A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


  RESTART 2012

A Human Hybrid Warrior Adventure Story


Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copied, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


Dracule; Race, refugees from a destroyed world, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food to be abominable, life span ~ 2,000 years, create and carry their young in same manner as humans, can create turned vampires, powerful mind-speakers, can change limited shape, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, only one known individual that could create Human Hybrids – known as M’beleci Captain of Dracule, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Dracule (see Dracule above) or a Hybrid (see Hybrid below), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid Warrior, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race are known as Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of human, turned vampire and Dracule, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger is Captain of Hybrids, omnivores

Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrid Warriors have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Warriors. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrid Warriors, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.

Chapter 1 – FAR CONTACT

Roger and Little Bear had just returned from an extensive visit with the two Monarchs, King George and King Fala. While there, they had taken a side trip to visit their Warrior Sons, Sir Teddy and Sir Tong-Fu who were currently visiting their friends, Fa-Wa and Tor-Fu. Fa-Wa and Tor-Fu had been assigned to work with the Aborigine People. (Tor-Fu and Tong-Fu were not related, in their system of nomenclature, “FU” is the same as a first, private name.)

Just as they were sitting down to a quiet supper, just the two of them alone when they were assaulted by a mind-scream from Teddy, “Fathers, we come with great trouble, the Kings accompany us!” Roger looked at Little Bear with a worried expression on his face, they knew that neither Teddy nor Tong-Fu panicked easily, something dire must be happening!

Little Bear called for their Turned Vampire Major Domo, Wang-Li and warned him of state visitors.

Within moments, four giant Birds of War landed on the outside balcony and shifted to their expected visitors. Their feathers were still smoking from the great speed of their flight, indicating their supreme urgency.

Teddy and Tong-Fu rushed to hug their Fathers before entering into the business that brought them all there in such a rush.

Finally, Teddy stood before his Fathers, saying, “Read me!” As Roger and Little Bear scanned Teddy’s mind, they were appalled at what they saw. An ancient Aborigine Shaman had encountered fleeing refugees screaming for help as they ran from slavers in his DREAMTIME!

From the landmarks seen by the seer, it must surely be in what was once England!

Roger said, “We must meet with this Shaman immediately!

The six Warriors rushed to the balcony and leaped into the air, changing to their fastest flyer forms in mid-air! They flew halfway across that massive country to the land reserved for the Aborigine People near their sacred rock, Uluru.

Their passage was noted by the Aborigine folk on the ground and they began to assemble that they might assist these Great Warriors, so revered by their people.

They landed before the primitive camp of the Old Shaman, changing to Warrior Form as they touched ground.

The Ancient man was waiting for them saying, “I saw you coming in my dream, please sit and I shall show you what you need to know. It is urgent, we must make great haste, otherwise they will all die!”

He sat on the ground, motioning the Warriors to sit in a circle around him. The old man then told them to join meld and for Roger to place his hands in his hands. Thus joined, the old Shaman projected what he had seen in his Dreamtime.

It was appalling, the Warriors eyes began glowing bright red and their fangs fell to full drop, so great was their anger! Children being chased down and clubbed senseless, mothers and fathers chained together and loaded on slave ships!

Roger screamed, “ENOUGH!”

He turned to those Warriors with him, the two Kings, his sons and Fa-Wa and Tor-Fu saying, “MELD, NOW!” The eight Warriors joined in meld and reached with all their power to contact those being abused.

More and more power they applied, the grasses and trees around them burst into flames, the Aborigines’ metal knives and spear points began to melt so great was energy they were generating, but they were unable to reach far enough.

Roger broke meld in frustration, “We must return and increase the meld. He mind-screamed, “WARRIORS – ASSEMBLE AT FORT WARRIOR!” His mental blast was so great, the old Shaman was knocked unconscious for short time!

Roger turned to his companions saying, “We must return to our home and continue this effort!” He hugged the old man, making sure he not harmed before they leaped to the air and departed in a great wind of Giant Birds of War.

They arrived at their home and flight after flight of the giant birds swooped onto the landing rail. All the Human Hybrid Warriors were coming home at Roger’s call for help!

The populace knew that something terrible was happening with their Beloved Warriors, people from all over began to gather at the gates of Fort Warrior that they might support those who had done so much for them.

The people stood quietly; ready to do whatever they could to assist the Warriors. They neither spoke nor gossiped as they stood there, ready to assist their Warriors in any way they could.

As Roger gathered his Warriors, Wang-Li, their Turned Vampire Major Domo, bowed before him, saying, “Master, I am Moderator of the Lodge of Vampires, how may we aid you?”

Roger thought for a moment before replying, “Wang-Li, we may need your people in meld. It could be dangerous, some may even die.” Wang-Li replied, “Lord Roger, we WILL serve you!”

He rushed off to gather his folk, soon there were nearly five hundred Turned Vampires in the assembly room, waiting for Roger’s need! Their minds laid open to be commanded by Roger, Captain of All Hybrid Warriors!

Fifty three mated pair Warriors assembled before Roger and Little Bear as they stood in the courtyard. Roger commanded, “WARRIORS, JOIN MELD!” outward their mind energy soared, further and further, the air crackled with escaping energy and the window glass in surrounding buildings began to melt and wooden doors started to smolder!

Still, it was not enough, they just could not push their minds nearly a complete circle around the planet. Roger screamed, “Vampires, join our meld!”

Five hundred Turned Vampires joined hands in meld and lent their power to their Warrior Leader.

The sky began to turn purple and ozone streamed from the energy being driven outwards. Birds of the air began fluttering to the ground, their feathers singed and smoking.

At last, they found the frightened folk in England, but, still, they had insufficient power to communicate with them.

Again, Roger screamed, “Human Sensitive’s, we need your help, please join us in meld!” Two hundred people rushed forward, joining hands and entered the most powerful mind-meld ever generated!

The air above Fort Warrior was a sheet of fire as far as the eye could see! Those waiting outside the Warriors Home stood, not in fear but ready to place themselves in support of the Great Captain of Human Hybrids.

At last, Roger had sufficient power to contact those frightened folk. He said to their leader, Prince Paul, “I am Roger, Leader of the Human Hybrid Warriors.”

The frightened young Prince stumbled and replied, “Wh…whooooo are you?” Roger sent, “I am Lord Protector Roger, Human Hybrid Warrior. If you can hide for a few weeks, maybe a month, we can get to you and rescue your people!”

The young Prince said, “I know not of you, but you are our last hope. We cannot holdout for long, we will gather at the white cliffs in the south of our Island Country. We pray you come in time!”

Roger collapsed the meld, there were fires everywhere and Fort Warrior was heavily damaged! Doors were charred and hanging askew in their frames, window glass had melted out of their frames and the cutlery was a molten mass in their storage boxes. Several Turned Vampires lay on the ground dead and a number of Human Sensitive’s were unconscious.

Roger held the Dead Vampires in his arms, tears coursing down his face. Wang-Li laid his hand gently on Roger’s shoulder, saying, “Master, but for you, we all would have been dead long ago. That we can serve you and help you serve others is our greatest ambition. These Vampires did not die in vain nor for no reason. They willingly accepted the danger and those of us who remain, would do it again!”

Teddy, as affected as his Father, stood before him saying, “Lord Roger, we must ready the fleet!”

Roger stood, the deaths still heavy on his heart, “My People, My Warriors, I thank you for your help and sacrifice. We go from here to help those far from us, but we carry you all in our hearts. You all, Turned Vampires and Humans alike, are all WARRIORS! God Bless you all, may the Great Spirit sit upon your shoulder! You ARE WARRIORS!”

Continuing, “WARRIORS – ATTEND ME, VAMPIRES ATTEND ME!” He instructed the Turned Vampires to select two hundred of their number and take the express train to the Naval Piers in Sydney that night!

He and the Warriors then leaped into the air, changing to flyer form and raced for the Fleet Anchorage in Sydney Harbor, leaving a trail of charred feathers and smoke to show their path. The people beneath their flight knew that their Beloved Warriors were going to war again, to save someone in desperate need.


By the time the great flight of Warriors arrived in Sydney, the huge cruisers, HMAS Roger and HMAS Little Bear, along with their flotilla of Destroyers, Tankers and Supply Ships were already loading stores, fuel and water. Black smoke began to billow out their stacks as the engineers started to raise steam pressure in their boilers.

It was decided that only the Home Fleet would remain, Roger insisted that the two kings, George and Fala remain in the Capital to stabilize the Government.

A message was received from El Jefe Bobby that the Hospital Ship MHS Andrea would meet them near Hawaii, along with two tankers filled with fuel and two additional supply ships with one thousand Elite Mariposa Warriors! All of them trained to work with the Great hybrid Warriors!


The ships were rapidly loaded and embarked their passengers. Just before dawn, the cables were slipped and the fleet passed the harbor breakwater at All Ahead Full!

All the small boats had been warned by the new Siren Warning System and were safely tied up at their piers. Four days later saw them in rendezvous with the Mariposa Fleet. Tankers from Honolulu met them to top off their fuel tanks before crossing the Great Ocean and circling around what was once Africa to head north towards England.

Day after day they sailed, Roger had chewed his fingernails nearly off in worry. Time and again they attempted meld to contact the Englanders but could not drive their minds the distance.

Finally, at long last, they rounded the tip of Africa and turned northwards and a day later they went again into meld and successfully contacted Prince Paul!

The young Prince’s relief could be felt by all in meld as he reported, “We have food for six more days on short rations. We are being attacked daily but have managed to drive the slavers off. Hurry, we cannot last much longer!”

Roger’s eyes started to glow red and he clenched his fist!

The old Bridge Chief Petty Officer knew from long experience what this powerful man needed, he reached across the helmsman and slammed the Engine Order Telegraph to EMERGENCY FULL AHEAD, the only position greater than Flank!

Black smoke roiled out the massive Cruiser’s stacks and all the other ships did the same. Their drive turbines were thundering at the bare edge of overload and Engineers were standing by the “trip levers” to re-engage them should the governors trip out.

It was a race against time now to save the people of England.

All through each ship, the thunder of the straining steam turbines sounded. A flotilla of wooden ships raced from the African Coast to intercept the fleet, hoping to pick off some easy slaves. The Cruisers ignored them, running them down if necessary, to clear the path for the other ships, leaving only bodies, hungry sharks and wreckage to mark where the slave ships had been!

Each ship straining, their thundering propellers slashing and carving the water to drive them even faster! They passed the Rock of Gibraltar and the coast of France with hardly a glance in their race against time.

Not trusting their centuries old charts, Roger went into meld with his Warriors and they followed the mind-trail, Roger standing on the bridge pointing the direction the Helmsman was to steer, all the others ships following in a line.

They were going to need serious repair of all the ships by the time they returned to their home.

Suddenly, brilliant white chalk cliffs appeared between a huge island and the coast of France, at the top of the cliffs, a column of signal smoke was seen. Roger swung to face Admiral Kilpatrick, “Stop here, we shall fly in!”

He mind-screamed, “WARRIORS – ATTEND ME!” as he leaped into the air, changing to a Giant Sea Eagle.

All his Warriors followed him, the cloud of their flight blocked out the sun as they passed!

The Warriors could sense an awful battle going on below them, Prince Paul and his folk were fighting what they knew was their last battle and did not see the Warriors arrive.

It was to be a battle to the death!

Their first knowledge of their rescuers was a group of anger maddened Human Hybrid Warriors with glowing red eyes and dripping fangs rushing past them. Immediately, slaver body parts started going airborne!

Prince Paul and his men were dumbfounded, never had they seen such, as the Warriors shifted to their Land Animal Forms, the beleaguered folk were sure that fiends from Hell had joined their cause!

A twelve foot tall, three ton gray bear, mouth and paws dripping gore, approached Prince Paul and suddenly changed into a man, causing that poor young Prince to faint!

Roger knelt and revived the frightened young man, he mind-sent to him, “Fear us not, young Prince, we are whom you have been speaking. Let us gather your folk and get them to safety on our ships.”

The Prince remained shaky, but was willing to be led to the Navy ships anchored just offshore. He would worry about being eaten later, they were losing the battle and slavery was staring them in the face!

Three thousand people were ferried out to the ships while the Hybrid Warriors held the slavers back. Only the children recognized the Great Warriors for what they really were and were seen hugging and kissing those who had saved them.

The children and the injured were taken to the Hospital Ship, where Turned Vampire Healers waited to heal them.

While they waited, thirteen children were born to mothers too frightened to give birth earlier!

When all were aboard, the ships backed away from the coastline and sat at anchor while the Healers labored. Roger led Prince Paul to all the ships that sheltered his people that he might reassure them.

Finally, back on the HMAS ROGER, the young Prince sat down to a light meal. He looked at Roger and pointed to the ship’s name, “That is you, isn’t it?” Roger smiled, “Yes, Prince Paul, it is I. There is much to explain, but it can wait. Are there any more of your folk left alive?

The Prince replied, “I think so, another thousand people may be holed up in London, on the east coast of this Island. Roger jumped up, mind-screaming, “WARRIORS-ATTEND ME”

The strength of his call was sufficient for even the Prince to receive it; he looked on, dumb-founded as Warriors began streaming into Roger’s presence.

They went immediately into meld and pushed their minds outward. The metal fittings began to glow and sparks dripped off the ship’s rigging! Harder and harder Roger pushed, a hundred Turned Vampires came running and joined the meld.

The very air above them began to sizzle as energy escaped their beam. Suddenly, Roger screamed, “GOTTEM!”

Roger reached for the young Prince’s hand, he already knew the young man was a sensitive, so he pulled him into the meld that he could witness what was going on.

The helmsman was watching and as Roger started to point the direction, he slammed the engine order telegraph to FLANK AHEAD and the mighty ship, along with its fleet surged forward, heading for the Thames River and London.

The ship shuddered and pounded as it fought to come up to speed, its great turbines giving their all!

Roger turned to the Prince, “Do you know a Duke William?” The Prince gave a great cry, “He is my father, he lives?”

Roger then mind-spoke the Duke, who was at first greatly frightened. Roger motioned the Prince closer and pressed his hand to the Prince’s forehead, “Speak Prince Paul, speak to your Father!”

The Duke screamed, “My son, My son, You yet live? How is this magic possible, who is doing this?”

Roger sent, “No, Duke William, it is not magic, we are heading up the river now in a large warship, build a signal fire that we might find you. Do not concern yourself with your enemies and do not be frightened at what you will see!”

Soon, a pillar of smoke was seen in the ruins along the river, the Admiral ordered the anchor lowered and the ship stopped with all guns pointed towards the shore!

Even after being warned, Prince Paul watched in both horror and fascination as the Warriors leaped into the sky, changing mid jump to great Birds of War! Soon, people were being brought back to the Healers, all were sorely hurt and a few required to be Turned in order to save their lives.

When Roger took Prince Paul to see his Father and people on the Hospital ship, children were telling tales of being rescued by Vampires with flaming eyes and long fangs, of fantastic animals and huge birds rescuing them.

The Prince believed every word; he had seen them for himself!

Chapter 3 – HOMECOMING

The reunion between father and son was very emotional; both thought the other was dead. Prince Paul’s young sister, Aida, was among the injured. When the Prince was ushered into her room, she screamed his name and clung to his neck, crying, “Oh, Paully, Oh, Paully, it was awful. Is there any way we can rescue our people taken as slaves?”

Paul looked at Roger, afraid to ask more of this fabulous Warrior and his men.

Roger smiled, “Let us see if we can locate them, Prince, please come with me.” They went to the foredeck of the huge ship, Roger said, “Prince, in order to do this, you must join the meld. You are a human sensitive, but it could be dangerous, it could even kill you!”

Paul replied without even hesitating, “Let us do this thing!”

Roger immediately mind-screamed, “WARRIORS - ATTEND ME, VAMPIRES – ATTEND ME” as they joined him, he ordered, “MELD” and all the warriors and Vampires folded into the meld.

He gestured for Paul to join them. With Paul directing, outwards they pushed, seeking and searching for the trail of fear. Finally, it was spotted, and they tracked it to an island between England and France.

Roger clenched his fist and pointed. Prince Paul whispered, “The Isle of Man!”

The great ship swung to the direction Roger was pointing and wound up the steam turbines back to flank speed. The rest of the fleet followed in pursuit!

Prince Paul was on his knees praying, he looked up and saw Roger looking at him with a gentle smile on his face. Paul could not believe the gentleness of the huge warrior, he had SEEN for himself just what Lord Roger was!

Roger smiled gently and said, “Your Mate?” Prince Paul choked and said, “You know?” Roger laughed and grabbed Little Bear saying, “MY MATE!”, as he kissed Little Bear on the cheek.

The Prince sat on the deck in tears, “ accept us?” Roger replied, “Prince, let us find your mate for you.” He turned to his Warriors and shouted, “MELD”

He then grabbed Prince Paul’s hand and joined him to the meld. The trail was not difficult to follow and soon they found the huddled slaves in a log compound. They were all injured, dirty and starving. They were clearly near death!

Roger grabbed Paul’s mind and asked, “Which One?” The Prince’s mind went to a shaggy, blond man standing near the wall. As soon as his mind touched the man, he fell to the ground moaning, “Paul oh Paul, you are lost to me.” Paul sent, “Not so Joseph, we come with help!”

Roger interrupted, “Joseph, move all your people away from the wall nearest the sea, we attack, NOW!” Joseph thought he was going crazy, but he did as he was instructed.

The gunners on the HMAS ROGER were very good! Two shots of the huge guns and the log wall was demolished! It had been turned into splinters and fire starter!

The Warriors leaped into the battle and a giant Gorilla, fully ten feet tall, leaped through the battle and scooped up the man in its arms, carrying him to the shore. There he was placed in a boat with instructions to take him immediately to Prince Paul on the HMAS ROGER!

Later that day, Prince Paul led the rescued Joseph to Roger. Joseph was telling of his rescue by this huge gorilla with red eyes and Vampire Fangs! Roger couldn’t help but giggle, then, to both boys’ horror, he let his eyes go flaming red and lowered his fangs to full drop!

Joseph, Earl of Kelsey, fainted! He would later blame his fainting on hunger, hoping and praying his people believed him.

They only laughed, they also had seen the Vampires in action!

The fleet began its long voyage back to their homeland. Fuel was growing short, but El Jefe Bobby had promised tankers would be waiting for them as they rounded the toe of Africa. They made their way south, stopping only to finish destroying and slaver fleet that had tried to intercept them on their trip northwards.

They destroyed the remainder of the slaver fleet and demolished their base, bombarding it back to the stoneage! They ravaged the surrounding land so that none could live there again, EVER!

As they rounded the southern tip of Africa, the tanker fleet was waiting. It took three days for all the ships to replenish their empty fuel bunkers and food storage; they were feeding an additional five thousand refugees!

The people they had rescued were beginning to come out of the fright and hunger induced stupor and they were observing the perfectly normal looking Warriors who had rescued them.

They had ancient legends of vampires, but those legends told of murder, torture and horror. These people were kind and helped them all, they fed them, gave them new, clean clothes and soft beds to sleep upon. They were nothing like the vampires of their legends.

They would discover later, those legends were of renegade Dracule who the ancestors of these folk had tracked down and killed in the early days of human civilization.

The closer the fleet came to their home, the more frightened Prince Paul became. Roger noticed and did a light read on the boy. He smiled and went straight to Duke William, the Prince’s Father.

During their discussion, the Duke said, “Lord Roger, I know about Paul and Joseph. I am sad that they will never know the joys of parenthood, but I accept them, they must never fear my anger!

Roger smiled and pointed to Teddy and Tong-Fu saying, “Our sons!”

The Duke took the hint and went immediately to his son and his mate, “Boys, do not fear my judgment, you have my blessing.” He hugged both young men and Prince Paul said, “Father, there is more!”

Paul and Joseph were watching the Hybrid Warriors with such longing hunger, there was no doubt in his mind what the two wanted!

He said to them, “Go ask!”

Prince Paul held onto his mate’s hand and they approached Roger and Little Bear, who had been watching the interaction. They knew what the two young men wanted, but the boys had to ask.

The Prince and the Earl stood before the two Hybrid Warrior Leaders, “lloo, Lord Roger, Lord Little Bear, uhmmmmmm, sirs.”

Roger smiled and dropped his fangs saying, “YESSSSSSSSS?” His smile curved around his dripping fangs in a gruesome parody of a smile, but, by now, both young men knew Lord Roger well and suspected their “leg was being pulled”!

Joseph screwed up his courage and said, “Wewouldjoinyou,beasyouanddoasyou!” He spoke all in a rush to get the words out before his courage failed him! He was out of breath as if he had run across the entire Island of Britain!

The two Human Hybrid Warriors hugged the boys, Roger said, “Once done, it cannot be undone. It is forever!” Prince Paul replied, “But you two are as young as we are?”

Little Bear replied, “No, young Prince, we both are more than one thousand years old!” Roger said, “I was born in 1998!” For a second time that day, The Earl of Kelsey fainted!

Prince Paul held his ground, “Still, we both wish this with all our hearts!” Roger looked at Little Bear and they both nodded. Neither were surprised, they had sensed this coming and they both approved of the two leaders as Warriors among them.

Roger announced, “WARRIORS, we leave you to sit vigil with our newest Warriors, Prince Paul and Lord Kelsey, wait for us!”

The Mated pair led the two young men to their cabin and there, performed the necessary blood exchange. The two boys fell into their Sleep of Change. Roger and Little Bear sat with them in vigil for the needed six days, adding more of their own blood gently as the procedure required, and on the 7th day, they led their two new Hybrid Warriors into the light of day!

Paul looked at Joseph saying, “I am the same, but I am different, I hear your mind, I feel those around us!” He smiled and his new fangs lowered to full drop. Joseph laughed, “Do not frighten our people!”

He hugged his mate, unafraid of what others might say! His people neither said anything nor were they frightened at their leaders’ new Vampiric Nature. They had seen what the wonderful winged vampire men could do, they had witnessed what they had done for them and were pleased their leaders had become one of them!

After a voyage of more than a year, the fleet finally eased into the anchorage in Sydney Harbor. The docks were crowded with well wishers, flags and banners were flying and the Naval Band was playing greetings to the refugees.

King George and King Fala met the English leader, Duke William at the gangway, making him and all his people welcome in their lands. King George had traced his own lineage and had discovered that he was related to the Duke.

The turned Vampires waited until dusk and then boarded the express train for Fort Warrior in Cairns.

When Roger and Little Bear were finally able to get away from the well wishers, they flew straight to their beloved home for a much deserved rest.

They marveled at what their Turned Vampire/Major Domo had accomplished while they were away. A great courtyard had been constructed so that high energy melds would not damage the buildings, a larger Chapter Room was built to accommodate the Warrior Lodge and next to it, a new Vampire Chapter Room for the Lodge of Vampires!

The entire fort had been doubled in size!

As they were resting, a mind message from the Two Monarchs came to them, “LODGE OF WARRIORS, LODGE OF VAMPIRES – WE SHALL MEET TONIGHT!”

Roger and Little Bear wondered what their Kings had in mind, but they had long since learned patience, so they just leaned back in relaxation. They were enjoying the peace and quiet, although they wondered at the sly smiles they saw on Teddy and Tong-Fu’s faces.

Their sons would not tell them and had shielded their minds so their fathers could not read them, unless they forced entry and that was something no Human Hybrid Warrior would do, unless it were a dire emergency!

Chapter 4 – ROYAL ORDERS

The two Monarchs, King George and King Fala arrived in company with El Jefe Bobby and Lord Andrea, Rulers of Mariposa! Roger and Little Bear assembled their Warriors in the new Courtyard and Wang-Li called all Turned Vampires to assemble, also.

King George and King Fala stood, saying, “Lord Roger, Lord Little Bear, kneel before us!”

Shaking their heads in wonder, both Warriors did as they were asked. The two Kings stepped forward, their ceremonial scepters in their hands. They touched their scepters to the foreheads of the Mated Pair, saying, Rise Prince Roger, Rise Prince Little Bear.

King George turned to the huge crowd of spectators who had gathered saying, “Know you all, that these two are Princes Royal of the Two Kingdoms and also of Mariposa!

He then said to the assembled Warriors, “Kneel Knights Warrior!”

The two Kings went through the assembled Warriors, touching each Warrior’s shoulders with their scepters. King Fala then said, “Rise Knights Protector of the Two Kingdoms and Mariposa!

El Jefe Bobby then stood, saying, “Vampires, kneel!” The three leaders then circulated through the crowd of kneeling Vampires, touching each with their Symbol of Authority.
Then El Jefe Bobby said, “Rise, Knights Vampire of the Three Realms!

King George again stood saying, “Know here all assembled that the Lodge of Warriors and the Lodge of Vampires hold Royal Patents of the Three Realms and are to be known to be extensions of Our Royal Authority! They act as Our Agents! The three Rulers then hugged Roger and Little Bear, then each of the Hybrid Warriors and also the Vampires!

This ends this episode of our record of The Hybrids, more tales shall be told of them. Have patience. They have many more trial and tribulations before they can lie down for their much deserved rest, the fate of the humanity rests upon their shoulders.



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