Another Where 2012

A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


An Epic Adventure In Another Where
An Epic Adventure In Another Where
Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be copied, retransmitted or otherwise distributed without my express, written permission.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”

Chapter 1 – THE ESCAPE

The two teen boys led their charges down the mountain slope, towards the ruins they had seen in the distance. They and the twenty children they led were the sole survivors of their village.

Three weeks earlier, the mountain had exploded; molten stone and fire flowing over their village, killing all except the few they had been able to snatch ahead of the flaming death.

Along their travels, they had met other refugee groups, but fear of “others” had prevented them becoming friends. Their folk had learned that “others’ not of their village, were not to be trusted.

That morning, they had encountered two more teens, the boys were a little younger than Bela and Kitln, and they had been injured. Not willing to leave injured boys to a sure death, they treated their wounds as best they could and brought them along.

They came, at last, to the outskirts of a ruined town. There were ruins as far as they could see into the distance. The whole area looked as if some mighty force had smashed it in an attempt to wipe the land clean of its very existence. Only a few sticks and dead trees rose above the ruins.

The ruins appeared to be uninhabited, they had seen a sign as they entered the ruined town, “Sea….., pop 310,0……” The words were incomplete, but they guessed the name of the town was Sea or, perhaps, Seaville. They had been taught to read and write by their village elders, but they could learn nothing else from the broken sign.

As they entered the abandoned town, they discovered it was far larger than they had thought, but they found an isolated suburb on the shore of a fresh water lake that was fairly intact. It was isolated from the bulk of the ruins by some low hills and it appeared to be completely uninhabited.

They could smell the ocean nearby, so there would a supply of seafood as well as freshwater fish from the lake. The could see a few fish jumping out in the lake.

Trees were abundant, but open land south of the lake looked to have been farmed at one time in the past, there were orchard trees that had survived in rows and fields where corn had come up as “volunteers”, showed young, immature ears.

They discovered a large stone building in fairly good condition and it had a wall around it. It would be easily defensible with the few teens they had with them. A broken sign over the entrance read,”……..shire, Priv…. Boys Scho….”

That didn’t make much sense to them as they had no frame of reference to judge the broken words, but it looked like a good place to keep their children safe. After exploring the building and grounds, they decided to live there, the buildings were still rain tight and there were stout oak doors on the outside doorways.

There was a large main room that had a huge fireplace at one end, they set their cooking pots on the hearth and started a meal of dried vegetables and meat they had collected during their travels.

It was a meager meal for them, but it was all they had. It was growing dark, so they scavenged enough beds from the ruined furniture that their children could get some sleep. All the bedding was in shreds or it was damp and moldy. They cleared the bedding away, telling the children they would fix up some “forest beds” for them the next day.

After the children were put down in the adjacent rooms, Bela and Kitln returned to the main room to get acquainted with the two boys they had rescued and they had discovered they were brothers Tip and Mir.

They sat discussing their situation, Tip and Mir, despite their injuries, promised to assist in caring for the children. They had been raised on a farm and had already spotted the potential for growing food around the lake.

The teens were getting sleepy and decided they, also, would go to bed, they bowed their heads and asked whatever greater power there was to assist them in caring for the children.

As they did so, two balls of light appeared before them and bobbled up and down. They were getting ready to gather up the children and run, when they heard mind-speak being sent to them.

They were all mind-speakers, so they were not initially frightened when they heard in their minds, “We can assist you in your task, call to us and we will come”

Their heads shot up, “wWWWho are you?” The voice came again, “We can assist you in caring for the children, you have only to call us and we will come!”

All four boys now were thoroughly frightened, clinging to each other they cried out, “Do not hurt us, please, the children will surely die!” They had visions of the children they had collected being left to die should these lights do them hurt.

The voice replied, “Call us, we shall assist you.” Bela and Kitln held out their hands in supplication, “Please help us, the children are starving!”

Before their eyes, two globes of light appeared, they increased in brightness and burst into a shower of sparks, standing there were two boys about their own age, one was an Indian boy, the other was like themselves.

One of them stepped forward and said, “I am Roger, this is my mate, Little Bear.”

Kitln began to cry, “You are boys like ourselves, how can you help us save the children?” He was in overload and could take no more, tears were flooding down his face.

The boy named Roger smiled, “Yes, we are boys just like yourselves, but with a little bit more. I was born 3,550 years ago on an Earth just like your own, we are now on a mission to help those like yourselves in protecting the children.”

He continued, “We have been sent by The All Father, who is above us all, to assist those who are saving the children of this world.”

The being who called himself Roger said, “Open your minds and we shall tell you of ourselves.”

The four teens did as they were asked and they were shown different lives, wars and peace, hope and salvation, healing and saving of children and, most of all, love, protection and leadership.

When the strangers’ tale was complete, the boys were startled to discover that the night was turning back into day, they had not slept, yet, they were not tired.

They stared at Roger and Little Bear in wonder, thinking, “What magical beings were they?” Roger smiled, “Not magic nor are we gods, it is merely the power of our minds. First, let us feed the children.”

Bela cried, “But our food is gone, there is no more.”

Little Bear pulled a bag from his waist, “Let us help you start breakfast!” He poured the contents of his bag into their stewpot and added water until the pot was full.

He touched his finger to the firewood that he had stacked around the pot and it burst into flame.” He smiled at the boys, saying, “Remember, not magic, just the power of my mind!”

Roger had gone outside while Little Bear was preparing the cooking pot and returned with his arms loaded with apples, peaches and pears from the trees along the banks of the lake.

The smell of a delicious stew began to fill the room, children started to peek around the corner of the door, their mouths watering at the wonderful smells.

While Little Bear was stirring the stew pot, Roger pulled a knife from his belt and began cutting the fruits into pieces, he waved at the children peeking around the door, “Come in, let us eat fruit while our breakfast cooks.” The children raced into the room, eager for something to eat! Like all small children, they saw through the façade of power that surrounded all Human Hybrid Warriors.

After the children had eaten their fill of the fruit and delicious stew, they all sat down next to these strange, but wonderful benefactors, wanting only to touch and be touched by them. They seemed to sense that these wonderful beings who had fed them, would not hurt them in any way.

Little Bear noticed that Tip and Mir bore injuries from their ordeal, he arose and went to the two younger teens, he had them lay down and proceeded to heal them, His hands glowing as he sent his own life energy into their bodies that they might heal themselves.

When the healing was completed, Bela and Kitln stood before Roger and Little Bear, “Might you teach us these wonderful magics, may we be made as you?” Roger said, “Yes, we may do that, but, you must understand that once it has been done, it may never be changed. It is not magic, only the power of our minds.”

He continued, “It will take seven days for you to become as we are.” Tip and Mir spoke up, “We will mind the children while you are changing, but then, we ask you to change us, also!”

Little Bear smiled, “By then, Bela and Kitln will have the power to do that!” Roger held out his arms to Bela and Kitln, “Come, let us begin!”

Tip and Mir took the children outside to play and Roger and Little Bear led Bela and Kitln to an unused room, where they made the necessary blood exchanges.

Little Bear then sat with a teen in each arm in Vigil as they slept their sleep of change. Roger returned to the main room and began cleaning up the remains of their breakfast.

He then took some of the older children and they collected fruits and vegetables that had gone wild, they collected eggs from under wild hens and fished for salmon in the stream that fed the lake.

In six days, the children had lost their gaunt, starved appearance, their tummies were beginning to round out and they played happily among themselves. They had found balls in a storage locker and there was a baseball game in progress!

On the 7th day, Bela and Kitln awoke, they discovered themselves as new and powerful beings. Kitln looked at Bela and screamed, “Your eyes are red and you have fangs…!”

Bela reached for Kit’s face and touched the fangs protruding from his face. They turned to their benefactors and exclaimed, “We are as you?”

Roger and Little Bear were fading from view, “Our time here is done, we may never return, but in great need, call to us and we might be able to speak with you.”

Bela and Kitln were greatly distressed and both ran to where Roger and Little Bear were standing. They reached out to hug them, but they were gone. The two sat on the floor, tears running down their face at their loss.

Kitln stood, “We will honor Roger and Little Bear, we WILL be as they!” His determination was so strong, they all suddenly saw a Giant Sea Hawk standing where Kitln had been! Bela, not to be outdone, found a Great Osprey within himself!

Both Warriors found they had wings neatly tucked away in pouches on their backs and that they could fly in their Warrior form, also, although not nearly as fast as they could in their flyer!

In finding their land animal, both became huge African lions, fully twenty feet from nose to tail tip! They stood as tall as a man at their shoulders, they were huge creatures that the children all came running to be able to touch them and express their love to them. They had no fear of these great beasts and several of the more brave boys were soon riding on their backs.


The two newly made Warriors led the children in recovering seeds and small trees to be replanted in gardens, ears of wild corn were selected from the largest and most healthy plants to provide seed. Melons and squashes grew in great abundance as did many root vegetables. They collected the seeds of the biggest and best tasting of the food plants they found.

Chickens were trapped and placed in pens to provide meat and eggs and two fresh cows were enticed into a pen, where they could provide milk for the children. They cut the wild grasses and stored it away as soon as it had dried, so that the cattle would have sweet grasses during the winter months.

After a full year of back breaking labor, their home and food supply was secure. One warm spring afternoon, Tip and Mir stood before Bela and Kitln, saying, “It is time”

Bela nodded his head in agreement and said, “Yes, BROTHERS, it is time. Let us do this thing that you both might be of us!”

Kitln agreed to watch the children after he and Bela had led Tip and Mir to the unused bedroom, where they proceeded to make the blood exchange.

Kitln then returned to care for the children and Bela sat in Vigil over Tip and Mir adding his own blood to them, keeping them “topped off” as they slept their sleep of change for the next six days.

On the 7th day, both awoke as new beings, full of their power and committed to the safety of the children. Tip and Mir hesitantly hugged each other and Tip gave Mir a kiss as he said, “I love you”! No one said a word, it was as if they were expected to be mates. Both Kitln and Bela stood there watching them, each holding the hand of the other.

As they returned to the main room, the children were waiting for them, they had already learned of their Warriors love for them, now they had two more Warriors to love them!

As they all exchanged hugs and caresses, they failed to look upwards to see two balls of light watching them.

Tip found within himself a huge Condor and a 10 foot tall great Ape as his animal forms, Mir found a Sea Eagle and a 500 pound Wolf within himself!

At last, they felt secure enough to explore the area and find additional children in need.

Kitln began that morning ranging northward, along the sea coast. He had felt something tugging at his mind for several days now, so he flew northward sweeping over a lonely cove along the coast. He detected a faint……… A TRAIL OF FEAR rose up to meet him! He nearly lost control and barely prevented himself from crashing into a large tree!

He dove downwards, as fast as his wings could drive him. Next to a fire, nearly gone out, was an older teen, bloody and hurt. Around him were small children crying and trying to help the older teen.

He landed with a thump as his feet hit the ground, changing to his human form, tucking his great wings into their pouches. The hurt teen screamed, and tried to shield the children, “What are you, you cannot have my children, I already drove the bad ones off dddddo IIiIi need to ddddrive you off aaaalsoo?”

The teen began to fall and Kit rushed to his side to support him. As he held the teen in his arms, he said, “I am not here to hurt you, but to help you and save you.”

The teen’s eyes were wide in fear, “B bb But..” and he passed out in pain and loss of blood.

Kitln gently laid the teen down and faced the children, “Do not be afraid, I am calling for help.” He mind screamed for his partner, Bela, who answered immediately. He related to Bela what had happened, Tip and Mir cut in, “WE ALSO COME!”

Kit said to the children, “Others of my kind are coming to help us, do not fear them, they will never harm any of you!”

Within minutes a huge Condor and a great Sea Eagle landed, shifting to Mir and Tip. Mir went to the children, hugging them and holding them in his arms while Tip went with Kitln to see to the teen boy.

Kitln put his hands on the teen as he had learned during his change, as the teen’s leg began to straighten and his wounds slowly closed, Kit’s hands and arms began to glow red. One little boy screamed and said, “Magic!!!”

Mir cuddled the child and said, “No, my friend is only helping your friend heal himself.” In a few minutes, the teen began to come around, he felt his wounds and his leg and he looked at Kitln, “yu Yu You fixed me?”

Kitln smiled, “No, Jos, you healed yourself, all I did was send your body some extra energy to finish the job.” The teen said, “Yu,yo you know me?” Kitln answered, “No, Jos, I just skimmed your mind for your name.”

Jos rubbed his arms and his legs, finding no broken bones and no wounds, “H, h how?” Kitln said, “You, Jos, you healed yourself, I merely added energy to your body to help it along.

Again, they failed to look upwards to see the balls of light observing them.

They lifted Jos to his feet, he told them that he had been protecting the children for several months and, now, their food was gone, raiders had stolen all of it and when he tried to stop them, they beat him with clubs and threatened to hurt the children.

Mir spoke up, “If you wish, you may come and live with us. We have a fort in which to live and nearby farms that produce food.”

The child that Mir had been cuddling, dropped to the ground and ran to Jos and hugged him, “Brother, they have food and will protect us; if we stay here we will surely die!”

Jos was still not convinced, he looked directly at Kitln and demanded, “What sort of beings are you?”

Kitln spoke directly to Jos’ mind, “Open your mind and I shall show you.”

Jos’ eyes flew wide open in surprise and fear but, as pictures of safety, love, food and care flowed through his mind, he began to relax. As Kitln sent him pictures of great strength and the ability to protect the children, Jos began flooding his own face with tears.

When he came to the healing and protection that these wondrous beings provided, he reached out and hugged Kitln, tears flowing down his face, “Forgive me, I was so afraid that my brother and his friends would come to be hurt……..” He could speak no more, he was overcome with emotion he clung to Kitln with the strength of desperation..

They soon found themselves trekking back to Fort Sea, as they had begun to call their home. Kitln flew guard above and the boys were led on the ground by a huge ape and a 500 pound wolf, all ready to do battle to protect them!

Before they got back to their home, both the Great Ape and the Wolf had riders, the children had discovered that the two Huge Beasts loved them, unconditionally.

They were amazed at the home that had been established by the lake, there were orderly gardens and orchards, cattle in fenced pens and the sounds of hens laying eggs came cackling from a small barn!

Standing in front of the door were two huge African Lions with the most unlikely of things, huge smiles on their faces and fangs protruded out their lips!

Jos and his boys were made welcome and served a meal of egg custard, a bowl of sliced peaches and cream and small corn meal pancakes, smothered in fresh butter and wild berry jam, made with honey!

The smaller boys were shown beds where they could nap in safety, Jos was so overcome he could not stop crying. He related their story between sobs, “Slavers had raided their small community and in the confusion, he and his little brother, Cas, rounded up as many of the children as they could and they ran.

They had finally found the small cove where Kitln had found them, thinking they would be safe there, but the raiders finally found them again. It must have just been a small scouting party, because Jos was able to drive them off. Surely, if they had stayed there, they would have become slaves or even worse, FOOD!

By the time Jos had completed his story, the Warriors’ anger was monumental, their eyes had gone smoky red and fangs extended at full drop! Bela exclaimed, “They shall not have these boys, they shall not exist here!” It was built into their souls, the hatred of slavers and cannibals!

Jos did not know from where the slavers came, so there was a warrior in the sky during the night hours, every night, keeping watch. During the day, a warrior land animal prowled the surrounding landscape!

The children continued to thrive and grow. They were outside in the sunshine during the days, they developed healthy tans and strong muscles.

It was not all play, the gardens and orchards required tending, cows needed to be milked and eggs gathered.

Jos discovered some books stored in the attic and he began teaching lessons to the children. It had always been his dream to be a teacher and this was his opportunity.

Bela was patrolling the perimeter in his African Lion form when he detected strangers approaching. His mind call shattered the peaceful community, a second lion, a great ape and a huge wolf raced across the fields to where Bela’s call had come.

As a small group of children, led by a lanky blond teen emerged from the forest, they were confronted with beasts seen only in nightmares from Hell!

The teen put the children behind him and he raised a club he was carrying when, suddenly, in place of these nightmare creatures, four teen boys appeared. One boy said, “Lit, you are welcome here and your children also.”

The teen stared at the speaker, “Yum yu,you know who I am?”

The teen, Lit, heard in his mind, “I but read your mind for your name, come and join us for lunch!” Lit refused to move or allow any of the children to go near these strange folk.

Bela stepped forward, “I am Bela and I am also one of the lions you saw, come to our home for food and we will explain all to you.” Lit was still unsure, but they had not eaten in three days; his boys could not survive much more.

He said, “We will follow you, but you all keep your distance.” Bela smiled, ‘We can do that, but, please come and eat with us.”

As they approached the home, now called Fort Sea, Jos was out front, watching the strangers approach, he suddenly screamed, LIT, LIT, LIT you are alive! He came running and threw himself at the teen, sobbing and crying.

The two teens clutched at each other, each trying to grasp the other. When they finally had mastered their emotions, Jos dragged the teen, Lit, by his hand to where his benefactors were standing, grinning in delight.

Jos said, “This is Lit, he is whom I love, I thought I had died when he disappeared in the melee, lost to me forever. Now he has been restored to me, I beg of you to allow him to remain with us.”

Jos was clearly frightened that Lit would be sent away, he knelt before the older teens begging for Lit’s life.

All four of the teens had smiles on their face, Bela spoke for them, “Jos, Lit, we would never send a child or a teen who is in need, from us. Do not beg for that which we extend freely, without price.”

Bela added, “Come and join us for lunch, we will explain all to you.”

Lit and his boys were astounded when they entered the great room, on the table were several roasted chickens, bowls of a fruit concoction, salads, roasted ears of corn and a milk and fruit pudding with real whipped cream on the top for dessert, the whipped cream’s color showed it had been sweetened with honey. There was a cup of fresh milk at every place, the rich cream was beginning to come to the top.

The boys who had been with Lit could only stand and stare at the quantity of food piled on the tables.

Tip smiled at their confusion he said, “Go ahead, its real!” He held out a roasted chicken drumstick to a boy, the boy, Dol, sniffed it and when it was seen again, it was a polished chicken bone, not even the smell of meat remained!

It was like a chain reaction, starving boys making food disappear! Lit went to Bela, “I am sorry, we have been through so much, been chased by so many evil persons bent on enslaving us, I was afraid to trust.”

Again, the Warriors’ anger surfaced, the very mention of the word “slave” infuriated them, their eyes returned to smoky red and their fangs went into full drop! Lit cringed behind Jos, ‘Wh, wh, what are they?” He stammered to Jos.

Jos replied, “They are our best friends, for those who would hurt us, they are their worst nightmare!”

While they ate, Jos explained as best he could what he knew of the Warriors. Lit was frightened, but he saw many children calmly eating their lunch, talking and joking with each other, without care or fear.

Finally, he let his guard down and immediately his mind was flooded with information about the Warriors of Sea, their unconditional love for children, their hatred of slavers and others who would hurt their children, the “secrets” of their vampiric appearance, their healing abilities and shape changing.

He finally understood that he could stick his head in the huge lion’s mouth and only get wet from its lapping tongue!

Lit stood up and walked over to Bela, he knelt before the teen and said, “Bela, I ask you to forgive me, instead of understanding, I feared, instead of learning, I closed my ears. I understand now and would join you if Jos were here beside me.

He turned his head and found Jos kneeling beside him, a huge smile on his face. Bela grinned and told them, “We can do this, but you must know, once done it can never be changed.” Both boys looked into the eyes of the other and whispered, “FOREVER!”

Kitln had joined Bela and they both led the two teens away.

On the 7th day, Bela and Kitln led a smiling Lit and Jos before those gathered for the evening meal. He announced, “This is Sea Warrior Lit and this is Sea Warrior Jos, know all of you that they have become the protectors of our children and Warriors of Sea!”

Lit stood proudly and showed the children his inner animals, a great Clawed Raven and a monstrous Jaguar of alarming proportions.

Jos then stepped forward and showed his 2,000 pound Great Bear and his Falcon with a 15 foot wingspan! None of these fearsome beasts slowed the children as they came to hug both teens and hold their hands.

Chapter 3 – SLAVER RAID

Slowly and in spurts and dribbles, the population at Fort Sea grew, many of the children were hurt or diseased when they appeared at their gates, more than one child required Turning, thus becoming a Turned Vampire in order to save his life. Whenever a Warrior was forced to do this, their own souls required healing afterwards.

The “bank account of anger” against those who would be slavers of children was getting larger and larger as time flowed by. Mir was flying patrol near the great snow mountain when he felt….. SLAVERS! His call went out, the Warriors responded, “WE COME” as they raced to answer Mir’s alarm.

There, struggling through the deep snow was a file of men, of such great evil, even the snow seemed dirtied around them!

They waited until nightfall and then creatures known only in the Back Halls of Hell attacked the slaver camp, in minutes, all that remained was a pile of body parts and blood soaked snow.

The Warriors then created a tremor in the snow and an avalanche roared down the mountain, forever sealing the frozen slaver parts under many feet of ice and snow, never to be found again!

They waited for weeks, finally, a search party came looking for the slavers, from their position, high in the sky, the Warriors of Sea followed the search party as it returned to its base and that night, they attacked with such fury, not a single living creature remained.

That base, also, they caused to be buried under tons of frozen ice and snow. They found several other such locations; those places were treated in the same manner, no quarter nor were warnings given and there were no survivors to tell what had happened to them.

The Warriors returned to their home, weary in body and spirit, they felt soiled for even having to view such disgusting filth. It would be the children who saved their beloved Warriors from sinking into despair.

The children’s joy that their Warriors were home, buoyed their lagging spirits, for who can remain unhappy when a gleeful child sits in his lap, giggling and telling of what they had done that day and then smothering their favorite Warrior in hugs and kisses?

That simple love of that a child extends to his own’ personal Warrior completely restored their souls and renewed their spirits.

Bela and Kitln were sitting, watching the sunset, as they looked up, they saw what brought them much joy, two glowing balls of light in the evening sky. They waved joyfully and the balls bobbled, then disappeared, never to be seen again.

Life continued to thrive at Fort Sea, teachers were found to restart schooling, with the threat of slavers destroyed, folks moved into the area, starting commerce and society began to rebuild. The population of Sea increased rapidly and new things were seen in the weekly open air market on a regular basis.

The Lodge of Warriors and the Lodge of Vampires held a revered place in the new society and Fort Sea grew in importance, not only as a Fort, but also as a center of learning, those Vampires who were also healers built a great hospital adjacent to the Fort and a University arose across the lake.

No matter how much time had passed, there were always children to grasp the hand of a Warrior, to sit in his lap or ride on his shoulder. Any trespass was forgiven, no matter what!

The End

This ends the stories of our Great Heroes in Other Wheres, but it is not the end of the Human Hybrid Warriors, look for them and their Turned Vampire Companions in the histories of The Healers.



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