Tales of a Night Walker
By Bert McKenzie
Copyright 2010

Chapter 22

I couldn't believe it.  We had fought so hard for nothing.  I was holding
my lover in my arms and he was dead.  There was nothing I could do.  All
the special powers I possessed were just a waste.  Frank was gone and it
was my fault.  There hadn't even been time for me to convert him and give
him an immortal life.  He had bled out so rapidly.  I have never wanted to
die so badly.  If only someone would drive a stake through my heart.  I
looked up into the faces of the man who had helped me and his son.  Their
eyes were full of pity, but there was nothing they could offer to help.

Then I heard the laughter, a low, deep chuckle.  It was my father.  I
looked up to see him standing there about 20 yards from me.  He was
laughing at my pain.  "That will teach you, boy," he said, the laughter
still in that cruel voice I remembered so well from my childhood.  "You
were an abomination as a person, desiring another man.  And you're an
abomination as a vampire, falling in love with a human.  And now you're
keeping company with two of those blue blooded devil creatures.  Boy you
just shouldn't exist."

The anger was boiling up inside me, but before I could even react I heard
another voice.  "You've got one thing wrong, bucko."  It was a woman's
voice, a human voice.  "He's got friends who care about him.  But what have
you got?"  I looked over and saw Kelly standing close to Flesar and his
son.  She began to walk toward my father who was several yards away.  "And
as far as who shouldn't exist, I'd say it's you, not Jeff."

"Kelly, no!" I shouted.  I wanted to run to her to stop her, but I was
still holding Frank's body.

"Another foolish human," my father said, the mirth evident in his voice.
"You think you are going to harm me, human?" he asked in amusement.

"I know something you don't know," she said as she stopped several yards in
front of him.

"And what is that?"

"That Walmart sells battery powered ultraviolet lamps."  And suddenly it
was the light of the sun shining on the old man.  I could feel the painful
heat on my face, on my hands, but I wasn't standing in the path of that
bright light.  I was behind it.  My father's expression went from sardonic
to shocked, then horrified.  He tried to turn away, but suddenly his head
seemed to burst into flames.  In moments his whole body was a torch, and
then it just seemed to turn to ash and collapse.  Kelly turned off the
light and watched as the ashes crumpled to the ground.  She then ran back
to me and dropped to her knees, tears coming to her eyes as she looked down
at Frank, lying in my arms with his blood slowly dripping onto my clothing.

* * *

After Frank had been taken by my father, I tried to track them down but
came up empty.  My father had taken him in a vehicle and that ended the
scent trail I followed out of the airport terminal and into the parking
garage.  I didn't know what to do or where to go, so I called Kelly.  She
told me to come back to Auburn.  She was certain that my father would want
to contact me.  Why else would he take Frank unless it was bait to trap me?
And where else could he call me, but at my home in Auburn.  My new phone
number may not have been in a book, but it was certainly listed with
directory assistance.  I knew she was right, although it drove me crazy to
take a plane all the way back to Kansas.

Kelly met the plane at the airport and booked me into a hotel for the day.
That evening we drove back to Auburn and I sat at the phone.  The call came
about midnight.  It was my father's taunting voice, telling me to meet him
in Jenkins, Kentucky.  It was a tiny little town in the Appalachians.
Kelly packed a quick bag of supplies and came with me.  She had already
foreseen the coming together of me and another who was searching for my
father.  Her bag of supplies included herbs, crystals and candles.

How my father had captured Jayron, I will never know.  But his father,
Flesar was willing to join our search when we met up in the woods just
outside of Jenkins.  Flesar spoke fluent English, but said his son did not.
They were from the world of which May had told me.  Apparently vampires and
witches were not the only supernatural creatures.  The old Celtic fairyland
did exist and Flesar and his son came into our world through some sort of
magical portal.  The fairies weren't the tiny winged creatures from
children's stories, but tall, well built, very human looking individuals.
In fact, Flesar confided that many of them had often visited our world and
passed for normal people.  Their main differences included pointed ears,
which were easily disguised under longer hair, and the color of their
blood, blue instead of the human red.  Flesar had no fear of vampires since
he explained to me that their blood was poisonous to our kind.  He wasn't
worried that my father would drink his son, but that wouldn't stop my
sadistic relative from any other form of torture, including death.

We worked together to find a trail.  I was able to scent my father and the
more subtle aroma that must be Flesar's son, Jayron.  The three of us were
in the field when we saw Frank and Jayron running in our direction closely
pursued by a pack of strange vampires.  I told Kelly to stay back while the
two of us handled the vampires.  I had no idea she had already picked up
the battery powered sunlamp when she first found out I was a vampire.  She
brought it with her along with her other more magical and less hi-tech

We buried Frank on the side of a mountain in the Appalachian chain.  It was
a beautiful location that looked out over a little valley with a winding
creek running through it.  It was a dull brown now with the colors of
winter, but in the spring it would be covered with green and should be a
lovely view.  Flesar and Jayron helped to construct a small cairn of stone
over the grave.  I only wished I could join my love under the earth.  I too
should be sleeping in a grave, letting the moss and ivy grow on the stones

Kelly found an empty glade in the forest that she said had all the right
lay lines running under it.  These were apparently magical conduits she
felt in the earth.  She then set up the candles and crystals, and chanted
some words from an old book she carried with her.  No one was more
surprised than I when what appeared to be a crack of lightning rent the
air.  Before us in the center of the glade was what looked like a glowing
patch of blue light.  It stretched between two of the crystals and wavered
as if seen through the warmth of heat rising on a summer's day.  "This is
the doorway to our world," Flesar explained.  "Come with us," he invited.

I was sorely tempted.  May had said the fairyland was a place where night
walkers would become human again.  If only Frank had lived to see this, the
two of us might step through that doorway together.  But being human held
no appeal for me now.  Only a true death called to me.  I shook my head
sadly and then reached out to grasp his hand in thanks.  Instead, the
strange man grabbed me in a hug.  It was odd how I kept making friends in
the most unusual of circumstances.  Death kept bringing me close to
strangers.  The boy also hugged me, and then the two of them turned toward
the glowing patch of light and walked into it.  They seemed to shimmer for
a moment, and then disappeared.  Once they were gone, the blue glow faded
away.  Kelly packed up her crystals and her candles and then gave me a hug.
"Let's go home," she said.  "We have a lot of explaining to do, like
telling Harriet and the others at the theater."  I told her I would return
with her, but that it wasn't home.  I had found part of my destiny, but
this wasn't the end of my existence, so I would have to move on and find my
life, or whatever it was I was living, elsewhere.


Author's note: This is not the end of the story.  There are further
adventures ahead for Jeff.  Please continue reading.






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