A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird




This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.





Charles W Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; One thousand years have passed since the deaths of the HUMAN HYBRID Progenitors, Roger and Little Bear. The three great Kingdoms and their outlying dependencies are all that remain of Human Civilization on the planet of its birth. Despite the efforts of the Hybrid Warriors, that civilization is teetering on the brink of failure. Nothing those wondrous and powerful men have done seems to prevent the light of knowledge and civilization from flickering and dimming. A new human hybrid Warrior has appeared, he has been called by some, THE HEALER!

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Book, “We Interrupt this Program….”


The young Warrior was nervous, he had been called to FORT WARRIOR from his post at Waitangi, were he served as advisor to the Great Shaman of the Maori. He had known he was different from his fellow Warriors from the beginning of his creation.

He had been a young human teen when he and his twin brother, Jantil, had been created Human Hybrid Warriors by the Great Lord Teddy and his mate, Tong-Fu. Hybrid Warriors were not supposed to get sick and die, but Jantil had died, leaving him, Lymal, an unmated Hybrid Warrior. In all the long history of his kind, there had never been a Lone Warrior.

Despite all the skills gifted to him as a Hybrid Warrior, he had been unable to save his twin. In his sorrow, he retreated to the island of his birth, New Zealand, where the Great Shaman, Lori Ti, had taken him in and nursed his wounded mind back to health.

From the very beginning, when he and Jantil had first awakened from their Sleep of Change, he had known he had a special task, he had the ability to heal the differences between men, to calm their anger and heal their wounded spirit. The loss of his twin brother so wounded his own spirit and mind, he shoved that ability aside and returned to the only place he had ever known peace, his home village on North Island, New Zeeland.

The Great Shaman, Lori Ti, had taken the wounded warrior to his own heart and had nurtured him and healed his soul. In return, Lymal had remained in the village of his birth, healing the sick, restoring the wounded and protecting those who had no protection.

At last, Lori Ti had died of old age and his son, Kali Ti, had become Great Shaman. Kali Ti was like his own brother, even though Kali Ti was not hybrid, he knew in his heart, the mind of Lymal. He knew that Lymal needed his Brother Warriors just as the staggering events among their peoples needed Lymal!

Kali Ti, like his father, was a powerful human telepath, he conveyed his thoughts and ideas to Lord Teddy and together, they devised a plan to bring the wounded warrior back into fellowship with the Lodge of Warriors.

As Warrior Lymal entered the gates of Fort Warrior, he felt the calm purpose of the minds of those within the gates. It was as if he were coming home, the entire place radiated peace and welcome to him. He had been hesitant to respond to the summons sent him, in his sorrow he had buried himself away in a remote corner of the Hegemony, the loss of his brother was a fresh wound, even now, 150 years later.

Somehow, he knew his spirit brother, Kali Ti, was involved in his recall, but he could not fault him, Kali Ti and his Father, Lori Ti, had nursed him body and soul from the time he had stumbled home, sick and full of despair over the death of Jantil. Kali Ti, a mere toddler then, became the replacement brother for the one he had lost and had given him the trust and love only a child can give another.

Over the years, father and son restored the lost Warrior and, in repayment, he had become the protector, the healer, the WARRIOR for North Island. These thoughts and more raced through Lymal’s mind as he walked those familiar halls towards the living quarters of The Princes Protector, Lords Teddy and Tong-Fu. He had thought he would never again walk these halls nor be welcomed in the Great Warrior Fort of Cairns.

The place was intimately familiar to him, it was here that he and Jantil had been changed and had become childe to Lord Teddy and Lord Tong-Fu themselves! Those founders of their kind and been like Gods to himself and his beloved Jantil.

As he approached the great bronze doors that separated the Princes’ Protector’s personal living spaces from the rest of Fort Warrior, his pace slowed, uncertain of his welcome. Seemingly, of their own accord, the heavy forged bronze doors swung open, revealing his makers’ sons, standing arm in arm in welcome.

He heard in his mind, “Welcome Home, CHILDE, come join us in our joy to again hold you in our arms!” They rushed forward, arms outstretched to support the returning Warrior as his knees began to buckle.

The two Leaders of The Race of Human Hybrid Warriors carried their childe to the couch and sat with him as he recovered his emotions. Tears were flowing down Lymal’s face as Lord Teddy held him, “Why are you crying, Childe, you know that you are welcome here.”

Lord Tong-Fu held his, Lymal’s, hands, “Childe, long I have prayed you might return to us and now you are here. We rejoice in your return, you are here now and that is all that is important!” Lymal clutched his two makers to him, tears and sobs flowing, his emotions on a wild ride, bringing all warriors within the Great Fort to stand at the doors, in joyful greeting of their lost brother.

In his own mind, Lymal was dumbfounded that he, who had failed as a warrior and could not even save his own brother from his fatal illness, was made so welcome among these great beings.

Teddy caught that thought and hugged Lymal even tighter, “Not so my Childe, you did not fail, none could have saved Jantil, he was poisoned. Those responsible have been punished but it is not too late for you, Lymal. You are unique among our kind, you survived the loss of your mate. Before you, none other has accomplished this.”

Teddy continued, “Come, take supper with us and restore yourself. We will talk more tomorrow, now let us rejoice now in your return to our hearts and our home.”

He stood and faced the assembled warriors, “Rejoice, our Childe and Brother has been returned to us! This night, we stand protection over our Childe and tomorrow we shall meet in Chapter. Go now and prepare, call also the Lodge of Vampires that we might all celebrate.”

The call to Chapter went out, far and wide. All returned, “WE COME” Their replies reflected the joy they all felt. When one of their kind was hurting, it was felt by all of them.

Teddy and Tong-Fu did, indeed, stand protection over their childe, Lymal, letting none bother him. Their mental screen hovered over him that no thought, no query, no challenge was able to reach his sleep. For the first time since the death of his twin, Lymal slept without waking, the entire night! He neither dreamed nor remembered anything of that night, he awoke in the same position that he had fallen asleep.

He awoke the next morning, more refreshed than he could ever remember. As he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the smiling faces of his makers, they invited him to eat with them and, for the first time in a very long while, he actually looked forward to enjoying his food!

It had been so long since he had smiled that he could not remember when last he had been happy. He looked about him and saw joy in all his surroundings!

He had always been a slender man, but his woes had reduced him to almost nothing but skin and bones. Teddy and Tong-Fu were determined to reverse that, they plied him with delicacies from all over the Three Great Kingdoms. Finally, he could eat no more, “My Lords Prince, if I eat any more, surely I will burst!”

Teddy held a small plate with sliced Golden Pineapple from the Kingdom of Hawaii on it, Lymal grinned, “WELLLLL”, as he reached for a slice of the prized fruit. The sweet juices rolled across his tongue and he began to cry in joy, never had any food tasted so good.

He watched as flight after flight of the Great War Birds landed on the arrival balcony, The Two Kings of Hawaii and the Hegemony arrived, The Great Herder of the Herder Folk was next, then The Lord and The War Leader of The Mariposa both landed, they all greeted Lymal warmly, Wang-Tu, moderator of the Lodge of Vampires knocked on the door, asking to welcome Lymal.

Next, T’kli, leader of the Dracule arrived in respect and behind him came Elder Palis, leader of the Human Sensitives, to offer welcome. Lymal could not understand why he should be honored so. Lymal began to shake, his tears coursing down his face, uncontrolled. “Yu, Y,You honor me so, I am undeserving of such…”

Just then, a young Dracule pushed from behind his Father and stood facing Lymal, “I am L’oki, son of T’kli, grandson of M’beleci! With you HEALER LYMAL, I shall join as partner and mate!”

Lymal stared at the young Dracule, in his mind he saw…… “WHAT, his mind screamed!” As he stared at L’oki, the Dracule’s face melted and became that of Jantil in his own mind!

L’oki sent to him alone, “No Brother, I am not Jantil. Come with me and I will explain.” The youngster grasped Lymal’s hand and drew him away from the crowded room, they stood on the Balcony of Departure, facing each other. L’oki opened his mind to Lymal, dropping all barriers. Lymal saw a kaleidoscope of images, deep and buried behind the dropped shields, he saw……… Lymal collapsed to the floor, in this boy resided the soul of Jantil, his beloved twin! He looked up at L’oki and sent, for he did not trust his voice, “How is this possible?”

L’oki returned, “I do not know, three days ago, when I awoke, I was as I am now! I know, BROTHER, our lives are linked, we can no sooner be separated than we can order the moon not to rise!” L’oki reached for his hand, Lymal felt a familiar surge of power and strength flow into his body, the mind signature of Jantil flowed between them!

The crowd of spectators, Hybrid, Dracule, Vampire and Sensitive stared as a nimbus of power surrounded the two. T’kli started to go to their his, but Wang-Tu held him back, they watched as the nimbus merged two souls, two minds into one.

Lymal cried out, “I am one and whole again!” As they watched, both bodies merged as one and then separated, becoming two young men, separate, but definitely connected.

The two spoke as one voice, “I AM HEALER”

The two Human Hybrid Warriors stepped forward and knelt before the Leaders of their race, Lords Teddy and Tong-Fu, and aloud and mentally they recited, “I AM HEALER, to you I pledge my eternal soul and my body to your service and to that of all those under my protection, SO HELP ME GOD!”

The huge bell in the clock tower began to ring of it’s own accord. It struck twelve strokes twelve times before it was silent.

All who looked upon them would swear for evermore that there was a nimbus of power shining from their eyes! For the first time in all the history of their races, a Human Hybrid and a Dracule were joined as mates!

Somewhat later, they all moved to the Chapter Room, where Teddy called the group to order.

Lymal and L’oki stood before him saying, “Open the door so that those outside, the children and their parents might hear our words.”

As the doors were slid open, Lymal and L’oki raised their arms, their hands were glowing fiery red, “WE ARE HEALER, no more shall our people struggle one against the other! No more shall some of our people go hungry while others do not! No more shall our people be divided, one country against the other! We are one people, not Dracule, not Human, not Human Hybrid, nor Vampire. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAND TOGETHER FOR ALL TIME!” WE ARE HEALER, WE SHALL HEAL OUR RACES AND THEY SHALL BE ONE PEOPLE!

They held out their hands, still glowing red and beckoned the children to come to them. The two walked among their people, children hanging from their arms, riding on their shoulders or just holding their hands. It was a festival atmosphere, smiles and laughter everywhere, until they reached an old couple, poorly dressed and obviously underfed.

Lymal and L’oki stopped and asked the couple about their problems, although they already knew and it troubled them greatly.

The old woman said, “Lord Warrior, my husband has been sick and we lost our farm. Our children have tried to help us, but……..”

Lymal pressed his hands to the old man’s chest and hugged him, “Good Father, your heart is repaired, go forth in good health and long life.” L’oki held the old woman’s hands, “Beautiful Mother, your children have found a new home for you, go with them and be happy.”

The couple’s children were beside them to show them their new home.

A little boy, no more that 2 or 3 years old ran up to the pair and kissed each, “Thank you, Blessed Warriors for Gramma and Gampapa”

There was not a dry eye in the crowd. The Great Herder stood on a barrel and announced, “There is room to spare in the Land of the Herders, come any of you who need a place, we will settle you in our land! We will standby by you and make part of The Herder Folk, nor more shall we stand separate, nor more shall we ignore our neighbors, we are all ONE PEOPLE!”

The Bobby of Mariposa announced, “Those who need transportation to the Land of the Herders, The MHS Bobby will call at Sydney Harbor weekly to carry you!” Lord Andrea, War Lord of the Mariposa announced, “My Warriors will lead you to the Land of the Herders, wagons will be provided for the children!”

King George and King Fala of the Combined Kingdoms pledged land and food for those who wished to stay, there was much vacant land in the Outback and farmland was available in New Zealand!

Wherever this mated pair wandered, dissent became agreement, want and hunger became history and argument became friendship.

Like all Human Hybrid Warriors and those of the Dracule, Lymal and L’oki spent much time with the children, wherever they wandered, children came running. It was as if they had a “children magnet” that drew them in from far and wide! It was common to see them with children riding their shoulders or carried in their arms as they walked about Cairns.

They were sitting on the beach, watching children play in the peaceful waters sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef of Cairns when a frightened and frantic hail came from Wang-Tu, “HEALERS, come at once!”

They replied, “WE COME” They asked a fellow warrior pair to watch the children and they shifted to their fastest flyer forms, identical Enormous Sea Hawks, and, instantly they were racing back to Fort Warrior.

The terror in Wang-Tu’s mind told them much was amiss, each had 15 foot wing spans and they were driving their flight so hard, trees on the ground were bending in the wind of their passage! Their race through the sky was noticed by all as they left a trail of scorched wing feathers!

Behind them raced all nearby Warriors, they knew beyond any doubt, that there was trouble! The two HEALERS set down on the Balcony of Arrival, Wang-Tu was waiting for them. The elderly Vampire Major Domo was shaking in both anger and fear! His agitation was so great, warriors were coming from all directions!

He raced to Lymal and L’oki, collapsing into their arms, “Children from the north are arriving on the Northern Borders of The Land of the Herders. The children are frightened, injured and dying of thirst and hunger. We know not from where they come!”

Lymal and L’oki went into meld, driving their powerful minds outwards, they could detect the children but could not contact them, Lymal screamed, “MELD” at those around them –Warriors, Dracule, Vampires and Sensitives threw themselves into the meld, mindless of the danger to themselves as the HEALERS drove their own minds ruthlessly towards the endangered children.

Lymal found a boy, Car’lin, who could respond. The boy asked, “Are you THE HEALERS?” Lymal replied, “YES, tell us!”

The boy opened his mind to Lymal. The horror of what the boy had seen and endured, staggered all those in meld, their weeping was heard throughout the fort! They saw men and women, children and babies drowning in a sea of molten stone, forests swept to cinders in the hot wind and lakes turned to steam in an instant! The children themselves had suffered horrible burns and injuries beyond description!

L’oki asked Car’lin, “Are there any adults with you?” The boy replied, “No sir, my Lord, I am the oldest and am but 16 years old!”

Lymal collapsed the meld and screamed, “How may we get there the fastest?” A young Human Sensitive replied, “The SKIMMERS, sir! The SKIMMERS!”

By now Teddy and Tong-Fu had arrived and they concurred. Teddy immediately contacted Port Control in Sydney to have them ready the Skimmer Fleet. He looked at Lymal and L’oki, “Who?” He asked. The two together responded, “ALL!”

The skimmers were nuclear powered hydrofoil ships capable of a sustained 200 knots! In an emergency, they could speed at 240 knots for short periods of time.

L’oki and Lymal jumped to the Departure Railing, mind screaming, “WE GO, ALL COME”

They led the flight of Great War Birds, it darkened the sky and shattered windows as they passed over! They left a trail of singed feather all the way to the Port and it would be days before frightened ground animals would venture forth on the ground’s surface.

Chapter 2 – RESCUE

They landed at Fleet Square, the Hydrofoil Ships were nested, bows pointed to the sea like greyhounds ready to race! As each ship loaded, its crew extracted the control rods to the redline, leaving the harbor nearly airborne, their turbines screeching like a wounded animal being tortured!

They raced across the sea, towards Mariposa, Lymal and Lo’ki again contacted Car’lin, with the help of two Young Sensitives, in meld, the boy responded immediately, “My Lord, we are dying, cannot you come faster?”

Lymal and Lo’ki looked at their fellows, “Who are the most powerful flyers?” From around the racing fleet, 15 Warriors and 2 Dracule responded, Lo’ki and Lymal mind shrieked, “FOLLOW US, FOLLOW HEALER!”

They leaped from the deck of the speeding ship, changing form airborne, racing towards the distant mainland. The wind began shrieking at their passage, as if it were being rent, molecule from molecule. Forward, they led the smaller group, increasing speed until the wave tops began steaming as they passed. Sea Mammals dove in terror at their passage.

As they crossed over land, Herders looked up in horror and began running in the direction the flyers had passed, certain in knowing their Warriors needed them! They had sensed a problem to their East, but had been unable to identify it. Now, the Flight of the Huge Birds of War showed them the way. The Herders proceeded at a dead run.

Those flying now could hear the children ahead of them, their screams of pain, fear and some dying! They poured still more energy into their flight, trees below them caught fire and land animals strangled in their fright! They could hear and feel the fright of dying children!

Across the now darkened sky they raced, leaving a trail of scorched feathers to drift down to the earth! At last, the campfires of the refugee camp came into view, the flight screeched down to Earth like rockets of old, their feet smoking from the heat of their passage, crushing the soil as they landed.

Lymal mind screamed, “Car’Lin!” and a faint reply came, “Here, my Lord” They found the boy propped up against a tree, horribly burned, his fingers gone, ears and nose, also. The child was near death, even before he reached him, Ly’mal poured healing energy into the boy, his hands glowing bright red as he made physical connection for the transfer. Slowly, the young man began to heal himself, wounds closed, burns were replaced with new flesh and that which was missing, regrew.

Car’lin began to moan, “Bro, Bro Brother” he cried in anguish. Lymal searched the boy’s mind for Car’lin’s brother and sent Lo’ki to rescue him, also.

All night the Warriors labored, by midday the most serious were stabilized. Still, they labored, restoring all those still living. Some required turning, but still, they lived!

Despite all they could do, Car’lin and his younger brother, Da’il were horribly disfigured.

The Skimmer Fleet arrived, bringing food and drinking water. Tents were set up and clothing was distributed. The sailors began feeding those whom the Healers had saved and stood by with more food as the Healers released children.

They carried the food directly to the children resting against the rocks and, if needed help, they fed them also.

Car’lin and his brother, Da’il came to Lymal, “Lord, there is no possibility our parents survived the flood of molten stone, they and all those not here have perished. Our people were those who preferred to remain at the Lake when your ancestors rescued the last of the Dracule. Our legends tell us of your powers and I recognize that your mate IS Dracule.”

He continued, “In the name of the Great Spirit, we beg you to change us, to be as you. We are alone now in this world, disfigured and ugly to look upon. WE, Da’il and myself, would be perfectly content to live as we are, but changed, we could help prevent this terrible thing from happening to someone else. Please my Lord, change us!”

He and his brother dropped to their knees and placed their hands in Lymal and Lo’ki’s laps. Da’il spoke for the two of them, “Lords, we would be your tools, change us so we do not frightened those we would help. You are THE HEALER, let us then be your assistants.”

Lymal looked at L’oki, “I have never performed a change, let us do this thing together as we must. It takes us both.” L’oki agreed and they picked up the two boys, who began to cry quietly.

Lymal asked, “For what reason do you cry, are you afraid?” Car’lin looked at his protector and smiled, “No my Lord, we cry in joy that we shall be with you always!”

Teddy and Tong-Fu smiled as they watched, “This, also is a first, A Hybrid Warrior and A Dracule creating a childe!”

They would not be the last boys changed by the pair, they would go on to populate a whole continent with healers and bring care to those who had only dim legends of such care.


Lymal and L’oki sat vigil over the two brothers, Car’lin and Da’il for the required six days. On the 7th day, the two awoke as one. As they regained consciousness, Da’il looked at his brother, “Car’lin, I am inside you.” Car’lin exclaimed, “And I am inside you, Da’il!” They touched each other, as if to assure themselves that their brother was real.

Lymal smiled, “Yes, our Childes, because one of your makers is Human Hybrid and the other is Dracule, your souls are as one, you are the childes of THE HEALER!” You are as L’oki and I, we are one soul, just as you and Da’il are now.

When all the children had recovered from their ordeal, everyone except Lymal, L’oki and their childes, Car’lin and Da’il, loaded into the ships and made ready to depart.

Lymal announced, “We shall wander this land for a while, there is something that is pulling us to the east.” The four stood on the shore, watching the Skimmer Fleet disappear over the horizon.

Hand in hand, they began a trek to the East, a barren part of the Land of the Herders. They walked slowly, Da’il’s little legs found it difficult to keep up in the rough terrain and he was frequently riding the shoulders of L’oki or Lymal.

Dry deserts and rivers which contained no water, rugged mountains of bare stone and ruined cities were all that existed in this land. They walked for days, seeing neither man nor creature. There were few plants, an occasional tortured shrub was seen growing in the protection of a large rock, there were no trees, no grasses and no small animals to be seen.

They were walking along a dry riverbed when they observed patches of damp soil among the tumbled boulders. They began to follow the faint traces of moisture, as they progressed, the moisture increased and finally became puddles of clear water, then pools and, by the last light of evening, they saw a trickle of running water flowing in the old river bottom.

Plant life was seen growing in the old riverbed and they saw a few birds and insects near the small pools of water.

They made their camp that night near the first running water they had seen since they began their trek. As they sat, eating their trail rations, L’oki held up his hand for silence, he sent to the others, “There are folks out there, watching us. They mean us no hurt.”

Slowly, the two men and their Childes rose to their feet and faced the direction they had detected the minds of people. Lymal called out, “We will not hurt you, come to our fire and share our food with us. We have plenty and we are happy to share our food with all of you.”

A voice called out, “We are afraid, are you cannibals?”

A look of horror came upon their faces, “NO, WE ARE HEALER We are dedicated to the saving of life, not its destruction!” They sent out calming thoughts, hoping to reassure those hiding in the night.

A child’s voice was heard, “Bel, I am so hungry, please, let us go to them.” That was all that Car’lin and Da’il could stand. They joined hands and ran in the direction of the voices, calling, “We are brothers, let us help you.” They were sending so strongly, waves of mental energy were seen emerging from the brothers’ heads, a thing never before seen among Human Hybrids!

From the darkness, Car’lin and Da’il led an older teen boy, his arm was ugly purple and swollen in pain. Two smaller boys and an old man, hobbling on a tree branch as a crutch, followed. They all looked to be on their last legs, in another day, they expected to be dead and no longer in pain.

As they came into the light of the campfire, Lymal and L’oki rushed to the man and hurt boy, “Will you let us heal you and share our meal?” Lymal explained, “We are HEALER, my Brother and other self can heal your hurts and make you like new, as God intended you to be.”

The teen looked at the older man, “Father, we must accept their help, otherwise we will surely die, you and I! Then, who will watch after Tin’li and Bel?” The teen turned to them and said, “I am Bec and this is our Father, Lan’l, and my brothers, Tin’li and Bel. We have not eaten in many days, not since our farm was destroyed by the burning stones thrown at us by the mountain.”

Lymal smiled at the family, his aura of love and peace calmed them. The man sat in the dirt, “Please help us, I have tried so hard to save my sons, but I can do no more!” He asked, “Art thou of the folk of our legends, the men who fly in the sky and heal our hurts?”

Tears were running down his face, his gnarled farmer’s hands clutching his makeshift crutch.

L’oki responded, “Yes, Old Father, we are the children of those folk, Lymal and I are the first of our kind, a new kind of Hybrid Warrior and Healer.”

Lymal said, “Come, Car’lin and Da’il, it is time that you learned healing.” Lymal approached the man, Lan’l, and requested permission of the old man to treat his wounds. He showed Car’lin how to lay his hands upon the man’s injured leg, together, their hands began to glow red and grow warm as healing energy passed into the man’s leg.

L’oki did likewise with Da’il, they laid the teen, Bec, down and pressed their hands upon his injured arm. Bec’s eyes went wide as he saw their hands begin to glow. He looked at L’oki, “Are you the Gods of our ancient legends?” L’oki said simply, “WE ARE HEALER”

When the healing was complete, they shared their meal with the small family and the father, Lan’l, began to tell them what had happened, “The mountain had been groaning and shaking for days. At first, we were not concerned, it had done that many times before. Then, 4 days ago, burning stones began falling from the sky, our crops, our homes, everything burned to ash. We ran in the night and I fell down a cliff, breaking my leg.”

He continued, “Bec tried to help me and was injured himself. As soon as it was daylight, we tried to get away from the burning stones, we walked all day and all night until we came to this small river, where there is water. That is where you found us.

Our ancestors came to this land from a place called Lake, they were part of a large group and became separated. They wandered for many months before they found the land we have been farming. The land is poor and there is little water, but we and our neighbors have survived there for many generations!”

Lymal asked, “There are more folks out there in danger?” Lan’l replied, “Yes, many families, more than I know how to count!” Bec added, “My Lords HEALER, our folk are scattered about, at least two days walking to either side of this small stream.

Lymal smiled at the boy and said, “We are not Lords, we are merely Healers in the service of all Mankind. We require neither worship nor payment, your friendship and good health is the only reward we seek.

Chapter 3 – THE LOST SHEEP

They remained near the small stream for several days, allowing Lan’l and his sons to gain back their strength.

Bec had been watching Car’lin and Da’il closely as the two learned about themselves and their new powers. Finally, he could no longer contain his curiosity, “What are you?” he asked. Our legends tell us of young men who could fly and do the things you do. They tell us they were good people, that they could mind-speak and heal others, they could change into birds and beasts and were fearsome in battle.”

Car’lin smiled, “You mean, like this?” He made his eyes go ruby red and dropped his fangs to full extension. Bec screamed and fell over backwards, Lymal admonished him, “You must never frighten folks, we are here to protect them!”

Car’lin rushed over to the fallen boy, “I am sorry, I should not have done that. Please forgive me.”

Bec stood up and hugged Car’lin, “The legends are true, you are WARRIOR?” Car’lin replied, “Yes, we are all Warriors, Dad L’oki is Dracule and the rest of us are Human Hybrids. WE ARE HEALER! We are here in the service of all mankind, it is our calling. Bring us your sick, your injured and those who have defects from birth and we will heal them. If we cannot heal them, we can make them as we are, Human Hybrids to be either Healers or Warriors protecting us all.”

As Lan’l and his family recovered, they became anxious about their friends they had left behind. Car’lin came across Bec, sitting behind a rock, crying. He rushed to the teen and held him, “Bec, what is the matter, why are you so upset?”

Bec replied, “I left, aaa ah, my friend Tal behind.” Car’lin said, “He is more than a friend, isn’t he?” Bec hung his head, “YyyYes, uh,uhm,” Car’lin held the teen and said, “Look at me and think about Tal” Bec did as he was told and then he saw Car’lin looking off into space. Suddenly, Car’lin shouted, “Da’il, I need you. IN MELD!”

Da’il came running and grasped his brother’s hand, they were both new to forming meld, but they knew the mechanics of joining minds. The air began to crackle as the brothers reached out, suddenly Car’lin screamed, “GOTTEM!” As soon as he had stabilized the meld connection, he reached out for Bec’s hand and Bec saw his friend in his mind.

Bec sent, “Tal, the ancient legends of the Warriors are true, Warrior Car’lin is helping me. Where are you and is everything alright?”

Bec was flooding his front with tears, both in relief that Tal was alive and that his new friends accepted them both as a couple. Both he and Tal had already been subjected to the bigotry of others and, to have found acceptance was almost overwhelming!

Emotions of distress and hunger, dire thirst and fear coursed through their minds, Car’lin asked Bec, “Do you recognize the place Tal is sending?” Bec replied, “Yes, I know where he is! It is not far.” Car’lin broke the connection and went running to his Dads, sending them all he knew.

Lymal and L’oki stood immediately, “Come, let us rescue this boy!” After shouting to the others to remain there, Lymal and L’oki shifted to their flyer forms, Huge Eagles, each had a wing span greater than two men were tall!

Bec’s eyes grew wide as he saw Car’lin become a great Sea Hawk. Lymal held Bec in his arms as they leaped into the air and followed the mind picture that Bec had of where is friend was.

They found Tal, hiding behind a rock as the huge Birds of War landed beside him. He started to run but Bec wiggled free of Lymal’s arms and raced to his friend, “They are friends!” he exclaimed, “They are the Warriors of our Legends! They saved my life and treated my wounds, they are good folk and want only to help us.”

The boy collapsed to the ground, “Oh, Bec, Mamma and Poppa are dead and I cannot find Ky’len! At that, the boy began to sob uncontrollably. Bec explained to Lymal, “Ky’len is Tal’s baby brother, he is only 3 years old! Oh, please, help us find him!”

Lymal outstretched his hands, “Join with me as you did with Car’lin, let us try to locate him!” Both Bec and Tal held Lymal’s hands as they searched for the missing child, Lymal reached for L’oki and Car’lin, calling MELD! Lymal and L’oki were driving the meld outwards, they were pouring energy into the meld and the air around them was turning purple with ozone. They harder they pushed, even the grasses began to smolder and sparks were seen in the air itself!

They found the fear trail of the frightened child and traced it to a shallow cave in the riverbank.

Lymal broke the meld and it collapsed with an small explosion, showering them all with bits of damaged stone. They raced down the riverbed to the place they had seen.

As they approached, they could hear a child screaming in fear, they found a mountain lion ready to pounce on a tiny boy, without thinking, Car’lin became a 300 pound wolf, tearing parts and chunks from the body of the lion!

The lion never had a chance, by the time his brain recognized it was being attacked, the lion was already in bloody pieces! Tal scooped up his terrified baby brother and held him in his arms, soothing his fears.

With the child still in his arms, he knelt before Lymal and L’oki, “Lords Warrior, Ky’len is all I have left. If you are truly the Warriors of our ancient legends, I pledge my body and soul to your service, In the name of God, I do this freely.”

Tears were running a river down the young man’s face as he pleaded with these mighty beings for the life of his baby brother. Bec dropped to his knees beside Tal, “Lord Lymal, Lord L’oki, Tal is my mate, where he goes, I go. You have rescued all that remains of my family, I also, pledge my body and my soul to your service, in the name of God, I do this freely!”

Lymal smiled and said to both boys, We do what we do because we love you and all Humankind. We do not ask that you pledge slavery to us, we would reject that instantly. All we ask is that you treat your fellow humans with kindness and care.”

L’oki joined Lymal and they replied, “What you ask for, once done, can never be changed. We know your hearts and will do this, WE ARE HEALER”

When Tal and Bec awoke from their sleep of change, they were amazed, their senses and perception were intense, they each looked into the other’s mind and saw the love one had for the other. Holding hands, they stood before their Makers and said, “Fathers, we must leave you for a while, there are more of our people out there, hiding from the beasts. We shall find them and bring them to you.”

They both hugged Lymal and L’oki before turning and leaping into the air, both were Huge Golden Eagles!

Lan’l held the baby, Ky’len, in his arms. He said to the tiny boy, “Well, I guess you shall be with Grandpa for a while.” The baby cooed and giggled, Lan’l was not convinced that the small child did NOT understand every word he said!

Over the next several weeks Tal and Bec escorted members of their village to Lymal and L’oki. The most desperate, they had already performed some healing, leaving the more complicated to Lymal or L’oki.

In their emergency, both had learned to be Healers on their own and L’Oki saw in them, great promise. They had located all but three of their villagers and they asked Car’lin and Da’il to help them. The four boys went into meld, searching for the missing villagers, further and further they pushed their young minds. The air began to crackle and leaves on the bushes shriveled and smoked from the escaping energy.

Suddenly, two Huge Golden Eagles and two Falcons with 15 foot wingspans leaped into flight and raced off. They found their missing folk, but one, a teen boy of 14 years was horribly mangled by a black bear. He was too far gone to be healed.

Car’lin and Da’il conferred and even reached their Dads, there was but one thing they could do.

They found a cave in the rocks and told the dying boy what his choices were. He was coughing up blood from a torn lung, his heart punctured and failing. It would not be long before he was gone from them. Ande held onto Car’lin’s hand and said, “Do it, save me!”

Neither Tal nor Bec had ever changed a human and Car’lin and Dai’il had only watched it being done. Tal sat on the dirt of their shallow cave, with Bec beside him. Both Car’lin and Da’il stood guard outside that they not be disturbed. They explained to Ande what they were about to do and the boy just nodded his head and fell asleep.

After dark, on the 7th day Ande emerged, a Turned Vampire and a Healer!” He would be companion and helper to Car’lin and Da’il and Bec and Tal for the remainder of his long life!

Lymal and his companions will continue their search for isolated communities of humans, bringing them back into the folds of humanity. Along their way, they will heal the differences, sooth the fears and repair the fellowship of Humans, Dracule, Vampires and Warriors wherever they go.


We have seen a new kind of Human Hybrid Warrior emerge, a kind with immense healing powers and, there is something more. How soon will it be before yet another talent emerges?



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