A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


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Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copied, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create Human Hybrids – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of Hybrids, omnivores

Chapter 1 – CALL FOR HELP

Captain of Hybrids Roger and his mate, Little Bear were spending the morning playing with their children, those whom they had recently saved during campaigns against slavers.

In particular, Teddy, was their youngest and most recent rescue. Teddy had been imprisoned on a slave ship at the tender age of 6 months! He was rescued by an armada of angry Hybrid Warriors and in turn, the love that the tiny baby boy radiated had healed the hurt and anguish of Roger and Little Bear like a gift from God. They adopted the small child and have undertaken his rearing and care.

The little boy, now turning 3 was an imp and knew he would be forgiven any trespass! He was crawling all over his Daddy, Little Bear, smothering the man in kisses. His other Daddy, Roger was laughing and encouraging the little “devil”!

A knock came on the door and their Major Domo, Tong-Fu, a young Turned Vampire who had dedicated his life to the care of his Masters, Roger, and his mate, entered the room. Tong-Fu bowed, something Roger and Little Bear had given up trying to get him to stop, and said, “Masters, a messenger brings you a telegram.” Roger sat up and replied, “Bring the messenger in please, Tong-Fu.”

Tong-Fu bowed and left the room to escort the messenger to his Masters. Both men rose to greet the messenger who said, “Sirs, The Royal Telegraph Service received this message forwarded from Mariposa” Tong-Fu handed the folded telegram to Roger, saying, “We thanked him and offered him a fee, which he refused.”

Roger looked at Little Bear in question and then opened the folded message; it read: “Dear Brothers, we received this message this morning from THE LAKE via mind-meld, if we can be of assistance, please ask.” El Jefe Bobby –

“Roger, we need assistance in the worst way, please respond” –K’tli, Captain of Dracules”

Roger cried, “It must be an emergency for him to call like this!” He mind-screamed, “WARRIORS, ATTEND ME!” Answering mind-calls came in from all the Warriors in Cairns, “WE ARE COMING!”

Hybrid Warriors began streaming into the residence; soon eight mated pair of Hybrid Warriors were standing with Roger and Little Bear. Roger said, “Brothers, mind-meld, we must reach to The Lake!”

He reached for Little Bear’s hand and then to all the rest, creating a twenty mind meld and began reaching out. The escaping energy caused metal objects in the room to emit sparks and doors to vibrate, further and further he drove the meld, thousands upon thousands of miles they reached out to contact their Dracule brothers.

At the very edge of their consciousness, a mind responded, “I am T’kli, welcome and thank you. We have great need, we are besieged by enemies, we have retreated to the caverns to keep our Humans and Turned Vampires safe, but we cannot hold out much longer!”

Roger replied, “T’kli, Brother, we come. You must hold out!” While still in mind-meld, Roger broadcast, “Brothers, we meet in Mariposa, ALL HYBRID WARRIORS!” From all over came replies, “We Come!” The two Monarchs, King George and King Fala replied, “WE COME!”

Roger turned to Tong-Fu, “You must guard our home, we go to rescue our forbearers, our own MAKERS!”

They ran to the balcony, shifting to giant sea eagles as they leaped into the air and sped towards Sydney” From all directions came racing giant Birds of War. A mind-scream from King George directed them to the Navy Pier, where The HMAS Roger was getting up steam!

Roger tried to talk the two young Kings from joining them, he was flatly refused!

When all had assembled, the huge cruiser backed from the pier and headed out the breakwater at flank speed! The ship’s captain, Captain Kilpatrick, had served with the Warriors before, he knew this was an urgent trip and he kept the ship at “Flank” all the way to the Port of Mariposa! The trip took eight days, a record passage!

The rest of the Warriors were waiting on the pier, without pausing, the entire Body of Hybrid Warriors shifted to their fastest flyer forms and launched into the air, headed north! It was the largest flight of these powerful beings ever before seen!

Their radiated energy sent ground animals running for cover, birds of the air dove for the nearest perch and fragile tree tips crumpled in ashes as they passed!

On they flew, pausing only for rest when absolutely necessary.

At last, The Lake came into view; the town was nothing but crumpled ruins. Camped there were thousands of hideously painted savages, the Warriors flew into their midst in an incalculable rage, shifting to their most fearsome forms as they landed.

The savages attempted to flee the combined wrath of the Warriors but it was not allowed. The ground ran red in blood and body parts, the Warriors had encountered these savages before, they were CANNIBALS!

At dusk, the battle still continued, the entire area lit red from the angry red glow of the Warrior’s eyes! By dawn, the only living things in sight were weary Warriors, staggering in their utter exhaustion.

The bodies of the cannibals were so foul, even the carrion scavengers would not touch them! Not a single Warrior had fallen, except from exhaustion.

Roger sat on a rock, praying God that the Dracule and their companions were still safe. Tired as he was, he sent his mind forth in search of his forbearers. He heard, “We are here, but we must wait until dark to keep our Turned Vampires safe. Truly, you are our saviors, we could not have lasted many more days, our food is gone, our strength depleted. Wait for us.”

Roger asked his companions their assistance in helping him gather food for those trapped below. By dusk, they had gathered huge piles of fruits and vegetables, meat animals and casks of water. They had found clothing, bedding and blankets and were warming water on the fires so their folk could bathe.


As the evening shadows deepened, the first figure to emerge from the blockaded caverns was T’kli himself, gaunt, dirty and weary looking, his face was drawn and his hands were shaking.

When T’kli spotted Roger and his band of war weary Warriors standing there, waiting for them, he smiled a wane smile and hugged Roger, “Brother, we could not have lasted another day, the food is gone, as is the water, HELP MY PEOPLE”

T’kli collapsed into Roger’s arms, both in exhaustion and lack of food and water.

The Hybrid Warriors; tired as they were, rushed into the caverns and started carrying Dracule, Humans and Turned Vampires out, into the clean, cool night air.

The refugees smelled horribly and the rescuers gently cleaned and bathed the folk they had saved, while their food was heating. They brought water and food that they had collected that afternoon and cooked shortly before T’kli had made his appearance.

When all the refugees had been brought from the caverns, Roger and T’kli, holding each other’s hand, spoke to their combined peoples. Roger spoke first, “We are one people, Dracule, Hybrid, Turned Vampire and Human; never again shall we allow ourselves to be separated!”

T’kli told his folk, “We begin today as we shall live forever more, no more hiding, no more distance, one folk TOGETHER FOREVERMORE!”

The folk remained a week, strengthening those who had suffered in hiding and allowing the Warriors to recuperate from their ordeal before starting their trek towards Mariposa.

Roger sent all but two mated pair and Himself and Little Bear, onwards, flying to Mariposa and then some going on to the Island Kingdoms that they might have Warrior protection.

The trek began, traveling only at night so as to not endanger the Turned Vampires.

It was going to be a long journey, there were too many Turned Vampires for them to carry through the air. They were still weak, so their travel was slow, it took them two months to get as far as the ruins where they had rested on the original journey.

There, they stopped for a while so that everyone could regain their strength before crossing the desert.

They were about to begin the desert crossing when a large band of Warriors, bringing horses and wagons arrived led by Hybrid Warrior Pair, Panther and Billy! Andrea led the mounted Mariposa Warriors.

The wagons had been constructed to be sunlight proof and were sufficient to carry all the Turned Vampires and the small children. There were enough horses for the Dracule and Humans, the Hybrid Warriors would fly guard over the caravan. It was unlikely there would be any enemies sufficiently brave to attack them, but they were taking no chances.

T’kli insisted on flying patrol at Roger and Little Bear’s side.

When they reached the land of the Herders, a great Festival of Thanksgiving to The Great Spirit was provided by those people. Food and meats were piled high and cooked to order by the Herder Folk. They also revered the Dracule as THE FORBEARERS!

While they rested among the Herders, two young boys approached Roger, they bowed and said, “Lord Roger, we are a mated pair but, as you see, we are not whole.” The boys were sorely crippled; each had one leg shorter than the other and it was obvious they were brothers.

They continued, “Lord Roger, could you heal us and make us as you, HYBRID WARRIORS?” Roger replied, “Yes, we can heal you, are you sure you wish to join us as Warriors?

The boys, anxious in their reply, said, “Oh, yes, Lord Roger, we are useless as we are, cannot we be made whole and help others?”

Roger smiled and said, “Yes, only if you forget that word, LORD!” He turned to the caravan and announced, “We shall rest here seven days, Little Bear and I have a task to perform!”

Roger and Little Bear took the two youths to an unused Herder hut and there they first healed the two boys, Roger healing Nat and Little Bear healing Jor. As the two boys looked at their legs in wonder, Roger said, “No, it is not magic, we but added energy to your own bodies so that they could overcome the defect for you. Are you very sure you wish to continue?” Nat said in reply, “Oh yes, Lo er, Roger we wish to be as you!”

So it was that Roger and Little Bear completed the necessary blood exchanges and then sat vigil for the next six days over the boys. On the 7th day, both boys awoke to the wonder of their new abilities. They came out of the hut to the applause and festival of their people.

They were the very first Herder Folk Hybrid Warriors ever and would be forever loved by their people. They had not been discriminated against by their folk, in fact they had been gently cared for by all the Herder Folk, it was only that the Herder Folk did not know how to help them.

The two new Warriors walked around, greeting their people and showing their wonder, two straight, functioning legs! They experimented with flyer shapes and found hawks to be their best. Roger told them to wait for a better time to try their land animal forms; it might be too frightening to their people!

Soon, the caravan continued its march toward Mariposa, overhead flew two new Hybrid Warrior Flyers, leading the way to the screams and shouts of The Herder Folk and several boys, who were drooling in their desire to join their brothers.

Those boys would make their way to Mariposa and ask to be changed.

They finally reached the outskirts of Mariposa at dusk and were met by El Jefe Bobby and his Elite Mariposa Warriors who took over the management of the wagons.

As they reached the city, the resident Turned Vampires, a highly respected group in that country, turned out to escort their rescued brethren to sanctuary. The humans were hosted with families throughout the city and a villa was given over for the use of the Dracule and Hybrid Warriors.

The Turned Vampires had quarters beneath the city, where they were shielded from the rays of the sun. They had their own village beneath the Capitol.

El Jefe Bobby declared a week long holiday and the visitors were warmly welcomed to the city. T’kli took Roger aside, “Never in all our history have humans accepted us so, I can feel the warmth and love from each!”

Roger told him of the history of this relationship, going all the way back to his older brother, Bobby. T’kli shook his head in wonderment and said, “Never again shall the Dracule hide from the outside world, we shall be part of it! This is our world too, now!”

Two heavy cruisers and the ever present Warrior Cruiser, “HMAS ROGER” arrived from Sydney to convey all those returning to the Island Kingdoms. The ROGER had been assigned to them on a permanent basis. Captain Kilpatrick, now Commodore, hugged Roger and Little Bear saying, “Tong-Fu awaits you in Cairns!” Roger laughed, “We have been gone much too long!”

All of the Turned Vampires from Lake insisted on remaining with their Dracule but about half the humans remained in Mariposa.

The rest of the humans, the Turned Vampires, the Dracule and all the Hybrid Warriors, except Panther and Billy who were resident in that city, loaded aboard the three ships and took their departure from Mariposa amide great rejoicing and festival of thanksgiving.

They took a more leisurely speed on their return, taking twenty days in transit. By the time they arrived at their destinations, all the Dracule and their folk they had protected, were rested and had regained the weight they had lost. They were a happy people again, secure among those they knew were friends.

They first stopped in Honolulu where some of the Hybrid Warriors resided. The people there feted the new folk and made them feel welcome. Some would return to that city and make their lives there.

The entire population of Hawaii, pampered their guests with foods and fruits peculiar to those islands. They took them on tours and allowed them to rest and enjoy the fabulous beaches.

The refugees then continued their voyage southward to Sydney where a National Holiday had been proclaimed. Representatives of the Maori People and the Aborigine People, in respect for Roger and what he had done for them, turned out in great numbers and the ordinary citizens also flocked to the Navy Piers to greet the newcomers, hoping to get a glimpse of the Dracule, a folk known to them only as legends.

As Roger and his Warriors flew slowly over the crowds as Great Birds of War, the people cheered and waved in greetings to THEIR WARRIORS! T’kli and his folk were amazed at the love the humans had for the Human Hybrid Warriors.


Roger and Little Bear arrived at their home in Cairns, Tong-Fu met them as they landed. He bowed and said, “Masters, all is readied, the new rooms for the Turned Vampires are complete and the suites for the Dracule are ready.”

Roger replied, “Tong-Fu, what would we do without your service. Cannot I do something for YOU?” The young Turned Vampire/Major Domo smiled, “Master, you already have!”

Just then Teddy ran up, no longer a toddler, in their absence he had gained 3 years and was now 6 years old! He stood before his fathers and said, “Fathers, I greet you.” Then the little boy emerged and he ran to them, smothering each of them in hugs and kisses.

Roger turned and held Little Bear’s hand as he mind-broadcast, “K’tli, all is ready, we await your flight. Transport for your Turned Vampires will depart tomorrow, their quarters, also, await them.”

Just then, waves of Dracule shape shifters arrived on the balcony, K’tli in the foremost. They had been eager to see what was in store for them, so they had followed Roger and Little Bear, staying out of sight until the two called for them. K’tli went to Roger and said, “My father, M’beleci, chose well, you ARE the savior of the Dracule!”

The entire population of Dracule numbered only 145 individuals, the sole remaining members of that race in the universe! They looked with delight upon their new home and Teddy found himself with new playmates as there were several young Dracule among the newcomers.

Soon, there would be several more Dracule couples expecting their first child. Even though the life span of the Dracule was great, young boys are young boys, regardless of race! The sound of their happy laughter in play was music to everyone’s ears!

The Turned Vampires, who had been rescued from The Lake, arrived the next night in darkness. They were staggered by the magnificence of their new home. Their leader, Wild Eagle, approached Roger and Little Bear, “What tasks may we perform, what service may we do you in payment for our lives and new homes?”

Little Bear replied, “Brother, no payment is required! Brothers do not charge Brothers!” Wild Eagle burst into tears of gratitude and could only hug Little Bear, speech was beyond him.

In their need to serve, the new group of Turned Vampires set about establishing a hospital to care for those the Warriors had freed from slavers and cannibals. In time, that hospital became the premier hospital in the Island Kingdoms. Their hospital would grow very large and one whole wing, with more than a thousand beds, was reserved for children.

It was extremely rare, but it was not totally unknown for a Turned Vampire to have limited healing abilities. Two such Turned Vampires were among those rescued from The Lake. They became valued staff members of the new hospital and they were particularly popular among the children who came as patients.

Turned Vampires, Long Fish and Fast Squirrel would serve many generations of human children and were loved by all of them.

So needed was their facility, it was required to expand its size almost before it opened! The children’s ward alone had over a thousand beds!

The two healers were frequently seen staggering towards their living quarters in exhaustion! No patient, especially children, would ever be turned away or refused treatment! No charge was ever made for their healing.

Patients came from as far away as Mariposa for treatment. El Jefe Bobby commissioned a special hospital transport ship to be built expressly for patient transport! The ship, M. H. S. BOBBY, made a regular run from Mariposa to Cairns with a stop in Honolulu every two weeks!

The two newest Hybrid Warriors, Nat and Jor made the Hospital, especially the Children’s Ward, their special project! They were regularly seen playing with the recovering child patients and would frequently assist the healers when the patient load became greater than the two Turned Vampire Healers could care for!

They believed that the Great Spirit had led them to become one with the fabled Hybrid Warriors and it would be wrong to profit from a skill He had given them!

The Dracule used their knowledge and scientific knowledge to establish a University, where all, Turned Vampires, Hybrid Warriors and Humans were welcomed to study. Many new discoveries and adaptations of Dracule Science began to appear in all three countries.

Radio communication was established, allowing telephone calls to be made among the three nations, new consumer products appeared in markets and books became available for all.

Soon, Dracule University had over ten thousand students! It became necessary to establish campuses in Honolulu, Mariposa City and Sydney!

T’kli became the first University Chancellor! Roger and Little Bear were frequent guest lecturers, their classes were so popular, they were video-taped and distributed free to anyone requesting a copy!

Many of the conveniences lost during the Great Destruction began to reappear, research and inventions were again popular. Exploration was undertaken, each with at least one mated pair Hybrid Warriors for protection and leadership.

The pirates, cannibals and slavers keep as far away from the territory of The Warriors as possible. The occasional “quick snatch” they would attempt was met with an incredible fierceness, few of the criminals dared to brave the anger of the Hybrid Warriors and their swift retribution!

They KNEW, without doubt, they would get caught and living the honest life as a fisherman was better than dismemberment and feeding those same fish!

It was a period of peace, prosperity and advancement for the four races, Dracule, Human, Hybrid and Turned Vampire, alike but different! Like all periods of history, the races that have inhabited the Planet Earth have been forced to fight for their progress and peace. They knew this was but a lull before the storm!

The Hybrid Warriors know their battles are not done, their folk live in only a small part of their planet, danger could come at any time from almost anywhere.



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