A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.


  PART 4





Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; The Healers have established hospitals and care centers throughout the ancient lands once known as North America. Their offspring, The Great Healers, have evolved into beings of such power as have never been seen before. They remain Human Hybrid Warriors like their ancestors; the limits of their power has yet to be determined. The first Great Healers, Ton and Kal, have returned to the lands of their birth with others of their kind, determined to bring civilization back to the lands lost during the Great Upheaval thousands of years earlier. In this, they have the full support of their fellow Warriors and the rulers of Three Kingdoms. They have established a new COLONY at the ancient site of Charleston Lagoon.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores, they can be created Hybrid.
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability, however, the ability is increasing. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so. Humans specially trained are able to meld without risk.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “The Healers” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Book, “The Colony”

From Book 2; There was great demand for passage to the NAC for new colonists and new inventions were rolling out of the laboratories of Dracule University. The equipment for a radio link that would include telephone traffic was readied for shipment to Creek Village and the NAC’s first television station was in crates, ready to be loaded on a ship. Text books and teaching guides were packed up for shipment and before the winter solstice, it was discovered that an additional two ships would be needed for the next freight delivery to the NAC! The leaders of the nations voted to appoint Ton and Kal as co-Viceroys of the Colony and they were both raised to the peerage. It was becoming apparent that Lord Prince Teddy and Tong-Fu were failing. The long trip had taken its toll on them and they were seen sitting and holding each others’ hands. Those that loved them dearly were worried and did everything they could to lighten their burdens, but that was all they could do, they were still the Lords Prince until such time as they relinquished their titles or they died.

Chapter 1 – GREAT SORROW

The seasons changed in the Southern Hemisphere, the cool season was beginning and the cargo ships were swinging the last of the freight consigned to the NAC into their holds.

All passenger cabins were taken with those wishing to immigrate to the new colony and Herder Crown Prince Ras had finally been given permission by his father, The Great Herder, to visit his brother, Herder Junior Prince Tal in Creek Village. He was bringing a personal gift to his brother, a small herd of his own prize cattle, a breed he had developed himself.

The bulls weighed in at 2,000 pounds and the cows only a slightly less weight. They were monstrous creatures, however, Ras had bred them to be gentle and easily managed.

Both Princes were powerful Human Hybrid Warrior Telepaths and Prince Tal was eagerly awaiting the cattle to improve the bloodlines of his own herds.

As the ships were preparing to sail, a great scream went through the mental ether, Human Hybrids, Turned Vampires and Human Sensitives across the planet dropped in suffering, “LORDS PRINCE ROYAL TEDDY AND TONG-FU WERE DEAD!”

Those in Charleston Lagoon immediately made plans to take the NACS McGinty back to Cairns.

They grabbed a few belongings and left behind only those absolutely needed to protect their population. Before nightfall, the NACS Mc Ginty shot out of the harbor with her reactor control rods pulled out as far as they would go. The ship was loaded beyond capacity as those needing communion with their kind in this great tragedy shared cabins and even bunks in order to get them to Cairns. It was too far for the Hybrid Warriors to fly, but, had there been no place for them on the ship, they would have attempted the feat!

The great ship passed through the Florida Cut at slightly more than 250 knots, creating a huge wave that inundated the surrounding shores.

Across the open gulf and around the Southern Territories of Mariposa the great warship raced, the bearings in her massive turbines and shafts running at temperatures the engineers feared would cause failure soon. They added cooling water flow and prayed the valiant ship would hold together long enough to get them to Cairns.

The great ship made the fastest passage ever, but to those aboard, the trip was interminable. Hardly had mooring lines been passed to the line handlers on Navy Pier in Cairns, Human Hybrids were leaping from the fantail in Birds of War form.

The Turned Vampires led by the Eldest of all Living Vampires, Ging-Li, raced down the gangway before it had even been secured, covering themselves from the sunlight with blankets stripped from their beds.

The four leaders of all Healers, L’oki, Lymal, Ton and Kal flew into Fort Warrior, leaving a trail of singed feathers and sonic booms along their path.

They were met at the gates, the Valiant Arundel Warriors, their tunics draped in black and their lances reversed, opened the gates to admit them. The wails of their brothers hung heavy in the air inside the Fort, the bodies of their beloved Teddy and Tong-Fu were laid out in the Grand Rotunda and row upon row Human Hybrid Warriors and Healers were kneeling, their faces wet with the tears of sorrow and pain.

Among them were the two Kings, George and Fala, they also, were failing and were very frail.

Prince Paul of England stepped forward as L’oki and Lymal entered the room, he whispered to them that Teddy and Tong-Fu’s dying words were for them both to assume leadership of all Human Hybrids, in their place.

They started to protest and Paul raised his hands, “That was their wish, it will be formalized in Chapter tomorrow morning.”

A man from the Television Crew walked up to L’oki and Lymal, bowing low, he said, “Lords Prince Healers, the camera is set up, please come and reassure our people that The Human Hybrid Warriors will continue to protect us.”

The two followed the man to where they had set up the television camera directly in front of the huge bronze doors of the private quarters of the leaders of their race.

L’oki and Lymal were in mental communion, they decided that only Lymal would speak.

Lymal wiped the tears from his face, L’oki didn’t bother.

As soon as the cameraman waved his hand to him, Lymal began to speak, “Peoples of our lands, we have suffered a great loss, our beloved Human Hybrid Leaders, Lords Prince Teddy and Tong-Fu have, at long last, laid down their heavy burden. Their love and guardianship, we shall know no more. They have earned their rest, for 2,500 years they have spread their mantle of protection over our bodies and souls. Now, the burden is ours to carry, we shall meet in Chapter tomorrow, along with the Human Hybrid Warriors Great Healers and Warriors Healers, the Turned Vampires and the Valiant Arundel Warriors to choose new leaders. That Mantle of Protection continues to shield us all, let those who would harm our peoples beware, our vigilance remains unchanged, our memories are long and our vengeance, terrible! We go now, to comfort our fellows in our great sorrow, we shall survive and we shall once more be among you, after our period of mourning. Be comforted, our love for all of Humankind, our resolve to protect all of Humankind remains unchanged.”

He signaled for the cameraman to shut the camera down and L’oki held him while he shuddered and tears rolled freely down his face.

T’kli, himself as old as Teddy and Tong-Fu, had been comforting his son, L’oki, “My son, tomorrow you will be selected as co-leader of all Human Hybrids. There is no difference, we Dracule are the same folk as the Hybrids. You and your mate, Lymal, shall be The Lords Prince Warriors.”

The aged Dracule hugged both men and said, “My sons, I know of none better to lead our race, I know of none better to lead all of Humankind into a new and better future. Go now, and comfort those who are in great distress.”

L’oki and Lymal spent the remainder of the night comforting their fellows and the Ancient Turned Vampire, Ging-Li, assisted the two men in holding on to their own sorrows as they passed among the race of beings who had become the benefactors of all mankind.

As dawn broke over Fort Warrior, the Call to Chapter was sounded. Its solemn gongs were heard throughout Cairns, letting the people know that Chapter was called.

Chapter 2 –A NEW ERA

An aging Prince Paul, Moderator of the Lodge of Human Hybrid Warriors called all of their kind to Chapter. It took two hours for all the world’s Human Hybrid Warriors and Human Hybrid Great Warrior Healers to pass into the Chapter Room.

As he had done once before, 2,500 years earlier, he called, “I dispense with protocol, in accordance with the wishes of Lords Princes Warrior Teddy and Tong-Fu, I ask permission to name their successors. All who would object, please stand.”

No being in Warrior Hall stood, he then turned to the Turned Vampire Lodge and asked again the question; again, no being stood.

Yet again, he faced the Arundel Warriors and asked his question, still none stood.

He lastly addressed the Hall of Healers and none stood there either.

As he began to turn back to the Chapter, a voice rang out, “I, Dan, speak for the Society of Healers Cadet, we find no fault in your plan!”

As Dan finished, another voice rang out, “I, Do’loni speak for the Cadets of the Arundel Warriors, we ask that you proceed, we find no fault in your plan!”

The television crew was transmitting live to the folk of the Three Kingdoms, even those in The North American Colony were receiving the broadcast in sound only.

Prince Paul faced the television camera and said, “On the authority given me by those here assembled, I do announce that we have Two New Lords Prince Warrior, Lord Prince Lymal and Lord Prince L’oki. Long may they cover our lands and our people with their protection.”

As one, all the Folk assembled at Fort Warrior knelt and gave oath to their new leaders.

Lymal and L’oki stood before the assembly and Lymal called out, “Princes Great Healers Ton and Kal, come before us.”

When Ton and Kal stood before their rulers, L’oki said, “Princes Ton and Kal, kneel before us, Prince Ton, Prince Kal; we name you Lords Prince Healers of all the Healer Kind”

He continued, “In you is the leadership of all those who heal our folk, in you we place the safety, the health and the care of our people”

Both Ton and Kal were shaking so badly, they could hardly give oath to their leaders.

Emotions were so great among those assembled there that no one noticed the four glowing balls of light hanging above them all.

The administrators and department heads of the folk who performed the everyday tasks at Fort Warriors met with the two leaders, showing them all that it took to administer the vast network of Warriors and Healers.

Ging-Li introduced them to the Turned Vampires who were the backbone of the far ranging mental communications network that served all of their lands and people.

They met with the leaders of the Navy assigned to them and also with the leadership of the Arundel Warriors. The Shamans of the Aborigine People and of the Maori Folk pledged their people in support of the two new Lords Prince Warriors.

Lastly, a delegation of the independent peoples of the Western Sea stood before Lymal and L’oki. The fisherfolk of those scattered islands and the peninsula of the Malay pleaded their case for communion with the Hybrid Warriors.

When they finally had a moment to themselves, T’kli and his Dracule folk came. T’kli said, “We are not a different race from you, we are the same as the Human Hybrid Warriors, in this we ask that we be so included. No longer do we wish to be known as the Dracule, we are merely Human Hybrid Warriors like yourselves.”

Lymal asked, “What about your traditions and your past?”

T’kli responded, “We came from a destroyed planet, there are none other than ourselves. Our bloodlines are as yours, our traditions are now yours and our people are as yours, it is time to let Dracule go and be Human.”

The days and the weeks passed and the business of Fort Warrior passed again into routine.

Ton and Kal longed for their home at the Charleston Lagoon and began to make plans to return. Their Great Warship, had been repaired of the damage it sustained getting them to Cairns and they felt administrative needs of the Charleston Lagoon Colony were demanding their presence.

Junior Prince Herder Tal had done a splendid job holding “down the fort” in their absence, but the North American Colony was growing and their presence was needed.

All those who had booked passage on the freighters were notified and any freight not yet delivered to the Colony was loaded onto the ships and made ready for departure.

A number of professors and instructors of the former Dracule University, now called Cairns University, had gathered the materials needed to teach their classes at Creek Village. They would be temporarily housed in Fort Healer until their own buildings could be constructed.

A group of Arundel Warrior Cadets pleaded their case to come to Creek Village and they were added to the passenger list.

Several of the younger Warriors Healers and a few of the Warriors Great Healers asked to come along and, suddenly, all the passenger cabins were filled.

The last evening in Cairns was solemn and quiet, they were going to miss the company of Lymal and L’oki, but, as they were reminded, they were only a thought away.

Crown Prince Herder Ras still had his Father’s approval to travel to Charleston Lagoon with his gift of the prize cattle, he felt fate had smiled upon him that he had secured a stateroom on the McGinty, rather than the ship carrying his cattle. He loved his cattle, but not enough to sleep on the same ship with them for the weeks it would take to get to Charleston Lagoon! He did not “bother” his Father, The Great Herder, with the fact that he was traveling to Charleston Lagoon.


The fleet arrived at Charleston Lagoon with flags flying and the ships’ horns and sirens screaming.

During the transit, the crew of the McGinty presented Ton and Kal with a new banner befitting their new station, it was the Red Banner of the Healers with crossed spears and a crown. It denoted their dual function, that they were the Viceroys of the North American Colony and also the Lords Prince Healers.

As the two leaders stepped off the gangway, all hope of being able to slip away unnoticed left them, a reporter from the new television station was standing at the foot of the gangway.

He had his cameraman ready to begin transmitting as he bowed to them, “Lords Prince, please say a few words that our folk will know you remain their own.”

Ton nodded and said, “I will speak”

When the cameraman indicated he was ready, Ton began, while holding Kal’s hand, “People of our Colony, we are entering a new era with new leaders, but our love and care for all the races of man remains unchanged. Our commitment to all remains unchanged. Our commitment to this colony remains unchanged. We are one people, one land and one purpose upon one world. With your help, our colony will become a great nation and take its place among the other nations of our people. I announce to you now, the Capital of the North American Colony is this town, this place, Creek Village! Beware those who would threaten our people, we, The Human Hybrid Warriors and Healers remain powerful, threaten not that which is ours to protect!”

In their absence, the Arundel Warriors had renamed themselves the “Colony Warriors” and their cadets had formed a marching band. The Band and the Warriors formed up to escort Lords Prince Ton and Kal to their new home located at Fort Healer, as befitted their new Vice Regal status.

When they had finally reached the Great Fort, their surprise and ceremony was not done with, twelve mated pair Warriors Great Healers knelt before the gates, their spokesman, Lee, spoke, “Lords Princes, we are newly made Warriors Great Healers as we made our change spontaneously during your absence. We now give oath to you.”

The group gave oath before God and their fellow Healers as did their newly appointed cadets.

A young Turned Vampire youth stepped forward and bowed deeply, “I am Palo, your new Major Domo. Please follow me to your new home here in Fort Healer.”

They followed the young Vampire into the interior of the Fort, where he opened a set of huge carved wooden doors and motioned for them to enter.

Kal asked, “How is it, Palo, you are able to be outside in the sunlight?”

Palo smiled, “Lord Prince, I am resistant to the sunlight, only the direct, intense light of an un-shaded desert will affect me. I am like my ancestor, Ging-Li. My full name is Ging Palo Li”

He led the two leaders through their new home, showing them the numerous rooms and, in great pride, he showed them the Arrival/Departure Balcony.

He said, “It is an exact duplicate of the one at Fort Warrior!”

He led them through another set of doors where they found busy young Turned Vampires operating a telephone switchboard and various office machines.

He said, “We now have telephone service as far as The Rocks and in the next few days, a radio link will be completed to Lake. In addition, we have dedicated mind-speakers in contact at all times throughout North America. The radio link to Cairns is up and functioning, carrying also radio and television circuits.

He laid out a map, covered with red and blue dots, “This shows all the assigned Warriors Healer in the Colony with red dots, the blue dots are the Warriors Great Healers. The hollow dots indicate those stations that are covered by a Turned Vampire Healer.

He then rolled out yet another map with yellow dots and green dots, “The green dots are squads of Arundel Warriors and the yellow dots are Mated Pair Human Hybrid Warriors.

Ton asked Palo, “Are you our Major Domo or Office Manager?”

Palo grinned, “My Lords Prince, I do anything and everything to help you and our people.”

It turned out that Palo was an extraordinary cook also and he served them a dinner beyond which they had ever eaten before.

They were seated in their “relaxation” room, idly viewing the several television stations when they heard a mental scream, “Help me, my brother is hurt, HELP ME!”

Ton and Kal went immediately to alert and sent, “Where are you?”

The reply came back, “We are at the dock at Creek Village, In The Name Of God, Please HURRY!”

The two Great Healers launched themselves from the balcony in a cloud of feathers and sparks as they raced for the boat landing. The air was shrieking in protest of their passage, Healers and Warriors spotted the racing pair and followed to give whatever assistance they could.

They found a crude dugout canoe at the landing and a small boy wildly waving his arms at them.

They landed and assumed their human form, the boy cried through his tears. “The legends, the legends are true! My big brother, Wil is hurt and I cannot help him. Please Great Lords, save my brother Wil!”

Kal stepped into the dugout and lifted a teen boy from the bottom of the small boat, he was battered and torn by some wild animal, his left arm nearly severed from his body.

Kal laid the teen on the dock, “Ton, it will take both of us to save this boy!”

Two Warriors Healer stepped forward, “We will act as your Cadets, SAVE THE CHILD!”

Ton and Kal knelt beside the injured boy and began pumping their own Life Force into his body. The Warrior Healers watched in horror at the levels of energy being channeled before they stepped into meld, adding to the two Great Healers. They could only assist these Great Healers, they had neither the power nor the skills to do what they did!

Kal screamed out, “We need more, we are losing him fast!” Two Arundel Warriors stepped up, “We know not what to do but guide us and we will help.”

The closest Warrior Healer said, “Lay your hands on our backs and think about adding of yourselves to us, we will guide you.” The Warriors did as they were instructed and the swirling energies lit up the entire dock.

Ton’s and Kal’s hands and arms were glowing fiery red and a halo of sparks was glittering in a swirl around their heads.

Suddenly, a massive wave of energy shot from the two Warriors Great Healer and the injured boy began to glow.

As the glow faded, they could see his horrific wounds close and heal over, his broken limbs straighten and reform. The awful rents in his face and chest healed and faded from sight.

As they backed away from the injured teen, he began to moan and cry out; his brother held his head, crying, “Wil, Wil. Come back to me Wil, you are all that is left to me, we are alone, Wil.”

The two leaders looked at each other and they both nodded. Ton knelt beside the two boys and Kal rested his hand upon his mate’s shoulder.

As the teen, Wil, regained his senses and opened his eyes, he screamed, “The Beast, the Beast, is it gone”

Ton scanned the teen’s mind and shuddered at what he saw, he sent the picture to the two Warrior Healers and they immediate shifted to their Great Birds of War, they were going lion hunting!

As soon as Will could sit up, Ton asked the boy, “You are alone, where are your parents?” Wil burst into tears, “The beast killed them.”

Kal leaned down to the boys and gently asked, “Would you two like to become Ton’s and my sons?” The teen asked, “Wh, whhhhh who are you?” He was holding his younger brother, protecting him from these two strangers.

Ton replied to the boy, “We are the Lords Prince Great Healers, will you please become sons to us, we have none?” The teen began to cry out, “AAAEEEEEI, I am afraid…”

Ton picked him up had held him in his arms, Kal did the same with the younger brother. Both brothers were powerful mind-speakers and they finally understood the love that Ton and Kal had for them both and they agreed to become the sons of the Lords Prince Great Healers, Viceroys of The North American Colony. They did not know that they also would be Junior Princes of the Colony!

A short time later, they had both boys in new clothes that Palo had obtained, and they were seated in the lounge of their Fathers’ private quarters, having a hot meal.

Two huge Birds of War landed on the balcony and, as the frightened brothers watched, they became the Human Hybrid Warriors Healer Jon and Gil.

The two bowed to Ton and Kal and said, “Lords Prince, we found the pride of African lions and we transported them to a large, uninhabited island, where they may thrive without harming our folk.”

The two Warrior Healers hugged the two boys and congratulated them, suddenly, something caught their attention and they lightly scanned the two brothers. Jon motioned to Ton and Kal to come outside the room.

When they left Gil to distract the two brothers, Jon whispered to Ton and Kal, “Those boys, I have never seen minds like theirs”, he looked at Ton and paled, “Their minds are like yours, Lord Prince.”

Ton and Kal smiled and replied, “Yes, Jon, they are different and we believe they will become Warriors Great Healers when they mature.”

Gil came out and joined them, both knelt before their Lords Prince and asked, “Lords Prince, may we be allowed to join your household, we formed a love for those boys and would like to be part of their growing up. We would serve you both in any manner, as long as we might be close to Wil and Jac.”

So it was that the two Warriors Healer, Jon and Gil joined the personal staff of the two leaders. They were both young enough to be like older brothers to the boys, Wil and Jac, and the four were frequently seen walking about Creek Village together.

The island to which the lions were banished became a wild animal park, where the visitors were in cages and the exhibits roamed free. Over time, additional animals would be added to the Wildlife Park and it would become a favorite attraction to their people, as well as visitors from other lands.


The young Tribal Chieftain of the settlement at The Rocks mind sent to the Capitol that they had some teen boys who had come out of the snowy lands of the far north with a terrifying tale of hurt people and terrible beasts. Their Warrior Healers were helping the boys, but their injuries were beyond their capabilities.

A young Turned Vampire, Les, took the message and passed it to Palo. Palo looked at his maps and he had no Great Healers immediately available in that area to help.

He rushed to show Ton and Kal the message and told them of his problem. There was no decision to be made, the two leaders would go themselves.

Palo said, “Oh no you don’t, Warrior Healers will go with you two Princes of our kind!”

He immediately mind sent to the Garrison Commander, asking that four Warrior Healers be assigned to go with the Lords Prince.

Jon and Gil got wind of the project and they told the Garrison Commander that they WOULD be two of those sent! All this amused Ton and Kal, Kal said, “Are we going to be shepherded wherever we go, what if we wanted……..”

A very red faced Ton shouted, “Don’t even THINK something like THAT!”

Palo held the two young boys while their Daddies and friends shifted into their Great Bird of War and leaped from the balcony, streaking northwards to the Village of The Rocks.

Palo felt both boys’ need and he said quietly to them, “If you want this so desperately, you must ask of your Fathers, only they have the power to do as you wish of them.” Palo had sensed the tremendous power locked up in the two boys and he prayed that they would wait until their Daddies got back before they converted themselves!

The party of Warrior Healers sped northward at their fastest pace, leaving frightened animals and scorched vegetation wilting in their path.

As daylight was fading, they saw the small village that was their destination. As they slowed and glided downwards to land, they returned to their human forms.

The Young Village Chieftain, Kale, had sensed their approach, he was a powerful human sensitive, and stood in the clearing to meet his Royal Guests. He bowed low to Ton and Kal and said, “My Lords Prince, the boys are at my home, our healers are doing all they can, but the boys are failing fast, I fear they will soon be dead.”

The six Healers ran to the nearby home of the Chieftain, a low adobe brick structure with overlapping tiles laid for a roof.

As Ton and Kal entered the building, the two local Warriors Healer, Bos and Stan, turned with tears in their eyes, “We have not the power or the skill to save these boys, thank you for coming.”

There were six boys laying there, they chose the two most seriously injured and Ton took one and Kal the other. They asked the two local Warrior Healers to assist them. The two local Healers stood tall and proud, despite their fatigue, that these two Great Men had asked them for help.

The freshly arrived Warriors Healers immediately backed them up as cadets and both Great Healers started pumping their own Life Force energy into the wounded boys.

The room was crackling with energy and the cooking utensils were vibrating and falling to the floor. Small metal objects melted and ran like water as energy escaped from the hurt children. Sparks were jumping from both Ton’s and Kal’s fangs as they pushed enormous amounts of energy into the hurt boys.

As soon as the first pair were healed, two more and then the final two were cared for.

The village Healers took over soothing the healed boys and holding them in their arms until the two Great Healers had completed their tasks.

The village women were watching from the doorway, as soon as the boys were healed, they began bringing hot foods to feed the starving youngsters and the Healers who had saved them.

The oldest of the boys pushed the food away, “I am Gog, son of Tor, headman of Willow Village. We have been attacked by cruel and vicious warriors, all painted and howling. My Father thinks they are eaters of men! We must have help, our legends speak of a folk able to fly and do wondrous deeds, can you direct us to those who can do those things? Only they can save our people!”

Ton stood and said, “Do you mean like this?” He shifted to his Bird of War, an enormous Sea Eagle with a 15 foot wing spread!

The boys prostrated themselves before the Healers, “Blessed Gods of our legends, we pray to you to save our people.”

The six Healers from Creek Village leaned over and stood the boys on their feet and Kal said, “We are not Gods and you need not worship us. We will help you and your people fight off the humans called Cannibals. Think to me where your village is located so that we may go there.”

When they had learned of the location of Willow Village, they told the two village Warrior Healers to stay and care for the boys, they were going to war!”

The two Healers from the village said, “No Lords Prince, we go with you. The village can care for the boys now and you may need our help. WE SHALL GO WITH THEE!”

The six boys looked back and forth between these strange men and nearly fainted when all eight of them shifted to Great Birds of War, huge and menacing as they prepared to fly northwards.

As the Great Birds of War shrieked into the evening sky, their feathers were glowing red hot and sparks shooting from their angry beaks, the oldest boy, Gog, asked, “Who are they?”

The headman, said, “The two biggest are the Lords Prince Warriors Great Healers, the Lords of all Healers. The others are Human Hybrid Healers Warrior. Do not fear for your families, their attackers shall not survive this night!”

Gog, struggling to contain his tears as he reached for Tim, one of the boys who had come with him, he asked, “Would they accept Tim and myself, we could hear them in our minds and they felt as brothers to us?”

The headman hugged the two boys and said, “That, you must ask for yourselves. I know not how they choose, but I do know that they love and care for us all as if were of their own families, their own children!”

Gog continued his tears as he explained to the Headman, “bbbBbut, IIII love aanother boy…” The old Headman smiled at the two frightened boys and replied, “They also love another man as their mate, only they can ask you to join them.”

The angry Hybrids raced north, following the frozen creek line. As it was nearing daylight, they saw fires and much activity below them.

They dove downwards, their wings screaming in the cold air. As they landed, enormous beasts never seen but in horrific nightmares started tearing the painted savages into small parts and tossing them behind their backs.

In a matter of minutes, the only sound was that of the injured wailing their hurt and fear. Kal called out, “Where is Tor, Father of Gog?”

A badly injured man limped forward, “I am Tor, who or what are you?”

Kal shifted from a 12 foot great ape to his human form, Tor, barely able to remain sane, trembled and asked, “Are you our Gods” as he passed out.

By then, all The Warrior Healers had returned to their human form and were caring for the villagers, healing them and answering their questions. As they treated and healed the villagers, they insisted they were men, not gods and all they wanted to do was heal and help them.

Tor finally regained his senses and asked, “My son, my son Gog, have you seen him?” Ton sat and held the frightened man’s hand, “Yes, Good Father, he is in the Village of The Rocks, being cared for by our people.”

The man heaved a sigh of relief, “He is all I have left of my family, my wife and other two sons were killed by these terrible attackers.”

The man continued, “We have legends of your kind and my son, Gog, believed in the legends. He and some of his friends set out to find you and ask for help. We did not believe there were other folk alive, that we were the only ones left after the great upheaval.”

Ton replied, “There are many folk who survived and we are colonizing the warmer lands south of here.”

Tor was amazed, “There are warm lands? More people?”

Ton said, “Yes, please, will you and you folk return with us, you would all be welcome among our people.”

Tor struggled to stand and he looked at his folk, “I am told there are warm lands and folk who would welcome us if we go with these who rescued us. How say you?”

Without exception, all of Tor’s people asked to go.

Kal said, “Let me call for assistance, that we may help you escape this cold place.”

Kal mind called for Palo, their Major Domo. The Turned Vampire on duty rang for Palo and Palo entered the meld, asking what he could do to help.

Kal told him to ask for 100 Hybrid Warriors to come and assist the villagers in escaping from the terrible cold.

Palo responded, “My Lord Prince, they are departing now.”

As they were awaiting the mercy flight of Hybrid Warriors, the Healers began exploring the area. Ton came across a low hill of snow and ice and discovered it was a buried home.

He quickly scanned it and, to his horror, he sensed a young man and a child buried beneath the snow. The man was crying, his senses and very soul were flickering and dimming, his mind beginning to fail in the awful cold.

The young man’s body parts were beginning to freeze and his mind was shutting down.

Ton screamed for assistance and Kal came running. Together, they frantically scooped snow and ice from the entrance with their bare hands.

The man, holding his barely alive son in his arms, thought he saw movement, a being was standing there, NO, it was a creature with red eyes and fangs slightly protruding from smiling lips.

He heard in his mind, “You are safe now, we have you.”

He tried to understand, “We”, “red eyes?”, “fangs?”

He tried to form words, “Where am I, am I dead? Who are you?” He thought he said those words aloud, but he only thought them.

He heard a reply in his mind, “We are Healers, you are safe now, sleep and we will care for your son as well. Sleep now and we will talk when you are rested.”

The man could not help himself, he drifted off to sleep as gentle hands lifted him from his snowy grave along with his baby son.

Sometime later, he awoke to find himself wrapped in clean, dry blankets under a shelter facing a warm fire. As he became aware of the man sitting next to him, saw what he thought he had dreamed. The strange man had red glowing eyes and fangs protruding from his lips.

He drew back in fright, frantically looking for his baby son, “Whhhhhat are you?”

The strange man smiled, “I and my partner are Warriors Great Healers and we are from the North American Colony. We found you buried with your baby son in the snow and ice.”

The man began to cry, “I am Dur, my family is starving and I was trying to find some food for my wife and small children.” The strange being screamed, “Ton, come at once, there are more buried there!”

They dug out a young woman and three small boys all precariously clinging to life. The Healers and Warrior Healers poured everything they had into the woman and her children, when they had been restored, they were totally depleted.

They would have to wait another two days before the Healers had recovered sufficiently to change shape and fly as far as The Rocks.

As they were recovering in the warmth of The Rocks, Gog and Tim shyly approached the two Lords Prince and knelt to the ground, “Lords, my partner, Tim, is as myself and we both can hear you in our minds. We know what you did for our people and we could hear everything that passed in that place. We ask that we be trained to do as you do and be able to help our folk as you helped them. We beg this of you.”

Ton replied, “Are you sure, it is a sentence of life, once you have done this thing, you will never be the same again and it cannot be reversed.”

Both boys replied that they understood and still wanted the chance to learn.

Kal said, “As you have chosen, so you shall start. Rise Healers Cadet, you now serve your Great Healers, Lords Prince Ton and Kal.”

The two were joyous that they were being given the chance. They were sitting to meal with some of the younger Warriors Healers and one of them asked the boys, “Do you know to whom you have pledged Cadet to?”

The boys replied, “Yes, to Healers Ton and Kal.”

The Warrior Healers laughed, “Well, yes, but THOSE Healers are the Lords Prince Warrior Great Healers, the rulers of ALL our kind!”

Both boys nearly fainted, but they found themselves being congratulated by all their companions at the table and told they were indeed the most lucky of cadets of them all, to have been chosen to serve the Lords Prince Warriors Great Healers!

It was a slow trip to return to Creek Village, there were too many of those rescued for them to carry very far as Great Birds of War. They got as far as Lui and they were met by wagons sent by Palo to carry the villagers the rest of the way.

Ton and Kal chose to fly back home from Lui and they offered to carry their two new Cadets, Gog and Tim. It would be a struggle, but Ton and Kal were the largest and most powerful of their kind, in fact, they were the largest and most powerful of their kind ever to have lived!

The two boys snuggled into their Healers’ arms as they were lifted from the ground and became airborne. They had no fear, their trust in their benefactors was total.

As soon as they returned to Fort Healer, Ton and Kal had the boys entered in the rolls of the Society of Cadets and fitted out in the proper uniforms. Jealousy was not part of their culture, but there were many boys who had serious cases of envy that these two strangers had been chosen to be Cadets to the Lords Prince Warriors Great Healers.

Both Gog and Tim had such easy going, sunny dispositions, none could remain angry with them and they became friends to all those around them.

Even with full time studies and training, they found time to participate in that all time favorite game of boys, baseball. Both Gog and Tim excelled at the sport and the girls would ooo and ahhh every time they would run the bases while the opposing team members were frantically looking for the ball.

Mothers had to remind their daughters that the Hybrids and all those with them mated for life and it was to other males that they were mated.

Wil and Jac were already in the Cadet Training Program and they took Gog and Tim under their wings.

They soon discovered that both Gog and Tim had minds like their own and, between the four of them, they were students that make all teachers shudder, those students who absorb knowledge faster that their teachers can dish it out. The words, “Why” and “How” were their instructors worst nightmares!

Ton and Kal got regular reports on the boys’ progress, they were more than pleased, they would have some extraordinary Cadets to support them in the not too distant future.

Beings whose life spans are about 2,500 years or more, are not concerned about training courses that take an extra few years!

Dur and his family settled in the Creek Village area, Dur was especially skilled in the growing of exotic vegetables and he soon was able to afford building a heated, glass growing house, where he could grow his delicacies the whole year around.

He and his family saw to that Palo was kept supplied with exotic and wonderful fruits and vegetable for the Princes’ table.

Tor, also rescued from that village of the far north became a skilled fisherman and his wife, with the assistance of their children, opened a small fish market that rapidly gained fame. They also supplied foods to Palo for the Princes’ table.

The cattle that Herder Crown Prince Ras brought his brother were, indeed, unique. The meat was highly prized and, despite the size of Herder Junior Prince Tal’s herd, he had to ration the meat to his customers.

It was with great sadness, they received the message that King Fala and King George had died, they were both Human Hybrid Warriors and had reigned for slightly more than 2,700 years of peace and harmony between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Hegemony of Australia.

Their successors, distant cousins and also Human Hybrid Warriors, Samuel of Australia and Patrick of Hawaii, were determined that peace would be maintained and they set about making it so.

The great Herder passed away not much later, Crown Prince Herder Ras succeeded his Father. The Father had been a Human Hybrid, and the new Great Herder Ras was also, so there would be no changes in that dynasty for many long years.

All was well in the civilized world, there was peace and harmony everywhere and Humankind was taking advantage of it with rapid advancements in learning and technology.

Populations were surging and farm production in the NAC and also in Australia was booming.

Every once in a while, folks would catch a glimpse of glowing balls of light in the sky, but no attention was paid to them.

As in all the history of Humankind during the good times, there was always a “snake in the Garden of Eden”! There was trouble brewing in the dark continent of Africa, it would be a while before it raised its ugly head, but it was not in the nature of the Human Hybrids to become complacent, they knew from bitter experience that the best way to avoid trouble was to be ready for it.


The story of these fabulous beings will continue as they protect all of Humankind and help them come out of the darkness of world destruction into the light of a new age for all the Races of Man.



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