Peter was flying, well not flying as with wings, more like floating as the scene below him passed by, images of buildings and ant like people slipped past his vision. Every person was showing up in colours, each distinctive and yet all the same, somehow he knew it was night but his vision, although tinged with red, was as clear as daylight, a crack in a stone wall could be seen a mile away and the sounds rumbled out of the night like thunder.

Peter slowly sank downwards, his fangs projecting from his upper gums, a scent had been detected that called to him, a need built up in his chest as he floated closer and closer to the smell. There it was, a young man of about average height, hiding in a dark alley as others walked by, a small girl skipping with a certain innocence moved past the alleyway, the young man tensed, ready to strike, Peter descended behind the young man and without thought, struck, the young man screamed and then began to crumple onto the alleys tarmac. The smell of hot blood filled Peter’s nostrils as he began to feed.

With a sudden start, Peter's eyes flicked open as he sat up suddenly, he was still in his bed, the cold slim body of Simon was still comatose beside him, Peter shook his head as he tried to work out what had happened and then realised he had been dreaming, so this was what he was. Now the realisation of what he had turned out to be sank into his brain, he was a blood sucker, a real live, well nearly alive, blood sucker.

Peter shivered at the thought, up until this moment it had all seemed unreal and a kind of joke, not after the dream, the realisation of his position fully dawned on him, he was really going to have to feed on peoples blood, he may not have to sleep in a coffin or worry too much about the sun, but he really and truly had to feed on peoples blood to survive.

Ok the up side was, he was some sort of Prince, he was independent at age fifteen, he was pretty wealthy, he could have a real boy for fun, but, he still had to suck blood to live. A small sound outside his door caught Peter’s attention, looking at the door he could make out a fuzzy shape standing on the other side, slowly as he looked harder, the shape developed into one of the twins, with a flash the twins name jumped into his mind.

"Come in Levi" Peter called.

Levi entered with a smile on his face, with a short bow he spoke.

"I see, my lord, that some of your extras have already started to show."

"Is that what it is, had me worried there for a while, thought I was still dreaming."

"You had a dream, my Lord?"

"Well, yes, doesn't everyone?"

"Not vampires, my Lord."

"Oh, maybe because I'm not a full vampire then."

"No my Lord, you are a full vampire, the only difference is that you can go out during the day like myself and my brother, to have dreams is very unusual."

"Maybe it’s because I've only just changed, then."

"That maybe the reason, my Lord."


"Yes my Lord?"

"Can you please stop calling me that?"

"What, my Lord?"

"The Lord thing, I've been Peter all my life and it sounds to, well, pompous, can't you just call me Peter please?"

"Well, if you wish, my Lo...Peter, but only in private I'm afraid, in public you must keep up appearances, it's the way things are done, I'm sorry"

"Hmm, well ok, but tell the others as well please, maybe in a few years I might get used to it, but I don't like it much."

"Yes, my L.... Peter."

"What time is it Levi?"

"Just after 11am, ... Peter."

"11am, then I’ve only been asleep for about five hours?"

"Yes, Peter, you don't need sleep like other people or vampires for that matter."

Peter ran a check of himself, he felt as rested as though having had eight hours sleep, his stomach felt as though he had just eaten a huge meal and his energy level was way up there, in fact he felt better now than any other time in his short life. Peter looked over to the still comatose form of Simon and wondered if the boy ever felt like he did, so full of vitality and life, 'life' well his type of life anyhow.

"Where is," Peter glanced up at Levi, instantly a name formed in his mind along with a picture of Levi passionately kissing his brother, Peter immediately popped an erection which showed by the tent in the sheet he was under, Peter gulped as he felt heat fill his cheeks, "Caleb?"

Levi smiled and then replied.

"He is out shopping for your larder."

"My larder?"

"The upstairs cells, we will be keeping your food source up there." Levi could see the startled look on Peter's face." don’t worry about them Peter, all are usually criminals and most of them would have been headed for death row, they won't be missed."

"But I thought I only had to feed once a month?"

"Under normal circumstances that's very true, but if you are injured or use any extra's to much, you may need to feed again quickly to build up your strength again. All the houses do it; it's a matter of your safety."

Peter lay quietly under the sheets as he took in the new information and tried to assimilate it all. Slowly Peter began to run through all of the events of the last 24 hours.

'I was born a vampire, I'm a prince of an important house, I've got to suck blood to live, I've got a lot of servants, I can read minds, I'm only fifteen, shit, how long is this going to go on for'

"Ahh, Levi, how long will I live?"

"That's a tough question Peter, A normal vampire, barring being killed or dying by accident, can live for around 1000 years, any vampire of royal blood, such as yourself, well nobody knows, Your Father is over 700 years old and he is considered to be quite young, my father is thought to be over 1400 years old but no one is sure, vampires usually don't discuss their ages, with a vampire of your status you can tell by their aura to within about 100 years once you get used to it and understand it better."

"700, my father is 700 years old?"

"A little more than that, but yes, he is about 700 years old."

A sudden sadness overcame Peter as he realised how long he was going to be around, the thought that he was going to see a lot of people and acquaintances die before his eyes bought on a feeling of loneliness, Levi looked at the sudden change in Peter's demeanour.

"I know it's kind of sudden Peter but that's who you were born to be, you'll see a lot of great things happen in history as time goes by, unfortunately you will also see a lot of sadness and pain, your attitude and inner strength is what is going to define you and it is that which will give you a purpose in life."

"Am I going to age, looks wise I mean?"

"No Peter, you'll always look fifteen."

"That's a bummer, I won't be able to get a driving license or go into a bar or a club."

"Of course you can Peter."

"But how, I'll always look too young for those places."

"Well for driving, we go to a friend in the DMV, he will give you a license that says you are 16, after you learn to drive of course, any other time we will shortly have a driver for you, at the moment one of us will take you anywhere you want to go, as to the clubs, there are plenty of Vamp clubs that won't dare stop you from going in."

"Why won't they stop me Levi?"

"Well apart from the fact that you are the Prince, you also own quite a number of them, who's going to tell the boss to beat it."

Levi smiled at the look of confusion on Peter's face.

"Peter, I think it's time for you to get up and start to look over what you now have to administer."

"Me, administer, I don’t even know how to write a cheque."

"That's why you have accountants and others that will do most of the work for you; you will just have to look over their reports to see that all is in order. If you would like to come out to your office we can start to go through your holdings and some of your responsibilities."

Levi glanced at the slim form of Simon laying under the sheets.

"That's unless you have something more pressing to do."

Peter started at the comment, then, with a small smile on his lips he began to move to the edge of the bed as Levi turned to the door and began to go out. Naked as a jaybird, Peter walked to his ensuite and gulped as the size of his bathroom really became apparent to him, it was huge, a deep tub almost the size of a small swimming pool, a four nozzle shower that could hold about six people at one time, everything seemed glossy and expensive.

Peter gulped and hit the taps for the shower, instantly four strong jets of water shot from the heads, without thought Peter jumped under the spray, it was strong and lightly pummelled his skin with their force, massaging him all over, lifting his head slightly, Peter let the water run through his hair, looking around, Peter saw the large shelf with all manner of bottles and soaps on it, reaching blindly he grasped the first bottle that looked like body wash and started rubbing over his body. He was soon in a land of bliss as the water rushed over him and the suds tickled his skin.

Peter washed lower and as he glanced down at his favourite toy, he stopped suddenly, 'this can't be right' Peter looked again and shook his head, his favourite toy was definitely bigger than it had been only the previous morning, 'there's no way it grew that quickly' Peter mused, looking again he took in the shorter foreskin, before it had been about a half inch longer than his glans when he was hard, now it showed about a half inch of glans, after wrapping his hand around his toy, he saw that it was now about 2" longer and was definitely thicker, 'god, I've got a real man dick' Peter quickly tried to estimate his new size, about 7" long and now about 2" in diameter he had a dick he always wanted.

Without thinking Peter began to slowly stroke his new discovery, shivers went up and down his slender body as he felt the new sensations of a larger dick in his hand, it was almost like stroking one that belonged to someone else. Peters knees began to quiver, his breath became more ragged as his orgasm got closer and closer, suddenly, without any further pause he began to ejaculate, a huge stream of milky white cum plastered itself over the wall of the shower, then another, and another, Peter's head was spinning and his chest was heaving as he continued to release all the pent up pressure inside him.

Slowly Peter regained his senses as his now slowly softening toy began to let him relax, with a deep breath Peter thought that had to be the most intense cum of his short life. With a final shudder Peter washed off his body and stepped from his shower, looking around he spotted the shelf with a large stack of soft looking towels, reaching for one he quickly dried off and returned to his bedroom, Simon was still limply laying in the bed.

Peter quickly dressed in the shirt and trousers of the previous night, with a mental note to see about his wardrobe during the day, and with a smug smile on his lips, Peter went into the room that was to be his office.

After again looking around the large room, Peter seated himself at the desk, Levi stood in front of the desk watching him as he looked at the barren top.

"Just by your right hand is a set of buttons, the black one is to activate your computer console, the blue one is for phone connections which go through an inbuilt scrambler, the red button is for emergencies and the green is for calling staff."

Peter pressed the black button and the grey panel on his desk lifted to reveal a 22" LCD screen, a part of the desk top dropped and in its place a radio keyboard and mouse appeared.

"Your internet and, what we call, the 'vampnet' are already set up for you, for normal day to day use, you can use the internet, for business or important meetings use the vampnet, all the addresses and phone numbers you will need are already programmed for you."

"Thank you Levi, now what do I do?"

"Go to the files named, 'Holdings', open that and you can see what you have."

Peter did as he was told, once the file was open he sat there with his mouth agape at the long list of businesses and properties on the files, beside each was a column of figures, some in black others in red, Peter pointed them out to Levi.

"The red figures are the 10% you send to the council, the black is the percentage you send to your Father, what is left is yours to do with as you like."

Peter looked at the total at the bottom of the page, again his jaw dropped and his eyes seemed to mist over.

"You can't be serious, Levi, I get this much each year?"

"No Peter, you get that much each month."

Peter again looked at the seven figures at the bottom of the page.

"Each MONTH?" Peter's voice seemed to squeak as the figure sank into his numbed mind.

"Yes Peter, but you have to remember that out of that sum you will have staff to pay here in the house that are not simbo's, although you will have to clothe and feed them, but even so when you are fully staffed here it should still give you about 1.5 million a month."

"Levi, I'm 15 years old, how the hell do I control that sort of money, and another thing, what in the blue blazes is a 'simbo'?"

"As far as the money goes, you do what you like with it, you may want to buy more properties or businesses but it's all up to you. Now the 'simbo's' are Symbiots that were explained to you last night by the council. Others have got other names for them, drones, familiars, staff, everyone has their own name for them, they are humans that are bonded to you by blood, just as your father explained to you, you saw some of them at your party, they were the humans that had a glyph mark on them. When you begin to staff this place I'll show you how it's done,"

"What about security for this computer, do I need to password it?"

"No, it's protected by your DNA."


Levi moved around the desk to stand beside Peter.

"Bottom left of the screen, just click on 'close'."

Peter did as requested, the screen, keyboard and mouse folded back into the desk. Levi reached forward and pushed the black button, nothing happened; he pushed it again with the same result.

"Now you try it again."

Peter pushed the button and the screen reappeared.

"That's kool, so as long as I close it each time after use no one can get into it?"

"That's right, and your online security system can't be broken into either, we've had the best of the best set it all up, anyone trying to infiltrate your computer gets 'pinged' and a virus is sent to them that blue screens their computer. Certain government departments have tried a few times; they didn't like the results so they pretty much leave us alone now."

Peter scrolled through the very long list of his properties and businesses, his mind boggled at the sheer number.

"How did we get all these items?"

"Your Fathers 700 years old remember, he's had plenty of time to accumulate them for you, if your Father decided to seek the daylight and leave all his holdings to you as well, the number would quadruple, your holdings are in this state and the four states surrounding us, all the rest of the country comes under his control."

"I...I...control five states?"

"Yes that's your holdings and sphere of influence, depending on your management of them and the success you make of them, your Father may decide to hand over more at a later date. All the vampires, humans and any other species in that area, already know about your adulthood and that you are now in charge, but it also means you will be doing a lot of travelling to keep order and to be seen to running everything."

Peter sat at the desk, his mouth open and his brain on freeze, the sheer magnitude of his responsibilities just beginning to dawn on him. Levi looked at the young teen with a smile on his face.

"Don't look so worried Peter, you have an army of managers, accountants and administrators to take care of most things, you'll find that there will be too many hours in a day to get overwhelmed, you'll be wondering what to do with your time once you get used to it all."

Peter sat and all he could think to do was to slowly shake his head at the thought of it.

"Now soon the shutters will lift, which will signal the beginning of the night, Caleb and I will retire to bed for a few hours and the others will take over, just tell them what you want to do or where you want to go and they will get you there. I suggest you go clubbing for the night so you can be seen around the town, every body sort of expects you to go out a lot for a few weeks."

"Ahhm, what if I want to take Simon out with me, won't there be some problems about his age, I mean he looks about 12 years old, even though we know he's 14?"

"Peter, you're the Prince of House Vladd, no one, and I do mean, no one, would dare question you, you have to realise that your word is law, even among those humans that are aware of us, even if the cops stopped you, there would be so many lawyers around you in five minutes that the cops would think it was invasion time. Remember this Peter, No-One-Questions-Your-Word."

Understanding began to dawn on Peter at the extraordinary amount of power he held, although he still didn't comprehend all of it, but the total magnitude of it was hitting him as Levi explained it all. Peter suddenly felt a shiver go down his spine, immediately a picture of Caleb flashed into his mind.

"Come out Caleb."

Caleb appeared from a dark corner with a smile on his face; Peter noticed that Levi was also smiling.

"Not bad Peter." Levi said."He's only been there for about 5 seconds."

Peter smiled at the other twin as he walked to the front of the desk and bowed.

"Good afternoon, my Lord."

"Levi will you explain things to your brother?"

"The Prince doesn't like his title when in private, Cal, only in public, ok?"

"Yes your Lor.....Peter."

"Right Levi, what's next on the lessons?" Peter said with a smile.

"It might be a good idea for you to see your entire house, last night there just wasn't enough time."

"Sounds like a plan, lets go."

Peter, along with the twins, entered the private lift and they descended to the ground floor, after leaving the lift, Levi explained the lay out for him.

"As you know, this is your main reception hall, upstairs is only for your office duties and special meetings with either high ranking Vampires or government officials. Every one else that wants to see you will be in here; through that door is your kitchen and other staff quarters. If we could go back to the lift."

Peter followed Levi and Caleb into the lift.

"Now if you would press the down button twice quickly."

Peter followed his instructions and the lift began to descend lower into the ground. After two minutes the lift came to a halt and the door opened into a huge underground passageway.

"This is where all your training areas and security offices are, the first door is the security office, its manned 24/7 and watches over all the grounds and the house,

The men in control were hand picked by your Father, so you will have no problems there although you will have to do a bonding with them soon as your simbo's. Down to the left door, that is your armoury, only yourself and us six guardians have access to it. The two doors on the right are your training rooms, one for weapons, and the other for martial arts. The door at the very end leads into your personal sauna and swimming pool. I think that's all, do you want to inspect it now or have you had enough for one day?"

"I think that's quite enough for one day Levi, my heads going round like a pin wheel as it is."

"Ok, thought it might be. Once back in the lift just push once for the ground floor and twice for your private quarters."

Peter lead the way back to the lift and pushed the button twice, his head still spinning as he tried to take it all in, there was just so much that he had to get his head around, 'All this and it belongs to me' Peter shook his head again as the lift took him to his quarters. Stepping out into the office space Peter turned again to Levi.

"Levi, can I ask how old you all are?" Looking at the supposed 16 year old twins with interest.

"Certainly, we are now 32 years old, the others are about the same except for Sin YU, he's about 60 years old."

A look of shock ran over Peters face as the ages sank into his brain, that cute looking 17 year old Asian was actually 60, this was going to take a lot of getting used to. Levi saw the look on Peters face and smiled.

"We were all advanced a little later than you were so that when you came of age we would look a little older, all of us has been in training since you were conceived so we would be ready. You have to realise, Peter, we make very long term plans, not like the humans, we don’t have to hurry to get things done, we have plenty of time to search out the right answers to any problems."

It was finally starting to dawn on Peter exactly what his life was going to be like. Peter gave out a heavy sigh as some of the realisation hit him. Suddenly a whooshing sound filled the room, jumping with a start; Peter looked around the room with a frightened jump.

"It's only the shutters lifting, Peter, nights here, the others will be in here shortly, you might want to go look in on your friend."

Peter gave Levi an embarrassed grin as he nodded his head while he moved off towards his bedroom, the thought of seeing Simon awake and moving, piqued his interest as well as his nether regions. A picture of Simon laying on his bed brought about an instant erection that throbbed against his leg. Peter was just in time to see a little colour beginning to show on the small body in his bed, a small gasp from the full lips and Simons eyes fluttered open. Seeing Peter standing over him he smiled and gave a big yawn as he took in his semi naked state, a blush ran over his soft cheeks as his evening erection began to rise at the sight of Peter’s well filled crotch that stood level with his line of sight.

As if on auto pilot, Peter stripped off his cloths at the sight of the boy and within seconds was laying beside him in the bed and reaching for the soft looking body, his hands shook slightly as they made contact with the now warm skin. Simon’s lips quivered as Peter’s hands touched him, and, without any thought, Simon pulled in close to the open arms. The first full body contact between the boys sent shivers of delight through them both and, as Simon felt Peters large member rub against his naked belly, his eyes popped at the size of it.

Even though Simon had only been turned for a short while, he knew that everything about his body returned to a new state with each sleep cycle so the thought of the Princes above average size was going to fill him up like he had never been filled before, but the thought of the young prince making love to him, overrode any thoughts of trepidation he had as well as the knowledge that he might be the first boy the Prince had ever had.

Peter felt the warm skin rubbing gently against his own heated body and while in the back of his mind his nervousness was rampant, another part of his mind told him that Simon was there for his taking. Peter had never had sex with anyone before, oh sure he knew the mechanics of sex, what teen didn't, but to be able to take anyone he wished was a new sensation for him.

Peter leant in slowly towards Simons lips; the boy opened his lips welcomingly as Peters neared. The first touch and both boys moaned softly into each others mouth, it was like static electricity going through them as they pushed harder into each others lips. Peter pushed with his tongue and Simon opened his mouth to accept the hot probing muscle, a deep sigh went through both boys as they sank into the kiss.

As the heat in the boys continued to grow, Peter let hone of his hands slide down the smooth flank of Simon until he made contact with the material of his small briefs, a slight nod from Simon, had peter hooking his fingers into the waist band and slowly pushing them down the boys silky smooth legs. Breaking the kiss, Peter leaned down and continued to push the briefs lower until Simon could wriggle around enough so Peter could remove them and toss them aside.

Peter looked down at the beautiful rod, about 5" long and slender; it pulsed with desire for use. The glans dripped with its sweet juices as peter lowered his lips towards it, He had never done it before, but, the slender rod seemed to call for him to taste it. With the tip of his tongue, Peter touched the soft flesh; the instant taste of Simon’s pre cum sent an involuntary shiver of delight through peter as he took in the slim glans and closed his mouth over the throbbing muscle.

Suddenly, Simon's body went rigid and with a loud groan Peters mouth began to fill with a sweet-salty emission, caught by surprise, Peter swallowed, the taste was unusual but to his mind, quite pleasant. Peter lifted his mouth from the throbbing shaft just as Simon spurted again, the warm juice hitting Peter in the face, startled; Peter leaned forward and covered Simon’s body with his own, his own shaft sliding between the young teen’s legs.

The sudden heat and pressure from Simon’s thighs sent Peter over the edge as well, his own offering spurting onto the red sheets below. Gasping, Peter looked down into the glazed eyes of Simon, a pinkish blush suffusing the young cheeks as he realised what he had done to his Prince.

"I...I'm...sorry my Lord, I just couldn't hold it."

"That's ok Simon; I was hoping to last longer myself." Peter said as he tried to wipe away the evidence of their brief mating. "I think we better clean up, I can hear Sin Yu approaching."

Peter lifted himself from the bed and held out his hand for Simon. With a quick but soft jerk, he pulled the younger teen upright and led the way to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, Peter pulled Simon in with him and both boys stood under the torrent of warm water to wash away the evidence of their first attempt at sex. After the shower and the excitement of drying each other off, they returned to the bedroom to dress, Peter felt Sin Yu waiting at the door.

"Come in Sin Yu."

Sin Yu entered and quickly took in the still slightly flushed boys, his small smile told the boys he knew what had happened and the blushes reappeared on their cheeks.

"Do you and your guest need to feed, my Lord?"

Peter turned to Simon, asking. "How are you, do you need to feed?"

"No my Lord, I'm ok for another two weeks, but thank you anyway."

"I seem to be ok as well Sin Yu, and you two can stop the Lord business in the house, you can tell the other three as well please Sin Yu, I'm not happy with the title thing when it's only us."

"Very good my Lo... sorry, Peter, I'll pass it on to the others, now what would you like to do this evening, have you made any plans?"

"No, but I thought we might go and look at some of the clubs."

"And your guest will be joining us?"

Peter looked at Simon with a hint of a smile and, lifting one eyebrow, asked, "Well you coming?"

"Ahhm... if it's ok, I'd like that."

"Of course it's ok, if you want to, that is?"

"Uhm, sure, great."

"Ok that's settled now which one do you suggest, Sin Yu?"

"Perhaps one of your own, Peter, it would be good for them to see you as soon as possible. Perhaps we could start with one of the upmarket ones; it would make a better impression for your first time out."

"That sounds like a plan then, what's the best time to go?"

"In a couple of hours, about nineish should be ok."

"Ok, then what can we do to fill in the time until then?"

"If I may suggest you should go down to the security office and bond each simbo to you, I'm sure Levi explained that it had to be done."

"Yes, ok, but how do I do it?"

"If you would like to follow me and I'll explain it when we get there, it's not really complicated and you would be safer when they are bonded, their allegiance to you would then be unbreakable."

All three went through the office to the lift, once there, Peter pushed the down button twice and the lift began it's descent to the underground area. As the three walked into the office, the four guards on duty stood at attention, Sin Yu told them.

"Call all off duty personnel to the office; you're all to be bonded to the Prince immediately."

One guard bowed his head and turned to a small microphone on his wrist.

"All off duty guards to the office immediately."

Scant minutes later the other eight guards arrived and stood at attention in front of Peter and his two friends. Quickly Sin Yu ran through the names of the guards and then began to teach Peter what had to be done.

"First, My Lord, use your thumb nail to puncture your wrist, then hold your wrist to the guards mouth, as he drinks a small amount use your other thumb to make two puncture wounds underneath your house crest on the guards wrist. Any vampire seeing the two bars under the crest will know that the simbo belongs to you, your blood will allow you to identify any and all of your own personal simbo's."

The first guard unhesitatingly stepped forward and held out his wrist with the house tattoo on it, Peter scrunched up his eyes as his thumb nails seemed to extend and harden, shaking with the image of the unknown, Peter pressed his thumb nail into his own wrist, immediately all he felt was a small pleasure on his skin, opening his eyes fully he saw that he had indeed, cut a small gash in his wrist, there was no real pain except for that in his own mind, the blood flowed out slowly.

Peter lifted his wrist to the guard who, immediately wrapped his lips around it and began to lightly suction it, at the same time Peter followed what he had been told and placed to small marks on the guards skin with his other thumb nail, as the marks appeared, the guard stopped sucking on his blood and, with a smile at Peter stepped back into line to be replaced with the next guard. Peter continued until all the twelve guards were bound and then Sin Yu told him just to think about his own skin healing.

Peter followed his advice and watched as his own wrist healed perfectly before his eyes. One thing stood out to Peter after the bonding of his simbo guards, his hands and knees were shaking and he seemed a little short of breath, quickly Sin Yu saw the effects on Peter.

"Sorry my Lord, but you need to feed before we go out."


"Yes my Lord, you've used too much blood in the bonding, we'll have to go upstairs, I'll get one of the others to go to the cells and get someone for you."

"Ahh, ok, but I don't know if I can do that to another human, and I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry my Lord, perhaps we should go up there now."

Peter nodded his head and followed Sin Yu to the lift, once inside Peter looked at Sin Yu in askance.

"Don't worry Peter, your own instincts will take over as soon as you smell fresh blood, don't let it worry you that your meals is human, just remember that he's here because of the crimes he's committed and not been caught for, soon it will become natural for you, but I do understand you reluctance the first time."

All three arrived at the office, Sin Yu motioned to Mbeda who immediately disappeared through a door, within minutes, Mbeda was back with a man of about 40, his hands were cuffed behind his back but he showed no fear as he looked at the three boys standing in the room, his sneer at the sight of them told it's own story of his arrogance and assumption that he could handle a couple of young teens with ease.

"What the fuck am I doing here?"

His voice was full of authority and his eyes blazed with a deep hatred for his position. Sin Yu stood to his full height of 5'7" and glared at the man.

"Shut up food."

"Who the fuck you think you're talking to chink."

Sin Yu ignored the outburst and turned to Peter.


Peters eyes had turned red, his breath was coming in short pants and his muscles were tensing up, the over powering smell of the mans blood got stronger the more angry the man became. Completely out of character with his normal quiet demeanour, Peter began to taunt the man further. The odour became stronger and stronger as the man got more and more angry.

"He's talking to you, dumb ass; you're going to be my next meal."

The mans blood pressure rose, his face turned red and glared at Peter as though he was looking at some kind of psychopathic idiot.

"Don't go giving me that sort of shit, boy, you get these cuffs off me and I'll break you into small pieces, fucking little shit."

Peter looked at Mbeda and nodded. Mbeda looked at him for a few seconds and then, with a smirk he reached forward and released the cuffs around the mans wrists. The man instantly stopped his rant to take in the fact that he was now free, then, with a sinister smile, he jumped at Peter. Even Peter was surprised how quickly he could move, one moment the man was leaping at him, the next, the man was on his back on the floor and Peter had his fangs buried deeply into his neck and allowing the warm anger filled blood to pour into his mouth.

Although Peter was less than half the mans size, he had no problem holding him on the floor as Peter lay spread out on the mans chest and rode him like a bucking bronco as the man tried to fight for what he now realised, was his life. The effort, of course was totally useless as Peter just clamped his arms and legs tighter around the body and continued to drink until Sin Yu called out urgently to him.

"STOP my Lord, don't continue to drink after he's dead, dead blood will make you very sick, it won't kill you but it could wipe you out for weeks and weaken your whole system for the rest of your existence."

Peter pulled his fangs from the body on the floor, the surging power in his body had been addictive and he would have kept on trying to feed had Sin Yu not called him. Peter shook his head at the wonderment of it all, 'that's it, I'm a blood sucker for real now' there was very little conflict in his mind once he had accepted what he had done, even his being taught over the last 15 years that killing was wrong, could not defeat the feeling of power and euphoria that was overtaking him after this, his first feeding.

Mbeda and Jason picked up the body and disappeared out the door, Simon looked at him with a small smile on his lips and Sin Yu patted him on the shoulder as though to allay any fears he might have had.

"You see Peter, your instincts are always stronger than any false teachings you might have had growing up. Now, Prince Poitr Vladd, of House Vladd, what would you like to do with the next hour or so before we go to a club?"

Peter looked down at his shirt and the blood that had dripped onto it.

"I think a shower first and then, well I don't know."

"Maybe you could begin to open your birthday gifts?"

"Hey yeah, I'd forgotten all about them."

"Ok Peter, I'll get them brought in for you while you shower and change."

Peter reached for Simon’s hand.

"Want to help me shower, I might need my back scrubbed."

"There's no blood on your back." Simon smiled at Peter.

"Well it might be under my shirt, sooo; you want to check for me?"

"Ok" Simon laughed as he followed Peter to the bedroom.

The boys disappeared into the bedroom as Sin Yu returned to other duties until the boys returned. 30 minutes later both Peter and Simon returned to the office, both boys noted Sin YU, were still a little flushed after their shower and he smiled to himself as the boys gave him a shy smile as they seated themselves together on one of the oversized arm chairs.

Minutes later and Jason came into the office with two trolleys, one had a large number of the black envelopes on it, the other a substantial number of small and large presents arranged on its surface. Sin Yu gestured towards the trolley with the presents and Peter stood and stepped over the o the trolley, with a nervous gesture he reached for the first carefully wrapped present and began to open it with slightly shaking hands.

When unwrapped, the small box sat in his hand, it was covered in blue velvet that felt extra soft in Peter's hand, with a shy smile at the others present, Peter opened the box, inside he saw a heavy gold ring with a large solid emerald set in the top, Peter gasped at the perfection of the setting and the size of the stone, the small card attached read,

'To our new Prince, with deepest respect. Count Drakula'

Peter looked up and saw that the twins had joined them to watch the opening of the presents, with a blush; he sent his acknowledgement of the twins Father's present. The next present revealed a beautiful marble statue of an androgynous looking boy in a very sexy pose. Peter read the card and smiled as he saw his mother’s signature. Peter continued to open present after present, each one accompanied by a small card with good wishes, there was jewellery, art objects, many that showed signs of age and antiquity, also many useful day to day objects, clothing, electronic goods, DVD’s, even a gold pen and pencil set that was beautifully engraved with his house crest.

Peter set each card aside so he could answer them himself at a later time, which he swore to himself he would do. Finally had opened the last present on the table, before he could go to the envelopes, Sin Yu stepped in front of him with a long parcel in his hands, it was not wrapped in traditional paper but was enveloped in soft golden silk.

"My Lord, this is from my Father, it is a small token of his respect and he wishes that you use it with honour when ever it is needed."

Sin Yu gave a deep bow and handed the parcel to Peter. Reaching out with trembling hands, Peter received the gift nervously, with the solemnity of the giving; Peter almost guessed what was contained in the golden silk. Carefully Peter laid the gift on the top of the trolley, and, with shaking hands, slowly opened the silk. Once revealed, Peter stepped back with a sense of awe, laying on the trolley top were three of the most beautiful samurai swords Peter could ever have dreamed of.

The scabbards of all three were totally identical, highly polished black lacquer deeply inlaid with gold and ivory filigree depicting birds, animals and Japanese characters. The guards were of gold and the handles were covered, as Peter later found out, with fine shark skin which was overlaid with gold and black silk bands. Peter looked at the three swords as they lay on the trolley, to his young eyes they were too beautiful to touch, but, try as he might, he could not stop his hands from moving towards them.

Slowly, Peter ran his hand over the surface of the Katana's scabbard, with even slower movements he lightly touched the Wakizashi and then to the Tanto, each sword seemed to send a message of its own to his caressing hand, a slight shiver went through Peter’s body as though a new power had been given to him. With a look of awe, Peter turned to Sin Yu. Try as he might, Peter could not find any words apart from a broken stuttering; Sin Yu just smiled at him, and then said.

"You will have to learn to use them before you get to wear them, so that is your next big assignment, the beginning of your lessons, but they can wait until you have had a bit of time to settle in."

Peter could only stand and nod his head in agreement, words still failed him. Sin Yu gestured towards the trolley full of envelopes, there seemed to be hundreds of them, Peter moved to the trolley. Reaching for the first of many, Peter opened it and pulled out a $20 bill, the card was written in a childish hand,

‘All I have is yours, my Prince, Max.'

Peter could almost feel the youthfulness of the boy that had given it to him, a soft red tear slowly ran down his cheek at the thought of a young boy that would give, probably what was all he had as a present, with a start, Peter reached for the next envelope, this one was thicker. On opening it peter looked inside and saw a very thick wad of $100 bank notes. Each envelope contained either cash or government bonds, most of which had enormous values written on them. Shaking his head, Peter looked at the seven boys surrounding him.

"I...I...don't know what to say, there must be hundreds of thousands of dollars here."

"Probably Peter, it's just the way your subjects wish to celebrate your first birthday with the people of the night. If you wish, you can leave the rest till later and we can have them opened and deposited in your bank tomorrow."

Peter nodded his head, as the rest of his body seemed numb at the sheer magnitude of the gifts.

"Make sure you keep every card, I want to answer each one personally."

"Very good Peter, although you're going to be at it for quite a few hours if you do that."

"It's only fair Sin Yu, they went to all that trouble for me, and it’s the least I can do to acknowledge them personally."

Sin Yu gave Peter a small bow and a smile in acknowledgement of the decision.

"Peter, it’s nearly 10pm, would you like to go out now?"

"Umm, yes, yes, I think I need a break from all this."

Peter glanced down at his attire, a pale blue knit shirt with the house crest on the left breast tucked into a new pair of white jeans that showed off his narrow waist and slim hips, Peter had had a little trouble trying to pull up the zipper over his now larger bulge but the effect had the desired effect on Simons face.

"Do you think I should change into something more, well, dressy?"

"No, you look great, Peter, you're going to have quite a few of the clubbers trying to get you as it is." Sin Yu smiled.

Looking over at Jason, Sin Yu nodded and Jason left the room after giving a small bow in Peter's direction.

"Jason's gone to get the car, if it's ok with you Peter, Jason and Mbeda will be in the front, Dmitri and I will be in the back with both of you."

"Yes that's fine, thanks Sin Yu."

Peter, Simon and the other four boys went to the lift and descended to the ground floor and, moments later were getting into the black limousine, Peter settled back into the black leather seat and reached for Simon’s hand, which was quickly given to him with a blush. Sin Yu flicked a button on the side console and spoke to Jason in the driver’s seat.

"Lets go Jason, I think the 'Souless' would be a good start, if it's not going to good we can go on to one of the others."

Jason’s voice came back through the concealed speakers.

"Ok, Sin Yu, should be there in about, ahh, 30 minutes."

Sin Yu switched off the intercom and settled back into the rear facing seat, his hand reaching for Dmitri’s, who gave it without hesitation. Peter looked and blushed.

"I...I... didn't know you were a couple Sin YU."

"Oh yes Peter, we all are, that way no one unwelcome can breach our defences, makes for a safer and more settled home. Jason is with Mbeda and I'm sure you can work out who the twins are with."

Sin Yu smiled at Peter as he said the last part. Peter blushed as he remembered the picture he had got in his mind early that morning. The car moved smoothly onto the highway as the boys settled back for the drive and Peter's first night club experience as the Prince of House Vladd.




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