A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


  PART 4





Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; The Healers have established hospitals and care centers throughout the ancient lands once known as North America. Their offspring, The Great Healers, have evolved into beings of such power as have never been seen before. They remain Human Hybrid Warriors like their ancestors; the limits of their power has yet to be determined. The first Great Healers, Ton and Kal, have returned to the lands of their birth with others of their kind, determined to bring civilization back to the lands lost during the Great Upheaval thousands of years earlier. In this, they have the full support of their fellow Warriors and the rulers of Three Kingdoms. They have established a new COLONY at the ancient site of Charleston Lagoon.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores, they can be created Hybrid.
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability, however, the ability is increasing. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so. Humans specially trained are able to meld without risk.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “The Healers” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Book, “The Colony”

From Book 1’ All the liberated children and teens were taken in by the Creek Villagers and Ship’s Company. The few Caribes who had escaped, carried tales of death and destruction throughout the islands, it would be many years before any of them dared think of attacking a colonial. Eight young Arundel Warriors asked fellowship in the Lodge of Cadets and were accepted and many young Colonials asked to join the fleet as sailors or Marines. Again, the population of The Colony took a leap upwards and small communities began to appear in the uplands, where the farms and orchards were. Word came that the Lords Prince Teddy and Tong Fu were coming and that Herder Prince Tal’s parents were coming. The Bobby and The Andrea were also coming for a visit.


The Heavy Cruiser, MS Roger arrived from Mariposa Port leading four heavily laden cargo ship filled with goods and emigrants. The Royal Banners of the Houses of the Three Kingdoms and that of The Great Herder flew at the mast of the huge warship, indicating that they were all aboard.

The Roger docked at the brand new pier at Village Landing and the Lords Prince Teddy and Tong Fu led the parade of leaders from the ship.

The Great Herder and Crown Prince Herder Ras spotted Prince Tal in the waiting crowd and went to embrace the young man. Ras had grown substantially since he left home and was now taller than his older brother. He had massive shoulders and he was followed by a group of small boys whom it was obvious he loved dearly. That he was a Human Hybrid Warrior was no secret and, from the size of his wing pouches, The Great Herder surmised that his youngest son was a powerful flyer.

The Kings, George and Fala followed and were greeted enthusiastically by waiting crowd. Ton and Kal, acknowledged leaders of the North American Colony clasped Teddy and Tong Fu to them in greeting.

Teddy said, “There is someone else here to see you.”

They looked up and saw their mentors and leaders of their Healer kind, L’oki and Lymal standing there with great grins on their faces. All four men were locked in an embrace, fathers and sons.

As soon as the ships were unloaded of their passengers, the Villagers put on a feast of welcome. The music and dancing lasted far into the night and they all celebrated. The visitors were amazed at the variety and quality of the foods served them, it was fortunate that Human Hybrid Warriors are not troubled by indigestion, the servitors kept piling foods on the plates without stop.

The next day, the visitors were amazed at the neat homes and buildings of Creek Village and impressed with the construction underway on Fort Healer, standing guard above the town. The village streets were paved with cobbles and new streets and homes were already marked out for construction.

Among the passengers were Human Hybrid Warriors and Healers wishing to emigrate to the new colony. There were also four Healers and their Cadets from the Southern Territories of Mariposa asking fellowship with the Colonists. All were accepted gladly, additional Warriors or Healers were always welcome, especially if they were willing to serve in the New Territories, people from Creek Village were begin move out on the road to Lou and, already, there were sizable villages along the path.

Among the other passengers were artisans and merchants wishing to start businesses in Creek Village and farmers looking for new opportunities for their skills.

A second company of Arundel Warriors asked acceptance, wishing to join with their brothers already there. Again, all were welcomed, nearly doubling the population a second time. A number of the wives of the first group of Arundel Warriors had come on the ship, there were suspicious absences that first afternoon and evening, but no one was going to make an issue of their absence!

Lord Prince Teddy asked to be shown the ancient drawing of the Human Hybrid Warrior in the Before Times ruins.

The folk of Creek Village had restored the area and made it a shrine in honor of their own Hybrid Warriors and Healers. There were neat paths and the ruined building had been roofed over to protect it and the drawing on the wall. The park like area had been protected and there was a keeper in charge that nothing should befall the ancient picture. The grasses were neatly trimmed and the caretaker had planted flowers around the building that contained the portrait.

They stared at the picture of a Human Hybrid Warrior, his eyes glowing red and fangs slightly protruding from his grinning lips. The Keeper told them they had no legends telling of how the drawing had come about, nor who had created it.

Prince Teddy was staring at the drawing, tears were running down his face as he saw his beloved Daddy looking back at him from the masonry wall of the ruins.

So intense were their emotions, none looked up to see two glowing balls of light hovering above their heads.

The keeper provided a bench for Lords Prince Teddy and Tong Fu to sit and contemplate what they were seeing. He could see that the two Princes Royal were riding high on their emotions and he was concerned that one or both of them might fall.

The Elderly Turned Vampire, Ging-Li had accompanied the Royal Pair and laid his hand gently upon Teddy’s shoulder, “Lord Prince, it is your Father, just like the picture in my homeland. Do not grieve, His shadow is upon us all in love and protection. Be comforted that these folk revere His memory and picture as do you.”

The Rulers of the Three Kingdoms and the Great Herder came also and knelt before the picture in great reverence, Lord Roger and his consort, Little Bear had created the Human Hybrid Race, they were the first, the progenitors of all who followed. They had saved both the Land of the Herders and Mariposa from sacking by the raiders.

That the Human Race had survived at all, was because of what the original pair, Human Hybrid Warriors, had done and created. All that they had, all that they were or ever would be, was because Lords Roger and Little Bear had rescued them, nurtured them and set them upon the road to success.

Teddy was so emotionally affected; Tong Fu had to lead him by the hand as they left the shrine. It was a somber group that met in the newly completed Chapter Room of Fort Healer.

The Bobby confirmed David Bledsoe’s new rank of Rear Admiral and authorized the transfer of the ships, including the McGinty, to the newly formed Navy of the North American Colony, the new designation would be the NACS McGinty and the transferred cargo ships would also bear the designator NACS.

The visitors were taken on tours of the surrounding countryside and farmlands. From the highest peaks nearby, they could see parts of the Great Inland Sea and the path that led to the town of Lui.

The Colony had been in contact with the leaders of Lui and there were a few Human Hybrid Warrior Healers resident in that city from the time of the First Great Expedition of L’oki and Lymal.

It was L’oki’s and Lymal’s intent to visit that city before they had to return to Cairns. The Hybrids of that town were already in mind contact with them and were eagerly awaiting their arrival. Both Ton and Kal had been on that original trip, they had not yet become Cadets themselves at the time of their first visit, but they remembered it well.

Ton and Kal began organizing the trip to the town of Lui. The Newly formed Arundel Legion would accompany them and provide security for the Rulers.

Argon Mo’puli, once Captain of an Arundel Company of Warriors was appointed Colonel of the Arundel Legion and put together a staff of officers to support their needs and help direct the activities of The Legion. They chose the Red Banner of The Great Healers as their own banner, placing the silhouette of the Uluru Rock in the center with crossed spears beneath it

Several of the townspeople created shoulder patches of the banner and the Arundel Warriors sewed them on their tunics. Their green tunics and bright red kilts made them stand out, Colonel Mo’puli drilled his warriors, making them a showpiece of The Colony.

Lest anyone mistake a Legionnaire as a parade warrior, they need only asked the shades of the Caribes killed in battle. The last attempt by the Caribes ended with them all dead, almost before they had stepped out of their canoes.

The trip was planned to take a week to get to Lui, a mobile kitchen was assembled and supplies gathered for the trip. The Human Hybrid Warriors would provide aerial surveillance with Ton and Kal acting as Medicos in the case of injury. There were four Aborigine Human Hybrid Warriors and they asked to be the ones who provided aerial protection and their request was granted. They, also, were the first of their kind among the Aborigines.

As the participants of the trip massed in readiness to depart, young boys of Creek Village watched the Arundel Warriors form up to march. The boys had envy and longing plastered all over their faces, by the time the Legion returned, they would find a Corps of Legion Cadets in full uniform to greet them. It would require all the red cloth in Creek Village to provide them with their kilts!

The party set out, passing through green fields and lush orchards that had sprung up north of Creek Village. The farm folk waved as the colorful Legionnaires marched by and they bowed in respect as the Rulers passed. It was an easy trip, there being only a few low hills to cross and many of the larger streams had new bridges in place to allow produce wagons to cross with their freight.

As far as three day’s march, new farms and small communities had sprung up along the trail that was becoming a road. Wagons containing farm goods were encountered heading both to Creek Village and also to Lui. The returning loads were manufactured goods and Colonists looking to emigrate to open lands where they could establish their own farms and communities.

As they approached the environs of Lui, farmers and villagers stood along the way to greet those from Creek Village.

A few folk, had brought those who had been hurt or injured in hope that there would be healers among the travelers, their legends and stories told of the first venture of the Healers along that road many years earlier and those stories were told by the folk living there.

Warriors Great Healers Ton and Kal would turn none away who were in need. At nearly every crossroads or small village, they stopped to treat those who needed a healer.

At the small village of Poke, a crowd was waiting for them, children had been burned when the school house caught fire.

The two Warriors Great Healer and their Cadets ran to the small warehouse where the children were being cared for, They were appalled at what awaited them, by the time they had healed all the children who had been injured, they were exhausted and had to be assisted in sitting down to a meal to replenish their energy. Another day and the children would have been dead.

In his exhaustion, Kal mind called for assistance from those remaining in Creek Village, they heard from the Warriors Great Healer at Fort Healer immediately, “WE COME”!

Soon, Huge Birds of War were seen racing through the skies and landing at the small village. Their feathered wing tips smoking from their great rush.

The folk of Poke Village had seen a few Warrior Healers before and there were several mated pair in Lui, but they had never seen such as those who arrived to help them. These Healers were enormous and carried such power within themselves, the villagers could see it radiating off their bodies. Their wing pouches showed the outline of enormous wings, fully a fifteen feet wing span when they were fully extended.

In minutes, they completed the efforts their leaders, Ton and Kal, had begun and the villagers saw these fabled creatures carrying their healed children in their arms, placing them in the arms of their Mothers and Fathers.

This was the beginning of the Flying Clinic Program that was established in the North American Colony. Warriors Great Healers would fly patrols weekly, should a farmer or a community need Healer assistance, they were to fly a red banner and a Warrior Great Healer would land and care for them.

Those who were Human Sensitives received training on how to mind call for help and small clinics were established in every community and staffed with a Human Sensitive. Larger Clinic would be staffed with a Turned Vampire Healer and, at least, one Cadet.

In time, it would become a network that would cover the continent.

Their arrival at Lui was a great joy, there were several mated pair, Warrior Healers who had been left to help the people of Lui many years earlier. They were delighted to be reunited with the leaders of their kind, L’oki and Lymal and have communion with these new healers, The Warriors Great Healers, beings they had only heard about. They proudly showed off their hospital and what they had accomplished in the years they had been there.

Ton and Kal were introduced to the local Healer Cadets and, as they scanned the cadets, their senses were assaulted, there were two pair Great Healers among them!

Ton called for the Warriors Healers of that hospital and explained what they had discovered. They asked permission of the local Warriors Healer to speak with the two pair Healer Cadets.

The boys were overjoyed, they had sensed they were different from their fellow cadets, but they did not know why. They gave their permission to change them, knowing it would be a lifetime burden.

In both cases, the Cadets converted spontaneously as the two Great Healers started their blood exchange. The explosive discharge of energy released at conversion brought all those sensitive running, thinking some terrible catastrophe had taken place.

The local Warriors Healer were overjoyed that they now had Two Mated Pair, Warriors Great Healers in their midst, the injuries they had healed had wrung them dry attempting their healing. Still, they lost some of their patients’ lives or the patients remained deformed and crippled, now they could be treated.

The four new Warriors Great Healer, Bork and Gan, Dirc and Fek were welcomed into the fraternity of Healers of Lui. They knelt before Ton and Kal, giving oath that they would care for all those injured and hurt upon their own souls, they swore before their fellow Healers and God.

The ties between the two communities were strengthened, those of Lui swearing fealty to the North American Colony and joining the Flying Clinic Program.

That program so interested L’oki and Lymal, they copied it upon their return to Fort Warrior in Cairns. It soon spread throughout the two Great Kingdoms and also the Land of the Herders.


The summer season was rapidly ending and the visitors from The Two Kingdoms and The Land of The Herders would soon have to return to their homelands.

Parties of Warriors Healer and Warriors Great Healer traveled the countryside, visiting crossroads and small communities healing and helping the folk of those places. Wherever possible, they left trained Human Sensitives who could call for help in the case of an emergency.

They had traveled to a small village of seven families, all related, with the last name of Carter. Appropriately, they called their home Carter Crossroads. The Carters were farmers who struggled to raise corn and vegetables that they sold at the open market in Lui. Like most country folk, they made the visitors welcome and invited them for supper.

Just as they sat down, they heard the mind scream of a small child, it was exceedingly strong for a child and they were able to query the sender. The child replied, “Bad mens took my Mamma and my Poppa.”

The Warriors Great Healer jumped up, frightening their hosts as their eyes went red and their fangs went into full drop. As they raced out of the farmhouse, their enormous wings scraped the door frames as they unfolded.

Ton asked the child, “What is your name?’ The child sent, “Me called Jens. Me hurts bad, me bled!”

They asked their hosts if they knew of a child named Jens and the father said, “Yes, Dav and Bet Mor’s little boy is named Jens.”

Ton asked, “Where?”

The man had heard stories of these saviors and replied, “Better that you read me!”

Kal brushed his mind across the man’s and saw where the little boy lived. He transmitted the farm location to Ton as they raced from the house, changing to Great Birds of War as they leaped into the evening sky. Sparks were being shed from their powerful wings.

Their hosts shivered in awe as they watched the two Great Warriors Healers streak across the sky. They could see sparks and bits of flaming feathers along their path as they disappeared over the low range of hills to the west.

The patriarch of the clan gathered his older sons and they saddled their horses to follow. He said, “Maybe we can help these men, we must try. Even in failure we will have proved our worth to these great winged men AND to ourselves!”

The Carter Men raced their horses across the fields to their neighbor’s home, disregarding any danger to themselves.. When they arrived, they found the Warriors Great Healer holding a very frightened child of about five years of age.

Old Mr. Carter said, “Let me try to talk to the boy.” He held Jens until he had stopped crying and he gently asked him, “The bad men, which way did they go when they took your Mamma and Poppa?”

Old Mr. Carter was a Human Sensitive and he also mind-sent his question to the child. Kal and Ton heard the man’s gentle questioning of the child by mind-speech and they looked knowingly at each other.

The boy sent, “The Quarry, where I’s not supposed to go. PPpPlease Mr. Carter, sir, save my Momma and Poppa!”

The man told his youngest son to stay with the child and he called his other sons to follow him, he sent to the Warriors Great Healer, “Across the creek, follow the trail around the hill and the quarry is just beyond the gap!”

Again the Great Healers raced into the sky, small animals running in fear at their furious passage.

The Carter men followed at a full gallop, mindless of any dangers that might be in their path as they struggled to keep those monstrous birds in sight.

They caught up to the Great Healers, there were a dozen dead or dying ruffians on the quarry floor and the Healers were attending to two young people, a man and a woman, both had been horrible brutalized. It was clear the two were dying.

The youngest Carter, Bili, promptly lost his supper at the sight as the healers attempted to heal the two injured folk.

Ton screamed, I am losing him, someone help me!”

Jeri Carter asked, “Tell me, Tell me what I need to do!” Jeri was a 20 year old young man, strong and healthy.

Ton sent to him, hoping he was a sensitive, “Lay your hands on my back and think about pushing your life force into my body.” As his father watched his son lay his hands on Ton’s back, he saw his son begin to glow and his hands turned bright red. He saw Ton’s hands turn red as his son pushed energy into him, as he watched, Dav Mor’s broken body straightened and the awful cuts and wounds closed and healed.

When the two young parents had been healed, Ton turned to Jeri Carter and said, “You have great power and could be a healer with us, would you accept training?”

The young man struggled to control his emotions and replied, “I would do anything to be able to do what you just did, Sir!”

Despite his fatigue, Ton went to Old Mr. Carter and asked, “Your son has the potential of being a Warrior Healer or even a Warrior Great Healer like myself and my mate, Cal. Would you allow him to come with us and be trained?”

The old man looked at Ton as he replied, “It is our tradition to help all those who are in need, if my son, Jeri, has this ability, then it is my duty to give him to you that he might serve all humankind.”

Old Mr. Carter had already discovered that the Warriors and Healers were mated to other Male Warriors or Healers and he had always suspected that his son, Jeri, might be a man who loved another man.

So it was, when the Great Healers departed the next morning, Jeri Carter went with them. He had gathered his partner in the next village and they both would become Warriors Great Healers of great skill and power. Jeri Carter and his partner Alun Dor would become the leaders and prime movers of the North American Colony Flying Clinic Program.

As young as he was, little Jens Mor remembered his encounter with those wonderful beings who saved his Mamma and Poppa and, when he was older he walked the whole distance to Creek Village to apply to be a Healer Cadet.

In time, Jens became a Warrior Great Healer and returned to Carter’s Crossing, which by that time had become Carterville, and, with his mated partner, established a hospital that served the entire area. His Father and his Family would supply and support the Hospital for many generations of Carters!

As the three men traveled along the roadway, returning to Creek Village, Jeri asked both Ton and Kal all the questions he could think of about being a Healer. He had already experienced the surge of energy as he had sent his own life force through his hands to Ton, that he could heal the man.

He said to Ton, “As I was sending you my energy, I could feel Dav’s body heal, it was like buttoning my trousers as his flesh came back together.”

Both Ton and Kal had the feeling that Jeri Carter was going to be another who converted spontaneously.

They were correct, he would. So also, would his future partner, Alun Dor, convert without having to go through the sleep of change.

During their return trip back to Creek Village none of the three men happen to look up and see the two glowing balls of light floating above their heads.


As the summer ended and winter began to close in upon Creek Village, those who had come for a visit needed to return to their own homes and lives.

The four freighters had been loaded with farm goods and the passengers found their cabins and staterooms waiting for them.

In a frenzy of screaming sirens and ship’s horns, the heavy cruiser, MS Roger slowly got underway and led the small fleet of cargo ships out of the harbor and into the open sea.

Their return voyage was uneventful, they saw no trace of the feared Caribes and when they arrived, the merchants to whom the goods had been consigned were delighted with the quality and the quantity that the Colonists had sent to them. The fresh fruits alone, was going to make their fortunes.

Even before the ships were unloaded, a return trip was being planned for the next spring.

L’oki and Lymal instituted a Flying Clinic Program in the Two Kingdoms and also in the Land of the Herders, it was an instant success.

The Arundel Warriors of Australia reorganized into several Legions and formed the Legions of Cadets.

They were the Warriors who protected the walls at Fort Warrior and their colorful uniforms, suggested by their fellow Warriors in The NAC, made them particular favorites in parades and Civic Ceremonies.

It was a period of growth, both in population and in learning. There was great demand for passage to the NAC for new colonists and new inventions were rolling out of the laboratories of Dracule University.

The equipment for an automatic radio link that would include telephone traffic, was readied for shipment to Creek Village and the NAC’s first television station was in crates, ready to be loaded on a ship.

Text books and teaching guides were packed up for shipment and before the winter solstice, it was discovered that an additional two ships would be needed for the next freight delivery to the NAC!

The leaders of the nations voted to appoint Ton and Kal as co-Viceroys of the Colony and they were both raised to the peerage.

It was becoming apparent that Lord Prince Teddy and Tong-Fu were failing. The long trip had taken its toll on them and they were seen sitting and holding each others’ hands.

Those that loved them dearly were worried and did everything they could to lighten their burdens, but that was all they could do, they were still the Lords Prince until such time as they relinquished their titles or they died.


This story will continue and we shall witness the growing communities in North America, along with great advancements in the lands of the Southern Ocean. Places that had not seen humankind civilization in 5,000 years and more will, again become populated and shall prosper.



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