get his revenge on the young

The new plan would now look more like an invasion in force, with the
absolute power of the two older Vampires, the new army would be in the many
thousands, far too many for the prince to keep at bay, the take over would
be final and absolute, there would be nothing left of the old power
structure of the young Prince.


Times had returned as before the troubles, the winter months brought no new
problems and everyone settled in for the long nights that the winter
brought, slowly the damaged Vaga houses were repaired and those that had
been totally lost were now well under construction and those that had not
had the modifications were next on the list, there would not be a repeat of
what happened last time, all Vaga houses would now be installed with the
new Ultra Violet lighting as one of the defences.

As most of the country was now in the grips of winter, Peter had a census
taken, when it was finally finished and there was an allowance for those
not counted, the country now held only seventy two million, these were the
hardy ones that truly believed that the country now had a chance to regain
its former status and, with all the new work now available in
reconstruction there was a good income for everyone, people were starting
to get their lives back together.

It began as only a vague idea but finally Peter and Swiftwing told the
other Folk leaders it was time to let all of their people know who and what
they were, those that had stayed well knew there was more going on than
what some of the older generations would want to believe, there had been
whispers and rumours of strange goings on, the Leaders of the folk finally
agreed, it was time to come out of the dark and hidden places, after all
they had been on this earth far longer than most of the people now living
in the new country.

It started with a few quietly whispered rumours in the right places, the
First Nation people had had legends of skin walkers for centuries and so it
was put about that they were in fact based on truth, as would be expected,
some laughed at the idea while others started putting two and two together.

Over the next month it slowly came out more as unsubstantiated rumours but
the believers numbers grew slowly until the idea of letting the people see
some of the more friendly looking Avians, slowly the stories grew until it
became almost common place to see an Avian or two flying around, after that
it was only a matter of time before the others were allowed to show

Most of the new revelations started in the schools, the younger ones were
more likely to be accepting, also; who in their right mind would want to
take on a young kid who could suddenly grow into a very large cat or wolf?
The older people took longer but, with much of the influence coming from
the younger generations, they too started to change and accept, the only
ones that held back were the Vampires, these everyone of the folk knew
would not so easily be understood, the bad press of over a hundred years
could not be wiped out in a few months and the fact they still needed to
feed on live blood would put more fear into those humans that held old

For a long time Peter wondered over how to reveal their presence, it would
be difficult and hard for many to accept them, for now they would have to
stay in the dark, only the First Nations people accepted them and
understood the need to keep their secret for now, their tolerance was the
only thing that kept Peters faith in what they were doing.

In the case of the Avians, Felines and Canines, the revelations and
acceptance went far smoother than what they had first thought it would,
this was mainly led by the younger ones and the lack of aggression on the
part of the folk also helped to be accepted, this new acceptance also made
way for many of the younger Vaga to return to a school and once again begin
to learn, something they had had to give up when they were all still living
in the dark, only the Vampires kept away, it also helped that no schools
were open during the hours of darkness for them to go too.

The new spring weather was well underway when Peter and Swiftwing got the
first hint that all was not well, it had started just as before with the
sighting of small school groups from Asia, it took little working out to
realise that they were not what they wanted to portray, too many were
arriving during night hours, the alerts went out, the school visitors were
kept under close watch where ever they went, it was now obvious that they
were not school kids but Vampire soldiers trying to infiltrate and gather
intelligence, everyone of the Folk were now on alert and watching for the
soldiers auras, the old tensions began to grow again.

Peter contacted the First Nation Elders and began plans for the eradication
of those Vampires trying to infiltrate the East Coast; it quickly became
apparent that the East Coast Vampires were nothing more than a decoy, the
numbers needed for any further invasion would have to be larger than was
being landed as tourists.

Once again it was the two tech boys that came up with the answer, while
most of the old USA had been destroyed in one form or another, all of their
satellites were still functioning and this gave the two boys a good long
look around the new country, on this night it was most noticeable that
there was very heavy sea traffic just above the Canadian border, it did not
take one plus one to come up with two.

Leon and Carter gathered detailed satellite photo's of the thirty large
ships, all appeared to be something close to super tankers, towed behind
them were large powered barges that had inside their open holds what looked
like four large metal tanks on wheels, attached to the front of each tank
was an armoured military tank.

On the decks and under tarpaulins, the two boys made out the vague shapes
of smaller landing barges, this was definitely an invasion force, they also
noticed that there were very few men walking around on the decks, as a
further precaution they set the satellite cameras to infra red and night
vision, it was then, on the first night that they saw the huge numbers of
vampires on the ships, all had been kept below decks during the daylight
hours but were free to roam about during darkness, they quickly reported
everything to Peter.

Peter saw the ships were now only two days out from the Canadian coast,
once they all landed it would be hard to fight the sheer numbers of men
involved, there was only one way he could see that they had a chance of
winning, if the invaders were allowed to get a good foothold on the coast,
the humans were going to suffer greatly as this army would need to feed

Peter sent out his orders, all humans including First Nation peoples were
to pull back from the border area and move inland as far from the expected
landing site as possible, all the folk of the daylight, that is Avians,
Felines, and Canines, were to head for the expected area and wait for day
light, until then they were to just follow the invaders during the night,
no attacks or contact was to be made with them, they would use the same
daylight attack as they had on the bunker.

Peter's vampires were not happy about being left out of the fighting once
again but the sheer numbers of the enemy would have caused a lot of deaths
that could easily be avoided by using the one thing the attackers could not
fight against, the Sun.

Swiftwing had a call from his fellow Elders, they said if he needed good
scouts then they would be provided as they could hunt down any of the
invaders during the daylight hours should any escape the first assaults by
the folk, Swiftwing acknowledged their offer and said he would call on them
if needed, he desperately hoped they would not be, any human caught by
these invaders stood little chance of escape.

For the next two days everyone watched through the eyes of the satellite
cameras as the ships drew closer to the coast, the border area was now
swarming with Folk of every kind although they stayed well hidden, after
the initial landing they would watch and follow until sunrise, they would
then make use of their advantage but, nothing could be done until the enemy
crossed the border.


Chen Sin Yu and Senti Matsumoto stood on the bridge of the leading tanker,
it was one hour after sundown and the deck below them was a hive of
activity as the men readied the many small landing barges, behind each
tanker, the larger barges carrying the tanks that would be the mobile homes
during the daylight hours had slipped their tow cables and were forming up
along the sides of the larger tanker ships, they were now only three miles
off the Canadian coast and no more than six miles from the border, by
sunrise tomorrow they would be inside the new country and ready to make
their first attacks, the plan was simple, kill anything that got in their
way, Michael Strong would meet them on the beach this night and he would be
used as a figure head once the country was theirs but, until that time
came, they had a lot of fighting to do.

On the thirty large tankers were more than forty five thousand well trained
and blood thirsty vampire soldiers, had it still been the old USA they
would have stood little chance of success but nowadays there was no formal
military to stop them and the two old Vampire leaders were sure they could
soon take care of one very young Prince.

The order was given and the landing barges began to make for the shore
line, behind them came the larger barges carrying the mobile homes in the
shape of large metal tanks that had once been used for fuel deliveries but
now, after some alterations, were the homes for the troops until they found
safe havens from the sunlight.

The two old Vampires watched as the landings took place in text book
fashion, nothing disturbed the tranquil night except the loud roar of the
towing tanks and the shouting of men as they formed up in their many units,
unnoticed by all were the many eyes watching them from the dark undergrowth
and from the night sky far above.

The large flat beach of the isolated cove was now a heaving mass of dark
clothed figures, as each full unit formed they would start towards the
south and the border, behind them came the rumble of the many tanks towing
the mobile homes, the rough terrain around them stood little chance against
the might of the tanks, their turrets tracking left to right and back again
as they moved forward.

The Vampire squads were soon well ahead of the tanks, their faster speed
and strength had them across the border in less than half an hour where
they reformed and waited for the shelters to catch up, the terrain around
them was rough with long rolling hills covered in trees, the going for the
tanks was not going to be easy until they found the expected highway of the
old USA, the troops continued to swarm over the border.

It was little surprise to Chen and Senti that there was no opposition to
their invasion, the new US had no formal military to stop them, this was
going to be easier than they had at first thought, perhaps the smashing of
Michael Strong's bunker had been just a lucky one off incident by humans,
the plan called for them to be at least ten miles over the border before
sunrise, it looked as though it was going to be easily made, there had been
no sign of any defence and even the humans had made no appearance, apart
from the noise created by such a large army, there were no other sounds,
even the forest was silent.

An hour before sunrise, the large army of forty five thousand Vampires,
their vehicles and equipment, were settling down in the wide flat valley
just ten miles inside of the new US, the landing had been a total success
and without so much as a hint of any opposing troops or army, the take over
was now in full swing and would be over much sooner than at first thought,
the two old Vampires, now joined by Michael Strong and, surprisdingly,
every wolf from the Ozark hills.

For the wolves it was all they could do as they were now on the termination
list of Jake and his wolves, Michael had told Chen and Senti that the
wolves would be their daylight guards, Chen and Senti were more than happy
to have the added help, for the landings, they were also very happy at the
result, it had been fast and precise with no alarms given to the enemy, a
perfect start to their invasion.

>From the dark trees on the sides of the valley, many eyes watched as the
army began to set up its first camp, the strange metal tanks were parked in
long lines and the rear doors opened to reveal row after row of narrow
wooden bunks for the troops to get out of the coming sunlight.

Jake turned to the small black clad figure beside him.

"Looks like you were right once again, skinny, this is going to be easier
than I thought, they only have those damn renegade wolves as guards, this
should be a piece of cake."

"That's a good thing Jake, it looks like another slaughter, I think we're
all going to be sick of the sight of blood after this is over." Replied
Peter, Swiftwing looked at his boy friend and gave him a grim smile.







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