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News and Update Page

Last Updated on:
March 18th 2018





Wolfwalker released Chapter 22 of HP of Mars


  Silverwolf released Chapter 1 of Naruto's Revenge the real one this time  not the prologue






The best way to find out what is happening  with me is by the following:


I have a twitter account which I post at frequently, and the first place I post @RonWolfwalker


Next would be my Wiki update page http://teepwiki.n40c.net/index.php?title=Main_Page


And lastly my yahoo group wolfwalkerstories@yahoogroups.com







Also the email addy at the bottom of my story chapters is now out of date. The correct one is ron@n40c.net. I shall be going through and fixing them and reloading the chapters. That is once real life releases it's hold on me.



The TEEP Universe Wiki is mostly up to date. if you would like to visit it to help keep all the characters straight follow this link WIKI


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