Another Where 2012

A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.



An Epic Adventure In Another Where

Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be copied, retransmitted or otherwise distributed without my express, written permission.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any where, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”


The Terrible Plague again visited the city of Ren, killing all those who had reached adulthood. The city was silent, save for the cries and tears of its children. No person over the age of puberty survived the terrible sickness!

Cal and Dom were the oldest of the survivors and they were but 12 years old! Valiantly they struggled to care for those even younger than themselves; they had lost count of the survivors at 80 children.

Perhaps there were more, perhaps they had not found all of them yet, or had miscounted as they collected the children and brought them to their home in hopes of saving at least a few of them.

The two youngsters were overwhelmed at their task, near tears themselves and they felt the need to have some “alone time” to replenish their souls. Even at that young age, they were a bonded pair a thing abhorred by the adults that once lived in their city.

They left Dav and Ali, the next oldest, in charge as they fled their home, seeking quiet and peace for a time. They sat in the quiet of a shabby city park, the few trees giving them cool shade in the noonday sun. The two hung on each other, tears flowing down their faces in frustration, fear and exhaustion.

They had witnessed unspeakable scenes as they had combed the city, moving dead parents in order to locate their still living children. Their young minds were numb, both in their fear and exhaustion.

As they sat, their minds communed with one another, they were mind-speakers and each knew the other’s innermost secrets since early childhood.

They knew they were a pair, they knew that their parents had no problem with their love for each other and they knew that, without help, they and all those who were depending upon them would perish.

As they sat there, they heard in their minds, “We would assist you, call to us that we might appear”

The boys looked at each other in question, “Who?” Again, they heard, “Call to us that we might appear to you, we can help.” The first call might have been their imagination, but the second convinced them that they had actually heard a mind-call.

Cal and Dom stood, not knowing where to face, they looked at each other, one drawing strength from the other as their minds sent, “Who are you that you offer us help?” The call came yet again, “Call to us that we might appear and help you!”

In their frustration, the two held out their hands, tears in full flow down their faces, “Please, help us, come and help us!” As they made their plea, the space before them began to glow, two glowing balls of light became greater and greater until all the shadows became as daylight.

The glowing balls of light exploded, like miniature suns, then the light faded and two young appearing men stood in before them. One was an Indian boy and the other was the same as themselves. The Indian boy said, “I am Little Bear and this is my mate, Roger. We shall help you, sit and open your minds so that we can tell you of ourselves.”

The boys sat on the ground as visions of hope, salvation and help passed before them. War, fear, strength, healing and care were next. Finally, they were shown love and kindness before the visions ended.

They were astounded; night had fallen as many hours had passed without recognition. Cal and Dom jumped up, and screamed, “The children, they need us!”

Roger smiled and said, “All is well with them, let us go and feed your children!”

The boys cried, “But we have no food, no way to satisfy their hunger!” Little Bear repeated what Roger had said, “All is well with the children let us go and feed them!”

Cal and Dom led the two visitors back to their home, where indeed, they found the children playing and not in fear or crying! Little Bear unhooked a cooking pot from his waist and said, “Bring a jar of water and some sticks of wood.”

Dom went to draw some water while Cal gathered the sticks of firewood. He placed the wood on the hearth and Little Bear poured the water into the pot, along with dried ingredients from his belt bag.

He then placed the pot on the firewood and touched his finger to the wood as it burst into flames! Both Cal and Dom stood there with their mouths open in wonder.

Soon, delicious smells from the pot attracted the children as they crowded around the hearth, hoping for a share of the food. Cal and Dom looked at their two visitors and asked, “How is this possible, you are only boys, like us and only a little older than ourselves?”

Roger held their hands and replied, “I am older than I appear, I was born 3,550 years ago!” The boys looked at them in fright, “From where do you come?” Little Bear replied, “We come from Earth, just as do you, but our Earth is in a different Where from yours. We are human, the same as you, but we just have greater powers than you,” He told them.

The two young leaders looked at these two strange young men and asked, “Can we be made as you so that we might help and protect these children?” Roger replied, “Yes, but you must think carefully, once it is done, it cannot be changed!”

Both boys exclaimed, “Please, you must change us, but one at a time so that the other may watch the children!” Roger said to him, “We cannot do that, we have not the time. We will change you both, but one of us will watch the children while you sleep,”

Cal and Dom said, “Sleep?” Little Bear said, “Yes, you must sleep for 6 days and you will awake on the 7th day, as new folk.” The boys finally said, “Please do it, but watch our children that no harm comes to them!”

Roger and Little Bear took the two boys to an unused bedroom and proceeded to execute the needed blood exchange then Little Bear returned to the children while Roger held both boys in his arms during Vigil as they changed.

On the 7th day, Cal and Dom rose from Roger’s embrace, knowing that they were different.

The two hugged Roger, thanking him for his sacrifice. They returned to their charges, the children were happy and well cared for. Eighty-four children stood before Cal and Dom and called them Daddy!

As they turned to thank Roger and Little Bear, they were already fading from sight. Cal and Dom screamed, “Wait……!” They heard, “Our time here is supposed to be over, but we cannot leave you now, we must remain. You may call us and we will return to help you.”

As they faded from view, Cal and Dom knew they would not be alone in protecting the children! As far as Cal and Dom knew, they were the only two of their kind anywhere on Earth. Somehow, they needed to feed the children and guide their growth towards adulthood, while they, also, traveled that same path.

Instinctively, they knew they needed help, the two nearest to them in age were Dav and Ali. They looked at the two slightly younger boys, who smiled at them and sent, “Yes, brothers, we are ready!”

Cal and Dom knew the two younger boys were mind-speakers, but they had not realized they had such power. Before they could ask, Dav sent to them, “We know how you have been changed, we ask that you change us, also. There are more children, we can hear them!” Cal mind screamed, “Where?”

Dav replied, “Far away, they are safe for now. Change us that we may help you care for the children.” Dom said, “They told us it was forever, once done, it cannot be changed.” The two younger boys replied together, “We know, they told us to wait until you had your new powers.”

Cal and Dom agreed to change Dav and Ali, one watching the children as the other stayed in Vigil. On the 7th day, Dav and Ali awoke, already secure in their new abilities. They told Cal and Dom that they would go and gather the far children.

Cal and Dom watched, amazed at their friends’ changing to flyer forms. The two rose into the air, as an identical falcon pair, and flew off in search of children.

Dom had looked at Cal, determined to do the same change. As he concentrated, Cal saw him shift to a giant Sea Eagle. In his excitement, he also changed, in his place stood an enormous Bald Eagle!

As they reverted to their human form, Cal tried to shift, as the two visitors had told him, to an animal shape. Suddenly, a huge brown bear stood before Dom. Dom giggled as said, “I can beat that!” In his place, a 10 foot tall great ape stood beside the bear! The two boys again reverted to their human form and shouted, “We are the WARRIORS of REN!”


While they awaited the return of Dav and Ali, Dom and Cal raided food supplies left to them by the now dead adults of Den, in order to feed the children. They discovered stores of seeds and they used their powers to plant gardens for the future.

They herded animals that had been left to roam because the children needed milk and meat to grow. After a few weeks, they heard a mind-call from Dav and Ali, “We come with forty more children!”

Cal and Dom cleaned out an abandoned home that adjoined their own so that the children would have a place to sleep.

Dav and Ali arrived as two huge African lions, small children riding on their backs and older children following, even holding on to their tails! Already, the children had discovered the great love their Warriors had for them!

It was a joyful reunion and, as soon as they had gotten settled, Dav and Ali, now in their human form, said, “We must talk!” The four went away a distance and Dav said, “There are evil men to the west of us. They are the ones who spread the sickness!”

Cal and Dom’s anger rose, their eyes went red and fangs went into full drop! As they talked, they failed to notice the two balls of light hovering above them until they heard the call of their benefactors, “Remember, when you are in great need, call to us and we will come.”

The boys looked up and began waving wildly to the balls of light, they knew that they were not alone in the care for the children.

The four young Warriors went about their daily tasks with a renewed energy, confident in their abilities and secure in the knowledge of available help. With their food supply assured, they opened further homes to settlement and planted even larger gardens.

The penned cattle began to multiply, and the children grew with the additions of meat and milk to their diet. They were relaxing one evening, they had located the town library and were sitting contentedly, each reading a book.

Jesi and Stev, two boys whom Dav and Ali had rescued, approached them, “Dom, Cal, we wish to live as a pair and would help you love and protect these children. We beg you, please change us to be as you!”

Dom looked at Cal and mind-spoke, “Do we dare?” The two heard in their minds, “Remember, we are here to help you, do as your hearts and minds lead you.” Cal, his face full of renewed confidence, sent to his mate, “Yes we dare, let us do this thing!”

They left Dav and Ali in charge again and took Jesi and Stev to their home to perform the needed blood exchange. They both held the new pair in Vigil while they slept the sleep of change and on the 7th day, Jesi and Stev awoke as new beings, Ren Warriors!

Before they could return to the children, who had gathered to meet their new protectors, they were confronted by two balls of light floating just above their heads, “Remember, we are here to help you, you need only to call and we shall come!”

Jesi and Stev stood motionless as images and information flowed through their minds, they saw horror and joy, war and peace, and, above all else, love! Their eyes flooded with tears, they waved to their benefactors, promising to make them proud!

As they returned, Cal said, “Let us join in the meld they showed us, that we might find more lost children.” He held out his hands and all six Warriors joined in meld. Cal guided their minds as they pushed further and further from their home.

At the furthest limit of their reach they encountered FEAR, a fear so strong they tumbled to the floor! Instinctively their vampiric nature rose to protect them, fangs went into full drop and eyes glowed ruby red with smok flowing from under their eyelids! These young Warriors were preparing for WAR!

Leaving the oldest children in charge, the six young Warriors leaped towards the sky, changing to fearsome Birds of War. Their charge so fierce, blades of grass and small trees burst into flames! Across the ruined lands they raced, leaving a trail of smoking vegetation, to mark their great anger!

Onwards, towards the distant mountains they raced, never looking upwards to see the glowing orbs keeping pace with them. As soon as they reached the mountains, the barrage of fear staggered them, children were being abused! They dove for the ground near a log stockade. The wall of fear leaking from that awful place was unbearable to them.

As they landed, huge animal forms took the place of the Birds of War. They impacted the log walls of the stockade, shattered logs went flying in all directions. The adults in the stockade were confronted with angry creatures straight from the pits of hell!

They were slavers and were delighting in acts of torture upon the children chained to the walls.

The slavers were soon reduced to bloody body parts being flung out of the stockade.

A huge great ape, its eyes glowing furnace red and fangs hanging from its mouth picked up a bloody boy, howling in its frustration that it could not save the child!

A glowing orb crossed the ape’s vision as he heard, “You can heal and, if you cannot, you can Create Turned Vampires of those you cannot heal!”

The huge ape returned to his Human form, Dom, tears were flowing from his eyes, saw he could not heal the child.

Rushing to a quiet corner, he proceeded to Turn the small boy in order to save his life. Over and over, the Mated Pairs of Warriors expended vast energies in healing and, sadly also in Turning!

When, at last, all those requiring Turning awoke from their sleep of change, there were eight newly Turned Vampires and forty healed children!

The Warriors were nearly in hysterics over those they were forced to Turn, slowly their Glowing Benefactors materialized before them. Roger and Little Bear hugged and comforted the Warriors, telling them that they had not lost a single child, all were alive.

Cal, his emotions in overload, said, “Bu bu but we had to Turn them Vampires!” Roger smiled and replied, “A Turned Vampire is an honorable estate, be glad for them.”

The two again became glowing orbs before they floated off.

As soon as those rescued were fit to travel, the Ren Warriors led their charges homeward, traveling at night to protect the newly created Turned Vampires. The rescued children looked upon their rescuers with awe, knowing what they were and what they had done for them!

The smaller children soon learned that a Ren Warrior would allow any indignity and still love, cuddle and carry him or her! When they finally reached Ren, each Warrior was carrying a full load of children and were wishing they had more arms with which to carry even more.

The newly Turned Vampires were looked upon with awe, two of their number were healers and the rest used their vampiric powers to protect and delight the children. They would be the TEACHERS of small children.

Because of their nature, the Turned Vampires moved into a home by themselves and soon formed a Lodge of Vampires in service to all the other children.

Chapter 3 – SLAVER WARS

The activities of the Ren Warriors were gaining the notice of the slavers and they decided to put an end to these impudent children. Besides, they would make good slaves!

A group of mounted men began descending from the mountains west of Ren. Their massed thoughts were easily detected by the heightened powers possessed by these Hybrids, the Ren Warriors, who quickly determined their objective.

The children, fearing recapture, were ready to run. Cal and Dom, leaders of the Community of Ren and also Progenitors of the Hybrids known as the Warriors of Ren, refused to be chased from their homes.

They gathered the Warriors and planned an attack! In the dark of the night, they flew to meet their tormentors. Each night they would silently abduct several slavers and reduce them to body parts, placing them where the slavers would discover the remains next morning.

The slavers became fearful and would stand guard all night, huddled in a mass for protection. The Warriors would then appear to the slavers as glowing red eyes, peering down at them from impossible places.

The slavers were determined to put an end to these free children and pushed on in their determination to capture them as slaves. The Warriors began changing to their most fearful land animal forms, huge tigers, giant apes, great bears and other creatures never before seen by humans, although the Warriors did not consider slavers to be human!

These awesome creatures finally attacked the remaining band of slavers, none survived! All that remained was a pile of body parts and bones to serve warning to those who might follow them.


Four more children came forth asking that they, also, might become Ren Warriors, Ord and Bo, Jaki and Gil, all of who professed to be pairs. The two pairs told their Warriors that they realized it was a forever change, but they felt committed to the welfare of the children.

Cal and Dom took Ord and Bo, while Dav and Ali took Jaki and Gil to their private spaces to complete the blood exchange and sit Vigil during the sleep of change.

It required the blood exchange from two Human Hybrid Warriors to create another Human Hybrid Warrior. The Legends of their Dracule Progenitors told them that only One Dracule was required.

Jes and Stev took over guidance of the children, now numbering over 120 young children. On the 7th day, the four new Hybrid Warriors of Den emerged, knowing they were different beings now.

As they stood in wonder of their new abilities, two glowing orbs appeared before them, bursting into a shower of light leaving two young appearing boys standing before them.

As the six older Warriors rushed to greet their benefactors, Or, Bo, Jaki and Gil dropped to their knees to greet these Gods. Roger stepped forward and assisted by Little Bear, lifted to four new Warriors to their feet saying, “We are not gods to be worshiped, we are boys like yourselves, older perhaps, but no better nor are we any worse.”

He continued, “We must leave you now, we were allowed to stay, to help you in case of need. That need never took place, you boys are all TRUE HYBRID WARRIORS!”

Little Bear stepped forward, saying, “Warriors of Ren, the Folk of your Earth are under your protection now, guide them well, help them thrive that this Earth may take its place as one of the ANOTHER WHERES!”

As the two visitors began to fade, the Warriors rushed to hug them, but they were already gone, their arms passed through their fading images.

They looked up to see the two glowing spots disappear over the horizon. With tears in their eyes, they clung to each other, each silently vowing to make Roger and Little Bear proud of them.

The Ren Warriors commandeered a large house that was empty and created a WARRIORS OF REN LODGE. Cal and Dom were their acknowledged leaders and they began a methodical search of their world for children, whatever their estate.

Older children were appointed group leaders and schools were reopened. The two Healer Vampires reopened the medical clinic and needed Warrior assistance only on larger injuries or conditions.

Once a week the Lodge of Warriors met and, with the assistance in meld from the Lodge of Vampires, Cal and Dom directed the meld-mind into far reaches, searching for those in need.

Their first contact with a trail of fear so angered the Warriors, it was all Cal and Dom could do to restrain them from rushing into battle. To the west, over the SierNev Mountains, in the city of Sac resided a despot ruler who commanded many groups of roving slavers!

Cal said, “We must move slowly and carefully, we are but 10 Warriors and we cannot allow their captives to be injured!”

They began to plot and plan, enlisting the willing aide of the Turned Vampires of Ren. They initiated a war of wits and intimidation against the Slaver Empire of Sac.

The Warriors and their Vampires waylaid War Parties of Slavers, intent on capturing live slaves. They would slay every slaver and stack their parts in piles on the path leading back to Sac.

The slavers reacted by sending out larger war parties, but the result would be the same except the stacked body parts were higher. The slaves would be returned to Ren, where their hurts were healed, their bodies filled with food and their souls filled with something they had never before experienced, love!

The population of Ren grew, demanding more food to be grown, more hunting parties to hunt and larger herds of dairy and food animals. Eventually, rumors of this trove of wealth, of children for slaves, food for the taking was to be had in Ren.

The leaders of Sac began a plan to raid this ripe fruit of wealth and enslave its people, taking their wealth for themselves.

The scum that called themselves the People of Sac, had no idea just where this fabled City of Ren existed, so they sent out scouts to discover its location.

None ever returned. They sent out larger scouting parties and still none returned to bring the information they sought. They had some sensitives among their folk, even some adults they had protected from the ravages of the plague they had set loose on the world, but all they could discover was rumors of a silver city to the east, over the SierNev Mountains.

Finally, vexed beyond all reason at their failure to discover the location of the Fabled City of Ren, The War Lords of Sac led their War Legions of slavers, cannibals and thieves eastward in search of Ren.

Accompanying the War Legions were a large group of human sensitives, whose task was to “sniff” out sources of mind speak.

The Lodge of Ren Warriors, whose numbers and powers were growing, set up a mind barrier of mental static along the ridges of the SierNev Mountains, the human sensitives were forced to return to Sac or face certain mind burnout!

The leadership of the army elected to continue their search, they were sure now, that they were close to the fabled source of wealth. The Ren Warriors picked them off in small groups and left them as piles of body parts or to wander the forest individually, their minds and senses permanently shorted out and destroyed.

The folk of Sac, at last, rebelled and killed their leaders. The ordinary folk of that city ran away and joined other cities, far distant from Sac. With them, they carried legends of such horror, the lands east of the SierNev Mountains were forevermore considered haunted by those minions from Hell!

Scouts dispatched from Ren were able to snatch away all the slaves held by the folk of Sac and they were brought to Ren for healing and restoration of their souls.

The War against Sac and its allies took forty years to complete.

The Lodge of The Warriors of Ren had increased to fifty mated pair Hybrid Ren Warriors and the Lodge of Vampires included over one-hundred members. With the source of the terrible plague destroyed, children were growing to be mature adults and they asked the Warriors, “How is it you do not age?”

The Warriors would always replied, “We age very slowly.” The folk would have been astounded had they known their beloved Warriors would live for more than 3,000 years!


With the threat of the slavers and their thug accomplices destroyed, civilization began to thrive. Schools, Churches, Universities and Businesses flourished. The number of people rapidly expanded into the areas once abandoned because of losses caused by the plague.

Great works were begun, electricity was, again, widely available, food, commerce and people were carried rapidly throughout the new civilization by electrified railway systems. Communication was restored, newspapers, books, television and telephone service were established.

The Folk of Ren were determined not to repeat the conditions that destroyed the “First Civilization”, they cared for their neighbors and for the land upon which they lived.

The Lodge of Hybrid Warriors of Ren also thrived, as did that of the Vampires. Both were greatly loved and respected. The Warriors moved to a small abandoned city south of Ren, Car and there they built their Great Warrior Fort Car.

Children would go on summer pilgrimages to Fort Car from everywhere civilization had touched. They were perfectly safe, no evil person would dare harm a child, let alone a child going to visit the Warriors!

The new government ran special trains from everywhere in the country to Car and the Human Hybrid Ren Warriors established Youth Hostels to house their young pilgrims. Wherever a pair of these Wonderful Gentle Giants went, there would be children with them.

The children would be allowed any trespass, no matter what, rarely would a child go “too far” and then that child would be inconsolable in remorse, fearing he or she might have offended one of these wondrous beings.

Every boy child of Ren dreamed of a day when he could become a HYBRID REN WARRIOR! There was not a single girl child in all of Ren who did not have a picture of every Ren Warrior pinned to her bedroom wall!

The Warriors opened their Fort daily that children might visit them, not knowing that their Ultimate Progenitors had done the very same thing.

Some children would come of curiosity, some would come for companionship, while others came for the special schools the Warriors provided free of charge.

Through all, however, there was a backbone of steel within the Warriors, they remained in vigil against any threat that might come to their Folk of Ren and those living under that protection knew their Human Hybrid Warriors would protect them from any threat!


That the Warriors flew night patrols throughout the civilized lands of Ren was known only to them and regulated by their leaders, Cal and Dom. Never was there an unprotected moment, when the Warriors were not on duty!

Daily, far ranging mind-sweeps crossed the planet. The Turned Vampires kept meticulous maps of those areas considered suspect by The Warriors.

Whenever a large flight of Giant War Birds swept across the sky, knowledgeable leaders shuddered in horror that, perhaps their Warriors were War Bound!

One of the number of Turned Vampires volunteered to be Major Domo to their Beloved Warrior Pair Leaders, Loke. Loke had been horribly mangled by a drunken slaver, who delighted in torture by fire! When Cal had found him, he was barely recognizable as anything remotely human.

Cal brought him to Dom, tears flooding his face, together, the bound pair restored the boy to health but only by creating him a Turned Vampire. Loke’s love, loyalty and respect towards Cal and Dom bordered on fanatic, the young Vampire would literally tear anyone to pieces who would offer harm to either Cal or Dom!

A Turned Vampire, while not a Hybrid Warrior, was a formidable opponent, fully capable of destroying a human enemy, or even a group of them!

Cal and Dom were taking their mid-day meal. They had spent the morning ranging with the mind-sweep team, pushing their minds to the furthest limits of their vast power. Trees would smoke and grasses could not survive the awful power these beings used daily in the search to protect their humans.

As they sat, eating and discussing a disturbing ripple they had detected, so far out they had not even maps telling them what had ever even been there before the Great Destruction.

Loke entered the room and bowing lowly, he said, “Masters, Dav and Ali ask that you return to the search room immediately!” Loke held the door open for them as the pair raced to return to the search room.

They had been unable to keep Loke from naming them “Master” and many of the Turned Vampires did likewise.

As they raced down the hallways, other Warriors suspected trouble and ran after them. The children began to cry, fearing their wonderful Friends were hurt. Tension throughout the Fort reached fever pitch in seconds, REN WARRIORS WERE GOING TO WAR!

Cal entered the room first and screamed, “WARRIORS-ATTEND US” Warriors from throughout the Fort raced to the Search Room. Cal and Dom extended their hands as Dom commanded, “FORM MELD”!

They forced their minds outward, but could not follow the faint trail found by those on watch. Dom again called out, “VAMPIRES – JOIN MELD!” and Loke led two hundred Turned Vampires as they entered the mind-meld.

Power streamed outward, the day sky turned purple from the ozone created by escaping energy, metal parts began to melt and the window glass ran down the sides of buildings like rainwater!

At last, Cal screamed, “GOTTEM!” He began to connect with those in fear, “We hear you, do you need our help?”

Ten thousand miles away, a man stumbled as he ran in fear, “Who….. who are you in my mind?” Cal returned, “We are The Ren Warriors, do you need our help?” The man, now in total fear, mind-screamed in return, “Cannibals, we are being chased by cannibals!”

The Warriors’ Vampiric heritage began to surface, eyes went glowing red and fangs dropped full at that very word, CANNIBAL! The room was blazing red in reflected red light so bright the red light leaked from every door and window.

Cal sent to the frightened man, “Gather your people in a cave and barricade yourselves within. We can follow your mind, we come to rescue you!”

Cal turned to the Warriors, “Home Guard remain, LETS FLY!”

The populace looked on in wonder as the flight of Giant War Birds blotted out the sun in their race eastward. They knew something terrible had occurred when they saw the red light leaking from the building.

Across the ruined continent the Warriors of Ren raced, leaving a trail of blacked vegetation and mind-smashed small mammals to mark their frantic course.

Back in the Fort, Loke and his Vampires closed up the doors and put the Fort into High Alert! The Warrior Home Guard manned the gates as Ren Folk and their children arrived, that they might, somehow, support their Warriors!

All were allowed in, whether they could help or not. The Humans felt a need to support those who had protected them for so long and such a great cost in their lives.

Leaving land behind, the Warriors raced above tropical waters, steam and frightened sea mammals fled from their path.

At last, they came to islands that had once been a great continent before the collapse of the first world.

There, on an island, they saw masses of excited natives brandishing clubs and spears, trying to dig their way into a hillside cave. The Warriors could hear the frightened minds of their new friends behind the rocks and dirt protecting the entrance.

They swooped down on the native cannibals, shifting to fearsome land beasts, none of them had ever been seen this side of Hell itself, some were even more terrible; they had come from some lower pit beneath Hell!

They swept through the attackers in a monumental rage, tossing cannibal parts over their shoulders as they went. Liquid parts were spraying in every direction.

Before long, all that remained of the cannibals were piles of loathsome parts and gore on the ground. Cal and Dom massed their Warriors around the entrance to the cave, to protect it from any additional attackers.

They then mind-sent to those hiding within that help had arrived and that they were safe. When the refugees had dug their way out to the outside world, all that remained alive in the cave were ten, barely living beings of a settlement of thousands! Their leader, Tal, hugged the Warriors and asked, “You mind-speak?”

Dom replied that they did.

He then related that many of their people had escaped to the mainland in hopes of finding refuge from the cannibals. Cal turned and immediately sent off half his Warriors in search of those who had escaped!

The Flight of Giant Birds of War bent the surrounding trees nearly over as they departed, Tal, the leader of the Rescued Folk screamed, “What are you?” and tried to shield his people.

Dom and Cal held out their hands, empty, to show they meant no harm, and replied, “We are the Warriors of Ren. We are human as you, but with a little bit more. We will protect you unto our own deaths, no harm shall come to any of you.”

He went on, “Let us hunt for food that you may eat and regain your strength. Then we will take you to our homeland.” The man looked on in amazement and asked, “How?” Cal shape-shifted to an immense Sea Eagle, clearly capable of carrying the man through the air!

The man sat in the dirt and cried, he said, “We heard stories, but thought them only children’s tales!” Just then, a small boy ran up to the man and looked at Cal. Very shyly, he approached Cal and said, “Will you help my Daddy, Mr. Birdman?”

Cal picked the little boy up and snuggled him, “Of course we will, little man!” as he reached down and assisted the man to his feet! The child’s Father, Tal began begging Cal to forgive him his intemperate words.

Cal smiled and told the man, “What words?”

They remained two weeks, feeding the rescued folk and building up their strength. The day finally came when Cal stood before his Warriors and the Rescued Folk, “It is time, we must return to Ren. The trip will be difficult but it must be done!”

Chapter 7 – RETURN TO REN

So began the difficult journey back to their Homeland, the Mighty Warriors carrying their Rescued Humans in their grasp. The smaller flyers carried the small children, only those flyers able to shape shift to the Great Birds of War, The great eagles, the giant hawks and the great condors were capable of carrying an adult human.

They struggled into the air with their burdens, guarded by the fiercest of flyer War Birds, the Falcons, Ravens and Small Hawks in a flock so thick, no threat would dare approach!

The Flight took short jumps, resting for many hours between stages. The worst was to the Mainland, the Great Flyers were struggling under their burdens to reach that far beach, gratefully, they landed upon that shore before collapsing in fatigue.

The smaller flyers shifting back to Warrior Form that they might feed and console their larger Warrior Brethren.

Almost a month later they arrived to Ren, the entire Folk of that City stood at the gates of Fort Car to welcome their Warriors home and take over care of the Refugee Folk.

The children of the city rushed to welcome the many Refugee Children and made them part of themselves.

The Great Flyers were exhausted, Loke steered his Masters, Cal and Dom to their rooms and put them to bed, that they might rest and recover.

For one solid week, he stood guard at their door, allowing none to enter for any reason!

Soon Tal was welcoming the remainder of his folk, the ones who had escaped to the mainland, the Warriors had found them and brought them to Ren.

Tal stood before the gates of Fort Car, tears wetting his face as he welcomed his folk, among them was his wife and baby daughter, Mar, his son who had been with him on the island was excited to meet his baby sister, whom he had never seen!

He had become friends with Bacn, another boy who had been delivered from the cannibals by the Warriors and they stood before Tal, a question in their eyes. Bacn’s family was gone and he was alone, he held Mar’s hand, clearly they were a pair!

Tal looked at his son, and his friend, knowing the question he saw in their eyes, “Boys, this is your decision, if this is what you want, we shall back you 100%!”

The boys then turned to Cal and Dom, pleading in their eyes, “Mr. Birdman, please, we wish to be as you.” Cal and Dom knelt before the two boys, “Mar, Bacn, you must consider this carefully, once it has been done, it can never be changed!”

The two boys ran to Cal and Dom, throwing their arms around the Warriors’ necks, “We understand, but we are a pair and this is what we must do!”

The two Great Warriors stood, holding the boys in their arms, “WE go into Vigil with Mar and Bacn!” The entire Lodge of Warriors responded, “WE SHALL AWAIT OUR NEW BROTHERS RETURN!”

The End



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