A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


A Human Hybrid Warrior Adventure Story


Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copied, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.

Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create the original Human Hybrids – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine or meld with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be much greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of the Hybrids, omnivores

Human Sensitives; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrid Warriors have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Warriors. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrid Warriors, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so. Human Sensitives tend to live much longer than their non-sensitive brothers. All Human Sensitives are male, no known female humans have ever become Human Sensitives.


Bobby Daniels and his Dad, Dr. Robert Daniels, departed early, anxious to get started on their long planned fishing trip to Baja. Bobby’s two younger brothers, Roger, aged 15 and Kenny, aged 12, were annoyed at being left behind. Oh, they knew that their older brother deserved this trip, but, well, it just wasn’t fair!
Bobby and his Dad had been gone only a few days when the earthquakes began to rock Bakersfield. The boys’ Mother, Muriel, found a gasoline station still open and filled their station wagon, before telephoning her brother, John Fielding, that they were headed to his house in Tucson that very night!. She raced back to their home and started throwing things in the car. The cracking and groaning became louder and louder, until the back porch of the house collapsed. She grabbed her two boys and threw them into the car. They headed out of town, just ahead of a mass exodus of the population.


Muriel took the back roads away from Bakersfield, roads that had no overpasses that could fall and block their escape. They hit Mountain Highway, the alternate route to Barstow right at midnight and she exited onto the main east-west interstate, I-40 two hours later.

She still had over a half a tank of fuel so she decided to push on to Kingman. A sharp thud sounded and the light poles started to sway, one by one, they began to topple over. Off to her right, an elevated on-ramp collapsed in a cloud of dust and all the lights suddenly went out. At that instant, the big sports wagon began to sway and swerve, cracks opened up in the pavement.

Rather than stop, she pressed harder on the accelerator pedal, the speedometer was hovering at 90 miles per hour as the heavy automobile raced up the highway to Tucson. Just as she began to fear that they would have an accident, the rolling land settled back down, there were only a few cars on the road and they had all stopped.

She reasoned that every moment they lost could mean they might never get to John’s home in Tucson. She knew it would be best if she could get some gasoline in Kingman before they turned south on the Black Mountain Highway as there was nothing there until they got almost to Phoenix.

As they drove into Kingman, the power was still on and a gas station was all lit up, obviously, still open. A hand written sign out front advertised gasoline $50/gallon!

She had grabbed the emergency cash out of the safe before they left home, she knew she had over $3,000 in cash in her purse, so she swung the big SUV into the filling station and showed the attendant a fist full of $50 bills, telling him to fill her tank. It cost her $1,000 for 20 gallons of gasoline, but her two boys were worth that and so much more to her.

She tried reaching her brother by cell phone, but all she got was a recorded message that all lines were busy right now, please try again later! The closer they got to Phoenix, the heavier the traffic was, all leaving Phoenix! She turned off the interstate highway and headed east around the outskirts of Phoenix, then taking a two lane road, she went through the small town of Florence and ended up in the suburb of Catalina, where her brother, John, was waiting for them.

As she pulled up to her brother’s home, her fuel gauge read empty! When she stepped out of the car, another violent earthquake rolled through the neighborhood, toppling telephone poles and trees.

John came running out of the house and shouted, “We gotta go, NOW!” They each grabbed a sleepy boy and shoved them into John’s motor home. Racing back to her car, they both loaded up with clothes and belongings and just tossed them in the motor home.

John had already fueled the vehicle and they started off. John had been an RV dealer before he retired and had the motor home custom built. It held nearly 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel in three separate tanks. He owned a vacation home in Green River, Utah and liked to go there and return without the need of refueling.


He drove out of Catalina just as the power went off. A particularly sharp jolt snapped the power lines all along the highway, there were dancing electric sparks lining both sides of the road. Instead of taking the main roads, he turned off and headed through the small village of Oracle and then down into the San Pedro Valley to Winkleman. They were making good time and had seen few cars, all headed in the opposite direction.

At Winkleman, he again turned north and headed into the mountains towards Globe. The road turned east, towards Globe and was littered with rocks that had fallen from the surrounding mountains, some were even boulders, but he was able to maneuver the big motor home around them.

They finally got to Globe just as dawn was breaking, there also, all the power was off and wrecked power poles were strewn along the highway. He turned north to go through Payson and on to Flagstaff, the quakes were becoming more frequent and even more violent! The route was mountainous and very treacherous, with rocks falling on the roadway and trees beginning to topple.

Once beyond Payson, the landscape would flatten out and he would be able to gain more speed through Holbrook. He wanted to get to a small National Forest Campground just north of Flagstaff, where they could spend the night and get some rest before going on.

Just as they left Payson behind, a tremendous explosion sounded and rocks rained down on the motor home roof, trees began to sway and fall in the direction of the road. Several times he had to stop and jack fallen trees out of their path, or drive off the road to go around them.

They broke out of the forest and stopped at the crest of a rise. They decided to take some time and have a meal. The violent quakes seemed to have stopped for a while and they were away from any trees that could fall. Both boys were hungry and John was getting tired.

Muriel fixed some hot soup and sandwiches. She and John had coffee and the boys had milk. As they sat there, trying to recoup their energy, Roger suddenly screamed, “Bobby! Bobby is hurt!” Muriel told him that Bobby was with their Dad in Baja and that was a long ways away from these earthquakes. He screamed again, “Bobby is hurt, there are earthquakes there too!” He began to cry and Muriel had him lay down on the bed for a while.

Just then, Kenny screamed, “Look!” and he pointed out the window. A pillar of fire and smoke was rising into the sky. He continued, “Is the forest on fire?” John replied, “I don’t think so, it looks more like a volcano to me. Maybe we better push on.”

Just as they started to drive off, a rain of rocks and boulders poured out of the sky. They were trapped, John got out of the vehicle and Muriel and the boys joined him. There was one huge boulder blocking their way and there seemed no possibility of driving around it.

John pulled some large pry bars out of the tool locker and started to pry the boulder out of their way. He couldn’t budge it, so Muriel hung on the bar to add her weight, it suddenly shifted and the bar went flying. The bar flew into the air and came down on Muriel’s leg, there was no question, her leg was broken.

John picked her up gently and carried her in the motor home. John made her as comfortable as possible, placing pillows around her so she would not roll off the bed. He said, “We had best keep moving, this is only going to get worse.”

Kenny sat with his mother and Roger went forward to sit in the right hand seat up front, helping his Uncle John dodge obstacles that were strewn all over the pavement. The column of smoke and fire worried John, they had to go just to the east of Flagstaff, around the San Francisco Peaks, the only recently active volcanoes in the area, even though it was over 500 years ago.

The closer they got, the more ominous the cloud became. John was also concerned about crossing the Colorado River, there was only one bridge and if the earthquakes knocked it out, they would have to detour over 1000 miles to get to Green River!

John was getting tired, they had been on the road constantly now for nearly 15 hours and he had done all the driving, fighting the huge vehicle to stay on the road. They finally, at last, came in sight of the city of Flagstaff. They saw nothing but wreckage and destruction for as far as they could see.

A few refugees moving around in the growing darkness, there were only flickers of light here and there, otherwise, it looked like a bombed out war zone! They crossed the I-40 Highway, the ramp was tumbled down but he was able to dodge blocks of broken concrete and drive directly across the highway. He had to drive across a field, an overpass had collapsed, blocking the highway.

Just as darkness was falling, they arrived at the National Forest campground John had planned on spending the night. Just then, a tremendous “Whoosh” of hot gases, flames and volcanic dust exploded across their path.

Looking up the mountain, they could see red lava oozing its way down the mountainside in their direction. John put the vehicle back in gear drove as fast as he dared to get away from the path of the molten lava.

They got about 20 miles up the road and John stopped. He turned to everyone and said, “Guys, I cannot drive any further, I am so tired, I am dizzy!” Muriel responded, “What are we to do, John, I can’t drive with my broken leg and we surely cannot stay here.”

Roger spoke up, “Mom, Uncle John, we have to get out of here or we will all die. I know, I have only a Learner’s Permit, but, Mom, you got to let me try, otherwise we will all die here!” John was so weary, he could not even stand up, he said, “Muriel, the boy is right, he MIGHT crash us, but if we stay here we WILL die!”

She reluctantly agreed and Roger changed seats with his Uncle. Just as he was ready to put the transmission in “Drive” there was a knock on the door of the motor home. John looked out the window and saw a teen boy standing there with a child in his arms and another holding on to his belt.

He cautiously opened the door and the boy said, “Please Mister, can you help us. Our folks were trapped in the house and it burned to the ground, they are both dead. My sister and baby brother are hurt and hungry, please sir, I will stay outside if you will only help them.”

The boy could not have been more than 14 or maybe 15 years old. John just could not leave them there, he opened the door and helped the boy lift his sister in and then he took the child from his hands. The boy started to step back and John said, “Oh no, son, this is a package deal and YOU come with them, get in here.”

He turned to Kenny and said, “Get them some water and then dig out some candy bars or something for right now, we must get moving again!” At that, the teen broke down and cried, “Nobody would stop for us, we have been walking all day to get away from the fire.” John held the boy until he could regain control and said, “Just relax, son, we have to get over the Marble Canyon Bridge before we can safely stop.”

Turning to Roger, he said, “Take it slow, but let’s get rolling.” John sat down and held the younger child and asked the boy who they were. The boy responded, “I am Billy Martin, I am 15, my sister Jessie is 8 and my baby brother, Carl is 9 months.”

Muriel struggled into a sitting position and took the baby, telling John to sit down and Billy to go to the front and help Roger navigate.

Roger keep his speed down, it was now totally dark, not even a moon. The only light was the glow of the red lava as it cascaded down the mountainside. The landscape began to flatten out and the danger of falling boulders became less. Every so often, the land would give a shudder and make the most terrifying groans that made Roger push a little harder on the accelerator pedal.

Finally, about 4 am, they came to the bridge. Billy jumped out and walked to the edge. He came back and said, “It looks like it is all there but we have no choice, LOOK!” Behind them, the way they had just come, was a sheet of slowly moving red lava!

John screamed and then said to Roger, “Put the gear selector in LO and ease onto the bridge, go as slow as you can, but DO NOT hit the brakes, that could dislodge a paving panel and we could fall through.”

Roger clenched his teeth and other anatomy parts and did as his Uncle John instructed. The speedometer was barely registering forward motion as he inched the big vehicle onto the bridge. They could feel the whole structure swaying from side to side.

It was probably only about 10 minutes, but Roger would swear that it took hours to cross that bridge! They finally reached the north side and Roger stopped the motor home. His gums were bleeding; he had clenched his jaws so tightly!

John said, “The road rises up to a plateau, get up there and then let’s stop for a while.” Roger did as he was told and when he shut the engine down, there was an eerie silence, punctuated by explosions and rumblings of the land. He crashed on the couch, remembering nothing until he awakened in the daylight several hours later.

They looked out the windows of the motor home in horror, across the river canyon, thick viscous lava, glowing red hot even in the daylight, was oozing over the lip of the gorge and dropping into the river far below. Billowing steam rose up the canyon walls, like a supernatural fog. Jessie, Billy’s little sister began to cry, she clung to her big brother whimpering, “We’re gonna die, Billy, just like Mommy and Daddy.”

John put his arms around the two of them and said, “Not if I can help it, we are going to get far away from here, RIGHT NOW!” He got up and sat in the driver seat and started the engine. As soon as it was running smoothly, he put the transmission in gear and slowly drove away from that awful scene.

Roger fixed everyone a quick breakfast, John ate his while driving, he wasn’t going to stay anywhere near that hot lava any longer than they had to. Even at that distance, they could all feel its heat through the sides of the motorhome.

The landscape on the north side of the river was much less rugged than around Flagstaff, mostly sand dunes and a few sandstone cliffs. They got to the little village of Mexican Hat, there was not a soul in sight, it was completely abandoned. He pulled off the road, near a small stream; he felt everyone needed a break. Roger had lain back down again and had fallen asleep.

Just as John shut off the engine, Roger screamed in his sleep, “Lake, come to the lake. They are waiting to welcome us, they will help us!” He rolled off the couch and hit the floor with a thud, now awake, he started crying, “Mom, they will fix your leg and care for us. Uncle John, we must get to the lake!”

Muriel asked, “Who, Roger, who will care for us?” Now fully awake, Roger replied, “Bear and Little Bear said to hurry, Master will help us.”

John thought, “Master..? Lake…?” He said out loud, “Roger, there is no lake around here.” Roger replied, “They said north and it was new.”

John thought, “WOW, what a dream!” and said, “There are only two ways to go north and I think we had best go up through Hanksville rather than Moab. There are too many cliffs around Moab that could collapse and block the highway. We have to go that way to get to Green River anyway.

Roger said, “It wasn’t just a dream, Uncle John, they actually talked to me, HONEST!” “It was the same voice who told me that Bobby was hurt!”

Muriel spoke up, “John, Roger has heard voices before and they have turned out to tell him true. Maybe we ought to trust him on this one, also!” John replied, “Well, we have to go that way in any case, so, let’s get started.”

They were eager to get away from Mexican Hat anyway, the biting flies were simply awful. John started the engine and soon they were on their way again. They drove slowly into Hanksville, again it was utter destruction. Not a single building was left standing and there were no people. The silence was eerie, the sudden CAW of a raven, made them jump.

Immediately, everyone in the motorhome heard, “Come, Come to the lake, we will help you.” Yet, it was not a sound, it was in their heads! John’s hands began to shake, “Roger, is THAT what you heard?” Roger replied, “Yeah, but that was a different voice!”

Billy shouted, “LOOK, that huge black raven is leading us, Mister John, follow it!”

John started the motor home moving and turned onto a road headed north as the raven flew ahead of them. It would circle and come around, always leading them northward. John mumbled, “I don’t know what that damned thing is, but a raven it is NOT!”

Chapter 3 – THE LAKE

John kept his speed at about 20 miles per hour, not wanting to outrun the strange bird. The elevation kept climbing until they crested a hill that should have overlooked the valley that Green River nestled in.

He slammed on the brakes, his mouth open in surprise. Spread out before them was not the beautiful valley that surrounded Green River, it was a large lake, filling the entire valley! There was no sign that the little town had ever existed!

The strange black bird kept circling and seeming to urge them on. Again, Roger cried out, “Uncle John, he says they are waiting for us, hurry on.” John thought, “Either this is true or I had better stay away from that beer!”

He put the motor home in gear again and eased the big vehicle down a dirt road that seemed to lead to the lake shore. As the rounded a low knoll, spread out before them was a small village of stone buildings. John thought, “That was never here before!”

He pulled up in front of the largest building and the strange bird few around the building and disappeared. He opened the door of the motor home and two people stepped out of the darkened interior of the building, a man and a boy about Roger’s age, both appeared to be Native Americans.

The man spoke in thick but understandable English, “I am Bear and this is Little Bear. Little Bear will stay with the boy, Roger, and his injured Mother. Please, the rest of you come to meet Master.

John started, “How .. who……” Bear held up his hand, “Master will explain to you, please follow me. Here let me hold the baby, please.” Bear held out his arms and little Carl began to coo and clap his tiny hands.

Bewildered, Billy handed the baby to Bear, who had a look of pure delight on his face. Bear said, “Please, come, speak with Master, he will explain all.” The man, Bear, turned and headed for the doorway, John ushered Billy and Jessie out the door to follow the man. Turning back, he said, “Roger, guard your Mother.”

The boy, little Bear, said, “There is no need to guard, you are safe here.” Somehow, both John and Roger sensed the truth of that and they both relaxed a bit.

After John and the children entered the building, Little Bear approached the door to the motor home and said, “May I enter your vehicle?” Roger nodded his head, yes and the young Native American boy stepped up into the motor home. He reached out to take Roger’s hand, as if to greet him.

The moment their hands touched, Roger exclaimed, “YOU, it was you!” Little Bear smiled and replied, “Yes, Roger, it was I. We are mates, you know.”

Roger screamed, “NOOOOOO” and tried to hide his face. Muriel smiled, “Roger, it’s OK, I know. You do NOT need to hide the truth from your own Mother!” Little Bear gathered Roger in his arms saying, “Cry not, among our people no harm will come to you. Be at peace.”

Little Bear turned to Muriel and said, “Thank you for the gift of your son.”

He then placed his hands on Muriel’s leg and they grew warm, instantly, all pain left her. Little Bear smiled, “Master will heal your leg, but I can take away the hurt until he comes to you.” “Now sleep, Mother, sleep and be at peace.” With a smile on her face, Muriel fell into a deep sleep.

Little Bear pulled Roger to him and they sat on the couch. Little Bear said, “Roger, I am not like you, but Master has promised, if you agree, to bend our laws and make you just the same as I. Be patient, all will be explained soon.” Roger’s teeth were chattering, both fear and wonderment were running riot through his mind. Finally, he said, “What are you?”

Little Bear replied, “Hold my hand, I will show you.” Looks of awe, fear and excitement alternated through Roger’s face, he was breathing hard and trembling like a leaf.” Little Bear withdrew his hand and Roger began to cry, great wracking sobs and he fell to the floor. “I can be that….I can do those things…. I will be……..?” He cried in anguish.

Little Bear leaned down and lifted Roger onto his lap, hugging him tightly. He said, “Yes, Roger, all that and more. Will you….” Roger screamed, “Yes, a million times, YES!”

Just then, John entered the motor home followed by Bear and another man, young in appearance but with strong and commanding features. John stepped to one side and Bear went to stand next to Little Bear. The man said, “I am M’beleci, Captain of the Dracule. My childe, Little Bear has chosen you, Roger. He has shown you our way, do you agree to such? Remember, once done, it cannot be reversed.”

Roger stood and attempted to appear manly, “Master, for this is as Little Bear sees you, I would become as Little Bear and be his mate for so long as we both shall live.” M’beleci replied, “You understand the years this entails?” Roger replied, “Master, if they are to be spent with my mate, Little Bear, then I am content. Do as you need to do, I will abide as you direct.”

Without saying a word, M’beleci turned to Muriel and woke her, saying, “Do you understand to what your child has agreed?” She replied, “Yes, I heard it all, although I know not how, as I was asleep.” M’beleci smiled, “Not asleep, Mother of my childe, only resting.” “First, let me heal your hurts.”

He laid his hands on Muriel’s leg, it grew warm and his hands glowed red.” M’beleci spoke, “No, Muriel, it is not magic, I but added energy to your own healing process, making it complete its task much sooner.” He turned to Little Bear and Roger, “Come with me, we must have privacy for what we are about to do. He said to Muriel, “Mother, your son will be gone with me for seven days, I will return him to you, unhurt, as a new being.”

M’belici walked off, entering the building with both boys on his heels. The boys followed M’beleci down several flights of stairs cut into the sandstone and finally entered a dimly lit room. He looked at Roger and again asked if he was sure he wanted to do this.

Roger replied, “Master, Little Bear is my other half, would you wish to go around with only half your soul?”

M’beleci chuckled and said, “A simple yes would have been fine, but, Roger, I do understand what you say. I will send Little Bear away now, you will sleep afterwards for 6 days. On the 7th day, you shall arise a new person and Little Bear will be sitting beside you, waiting.”

He said to Little Bear, “Go from here, now, I will call you when it is done.” As Little Bear left the room, Bear was standing there and took his arm. “Little Bear, Little Brother, we must go for now, Master will call us when all has been completed. Then you may return and wait for your destiny to awaken.”

An unwilling Little Bear was escorted from the room and M’beleci placed Roger in a deep sleep before performing the necessary blood exchange. M’beleci gently laid Roger on a cushion and said, “Sleep well, little one, you have mighty tasks before you. You will be the union of two peoples!”

He smiled and left the room, mind-calling Little Bear that the task was complete and that he may return and perform vigil.

A tornado whisked past M’beleci and seated itself beside the sleeping Roger. M’beleci chuckled to himself, “Love improves his speed, also!”

Little Bear seated himself beside Roger and held his hand. He would stay in that position until Roger awoke! Roger slept as one dead and, in fact, that is what he was, until awakening 7 days later.

Muriel awoke sometime later, feeling greatly refreshed. Tentatively, she put her two legs down and stood, there was no pain, no feeling of weakness. She ran her hand along her leg that was broken and could feel no lump or knot. Additionally, her early signs of varicose veins were gone and she could not feel the lump of callus under her toes!

Then she thought of Roger, and tears suddenly sprang to her eyes. Immediately, in her mind she heard M’beleci, “Mother of my childe, be at ease. He will remain your son, nothing can change that. Yet, he has great tasks to perform, he must unite himself and all those like him with the people of your other son, Bobby!”

At the mention of Bobby’s name, Muriel began to cry. M’beleci sent, “Cry not, Mother, Bobby is well and will live out his life to the fullest, honorably and with valor. His name will flow down the passageways of history and be forever remembered. He is happy and content.”

M’beleci knew what should be done next, however he was reluctant, how could he tear the boy, Billy, from his sister and baby brother, yet, Billy, like Roger, had great tasks in his future, a future that depended upon the two of them together. The only alternative he could think of was for Muriel to raise the two younger children, thus freeing Billy for the great tasks history required of him. He would need to think upon this.

M’beleci asked Bear to come to him, bringing Billy Martin with him. Muriel was playing with the Baby and Jessie was taking a nap under the watchful eye of Muriel. John was sitting with Little Bear, watching over Roger and Little Bear explained to him what his nephew was becoming.

When both Bear and Billy were seated, M’beleci told the boy about his people and their flight from their home-world, about their terrible battle with the renegades, what Little Bear was and what Roger was becoming. He told them that Bear was a ‘transition specie” and that both Little Bear and Roger were full human hybrids.

He then told of his people’s desperation to help the humans recover from the disaster and destruction the recent cataclysmic events have caused and what part he, Billy and his family could play.

M’beleci told Billy that his sister would have to remain fully human and it would take another 15 years before he could tell if the Baby, Carl, could play a part in the salvation of the Human Race. Females were genetically incapable of change and to attempt to do so, would mean their death.

Billy looked at M’beleci and said, “You are asking me to abandon my sister and brother, to be converted to this Hybrid thing?”

M’beleci replied, “No, Billy, I cannot and will not ask such of you, only you can ask.” Billy said, “Who would care for my sister and brother?” M’beleci smiled and said, “Why, you would, Billy. We would never separate the three of you, just as Roger will never be separated from Kenny.”

He continued, “Yes, you would outlive your sister and brother, the same as Roger will outlive his brother, but separation is NOT an option!” Billy replied, “Let me think upon what you have said and let me speak with Roger.”

M’beleci responded, “There is no rush, Roger will awaken in a few days and you may spend as much time with him as you wish.”

Chapter 4 – THE HYBRIDS

On the 7th day, Roger began to stir, Little Bear, having refused to leave his Mate’s side during the conversion process, sent out a mind-call to M’belci and Bear that Roger was awakening.

Little Bear gathered Roger in his arms and held him, Roger’s eyes fluttered open, staring at Bear’s eyes full of love and compassion. Roger found himself mind-sending to his mate, “Little Bear, am I…?” Little Bear interrupted his question by responding, “Yes, my mate, you are now like me. We are Hybrids, a new race upon this planet, a new hope for the future of humans!”

M’beleci and Bear came into the room and saw the two locked in an embrace. Roger saw them and tried to pull away, his face glowing scarlet.

M’beleci laughed and said, “You are a mated pair, be not ashamed of your love of each other.” Roger began to stammer and M’beleci held up his hand, “No, Roger, such constraints no longer apply to you, let me explain all that I know.”

He continued, “You two are a mated pair, that is, your DNA compliments one another in much the same way as a man and a woman. To create a childe, you both must exchange blood with the childe in the same manner as I did each of you. That childe will be an offspring of both of you. You will be sensitive to strong sunlight, but unlike a turned vampire, it will only be an annoyance. You and your childe will be a strong mind-speakers; you will be able to heal as I do and will also be a shape-shifters! Your life span will be equal or greater than that of the Dracule, you and your childe will be able to read minds and control the minds of others to some degree.”

He laughed and said, “You will be almost Dracule!”

Roger looked at Little Bear, “You don’t think I am a freak?” Little Bear cried, “Never, you are mine and I am yours until the end of time” The two boys hugged and the tears flowed until they had worn themselves dry.

Little Bear stood and reached out to Roger, pulling him to his feet, “It is time, love, that we meet Our Family!” He led Roger out of the room and up the stairs to where Muriel and John were sitting.

He said, “Mother, Uncle John, I present to you my Mate, Roger!” Muriel looked at John and said, I have not lost my son, we have gained another boy!”

All the while, Billy had been listening. He thought, “I could do all that? I could help others like that? I could have cured my Dad’s cancer?” He sat on the floor and cried out his anguish.

That is where M’beleci found him, he had heard the anguish in the boy’s mind and went looking for him. He picked up the boy and held him tight, “Billy, this is what I was telling you, all this is not FOR you, it is SO you can help others!” Billy stopped crying and said, “Yes, I can, I must do this. Is there a mate for me? M’beleci smiled and said, “Yes, Billy, his name is Panther.”

He turned and held out his hand, a boy rushed to him, “Billy, this Panther, your mate!” M’beleci left the two boys to get acquainted; it would be several hours before anyone saw them again!

In another week, the world would have the 4 progenitors of a new human race, The Human - Hybrids.

Of the four, Roger’s powers were the strongest, he could reach out many miles and touch another’s mind, he could change shape, his favorite was that of a giant falcon and he could soar for hours, searching out those who needed their help. Muriel and John settled down Muriel took over raising Jessie, Billy’s sister, while John became the father figure to Kenny, Roger’s younger brother and Carl, Billy’s baby brother. All four of the Hybrids looked upon the group as THEIR Family.

No matter how far they ranged no matter what perils they faced, Family was where they always returned. The four of them would usually go into the field and then split into mated pairs as they rescued the survivors of the cataclysmic earth forces.

On one such trip, they ranged far to the north, in the shadow of the great frozen ice fields. There, they heard the call of young frightened teens. They zeroed in on the line of fear, so strong that it was like a river of ice cold water to them. They all four shifted to their fastest flying shape and sped to the call.

Trapped on a shelf of ice were 3 teen boys and a teen girl protecting 20 small boys and girls. Below them were two hungry polar bears intent on supper!

Suddenly, there were two giant brown bears, a huge wolf and an angry mountain lion! They advanced on the two polar bears, ripping one to shreds of bloody fur and the other ran squealing like an injured pig for the nearest water.

Out of sight, the two bears changed back to Roger and Little Bear, the wolf to Billy and the mountain lion reverted to Panther. They brought all the children back to their camp, where they set to work healing their injuries and getting warm food into them. Roger as the Leader of the Hybrids, asked, “Where are your parents?”

The boy replied, “There was not enough food, they told us to leave!” Like all vampires when angry, there were four sets of glowing red eyes! The teen boy jumped back, “What are you, please don’t hurt us. Let the little ones go, PLEASE!”

Roger and Little Bear reached out and mind-calmed the children, “Brothers and Sisters, we are here to take you home. To our home, where there is food and shelter, clothes and comfort. Be at ease, you shall have no hurt from us. We take you to The People of The Lake.”

The long trip back to the lake proved Roger’s promise to the children, their hurts were healed, they were fed plentiful food and they were kept safe from harm. When they reached The Lake, one teen girl hugged Roger and said, “I have nothing to reward you for our safety except my body, will you accept that?”

Roger smiled and said, “Sister, we do what we do out of love, we need no payment. Besides, I am already mated!” He grabbed Little Bear’s hand and hugged him tight.

The Hybrid Team roamed far and wide, bringing the hurt, the frightened, the hungry and the homeless to their Lake. On one such trip, they recovered twin brothers, Algay and Peter. Like many twins, they already had limited mental contact with each other, although they did not recognize it.

The Team had rescued about 30 children and were camped, healing and feeding them. The twins, Algay and Peter walked up to Roger and said, “You are not human, are you?”

Little Bear was immediately at Roger’s side. Roger replied, “Yes, we are human, we had mothers and fathers just like you.” Algay then said, “Maybe so, but you do what no other can do.” He held his brother’s hand and looked in his eyes, then said, “My brother and I can hear you mind-speaking, we can feel you healing our hurts, we see shadowy figures surrounding you. We would do as you do, help others.”

Roger said, “We return to our home on The Lake, we will speak more of this when we are home.” Algay and Peter smiled, “We will hold you to your promise.”

The Team shepherded the rescued children back to The Lake in stages, they could not carry them all at the same time. At Lake, they were warmly welcomed, housing had already been prepared for them and M’beleci was waiting for Roger and Little Bear, he had been in contact with the two Hybrids and knew of their dilemma.

He took them aside and asked, “These twins, they already have contact with each other?” Roger replied, “Yes.” M’beleci continued, “You have scanned both of them and feel they will be Hybrids?”

Both boys replied, “Yes, Master, we wish to do this and ask that you guide us.” M’beleci said, “I believe it is time for you to do this, but I must speak with the twins first.”

He walked away, seeking out the twins, Algay and Peter. When he found them, he said, “Algay and Peter would you accompany me, we must talk.” The twins looked at M’beleci and saw the same things as they saw with Roger and Little Bear, Billy and Panther. They said together, “Gladly we will accompany you, but Roger and Little Bear must also be with us.”

M’beleci chuckled, “Certainly!” The five of them walked a ways from The Lake and then they sat in the fresh grass. M’beleci told them of what must be done, that it was forever. He could already see that the twins were destined to be a mated pair.

The twins said that they were willing and wanted to be part of the rescue of people and children; that their parents were dead and they already look at Roger and Little Bear as older brothers or even replacement parents.

M’beleci agreed and told the four of them to follow him; they went to the same room as where Roger had been transformed. M’beleci put both of the twins into a deep sleep and then walked Roger and Little Bear through the blood transfer process. Since they were Hybrids and not Dracule, both would have to perform the transfer.

When it was done, Roger and Little Bear sat vigil beside the first of their childes. It would be 7 days before the four emerged from that small room underground.

Billy and Panther went out on a rescue mission, their first without Roger and Little Bear. They followed a line of fear being transmitted by small group of older teen boys and small boys trapped in a canyon with flood waters cutting off their escape.

The teens were amazed that a “Trained Eagle” brought a rope to them by which they all could be lifted to safety. They brought all 10 boys home safely to The Lake. As the boys were being given over to the Dracule and turned vampires, one small boy came to hug them in thanks.

As he hugged Billy, the little boy’s eyes went wide, “YOU were the eagle, weren’t you?” Billy smiled and said, “Yes, it was I. You can’t tell anyone, but maybe when you are older, you also can help save kids.”

The little boy stood up straight and gave Billy a military salute, “Yes sir, Mr. Billy and I won’t forget. I am David!” He then ran to join his fellows, but he would not forget and Billy would see him again as a tall, strong lad demanding to join Billy in saving kids.

On the 7th day, the twins, Algay and Peter roused and were greeted by their makers, Roger and Little Bear. Like any proud parents, the two introduced the twins all around and instructed them in their new life as Hybrids.

Several years were to pass before another pair of candidates to be mated as Hybrids were discovered. With three pair, the rescue operations could pick up tempo and reach further afield.

They were sitting to supper one evening and, suddenly, Roger stopped eating, his fork halfway to his mouth. He got a faraway look to his eyes and Little Bear instantly locked minds with his mate. With the additional power, Roger could reach out further, “Where are you, what is your situation?”

The frightened reply came, “We are trapped near Pyramid Lake in Nevada. We are in a cave and there are wolves attacking. We cannot hold them much longer!”

Roger put all his power into his reply, “We are coming, build a fire at the mouth of the cave; that will hold the wolves off for a while. WE ARE COMING!” He jumped up, along with Little Bear, Billy and Panther. Algay and Peter said, “We will stay here as backup, GO!”

The four experienced Hybrids changed shape right in front of everyone, Muriel gasped, “Oh My God, Roger!” Always before, he had hidden from sight as he made his change.

They had no time to waste, all four sped off as fast as their enhanced forms could move, pouring as much power into their bodies as they dared. Roger was the faster of the flyers and he soon outdistanced them.

At long last, after hours of speeding through the air, Roger spotted a flame at the base of a cliff, he swooped down to investigate; Little Bear had nearly caught up to him and was practically in his tail feathers!

It was the boys and there were a dozen or more wolves crouching at the front of the cave, waiting for the fire to die. Roger and Little bear came screeching out of the sky, changing form to giant bears even before they had landed. Immediately behind them another wolf and a huge lion were landing. Wolf parts went flying in every direction, not a single attacking wolf survived!

Roger changed swiftly back to his human shape and rushed into the cave. One of the older boys brandished a stick, screaming, “Don’t hurt us, I will kill you if you hurt these kids!” Roger stood still and held out his hands to show they were empty, “I am he whom you called, we did not rescue you in order to hurt you.”

The boy screamed, “What are you, are you monsters?” Roger laughed and said, “No, just a young man like yourself.” The boy replied in a trembling voice, “I, I, I saw you change from a huge bear!”

Roger replied, “Let us get you out of here and back to The Lake, we have a long walk home. We can explain on our way.” It would take them three weeks to return the distance they flew in a few hours. The boys had come to terms that their rescuers were more than what they appeared. Each night, Roger and Little Bear used their talents to erase fear and some of the memory the teens had of their arrival.

By the time they all got back to The Lake, they were all the best of friends. In their absence, the twins, Algay and Peter had been practicing shape-shifting. Both had discovered their best shape was large bobcats! And both also became proficient as large hawks.

They had also driven poor John almost to distraction practicing mind control and long distance mind-speech! Their favorite phrase to him was, “Can you hear me now?”

The Hybrids continued working rescue, Algay and Peter would go with one of the other couples until they became more experienced. Some of the rescues were strange; Billy and Panther were out, far to the south when they heard an anguished call for help. Panther answered and asked where they were. It turned out they were all girls who had gotten lost and had no idea where they were. The boys tried homing in on their fear, but could not make heads or tails of the situation.

Finally, they determined that it was TWO different groups and they called for assistance. The twins were free and they responded. The two different fear trails were finally sorted out and off the two teams went to rescue. Algay and Peter found their targets first, when they approached the group, they started to scream and yell, “Go away, Go away” The girls had no clothes!

The twins promised not to look and went about the rescue. It was some very red faced girls brought into the care of The People of The Lake and some twin rescuers were seen in suspicious giggling sessions shortly thereafter! The other rescue was more modest!

The Hybrid teams were kept busy for the next several years; they ranged from the edge of the wrecked lands to the west and the great inland sea to the east. The tempo of rescues was demanding and the three teams were barely keeping pace.

It was an unusually calm day, all three teams were enjoying some “off time” when two teen boys approached them. Billy looked up and said, “David? Is that you? The newcomer was over 6’ tall and had broad shoulders. The boy said, “Yes Sir Mr. Billy and this is my mate Gary!” He continued, “We made a promise, you and I. I am here sir, and so is my chosen mate.” Billy mind-called B’beleci, “HEEEEELP, Masterrrrrrrrrrrr”

M’beleci was watching the proceeding, grinning like a cat in fish cannery! They soon were certain the two were destined to be Hybrids and M’beleci took the two, along with their Makers down to the underground room. The exchange was completed and both Billy and Panther sat vigil over their childes for the next 7 days. The two were a welcome addition to the small group of Hybrids, the pace of rescues did not slow, but more rescues could be undertaken!

There was now several hundred human children in Dracule care, some were reaching young adulthood. The village of the People of The Lake was growing to a respectable size. All the humans were aware that the Dracule and the Hybrids were different from them, but it was not a problem. There were no children, Dracule nor Hybrid either, so the differences were not truly apparent.

The years passed and the human children grew older and into adulthood, the Hybrids changed very little VERY slowly. The Dracule, being mostly adults or near adults, no change could be seen. There were occasional questions, but the Hybrids were away so much of the time, there was little interaction between the two groups.

The Hybrids received their education mentally, so they were not left behind. Muriel and John were declining into old age, Jessie had turned into a beautiful young woman and Kenny, Roger’s younger brother was the school principal. Roger still looked like a teen as did the rest of the Hybrids. M’beleci decided it would be best to “come clean” and explain to the humans about the Hybrids and a brief story of the Dracule.

Most everyone took the information well, the few that had problems with it ended up needing “adjustment”. This was particularly unpleasant for the Dracule and Hybrids alike, it was directly opposed to their inborn Code of Ethics. They did it only reluctantly and then only at a minimum of interference.

The only change that took place in the rescue operations was the distance, they were traveling further and further away from their home to rescue people.

The changes among the humans were more noticeable, Muriel’s health was declining, not from illness, but old age. Roger took Little Bear with him and went to see Muriel. He sat quietly by her side for a few moments and then said, “Mother, you had another son, would you like to see him?”

Her eyes filled with tears, “How can that be possible? Roger said, just lay still and we will do it for you.” Roger joined hand with his beloved mate, Little Bear, and he began channeling power outwards, more power than he had ever channeled before. Little Bear was perspiring, he was reaching his limit when Roger announced, “I have him!” He placed his hands on his Mothers forehead and forged a mental contact over 4,000 miles long!

The room was crackling in escaped energy and the doorway started to glow. M’Beleci and the other Hybrids were standing by to render aid or assistance.

Muriel began to mumble, “Bobby, my dear son Bobby. Andrea? Yes, Andrea is your mate, I understand and love him also. Oh, he was killed, ok, I am so sorry and your Father, oh no. Oh Bobby, our connection is fading, I love son, I love you.”

Muriel cried, “I saw him, I spoke with him, oh Roger, Little Bear, you have made me so happy. I love you all so……..” The strain was too much for her and she passed out. It was not many months when Muriel suffered a massive heart attack, she told M’beleci that she was ready to let go, do not save her. He abided with her wishes and that fall Muriel was buried in honor on the knoll overlooking the lake.

Less than a month later, Uncle John passed away, expressing the same wishes and he was buried beside his sister. Two years later, Roger and Little Bear again attempted to make a connection with Bobby and there was nothing. They could only assume that Bobby, also was dead.

A massive call for help came in, it had to be a large group as the signature of fear was very strong. It came from far to the south of them, down in what would have been old Arizona. They were puzzled, they had no indication anyone still lived there, but the signal was identifiable.

They decided that all the Hybrids should respond, Roger and Little Bear again joined their minds and responded to the call, it seemed jumbled and incoherent, as if it was … CHILDREN!

Roger broke the connection and mind-screamed for the Hybrids! They all responded immediately, he transferred what he had heard to each of them and they all agreed, CHILDREN! M’beleci came running, “Roger, I appoint you Captain of Hybrids, go now and do all you can, we will standby with any assistance possible. GO!”

The four mated pairs shifted to their fastest flyer forms and followed the mind trail of fear heading south! Not knowing how far they had to go, they conserved their energy as much as possible. Two days they flew, the trail of fear ever stronger. They finally reached the ruins of Tucson, but it was still further south.

On they flew, just as it was getting dark on the third day, they heard mind-screams. At least some of the children they were searching for were sensitives!

Roger broadcast out, using all his mind power, “build a BIG fire that we might locate you” Soon, in the distance, they saw flames. It had to be them. They circled downward to observe, a large group of children, surrounded by older teens who were facing painted savages brandishing clubs and primitive spears.

He mind-screamed, “We are here, back away from the savages we will take care of them!” They could see the older teens back away, Roger and his Hybrid Command dove to the ground, changing shape as they landed.

Giant Bears were swinging bodies in every direction; an angry lion was doing the same. Two large bobcats and a huge ferocious wolf were attacking from behind. Two new shapes arrived, angry wolverines! Body parts flew. Within minutes the attackers were either dead or had fled. The hybrids changed to their human form and approached the teens guarding the children.

Roger said, “We mean you no harm, who were those awful people?” An older teen said, “Cannibals and slavers! Who,… WHAT are you?” The Hybrids’ vampiric heritage had manifested itself in anger, SLAVERS. They were so angry, their eyes glowed like red embers.

Roger said, “We are from The Lake, we heard your call for help.” A teen, who seemed to be their leader said, “Are you those who we heard mind-speaking to someone named Bobby?”

Roger replied, “Yes, Bobby was my brother, we allowed our Mother to see him one last time before he died. Now, our Mother is dead also.” The boy said, “Sir, your brother is dead and his people have moved away, I know not where.” He continued, “If you are Jefe Bobby’s brother, we know you can be trusted. Will you, Sir, please help us?”

Roger replied gently, “I am only Roger, we have no royalty among us. Come, let us gather food for your people, they must be hungry.” The teen said, “Sir, uuuhm, Roger, we have not eaten in several days, the small children are starving.” As Roger turned to send out hunters, he saw his entire command headed out to hunt.

The teen continued, “What are you that you can change shape and fly? You mind-speak with such clarity, yet you appear the same as us?” Roger plucked the boy’s name from his mind, “Gyele, we are the same as you except a little bit more. We are all mated pairs!” Gyele’s eyes widened, “You mean, uuuuuu, you mean that you will not hurt Myan and myself?”

Roger smiled, “No, Gyele, we will not, we welcome you and all your fellows. Let us prepare the fire for cooking, Billy and Panther have brought rabbits, David and Gary brought us root vegetables and Algay and Peter have found old cooking pots in a village that we may make a stew for all of you.”

Gyele wrapped his arms around Roger in a hug, saying, “May the gods bless you, Roger, would that Myan and myself be as you, that we also might save children!” Roger thought to himself, “Hmmmmm, another pair?” Soon, the savory smells from the cooking pots drew the children near; one could almost hear tummies rumbling!

Roger and Little Bear joined hands that they might speak plainly to M’beleci back at The Lake, “We have discovered 12 teen boys and 20 young boys in a group and rescued them from cannibals and slavers.” Roger cringed when he felt M’beleci’s anger as he mentioned slavers!” He continued, “As soon as they are rested and recovered, we shall start our march back to The Lake. It will take many weeks, I will send Algay and Peter back to you that you might have Hybrid support.”

M’beleci agreed to the plan and asked that Roger make regular reports of progress as they made their way home. The next morning, as they awoke, Roger found 4 little boys who had nestled up to him and Little Bear during the night. Roger smiled and woke the boys telling them to wake the others. They reheated the stew from the previous night and everyone, again, had their fill of food.

Roger told Algay and Peter that they were needed back at The Lake and to fly immediately. The two shifted shape and flew off at their best speed. Gyele and Myan were watching and both boys hugged each other, through their tears they said, “The legends are true, the Great Spirit’s Warriors are among us! We have seen the miracle foretold by our ancestors!”

Roger turned to them and asked what did they mean by that. Gyele said, “When the evil Aztecs destroyed our people, the Tarahumara, it was foretold that flying beings from the north would come and rescue our people. That they would have strange powers, speak without speech, and look as we do! It was foretold that the Spirit Warriors would join with us and another people to form a great nation!”

The two boys then joined hands and said, “Spirit Warriors, we ask that we be made as you, that we may also do the Great Spirit’s work as you, this we ask, we beg of you, that we may join with you!” Roger looked at Little Bear and sent, “We must speak with Master about this!” Roger said, “Gyele, Myan, let us think upon this, it is a decision not made lightly and once made, cannot be undone.”

Roger and Little Bear walked away a short distance and contacted M’beleci for his advice. M’beleci responded, “Roger, Little Bear, you are both men now and you know already what your path must be. Find a place where the children may be protected while you do this deed. You know the process you must follow, let your hearts and minds be your guide.”

Roger and Little Bear did know what they must do and decided that they would move their new people to the old ruins and rest there while they turned Gyele and Myan.

They would ask that M’beleci send the human children of The Lake, under the care of Algay and Peter overland to meet them at the old ruined city. They would send others of the Hybrid People to help escort them on their trek. This was their destiny!

Chapter 5 – THE NEW PEOPLE

Roger and Little Bear returned to the group, Gyele and Myan were still standing together with the look of hope shining on their faces. The two embraced the young teens and Roger said, “Gyele, Myan, you must request of us that you might join in our powers, that you might join in our destiny.” Both teens broke into sobs, they stammered, “Yes, please, it is all that we have been able to think of since we first heard you in our minds. We would be one with you!”

Roger said, “So be it, then. We must take the children to the old ruined village, where we can protect them against harm. We will wait there for others of our people, it is our destiny that we join our people with your people, that we create a New People, a New Race that can fulfill Human Destiny.”

They gathered all the teens and the children, carefully collected the cooking vessels and traveled to the old ruined town. There, they refurbished the buildings, cleaned the well and settled down to wait for the others to join them.

Roger and Little Bear took Gyele and Myan to a secluded building and explained all to them. When the two had agreed, Roger and Little Bear performed the blood exchange on both boys, then settled down in vigil to await their reawakening.

While they were waiting, Billy and Panther kept the food supply for the group; it was spring in the local area, so root vegetables were plentiful as was game. David and Gary proved to be inventive chefs; the children exclaimed that they had never eaten so well!

On schedule, the 7th day arrived and two smiling new Hybrid Boys awakened. They were amazed at all they discovered about themselves. Gyele found his flyer shape in a giant Hawk and his leopard shape was fearsome! Myan discovered himself to be a very large white bear and his flyer shape a giant raven!

There was little to endanger the group, one small group of slavers made an attempt on the young boys, a very angry group of Hybrids made short work of their disposal, none survived!

There was little secrecy now, the entire group of refugees were aware of the Hybrids and what they could perform. They found themselves the objects of Hero Worship from the younger boys and the older teens made it their habit to honor them.

The temporary outpost thrived, an occasional family group joined them, making the new tribe larger and more diversified. At long last, they heard from Algay and Peter, they were ON THEIR WAY! Every week or so, a hybrid pair would fly to join the trekking humans and a pair would be replaced by them at the encampment. This rotated the Hybrids and both groups became familiar with them.

It was nearly a year before the group from The Lake finally joined them. Together, there were now five Hybrid pairs and over 300 human teens and children, along with a few young adults who had wandered into their care.

Roger and Little Bear were the oldest; they were at full maturity now at 150 years. Billy and Panther were only slightly younger, having been turned after the first two! They rested and waited for the winter, when the desert temperatures would be less before starting out in search of Jefe Bobby’s people.

At long last, the tribe, now calling themselves, “The New People”, began their long trip down the length of the land once called Mexico. It was a slow trip, occasionally they would encounter small groups of humans. Most elected to join them and the New People grew even larger.

Food was fairly plentiful, it was obvious that the weather patterns had changed since the Great Cataclysm, there was more water and trees grew in abundance.

Their journey was to take them 200 years, they moved only very slowly. Children were born to the Humans, some died of old age and some more joined them on their journey.

Four additional pairs of Hybrids were discovered. Betax and Xander, Carlos and Favl, Milan and Youn and near the end of their trek, Gol and Mord came forward. Their flyer shapes were varied, hawks, eagles, more ravens. Their animal shapes were fearsome, additional huge bears, a tiger, another leopard, more wolverines and another panther!

The slavers learned early on to leave The New People alone and stay as far away from them as they could, none ever survived their encounters with The New People! The same held true for the cannibals, they finally departed and headed far to the south of The New People, they had learned their hard lesson well!

Towards the end of their journey, The New People encountered groups of cattle herders. When the herders discovered that the BROTHER of the first El Jefe Bobby was among them, The New People were welcomed with great joy, celebrations were held and fast messengers sent to a City called Mariposa!

The herders asked that they remain with them for a while, Roger was held in great veneration as were all the Hybrids whom the herders called SPIRIT WARRIORS!

At last a squadron of armed Warriors arrived, at their head marched a huge man, nearly 7 feet tall! Roger and Little Bear stood to greet this man. He approached them with a deep bow and said in an accented but understandable English, “Who among you is BROTHER to El Jefe BOBBY?”

Roger stepped forward and the man kissed him on both cheeks. The huge man was weeping in great joy! He said, “I am Andrea, the 14th of that name. We have been waiting for you for 500 years. Our ancestors told of your contact with El Jefe Bobby 500 years ago and we have been waiting for your arrival! Brother of Bobby, Spirit Warriors, I am here to escort you to your PEOPLE of Mariposa!”

At that, the arriving Warriors and all the Herder’s people went wild in cheering! Thus began the final leg of Roger’s March to Destiny, he would meet the People his older brother had created and The New People and Bobby’s People would, at last become one people!

Roger and Little Bear mind-sent to M’beleci who replied, “Go now, meet your destiny but always remember us. In a time of need, you have but to call upon us, you still carry our blood.”

The Hybrids and The New people bade farewell to their Herder Hosts and prepared to travel with the Mariposa Warriors, to meet their New Destiny and become one with the Mariposas!

How will the newcomers be accepted among the decedents of those whom Roger’s Brother, Bobby, had created as a nation?



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