A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


A story of vampires, shape-shifters and Native Americans
Part 5
C2011 - 2012

Charles W Bird

Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create Hybrid Humans – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above ) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, there are currently nine known mated pairs, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
The hybrids have led their human charges on a 200 year trek in search of the people established by the older brother of Progenitor Hybrid Roger. 500 years earlier, the world had been struck with cataclysmic upheaval, tearing continents apart and nearly destroying the human race. An emotional mind contact between mated pair Roger and Little Bear with Roger’s Older Brother Bobby took place 500 years earlier with Roger vowing to find his brother’s people.

Chapter 1 – END OF THE TREK

The Warrior Leader Andrea’s joy in meeting Roger was without bounds. Their people had waited 500 years for this meeting and they would not be deprived of expressing their emotional celebration in meeting the brother of their Founder.
Andrea bowed low to Roger, inviting him to take command of the Loyal Mariposa Warriors.
Roger smiled and lifted Andrea to standing, “Andrea, we have no desire for command, we wish only to be The Protectors of your people and, indeed all people.”
He continued, “We are not conquerors nor are we rulers, we are Warriors like unto yourselves; dedicated to the protection of all.”
Andrea stood and said, “Sir Roger..” Roger interrupted him again saying, “Andrea, I am but a simple warrior, I have no titles, no honorifics, I am just Roger.”
Andrea tried again, “Roger, as our friends, the Herders have honored you, so also do the People of Mariposa wish to honor you. Please accept our love and respect. You are, after all, our beloved El Jefe Bobby’s Brother!”
Andrea then said, “Roger, how is it that you remain as a young teen?”
Roger replied, “Andrea, I and my people are not as you, we have abilities not given normal humans and we live for a very long time. Be assured that we ARE human, but just with a little bit more.”
Andrea gasped, “SPIRIT WARRIORS! The legends are true!”
He fell to his knees, clasping Roger’s legs and crying, “Bobby told our people that we would be saved by SPIRIT WARRIORS, I didn’t realize at first, now you are among us!”
Roger finally got the man to accept that they were flesh and blood, just like himself; although Roger was never sure Andrea believed him.
The Herders put on a celebration in honor of the event, the dancing and feasting went on for two days! Finally, on the third day Roger’s charges and his Hybrid Warriors made ready to accompany Andrea and the Mariposa Elite Warrior Guard back to the capital.
It would be a two day march and all along the way they were met with celebrating Mariposans.
Poor Roger was red faced when pretty young girls ran up to him with hugs and hopeful kisses, Little Bear just laughed, he KNEW who to whom Roger belonged!
The day they arrived at the city, the buildings and the people were decked out in celebration, El Jefe Bobby and his entire government met them at the city’s edge.
Again, Roger had to explain that they were not royalty and, again, he had to refuse command of the Warriors of Mariposa.
He was taken to the Grave of his Brother Bobby, in El Jefe Bobby National Monument. Roger and Little Bear knelt and kissed the headstone, whispering, “Bobby, we are here now.”
The celebrations continued for nearly a week and the Hybrid Warriors were getting restless. Roger and Little Bear were invited to attend a meeting between El Jefe Bobby and the Ambassadors of The Australian Hegemony and The Kingdom of Hawaii.
There, the discussion turned to pirates and slavers.
Immediately, their vampiric nature rose with frightening red eyes and exposed fangs! The very word, “SLAVER” was abhorrent to the Hybrids!
Anger flashed in Roger’s eyes and the two Ambassadors cringed in fright!
Roger growled, “These foul beings cannot be allowed to exist, they must be exterminated immediately!”
Ambassador Jensen of the Australian Hegemony, recovered somewhat and replied, “Sir, we know not how to eradicate them, we have tried all in our power to do so.”
Ambassador O’hulan of the Kingdom of Hawaii added, “We have a combined fleet of twelve ships searching for them and we cannot even find their base!”
Roger grabbed Little Bear’s hand and tapped his power, sending both their minds out in search of the foulness of slavers. The room lit up with escaping energy as Roger drove their minds outward. Pictures on the wall vibrated and metal objects grew red hot.
Within seconds, he encountered a cold mind river of fear, the slavers had captives and CHILDREN were among them!
Roger’s and Little Bear’s eyes lit the entire room red as they traced that river of fright. Those in attendance at that meeting began to realize some of the power these young appearing men had, the very air crackled with energy and metal objects were sending sparks into the air! The furniture in the room began to vibrate and the two Ambassadors were considering their options to run!
Suddenly, it all stopped and Roger said, “Give me your ships and men, I KNOW where the slavers are and they hold children captive!”
The two Hybrid Men appeared so frightening; the Ambassadors would have given them almost anything! Roger mind-screamed, “Hybrids, ATTEND ME, CHILDREN are being held by SLAVERS!”
Immediately a huge hawk and raven flew into the room, Billy and Panther changed to their human forms as they landed. The witnesses’ eyes went wide and then even wider as giant birds of war flew into the room and changed into their human forms, David and Gary, Algay and Peter, Gyele and Myas, Betox and Xander, Carlos and Favl, and lastly Gol and Mord all stood before their Captain.
The Hybrids were going to war!
Roger turned to the two Ambassadors and said, “Take me to your ships immediately!
We have slavers to terminate!”
The Ambassadors sent their aides immediately to the telegraph office to inform their governments of the situation, then they said, “Come, we go to the Naval Pier and we shall accompany you on your quest.”
Andrea shouted, “As will I!”
The party ran to the pier shouting for the ships to get up steam. Black smoke started to roil out of the stacks as Naval Engineers began force firing their boilers!
Ambassador Jensen introduced Roger to the Commodore and commanded him to obey any and all commands given him by the Hybrid man. Within the hour, the fleet sailed!
Roger and Little Bear were on the bridge of the flagship, Roger pointing the course to the Captain.
The Commodore looked at the angry Captain of Hybrids, his eyes glowing a fiery red, his fangs distended and he shuddered. He said to the Ambassador, “Who is that man, no, WHAT is he?”
The Ambassador replied, “You don’t want to know, just be thankful he is on OUR side!”
The entire company of Hybrids stood on the bridge wing, tracking the slavers in the same manner as their Captain, the very air shimmered and crackled with energy.
The radio room reported there was so much interference that they had to use flashing lights to contact the other ships in the fleet!
The sailors on the bridge kept giving frightened glances at the Hybrids and Roger noticed their fear.
He announced to them, “You are not the objects of our anger; only those who would hurt children need fear us. Be at ease, you are safer with us than crossing a street in your hometown!”
That did little to ease the sailor’s tension, but soon the needs of the voyage took their attention. The ships raced at maximum speed down the coast and entered the islands of the broken lands. Without slowing, Roger guided the fleet to a large island hidden behind a screen of smaller islands.
He told the Captain to stop the ships and wait for them, mind-screaming for his Hybrids to follow him, he ran for the foredeck of the ship, changing to a giant sea eagle as he ran.
The others followed, also changing to birds of war.
The sailors stared, goggle-eyed, their worst childhood nightmares had come to life!
The armada of angry Hybrids descended upon the island, screaming their rage. They changed to their land animal shapes as they landed, the sailors, watching through binoculars would have nightmares for many nights!
Huge bears, a giant lion, panthers, several huge wolverines, a leopard were seen as they charged into the island’s interior along with other shapes never seen on the human side of the gates of hell! What the sailors could only guess at was the carnage wrought by those angry Hybrids, slaver parts flew in every direction, no quarter was given, no explanations were asked, no slaver survived!
By the end of the day, the Hybrids delivered a shivering group of children, teens and a few adults, all former slaves, to the beach to be transported by the sailors to the ships.
They all told wild tales of being rescued by giant animals and beings only remotely human, with red glowing eyes.
The sailors believed them!
The Hybrids had rescued 125 children, 30 teens and 10 adults. The Hybrids stood guard over their charges, ensuring they were fed, bathed and clothed.
Roger allowed the ships to travel at a more normal speed on their return to Mariposa.
As they were entering the port, two teen boys approached Roger and stammered, “Sssir, may weeee speeaak to you?”
They were so frightened; they could hardly get their words out.
Roger put his arms around their shoulders and smiled, “Yes, boys, I know.”
The two looked at him in wonder, “Hhhhow did you know?”
Roger projected to their minds, “You two are like us and you want to join with us, right?”
The two teens nearly fainted but managed to nearly shake their heads off their shoulders nodding, “YES!”
He told the two teens to stay with him when they got to port, that they would talk more later. The teen boys stuck to Roger like another pair of trousers!
They had been assigned a small villa in which to live, as soon as the ships docked, the Hybrids left for their new home, taking the two teens, Hol and Mite with them.
Immediately when Roger had entered their minds the first time, he knew they would be Hybrids. He saw to it that the two were well cared for, plentiful food, clean clothing and lots of rest.
The other Hybrids visited all those they had rescued, making sure they were well cared for.
Stories of the Hybrids exploits began to circulate the city. Before long, all Mariposa knew the Spirit Warriors were among them, just as their legends had told them.
That they were mated male pairs was not unusual in Mariposan society, all the Hybrid men were the object of great welcome wherever they went.
The two teen boys, Hol and Mite begged Roger to change them. They wanted Roger and Little Bear to be their Makers, none other! Finally, they convinced both Roger and Little Bear that they were ready and that they understood it was a long lifetime of commitment.
They took the two to an unused bedroom in their villa and performed the required blood exchanges, then sat vigil over them for their 6 days of change sleep. On the 7th day, both boys awoke, changed and in wonder at their own new powers.
Hol’s best flyer shape was that of an albatross and Mite’s an Andean Condor!
Both boys favored a great ape as their land animal!
Stories of the Hybrid’s shape-shifting were told by the sailors, but little surprise was shown by the people of Mariposa, their legends of the Spirit Warriors had been telling them of this for generations!
Word spread about the Hybrid’s love and care for children, wherever they went, crowds of children followed them, wanting a hug or just a caress.
Every child in the city knew the name of each Hybrid and could identify them at sight!
On a warm, sunny day, Roger was entertaining a crowd of children, telling them of his youth and where he had lived. Ambassador O’hulan of the Kingdom of Hawaii approached him, asking if they could talk.
Roger, immediately aware the Ambassador was gravely disturbed, said, “Of course, let us go to our home and speak privately.”
He knew he could have plucked the information from the Ambassador’s mind, but he felt uncomfortable in doing so without permission or it not being an emergency.
Those who have mind to mind abilities have a strong sense of honor.
When they reached the villa, Roger served the Ambassador some cold lemonade and asked what his needs were.
The Ambassador explained, “The Kingdom has recently expanded its territory into the islands of the Southern Ocean. There have been occurrences where whole villages of people have just disappeared, children being kidnapped and homes burned to the ground. They have been unable to even determine who or what is doing this, is there any way the Hybrids could help?”
Roger asked, “How many people have disappeared thus? The Ambassador responded, “Over 1,000 people, more than half are children.”
Roger’s eyes began to glow dangerously, betraying his Vampiric Heritage, he mind-called his Hybrid Warriors, including the two newly made Childes, Hol and Mite.
When they all had assembled, he asked the Ambassador to repeat his problem to the entire group, which he promptly did.
As with Roger’s reaction, all the rest of the Hybrids likewise reacted. The Ambassador’s first thought was, “Thank God they are on our side!”
Roger polled his warriors mentally and then said to the Ambassador, “Let’s take a sea voyage!”
Little Bear was standing behind Roger giggling, “Ah, a South Sea Vacation!”
In hopes that they would agree, the Ambassador had earlier contacted the Commodore to warn him to have steam up and be ready to sail! He ordered his fastest cruiser and two destroyers readied, they were sitting at the pier with a full head of steam on the boilers and stores fully loaded.
He would command the small flotilla himself.
After taking leave of El Jefe Bobby, the band of Hybrid Warriors embarked in the Cruiser and they sailed immediately. It was a 6 day passage to the island group where the disappearances had taken place.
Roger, with Little Bear’s added power, cast his mind outward, he could pick up traces, but no definite pattern could be detected. He asked that the flotilla cruise around the island group while they continued the mind search.
Roger added Billy and Panther to their mind-cluster, then, he reached out again using even more power. Lightening began to dance on the ship’s rigging, the radios had to be shut down and the magnetic compass began revolving wildly as the Hybrids poured power outward, search for a fear trail.
Finally, at the far edge of their ability, they caught the scent. Roger pointed in the direction they needed to go and the cruiser took off like greyhound at a race!
The two destroyers were charging in its wake. The boilers on all three ships were straining under the load, all the sailors knew from prior experience what to expect under the command of the Hybrid Warriors.
After a full day chasing the scent of fear, Roger located the island from which it came. He let out a mind-scream that many of the sailors even heard!
He had heard the fear cries of CHILDREN!
The Hybrids were a fearsome sight, like something out of a medieval nightmare, fangs fully distended, eyes glowing coal red and flyer shapes shimmering off and on inside their bodies!
The Commodore shivered, almost wishing he had stayed at Mariposa.
They came up to the island and, while the ships were slowing to a stop, the Hybrids were already taking flight.
The poor lookout turned his head and screamed in his own fear, needing to be relieved in order to change his trousers!
Hol and Mit had been told to hang back and only watch, but their anger was so great, they joined the main flight of avengers.
The sailors holding binoculars had been warned, but still they screamed their fear as they watched flyers change to fearsome land animals, known only in horror tales!
To see a 9 foot gorilla racing a 10 foot white bear was a sight they would not soon forget!
The air was so still, those on the ships could hear the terrified screams of the pirates and slavers on the island.
When they were finished, the Hybrids left only disconnected body parts to show where the pirates and slavers had been!
They carefully and gently rounded up 300 children, 250 teens and 150 adults, all those remaining alive of the 1000 people who had been stolen from their homes.
It took all the powers of the Hybrids to mind-calm the former captives of their horror of captivity. Many were hurt, more were ill and all had not eaten in more than a week!
They even told tales of cannibalism!
When he got back to the ship, Roger told the Commodore, “We must route out the main base of these fiends. Send the people we rescued back to their homes on the destroyers, let us continue the search using the cruiser.”
The Commodore agreed that was the proper thing to do, however, 4 teen boys refused to go. They evaded the sailors assisting them and ran for the bridge.
They skidded to a stop before Roger saying, “Sir, we heard your mind- call, we felt your power! Please let us stay and assist ridding our sea of these awful fiends!”
Roger gently mind-probed them and turned to Little Bear saying, “These, also. Find a safe place for them. We shall take them home with us.”
Little Bear grinned and said, “Come on, Recruits, time for a shower!”
The search continued for 3 more days until the scent trail of fear was found. Once found, Roger positioned himself on the bridge giving directions to the helmsman.
Another day was required to bring the cruiser near the stronghold of the pirates and slavers. The anger of the Hybrids was nearing a level enough to have been used to drive the big ship without needing its boilers!
Once stopped, the Hybrid Warriors leaped into the air, changing shape during their jump. The ship’s crew, now accustomed to the ways of the Hybrids even felt a bit sorry for the objects of the Hybrids’ anger.
Soon the shrieks and wailings of the pirates and slavers were heard, several explosions were seen rising up over the trees.
As before, no prisoners were taken, there were no survivors.
Another 400 children were rescued along with 350 teens and 300 adults.
All showed signs of torture, starvation and disease.
The healing powers of the Hybrids were taxed far into the night saving those who might otherwise have died.
Over 100 had required to become Turned Vampires in order to save their lives.
The Hybrids refused to do this unless specifically asked by the injured person. For some, it was the first time they had created a Childe of their own.
Such a Childe was the personal responsibility of its Maker, not slave, but responsibility never the less!
It was a quiet and somber group of Hybrids who returned to Mariposa. They immediately set about securing suitable living arrangements for their Turned Vampire Childes as strong sunlight could be fatal to them.
Roger and Little Bear turned Olde and Fotl and sat vigil for the change period.
The other two teens, Cor and Val were turned over to Billy and Panther to bring into the life as Hybrids. They also remained in vigil while their Childes made the change to Hybrid.
Apparently, word had spread among the unlawful, attacks ceased and a period of peace descended upon the three countries, Mariposa, Hawaii and The Hegemony. Trade expanded and every ship brought a new product to its destination.
Roger and Little Bear contacted M’beleci several times. M’beleci was growing older, after all he was nearing the age of 2,000 years. He had turned his Captaincy over to his son, K’tli and was enjoying his “retirement”.
The Dracule Colony had slowly grown and there were now 80 Dracule. Life was good to them, they had loyal humans and Turned Vampires, some were like Bear and could tolerate more sunlight than others.
The land around The Lake had become forested, making it much like the Home-World lost to them.
Bear had passed away, this made Little Bear sad as Bear had been the mentor of his youth. It was a peaceful time, but like all human events, it was not to last.
Trouble was coming from the east.

Chapter 2 – WAR

The first sign of trouble was when communication was lost between Mariposa and their southernmost outpost. El Jefe Bobby sent Warriors to investigate and their report was disturbing. The outpost had been destroyed completely and there was no sign of the Warriors or their Families who were there with them.
The leader called upon Roger, who was immediately alerted to the possibility of cannibals and/or slavers.
He joined Little Bear and sent out his mind-quest. Other than indistinct tendrils, he could detect no trails of fear.
Whatever had happened, the trail had already dissipated.
Roger and Little Bear along with Billy and Panther were involved in the training of the 4 new Hybrids, so he asked David and Gary to fly to the outpost and have a look around.
The two had been gone for a day when they heard a mind-screech “Cannibals and Slavers, we are holed up in cave, come immediately!”
Roger reacted instantly, “Hybrid Warriors, ATTEND ME!”
Nine mated pairs rushed to Roger’s call, plus the two newly made Hybrid Mated Pairs. All 22 hybrids departed in flight to the outpost.
El Jefe Bobby saw them fly and ordered Andrea to send all available warriors to follow in support of them.
The Hybrids homed in on David’s mind, landing in front of the cave overlooking the edge of the jungle where the outpost once stood.
From their observation point, David pointed out the campfires of the intruders. Roger joined with Little Bear and sent his mind probing towards the campfires, what he saw sickened him.
They were roasting humans over those fires!
He sent his mind back tracking, in hopes that Mariposa Warriors had also been dispatched. He breathed a sigh of thankfulness; they were and would arrive by morning!
He knew that Andrea was a sensitive, so using Little Bear’s power to add to his own, he was able to contact Andrea.
A startled Andrea nearly stumbled as contact was established.
He called his troop to a halt and then opened conversation with Roger, “Roger, I have 300 warriors with me and 1,000 more arriving tomorrow.”
Roger replied, “Andrea, with your 300 we may destroy this abominable nest, we will need the rest of your warriors to wipe out the main body of these abominations. Welcome Brother, make speed!”
The weary Warriors arrived about an hour later. Roger showed them the camp and said, “They are bedding down now, let us attack at first light. Let your men rest, we will keep watch during the night.”
At first light, the attack began.
Some of the Mariposa Warriors had never seen the Hybrids change shape nor some of the creatures whose shapes they took. The Hybrids hit the camp just at first light; the Mariposa Warriors hit them as a second wave.
The carnage was appalling, what they found was even worse! Roasted human body parts, stacked and bundled for delivery!
The Mariposa Warriors lost the contents of their stomachs, the Hybrid Warriors grew so angry, the grasses and small trees caught fire!
Andrea said to Roger, “Is it possible for you to contact El Jefe Bobby and have him rush the reserves to us?”
Roger replied, “Let us try.” Grasping Little Bear’s hand as well as that of Billy and Panther, he began the meld. As soon as the meld was established, Roger sent forth his mind-call to El Jefe Bobby.
El Jefe Bobby was also a sensitive and responded immediately. Roger explained what they had found and what they needed.
El Jefe said, “I will bring the Reserve Warriors myself, we will leave as soon as they assemble!”
El Jefe Bobby set the drums to calling all warriors, EMERGENCY! In two hours, 3,000 warriors had assembled! In another hour they had departed at a fast trot with support troops to follow bringing food and supplies.
Mariposa was at war! The Home Warriors closed the gates and posted guards at every street corner. Businesses were ordered closed and the buildings barred, containers of water to fight fires were distributed throughout the city.
Fast runners were sent to the herders to guard their herds carefully, Mariposa was at war!
The Hybrids were so angry, Roger had difficulty restraining them. Shortly after midnight, the 1,000 of Andrea’s Back Up Troops arrived. When their fellow Warriors told them what they had seen, it was near rebellion in keeping them from immediate attack!
At dawn, Roger sent out flyers to find the main body of the cannibals/slavers.
When they returned, their report was appalling, a whole people had been enslaved and the cannibals were systematically killing and eating them!
The Hybrids showed the Mariposa Warriors, mentally, what they had seen, again the warriors lost the contents of their stomachs!
Roger, with Little Bear’s assistance was able to contact El Jefe Bobby on his march to the position. Roger relayed all he knew, including the descriptions from his flyers.
El Jefe increased the tempo to a dead run!
El Jefe and his 3,000 Warriors arrived the next morning and wanted to go to war immediately after the Andrea’s Warriors had described what they had been shown!
Roger insisted they wait until the next morning so every warrior was fully rested.
The support troops arrived with the supplies and food and, after eating everyone bedded down for the night except for the sentries, there was little sleep as they considered what they had been shown!
The Hybrids kept watch throughout the night!
The next morning, the combined force struck out for the enslaved city. With over 4,000 warriors, they completely encircled the city before its occupants realized they were there.
They thought they were the only force in the area.
They were, in fact, only bandits, thugs and thieves. The Hybrids, in their animal shapes, led the charge. As they went crashing through the city walls, body parts began to fly. An enraged 2 ton Hybrid/Bear can do a great deal of damage in a very short time! The thugs tried to escape by running, the Warriors went running right after them.
They ran until they reached the end of the land and only water remained.
They were slaughtered completely and their remains left where they fell to rot into oblivion.
The Warriors crisscrossed the land, searching out hiding cannibals and slavers, each Warrior group included a Hybrid Mated Pair, there was no escape from the mind power of the Hybrids!
They took a month to make sure there were no survivors.
There were almost no survivors of the original inhabitants; the few that were found had to be Turned in order to save their lives.
The Hybrid Warriors had been tested as few others have, they were a bonded force, bonded to their mates and also to each other, they were Brothers as well as Warriors!
The Mariposans believed that the home base for the cannibals and slavers were islands in the warm sea, what were remnants of the South American continent.
With a power boost from his mate, Little Bear, Roger mind-contacted a very surprised Ambassador Jensen.
Roger asked him for the use of the Naval Forces to scour the sea clean of the cannibal/slaver filth. Permission was immediately given and the ships sailed that day to meet with the combined warrior force.
The Commodore ordered the boilers cranked up to maximum fuel rate, they arrived in two days!
He also passed unsettling news on to Roger, The Kingdom of Hawaii had been attacked by unknown forces! This news made it all the more important to get the job done!
They embarked 2,000 Mariposa Warriors and all the Hybrids. El Jefe Bobby and Andrea insisted on accompanying the force as they searched out the home base of the scourge.
They discovered several small bases, which were promptly terminated, they were about to turn back, knowing they had to face yet another problem in Hawaii, when they spotted columns of smoke rising above a large island.
At first, they assumed it to be volcanic, but Panther had been teaching Cor and Vol about mind-searching and combining powers for greater range. Vol reached out, practicing his range, when suddenly he mind-screeched such volume all the Hybrids came running!
The young Hybrid was shaking in fear, yet his eyes betrayed his great anger. He held Roger’s hand and guided him to what he has seen, Roger let out a blast of energy that stunned all about him!
They had found the home base of the fiends!
The war ships began to fire massive rounds on the island, all day and all night they bombarded the island base. In the morning, the Hybrids led the Warrior Force ashore.
As much as the Mariposa Warriors were accustomed to the Hybrids, they would have new tales to tell their Grandchildren! More than one warrior would have nightmares for the remainder of his life, the ferocity of the Hybrids as they destroyed every living cannibal and slaver was beyond frightening!
They rescued more than 1,000 people held captive, many so injured so as to require being Turned to save their lives.
Only a small number of children were saved, about 50.
The ships were overcrowded with passengers, but no person would be left behind, they all were taken back to Mariposa to begin a new life of freedom.
Roger and Little Bear were sitting on the deck, trying to recompose themselves from the awful things they had seen, 4 young teens approached them very frightened, but with determination written in their faces.
Their leader timidly said, “sss Si, Sir, please, may weee speak?
The two Hybrids turned and smiled at the boys. They had lightly scanned them and knew all about them, “First, come here for some hugs, we all need them!”
They both hugged the boys and Little Bear continued, “You have a question?”
He knew of course, what the boys wanted, but they had to ask it themselves.
The leader said, “Sir, we wish to be as you are, we want to join you!” After the stories they had been told of the terrible anger of the Hybrids in war, they were nearly ready to jump out of their skins, sure at any moment they would see blazing red eyes and distended fangs!
Instead, Roger and Little Bear hugged them even tighter.
Roger replied to them, “You must consider this very carefully, once done, it cannot be undone. Think on it and we will speak more of it when we arrive in Mariposa.”
They hugged and kissed each boy. They could hear the boys talking quietly as they departed, “We WILL wait for them as they leave this ship!”
The two Hybrids smiled, thinking, “Another two pairs!” as the 4 boys walked off, hand in hand with each other.
It was an enjoyable end to an otherwise frightful day for the Hybrids. The ships arrived in Mariposa and took turns at the pier to disembark their passengers, the newly Turned Vampires would need to wait until dark before they could land.
The community of Turned Vampires in Mariposa was growing, unlike in ages far past, they were held in great esteem by the people and many held positions in the government because of their enhanced abilities.
As the Hybrid Warriors left the ship in a group, they were met at the bottom of the gangway by four smiling teen boys, “We have decided!” they exclaimed.
They joined the Hybrids as they walked back to their villa for a short rest before tackling the problems in Hawaii.
After carefully explaining to the boys about which they wished to join, Algay and Peter, along with Gol and Mord volunteered to turn the boys and stand vigil for them.
All eight soon disappeared, not to be seen again until the 7th day.
Roger and Little Bear met with Ambassador O’hulan of The Kingdom of Hawaii about the problem of those who were attacking The Kingdom. It was decided that the Cruiser and 2 Destroyers would be dispatched to carry the Hybrid Warriors and a contingent of Mariposa Warriors detached by El Jefe to assist The Kingdom.
On the 7th day, four shy, but very proud young men were introduced, Cantu and Bel, Org and Det were the newest Hybrid Warriors!
Roger attempted to look very stern, but a smile kept creeping across his face, “We depart soon on a mission to assist The Kingdom of Hawaii.
You boys may go with us, HOWEVER, you must not attempt to join us in war!”
He heard someone behind him who sounded suspiciously like Little Bear, “Yeah, that’ll work!”
They had the telegrapher notify the Kingdom’s Naval Office of their departure and expected arrival seven days later. The small flotilla made standard speed crossing to The Kingdom and arrived exactly as planned.
This was the Hybrid Warriors first visit to The Kingdom and the people of Hawaii welcomed them with flower leis and music.
The King and Queen, King O’loloh and Queen Lani met the ships. A small boy peeked around their Majesties, Crown Prince Fala wanted desperately to meet the wondrous Fabled Hybrid Warriors!
Panther caught the little Prince’s thought and knelt down, motioning for the small boy to come to him. Panther was a tall man, nearly seven feet in height, he placed the young Prince on his shoulder, the King and Queen were horrified that the Warrior might be offended.
Panther laughed and said, “The Prince is now my friend; let him visit for a while.”
The little boy Prince thrust out his small chest in pride; wore a huge smile and giggled every time Panther ran his fingers up and down his ribs!
The Hybrid Warriors all laughed and invited their own little riders to accompany them to Iolani Palace.
Despite the holiday atmosphere, there was serious work to be done. The Kingdom’s Naval Intelligence Officers briefed the Hybrids on the little information they had about the invaders. They knew they were slavers and possibly also cannibals.
Although they had been forewarned, they were taken aback at the intensity of their visitors’ anger. The glowing red eyes and distended fangs were something they had only heard about, never seen in reality!
King O’loloh decided he would NEVER make enemies of these Fabled Warriors!
With the help of the Naval Officers, they mapped out a campaign to sweep the islands from North to South, reaching as far as the Marianna and Peloponnesian Islands.
The Kingdom’s Navy added two more destroyers and a supply ship to the fleet and embarked another two thousand warriors to those already supplied by El Jefe Bobby.
The ships departed for Okinawa, to start their sweep south. Where they found colonies of the invaders, retribution was swift and terrible!
The King had decided to accompany the force and, he witnessed the Hybrid Warriors take vengeance upon a colony of slavers. He watched the Hybrids shift to flyer shape and then through binoculars as they changed to Land Animal form. Ten foot white bears, giant lions and huge wolverines would inhabit his dreams for many nights of nightmares!
One group of rescued children had the Hybrids in tears, ten children were so badly injured, Turning them was their only hope of survival. Their angry growls and roars could be heard throughout the ship!
Naval Officers were brave but not brave enough to challenge the Hybrids as they went about creating their Childes!
The further south the fleet ventured, more cannibal colonies were discovered. As bad as the Hybrids hated slavers, what they felt for the cannibals was nearly beyond description.
As the Hybrid Warrior Force invaded a cannibal colony, body parts would fly about like unguided missiles! Many cannibals would jump into the sea and voluntarily drown rather than face the wrath of the Hybrids, some had attempted surrender, still no quarter or surrender was acceptable.
It took two years to scour a quarter of the planet’s surface for cannibals and slavers.
The Hybrid’s technique of mind-sweeping an area absolutely prevented any group of slavers or cannibals from escaping detection. By the end of the campaign, four additional mated pair of Hybrid Warriors had been Turned.
There are now eighteen mated pairs of Hybrids in the entire world.
They were tired, they had been fighting slavers and cannibals for more than five hundred years. They might look like young men but some were already started on the second half of a thousand years old!
When they returned to the capital of The Kingdom of Hawaii, Honolulu, a large Naval Vessel was docked flying the flag of The Australian Hegemony. At the top of the mast flew the Monarch’s Pennant, showing that the Queen Regent, Queen Ariana, was embarked.
A Diplomatic Delegation, comprised of the King and Queen of The Kingdom of Hawaii, The Legislative Heads of Parties, The Queen Regent and The Prince Presumptive of The Hegemony were waiting to greet the victorious Hybrid Warriors.
The Prince Presumptive, Prince George and The Crown Prince of Hawaii, Prince Fala, had become fast friends while their parents awaited the disembarkation of the Fabled Hybrid Warriors. As the Hybrids walked down the gangplank, the two little boys slipped away from their guardians and ran to the Hybrids.
Their parents were horrified at the breach of protocol.
The Hybrids laughed, Panther swooped up his friend Fala and Prince George found himself on the shoulder of Billy!
Roger and Little Bear came up behind the two and tickled their ribs, grinning at the screaming boys!
As the two Princes’ guardians came running, Roger held up his hand, saying, “let us keep the boys for a while, they are so much nicer than cannibals!”
He dropped his fangs for the little boys, who screamed their delight at the show. It was a stunning climax to a difficult task they had set for themselves.


After the Hybrids and their Childes got settled, the Queen Regent of The Hegemony asked for a meeting. The Hybrids were exhausted, but Roger and Little Bear agreed to meet with her and her advisors.
She insisted on a “no protocol” meeting and they all sat in comfortable chairs with finger foods and cold drinks.
The Hybrids, of course, drank no alcohol of any kind, the rest had a light rum punch peculiar to the Hawaiian Islands.
The Queen Regent said, “Sirs…” Roger reminded them that they had no and wanted no titles.
She resumed, “Roger, Hybrids, our problem is not so dire as what you have already faced, we have a large indigenous population of Polynesian peoples and Aborigines in our Hegemony, since they have heard of you, they claim heritage with the Hybrids. I have no idea of the truth of the matter, but these people are bordering on anarchy.” Would you or one of your people come and talk with them. They are good people, but the unknown is frightening them.
Roger looked at his companions and, with a mind-sweep, said, “Your Highness, we need a vacation, if you will allow Prince George and his friend Prince Fala to be our escorts, we would be delighted to visit The Australian Hegemony.”
The two little boys had again escaped their guardians and were eavesdropping at the door of the meeting room.
They squealed and ran to Billy and Panther, who promptly picked them up and tossed them on their shoulders!
The love that the Hybrids had for children radiated through the entire room and the two little boys basked in a friendship that was the envy of all present!
Arrangements were made for David and Gary to remain in Honolulu and chaperone the newly Turned Vampires while the others went to Sydney on the Royal Yacht with The Hegemony Royal Family and, OF COURSE, Hawaiian Crown Prince Fala. The two little boys had been fitted out in Naval Uniforms of their respective countries and they marched at the head of the column of Hybrid Warriors as they went on board the Royal Yacht.
Each boy snapped off a precision salute to the Quarterdeck as they boarded and then faced the boarding Warriors, whom they also saluted. The ship was richly furnished and the Hybrids would have two weeks in which they had nothing to do except play with the two princes and relax.
Little Bear caught Roger making a mind-sweep of islands they were passing and told the two princes to go up and drag “Uncle Roger” to the swimming pool!
It was a relaxed and rested group that arrived at the Quarantine Station outside Sydney Harbor. The Station Master telegraphed The Naval Commander and as the Yacht docked the welcoming crowds lined the entire harbor!
The Queen and Prince Presumptive were, of course, welcomed but the crowds came to see the Fabulous Hybrid Warriors! For months the newspapers had been filled with their exploits, discussions and wild guesses of their powers and speculations on their ages!
Firsthand accounts of their Warrior abilities and lurid tales of the vampiric appearances during battle kept the newspapers turning out “Special Editions” for months!
When they disembarked with their Prince Presumptive on Billy’s Shoulder and the Heir to the Throne of Hawaii happily seated on Panther’s shoulder, the crowd went wild!
Their cheers and screams could be heard for miles. The two little princes had become firm friends, little did their people know then that the friendship would combine their two countries into an ocean spanning empire and that they would be a mated pair, perhaps not Hybrid, but, maybe…. for all their adult life and that the Hybrid Warriors would find a permanent home in their lands.
As Roger had promised the Queen Regent, he met, first with the Aboriginal Leaders. Prince George insisted on accompanying the Hybrid Leader and sitting beside him during the meetings.
What was said, was never divulged, but the Aboriginal People proclaimed their allegiance to the Government of the Hegemony and to Prince George in person. Never again would there be conflict between the two peoples, cave drawings of Roger and his Warriors soon appeared in the Aboriginal Religious places, never to be explained, but revered by the Aboriginal People forever more.
Several weeks later, the Royal Yacht set sail for Wellington on the Island of New Zealand. There, as in Sydney, the crowds went wild. Prince George waved at his people and held Prince Fala’s hand during the entire trip from the Quay to the Royal Residence.
After a short rest, Roger, accompanied by both Princes visited the Maori People’s leaders.
As before, no information has ever been released from that meeting, but the Maori High Chieftain knelt before Prince George, placed his hands in the small Prince’s hands and swore his and his people’s loyalty for all of time!
The Chieftain and The High Shaman then turned to Prince Fala and said, “Prince Consort, to you also do we swear fealty and the fealty of our people for all time!” Those in attendance were stunned and the little Princes frightened that their secret had been exposed.
Roger, immediately sensitive to their fear, picked boys up and held them high, saying, “People of The Australian Hegemony, these Princes are a mated pair and are under the protection of The Hybrid Warriors, disturb them at your peril!”
He then set the boys down, took their hands and walked between them back to the Royal Yacht.
By the time the ship returned to Sydney, word of the event had been telegraphed from Wellington.
As they began to disembark, Government Officials hustled to grab the young Prince, thirty-six Hybrid Warriors went to Vampiric Battle Mode, red eyes gleaming and fangs fully extended!
The Queen Regent was conspicuous by her absence.
The Mariposa Warriors cleared the harbor. Backed up by El Jefe Bobby’s Warriors, the Hybrids marched on the Royal Residence,
The Hybrid Warriors were clearly prepared for confrontation. That they were angry was a fearsome understatement!
At the Residence they found the Queen Regent locked in her room and in restraints!
That was all the warriors would take, they went into Full Battle Mode, those in the Residence went screaming into the street with fiery eyed Battle Vampires on their heels.
Some of the Warriors shifted to Land Animal shapes, a two ton white bear guarded the doors and a giant lion cleared the remaining government officials out of the building in fear of their lives!
In a burst of energy, Roger ruptured the chains holding the Queen Regent, who ran to her son. Roger, still in Vampiric Mode, went to the upper balcony and broadcast a message so powerful every person in the city heard it in their minds, “The Government of The Hegemony of Australia is dissolved, Martial Law is declared. King George will form a new government with the advice of the Queen Mother!” All who disobey this command shall answer to me, Roger, Captain of Hybrids!”
All those who witnessed Roger’s proclamation shuddered in horror! Here was a Vampire, flashing red eyes and extended fangs, something out of a nightmare taking command of their city!
It took four weeks to establish a new government, Prince Fala’s parents were informed and a Cruiser, supported by four Destroyers steamed into Sydney Harbor with boilers laboring, their guns turned towards the city and Mariposa Warriors lining the rails!
The city and then the entire nation submitted to the new government formed on order of King George.
The two boys grew up fast, but King George was determined that his nation would not fall into anarchy!
The Aboriginal People and the Maori People sent warriors to protect their sworn monarch.
Slowly, peace again descended upon the Hegemony. Businesses reopened and trade resumed.
The Hybrids settled into a peaceful period, completely relaxed with no crisis’ to attend. They took over a large villa in the outskirts of the city for themselves and their Childes.
The King and Crown Prince Fala were frequent visitors, The Hawaiian Monarchs had granted permission for Prince Fala to remain in The Hegemony and attend school.
It was a change for the Hybrids having not to rush off to war.
Roger and Little Bear were seated at the edge of the swimming pool when they sensed the King and Prince approaching with fear and trepidation. Roger, worried of trouble briefly skimmed the minds of both boys and smiled.
Little Bear grinned and agreed with him.
The boys came up to the Hybrid pair and Prince Fala said, “RRRRroooog, uh, Roger may wweeeee talllk?”
Roger smiled and said, “Yes, boys, calm down, we will not ever hurt you for ANY reason.”
The two boys were shaking like leaves in a typhoon.
Little Bear grinned, extended his fangs and said, “Yesss?”
Finally, King George managed to stammer out, “Uncle Roger, Uncle Little Bear, we wish to become Hybrids like yourselves.”
He grabbed Fala’s hand and continued, “Fala is my mate, we cannot be separated!”
Roger looked at the two boys, with a stern look on his face, “Are you sure, once done it cannot ever be changed. What about your people?”
George replied, “What does it matter if I am King for 50 years or 500 years?” Fala added, “Mated, we join the two countries and all our people benefit!”
Just then, The Queen Mother walked in, “Roger, Little Bear I approve of this as do Fala’s parents, they are on their way here as we speak. They should arrive in two or three days from now.”
Roger replied, “We shall wait for their arrival, boys, you must be very sure of what you do, your kingdoms depend upon your decisions!”
The boys hugged Roger and said together, “We are very sure.”
The new Kingdom of Hawaii Cruiser, “HMHS Crown Prince Fala”, escorted by six Destroyers arrived with bands playing and steam whistles screaming.
On board the “Fala” were The King and Queen of Hawaii, Fala’s parents, The Hybrid Warriors David and Gary and all the Turned Vampires from Honolulu.
The Turned Vampires had to await dusk, all the others came down the gangway to be met by both King George and Crown Prince Fala.
King O’loloh and Queen Lani hugged both boys in greeting. Queen Mother Ariana came forward, greeting the two Monarchs with smiles and hugs.
King George proclaimed, “Let the flags of my country and that of my MATE, Crown Prince Fala be flown above the Royal Residence and also throughout the Hegemony!”
They then proceeded to the Royal Residence in the city, the King and Prince leading the procession. The road was lined by cheering people waving the flags of both nations.
Roger and his Hybrid Warriors, now complete with David and Gary, followed close behind, casting their minds for any trouble.
Their Turned Vampires would follow that evening, making the villa somewhat crowded.
They had already contracted for additional space to be constructed.
The next day, King George and Prince Fala stood on the balcony and announced that they would become Hybrids. Again, Roger and Little Bear stood beside them, casting their minds in search of those who would cause trouble.
It was not the assembled people, but rather the government officials who were seen as would be trouble makers. Some in fear of their coveted positions, some out of religious bigotry and yet more out of loyalty to the Crown, fearing the bond to the Kingdom of Hawaii.
The last group, was easily handled, the other two groups were dispatched from their government positions, some to prison and some were given the same treatment as slavers and cannibals! The Hybrid Warriors would allow no threat to two of their own!
The next day, before the National Assembly, King George placed temporary Crown Authority with his mother and he announced that he would return a Hybrid Warrior with his Mate, Hawaiian Crown Prince Fala.
The boys insisted that ONLY Roger and Little Bear should be their Makers.
On the 7th day, both boys stood on the balcony, waving at the assembled crowd.
King O’loloh and Queen Lani announced their retirement and crowned Prince Fala as King Fala. After a flurry of diplomatic telegraph messages, it was announced that a new nation had been born,
The Kingdom of Hawaii and Australia! Co-Rulers King George and King Fala!

Chapter 4 – PEACE AT LAST

Aside for a few minor outbreaks of piracy, the years passed without incident.
They received word that M’beleci has passed away and his sister, Z’teca had assumed the reins of leadership.
The combined Kingdom and the Nation of Mariposa entered into a mutual assistance and prosperity agreement that further strengthened their already tight bonds. Roger stationed his Hybrids in each of the three capitols, each with sufficient Turned Vampires to manage security and assist each government.
Roger and Little Bear made a pilgrimage to the original village of Bobby, Bahia de Los Angeles, and laid a wreath on the stone tower. They established a retreat there for the use of the Hybrids and their Childes, it was popularly called Vampire’s Rest!
Some began to think that the need for the Hybrid Warriors was no longer and efforts were made to sideline them to the pages of history, but as in others periods of the long history of humans, peace was not a permanent state of affairs.




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