Another Where 2012

A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.



An Epic Adventure In Another Where

Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be copied, retransmitted or otherwise distributed without my express, written permission.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”

Chapter 1 – THE MEETING

Ronnie and Kelly Meeker stumbled blindly as they ran in fear that the Gene Police were hot on their trail. Ronnie had just turned 18 and he held his little brother’s hand tightly, Kelly was only 12! Someone had turned them in, after discovering they were mind-speakers!

The Church of The Pure God had ruled that mind-speaking was a mutation and therefore was abominable to The Pure God! The Gene Police were ordered to “dispose” of all mutants, their solution was to drive the boy mutants out of the city, onto the desert where they would perish of thirst!

Even their own parents had turned their backs on them, mutants were evil and of the devil!

Girl mutants were kept as household slaves and made to serve their masters for the rest of their lives. Any children that came from that service were exposed to the wild animals for disposal as the could not possibly be human!

The two boys finally had to rest and they found a shallow wash with a line of scraggly bushes to shield them from the cold wind. They huddled against the sandy bank, Ronnie holding Kelly in his arms and they were both shivering in the terrible cold of the night.

Ronnie was trying to calm Kelly’s tears and fright when a voice spoke to them in their minds, “We are here, call to us that we might appear to you.”

Both boys jumped in their fright, Ronnie sent, “Who are you, please do not hurt us!” The voice replied, “We can help you, but you must first call to us.”

Ronnie sent to his brother, “Do we dare, do we dare ask their help?” Kelly returned, “Brother, without help we will die out here!”

Ronnie stood and sent, “We must have help, how do I call you?” The voice seemed to smile in Ronnie’s mind, “Both of you must call us, reach out with your minds and call us to you.”

Both boys were very frightened, they had been taught that mind-speaking was evil, so they had always hidden their talents and had rarely used them. Now, they knew that without help, they would not survive the cold of the night.

Not knowing what else to do, they reached out with their pleading for help, “Help us please, we ask for your assistance in our time of need. PLEASE” In their minds they pictured two young appearing men, they concentrated on those images and a glow began to grow before them.

The glow became bright as day, then it faded and two boys, who looked to be about Ronnie’s age were standing in front of them.

One of the boys appeared as they were, but the other boy was obviously an Indian, a people the Church hated and had always sent them to the “outside”, where it was intended they die.

The two newcomers stepped forward and hugged Ronnie and Kelly. They both sent, “Fear us not, we are like you.”

Ronnie sent, “Who are you, from where do you come to us?” One boy replied, I am Roger and my mate is Little Bear.” He continued, “Come, we shall find shelter from the cold this night.” He motioned for the two to follow them as they walked a short distance and found a shallow cave in the bank.

Roger and Little Bear began piling brush around the entrance to the cave and then, Little Bear gathered small sticks into a pile. He pointed his hand at the sticks and they began to burn, giving off welcome warmth. Roger sent, “Join us in our camp for the night!”

He entered the cave, motioning Ronnie and Kelly to come in, also. Ronnie, saying in great fear, “Are you Gods or magicians?” Roger smiled and sent to both boys, “No, we are neither Gods nor are we magicians, we are but humans with a little extra.” Ronnie exclaimed, “But you are both boys as we are?”

Little Bear grinned and sent, “Ronnie, Kelly we are human as are you, but we are much older. We have a task to perform and it starts with you two.” Roger continued, “I was born 3,550 years ago, we have abilities unknown to you, but we can make you as we are and teach you to use the same gifts as our own.”

Ronnie, his knees were shaking his whole body, asked, “From where do you come?” Roger replied, “We come from Earth as do you, but our Earth is in Another Where, come let us eat.”

At that, Little Bear produced a small pot from his pack and poured into it dried vegetables and meats, along with water from a container. He then set it on the fire to heat.

Soon the smells of stew filled the small cave, reminding Ronnie and Kelly that it had been many hours since they had last eaten. After they had eaten a meal that was so good, they cleaned the pot. There were spices in the stew that neither boy had ever tasted before. Meat was a treat seldom provided to children.

Roger told the boys, “You are both mind-speakers, let us open our minds to you that you will know we speak the truth.” The two boys agreed and suddenly they were entranced by the flowing ideas and information being dumped into their minds. They saw triumphs and despair, love and war, hate and salvation and above all, love for humanity, especially its children! Their own people had no use for their own children and cared little whether they survived or died.

They were stunned when they realized that the entire night had passed, neither Ronnie nor Kelly felt tired and Ronnie realized at that moment, that they had been changed, never again would they be children of their own homeworld!

They looked upon the two visitors with awe, Ronnie ran to Roger and hugged him, “Please forgive us for doubting you” he cried. Roger hugged the boy in return, while Little Bear picked up Kelly and cuddled him in his arms.

Both boys sent to the two visitors, “Please, can you make us as you, like you showed to us, that we might help our people!” Roger said, “It is an important decision, once done it cannot be changed.”

Both boys insisted that they were willing to be the Progenitors of the Human Hybrid Warriors in their Where. Roger and Little sat in the cave and began with the required blood exchanges. They then sat vigil over the two boys during their sleep of change. On the 7th day, both boys awoke, speaking as one, they sent, “Roger, Little Bear it is as you told us, we are still the same but we also are different!”

Roger replied, “Our time here is at an end, it may be possible for you to contact us in the future, but we cannot ever return. Go now and help those who have been torn from their homes, as you have been helped.” The two visitors began to fade from sight, Ronnie and Kelly reached for them, but their hands passed through where the two had been standing, they were gone.

Ronnie and Kelly stood there, tears coursing down their faces. They hugged each other, wondering if it had all been a dream. Suddenly, Kelly screamed, “Ronnie, your eyes are red and you have fangs!”

Ronnie felt his mouth and, indeed he had fangs. He looked at his brother in amazement, Kelly, also, had red eyes and small, immature fangs!

Ronnie said, “Watch me, if I change, it was not a dream” He concentrated on being a flyer, slowly, his shape began to shift and a giant eagle was standing before Kelly.

Kelly hugged the eagle and mind-screamed, “It’s TRUE, it’s TRUE!” Ronnie returned to his human form and told his brother to try it. Kelly turned into a fierce falcon with razor sharp talons and a dagger like beak!

They both discovered wing pouches on their backs, Kelly’s were smaller than his older brother’s.

The boys then experimented with land animal forms, Kelly was best at a large grey wolf and Ronnie assumed the shape of a very large mountain lion! When they had resumed their human forms and calmed down, their eyes returned to normal and their fangs retreated until they were barely noticeable.

They would discover that, even in their Human form, when angered, their fangs would drop and their eyes would go Smokey Red!

They discovered their visitors had left them a gift, the small cooking pot. Ronnie fastened the pot to his belt and the brothers set out to explore their new domain, with confidence and no fear. They were now on a mission! A mission to change their world and make it safe for the children they had recently been.

Chapter 2 – GATHERING

The two brothers set off, entering the feared Calzona Desert. They walked most of the day, mind-sharing the experiences the two visitors had imparted to them. They were walking through a shallow wash when they smelled smoke. Kelly sent to his brother, “My flyer is smaller than yours, let me go and investigate what is ahead.”

He quickly shifted to his falcon flyer form and skimmed just above the desert bushes. He flew over a small encampment of ragged boys and a couple of older teens. They looked sorry and hungry that Kelly could not help not to cry.

They were huddled together in an attempt to stay warm, Kelly mind-shouted to his brother to come quickly and join him. He alighted to the ground and shifted to his human form. The huddled boys screamed in fear at this magic.

Kelly stood, with his empty hands outstretched to the group, “We mean you no harm, my brother and I. May we join you and perhaps we might be able to help you?” Ronnie had loped up to the group in his lion form, changing as he stopped.

Several of the boys collapsed in fear, Ronnie said to them, “As my little brother has told you, we come to give assistance.” He mind sent to Kelly, take the pot and find water, they have great thirst!” He held out the small pot as a falcon swooped down to grasp it in its claws.

One of the older boys said, “Wha wa, what was that?”

Ronnie smiled, “That was my baby brother, he will return with water for you!” One small boys cried, “Jeddy, I am so thirsty……..”

The older teen ran to the small boy and picked him up, holding him in his arms. He looked at Ronnie, “Can you help us, my little brother is dying of thirst and hunger?” Ronnie sent to Kelly, “Hurry, little brother, they are dying!”

Just then, the falcon dove to the ground, carrying the cooking pot full of cool water its beak. He shifted to his human shape and held out the pot to the older teen that he might give water to his suffering brother. Three times the falcon made the trip to bring water before thirst in the group was satisfied.

Ronnie said, “Collect small sticks that we may have a fire.” One boy said, “We have no matches.” Ronnie replied, “It makes no matter, just bring sticks.”

The boys did as they were instructed and when a small pile had been gathered, Ronnie touched his finger to the pile, directing his mental energy to the wood as it burst into flame!

One boy screamed, “MAGIC! THAT IS FORBIDDEN!” Ronnie giggled, “No, just my mind energy!” He turned to Kelly and sent, “Brother, can you catch a rabbit or two?” Kelly grinned as he faded into a falcon again. The boys looked goggle-eyed as Kelly sprung into the air.

He soon returned with a rabbit in each claw. Ronnie quickly skinned the rabbits with his pocket knife and put the cut up parts in the pot that still had some water in it. He poured out the remaining dried vegetables that had been left to them and placed the pot on the fire.

Kelly walked among the boys and spotted one who was holding his arm as if it were broken, he mind-screamed to Ronnie, “I need help in a healing; I have never done this before!” Ronnie ran to where his brother was standing.

They helped the boy off with his shirt, his arm was swollen and was a horrible purple-blue color. Ronnie had the boy lay down, all the boys were staring in utter fascination; they made not a sound. Ronnie laid both his hands on the hurt boy’s arm, concentrating as the two visitor’s had shown them both.

The boy’s arm began to grow warm and Ronnie’s hands turned pink and then red. After a few minutes he stopped and told the hurt boy to try his arm. The boy looked in amazement, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, I can USE IT!”

Ronnie replied, “Yes, you can use it, but let it rest for now, by morning it will be as strong as it ever was.

One of the older boys asked, “Are you magicians?” Ronnie smiled, “No, I only added my energy to his own body that it might repair itself.”

The boy asked, “Is that not forbidden by the Church of The Pure God?” Ronnie laughed, “Are we not ALL forbidden? Why else are we out here?”

He turned to the group, “How many of you are mind-speakers?” All but a very few boys raised their hand. He then asked what ability did the others boys have, one said he was a levitator and the other said he was a far seer.

As the stew began to cook, delightful smells began to fill the camp. Boys who had not eaten in days were drooling, their eyes eager in anticipation of food! Ronnie pointed to some flat shale stones nearby and told the boys to bring some as plates. As soon as the meal was cooked enough to be edible, he dished up a thick stew that did not run off the flats stones. The starving boys were blowing on the hot food so that they could eat it sooner.

As the boys were eating they did not notice two faint glowing spots in the sky. Roger and Little Bear were hugging each other in their love of each other and for the boys below them.

Chapter 3 – NEW CALZONA

The next morning, Ronnie took a head count, they had rescued 32 boys, ranging from 16 years to as young as 5 years! Ronnie asked if there were ever any Gene Police patrols out on the desert and he was told that they never dared to leave their cities!

He then asked if there were any springs nearby, other than the river that Kelly had found. The boys were not sure, so Ronnie decided to look for himself. The boys looked on in fascination as Ronnie leaped into the air, changing into a huge Eagle! They stared as he soared and swooped above them, ranging ever further in the search for water on the desert.

Within a few minutes the huge bird dove for the ground, changing into his human form as he landed. Ronnie said, “There are trees and a large spring about 5 miles from here.” Kelly had gathered the younger boys around him, he asked them, “Shall we stay here and be thirsty or shall we make a home for ourselves near the spring?”

The smaller boys all shouted, “Let’s GO!” Ronnie looked at the bigger boys and they were all in agreement to go to the spring. Before they left, Ronnie called them all to gather around him. He held Kelly’s hand and said aloud, “We are mind-speakers, but a few of you may not have developed that ability yet., so we shall speak aloud. Kelly and I are not masters, we are not bosses. If we are going to do this thing, we are going to be a community! First, you must know what we truly are.”

At that, he and Kelly let their fangs fall to full drop and their eyes began to glow red. He said, “Know that we are Human Hybrid Warriors! We are both Vampires, but know also, that we will protect you from all who would harm you! We can change shape. That you already have seen. We can heal, we can mind-speak, and we can kill!”

At that, both turned to their land animal shapes with a fearful roar! As they returned to their human form, they hugged the small children and the tiniest, they cuddled in their arms. They turned to the group and said, “Any questions?”

Two boys, their hands in each other’s, stepped forward, “Can you make us as you are, can we join with you in protecting our folk?” Ronnie smiled and replied, “If you are worthy, but think upon it. For once done, it can never be changed. Our life span is more than 3,000 years! Again, they failed to notice the glowing spots in the sky above them.

They trooped across the desert sand towards the nearby trees, as they grew closer, they heard new voices. From among the trees, a group of boys emerged, brandishing crude clubs and sticks. Ronnie and Kelly dropped into Warrior Mode; their fangs extended and eyes glowing bright red. Ronnie hovered between his lion shape and human.

The leader of the boys screamed in horror and backed away from these terrifying apparitions. “Wha waaaa, what are you?” he screamed in fright! Kelly shouted, “Your worst nightmare if you would hurt these boys!” Kelly then shifted to his grey wolf form, crouching with a terrifying growl!

The boy wielding the club promptly wet his pants in fright! Ronnie shifted back to human form and said, “Or your best friend if you would join us!” Their leader stammered as he tried to compose himself, “We are just trying to survive here and hide from the Gene Police”, he cried. Ronnie quickly read his mind and then went up to the boy and hugged him. He said gently, “You have done a good job protecting your boys, now you have some help, if you will let us.

The boy sat down, tears flowing down his face, “I have tried so hard, but we have no food, no shelter and two of us have broken legs that I know not how to heal! He broke into heart shuddering sobs, Ronnie hugged him and whispered in his ear, “We will help you!”

Ronnie stood up and asked, “Where are those of you who are hurt?” The leader, still crying, said, “Come with me.” Ronnie motioned for Kelly to come and they went into the grove of trees, where several crude huts had been constructed. In one of them, there were two boys laid out on piles of grasses, moaning in their pain.

He motioned for Kelly to take one boy and he would heal the other. As they began to heal the two boys, they pressed their hands on the broken legs. Immediately, both boy’s broken legs began to glow a bright red, Ronnie and Kelly’s hands grew pink and then red as energy was transferred. In a few minutes, Ronnie and Kelly stood. Ronnie said, go easy on those legs for a day or so, but you guys are “good to go”!

The leader of the boys screamed, “What did you do?” Ronnie smiled and said, “We merely transferred our energy, from our own bodies, to the boys’ legs and helped their own bodies heal them.” They walked back outside, the two boys who had been hurt following them; the crowded boys looked at their new friends in amazement!

Ronnie stood before the crowd of boys, “We can be a tribe or we can be enemies, what shall it be?” The leader looked at Ronnie and said, “Lion?” He then looked at Kelly and said, “Wolf?” Kelly grinned and replied, “YUP!” The leader took Ronnie’s hand, saying, “I think we had better be friends!”

Ronnie looked up this time and saw the two spots of light. He waved and the spots bobbled several times in acknowledgement before disappearing. They were never seen again.

The boys voted to call their new community “New Calzona” after the desert upon which they were living. They built more huts that were more sturdy for sleeping, dug a latrine well away from their water source and set up hunting parties for gather food.

They were a community of 50 boys! The two boys who had asked to become one with Ronnie and Kelly, Turner and Caleb, again approached them and asked for conversion.

Ronnie and Kelly agreed and they took the two to their hut, where there was some privacy. There they proceeded to make the needed blood exchange, then Ronnie and Kelly sat in vigil while the two boys slept their sleep of change for 6 days. On the 7th day, Turner and Caleb emerged as Human Hybrid Warriors! They experimented with their land and flyer shapes, they were indeed, formidable!

Several weeks passed and the little colony began to thrive. They had placed some of the smaller boys up in the trees to act as warning lookouts, one boy mind-screamed, “Trucks approach!” Trucks could mean but one thing, the thrice damned Gene Police!

Ronnie quickly sent all the boys, except his Warriors into hiding. He placed his warriors at strategic points around the spring. They were so angry, they could not prevent their fangs from going into full drop and the bushes glowed red from their angry eyes!

They had just gotten their village working and now, the hated Gene Police was there to destroy them AND their new village!

The Gene Police Troopers dropped from their trucks, suddenly, they were met with enraged land beasts of awful proportions, a giant lion, a 500 pound grey wolf, an enraged great ape and a beast no human had ever before seen, nor wanted to, ever again!

They tore into the troopers, trooper parts began to fly over the tops of the trees. In less than a minute, all was silent, there were no moans of the wounded, no screams of the frightened! Not a single member of the attackers had survived!

The boys did not gloat, they hated the fact that they had been forced to kill in order to protect themselves and the smaller boys they were protecting.

Except for the trucks, the only evidence of the Gene Troopers was blood stained sand and body parts! So savage was their battle, no boy said a word, all was silent. As the four Warriors reverted to their human shapes, small boys came running from all directions, wanting to hug and thank their protectors.

The Warriors walked from the battle zone, small boys cradled in their arms, hanging on their necks, hugging their legs as they returned to their brethren, to tell them all was safe.

They drove the vehicles out into the desert and buried them in the sand, leaving no trace that they had ever been there.

The blood and body parts were also buried in the same manner, no trace would ever be found of the missing Gene Police Troopers! It was as if they had disappeared into thin air!

The colony grew slowly, boys in groups of two and three would straggle in by happenstance. Ronnie grew concerned that boys were dying out on the open desert. He and Kelly would sneak from the group and shift to flyer form to cruise the skies, looking for lost boys.

More often, they found dead boys! Their horror of this was noticed by the other two Warriors and Turner and Caleb challenged them one day, demanding to know what was troubling them so. Ronnie broke into tears, admitting that he could do nothing to stop the deaths!

Caleb screamed, “Yes there is!” He waved a group of mind-speakers to come to them. As he explained to them the problem, they all grew distressed. One boy faced Ronnie and said, “You cannot be all the Warriors there will ever be! You must not! But for now, we will join your search on the ground, you search, we find!”

He then looked Ronnie square in the eyes and said, “Carl and I WILL join you as Human Hybrid Warriors! Bank on it!”

They went out in teams, two ground search teams to each flyer! Soon the small community had to build more huts and gather more food, New Calzona was fast becoming a small town!

During a lull in new boys, Darren and Carl faced Ronnie, saying, “NOW!” Ronnie looked at Kelly, who nodded yes. Ronnie said, “Do you both agree to this, once done, it cannot be changed.

Both boys were adamant, they WOULD be WARRIORS! Ronnie and Kelly took the two into the privacy of their hut and proceeded to exchange blood with them.

They sat in vigil during the sleep of change and on the 7th day, two new Human Hybrid Warriors, Darren and Carl emerged to the congratulations of the friends! Darren found his flyer form to be a huge Osprey Sea Eagle and his land form a large, Orange Tiger. For Carl, it was a Fisher Hawk and a huge African Lion of terrifying proportions! They were a fearsome pair, should they ever challenge a Gene Police Trooper!

While flying air patrols, the Warriors began to notice Gene Police vehicles moving closer and closer to their spring, each patrol they flew. Ronnie called a meeting of his Warriors and they decided that the Gene Police might be becoming suspicious. Perhaps they had seen the smoke from their fires or heard the younger children at play.

They decided to do two things, step up their patrols and to start looking for another place to live. In any case, their population would soon outstrip the small area around the spring.

Several nights later, a dozen trucks, loaded with Gene Police Troopers, descended upon the small colony at the spring, the Warriors had been flying patrol, so they were ready for them.

The Warriors’ anger was something awful to behold, the boys were doing no harm to the people the Troopers represented, it was pure hate that drove them to attempt to kill all the boys!

The Warriors prayed that the Troopers carried their last views of the horrible land animals attacking them to whatever hell they were destined! No Trooper survived and, again, their parts and their trucks were buried out in the desert.

Ronnie asked for a community meeting to discuss what had to be done. They all agreed that moving was the only reasonable option, eventually, the Troopers would find a way to break through their defenses! There were more Troopers than there were Hybrid Warriors, no matter how powerful the latter were.

Daily, a pair of Warriors would fly off in search of a new home, while the other two pair would continue the air patrol. That they were mated pairs was fully accepted but never discussed. There was too much history for many of them to break down and recognize that two boys could love each other.

After several months of searching, a new home was discovered, nestled between two desert mountain ranges so rugged, it would be nearly impossible for the Gene Police Troopers to drive their trucks.

It was with great sorrow that the community of boys packed up their meager belongings and made ready the far trek to a new home.


The trek began; moving over 100 boys was a logistic nightmare! Two Mated Pair Human Hybrid Warriors patrolled the column as fierce land animals, while another Mated Pair flew flight patrol. Never were their charges left unguarded, day or night. The Warriors were growing weary, but a very hot place would freeze over before they would allow harm come to THEIR BOYS!

Day, after day, after day the trek continued, going far beyond the reach of their enemies. They came across small communities of boys, living in near death situations. Those boys were gathered up and cared for, returned to health and asked to join The Community. They all did so!

As the third month of their trek opened, they struggled through a rugged mountain pass that was blocked by huge boulders. They looked down upon a lush green valley, a small river ran through it and there were trees as well as open grass lands. Wild cattle roamed through the valley and a lake at one end was covered with water fowl!

The weary Warriors guided their charges down the slopes of the surrounding mountains, to the valley floor. After they had thoroughly checked out the valley, the Warriors resumed their human forms and slept straight for three days! Their grateful friends guarded the Warriors’ Rest and Sleeping Area day and night until they awoke.

Young boys eagerly brought them tidbits of roasted duck and cooked beef. The Warriors cuddled the small children and they, in turn, gave the Warriors the Love and Affection needed to restore their souls.

As Ronnie and Kelly sat under a tree, enjoying the peace the move had brought to them all, four boys, Kenneth and Talon, Robert and Edward approached them. The four boys knelt before their benefactors and said, “Ronnie, Kelly, we are two mated pairs, never to be separated. We beg you to change us to be as you!” Kelly said, “Are you sure, once done, it cannot be changed, ever!”

The four boys had tears in their eyes, “We have seen your devotion to our folk and we feel the same, this is something we must do!” Ronnie and Kelly agreed, and took the four boys to a nearby rocky overhand, where they might have some privacy. There, they exchanged blood and sat vigil over the boys during their sleep of change.

On the 7th day, they emerged to find four Warriors and 20 boys guarding their overhang, that none might disturb them!

The two new Warrior Pairs stood proud before their people and each said, “I dedicate my life, my soul and my body to the protection of my people!” They were met with great celebration and many small boys ran to be in their arms, they had learned of their Warriors’ affection for them and knew they would be forgiven any trespass!

The community continued to grow, the Warriors flew regular refugee patrols in all directions and they guided in groups of boys almost daily. Before long, their population had grown to over 300 boys! They decided to start a second village near the other end of the valley, almost 50 miles away. Two Mated Pair, Human Hybrid Warriors joined the new group, to provide protection and leadership.

Ronnie and Kelly were flying refugee patrol out over the desert towards their old home and they spotted a group struggling through the sand. As they swooped over the group, Ronnie made a quick mind scan to determine their needs. He was horrified at what he saw, he immediately soared higher and demanded that Kelly follow him.

When they had ranged away from the group, Ronnie sent one word to Kelly, “TROOPERS!” Kelly was ready for Battle Mode, but Ronnie counseled him, “Let us return home and gather Warriors, they are many days from us yet!” The two sped toward their valley and hurriedly called Council!

All Warriors attended, along with the leaders of the community. Ronnie reported, “They do not know we are here, they are looking to find out where we went.”` “If we kill all of them, they will only send out more Troopers” He continued, “But if we confuse them and lead them in circles, they will return to their home and report we are not here.” He counseled the group and the Council agreed that was a wise course.

They told Ronnie to take charge of the action. Ronnie and Kelly were their most powerful mind-speakers and they proposed to insert false information into the minds of the Troopers.

They flew out the next day and hid in the rocks near where the Troopers had to pass. They sent them mind pictures of terrible shifting sands and rock jumbles directly ahead of them. The Troopers dutifully turned and marched in a different direction.

The next day, they inserted visions of quicksand and menacing beasts ahead of them and again, the Troopers changed direction.

They did this for a week, the Troopers were now so confused they had no idea where they were. Ronnie and Kelly then inserted information into their minds that would lead them back to familiar territory and watched as they spent another two months struggling to return to their home.

It would be many years before the Gene Police Trooper would again make an attempt to invade the boy’s territory!

They named their valley Sweetwater after the clean pure river water that flowed through it. Both the communities, at the ends of their valley flourished, they re-domesticated the cattle that had gone wild after the Great Collapse and wild game was plentiful. There were grasses that had probably been grains at one time, and they harvested them for the seeds.

The population grew slowly as did the number of Mated Pair Human Hybrid Warriors. Small groups of adventurers traveled through the mountains, establishing small communities as they went. They were all connected by their protective net of Warriors.

Occasionally, girl slaves escaped and were found by the boys. They were cared for and nurtured, many of them finding a boy with whom they would join as a family. These pairs were treated with love and affection and were never made to feel different from anyone else.

The Great Collapse destroyed most of the huge cities of North America, but a few small communities had managed to survive. As the Warriors expanded their range of protection, these small communities were included.

Whenever pockets of the hated and despised Church of The Pure God were found, the Warriors removed the children from their evil clutches. The power wielded by these wondrous beings was legendary and few officials of the hated church were brave enough to challenge them. Those that did, never lived long enough to tell others of their own daring! As time progressed the church began to wither and die.

A new government arose, one dedicated to the principals of freedom for all citizens. Those with “mutation abilities” were allowed to thrive and in a few generations, mind-speaking became commonplace. No longer were humans isolated from each other, mind to mind contact precluded falsehood, evil intentions and dishonesty.

Wherever the Warriors went, humanity thrived, progress began again. New inventions, science, medicine and exploration were expanded. New cities arose and space travel was reclaimed. It was a new era for humanity, based on absolute trust of one person to another!

Wars became impossible, greed and injustice disappeared. It became an era where humankind flourished. Everywhere the Warriors went, they were honored and loved, small children would follow at their heels, hoping for a pat or a caress, and to be held in the arms of a Mighty Warrior was every small child’s dream.

Boys practiced daily that they might be deemed worthy of becoming a Human Hybrid Warrior! Every boy on the planet was able to recite the names and accomplishments of every Warrior, girls plastered their bedroom walls with pictures of their favorite Warrior!

Never did any Warrior attempt to usurp political power, nor did any government plan an activity without first consulting with the Lodge of Warriors. It was an era of great advance and progress for humankind.

In the home of one Warrior Pair, there hangs a picture, painted from memory, of two Human Hybrid Warriors. The title of that painting is “ROGER AND LITTLE BEAR” and it hangs in the home of the progenitors of all Human Hybrids of their world, Ronnie and Kelly.

(kind of)



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