The Twilight Galaxy Motel




The next morning Thomas awoke with Manam wrapped tightly in his arms, he
snuggled down closer and kissed his partner lightly on his bare neck, a
soft hum came from the limp body half lying on his chest, Thomas gave a
soft giggle and then, in a sleepy voice asked.

"So what do we do today, we can't just spend all our days in bed?"

"Why not?' Came the sleepy satisfied voice.

"Well my love, as much as I like being here with you, we have an Estate to
run, and there must be a lot of work to be done?"

"Work? On an Estate? Did you put your Edu program in last night?"

"Uhm, I forgot, someone side tracked me." The giggle in Thomas's voice was
obvious to Manam who then joined in with a chuckle.

"Ok, look you are now an Estate owner as you know, the Estate more or less
looks after itself, that's why the Elders have so much time to do other
good works for the people, the Banafil look after themselves as you have
seen, all the plantings are watched over by the agri-droids, so what is
left to do for work?"

"What about when the Banafil are having their offspring, don't we have to
watch over them like back on Earth, uhm, Terra?"

"Have you ever seen a Banafil egg, they are huge, you wouldn't be able to
lift one on your own."

"Egg? They lay an egg?"

"An egg, no they usually lay about 6-8, somehow all the females will lay at
the same time, those that are in season early will hold back their eggs
until all of them in the heard are fertile, then they lay them altogether
in one single place, for the next month the adults stop feeding and
surround the nest site to protect it from being raided, when the young are
born, they first eat what's left of the shells and fluids, then join their
adults in eating grass from then on, they grow very fast."

"So on the first laying we could have anywhere between 30-40 young?"

"Yes, if you want to enlarge your heard, as you should, you can buy new
Banafil and add them once the originals have made their first laying, that
way they will all lay the next one at the same time, if you introduced new
stock while the first ones are holding eggs, they would wait until the new
ones were ready to lay and this would slow down you heard growth.

"That seems like a lot of Banafil in a very short time?"

"Not really, remember they lay twice a year, now about 1/3 of the eggs will
produce females so that will enlarge your heard as well, the rest of the
small males are separated from the heard by the big male, he doesn't like
competition, you send the droids out to push the young males further away
and they feed until they are ready for sale, we very rarely sell females
unless your heard gets too big for your Estate, of course you can just buy
more land , that's how you enlarge your Estate."

"But wouldn't that mean I would have to find land further away from here,
we would have to spend a lot of our time travelling to and fro?"

"No, of course not, how close do you think our closest neighbour is?"

"I don't know; I haven't seen any houses since we've been here?"

"That's because we are the only ones for many kilometres, your Estate was
bought in a new area so you have plenty of land around you too expand, my
Fathers Estate is about seventy kilometres to the north, he's the closest
so you can see you have plenty of land to expand into when you want get
more stock."

"This is hard for me to get my head around, on Earth the farms were small
and close together, there were whole communities settled just around those
farming communities and here there seems to be plenty of land but not a lot
of people farming, why?"

"Not everyone wants to run an Estate, a large part of the people are
concerned with support work for the Estates, it's the responsibility of the
Estate owners to see that our major export needs are well tended as well as
being more involved in doing other things for the betterment of the whole
planet, in time it is hoped that you will be able to hold a very large
Estate as you will then have a lot more time to take a place on the Council
of Elders as befits your position as a Most Revered Loved One."

"Oh god, my love, there's just so much to learn."

"Yes but from tonight onwards, you are going to use the Edu-program every
night until you have all you need to know, now, what's next?"

"Shower then breakfast, I have a lot to think on."

Manam slipped from the bed after one last hug and kiss, he was closely
followed by Thomas who had no intention of letting Manam shower by himself.

As the two lovers were sitting in the first rays of the rising suns, Thomas
looked at Manam, the boy seemed to shine with a soft glow as the first rays
touched his soft skin.

"I've been thinking about what you said about going to offer to be a
trainer, what should I do?"

"Well, I've watched you train each morning, is there anything else you know
about that new fighting style?"

"Well yes, as part of my style I also took one called Kendo, but I don't
see any swords here, I don't see how it would be any use to your troops."

"What are swords?" "Let me see, well those knives your troops carry, a
sword is much longer and usually used with both hands."

"Knives? Oh you mean the Caana Blades, Hmmm, we have never thought about
making them longer, can you make a picture of one, perhaps we could look at
making them and then you could train the troops to use them?"

"I suppose I can try, what are the blades made of?"

"They are made from Cannelian Crystals, the handles are made from the dried
cartilage of the Lenl fish of Khaladasian Dama, it is 87% water and is
where we get all our sea food from, the blades are charged once they are
put into their scabbards which are made from Pirrip fish, it seems the
Cannelian Crystal is somehow charged by a chemical or organic reaction with
the Pirrip bone, we don't know how it happens but it does, once the blade
is charged, it gets very hot and will cut through just about anything so
dried Lenl fish cartilage acts as an insulator, did you notice that the
troops that were training put their blades in a clear scabbard and not a
black one?"

"No, not really."

"Well the clear scabbard is just a polymer compound so there's no reaction
with the Crystal, their combat scabbards are kept separate so there's no
mistakes when they are only training."

"Is there any chance I can get to see one up close, or where would I get
enough of the Crystal to make a sword from?"

"Well I think it would be best to go to Khaladasian Seta, that's where they
mine the Crystals, or we could just go to Khaladasian Pita where they
actually make them, there you could describe what you wanted and they could
try to make it for you."

"That sounds like a plan, so how do we get to Khaladasian Pita?"

"We can call the port and see if there's a Captain going that way or when
there will be one, we go and ask him if he will take passengers and then
agree on a price to carry us and off we go, we can stay at one of the
resorts there and look around if you want too?"

"But what about the Estate while we're away?"

"What about it? The computer runs most of it and any time you need to be
here it will send a transmission to you, my love, we don't need to be here
all the time, that's why we have an Estate, so you can do other things but
still have a good income once it is fully running."

Thomas still felt overwhelmed by all that had happened in such a short time
but the thought of another space trip was also foremost in his mind, he had
come to love being in space, there was only one thing left for him to find
out about before he could actually leave .

"What about all those requests for my...semen, won't they want an answer

"Of course not, none of the applicants would expect you too decide before
you have had time to think it over or research their fitness for such an
honour as to have your semen implanted, I would say they would not expect a
decision before at least two weeks have passed, of course, by then you will
also have many more requests to look over." Manam smiled as he watched the
look of wonder on his lovers face.


`Yes Sedat Kilroy?'

"Current number of requests for the Sebath's semen."

`The present requests now number 38, Sedat Kilroy.'

"Well my love, there you are, it has more than doubled in just two days
but, don't worry about it, let's look at this trip to Pita, it will be like
a Shakra holiday, we are entitled to have one you know."

"Shakra holiday, I suppose it is what we would call a Honey Moon."

"Really, Terra had a moon made of huni, funny, we never found it, was it
very far away, what did you use the huni for?"

Thomas had a hard time trying to stop laughing as he looked at the serious
face on Manam.

"My love, it's just an expression, I think it means something like having a
special sweet holiday with your loved one, or something like that, I don't
really know, do you have honey here, I haven't seem it and I've not seen
any bees to make it?"

Manam got a very thoughtful look on his face, finally, after two or three
minutes thinking, he smiled.

"I think we mean different things, it has taken me a while to work it out
but when you said a huni was sweet it got me thinking, the huni we have
here are a very dangerous reptile with strong venom, you sometimes find
them in the highest mountains among the rocks but they are easy too see and
you can easily avoid them, I don't think anyone here would want to have a
joining ceremony holiday with them."

Both boys suddenly realised how they had got at cross purposes and laughed
as they hugged each other.

With the aide of the house droids, the two boys were soon packed, the Ai
had looked over all outgoing flights and found one that would take two
passengers, it left in just over two hours so they had to hurry, once in
the garage, Manam selected the fast two seater hover into which they placed
their two bags, within a minute they were twenty metres above the ground
and speeding towards the nearest cargo port, Manam had suggested they take
some of their many gifted boxes of Skila in case they wanted to give a
gift, Manam had told Thomas that the wine was very highly prized on all
other planets.

Once at the port, the two boys, hands linked, walked up to the ship that
had been selected to take them into space, at the hatch stood a young
Khaladasian with bright red hair, his eyes were also red, Manam told Thomas
he was from Khaladasian Sega, they were escorted to the bridge where the
Captain awaited them, it was obvious that he also was a Sega.

"Brothers, I am Captain Sissal, may I know your names?"

Thomas saw that he was being looked over with a very critical eye, suddenly
it must have dawned on the Captain who he was.

"Most Revered Loved One, please excuse me, I was not aware it was your
person who required passage."

Thomas could only look at the Captain with a little embarrassment, even
now, after all the time he had spent on Prime, he could still not get used
to being spoken too as though he was some celebrity, luckily for him Manam
took over.

"Captain, may I present Mirl Thomas Kilroy, Sebath of Davin and my

The Captain bowed low with both hands placed over his chest.

"Most Revered loved One, the honour to make your acquaintance is all mine,
please accept my offer to be my guest on this voyage, I will have a suite
set aside for you and your Sedat immediately, there is no need for
discussion over the fare, it is our honour that you would travel with us."

"It would be our pleasure Captain; I believe you are first going to Pita
which is where we wish to go." Manam replied.

"Then it shall be done, we can go back to Sega after Pita then on to Brana

"Captain there's no need to make your journey longer by doubling back; we
can wait while you carry out your business on Sega."

"Oh no Sedat, that would be most inhospitable of me, the Most Revered Loved
Ones needs must come first, we will go to Pita first, now if you would
follow my son, he will take you to our suite, perhaps you will both join me
for a meal after we take off?"

"The pleasure would be all ours Captain, and thank you for your generous
hospitality; we will never forget it and it will be known of by the

The Captain bowed low again and then the boys followed the young
Khaladasian out of the bridge and along a narrow passage until they came to
an open door, the suite inside was quite large for a cargo ship, it was
obvious to both boys that this was the personal living quarters of the
Captain, the boys felt a tinge of guilt at taking the Captains private
quarters, at the same time Manam knew that they could not refuse the
generous offer as it would be seen to be an insult.

There was no need to use the stasis beds as the trip would only take four
days, the boys spent a lot of time with the Captain on the bridge, Thomas
was not going to miss the opportunity to see live space, the bridge was
like a quiet office, everyone knew what they were doing and the need for
orders was very limited, the two boys went from station to station and
watching over the shoulder of the technicians as they went about their
business, to Thomas's eyes everything looked new and excited him no end.

Their meals were taken with the Captain and his two sons and they talked a
lot about the way of the cargo captain and listened to many of the stories
the Captain told him, both of his time as a cargo Captain and before, when
he was young, as a junior officer in the Khaladasian fleet, too Thomas it
all seemed surreal, the thought that he was out here in wild space and
being treated as a special personage almost gave him goose bumps.

Khaladasian Pita was a grey looking planet from space, as the boys watched
it coming closer; Thomas asked Manam what else the planets people produced
for the empire.

"They are the artisans for the empire, they have no resources that can be
used but they are the finest of workers in Cannelian Crystals, Lenl
cartilage, Pirrip horn and Plasteel, everything that needs to be made for
the other planets is made here, the planet is almost pure Krine rock which
burns hot enough for them to use for smelting and working with Crystal."

The ship came to rest in its docking rings, Thomas was surprised to see
that even the buildings were cut from the Krine rock, it was almost as
though the city had sprung from the rock of the planet, he had been
expecting to see clouds of dark smoke filling the air but, much to his
surprise the air was clean and pure, there was no smell of heavy industry
as there would be on Earth.

At the hatch of the ship, Thomas turned and presented the Captain with one
case of the Wine as Manam thanked him for his hospitality.

"Captain, the Sebath would like you too have this case of Skila as a token
of our thanks for your generous hospitality, we sincerely hope that we can
meet again."

The Captain stood with his mouth open as Thomas placed the case in his
hands, the Captain wondered if the Most Revered Loved One understood the
value of his gift, on any planet he could sell a single bottle for more
than twice what the fare would have been for both boys, he found it
difficult to get his voice to work, it was an enormous gift, he felt he had
too refuse, it wasn't right to accept such generosity.

"Sebath, Sedat, I can't accept such a valuable gift for just a short hop to
Pita, it wouldn't be right."

"Captain, you made me very happy to be able to join you on the bridge, it
has been one of my greatest wishes to go into space and, apart from the
trip here from Terra, of which most of the time was spent in stasis, this
has been the first time I could really see what was going on, for me the
wine is just a small way to thank you for such a great time, besides I have
plenty at home so I want you too keep it and enjoy it with your fine sons."
Thomas answered.

"Thank you Most Revered Loved One, I will treasure every sip, it will be
kept onboard for special occasions and never sold to others."

The two boys shook hands with the Captain one more time and left with their
luggage on a grav lift platform, on these worlds you did not have to carry
baggage, there were always plenty of luggage platforms to put it on, you
then just used a short handle to pull it along behind you.

The boys had had the AI book them into a hotel close to the port, it took
no time for them to find it and book in, again, they were greeted with bows
by the staff and shown quickly to the suite at the top of the hotel where
they could look out over the large city without anything to block their
view, Thomas could see for kilometres in every direction.

While Manam put away their few clothes, Thomas sat and began to make a
drawing of a Katana, he put in as much detail as he could remember of the
one he had owned back on Earth, that one was not all that special as his
family could only afford a basic weapon for him but it did have a fancy
pommel although it was made of cheap metals and inlays.

After a long and leisurely lunch, Manam took the lead and, after making
sure he had his directions right, the two boys walked out of the hotel and
turned towards the business district on the edge of the city, Manam had got
the address of one of the finest blade makers on Pita, he had come with the
highest regards of the Hotel manager.

It took the two boys no more than half an hours leisurely stroll to find
the street where all the blade workers were doing business, the street was
a hive of activity but in a quiet way, shop fronts showed the blades in
small displays and behind the front of the shops, the men worked in open
airy courtyards.

When they found the man suggested to them, Thomas saw he was quite old and
yet his hands moved with the grace of long practice as he worked on a
crystal to form a new blade with what Thomas thought was a thin metal rod
that emitted a bright blue pulse, at the end of the rod there was a thin
hollow tube that led to a round metal ball close to his side, on the top of
the ball was a small trapdoor, Thomas watched as the blue pulse began to
fade and the man took up a small piece of grey stone without looking and
dropped it into the trapdoor, the rod lit up again with a strong pulse once
more and he continued working.

The two boys stood and watched the man work until they were noticed, the
elderly man looked up and started as he saw who his visitors were, Manam
had brought a small brown case with them that he had bought at the Hotel
shop, inside it were two bottle of wine as a gift for the man if he
accepted the work, in a voice stringer than the boys would have thought the
elderly man had, they were greeted formally.

"Most Revered Loved One and partner, please accept the hospitality of my
humble workshop, if there is anything I can do for you please ask and it
will be my pleasure to fulfil your wishes."

Manam answered the old man.

"Father Dassan, the Hotel manager told us you were the finest worker of
Caana Blades in the city, my Sebath would like you to make a special one
for him."

"I will certainly do my best to fulfil the Most Revered Loved Ones needs
Sedat; do you have a drawing of what you would like?"

Thomas took out the drawing of the Katana and gave it too the old man, he
watched as the man looked at it from all directions, finally he looked up
at the boys.

"This is a most unusual concept in blades, what is its length, Most Revered
Loved One?"

Thomas sat on a small stool close to the man and began to explain what it
was and how thick the blade as well as how long it should be, he also
pointed out that the handle should be long enough to hold with both hands
but balanced correctly so it could also be used single handed, it took half
an hour to go over all the specifications but at the end of that time the
old man said he would attempt to make on for him.

For the next hour, the old man took measurements and weights that Thomas
could hold in one then in both hands, he was very particular in his
measurements, finally he asked Thomas if he wanted the hilt to be decorated
and if he also wanted any patterns on the blade, finally, after everything
had been measured, the old man then asked if they wanted the scabbard to be
decorated as well as he would have to have it made outside his shop, he
explained that he was a blade maker and the scabbards and hilts were made
by others but he would get only the finest craftsmen to do it for him.

Thomas explained what he would like and asked if it was too much to do,
when told it was little trouble for a Most Revered Loved One and that the
other two craftsmen would want to do it as a new challenge to their
abilities, Dassan told Thomas it was indeed a new idea and, should the
military decide it was a good weapon to have then the men would make many
credits from supplying the new weapons, this one, Dassan told them, would
be a gift to the Most Revered Loved One for the honour of being chosen to
produce the first of its kind.

Thomas once again felt the heat of embarrassment rise on his cheeks; he was
still finding it hard to accept all these gifts even though he had been
warned by Manam that it would happen.

"May I ask how long it will take to make a Katana like that Dassan?" Thomas

"Two days and you may come and look at it before we do the final work on
it, I will have both my apprentices work around the clock to make sure it
is ready, once the initial blade is formed, the two other makers will know
what they will need for the hilt and scabbard, it should only be two more
days after that to completion, Most Revered Loved One."

Thomas took the small brown case from Manam and laid it on the small round
table they had been talking over.

"I would like to offer this gift for the three of you in appreciation for
your trying to do this for me; I hope you will accept it as a mark of my
esteem." Thomas told the old man.

Dassan opened the case and saw the two bottle of Skila lying inside, his
mouth dropped open and he looked up at the two boys almost with a tear in
his eyes, gently he ran a rough finger over the bottles as though they were
a religious artefact.

"Most Revered Loved One, how can I ever accept such a gift, this is too
much, each of these bottles is almost worth a kings ransom on Pita, one
would pay for your blade many times over, it's too much for a humble blade

"Dassan, if you can make me the blade as we described, every bottle on my
estate would be worth it."

"In that case, Most Revered Loved One, you will have the finest blade ever
made on Khaladasian Pita or anywhere else in the system, of that I swear to

Thomas smiled at the sincerity on the man's face and gave him a small bow
as he rose from the stool.

"In that case Dassan, I am sure it will be of the finest quality and
workmanship, we will come back in two days to see how you are getting on."

"The rough blade will be ready for you Most Revered loved One, my word to
that." Dassan said as he bowed low to the two boys.

Thomas and Manam left Dassan to get on with his work, as they came back
into the bright sunlight, Thomas asked if they made jewellery on Pita as
well, Manam did not know what he meant by jewellery but, after a quick
description, Manam told Thomas it was called accessories on Khaladasian
Prime, it was also used in trade with planets that had no craftsmen of
their own to make it.

The two boys wandered around for another hour before they found the street
that made jewellery, it was then a matter of finding someone who would make
what Thomas wanted, after a few measurements and of course the usual offer
of gifting it, the boys went to find a place to eat and have a long cold
drink, it had been so far a very busy day, the jewellery would be finished
in two hours as the man had said he would set all four of his employees
into producing them, all that remained now was for the boys to use the time
too look around a little more and, after taking ownership of the jewellery,
returning to their Hotel room.

The two rings Thomas had ordered proved to be works of art, the maker had
put everything he knew into producing what the Most Revered Loved One
wanted and it had succeeded, Thomas was delighted with the end results,
when they returned to the Hotel, Thomas very solemnly placed one ring on
Manam's finger and the other on his own, he then told Manam that as long as
those rings were on their fingers, Thomas would honour and Love Manam.

Manam had tears rolling down his face as he listened to Thomas's words, as
Thomas finished speaking, Manam wrapped all four of his arms around his
Mirl and cried into his shoulder, it seemed to Manam that he had just
received the gift of all gifts, too return his love to Thomas, he took him
by the hand and led him up onto the roof of the Hotel to watch the sunset
for which Pita was justly famous.

Thomas had never seen anything like it, the smaller yellow sun sank a few
minutes before the bright white one, the yellow sun painted the evening sky
in colours of gold and fiery red, then, as the yellow sun sank below the
horizon, the evening sky lit up with the most intense violets and blues he
could imagine, it was a pyrotechnic display he could not even believe
although it was right in front of his eyes, he pulled Manam closer and lay
his head on the Khaladasians shoulder as the sky faded to a deep dark blue
of night, only the faint twinkle of the far off stars lit the peaceful
scene on the roof top.

That night, after a sumptuous dinner of seafood and half a bottle of one of
their Skila, Thomas's love making was the most intense and long lasting
that they had so far had, Manam had even felt his second `Boy Button' being
excited by Thomas's wish to delve as deep inside Manam's body as he could,
Manam had not told Thomas how Khaladasian boys were put together although
Thomas had the Edu-program to teach him, not everything was on it, to the
Khaladasian there were just some things that did not need teaching, like
all boys have two prostates, one close to their entry and the other deeper
inside which was the one that created the Ova for breeding once the boy was
old enough, Manam thanked his lucky stars that he still had two more years
before producing his first Ova although, at the same time he would not have
minded having his Thomas's babies right now but his body was not yet ready.

When the two boys awoke in the morning, Thomas could still feel the after
effects of the four bites from Manam last night, the last of the endorphins
were still in his body as he pulled his eyes open, there was only one way
for him to clean his system, he smiled as he rolled over on top of Manam's
waiting body with the advice to Manam not too bite him this time or they
would never leave the bed.

For the next half hour the two boys were lost in the throws of passion,
Manam's fangs dripped endorphins as he felt Thomas reach new depths inside
him, all Manam could do was swallow the excess endorphins and pray for the
best as Thomas struck his second boy button over and over again with his
deep penetrating strokes, while his upper pair of arms held tightly to
Thomas, his second pair held his own legs back as far as he could get them,
this new position gave Thomas the right angle to penetrate as deep as
anyone could get.

Finally Thomas felt the impending explosion, his feelings were so
heightened that he thought he would be physically pulled into Manam's body
as he thrust hard for the last time and, with a loud yell and then almost
the feeling of tears running down his cheeks, he felt his groin explode, it
was the most intense orgasm he had ever felt and it seemed to go on

Manam felt the stiffening of Thomas's body and his own, now filled with his
leaking endorphins, began to tingle and then itch but a nice itch, almost
like a tickle, within his body Manam felt the heat of Thomas emission, it
filled him and at the same time warmed him to his core, the tickling itch
got progressively more noticeable as Thomas ejaculated deep inside him,
suddenly Manam opened his eyes as realisation hit him.

`No, it can't be, I have two more years to go yet, there's no way I could
produce them now.'

Thomas finally was able to se the world around him, he didn't know that an
orgasm could be so intense, with blurred eyes he looked into the face of
Manam, it was then he saw his Sedat's strange look.

"What is it, are you ok, look worried, did I do something wrong
my love?"

"No, no, my Sebath, it's just I have never felt like this but, I think we
have to go to the Fertility Dome, we need to check on something."

Thomas, not knowing too much about Khaladasian physiology except for the
little he had picked up from the Edu-program could only smile at his lover,
whatever Manam wanted he could have, they wrapped their arms tightly around
each other and slipped into a light doze after their torrid love making,
both Thomas and Manam had never felt anything like this time.

After a leisurely breakfast, Manam led Thomas to the nearest Fertility
Dome, they were quickly shown through to an Elder and then, after the usual
greetings and questions about home planet and age, the Elder sent Manam off
with one of his nurses, Thomas was led through to a waiting area where he
could relax, not really an option as he did not really know why they were
even here as Manam had kept his lips sealed the whole time.

Thomas sat and waited, he hoped his lover was not hurt or in any danger,
finally the Elder appeared minus Manam, sitting across from Thomas, the
Elder looked deeply into the boy's eyes and then, very slowly, his lips
widened into a slight smile.

"Most Revered Loved One, your Sedat is pregnant, we don't quite understand
how this could be because he should not be able to produce Ova for another
two years, however, He has two fully formed Ova, as far as we can tell they
are both healthy, now do you know about our physiology as far as fertility

"Not really, only a little I learnt from the Edu-programs and I did not
really take a lot of notice as I did not think it was relevant to me or
what I could do."

"Well then let me give you the short version so you will understand what
has happened to your Sedat. Khaladasian boys can only produce Ova when they
reach a certain age, somehow, your Sedat has jumped the gun a little, we
don't know how but we think it may be something to do with being with you,
now, all Khaladasian males when they are fully mature, produce two Ova once
every five years, normally one is fertilized and the other is discarded, it
is more than one thousand years since we had a case of both being

Thomas could only nod his head as he listened to the Elder.

"Now what has happened in the case of your Sedat; is that he has not only
produced his Ova two years early but, both of them have been fertilized."

"Twins, we're going to have twins, my god how am I going to look after two
boys at the same time?"

"No Mirl Kilroy, you are not having twins, what is happening this very
minute is that both the Ova are already dividing, if all goes well you and
the Sedat will be having quads, at this early stage we can't tell what
their eventual body will be but you will have time to return to Prime
before the Ova have to be taken out and placed in a womb, about ten days I
think you still have, congratulations Most Revered Loved One, you have
produced the first multiple births in the Khaladasian system in over a
thousand years."

Thomas could feel his mouth agape and his lips flapping as he tried to get
his breath, he and Manam were having quads, four little boys running around
the house.

`Oh my god how will I look after them, what do I know about babies, oh shit
now I'm right in it, how do I learn to look after four little kids.'

The Elder could almost read Thomas's thoughts as he watched the young boy
take in the news, with a gentle touch on Thomas's shoulder, the Elder

"I know these are your first but don't worry, everything you need to know
can easily be taught by the Edu-program, you'll see, those little ones will
be the delight of your days."

Thomas looked into the wise face of the Elder.

"Are you sure, I mean on Earth this sort of thing happenes but not quads."

"Most Revered Loved One, on any planet in the Khaladasian system you would
receive all and any help you needed or wanted, but don't worry, your
reactions are quite normal for a first time father, you have the most
amazing start to your family line, believe me, this will go down as an
historical event in the annals of Khaladasian history, I am so fortunate to
be the one that was first consulted, you have made me a very happy man."

Thomas could only sit there in stunned silence as the news sank in, he was
to be a daddy not once, but four times over, this would have looked real
good in the news back on Earth, he could almost visualise the headlines.


`Yes mum would be real happy about that, and the guys at school would be
lining up to give me the bash.'

At last the Elders words got through into Thomas's dazed mind.

"We need to keep the Sedat here for another day until the end of the
dividing, just too make sure the Ova are safe, once that is done he can
leave and rejoin you for the trip back to Prime."

"So he has to stay here, he can't come back to the Hotel with me?"

"Yes, it's only for today, just so we can keep watch on the quads, we don't
want anything to happen to them while they are dividing and I am sure you
don't as well."

"Yes, yes of course, can I see my love first, does he know about having to
stay for the rest of the day and tomorrow morning?"

"Oh yes he fully understands what is going on, one other thing if I may be
so bold?"

"Yes oh course." Thomas said still a little distracted by the news.

"May I have your permission to inform my colleagues about this momentous

"Yes of course you may, now can I see my Sedat please?"

"Thank you Most Revered Loved One; and yes come this way."

Thomas was led through a passageway and into a bright room with windows
looking out onto a garden, in the raised bed lay Manam with a beaming smile
on his face, the bed cover had been lowered to show his body as far down as
his lower waist, his show of happiness projected onto Thomas and broke out
into a huge smile of his own.

"Well my love, four is going to be fun." Manam said with a huge smile.

"Yeah, it's still trying to sink in, do you think we will be able to look
after them, I mean we are both just kids ourselves and one would be hard
enough, but four?"

"Oh don't worry my love, one or four, they are going to be spoilt rotten by
everyone that they meet, including the main members of our family, now are
you going to be ok alone for today?"

"I don't know, I have to go and see the blade maker so that will take some
time, I suppose if we can have a vid-com connection we can talk to each
other for company until you are out of here."

"Yes, we can do that, I'm really so happy that this has happened, do you
realise this is the start of our family, we are going to have so many sons,
I'm so proud of you my love."

"Well you are doing all the work now, love, I better leave and let you
rest, I'll go and look after the other stuff so we can leave soon and go
home, we still have to find a transporter back to Prime."

"You can leave that for now, there's no hurry we have plenty of time, do
you want to know what is going to happen after we get home?"

"Yes, tell me?"

"Well, if you look down my tummy, you can see a small lump forming, that's
my Folupa, when the Ova are ready to be transferred to the artificial womb,
the four Ova will come out of there, they are collected and transferred
into the womb and stay there for four months until they form properly, at
two months, they are given Edu-programs via Sonics, they will look about
the same as a Terran baby at one year, after another two months they will
be ready to leave the womb, they will then be about the same as a Terran
baby of two years, they will be able to walk and talk, remember that the
Khaladasian grow very fast for the first five years then slow down, I know
they are going to be the sweetest boys on Prime."

Thomas could only hold his lovers hand and try to take in this quick
education about his coming boys, finally it was time to leave as much as he
wanted to stay he still had to finish what they came for, with a last smile
of pride and a gentle kiss, Thomas gave a last wave and walked from the
room, he then left the Fertility Dome and began to look for the blade
makers shop once again, he still had to do the final fitting and
corrections of the new Katana.

Thomas found the small workshop with little trouble, the old man was
waiting with a smile on his face as Thomas walked in, and he gave a low bow
and called his eldest son to meet Thomas.

"Most Revered Loved One; this is my eldest Dasik he is going to be doing
the engraving on the blade if you would be so kind as to advise him on what
you would like."

The teenage looking young man bowed even lower and smiled at Thomas as his
father brought out a long thin blade, the tang was still quite long and,
when Thomas took hold of the unfinished blade, he could feel it was
unbalanced, as Dassan began to watch Thomas hold the clear composite
temporary handle, he lit his plasma cutter and began to make thin shavings
off both ends until Thomas was satisfied with the feel and balance.

Once the balancing had been done, Dassan turned to his vid-com and made two
calls while Thomas sat with Dasik and talked over what he would like
engraved on the blade, Thomas finally settled for a story of life and death
that Dasik had suggested was an old legend of Khaladasian.

A few minutes later, as Thomas and the old blade maker sat talking, a
middle aged pair came in and then Dassan rose to introduce them to Thomas.

"Most Revered Loved One, this is Deerin, he is making your hilt, he would
like to measure it for balance and ask you how to bind it and, this is
Damadan, he is making your scabbard and would like to know what designs
should be on it."

For the next hour, Thomas sat with the men and discussed how things should
be made and embellished, there was a lot of in-depth discussion on what the
right materials should be used for the cross hatching on the handle and
which was the best way to do the engraving, all in all it was a good two
hours before everything was settled and Thomas had the distinct feeling he
was going to love his hand made Katana, even though it was not an original
Japanese or Korean one.

Thomas arrived back at the Hotel to much bowing and smiles from the staff,
while in itself it was not unusual to receive the bows from the Hotel
staff, this time it seemed to be a little more than before, Thomas smiled
back at all the greetings and went to his room to call his six friends, he
thought he had better tell them about what had happened over his soon too
arrive sons.

After setting up a conference call with all six of them to save time,
Thomas told them about his news, much to his surprise they all just smiled
and then Noah just said.

"Yes, we know already, it's been on all the system wide news broadcasts,
congratulations, Daddy."

Six laughing faces looked at Thomas over the vid-com, this now sent Thomas
into a state of shock, it had only been hours since he himself had been
told, how the hell had the whole Khaladasian system found out, for the next
ten minutes the friends laughed and joked about Thomas now being a daddy to
four boys, as it finally sank in and the others were signing off, there was
a faint knock at his door, when he opened the door the Manager was standing
there with a wide smile on his face.

"Congratulations Most revered Loved One, There are some Empire Officers
wishing to meet you, I have told them to stay in the lounge as you were
making a call, do you wish me to guide you to them, they seemed to be very

Thomas looked at his clothing to make sure he was at least presentable,
looking back up to the Manager he smiled and nodded, closing his door he
followed the Manager down in the elevator to the lounge floor, seconds
after the door opened, Thomas was looking at four very tall Khaladasian
officers in full formal dress, each one showed gold bars on their collars
that Thomas barely understood but knew they were quite high ranking, he
waited for them too talk first.

"Most Revered Loved One Mirl Thomas Kilroy Sebath of Davin, we are here on
behalf of the Council of Elders to inform you that from this moment on you
are under the protection of the Empire Guards, when you wish to leave this
planet there will be an Empire cruiser at your disposal, your Sedat is now
being guarded by a Section of Empire Guards and another Section will be
positioned at your door for your safety, if you have any requests please do
not hesitate to contact either myself or any of these three Command
Officers, we are your humble servants, Most Revered Loved One."

The Officer along with the other three, bowed low and crossed their arms
over the chests in the salute of the Khaladasian armed forces, Thomas could
only gape at the four men, he knew that the Empire Guards were the elite of
the armed forces, to have them attached to watching over Manam and himself
seemed rather extreme, Thomas decided to ask the Officer why this was
needed when they were so well protected just by being in the Khaladasian

The Officer then went on to explain that because of the system wide news
broadcast of Thomas's multiple birth, and the Bunalkar will hear of it soon
enough and then they may try to take him and the Sedat for themselves or to
ransom for a planet or two.

"It is only being cautious Most Revered Loved One; the Elder Council is not
taking any chances on such a great event as this."

Thomas finally was able to return to his lonely room, outside the full
section of guards halted and took up position while Thomas went to make a
call to Manam, while they did not talk a great deal, for both of them it
was enough just to look into each others face as they lay on their beds
until they finally drifted off to sleep, the Vid-com still on so they could
see each other when the awoke.

In the morning, Thomas awoke to the picture of Manam's peaceful sleeping
face: it wouldn't be long now until they could be together again and in
each others arms, Thomas felt lost without Manam close to him even thought
he well understood why it had too be this way. After a long hot shower,
Thomas went down for breakfast instead of staying in his room, he didn't
want to be alone any more and the crowd in the general dining room made him
feel a little better, even though he had to accept all the bows and
congratulations of everyone in there.

Accompanied by his section of guards who were all fully armed and alert, he
made his slow way to the Fertility Dome, from then on it was only a matter
of half an hour before Manam flew into his waiting arms and covered him
with hot kisses, Thomas was not even aware of all the people and guards
around them as he hugged Manam as close as he could get him, he felt happy
once again, the parting, although only for a little over a day, had been
more than he wanted to remember.

Thomas and Manam spent most of the day in their room, well guarded by the
now two Sections of guards; Thomas would run his fingers over the larger
bump of Manam's Folupa it was about two inches above the thin slit of skin
that covered Manam's penis which would project from his body when he was
erect, Khaladasians did not have navels or nipples so the Folupa bump was
even more strange to Thomas, he could not see how the Ova would come out as
there was no hole or slit for them to do so, Manam explained that as the
time approached for the Ova to come, the bump would form a thin slit and
the Ova would exit through this, he would feel no pain only a slight
tightness then the bump would disappear over night.

That night was spent cuddling and kissing, Thomas did not want to put the
Ova in any danger by going further, as much as his libido wanted too, they
finally cuddled into each other and fell asleep, the next day should see
the finishing of his new katana and they could leave for home, it had been
a very exciting week for them both.

Manam told the guard Commander where they were going and then they wanted
to head for Prime immediately afterwards, the first Section went ahead to
make the workshop secure, the others surrounded the two boys and escorted
them to Dassan's workshop, once there, the boys saw all four of the
artisans were waiting for them, on the long wide bench sat his new blade
and scabbards.

Thomas looked at them in wonder, the craftsmanship was way beyond what he
thought could be managed, as he went to the bench, old Dassan told him all
about the new blade as the guards looked on with awe showing in their
normally stoic faces.

"Most Revered Loved One, I hope you will find this new blade suits your
purpose, as you can see, the engraving tells the story of your family, my
son had to do some quick alterations when we saw the news broadcast but it
has turned out well, the engraving was done with the Sennit Milk from the
Karomma vine, it is able to produce the best and finest engraving."

Thomas looked at the work on the blade, on one side was a very accurate
representation of his own face and shoulders, on the other was that of
Manam, from both of them led a thin vine with small leaves leading to a
small child, it continued in this vein for the full length of the blade on
both sides, the engraving was as thin as a hair and glowed a soft mauve,
next, Deerin explained the hilt too him, the cross hatching had been
complimented with fine gold inlays, the cloth of the cross hatching was not
like the shark skin used in Japan but was a fibre from some plant that was
very much like it, the boss of the handle was also engraved with a gold
filigree that depicted a scene of battle so fine it was hard to make out.

Next came Damadan with the two scabbards, one was the plain clear synthetic
that stopped the Crystal from being charged when he was just practising,
the other was a master piece, the horn was finely carved with scenes of
battles and also images of animals, it was done in a silvery metal and then
the whole scabbard was polished until Thomas could almost see his face
reflected in it.

Looking at the exquisite workmanship, Thomas found it hard to keep a tear
from falling, he had never even dreamed of owning such a beautiful piece of
weaponry, slowly he lifted the clear scabbard and drew the blade, the mauve
engraving reflected the light as though it was alive, the balance was
perfect and he could easily use it with either one or both hands, the clear
Crystal blade had a shine all its own.

"Would you like to try it?" Dassan asked; when Thomas nodded, Dassan got a
large thick block of Plasteel and placed it in a vice, Damadan offered the
black scabbard to Thomas to charge the blade.

Thomas slid the blade into the scabbard and felt the heat warm his hand as
the reaction took place, withdrawing the blade took Thomas by surprise, the
blade glowed with power and the fine engraving shone and seemed to move
along the blade as he took a couple of practise swings, finally he stood
before the seemingly thick and solid block of Plasteel, he knew that this
could easily break a good blade if there were any weaknesses and that
Plasteel could withstand even heavy pulse cannons, sending a quick prayer
to whomever was listening, Thomas aimed and swung, the blade sheered
through the thick Plasteel as though it was only butter, the cut was smooth
and clean and the Katana did not even vibrate in his hands, it was perfect.

Thomas returned the blade to the clear scabbard where it immediately lost
is charge after many thank you's and hugs, Thomas and Manam left with their
guards and were taken immediately to the port where the Cruiser waited for



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