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News and Update Page

Last Updated on:
April 23rd, 2023




Wolfwalker released Chapter 12 and 13 of Harry's Island Realm which ends book 1



The group can now be found at WolfwalkerStories@groups.io



I have a Patreon Account now. I have always covered the costs of this site and have never asked for help and I am not going to do so now.

What I am going to do, is for those who support me on Patreon, I will be uploading chapters early. I will be showing character developments for my original works and posting complete stories there for download.


I will also being putting up interviews and answering indepth any questions put to me about the characters in my stories. And I will drop into the pages partial chapters that I am working on, way before they even get sent to the editing team. My Patreaon account can be found here  http://patreon.com/RonWolfwalker


Kyle Released his first book, Ripples of Agression, the story takes place in the same universe as his Brile and O'Conner Stories.


From shortly after mankind first traveled to the stars, mercenaries have been both a plague and a savior to everything from small outposts to massive multi-planetary alliances. Denigrated by most, until they are needed, mercs form the backbone of the Universe. For love them or hate them, there is no question humanity would have surly lost the Machine Wars without mercenaries and the ultra powerful organization licensing them, Association Independent Mercenaries. Since then, the power of A.I.M. has only continued to grow.

For a teenager, traveling the stars as a mercenary dependent, danger and loss are constant threats. However, the adventure 
and challenges are counterbalances. The expectation to become a unit member, while still being a child, cannot easily be shouldered. For no one, especially a child, can be touched by war without being altered. 

The arrival in the Jakarta system comes with new challenges for the kids of the Blood Brawlers, but nothing they were unaccustomed to, or so they thought. Would a lifetime of being a 'merc brat' allow one teen to regain redemption from a haunted past or would ripples of former aggressions be the downfall of not only himself, but those who suddenly need to count on his lifelong lessons and scars that can only come with being an A.I.M. dependent? 

Kyle's book can be found on Amazon by clicking the book cover or by clicking here





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Also the email addy at the bottom of my story chapters is now out of date. The correct one is ron@n40c.net. I shall be going through and fixing them and reloading the chapters. That is once real life releases it's hold on me.



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