A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


  RESTART 2012

A Human Hybrid Warrior Adventure Story



Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copied, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create Human Hybrids – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of Hybrids, omnivores


Roger and Little Bear had been assisting at The Hospital; there had been a boating accident where a number of children had been injured. The Turned Vampire Healers had felt they did not have sufficient power to heal some of the injuries, so they had requested Hybrid Warrior assistance in dealing with the tragedy.

There had been twenty children and six adults injured in the accident, even with all four healers working, it still took six hours to heal everyone. One small child had been so severely injured; Roger had insisted that both he and Little Bear were needed to heal the boy.

They had returned home and were relaxing with their human children, including their youngest, Teddy, who was just turning 11 years old. They tried to keep straight faces when the youngster spoke, his voice was beginning to change and it was uncertain how low or how squeaky a word would come out!

Tong-Fu, their young Turned Vampire/Major Domo entered the room, bowing low and saying, “Masters, there is a telephone call for you, it is from Mariposa.” The telephone system was new, having only gone operational the year before.

Roger rose and went to take the call, surprisingly, it was from Andrea, “Roger, we might have a problem, we placed a small fishing colony on Cabo San Lucas last year and, yesterday a fishing boat manned by two small boys arrived. Both boys are badly hurt and so traumatized, they cannot speak. Panther and Billy attempted to mind read them and the only images they could retrieve were that of fear!”

He continued, “It is the storm season and we do not have a boat capable of braving the rough sea right now and the MHS Bobby is in Hawaii undergoing repairs, can you help us?”

Roger had relayed the conversation to Little Bear, who had come to his side immediately, he mentally asked, “Pirates? Slavers? Cannibals?”

Roger replied to Andrea, “We will come on the HMS Roger as soon as possible; we will stop at Cabo San Lucas before coming on to Maricopa.” Andrea thanked him profusely and said, “We will wait for you.”

Roger looked at Little Bear and said, “Not again, I thought we had rid ourselves of that godless filth?” The two Warriors walked into the living room and mind-melded with his mate, “WARRIORS – ATTEND US!” Within seconds replies started coming in, “We are coming!”

Over the next hour Giant Birds of War landed on their balcony and shifted to human shape. Ten mated pair arrived to answer Roger’s call; they sat and discussed the problem, and decided how they would all answer Andrea’s call for assistance.

Little Bear telephoned the Navy Duty Officer in Sydney, asking him to alert the Roger to be ready to sail. Roger spoke with Tong-Fu, “Again, Tong-Fu, we must ask you to manage our affairs while we are gone.”

The young Turned Vampire replied, “Master, it is my purpose, go and know no harm will come to those who remain here.”

He, also was maturing, he dropped his fangs and allowed his eyes to glow red in emphasis of his statement.

The Troop of Hybrid Warriors ran for the balcony and shifted to Giant Birds of War as they leaped into the sky. As they arrived in Sydney, at the Naval Pier, they could see thick black smoke roiling out the Destroyer’s funnel, Admiral Kilpatrick himself had assumed command of the ship and was raising steam as fast as safety allowed.

As the Warriors started to board the ship, two more Great Birds of War dropped to the ground and shifted to the young Monarchs. Roger started to say no, when King George raised his hand saying, “My ship, I GO and so does my mate! END OF DISCUSSION!”

The two Kings were hardly cleared the gangway when the ship’s crew raised it and the ship started to back away from the pier. They passed the breakwater at Flank, with the stern digging into the sea reaching for more speed.

The crossing was unusually rough, storms were whipping up the seas and the ship crashed and pounded its way through the waves, never slowing until the Rocks of Cabo San Lucas appeared on the horizon 8 days later.

Roger had the Admiral hold the ship far enough away from the coast that it was unlikely it could be seen from Cabo San Lucas. The Warriors shifted and flew to the small village; all they found was wreckage and burned huts.

That there were no bodies told them, SLAVERS! Roger stood on the foredeck, mind-screaming, “WARRIORS, ATTEND ME!

The eleven mated pairs joined Roger and Little Bear, joining meld in search of the slavers, further and further Roger pushed their combined minds until, like a wisp of smoke, he detected FEAR! They mind followed the trail until they located the source of the fear.

The helmsman, long experienced in working with the Human Hybrid Warriors, was watching for Roger’s arm signal. When Roger pointed, the helmsman swung the great ship in that direction and slammed the Engine Order Telegraph to AHEAD FLANK!

The entire ship’s fabric groaned as the full power of the ship’s engines spooled up, the screws thrashing in the water trying to get a bite.

The Engineers down in the Engine Room were struggling to supply whatever their GREAT WARRIORS needed.

South-East they ran, headed for the ruined lands that was once South America. The Warriors remained mind-locked on their prey through the night and into the next day.

The slavers sensed the mental pressure and attempted to hide in the many islands that was once a huge continent, but to no avail. They could not slip loose of the mental lasso the Warriors tied to them, nor could they outrun the charging Cruiser.

After a chase of two days, the slave ship came into sight, their attempt to surrender was ignored and Giant Birds of War swooped down upon them, changing to nightmare carnivores on their own decks!

The slaughter was complete, no slaver, no matter how insignificant, was allowed to survive. The few minutes it took to dispose of the slavers, the captives struggled to get to the open decks, they knew that they had been saved.

Also, crowded in the hold were another two hundred captives, chained together like cattle, adults, children even babies!

The Warriors’ rage was fearsome to behold, even to those Naval Sailors accustomed to working with them.

After a brief mental conference, they decided to continue and wipe out the bases of the slavers and destroy them forever. They ferried the former captives to the Cruiser in small boats, then sank the slaver without a trace. If there were any slavers who had escaped detection still on board, they hoped they could breathe water!

Again, the Warriors met in meld, driving their powerful meld-mind to the furthest reaches of their incredible force. They drove their minds to and then past the flaming volcanoes that once marked the southernmost tip of South America, back and forth like a mowing machine they roved, marking each island that harbored slave camps!

They noted how many slaves were being held there and in what condition they were. They also noted the total number slavers at each location. If the slaves had been kindly treated, they might have considered leaving the slavers alive, trapped on their island.

None were and none were!

At last, their map complete, they directed the ship to the first target. As they leaped from the ship, their beating wings created a great wind, their burning eyes were like red headlamps! They were, after all, Vampires!

Even standing off the coast of the island, the shrieks and screams of the slavers could be heard on the ship, although, no sailor was brave enough to watch through binoculars, they had long before learned that lesson the hard way!

There were still a few sailors being treated in mental hospitals after they had watched the Warriors at work! A deranged mind was one of the few things the Hybrid Warriors could not heal.

That ability would come to them later, in the Time of the Healers!

At dawn, the Warriors gently led the former slaves to the beach to be retrieved by the sailors. When not actually flying, the Warriors’ wings were not easily noticed as they were tucked away in pouches formed on their backs. The scene was reenacted until every island had been scrubbed clean and the area was made safe once again!

They had a ship full of former slaves in need of homes and medical treatment. Some would never recover and they would have to be cared for the remainder of their lives, waking up at night screaming in terror.


The Roger was overflowing with freed slaves and food was running short as they turned northward to the Port of Mariposa. During the voyage northward, the Warriors worked feverishly, healing the injured, some were too far gone and had to be Turned.

Those doing the Turning felt incredible sorrow that the Turned Vampires would never again enjoy the delights of a warm, sunny beach or a sunny day at picnic.

Fewer still, could not be saved at all, distressing the already overburdened Warriors, tears shed for those unfortunates became commonplace as was anger towards those who had hurt those poor folk. The Warriors were mighty in their powers, but they were not omnipotent, there were some things that even they could not accomplish.

They were approached by several begging to be made Human Hybrid Warriors, one pair, twin brothers had been burned and tortured almost beyond recognition as humans! They stood before Roger and Little Bear, who were unable to withhold their tears, so disfigured were the youngsters, the Warriors could only communicate with them mentally! They asked to be healed, to be made whole once more and to be made Warriors.

There was no way either man could deny their request, they asked the Admiral for the use of his cabin, which he readily gave and they settled down to heal the boys and to create them Human Hybrid Warriors.

On the 7th day, the twins awoke, hugging Roger and Little Bear, tears running down their faces. The burned remains of their former features would remain imbedded in Roger and Little Bear’s minds for all of time.

That day, New Warriors Det and Par dedicated themselves before their Warrior Brothers and the Great Spirit, to fight slavery and cannibalism for the remainder of their long lives! They would be mighty warriors and would become the bane of slavers all across the southern seas.

The ship finally made port at Mariposa and shut down its overworked and abused engines. The people of Mariposa opened their arms and their hearts to the freed refugees and, once more, it was the children who healed the Warriors.

Young boys and girls led their Warriors ashore, giving them refuge from the clamor of those seeking to thank them. The simple love of a child did more to heal the Wounded Warriors than all the festival, all the banquets, all the speeches of thanks that adults would heap upon them.

The Warriors remained in Mariposa healing the injured and treating those whose minds were overloaded by their experiences in captivity, although they could do little for broken minds; that was a skill that would come to them at a later date.

King George sent a secret message to his staff in Sydney and two weeks later he escorted Roger and Little Bear to the docks, not telling them the reason.

Slowly, the HMAS Canberra, The Combined Kingdom’s largest and most modern Heavy Cruiser eased up to the Navy Pier. Suddenly, the two war weary Warriors heard a scream, “DADDY!”

They looked up and there stood TEDDY! Behind him, staying in the protective shadows was Tong-Fu. There was no way he was going to allow his precious charge to voyage across the sea by himself!

He had draped himself in protective clothing against the sunlight and escorted the boy to his Fathers! A better medicine for their over burdened spirits could not have been conceived.

Teddy lifted their spirits with his enthusiasm, his joyful antics and his thrill of seeing his two Dads! It was the restorative they so desperately needed! Within those few moments, all had been made right with the world and the two Warrior Leaders had regained their emotional balance!

The young understudies, Bobby and Andrea, immediately appropriated Teddy, showing him all there was to see of interest to teen boys! The joy radiating off Teddy infected all the Hybrid Warriors, again their smiles returned and their love of life and its people was welcomed by all those around them.

Roger and Little Bear hugged their Turned Vampire/Major Domo, “Tong-Fu, again you have rescued us, cannot we do more for you?”

Tong-Fu replied, “Masters, you have already done for me more than all others, you gave me life, you gave me purpose and you gave me trust. What more could I receive than all that? Let us speak no more of it, I am content!”

Teddy’s exuberance was infectious; El Jefe Bobby declared a holiday that they might celebrate the restoration of the captives to freedom. There was dancing in the streets, strange and wondrous foods to be tried, and new people to be met.

Teddy tried them all, he made many new friends and experienced more than a few stomach aches from overeating delicacies from street vendors!

The Young Bobby suggested to El Jefe that the restored Cabo San Lucas be renamed “Cabo de Warrior” in honor of those who so freely had given their efforts to free Mariposa’s people! The National Assembly agreed and made it so that same day!

With their emotional tension gone, the Warriors were able to relax and enjoy celebration with their hosts. They took the cruiser up the coast to the place where Roger’s Older Brother, the first Bobby had lived, it was very emotional for Teddy as he saw where it had all started!

It was time to return home, the Hybrid Warriors loaded onto the HMAS Roger, many with envious glances at Panther and Billy, whose home it was. The two newest Hybrid Warriors, Det and Par also stayed behind to be trained by Panther and Billy.

They stopped at Cabo de Warrior to pay homage to those who had lost their lives in that sad place before proceeding back to The Kingdom. Young Teddy laid the stones for a monument himself and those on the ship waited as a stone spire rose, built directly over Teddy’s stone works.

They knew this was something he had to do for himself, so they waited until the memorial was completed. A silver plaque had been fastened to the spire by Teddy, with all the names of those who had lost their lives there.

When Teddy had completed his project, he returned to the ship a man, the boy Teddy was gone without a trace!

They docked in Sydney with the people in throngs came out to greet them. Roger and Little Bear took Teddy and Tong-Fu on the train back to Cairns, they were looking forward to the quiet life of their Great Barrier Reef home, hoping beyond hope that there would be no further emergencies.

Will there be? The supply of evil doers does not seem to be going down.

This ends this chapter in our record of The Hybrids, more tales shall be told of them.



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