A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.



A Human Hybrid Warrior Adventure Story




Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create Human Hybrids – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above ) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, occasionally a turned vampire is created a healer, can mind meld with a Hybrid only, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids or a Dracule of the line M’belici known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of Hybrids to whom all hybrids owe allegiance, omnivores
Chapter 1 – CONTACT

Roger and Little Bear were hosting a birthday party for their son, Teddy, who was turning 18 years old! It seemed like time had passed so rapidly, one day he was a babe cuddling in their protective arms and the next, nearly a man!

All of the Mated Pair Hybrid Warriors had arrived to celebrate Teddy’s Birthday and their Turned Vampire/Major Domo, Tong-Fu and gone all out to make this celebration an event to be long remembered!

Roger was standing, watching Teddy cut his cake when, suddenly, felt a mind contact, DRACULE and it was not a Dracule of their colony! Roger’s eyes went wide in shock, his mate Little Bear was instantly at his side, initiating mind-meld!

The Dracule demanded, “WHO ARE YOU?” and immediately, “WHAT ARE YOU? You are not a Turned Vampire!”

Roger and Little Bear replied in meld, “We are Human Hybrids, WHO are you?”

The mind demanded further, “WHO IS YOUR MAKER?” The two replied, “M’belici, son of M’belec”

The mind responded, “Ahh, that explains all, only the line of M’belec has that power! We must meet, we are refugees and our ship crashed long ago. I am F’tar, son of F’mai. We are just barely surviving!”

Roger and Little Bear mind-screamed, “T’kli, COME AT ONCE!” T’kli was already on his way to Roger and Little Bear’s home as he had been invited to the birthday party.

As soon as he arrived, he went into meld with Roger and Little Bear. He recognized the lineage of F’tar and together they queried F’tar asking how many Dracule survived and where they were.

F’tar responded, “Thirty Dracule survive, we are on an island with few natives. We needed to create only four Turned Vampires. Can you follow my mind-stream?”

Roger replied, ‘I am able to follow your stream. We will go to our surface ship and locate you! Can you survive another several days?”

F’tar sent, “Yes, we can do that, however, we are becoming desperate!” Roger sent, “WE WILL RESCUE YOU!”

Roger mind-screamed, “WARRIORS-ATTEND ME!” All Warriors were at the party and they instantly came to him and he explained the situation to them.

He sent to King George, “Your Majesty may we use HMAS ROGER?” The King responded immediately, “Yes and King Fala and I will attend, but, remember that is YOUR ship to command, you need not ask permission over what is already yours!”

Roger and Little Bear explained to Teddy and Tong-Fu the urgency of their departure, then they joined the Flight of Hybrids racing towards Sydney. Roger and Little Bear, being the strongest flyers of all their folk, arrived at the Naval Pier before the others.

The pennants on the mast told them that both King George and King Fala were already on board HMAS Roger and the black smoke roiling out the stack told them that the crew was raising steam as fast as possible!

The last few members of the crew were seen scrambling up the gangway, their hand in salute to the incoming Hybrid Warriors, a folk they both loved and honored beyond any measure.

As fast as the Flight of Giant Birds of War landed, they shifted to Hybrid form and ran up the ship’s gangway. The sailors who had preceded them up the gangway, made way for them as the Hybrids rushed to the Bridge.

More than one young sailor looked on those wonderful men with longing on their faces, praying to whatever Deity they honored, that, someday, they would be invited to join that exclusive group.

The moment they all were aboard, Admiral Kilpatrick, who had been the Hybrid Warrior’s Ship Captain his entire Naval Career, ordered the gangway raised and commanded the huge ship to get underway, passing the breakwater at Flank Speed!

The ship’s mighty engines were sending a bow wake across the harbor that threatened the small boats nearby.

Once at sea, Roger and Little Bear melded, calling F’tar. The Dracule was waiting for their meld and sent his most powerful mind stream that they might use it as a direction signal.

Panther and Billy entered meld and contacted T’kli, “We will maintain meld with you until we locate the Dracule Refugees!” T’kli responded, “You can do that?” They replied, “Yes, and more if need be!”

Northward the Cruiser raced at maximum speed, her stern deep in the water as the huge warship fought to gain every advantage her powerful steam turbines could produce. The engine room crew was running all the fuel pumps to keep up the steam pressure against the terrible demand of the engines!

The Engine Crew had done this before, they knew exactly what their Loved Hybrid Warriors needed and they would, somehow, squeeze that and more out of the ship’s propulsion system.

Roger and Little Bear sent, “F’tar, we come!” as Roger pointed his arm in the direction needed for the helmsman to follow. The bridge crew was long used to working with the Hybrid Warriors and the Helmsman needed no orders to follow Roger’s directions!

The huge War Ship swung its bow to the Northwest, leaving a surge of foaming seawater to mark their passage. Within minutes, the pit-log, measuring their speed through the water stopped registering, they had passed beyond its calibration and it could no longer register.

They passed Hawaii, Fala’s Kingdom, and drove further northeast along the Hawaiian Chain towards Okinawa, following F’tar’s mind stream.

Days passed and still they charged ahead at Flank speed, F’tar’s mind-stream growing ever stronger. Everyone wondered how F’tar could maintain contact for so long, even though their own Human Hybrid Warriors accomplished that routinely.

At last, they entered the broken remains of the Islands of Japan, F’tar’s mind-stream becoming very strong, letting them know the distance was closing rapidly.

After three weeks of pushing the huge warship at, and beyond, its design limits, Roger ordered the helmsman to slow the ship and he mind-screamed, “WARRIORS, ATTEND ME!” His thought wave rattled the fixtures on the ship and sparks were seen around the door frames.

Twenty Mated Pair, Human Hybrid Warriors, including the two monarchs, were instantly on the bridge, entering meld with Roger and Little Bear. Outwards they pushed their search, following F’tar’s mind-stream until; at last they located the failing Dracule Colony.

Roger clenched his fist and the helmsman slammed the engine order telegraph back to Flank! The great ship struggled to resume its race to rescue the dying Dracules.

All off-duty Naval Personnel lined the ship’s rails, using binoculars to assist the Warriors in their search for the exact location of the failing Dracule Community.

Finally, the next dawn, smoke was spotted on the horizon; a signal fire had been lighted! The ship was slowed as it approached the coastline of the small island and finally stopped, dropping the anchor in a small bay.

The Warriors ran to the foredeck and leaped into the air, changing in mid-leap to their most powerful flyer forms! As they flew towards the shore, they sent in meld, “F’tar, we have arrived, gather your folk!”

Resuming their Warrior forms as they landed, the Warriors ran to the assembled Dracule and Turned Vampires awaiting them on the beach. They found thirty starving Dracule and four Turned Vampires near death!

Roger mind-screamed to the two Monarchs, who had remained on board the ship, “Send boats, water and food immediately or we will lose them yet!”

He looked over the starving remnants of their race in horror, stomachs were shrunken and ribs could be counted from thirty paces. The gaunt faces of the children the Dracule Folk were protecting, were masks of horror and he could not prevent tears from rolling down his cheeks.

The ship’s crew immediately loaded the power boats with stored food and water, and headed to the beach under the joint command of King George and King Fala.

Soon, food was being cooked and the colony fed, along with the small number of native peoples still surviving. The rescued people were guzzling water as fast as it would flow, their own springs had failed and, what little water they had, they had saved for the children.

Roger was sitting with F’tar who was explaining what had occurred, “We were surviving until the earthquakes and huge tidal waves hit us. After that, it got worse and worse. We thought no other had survived Dracule, that we were alone on this world.”

He continued, “The native folk helped us as best they were able but many days ago, slavers attacked and we were so few, we could not drive them off before most of our native folk were killed or taken.”

He began to sob, great tremors shook his body, “We Dracule were so few; we could not protect those to whom we had promised safety! We are not strong flyers, our folk fell to the slavers trying to protect us!” We failed our duty to those we had sworn to protect and we failed as Drucule in that failure.

Roger’s vampiric heritage surfaced, his eyes started to glow red and he mind-screamed, “WARRIORS-ATTEND ME!” He shouted to T’kli, “You failed not, you were overwhelmed. We are here now and we owe loyalty to all Dracule and we shall avenge you and your folk! We shall bring your folk back to you!”

Hybrid Warriors came running from all directions, startling F’tar who thought, “What has the Line of M’Belec created?”

Roger ordered, “Load all the survivors, Dracule, Turned Vampire and Human, on the ship, WE GO TO WAR! THERE ARE SLAVERS NEAR HERE THAT MUST BE EXTERMINATED AS VERMIN!”

At that last word, all the Warriors’ own Vampiric Heritage surfaced, eyes turning a fierce burning red glow and their fangs extending to full drop! They gathered all the survivors, Dracule, Turned Vampire and Human, into the boats and raced for the ship.

Roger mind-screaming to Admiral Kilpatrick, who was a human sensitive, to ready the ship for WAR! The Admiral had been expecting the order as he had been able to listen in on much that had gone on ashore.

The huge gun turrets came alive and they began rotating and elevating the guns as the crews checked them out. As they were racing back to the ship, the Warriors went into meld, searching for the slavers. The stream of fear was so great, they found it immediately.

F’tar and his surviving Dracule were astounded at the power these Human Hybrid Warriors generated, some even were frightened. Roger, while still in meld, turned to them saying, “Fear us not, you are the Brothers of our Makers and we will protect you to the very last of us!”

As they boarded the ship, the giant screws began to thrash in the water, driving the great ship on its mission. Roger ran to the bridge, followed by his mate, Little Bear and also F’tar, who was fascinated by this immensely powerful being!

Roger directed the helmsman, who threw the engine order telegraph to FLANK AHEAD and turned the powerful ship to the direction Roger was pointing.

The huge ship shuddered and trembled as the steam turbines spooled up to maximum revolutions, the stern squirming and shuddering under the tremendous forces being applied.

The gun turrets were manned and the ammunition hoists were bringing ammunition up from the lockers below.

Toward the mainland of what was once China, the ship sped, never slowing until the coastline became clearly visible. They spotted a small town and a number of sailing ships at anchor, all classic signs of a Slaver Colony!

Into the midst of the anchored ships the huge warship drove, splintering hulls and breaking ships in its path. The escort vessels followed and chewed the broken ship pieces even smaller. In but a few moments, not a single slave ship remained floating and only a few bobbing bodies in the water to give testimony of who had crewed those ships!

The Warriors leaped from the Cruiser, changing to Giant Birds of War and raced for the town. As they landed on the shore they again changed shape to fearsome beasts, many no human being had ever seen before. Not even the Dracule they had recently rescued could believe their own eyes!

The Dracule stared in both wonder and horror at what they were watching! Soon, slaver body parts began flying into the air, landing on the beach in putrid mounds!

After the screaming had ceased, those still on the ship watched as the Warriors, back in Hybrid form, gently led the men and women slaves down to the beach, carrying young children and babies cuddled in their arms.

The watching Dracule were amazed yet again that these fearsome beings now had tears coursing down their faces as they gently cradled small children and injured adults in their arms.

The sailors knew exactly what to do, they had blankets and clean towels and they extended their arms to the Hybrid Warriors and accepted their loads of tragedy from them, many with tears in their own eyes.

The Small Boat Sailors knew their task and were already running their small boats towards the beach, loaded to the gunwales with supplies and more blankets, some taken from their own bunks!

As they began carrying the former slaves to the HMAS ROGER, many were nearly blinded with their tears at the condition of the rescued people. They were sick, starved, beaten, maimed and very frightened.

The small children’s mangled bodies raised their anger to the bursting level, while they smiled calmly at those injured and told them gently that they would be healed.

There was no doubt that many would require Turning in order to save their lives! The surviving local Dracule leaped into action, soothing the frightened people and healing, alongside the Warriors, those who were injured and wounded.

Again, the Dracule were amazed at these beings, the likes of which they had never encountered before! They had never known that such Warriors had existed nor that they could do the things they saw with their own eyes, them doing!

They were staggered at the power the Warriors owned! It was totally unknown in their history, even that history of their old Home World.

The great ship remained in the harbor for seven days as the Warriors and Dracule healed and Turned those who required help to survive. The rescued Dracule knew the principals of “Turning” but none of them had ever done such a thing, on the old world, such an act was punishable by death if not performed by a Great Leader!

Two teen boys, Fa-Wa and Tor-Fu, both native people from the island that had held the Dracule Colony, approached Roger, bowing low and, with tears streaming down their faces, said, “Lord Roger, we are brothers, both our parents have been killed and we are alone in this world now. We wish to be as you! We will serve you the rest of our days.”

Roger smiled and said, “Never will you serve and I am only Roger, not a Lord nor a Master!” Continuing, “We will speak further of this after you have eaten and rested.” He led the two boys to where the Warriors were eating and taking their leisure.

The boys looked around in wonder, “But, Lor, eer, Roger, you are people like ourselves, not flying demons!” Roger chuckled, “Indeed we are like yourselves; but with a little bit added.”

Tor-Fu hugged Rogers and said, “Please, we beg you, make us as you, we must assist you in your war against those who would enslave our people and WORSE, those who eat them!”

Roger’s eyes went red and his fangs dropped at the mere mention of slavers and cannibals. The two boys never flinched at the sight, only hugged Roger all the harder!

Little Bear spoke up; “Once done, it cannot be reversed!” Fa-Wa said though his tears, “We MUST help you in this work, it is our destiny!”

The two Warriors each held a boy and announced, “We go into Vigil, we shall return with two new Warriors!” They left for their stateroom, leading the two anxious boys by the hands.

In the privacy of their stateroom, they proceeded to exchange blood and sit Vigil over the boys as they underwent the sleep of change for six days.

On the 7th day, they awoke and greeted their Makers with loving and caring hugs. Tor-Fu exclaimed, “It is as you said, I am the same, yet I am different!”

He turned to Fa-Wa, who also was crying, “Brother, once we were merely brothers, now we are BROTHERS!”

Fa-Wa replied, “Brother, we have a mission, we are charged to the protection of all children and young people, wherever they live, whatever their estate. For us, this is not a noble aim, it is a mandated endeavor, let none stand between ourselves and those whose care we are charged!”

The boys each hugged their Makers and they all returned to greet their Fellow Warriors. Fa-Wa announced, “We are as you, we shall be as you! Your battles are our battles, your enemies are our enemies! Your children are our children, let no being stand against our mandate, those that do shall be destroyed beyond all recognition!”

F’tar was standing in the room in amazement, he had never witnessed beings such as these Hybrid Warriors, never in all of Dracule History had such ever existed!

The HMAS Roger continued to cruise the area, searching out those who would enslave others. The Warriors destroyed six additional slaver ports and two cannibal lairs before heading for their home.

The two new Human Hybrid Warriors, Fa-Wa and Tor-Fu learned their new ways and were ferocious in destroying slavers! Fa-Wa’s flyer was a Sea Eagle and his Land Warriors was a Giant White Tiger, for Tor-Fu it was a huge Falcon and a two ton Gray Bear!

The two left nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

They were soon accepted as experienced Warriors and flew their missions with the other Hybrid Warriors, who were in awe of their ferocity towards slavers. Rumors of these two Hybrid Warriors trickled through Slaver Communities, sending fear among them. Many ran to remote areas in which to hide.

T’far’s amazement turned to great pride in the works of their relatives and was looking forward to bringing his folk into this Family of Incredible Beings!

The huge warship docked in Sydney in the early evening, allowing even the Turned Vampires to disembark immediately.

T’far’s amazement turned to great pride as he saw the love and honor the humans had for these wonderful beings who were their relatives.

T’kli, Teddy and Tong-Fu were waiting for them on the pier, Teddy screaming, “DADDIES!”

The new Dracule were immediately welcomed into the colony and were soon engaged in activities such as medicine, science and teaching.

Roger and Little Bear had taken several days to go fishing on the Great Barrier Reef and were just returning.

Both Tong-Fu and Teddy met them at the door. Roger could sense that both boys were highly agitated, but refrained from reading either boy. Teddy began, “eerr, ugh, Daddies, Tong–Fu and I are mates.” Tong-Fu looked very frightened, “Masters, I love your son and we both wish to be Warriors at your side!”

Roger and Little Bear felt as if they had been pole-axed, they were stunned. Roger’s first reaction was to deny the request, but Little Bear spoke first, “Boys, SONS, I have known of your love for each other, but this is a big step that you ask!” Are you sure this is what you BOTH desire?

Roger thought for a moment, knowing that he should have realized their son’s and Tong-Fu’s love for each other. It was obvious, now. He spoke, looking at Little Bear, “We cannot and will not deny your love for each other, but what you ask, cannot be changed once it has been done.”

Teddy cried, “Daddies, there are none so great as yourselves, no other could we wish to be with than you. Will you have us?”

Roger and Little Bear both, together replied, “Sons, none other than ourselves would we allow to do this thing! Let us go into Vigil! It is our duty to bring such as you both into the Brotherhood of Warriors!”

Roger mind sent, “WARRIORS, we go into VIGIL for our SONS, Teddy and Tong-Fu! Await our return with two new WARRIORS!”

There was a universal mind-shout, “WE WILL WAIT FOR OUR NEW BROTHERS!”

Roger and Little Bear led the two to their darkened Vigil Room in the lower level of their home and there, they exchanged blood with their beloved sons then sat in Vigil while they slept for six days. Neither Father moved during vigil, except to add additional blood to their two sons as they made change.

They had a bounden duty to their sons and to their Race to bring these two Warriors into their company.

On the 7th day, Teddy and Tong-Fu awoke as WARRIORS and immediately felt Warrior Minds all around them as new strength surged through their bodies and new awareness flooded their minds.

They emerged to find the entire Lodge of Warriors assembled, Panther and Billy stepped forward saying, “Greetings Brother Warriors, we have been waiting for you.” All the Warriors opened their minds to the Newest among them, showing them the love they had for each of them.

Teddy and Tong-Fu were nearly overwhelmed with their emotions, the absolute love and devotion each Warrior sent them put them to tears! There can be no greater love and trust than an open mind, without barriers and without the possibility of deceit!

Many bodies, one mind in meld!


These two Warriors will be important additions to the Great Brotherhood of Hybrid Warriors, their many feats will ensure to Humans, particularly the children, to whom they have already dedicated their lives, that they are their protectors and they may be called upon at anytime, anywhere under any conditions to come to their aid! They will be known as the CHILDREN’S OWN WARRIORS!
The force of Human Hybrid Warriors is maturing, all of Humanity knows of them and their feats and any child on the streets know, without any doubt, should they need assistance; a Human Hybrid Warriors will help them.



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