Another Where 2012

A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.



An Epic Adventure In Another Where

Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be copied, retransmitted or otherwise distributed without my express, written permission.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”


Jas and Pac were camped near a dry wash just outside the Citadel City of Elpas. The city sat on the east shore of the Great Inland Sea, one of the few cities that had escaped total destruction during the Great War and Upheaval, many centuries before. To the south of the city was a vast salt desert that was death to anyone attempting to cross it, whatever was on the other side of the desert was unknown.

The two young men were members of the Society of Guardians, those dedicated to the rescue of children who had been ejected from the city as “excess”. Twice yearly, the Elders judged the children of Elpas and those found undesirable were ejected, left to die on the Texmex Desert.

Jac and Pac, themselves had been “ejected when they were but small children and had been rescued by Guardians standing watch just as they were doing today.

They were sitting in the shelter they had erected of dry brush, eating their meager meal for the evening. Jas had just said, “If only there were more of us, we could save all the children, not just a few.”

They were startled to hear in their minds, “You can save all the children but you must first call us to come to you! You have but to ask and we will come.”

Mind-speaking was not new to them, but there was nobody there! The voice said again, “We are here, call to us that we might appear to you!” Pac, very frightened now, screamed, “Who are you, please do not hurt us, we are here for the children!”

The voice replied, “We also are here for the children, call to us that we might come and help you, but, you must first call us to come!” Jas said, “Ho, ho, how do we call you?” The voice repeated, “Call to us and we will come to you.”

Both young men stood, their hands outstretched, “Please, in the Name of The Great God, come to us that you might help us save the children!”

Slowly, two orbs of light began to glow before them. They pictured two young appearing men in their minds, they concentrated on those images and suddenly the two orbs flashed as bright as daylight then faded away, leaving the men they had imagined standing before them.

One of the young men appeared as they did, but the other was an Indian, a race hated by the Elders of the city. The two men stepped towards Jas and Pac, saying, “Fear us not, we are as you.”

Jas asked, “From where do you come?” The first man replied, “We come from Earth, as do you, but our Earth is in a different where.”

The young man stepped forward saying, “I am Roger and this is my mate, Little Bear. Let us first eat and then we will explain all to you.”

Little Bear produced a cooking pot from his belt and poured some water from a container into the pot. He then poured some dried vegetables and meat into the pot.

Seeing firewood stacked in the shelter, he made a small pile of the wood and touched his finger to the sticks as the wood burst into flames.

Jas and Pac jumped back, “Are you magicians or, perhaps, Gods?” Roger smiled and replied, “No, we are neither, we are human, just as you two, but with a little bit more. Little Bear merely applied his mind energy to the wood to produce the fire.”

Jas asked, “But you are boys, just as we are!” The being named Roger replied, “Yes and no, I was born 3,550 years ago, we have abilities unknown to you, but ask and we will teach you. Now, let us eat.”

Suddenly, Jas and Pac were hungry, smells coming from the cooking pot filled the shelter with visions of delicious food. After they had eaten, Roger continued his story, “We have a task to perform, you are both mind-speakers, we shall open our minds to you that you might know of us.”

Suddenly, Jas and Pac were seeing visions of love and war, hate and care, children being saved from awful beasts and creatures that could only have been spawned only in Hell. Information was being dumped into their minds, ideas of a better world, salvation and hope.

As the visions ceased, they were amazed that the entire night had passed and daybreak was upon them. Neither of them were tired, and their desire to join with these two marvelous beings drove them to embrace Roger and Little Bear. Pac said, tears streaming down his face, “Please, let us join with you, make us as you are, we both beg you!” Jas added, “Forgive us for doubting you, we would be as you, do as you do, please change us as you have shown to us!”

Little Bear said to the two young men, “It is an important decision, once the change is begun, it cannot be halted nor can it ever be changed or altered!”

Jas and Pac dropped to their knees with tears flowing freely down their faces, saying, “We beg you to make us as you, then, we might start protecting all the children rather than just a few!”

Roger and Little Bear reached for the two young men and drew them close, “Yes, we will do this thing!”

They carried Jas and Pac to the rear of the shelter and performed the necessary blood transfer, then they sat vigil over them as they slept the sleep of change. On the 7th day, Jas and Pac awoke and were amazed at their new selves, their new awareness and knowledge of their new powers.

Roger spoke, “Jas, Pac, our time here is finished now, we must go further in our journey. You might be able to contact us in the future, but we can never return here again.” The young men reached out to hug their benefactors, but already they were fading from sight, their hands passed through where Roger and Little Bear had stood.

They were gone as if they had never been there!

Jas and Pac were devastated and they sat with tears of loss flowing down their faces. They heard in their minds, “Go now, Jas and Pac, go and save the children!”

They wondered if it had all been a dream, as they looked at each other, they saw the other had deep ruby red eyes glowing in the shade of the shelter and they both had fangs protruding slightly from their mouths.

Pac said, “Watch me, if I change my form, we will know that it was true and not a dream. He envisioned himself as a bird and slowly a huge hawk appeared before Jas. He ran to the giant bird, hugging it. They knew then, that their future had changed and they now had a chance to realize their dream of saving all the children!

Pac discovered his land animal form was a huge black bear. For Jas, he discovered a sea eagle and a large panther within himself.

They also discovered a greater ease and power in their mind-speech and they could “hear” other minds around them, no longer did they need to be within sight of those they were contacting. They then realized that they, themselves, were now the Progenitors of their race in their where!

As they started to stand, they became aware of the minds of frightened children, crying in despair. They sensed a trail of fear, almost like a tendril of smoke, wafting down the wash towards them. They rushed from the shelter and found twelve children, ten small boys and two girls huddled together in fear.

Jas sent to them, “We are the Guardians, come we shall share our food with you and then take you to a safe place!” The children looked at the two, fear mixed with hope. They opened their arms to the children in an expression of love, all twelve rushed to their embrace.

They fed the children from the pot their two benefactors had left with them. After the children had eaten all there was of the remaining stew, they curled up in the Guardian’s laps and slept. The two, Jas and Pac were busy soothing the children and did not notice two orbs of light looking down upon them.

They felt so complete, so secure in their own powers, the pair realized that they were meant for each other. They had feared censure from their comrades, but, now, they were two joined souls, the halves of each other and nothing, not even death, could ever separate them.

When the children awoke, they began crying, their thirst was overpowering. Pac changed form to his hawk as Jas handed him the cooking pot. He flew with the pot clutched in his claws, searching for fresh water.

The children drew back in fear, Pac sent to them, “Fear us not, we are here to protect and guide you, He is only searching for water that you might drink and quench your thirst!”

The children were not entirely convinced, but Jas quickly returned with the pot full of clear cool water.

One boy asked, “What are you?”

Pac said, “We are the Guardian Warriors, come to me for a hug!” He held his arms out and twelve love starved children covered him, clutching at his hands that they might be safe!”

Jas joined him in the hugfest, and the children were started on the road to recovery from the horrors they had experienced from the Elders of the city, where hugging and close contact was not known between members of the same sex.

Their duty done for this ejection time, the two Guardian Warriors gently led their charges to the Guardian Village, many miles distant. When they arrived, their fellow Guardians immediately felt a change in Jas and Pac. The two let their story roll from their minds.

Their fellows were skeptical until Pac changed to a 1000 pound black bear! Jas just smiled, he knew that, within him there was a ten foot Great Ape, waiting to emerge!

Chapter 2 – A NEW HOME

Living was meager at the Guardian Village; there was little water and almost no place to cultivate food. Jas and Pac were invited to sit in Council with the leadership of the Guardians.

They were asked, “Can you assist us in finding a place where we might live and grow food for our charges?” Both Warriors stood and replied as one, “We shall search for a place.”

As they leaped into the air, they changed to their flyer forms and flew off, in search of a better land. The members of the Council looked in wonder, what had these two Guardians become? They heard in their minds, “We are The Guardian Warriors!” Never had the folk of the Guardians beheld beings of such powerful minds as mind speech was not a well-developed skill among their kind.

Two days later, two enormous birds landed before the Council, changing back to Jas and Pac. The Members of the Council stood, half in wonder and half in fright, they asked what the two beings had found.

Pac and Jas held out their hands, empty and without threat, to those before them and sent, “Do not fear us, we have powers beyond that of ordinary humans, but we remain the Jas and Pac you knew before. We have only love and care for you and the children and never could we hurt any of you!”

Pac then reported that they had found a valley in the mountains of Fe; where there was a running river, grass lands and good soil for growing foods. They sent mind-pictures of the land they had discovered, to those who had lived their entire lives at the edge of starvation, the scenes they were shown appeared as a wonder filled dream!

The Council agreed that the village should migrate to the new home, 200 villagers began packing their belongings. Most had almost nothing but the clothes on their backs, so desperate had their situation been!

The trek began, Jas and Pac patrolled the troop of refugees by day in their flyer form and land animal by night! NO fear would be allowed to harm their charges, they WERE the Guardian Warriors! When asked about when they slept, the both answered, “We cannot sleep nor rest until you all are safe.

As they made their way to their new home, none looked up to see the glowing orbs above them, observing. Both orbs seemed to have smiling faces.

At long last, the line of refugees struggled over the last pass and saw their new homeland. With cries of joy and tears filled their eyes as they beheld a land of green grass, lush trees and level farmland waiting to be planted.

Wild cattle roamed the valley and water fowl swam the river! The folk rushed down the pass to frolic in the lush valley below. The children rolled in the lush, clean grass and cooled their weary feet in the shallows of the river.

They built their new village near the lake at the lower end of the valley. Instead of their previous mud plastered huts they built sturdy logs and fired clay brick homes that were safe, warm and secure.

They hung doors in their new homes, but they felt no need for bars, merely string latches to hold the door closed at night against the wind and cool night air.

Gardens appeared and some of the wild cattle were penned to supply meat and milk. The cattle had been wild since the Great Upheaval that had destroyed much of the land, but they seemed not to fear them and settled down to a domesticated life.

The gaunt and haunted look in the children’s faces disappeared with good food and happy faces replaced the look of fear and hunger. Everywhere the Warriors went, children followed them, they had learned of the great love the two Warriors had for them all.

Jas and Pac had just returned from a survey of Elpas, checking to make sure no children had been unexpectedly expelled from the city. Sitting in front of their new home, patiently waiting for them, were Cale and Besin, two young Guardians whom they had befriended.

The two boys knelt before the Warriors, begging and pleading to be changed, that they might assist in the protection of the Folk and the Rescue of the children. Tears flowed from the two boys faces as they pleaded with Jas and Pac. The boys were willing to do anything, make any service that they might be made Guardian Warriors.

They finally relented, Jas warning the two boys that it was forever! Again, they failed to notice the two glowing orbs observing them from above!

They took the two boys to a darkened corner of their home and performed the required blood exchange, then sat vigil as they slept in change. On the 7th day, Cale and Besin awoke as new beings, secure in their abilities and dedicated to their task of protection! The two new beings looked at each other with love and devotion, calling each other, “MATE”!

As the two new Warriors emerged, children came running from all directions that they might greet their newest protectors! The adults stood in awe as the waves of love and acceptance washed over them all.

The children were secure in the knowledge they would be forgiven any trespass. They hung on the four Warriors, seeking bodily contact with these wondrous beings. Their need warmed the souls of the new Human Hybrid Warriors and they knew their long lives would be spent in the protection of children and their families.

On one of their patrols, they discovered sick and dying children from another direction. Alarmed, Cale shrieked out his discovery, the other three Warriors raced to his side.
When they, also, sensed the trail of fear and death, they all went into Battle Mode, their eyes were glowing a fearsome red, with smoke trailing from their eyes and their fangs went into full drop!

They raced along the trail as they followed the stink of fear. As they topped a sandy desert dune, they found what they sought, children who had been expelled from a city they had not before known! They gathered up the hurt and suffering children, rushing them, in relays, back to their home.

There were twenty children, all dehydrated and starving, Four were horribly injured. Jas and Pac immediately tended their injuries, as their benefactors had instructed them. They healed wounds and broken bones.

One boy was beyond their ability to heal and they feared they would lose him. Jas looked at Pac, “Do we dare?” Pac replied, “Yes, we must turn him, otherwise, he will surely die!” Both Warriors were in tears that such was necessary!

Jas sat with the boy and asked him, “I can save your life, but you will forever be different.” The boy looked up, through his pain and misery, “Save me”

They gathered up all the children and Jas picked up the badly injured child and they hurried back to their home. The child was growing weaker and could not last much longer.

Once inside their home, Jas’ fangs dropped and he bit the child, exchanging blood with him, creating him a Turned Vampire! As the child slept in change, Jas refused to leave him, saddened that he was forced to do such a task.

When the boy awoke, he looked up at his savior and smiled. He mind-sent to Jas, “You did not damage me, you made me something good and wonderful.” He reached up and hugged Jas, vowing to serve him forever! The boy, Bil, served and cared for Jas and Pac the rest of his long life. Bil was the very first Turned Vampire on that world, but he was not to be the last.

Pac and Jas walked out the door of their home and happened to look up, there, hovering above them were two glowing orbs, such as they had seen before. They waved wildly, knowing their makers were watching. The orbs bobbled in greeting before disappearing, never to be seen again.


The four Guardian Warriors were angered that the children had been expelled from their city without food, water or care. They met in Council with the village leaders and decided to make warning upon the city the new children had named Den.

They left Bil in charge of their home and they changed to their flyer forms to go in search of Den. Four flyers departed New Home, a great hawk, a huge sea eagle, a giant falcon and a fierce golden eagle, all intent on discovering who had turned children out with care!

Those who watched them depart shuddered to think what would happen to those who might oppose those birds of war! Bil knew, without any doubt, what they would and could do and he felt little sympathy for those who would care so little for their own children.

They followed the back trail of the rescued children to a high plateau, where a walled city stood. They had found Den! They landed before the gates of the city and demanded a meeting with the city leaders.

A haughty guard told them to be gone, they had no interest in dealing with young nobodies! They had little use for children.

That guard was suddenly confronted with animals seen only in nightmares, as a ten foot tall great ape smashed the doors barring the entry to the city, a giant panther, paired with an equally large mountain lion and a beast, never before seen by any human, raced into the city.

They gathered at the City Council Building, city folk scattering in fear of these awesome creatures from the burning pits of hell! Returning to their human form, their red eyes blazing and fangs remaining at full drop, they burst into the Council Meeting. The city leaders cringing in fear of these frightening apparitions from their land of nightmares, standing before them!

Jas’ mind screamed at the cringing Council Members. His powerful mind slamming the minds of the Council Members, searing his words into the memory forever, “You SHALL deliver your children, to be expelled, to us. They SHALL be treated with care and safety. They SHALL be well fed and properly clothed!”

The four Battle Ready Warriors glared at the Council Members, daring them to refuse! Pac roared at them, “You SHALL do it and you SHALL do it NOW and at any time we demand!”

The Four Warriors were so fearsome in Battle Mode, the City’s Leaders agreed to do as was demanded of them, just as soon as they cleaned their trousers.

Forty more children were delivered up as the Guardian Warriors waited at the city gates. The children were supplied with food and proper clothing for their trip to New Home. The Warriors turned to the City Leaders, who shivered in fear, when they promised to return regularly!

The return trip took over a week. By the time they arrived at New Home, the children had lost their fear of the Warriors, each taking their turn holding a Warrior’s hand, riding on his shoulder or trying to imitate his stride!

The children had perfect trust that their Warrior was there for them! The bond of love between a child and his or her protector was unbreakable, once forged and would last until both of their deaths and even beyond the pale of afterlife.

The Council of Guardians opened their homes, their hearts and their families to the new arrivals, boys and girls alike. No child was left to fend for him or herself!

The Guardian Warriors designated themselves as a Lodge and built a communal home for themselves. Slowly young Guardians begged entrance to membership as Warriors and the Lodge grew.

Wherever a Warrior went, he was followed by children wanting their attention. No Warrior could refuse a child, they would ride on his shoulder or just hold his hand as they walked through the village, even if it was merely a trip to the gardens that the Warrior perform his turn at tending their food growing place.

The group of Turned Vampires also grew at a slow but steady rate. They acknowledged Bil as their leader and they, also formed a Lodge.

The Turned Vampires supported the Warriors in all their works and, when asked joined them in meld to search for those needing help or rescue, they all came running, dodging only the direct sunlight.

The Elders of the City of Elpas made one attempt to make New Home a vassal city, the anger of the Guardian Warriors was so frightening, it was several generations before that city regained sufficient courage to open diplomatic relations with the Guardians!

The Guardian Warriors began a program where they gathered in meld with the Turned Vampires to search for other centers of humanity. They ranged their minds far and wide across the ravaged land, discovering small communities of humans, struggling to survive.

The Warriors would then change to flyer form and race to these small communities to offer help and assistance. No place was too far for them to go, no hardship too great for them to offer aid.

They discovered a small group surviving in the ruined city of N’yok. The folk there were just barely hanging on, a flight of twenty Guardian Warriors, all of those who lived in New Home, leaving the Turned Vampires to guard their folk. Even a Turned Vampire was awe inspiring when angered!

They raced across the Great Inland Sea to perform their rescue. They built boats to ferry the survivors back across the sea and invited them to live in New Home.

They rescued one little boy from that terrible place, so hurt from a fall, it seemed impossible he could still be alive. There was only a glimmer of life force remaining to the child.

Jas and Pac held him all the way across the sea, keeping him in comfort as the boat tossed wildly in the waves. They raced with him in their arms, back to New Home and took him to their home. Their great wings creating confusion among the birds of the air and a wild tossing of the trees on the Earth.

It took all the power those Progenitors of the Warriors of that world possessed to heal the boy his life force was fading fast. When, at last they succeeded, both were totally drained, had not Bil and his Turned Vampires fed them energy from their own bodies to restore their benefactors, they might have died!

Jac and Pac adopted the child, Adm, as their son. The boy was devoted to his Daddies and he made sure they knew that, EVERYDAY! Adm would grow to be a leader among their kind and would be the largest Human Hybrid Warrior to have ever lived on that world!

Jas and Pac had just returned from a survey of the lands west of Elpas, they had received tiny snippets of mind-touch from that direction, but had been unable to track it.

They were relaxing and Adm was standing near them, fidgeting, first on one foot and then the other. Jas and Pac knew he wanted to say something but they felt he had to speak first and they would never violate his privacy by reading his mind without permission.

Finally, he began, “Uhh, uhmm, eerr Daddies, uh …” Pac looked at him and said, “Adm, just say it!” Adm tried once again, and he stammered and stuttered, “DADDIESIMETTHISBOYANDI REALLYLIKEHIM!”

Jas and Pac couldn’t restrain their laughter any longer and they started to giggle. Jas let his fangs drom and his eyes went glowing ruby red, he said, “And……?

Adm stamped his foot in juvenile frustration and mind-sent to someone outside the door. The door opened and there stood Car, one of the boys they had rescued from N’yok.

He ran to Adm and grabbed his hand. They turned to Jas and Pac and they sent together, “We are partners and we wish to be changed so that we are the same you, WE WISH TO BE MADE WARRIORS!”

Pac started to say no, but Jas spoke first, “Boys, I have known of your feeling for each other for some time, are you sure this is what you want?”

Pac stood there, his mouth working like a fish out of water. The two knelt before Jas and Pac and said, “Fathers, there can be no better thing we might do but to follow in your footsteps!”

Pac closed his mouth, his eyes beaming red in pride in their son and his chosen mate.

Pac, choking back his own tears, said to Jas, “Let us do this thing that we might join with our sons in the deeds we do!” Jas and Pac picked up the two boys and mind-sent to all who were listening, “We go to create two new Guardian Warriors.” Back came a multitude, “We shall wait for the Princes of our Warrior Lodge!”

They took Adm and Car and exchanged blood with them, then waited vigil, holding both boys in their arms for the sleep of change, adding additional blood as it was required.

On the 7th day, they woke, knowing that they had been changed forever. As they walked out to the outer room of the Lodge, the multitude of Guardian Warriors and Turned Vampires were assembled to give witness for the two new Warriors.

Adm took Cal’s hand and they knelt before their Fathers and they said together, “I, Adm, I, Cal, swear upon my life, my body and my soul to remain true to the principals of a Guardian Warrior as taught to me by my Fathers” They looked around and every other Guardian Warrior was on his knees repeating the same oath!


The two newest Guardian Warriors requested of their fathers, a quest that they might prove themselves. Jas replied, “There comes from the west, snatches of mind-speak, yet we cannot locate the source, this is your quest.”

The two boys shifted to their flyer forms, both were giant hunting hawks, and immediately headed west in search for the mind-source. Beyond the Citadel City of Elpas they flew, into strange mountains known only in ancient tales.

Across a desert, that was flat and featureless as a kitchen floor and then, into another range of mountains. The mind speech becoming stronger and with it, came also fear, CHILDREN’S fear!

They had found the legendary town of Tuc! They swooped low, spotted a group on individuals moving slowly across the desert floor. They were children, ragged and dirty, hungry and thirsty!

The two young Guardian Warriors dropped to the sand, changing to their Warrior form as they landed. The foremost boy screamed, and pleaded, “Do not hurt us, we have been beaten and whipped already!”

Those words were like triggers on a trip latch, the young Warriors’ eyes went blood red and their fangs extended to full drop. They were in full Battle Mode. The children screamed and tried to run, but they were so weakened by their ordeal, they fell to the ground in tears, great sobs tore through their battered bodies, they were sure they had met their end and would be eaten by these monsters!

Adm and Cal joined hands in meld and called to their Fathers, “We have found the source, come to us quickly, we need your assistance!” They transmitted all that they saw and they could feel the distress being felt in New Home.

Hours later, a full flight of all available Guardian Warriors dove to the desert sands beside the wounded children. The healing energy made the air around them crackle as they healed the terrible wounds that had been inflicted on the children. In his anger, Pac screamed, ”Who did this terrible thing?”

One tiny boy lifted his head and said, “The people of Tuc!” Half the flight took off in the direction the boy had pointed. Soon, radiated energy was being reflected off the evening clouds as the angry Warriors wrecked havoc upon that town!

When they were finished, no building in Tuc remained standing, it was a true wasteland! The returning warriors brought food and fruits they had raided from Tuc, feeding those children they had rescued.

Slowly and with gentle care, they brought the rescued children back to New Home, where they would be adopted into the Folk of the Guardians. Over time, the Guardian Warriors’ fame spread throughout the lands that remained from the Great Upheaval, peace was demanded and devastation was administered were that peace was broken.

To harm a child was to bring a terrifying visitation from angry Guardian Warriors in Full Battle Mode! A visitation so terrible, few humans survived it and those that did, were forever mind damaged.

With peace came progress, schools were established and learning, lost for centuries since the Great Upheaval, was relearned, lands for the growing of food were discovered, hunger and starvation was a thing of the past. The Guardian Warriors refused to rule, but a bad ruler was not safe, even in his own bed! A universal measure was applied, “What would Jas and Pac do?”

The End



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