A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.








Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; The Healers have established hospitals and care centers throughout the ancient lands once known as North America. Their offspring, The Great Healers, have evolved into beings of such power as have never been seen before. They remain Human Hybrid Warriors like their ancestors; the limits of their power have yet to be determined. The first Great Healers, Ton and Kal, have returned to the lands of their birth with others of their kind, determined to bring civilization back to the lands lost during the Great Upheaval thousands of years earlier. In this, they have the full support of their fellow Warriors and the rulers of Three Kingdoms. They have established a new COLONY at the ancient site of Charleston Lagoon.

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores, they can be created Hybrid.
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability, however, the ability is increasing. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so. Humans specially trained are able to meld without risk.

This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “The Healers” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Book, “The Colony”

From Book 4; Several more trips would be required to destroy pirates and slavers from establishing their foul enclaves on that coast. There would be destroyed wastelands spotted the length of the continent, where warships had bombarded towns with their guns and laid waste the land with their electron emitters. It would not be the last time the folk of that dark continent would have to be punished for the crime of cannibalism or slavery, but never again would they venture against the Malay Islands nor any other place protected by the forces from Fort Warrior.


The NACS Roger returned to Cairns, all aboard reconciled that they would have to return to Africa in order to complete the task of wiping that land clean of the stain of slavery and cannibalism. With that in mind, the Lords Prince L’oki and Lymal called a conference of all the land’s leaders and those commanding the military forces.

Lords Warrior Great Healers Kal and Ton arrived with Admiral Bledsoe and General Forbes on board the venerable NACS McGinty, a proud warship with a proud history.

They were joined by the Grand Shamans of both the Maori People and the Aborigine Folk, The Kings of the Combined Kingdoms, and Great Herder Ras, who brought his Heir, Herder Crown Prince Kor. Also attending were the Chief Warriors of the Aborigine People.

They were all intent on finishing the destruction of those who preyed upon their people and all innocents who got in their path.

The first decision made by the group was to extend the Marine Life Saving Stations to the Malay Islands. This would give them a window of insight to the area and some advance warning should there be a movement of pirates or slavers upon the sea.

During their deliberations, a knock came at the door of the conference chamber, The Human Hybrid Warrior pair Los and Dan, accompanied by the newly Turned Vampire, Los’ brother Sork. They had all come from their station to attend the conference.

Sork spoke for the trio, “Leaders of our folk, we ask to be part of the effort to protect our people of the Malay. We three are different and we know not the limits of our power.”

At that, Los and Dan began to rise from the floor. Sork continued, “This is my doing, more I can do.” The door to the chamber flew open and a wind began to blow in the room, so strong, had the delegates not been seated, they would have been airborne in the gale force wind.

Sork said, “Please, Great Ones, allow us to be part of the protection of our people.”

Great Herder Ras stood, “I move that Command of the protective force of the Malay be given to Turned Vampire Sork and that he be assisted by Human Hybrid Warriors Los and Dan.”

So it was Turned Vampire Sork became the Force Commander of the Malay Protection Command.

Admiral Bledsoe assigned the venerable NACS McGinty as their Flagship and the two new Destroyers, the NACS Prince Tal and the NACS Miboli Island would escort the McGinty.

The newest Hospital ship, the NACS Great Herder and 20 skimmers were added to the fleet with full crews for all the skimmers.

All the vessels were nuclear powered and equipped with long range guns and beam projectors. Even the skimmers had smaller versions of the weaponry. They could surround an enemy like a cloud of angry wasps.

A full Regiment of Marines were embarked under the command of Colonel Kelsy, himself a Turned Vampire and like a few of his kind, tolerant of the sun.

There was little more to be said, the die was cast and it was time to perform the deed. None had any illusions that this would be the final solution to the slavers, the cannibals nor the pirates, but all hoped for a few years of peace from these vile creatures who seemed to spring like thistles in a field of wheat.

Turned Vampire Sork had an artist copy the drawing his people revered, the drawing of Lord Prince Roger and he ordered a large banner and smaller banners to be made from the artist’s reproduction. He distributed the smaller banners to every vessel in the fleet, even down unto the individual skimmers.

As the small fleet prepared to get underway, he ordered the new banners to be raised on the courtesy halyard, for all in Cairns to see. He had kept his surprise a secret and when the huge banner rose to the top of the McGinty’s mast, a great cheer went up among the well wishers seeing the fleet off.

Some of the oldest, most ancient Hybrid Warriors and Turned Vampires still had living memories of the Progenitor and they fell to their knees with tears running down their faces. These men were revered by all who knew them.

It was a proud fleet that put out to sea, as each craft departed, they raised a smaller version of the banner.

By doing so, they became known as THE PROGENITOR FLEET!

By the time they rounded Cape Darwin, every boat that would float came out to meet them. The McGinty went through so much steam answering the hails of the civilian boats, the ship’s engineers had to pull the reactor control rods out to the emergency position, but no hail would go without a reply, they were The People’s Fleet!

A picture of the great fleet and all its banners made every newspaper in the civilized world.

They even called Sork the “PROGENITOR ADMIRAL”!

Sork ordered the fleet to proceed at half speed toward the Malay Archipelago, hoping that it would demoralize those who they were soon to be hunting.

It did, the slavers and cannibals and the pirates fortified themselves in their home harbors and were not out preying on the citizens of the Malay Islands or any other civilized place.

The fleet stopped at Miboli Island to a holiday atmosphere, the folk there made certain that the sailors and Marines of the Fleet, as well as its officer knew their gratitude. Many of the young men of the island and its neighbors, drooled in envy of the sailors and Marines and they flooded the recruiters with requests to “Join Up”!

They sailed into the waters shown on the ancient charts as the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. They would load and swing their guns out, their beam projectors dripping raw energy from the emitters as a small boat would take the three brothers, Sork, Las and Dan to visit the local authorities.

They each would cast their minds about the town and, if they caught even the slightest trace of piracy, slavery or cannibalism, they would call out the troops to snatch those being held in slavery or for food before returning to the McGinty and the fleet, opening fire, destroying every standing stick they could fix their sights upon.

In a very short time, word spread along the coast that having slaves or humans for food was an immediate death sentence.

What those ashore did not know was that they were dealing with telepaths who could read minds. It did not matter if they had moved their victims inland or to some other place, the memory of them remained in their minds.

The fleet was relentless, every creek, every bay, every inlet was examined.

The thugs on the ground did not even realize the huge birds they saw flying in the sky were, in reality, the Hybrid Warriors themselves. As the fleet progressed down the coast, it left behind them scorched and dead towns and peoples freed from captivity.

The African Continent is enormous it took the fleet 8 months to work its way to the furthest southern point. It was here, the pirates decided to make a stand. They would have been better off to hide in the jungles of the interior.


It would be difficult to call a conflict between sailing ships and nuclear powered vessels a battle, but there were more than a thousand sailing ship massed at the Cape. The criminals and thugs hoped to overwhelm the Hybrid Warrior Fleet.

The 20 skimmers raced among the pirate ships like mosquitoes, their beam projectors glowing red hot.

Every once in a while, a skimmer would have to pull out of the fight to recharge its accumulators as the beam emitters were firing almost continuously.

The McGinty, with its ice breaker bow, chopped as many ships as it fired upon and the two new destroyers, the Prince Tal and the Miboli Island were going through their ammunition at an alarming rate, the hoists could barely keep up with the usage. Their Beam Projectors were glowing red hot and sailors were hosing down the accumulators to just keep them from overheating and tripping out.

After more than six hours of battle, their radars could not acquire any further targets, when the smoke finally cleared the NAC Ships were sitting in a sea of broken ships and floating debris.

Sork ordered the Marines ashore and sent six mated pair Human Hybrid Warriors with them, the capitol city of the pirate empire was deserted. They found a few slaves wandering around helpless and dazed, they were the only living souls in the city.

When the former slaves were asked, “Where did the pirates go?” The only answer the dazed slaves could give was, “Congo.”

There were histories of the expedition to the Congo one thousand years earlier, during the rescue of the folk of England and those stories told of a free people who lived there in peace and were mostly fishermen and farmers.

For Sork, there was no decision to be made, but he polled his advisors, Los and Dan, they both agreed to push on.

In MindCom with Lords Prince L’oki and Lymal, they also advised pushing on.

They rested their crews and rotated them ashore to regain their “land legs while they collected the dazed survivors of those who had been enslaved and brought them aboard the ships in an effort to heal their broken minds and bodies.

Again, the small battle fleet got up steam and headed in pursuit of the fleeing pirates. The checked along the coast, but found only abandoned villages and a few dazed slaves wandering around. They treated all they could help and the few that were beyond their power to heal, they brought on board to be cared for until they ended their natural lives.

They slowly made their way north along the west coast of the Dark Continent, ever vigilant against sneak attack by the fleeing pirates. There were several large rivers that emptied into the sea, they found a few rogue communities, but otherwise, the towns were uninhabited.

When they finally reached the outlet of the Congo River, they spotted fishing boats beached on the sand and people standing near them.

Los and Dan shifted to their flyer forms, both Great Ospreys and flew to shore. As they landed, the natives knelt down and bowed their heads on the sand. The Chief crept up to them and asked, “Oh Great Being, art thou of the Flying Warrior Mens?”

Los and Dan were embarrassed, they called for the fisherfolk to stand, they were not gods to be worshiped. The Headman said, Thy people took of our sons to be as their own sons, have you now come to save us yet again?”

Los asked, “Do you know their names, Good Father?” The Headman replied, “Yes, they were ancestors of my ancestors, they were named Alf and Far.”

Los smiled, “They live yet with us, would you like to meet them?”

The Headman gasped, “They art here, in this place?”

Los just smiled and mind sent to Human Hybrid Warriors Alf and Far on board the NACS McGinty, “Your cousins wish to meet you!”

The two Warriors leaped from the ship and raced to the beach as Great Sea Eagles. As they landed they assumed their Warrior Form and stepped before Los, “Lord War Commander, who is it who wishes us?”

The thud they heard was the Headman as he fainted.

It was a joyous reunion, the two fabled sons of their people had come back to them, changed as Great Lords, ancient, yet still youthful looking.

Mothers quickly began urging their daughters to get the attention of these young looking Warriors from another age. Alf and Far had to tell them that they were a mated pair, mated for life. That did not dissuade the daughters from looking at them with calf eyes and dreamy expressions, even their red eyes and fangs did not trouble them.

The Headman told of the terrible pirates that had taken over their lands, enslaving all those they could capture. Many of their people had been captured and he believed that the invaders were eating them!

He looked around at the gathered Warriors, their eyes glowing ruby red and their fangs gone into full drop, so angry they were shivering.

The headman told them that many people had been captured from surrounding villages and held in slavery, worse, they were sure that some of the pirates were eaters of men.

This angered the warriors even more, there were 80 mated pair Human Hybrid Warriors and 10 pair Warriors Great Healers in the fleet. The Great Healers were, of course, also Warriors.

In addition, they had 1,000 marines itching for a fight and two Turned Vampires of such power, they knew not their own limits. One of those Vampires, Commanded sailor warriors, he was Sork and the other Commanded the Regiment of Marines, Colonel Kelsy.

Sork held a council of war and they decided to strike the next morning, before the pirates could dispose of their captives and scatter. The next morning, the fisher folk witnessed that which they had legends, angry birds of war, huge and menacing.

Flight after flight of these living legends took to the sky, they could see their red eyes and sparks foaming at their beaks as they raced over the jungle to the pirates’ lair.

As they landed, beasts known only in demented nightmares crashed into the log walls the pirates had erected, almost immediately, body parts were seen flying from the direction of the lair as they entered the town.

In their lead were Alf and Far, redeeming their promise to return and protect their people.

In no longer than the telling, the pirates were no more, all that was left was parts and gore littered around the destroyed buildings.

The fisher folk were stunned, after watching those feathered horrors take off, and hearing the nightmare wrecking of the pirate fort, the warriors became gentle beings and started carrying out the wounded and placing them on cots the Marines had set up on the beach with such tender care that not even the most injured felt any discomfort.

The Warriors Healers and Warriors Great Healers passed among the rescued folk, healing the injured and maimed, repairing minds and souls as well as bodies.

The Headman was agog as he watched a Warrior Great Healer and his Cadets restore a hand that had been severed during torture and healing terrible burns that had been inflicted upon the man as entertainment for the slavers and pirates.

When all had been cared for, the old man went before Sork and knelt, “Great Lord of our Legends can thou restore my grandsons? They were injured in a fishing accident and can no longer speak nor walk.”

The old man was in tears, afraid his plea would be rejected. Sork raised the old man to his feet, “Go and bring your Grandsons, I will ask the Warriors Great Healers to assist you.” He added, “I know they will do all they can for your Grandsons. If they cannot restore your Grandsons, then it cannot be done at all.”

As the old Headman ran off to get his Grandsons, Sork asked Mog and Let, Warriors Great Healers both, if they could assist the old man. They both said they would and when they learned that the grandsons were but 11 years old, they hurried to make a pleasant place for the two children.

Cadets came from all direction, offering their assistance to the Warriors Great Healers. They assembled two clean cots and the Marines rushed with blankets for the boys and then stood by to render any assistance their Great Healers required.

The old Headman and his wife carried the two boys and brought them to the two Warriors Great Healers. The boys’ legs were crooked and paralyzed, their heads had no control atop their necks and their bodies shook in tremors and their hands clenched like claws.

Mog and Let gently took the boys in their arms and laid them upon the cots as they started healing. Cadets and those sailors, who had mind powers of their own, lined up six deep behind each Warrior Great Healer to send their own life energy through the Healers to heal the boys.

Lot’s and Mog’s hands and arms began to glow bright red as energy passed into the two children, ever so slowly, their legs began to straighten and their little bodies smoothed. Their hands and fingers straightened out and unclenched.

So much energy was coursing through their bodies, surrounding bushes and grasses began to smolder. The shade was dispelled by the intense light of flowing energy.

The boy’s necks gained substance and their heads ceased to flop around. Finally, their tremors eased and then stopped as their fingers uncurled and became straight and they both fell into a light sleep no longer tormented by their affliction.

The two Warriors Great Healers picked up the children and held them in their arms as they regained their senses. As the boys awoke, the two healers gently kissed them on their foreheads and gave them into their Grandparents’ arms.

The fisher folk stared, before their eyes their greatest and most precious legends had come to life. The living legends passed down to them by their father’s fathers were standing in their own sight.

Other parents, with children who had been hurt and maimed in times past, brought their children, begging the two wondrous flying men to fix them. Children with birth defects, old wounds that had no care and tumors causing tremors and wasting bodies that none of their tribe knew how to cure.

Into the night, the two Warriors Great Healers labored to “fix” the children The Marines set up portable lights that the Healers could continue working their miracles. Sailors set up a portable galley and began to feed all who had hunger.

By daylight, the Warriors Great Healers were exhausted, but all had been cared for.

The old Headman stood before Sork and said, “Great Lord, all who remain of our folk, you see before you on this beach. Is there room for us in your lands, that we might make a new start, new lives for our children?”

Sork replied, “Good Father, let me ask.” Power began to radiate off the young Vampire Leader as he stretched to reach Lords Ton and Kal, who were thousands upon thousands of mile away.

Once he had established contact, he reached for the old man’s hand and said, “Old Father, ask of our leaders yourself.” The Headman found himself mind to mind with Ton and Kal, in his fright he screamed.

The two Great Warriors Healer leaders calmed the old man and told him all his folk were welcome in the colony and that the ship, the McGinty would carry him and his people to the new land and a new life in the young Colony.

When they had completed the bond, the old headman fell to the ground and his tears wetting the sand.

When he had composed himself, he called all his folk to him and told them that they had new homes in a new land and they would become a new people with a new start.

The folk who had survived the awful bondage of the slavers and cannibals were stunned at first, but then, when they realized they were actually and truly free, their joy knew no bounds.

They gathered up their meager possessions and waited patiently to be ferried out to the waiting McGinty. The sailors gently led them to the boats and carried them out to the waiting ships that were anchored in the small bay.

There, they were assigned quarters that, to the sailors, seemed meager and minimal, but to the villagers, they were like castles of a fairy story.

Real beds with clean sheets and blankets, showers and a laundry that would clean their clothes were things they had only heard about in tales told to small children. The children, whose clothing was tattered and threadbare, were taken in hand by the off duty sailors and new clothing found for them, even if a small sailor had to do without that a child could be clothed.

They were taken to the mess deck, where there was a dazzling array of foods they had never before seen, nor in quantities that the servers piled on their trays. At the end of the meal, the sailors brought out strange looking round boxes and packages of odd looking crisp shells. They filled each shell with a cold, white substance and handed one to each child, telling him or her to lick the white stuff.

Their first introduction to vanilla ice cream nearly caused a riot. At the first taste, the children gulped down their treat and went looking for more.

That night, for the first time in their lives, both adults and their children slept the whole night through, safe from evil men and hungry carnivores.

There wasn’t a single sailor or a Marine that could resist the round eyes of a child, staring in wonder of the magic around them. All a sailor or Marine had to do was to sit still for a few minutes and he would have a lap full of children wanting a hug, or a story. Sailors, by their very nature are born storytellers, and wild tales of great battles, strange places and wonderful deeds were woven on the lap of a loving sailor.

The Hybrid Warriors among them would find children sitting on the deck before their hatches, waiting for a chance to cuddle and be hugged.


The fleet finished up and collected all the villagers before departing. They would call at Miboli Island first to return their Warriors who had accompanied the fleet.

There were several Island Boys who begged to be changed and they were accepted into the Lodge of Warriors. It would be seven days before they were seen again and several more days before they had learned to control their eyes and fangs. They were told to wait until they were on land before they tried out their wings, but several were so anxious, they had to be fished out of the sea.

Several of the African Boys followed Alf and Far wherever they went and finally, they got up their courage and asked to become Cadets. Two of the boys were the Old Headman’s Grandsons, who had been healed by the Warriors Great Healers.

The fleet rounded the Cape and headed north, headed to the Malay lands. As the fleet pulled into Miboli Harbor, Admiral Bledsoe ordered the ships “dressed” in their flags and banners.

They steamed into the harbor, the horns and sirens on the ships roaring at full volume and the Marines in full dress, lined the ship’s rails in salute to the people. The Hyubrid Warriors flew in formation above the fleet and performed aerial feats to the roar of applause front the gathered folk on the ground.

The folk of Miboli kept the fleet for a full seven days, feasting and in games. Young boys and girls alike, drooled whenever a sailor or a marine walked by, it would not be much longer before Miboli had a ship of its own.

When at last, the fleet made preparations to depart six young boys stowed away under the lifeboats and were not discovered until the next day. They were brought before Admiral Bledsoe, he tried hard to be stern, but when he had six boys crying and begging to become sailors and all six are climbing into his lap, no Admiral could resist, least of all, an Admiral who was also a Hybrid Warrior.

The crew of the McGinty was increased by six young sailors. Before the voyage would be over, those six were joined by many more.

It was a long leg before the fleet reached the North Coast of Australia, but the Home Fleet was waiting for them, they were escorted to Darwin in showers of fire hoses making rainbows in the warm sunshine. Every vessel that had a hooter or a horn, was blowing it for all their worth.

As soon as the fleet came to anchor, the welcome home mats were laid out, there would be no hungry sailors or marines that night, the town folk had been cooking for three days to feed “their boys”!

The six little stowaways were made to tell their story over and over to the boys of Darwin. Admiral Bledsoe feared boys from Darwin would try to copy their feat. He was correct, after they sailed, the Master at Arms found ten boys hiding in the deck cleaning gear locker.

There were enough tears in the Admiral’s office to float a small fleet, but, in the end, the crew was increased by another six young sailors and four marines. David Bledsoe shuddered to think what was going to happen when they tied up in Cairns.

He was not disappointed!

When they reached Cairns, the folk went all out, there were more than a few sailors and marines suffering from over eating. The ship’s officers were no better, but they did their moaning and groaning in the privacy of their own staterooms.

Sork relinquished his command of the fleet and made ready to return to Creek Village. Several large freighters were waiting for escort and they followed the McGinty as she headed home.

David Bledsoe just sat up on the bridge, knowing that the ship’s Masters at Arms, the ship’s policemen, would be bringing stowaways to him as soon as they made their rounds. He was not wrong, just before the evening meal, there were fifteen boys standing before him as he glowered at them. The boys were absolutely sure they were going to be sent back to to their families and their shame of having been caught,

He could have pulled it off, but one of the new Marines started to giggle and everyone on the bridge was howling in laughter. The Admiral grumped, “Maybe they can shovel coal.”

One boy asked, “On a nuclear powered ship, sir?”

The entire bridge dissolved into laughter and David Bledsoe waved the boys off, sending them back to the Master at Arms for training.

They made stops in Mariposa and Herder City to let off troops from those lands, then they shot straight for the Florida Cut. They had to contend with a few Herder Boys hiding under the lifeboat covers.

There were mind speakers stationed in the cut to warn those in Creek Village of the fleet’s arrival, when the McGinty, the Prince Tal and the Hospital ship, the Great Herder, tried to slip into Charleston Lagoon quietly, everything that would float was there to greet them.

Admiral Bledsoe stormed, “I will cut off the hands of any more boys who try to sneak on board my ships!” The next morning he was faced with another ten Colony Boys he needed to find places for!

The new folk from the Congo were made welcome, some went inland to become farmers and many remained in Creek Village to become tradesmen and fishermen.

The headman’s two Grandchildren became Red Cape Cadets in service to the Warriors Great Healers. In time, they also became Great Healers and would serve Humankind for all of their long lives.

The Naval Forces of the NAC became the preeminent Military Force and stood guard against pirates, cannibals and criminals that attempted to steal from the good folk who worked the land and were rebuilding civilization.

The Turned Vampire, Sork, became the Major Domo of Fort Warrior, the counterpart to Palo, the Major Domo of Fort Healer in Colony.

The Malay Islands became a state within the Federation of Free States, along with the three Kingdoms, Mariposa, Austraila and Hawaii. The Land of the Herders and the North American Colony completed the civilized world of their time. Everyone hoped that peace was now possible and that civilization could flourish on the roots that had been put down.

It did for nearly two hundred years, before the first painted terrorists showed up on the Eastern Coast of the NAC. The terror that had been predicted two hundred years earlier had finally reached them.


Our folk will thrive and grow, making it a tempting target for those who would steal. When next we see our Valliant Warriors and Healers, they again will be locked battle for survival.



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