A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


  PART 4





Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; The Healers have established hospitals and care centers throughout the ancient lands once known as North America. Their offspring, The Great Healers, have evolved into beings of such power as have never been seen before. They remain Human Hybrid Warriors like their ancestors; the limit of their power has yet to be determined. The first Great Healers, Ton and Kal, have returned to the lands of their birth with others of their kind, determined to bring civilization back to the lands lost during the Great Upheaval thousands of years earlier. In this, they have the full support of their fellow Warriors and the rulers of Three Kingdoms. They have established a new COLONY at the ancient site of Charleston Lagoon.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores, they can be created Hybrid.
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability, however, the ability is increasing. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so. Humans specially trained are able to meld without risk.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “The Healers” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Book, “The Colony”

From Book 9, The Healer Series; Creek Village was now over seven hundred people. The Marines helped the people lay out streets and designate blocks and main thoroughfares. One of the first buildings to be erected was a school and, again, the Sailors and Marines helped as teachers for the children. The hospital was next and then rows upon rows of houses were built. As they dug for streets, they found the ruins of an earlier city and were able to reclaim cobbles for paving the streets. More and more, Ton and Kal and their fellows felt at home in Creek, like it was a place they were meant to be. They were seated after supper, discussing what needed to be done, Ton asked Kal, “Do you feel at home here?” Kal replied, “Yes I do. Let us think about staying here and reclaiming all of North America.” The rest were standing behind Kal as he said that, Set spoke for the rest of them, “We agree.” They were all powerful mind-speakers and they mind-called Lymal and L’oki in Cairns. After they explained, both agreed with them and promised to help in the effort to reclaim North America for Humankind. Captain Bledsoe was given the option to stay, after polling his crew, everyone agreed. The AS McGinty was placed on permanent loan to the North American Colony. They failed to notice two glowing balls of light hovering in the sky above them, nor had they time yet to look at the drawing on the wall of the Human Hybrid Warrior from long ago.


The land rose sharply from Charleston Lagoon and rich farming land lay beyond. The ruins showed where there had been farms and small villages in ancient times and Gor and Tan had been raised on a farm as children, as well as Dost and Fel. Gor and Tan were both Warriors Great Healers, while Dost and Fel were Hybrid Warriors. The four had become close friends during their travels.

Together, they explored the lands north of the lagoon and found them to be fertile, with streams for water. After conferring with Ton and Kal, they mind-called The Bobby, asking for seeds and young trees that they might start farms to feed the people.

Unknown to those at the Lagoon, The Bobby and The Andrea, traditional leaders of the Mariposans, conferred with those at Cairns and it was decided to outfit a large cargo ship with everything that would be needed to start many farms. They loaded the ship with seeds, young trees, plows, harvesters and farm animals.

When the ship was ready, a delegation of Arundel Warriors asked to be included, along with their wives and families. When it was learned by the folk of Mariposa and Hawaii that a group of the Arundel Warriors had asked to be included, others from those lands also asked to be included.

Prince Tal, the Junior Prince of the Herder Folk, led a group of Herder Colonists to Mariposa, with their cattle and asked to be included. By the time all was ready, the fleet had grown to five large ships, filled with supplies and colonists that included Human Hybrid Warriors, Turned Vampires and Humans. The Bobby felt the fleet was too tempting a prize and the heavy cruiser, the MS Roger was added to the fleet.

The venerable old ship, The MS ROGER, carried a proud history and a mighty name, revered by all those who were Human Hybrid Warriors! It was the name of one of their Progenitors.

Those at Charleston Lagoon were staggered at the generosity of their people and were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fleet. The sailors and Marines of the McGinty worked overtime in the school teaching the villagers about the history of the Three Kingdoms and the Human Hybrid Warriors. The children of Charleston Lagoon eagerly absorbed the true story of their forbearers, and prepared to honor the fabulous Human Hybrid Warriors as they came among them.

The fleet made good time and, as the winter rains were slacking off, the fleet sailed into Charleston Lagoon with flags flying and howling horns and sirens. As they dropped their anchors, the people of the lagoon gathered on the beach to welcome the new arrivals. Among those aboard the ships were the High Chief of the Arundel and his wife, grandparents to Stick and Arrow. The two cadets had sensed their Grandparents aboard the MS Roger and they stepped forward to greet them as they came ashore. The boys had grown since the last time their Grandparents had seen them, they stood proud and tall in their Cadet Capes and berets.

As soon as the old chief spotted his Grandsons, tears began to flow, his pride in the boys knew no bounds. They were the future of his people!

Junior Prince Herder Tal directed the cattle be off-lifted into the lagoon and his people guided the beasts to the shore. The folk of Charleston Lagoon had never before seen cattle, they had vague legends of such animals from the Before Times, but cattle did not exist anywhere in their lands now.

The Young Prince Herder announced, “We bring you these gifts, cattle and ourselves, for we shall stay with you and help you and all of humankind here grow and recover. As we were helped, so also shall we help you.”

Seeds and young trees, foodstuffs and building materials were offloaded from the ships, goods and foods not seen since the great upheaval thousands of years prior, known now only in legend.

In that arrival, the population of Charleston Lagoon and Creek Village more than doubled.

The arrivals did not go unnoticed by the spies and lookouts of the raiders, Ton and Kal knew that it was only a matter of time that an attempt would be made to steal the goods and people. There were more Hybrid Warriors among those who had arrived and they offered their services to protect the Colony. There were great Birds of War patrolling from the skies and beasts guarding the forest that surrounded Charleston Lagoon, Human Hybrid Warriors all of them.

Fields and farms were begun, soil that had not been planted since the Before Times was plowed, using bullocks to turn the soil. The rich soil responded, grains and food plants sprouted and grew. The cattle dropped calves and new fruit trees grew rapidly. All the while, the Hybrids guarded and watched.

A company of Arundel Warriors had come on the ships and they patrolled the streets and lanes of the rapidly growing town. The old Chieftain and his wife told their grandsons that they were there to stay, Arrow and Stick were delighted.


The spring and summer passed with no sign of trouble, but it was not the way of Hybrid Warriors to relax vigilance. The more powerful Great Healers entered meld and reported several groups headed in their direction, all of them of evil intent.

Captain Bledsoe was the Senior Naval Officer Present and he ordered the Marines out to help protect the growing town. Malcolm Forbes, now a Captain of Marines, did not need an order, he was staying and these were his folk!

The Marine Captain brought his Marines out with enough firepower to fight a major war, he stationed his men around the perimeter of Creek Village, their guns pointed outward. The Marines had manhandled several of the pulse cannons ashore and hooked them up to the reactors on the skimmers. The raiders were in for a dreadful shock!

Ton and Kal were Great Healers, but they were also Human Hybrid Warriors, probably the most powerful of their kind to have ever lived. They were mated in a way never before known, it was like they were one person in two bodies, their minds permanently in meld.

They ranged their powerful aura out from the village in ever widening circles until they made contact with the Raider parties, there were five in all, headed to raid Creek Village. Their minds were so powerful, they sealed their energy, there was none lost to leakage. Had not those who were sensitive, been standing nearby, none would have known that Ton and Kal were ranging their minds far out to detect the raiders.

The Marines had created a map of the area surrounding Charleston Lagoon and the two Warriors Great Healers marked the map where the raider parties were and their course of travel.

There were six mated pair Warriors Great Healers and another twelve mated pair Human Hybrid Warriors and they were all angry! Leaving Marine Captain Forbes in charge of village security, the party of furious Warriors leaped into the air, changing to their flyer forms.

They wrecked such terrible destruction upon the Raiders, the Human sensitives left behind in Creek would have nightmares for months. There were no remains to be found of the Raiders, ever.

So terrible was their fury, the War Party stayed away from those whom they loved until they had recovered their equilibrium several days later. Even then, when they returned, their eyes had a haunted look as they went about their daily tasks. Only the small children dared approach them and it was those children who reclaimed the souls of their beloved Warriors.

When Ton and Kal had recovered from their grisly task, Cadets Arrow and Stick came to them and knelt, “Fathers, we are ready now, we wish to be made Healers as yourselves.”

Kal replied, “Yes, you are ready, but have you asked of your Grandparents their permission?”

The elderly High Chieftain and his wife were standing behind the two boys and they replied, “Lords Great Healers, the boys Arrow and Stick have our permission, may they serve you and all humankind well and be of great credit to all our folk.”

Ton and Kal picked up the two Aborigine Boys and cuddled them in their arms. They announced, “Warriors, Healers and folk of Charleston Lagoon, we go to create Arrow and Stick Healers of our kind.”

They retired to their small cottage and made preparations to go into vigil upon the boys. As they exchanged the blood and prepared to wait until the 7th day, there was a flash of energy that shook the entire village and the boys, who should have been in their sleep of change, stood before their makers as Warriors Great Healers. Their power was radiating off them in rippling waves, visible to the naked eye.

Such a thing was not possible, but undeniably, Arrow and Stick stood before Ton and Kal, fully awake and in command of their powers of Warriors Great Healer!

All the Hybrids, Turned Vampires and Human Sensitives felt the wave of energy and knew that something of great import had just taken place.

The wave of energy was so great, its ripples were sensed as far away as Cairns.

Immediately, L’oki and Lymal were sending, asking what had taken place.

In the confusion, two glowing balls of light were not noticed hovering above where the two boys were standing.

Chapter 3 – FORT HEALER

Work began on constructing a home for the Human Hybrid Warriors and Healers. They were calling it Fort Healer, a huge stone edifice on a ridge overlooking Creek Village.

As the walls rose, the villagers pointed to it in pride and started referring to “Their Warriors and Their Healers”!

Village boys followed both the Healers and the Warriors around, not yet realizing that the Healers were also Warriors. They looked with envy at those wearing the cloak and beret of Cadets. Their minds clearly showing that they desired communion with the Great Warriors and Healers!

When Ton and Kal realized this, they called assembly, drawing all the Healers and Warriors into Chapter.

The few Turned Vampires joined them as Ton said, “We have an opportunity here to train our young boys. Let us establish a Lodge of Cadets and from them shall come our future Warriors and Healers.”

Jol, a long time Turned Vampire who had joined the group emigrating from Cairns said, “We will tutor the Cadets and help make them ready.” So it was that the first ever Lodge of Cadets was established at Charleston Lagoon.

Fifty boys immediately applied and were admitted as Cadets. Despite being proud of their new Capes and Berets, their true interest was to become one with their beloved Hybrid Warriors and Healers.

The new Cadets hung on every word, every action and every thought of the Human Hybrids. Some were powerful mind speakers already as that was a common ability among the folk living in the area.

Some thought it was a mutation caused by the bombs and tragic occurrences of the Before Times, while others considered it a natural evolution. Whatever the cause, all the Cadets and most of the population of folk living in the area of Charleston Lagoon were sensitive to mind-speak and more than half of them could mind-send.

Hardly had Arrow and Stick become settled as Warriors Great Healers that two Cadets, Mogi and Jona knelt before them, asking to serve. They were unsure what they should do and they asked Ton and Kal.

They were advised to “Follow their hearts” in the matter.

As they accepted the two boys as their Cadets, Arrow and Stick felt such a surge of energy radiating from the boys, they had to sit down, lest they fall before the tremendous surge of energy!

Their mettle was soon to be tested, Arrow and Stick were on duty at the hospital when two young boys were brought in, having been mauled by a wild animal stalking the cattle they were guarding. The boys’ father brought them in, both boys were near death.

As soon as the two Cadets saw the condition the two injured boys were in, they mind screamed for their Healers to come at once. There was hardly a spot on either boy that was undamaged, their legs were broken and life was rapidly leaving them.

The Cadets placed each boy on a treatment table as the two Healers raced into the room.

They immediately placed their hands on the boys, the entire room was lit up in a red glow as the Healers forced their own life force energy into the boys that their own bodies could heal them. Arrow called out, “More, more energy, we are losing them!”

The two Cadets sent their life energy to the healers, never touching them, they sent power mind to mind. The entire room was engulfed in wild energies swirling from Healer to Healer and Cadets to Healers, the two Cadets pushed their young minds nearly to the brink.

The flow of energy was so great, all those sensitive, Human, Hybrid or Turned Vampire came running to assist.

They stood crowded at the doorway, not daring to enter the swirling forces being wielded by the Great Healers and their Cadets.

As the frightened father watched, his boys’ horrible injuries closed and their broken bones knit before his eyes. By the time his sons had been made whole again, the man was on his knees, tears streaming down his face trying to thank the Healers and Cadets for saving his sons.

Arrow and Stick went to the man and gently lifted him to his feet, saying, “Good Father, your sons are whole, take them home and love them as they are more precious than jewels.”


Arrow and Stick, along with their Cadets, Mogi and Jona were tired, but not exhausted. They sat at a table discussing their actions and how they could have done better. Arrow happened to look up and saw two glowing balls of light above their heads, he screamed and shouted, “Wha waa What are you?”

The balls gently floated downwards and, suddenly, two young men were standing there, one boy was an Indian and the other was just like themselves.

The four drew back in fear and one of the strange apparitions spoke to them, “Do not fear us, we come to assist you.” The Indian boy said, “I am Little Bear and this is Roger, we would show you how to manage your energies.”

Roger said, “Open you minds to us and we shall show you.”

All four opened their minds and they were met with a kaleidoscope of ideas and methods to rapidly heal the injured and cure the sick.

When they were done, the visitors said, “We must go now, but we will always be here for you.” At that, they disappeared, leaving the Healers and Cadets in a sense of wonder and loss.

When they related the strange incident to their makers, Ton and Kal, they were certain than they would not be believed.

Kal wondered out loud, “Is it possible?” Ton added, “Boys, do you have any idea who visited you?”

None of the four had a clue, Ton continued, “Roger and Little Bear are the Progenitors of our race, they were the very first Human Hybrid Warriors!”

All four boys were stunned, Ton and Kal hugged them all and said, “You have received a great gift, you have been chosen by our Progenitors for something of great importance. We will support you in all you do.”

Ton then remembered the ancient drawing on the old wall in the Before Times ruins. He led them to that almost forgotten place and showed them the drawing, “We always thought this was a picture of our Gods and we worshiped it.”

The boys stared at the old wall drawing and Arrow exclaimed, “That is Roger!”

The story of the occurrence spread rapidly through the Hybrids and Turned Vampires, Ton and Kal immediately mind spoke with L’oki and Lymal and reported what had taken place.

Princes Teddy and Tong-Fu were informed and plans were begun for a visit to Charleston Lagoon.

Despite the apparent peace, the Hybrids never relaxed their vigilance, over the several thousands of years of their existence; they had learned that peace was only a temporary condition. They had noted the arrival of dugout canoes containing natives from the Caribbean entering the mouth of the lagoon and immediately departing. They were sure they were being observed by spies from those warlike tribes and pirates. That those folk also practiced cannibalism and slavery only made them more vigilant.

Several ships brought more emigrants to Creek Village and the land surrounding Charleston Lagoon. Excess production from the farms was sent on the return voyage to supply those in Mariposa and the Land of the Herders, where the soil was not as productive, nor was there sufficient water to support large scale farming.

The ships reported seeing natives in canoes during their transit of the Florida Cut, but, since a warship always accompanied them, they felt there was little danger.

The AS McGinty, under the Command of Captain David Bledsoe regularly exercised its guns and kept sufficient reactor power available to get underway in a moment’s notice.

The families of many of the crew of the McGinty, including its Captain, had brought their children to Creek Village and become citizens of The Colony. A few young crew members had asked and been accepted as Cadets.

Life was becoming less precarious as the population grew, farm production was high and light manufacturing was beginning to show up. A small factory had been built to convert the hides of the cattle slaughtered for meat into shoes and other articles of clothing or use.

Next to the tannery, a tallow processor set up shop to make soap and skin lotions from the tallow. It followed that candles and fragrant oils soon were added to the product list.

Cotton was discovered growing wild and several farmers carefully collected the seeds and the next year, a limited amount of homespun cotton cloth was available.

The first sign of trouble came when several fishermen failed to return home from a fishing trip along the coast.

Chapter 4 – THE CARIBES

Captain Bledsoe sent out four fast skimmers in search of the missing fishermen, all they found was a partially burned fishing boat with its catch spoiling in the hot sun. Of the crew, there was no sign, however there was blood on the deck of the boat. The Healers confirmed the blood was human.

The next time the small fishing fleet put out to sea, there were four fast skimmers, loaded with armed Marines, along with them. That night, First Sergeant Robbie Erickson radioed the McGinty that they were under attack.

On command of Captain Bledsoe, the AS McGinty came to life, her control rods were pulled back to the redline and she got underway. The McGinty shot out of the Lagoon doing nearly 125 knots as she passed the breaker line.

The Marines radioed their position and the McGinty raced to their rescue, her guns swung out and chambers loaded. They found the skimmers being attacked by howling savages wielding clubs and axes. The Marines were fighting bravely, but they were grossly outnumbered, the McGinty came over the horizon, her searchlights sweeping the ocean’s surface and her guns blazing.

The McGinty’s impulse cannons were fully charged and flaming bolts of pure energy were being tossed at the savage’s canoes. Once hit, a canoe could not survive, the fabric of its construction was dissolved, the bond of the molecules lost their bond with each other.

The few attackers who survived, fled from the onslaught, no Marine lives were lost, but a number were severely injured.

Captain Bledsoe called for help from the Healers and almost immediately there was a wave of Great Birds of War landing upon his fantail! The Warriors acting as Cadets to the Great Healers treated and healed those who had been injured by the attackers.

When they had returned to Creek Village, they discovered that Cadets Mogi and Jona had self transformed; they stood on the landing as full Warriors Great Healers, waiting for the return of their makers.

It was with a sense of awe and wonder that Arrow and Stick welcomed their former Cadets into the fraternity of Great Healers.

The two new Healers chose Herc and Dolf as their Cadets. By necessity, Arrow and Stick also chose two new Cadets, Mik’l and Davi.

Ton and Kal called a Council of War, inviting all who were interested to join. All of the Hybrid Races, as well as most of the Town Folk wanted to attend, they were forced to hold the meeting in the Town Market, so large was the crowd.

Captain Bledsoe reported upon what he had observed of the people they were now calling Caribes, describing their numbers and methods of making war.

Two Warriors, Glib and Taro, reported on a reconnaissance flight they had performed as large Sea Eagles. They reported large concentrations of the warlike natives along the coast to the south and also on nearby islands in the sea. Their eyes went red with fury as they described stockades, filled with captives in each of the locations they had observed.

Jol, the leader of the Turned Vampires observed that the Caribes would only grow stronger as time passed and that they had already made it apparent that they would not live in peace with The Folk of The Colony.

Ton asked, “All those who feel we must eliminate these folk who are slavers and cannibals, please stand.” None remained seated.

Kal asked, “Captain Bledsoe, your orders have made you part of our Colony, correct? The Naval Officer replied, “Yes sir, I and all my men are part of The Colony and under your orders by order and BY CHOICE!”

Kal sent a brief thought to Ton and then continued, “As leaders of this Lodge of Great Healers, we, Ton and Kal, do hereby appoint you Colonial Rear Admiral in charge of the Defenses of The Colony. How many of the ships currently in harbor qualify as warships?”

David Bledsoe’s eyes were still twirling as he attempted to reply, “ssss, Sir, besides the McGinty, there are four such vessels currently in port.”

Kal then turned to Nokla and Oriel, “As the leaders of the Lodge of Warriors, do you concur that the danger must be eliminated?” Nokla replied, “We concur and join with you in this effort to protect our folk.”

The old High Chief of the Arundel stood and said, “My Warriors join also you!”

The Mayor of Creek Village stood, “My folk cannot do what those of you can do, but we will stand beside you in protecting this land.”

Admiral Bledsoe spoke up, “Captain Forbes, how say your Marines?”

The young Captain of Marines stood and replied, “Our Marines say Aye, Aye, Sir!” The Admiral replied, “Thank you, Colonial Major Forbes!”

Malcolm Forbes sat down in a daze as his Marines slapped him on the back and congratulated him.

The folk of The Colony spent the next week gathering supplies to support the expedition against the Caribe tribes. All of the Great Healers insisted on going, they all were, after all, also Human Hybrid Warriors before they ever became healers and Great Healers.

It was decided to leave the six skimmers in the lagoon, loaded with armed Marines and Town Folk volunteers. Half the Arundel Warriors were chosen by lot to remain as protection for Creek Village, much to their utter disgust and loud complaint.

Admiral Bledsoe argued decisively, to eliminate the Caribe villages on the islands first. The Caribes were not known to possess mind-speak powers and by eliminating them, the Colonial Forces would have no enemies behind their back.

The anger among the Hybrids and Turned Vampires was so great, the interiors of the ships were lit red as the small fleet got underway and sailed out of the harbor.

They struck the first island, the Human Colonists and Arundel Warriors had never before seen the Hybrids in war, nor had they ever witnessed the terrible crimes perpetrated by slavers and cannibals. They stood on the decks of the ships as wave after wave of the Great Birds of War leaped from the decks and watched beasts known only legends, wreck havoc upon the Caribe village. For the very first time, they knew from where their legends had come.

When they came ashore to help with the freed captives and slaves, their own rage rose as they saw the pitiful condition the slaves and captives were in. Mutilated children, maimed and disfigured adults, all being treated by the Warriors Healer and Warriors Great Healers.

Many of the Humans lost what little was in their stomachs as they witnessed the horror that had been visited upon those held captive. They had heard about, but never before witnessed the great energies wielded by the Healers as they repaired what the Caribes had done to those they had captured. They watched, fascinated, as missing feet, fingers and hands were regrown.

The Arundel Warriors, half blinded by their own tears, carried those children and adults to the Healers and then stood by while those same Healers pushed their very own life force into the victims that they be healed and made whole.

A number of the younger Arundel Warriors vowed to become Cadets to the Great Healers as soon as they returned to Charleston Lagoon.

The fleet skipped down the chain of coastal islands as the Hybrids waged war upon the Caribes. So many folk had been liberated, two ships were forced to return to Charleston Lagoon and place them with the folk there before returning to the fleet.

The Healers and their Cadets were expending so much energy; they needed to eat almost continuously to replenish themselves. They were drawing so much energy from the nearby environment. Frost was seen on the rigging of the McGinty, despite the warm, tropical climate.

When the fleet reached the Florida Cut, they began returning up the coast, destroying Caribe villages and outposts.

The few Caribes who escaped, they felt, would carry the message, “DO NOT ATTACK THE FOLK OF THE COLONY!”

When they had completed the raids, the Hybrids were exhausted and the Marines and ships’ crews were hollowed eyed at what they had witnessed. Many cried themselves to sleep each night after seeing what the Caribes had done to the children and adults they had captured.

Most of the crew had become very attached to the children and young adults they had rescued, many of them offered the children and teens a place in their own families and homes ashore.

There was no place in Creek Village to house orphans, but by the time the fleet had returned, there was no need to create such a place. All the liberated children and teens were taken in by the Creek Villagers and Ship’s Company. More than a few gruff old Sailors and Marines suddenly found themselves as Daddies!

The few Caribes who had escaped, carried tales of death and destruction throughout the islands, it would be many years before any of them dared think of attacking a colonial.

Eight young Arundel Warriors asked fellowship in the Lodge of Cadets and were accepted and many young Colonials asked to join the fleet as Sailors or Marines.

Again, the population of The Colony took a leap upwards and small communities began to appear in the uplands, where the farms and orchards were.

Word came that the Lords Prince Teddy and Tong Fu were coming and that Herder Prince Tal’s parents were coming. The Bobby and The Andrea were also coming for a visit.


Our story of the North American Colony and the feats of the Hybrid Races of Man will continue in the next episode.



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