A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird




This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.




This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or loKales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; One thousand years have passed since the deaths of the HUMAN HYBRID Progenitors, Roger and Little Bear. The three great Kingdoms and their outlying dependencies are all that remain of Human Civilization on the planet of its birth. Despite the efforts of the Hybrid Warriors, that civilization is teetering on the brink of failure. Nothing those wondrous and powerful men have done seems to prevent the light of knowledge and civilization from flickering and dimming. A new human hybrid Warrior has appeared, he has been Kalled by some THE HEALER!

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above) or a Dracule, light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”

Chapter 1 – BREAKUP

The winter was long and dreary, the terrible storms raged across the land, piling snow and ice many feet deep above the snug and warm Caverns of the First Home of the Dracule.

As it sheltered those refugees of a destroyed world thousands of years earlier, it now sheltered two of their descendents, L’oki and his Father, T’kli, the Human Hybrid Warrior Healers, the young Human Warrior Healer Cadets and the Native Humans who had attached themselves to the group. It had been L’oki’s Grandfather, M’beleci, who had led the Dracule Refugees in settling in the caverns as they escaped their dying world!

The Warrior Healers became teachers, holding classes for both the Cadets and the Human Hunters, who kept them supplied with food. Two very special Cadets, Ton and Kal had been rescued from starvation when the Warrior Healers first landed in North America and subsequently accepted into the Cadets, affectionately known as CAPERS for their distinctive red capes.

Ton and Kal had “adopted” Lymal and L’oki, the leaders of the Order of Warrior Healers, as their Poppas! The two boys were fast learners as well as powerful mind-speakers, over the winter they had learned to read and they were rapidly devouring the library left there by the original Dracule Refugees so long ago. That they were reading the original Dracule language amazed both L’oki and his own Father, T’kli.

Ton and Kal also served as a bridge between the Human Native Hunters and the Hybrid Warriors, as the boys learned, so also did the hunters.

No longer did the natives think the Warrior Healers were gods, but they would follow their Warriors through the front gates of hell itself and those two boys spoke the words of the Great Hybrid Human Warriors, to the Hunters, those words came direct from the Warriors, whom they loved without restriction!

Their love was returned, the Warriors taught the hunters to read, tutored them in the arts and sciences that had been lost thousands of years earlier and ensured their hurts and illnesses were treated. It was a “two-way” street neither group would spare any effort to ensure the safety of the other.

As the icy fingers of winter started to loosen its hold, the folk taking shelter in the Caverns began thinking of resuming their trek, their objective was to return to the native folk, the civilization they had lost during the Great Upheaval three thousand years earlier. The first effort of that return was to see to it that the Humans received healthcare, protection from the slavers and cannibals living nearby, and education.

The sheet of ice covering their shelter melted and sunlight could be seen when the outside doors were opened. All the Cadets were busy renewing their clothing, the past year had seen boys pass into adolescence, especially Ton and Kal. Kal being a bit older, was proudly sporting a few hairs on his upper lip and some other places of which he was even more proud! His trousers were more like summer shorts! They had all outgrown their shoes and two cobblers from the village were working fulltime makes shoes and boots.

Ton had grown several inches and gained so much weight, he could no longer fit in his trousers! Both boys had also bloomed intellectually. They were more assertive and positive in attitude. In short, they were both rapidly becoming leaders! The other Capers, even those older than themselves, looked to Ton and Kal to “lead the way”.

That was never more apparent than when they were with the Hunters, even the Headman looked to the two boys for leadership and guidance!

Every day, Hunters went forth to replenish the food stocks and to check on the condition of the ice, they were waiting for BREAKUP, the melting of the ice until it could no longer support itself and would crumble and breakup.

Whenever the Hunters were outside, they could hear the ice pack groaning and squealing like something alive, one morning they opened the outside doors and bare earth confronted them, the ice had crumbled and was melting in the bright sunshine.

Ton had been outside with the hunters, he came dancing back inside and broadcast to all who could receive, “THE ICE IS GONE”

There began a flurry of activity, readying the group for departure. They cleaned the Caverns and closed up all the rooms. They charged the power cells and stored them away and got ready to continue their journey.

Not knowing what to expect, the Warriors began flying reconnaissance flights and the Hunters prepared dried meats and vegetables to feed them along the way.

The Hunter’s Headman, Ger, conferred with Ton and Kal, he had only rudimentary mind-speech ability, so they decided that Ton would travel with the Hunters, trading off with Kal whenever Ton was needed for classes.

The day of departure arrived and the folk lined up outside the rock door protecting the Caverns. When all had been accounted for, T’kli closed the doors and sealed them with the palm of his hand. They were DNA protected, only one of his blood could reopen them. It was unknown at that time that, when a Dracule adopted a son, that boy’s DNA rearranged itself and the boy became a biological son to the father!

The trek began slowly, they had the winter months of kinks and aches to work out before a steady march would begin again. They moved across the high plateau of the old states of Wyoming and Montana, visiting isolated tribes of native folk.

Rumors had spread during the winter that the wonderful Flying Men of their legends had returned to them and they would heal anyone, just for the asking!

Whenever they came to an area where there was a concentration of folk, they paused and built a hospital. There became a line of hospitals, all manned by Warrior Healers and their Cadets, across the northern tier of North America.

Again, the Humans of the area were amazed that these wonderful beings charged them nothing for their treatment and care. The thankful hug of a healed child was payment enough for them!

There were few folk as far north as Canada, but where they found them, hospitals appeared there also. The ancient national boundaries no longer existed.

Spring turned into summer while they crossed the rugged mountains of the Rockies, and, as they moved down the western slopes, more and larger towns were encountered. The Rumor of the Winged Warrior-Healers’ arrival was spreading like wildfire through the human communities.

They entered the large town of Bois, nearly 10,000 folk lived there raising cattle and drying the meat for sale. The people heated their homes with coal, found in nearby open pits. The homes were mostly fired mudbrick, and some stone. Their families tended to be large and they were a mixture of descendents of the old races.

As they came into town, they discovered armed guards on every street, family men went about with a club or a spear in their hand. As they met with the town Headman, Lymal asked why the men seemed ready for war. The Headman shook his head sadly, “We are plagued with those who capture our children and sell them for slaves elsewhere.”

His visitor’s reaction thoroughly frightened the Headman, the Warriors’ anger was so great, the windows of the building glowed red from their eyes and their fangs dropped into prominence! All the things their Legends told them about theses winged men were true, they prayed that what they did to the slavers and cannibals was also true.


Very quietly, Lymal asked, “From where do these slavers come?” The Headman looked at the awful visage staring him in the face, a visage of extended fangs and glowing red eyes!

He sensed the terrible anger of the being standing next to him. The headman replied, “Sir, we lose their tracks in the shifting sand of the desert just to our north, beyond that, we just don’t know.”

The man would lay awake many nights, that awful face, the glowing red eyes and THE FANGS. For several nights, he slept not at all, fearing to even close his eyes!

Their anger rippled off the Hybrid Warriors like a waterfall. Before the headman could even look away, Lymal and L’oki were jumping through the open windows, shifting in midair to huge Sea Eagles, their Warriors streaming after them. The flight of angry Birds of War shot northward from the town, rattling roofs and setting plants and small trees on fire as they went.

The poor man sat, huddled on the floor in terror, Ton helped him up and said, “They are not angry with you, but the slavers will not survive their visit!” The Headman said, “Bu, Bu, those eyes, those FANGS, what monsters are they?”

Ton held the frightened man’s hands, “Not Monsters, your best friends, only those who would hurt us or make slaves of our people need fear The Warriors, cannibals will not even live long enough to fear them!”

The Headman asked, “Are these Warriors those of our ancient legends?” Ton replied, “I do not know your legends, but The Warriors came originally from a place they call, Lake.”

The Headman started to shake, “The legends are true and they have come back to us as they promised!” He raced from the room and soon, the drums began to speak and runners were sent to all the nearby villages, “THE LAKE WARRIORS HAVE RETURNED TO US!”

All through the night, the drums could be heard relaying the message. There was little sleep to be had in Bois that night, the legends of the Winged Men had been passed down from generation to generation for more than a thousand cycles of the seasons.

There was laughter and dancing in the streets, their legends told them that the slavers and cannibals would soon be gone!

The Warriors found the settlement of child slavers across the sandy desert. Without even slowing down, they landed and shifted to their land animals in a dead run.

The nightmare posse crashed through the log walls of the stockade, fearsome bears, raging lions, enormous great apes and a few that defied sane description. No slaver survived, while not a single captive suffered additional hurt.

The Warriors started convoy to bring the captured children home, Ton and Kal listened intently and when they heard the first mind-whispers of their Warriors returning, Ton mind-screeched “CAPERS-ATTEND ME!”

The Cadets raced to meet Ton and Kal who led them across the sandy wastes to meet the returning Warriors, to help carry the rescued children. In that instant, Ton emerged as a leader of men! His brother, Kal, would follow him on that journey that same day.

The children were injured, sick and had been tortured without mercy to satisfy the fiendish delight of their captors. Some had been so severely maimed to provide a sick entertainment, their only hope was turning!

They converted the school to an emergency hospital and Warrior Healers worked the rest of the night to save the children, three could not be saved. One died and two required turning.

Morning found Ton, sitting on the floor, holding the lifeless body of a child. He had cried until he had no more tears, he sat there rocking the lifeless form back and forth, his face tortured and his soul was near cracking. When Lymal and L’oki found Ton, he stared at them without recognition, his soul had shattered.

L’oki gently took the dead boy from Ton’s arms and Lymal picked their son up and cuddled him, Ton looked at Lymal with dead eyes, “Why, Poppa, why?” he asked. Lymal sat with Ton, holding him and wrapping him in the safety of his arms. He said, “I don’t know son, but that is why we are here. No more shall we allow this, no more children shall die.”

Ton clung to Lymal’s shoulder and said, “Teach me, Poppa, teach me and Kal so that we can help these children not to die.”

Lymal hugged his son even tighter, “It is a terrible choice to make, my son, once made, it is forever, it cannot be changed.” The grieving boy said, “I want to do this, Poppa, I must do it.” Behind Lymal, Kal’s voice spoke up, “Yes, Poppa, WE must do this thing!” Kal had joined his brother in reaching manhood!

L’oki had returned from giving the child’s body to the burial detail and stood beside his mate. Softly he said, “It is right that we do this, Lymal, this is the right thing to do.” Lymal nodded his head in agreement and L’oki picked up Kal in his arms and Lymal held Ton. When they looked up, all the Warrior Healers and the Cadets were standing before them.

Each Cadet came up and hugged Ton and Kal, many kissed their foreheads. The Warrior Healers each gave Ton and Kal a hug and a kiss, telling L’oki and Lymal that they would stand watch as the two went into Vigil.

Six other mated pair Human Hybrid Warriors were also leading their sons to a place of quiet, where they could be Converted to their fellow Human Hybrid Warrior Healers.

They took the boys to their rooms and exchanged blood with them, then sat Vigil for six days while the boys slept their sleep of change. On the 7th day, the boys awoke. Their red eyes and protruding fangs said clearly they were Human Hybrid Warrior Healers!

Both young men had a determined look on their faces, they KNEW their destiny and were going to meet it head on.

As they emerged from their rooms, each Cadet, each Warrior Healer welcomed them, Red Healer Capes were found and local artisans created their gold pins, the olive branch and sword crossed! They were proud of their new Capes and Pins, but they sensed there were more children and adults who were waiting to be cared for.

While they had been asleep, a new hospital was begun, it would be named “TON & KAL HEALERS HOSPITAL”

They made their preparations for departure, but outside of where they were staying, crowds of folk stood. When Lymal and L’oki stepped out the door, a great cheer went up! The town’s children had gathered at the Hospital door, wanting to see and touch these two newly created Warrior Healers, those they felt were a part of themselves.

The Headman bowed to them and said, “Our ancient legends told of you and that you would return to us, that The Land will be safe once more. Our Warriors have returned to us!” The children and folk began to pass among the Legendary Warriors, each thanking them for their return.

The Cadets came, carrying those who would ask the wondrous Warriors to heal them. A little girl, mauled by a wild animal, was brought to Ton for healing. It was time to put off departing!

The little girl said, “Please Great Warrior, fix me.”

Ton could hardly see the child for the tears in his own eyes. As Lymal instructed him on what to do, Ton placed his hands on the little girl’s body and channeled his own life energy into her. As they watched, her horrible wounds closed and she became whole once more.

The child reached up and kissed Ton on the lips, his eyes went smoky red and his fangs fell to full drop. Kal reached across and closed Ton’s mouth, “Don’t need to catch no flies today, brother!” Ton’s face was as red as his eyes!

Kal was not concerned, he KNEW to whom Ton belonged!

The little girl giggled and hugged Kal before she went running back to her parents.

Lymal whispered in his son’s ear, “THAT is why we are here, my son.”

The Healers worked for several additional days, the sick and hurt were streaming into Bois from the entire region.

They detailed four pair mated Hybrid Warrior Healers to stay and be healers for the Regional Hospital, sixteen Cadets volunteered to stay with their Warriors Healer as well as the two Turned Vampire Healers. The new hospital would be fully staffed and would serve as the main health care center for the entire region.

When it was finally time for them to continue their journey, the children lined the path as the Warriors and their Cadets left town, some would recognize a Warrior Healer who had healed them and they would dash out to give that Warrior a last hug. More than a few Cadets received kisses from those they had helped heal and the little girl gave a red faced Ton a bouquet of wild flowers to remember her by.

Later, he carefully dried the flowers and kept them among his most prized possessions, for the remainder of his long life.

Chapter 3 – LAKE

As the group passed through villages, more folk asked healing. Every village set up food and drink for their visitors, it was almost a holiday event! Those needing assistance from the small villages and communities distant from the road, set up campgrounds along the trail, waiting for the Wonderful Winged Men of their legends, to pass by.

Ton and Kal asked that their friends, Cadets Del and Lat to be their assigned Cadets and the two youngsters stuck with them like glue, neither Cadet was going to miss anything his Warrior Healer did. Del and Lat worshiped the ground that Ton and Kal walked upon and, they, also, were headed to greater things.

As the trek continued, the drums began to speak of the “Boy Warriors Healer”. They meant, specifically Ton and Kal. Among a group of famous beings, the two Boy Warrior Healers struck a chord with the youngsters of each village, they were the Boy Healers to care for them!

When they came to a village, young people in need of healing would ask for the “Boy Healers”, Ton seemed never to be without a red face. The girls needing healing seemed to prefer him to be their healer! Kal to only a slightly lesser degree, both would find gifts and flowers pinned to their cloaks and Ton’s face would turn red all over again!

In every village, girls would bring them delicacies to eat and drink and would ask if they had any errands they could run for them. Ton’s face was always red and Kal told him, “You could always make your eyes go red and drop your fangs to scare the girls away.” Ton replied, “I wouldn’t dare, Poppa would do something awful, I am sure!”

One girl was more persistent than others and, in exasperation; Ton let his eyes go slightly red. The girl looked at him and screamed, “OOoooH, cute!” Ton had to hide behind Kal’s cloak to get away!

As they walked, Del and Lat kept saying, “OHHH cute” Ton was ready to “FANG” them both!

The weather grew steadily more mild as they traveled south, towards The Lake and villages became more numerous as well as larger. From hilltops, they could see several villages at the same time.

They simply did not have enough Warrior Healers to go to every village. So, at the larger villages, they stopped and held regional healing clinics and assigned Healers and their Cadets to man a hospital. They were dropping off Cadets and Warrior Healers where they were needed; their ranks were rapidly becoming depleted.

At long last, The Lake, nestled in the green valley was seen by those flying aerial guard and those on the ground, anxious to arrive at their destination, picked up their pace.

The Lake was where their race’s Progenitor, Lord Little Bear began his fateful journey south with his Life Mate, Roger. The pair headed first to the Land of the Herders. Lake was like a Holy Place to all the Warriors, a place where they could regenerate their souls and commune with their forbearers.

As they topped the last hill and looked down on their lake; The Lake, where the Human Hybrid Warriors had come into being more than a thousand years earlier, they saw a large town and crowds of folk waiting for them.

The drums had spread their message far and wide. Caravans of folk had traveled many days and great distances to greet these fabulous beings of their legends.

Tents had been set up to shelter those asking to be healed and food and drink had been set out, waiting to be served to these living legends. These storied beings who performed miracles.

The home of the First Mated Pair, Human Hybrid Warriors, the progenitors of that race, Roger and Little Bear, had been preserved as a memorial park, the home that T’kli remembered as a child was also perfectly preserved, he could almost imagine his Grandfather, M’belici, opening the door at his knock.

The town was filled with the ghosts of their forbearers and the Warrior Healers all had tears in their eyes. The Cadets knew of their Healers’ distress and they kept quiet, giving the Warrior Healers time in which they could heal themselves.

The Headman of The Lake welcomed them and led them to the area where they could rest and partake of the foods and drinks that had been brought there for them.

As they were resting, they heard a young man pleading that a healer come to his daughter, she was dying he said. Ton jumped up and said, ‘I will come to your daughter!”

Cadets Del and Lat followed him, ready to assist. The young father was near hysteria, “My daughter, our baby, was bitten by a snake. Our Healer told us she could do nothing for her.” He dropped to knees, “Oh, please, save our baby!”

Tears were streaming from the young father’s face. He wrapped his arms around Ton’s legs, begging for his help. Ton gently raised the man to his feet and said, “You need not beg, I will do all I can out of love for you and your child. Let us go to your child and see what may be done.”

The man led them into the tent, there were crying children everywhere. Ton looked around him and mind screamed, “Poppas, Brother, children need us, come quickly!” He had sent Lymal and L’oki a mind picture of the horror in that tent, Kal was already racing in the door! The entire group of Warrior Healers and their Cadets raced to the tent, bursting in the tent flap, looking in horror upon the scene that met them!

The Warrior Healers were frantic at the sight of hurt children and they began immediately to help them. Their Cadets were in no better shape, many of them were of the same age as the children they were assisting their own Warrior Healers in saving!

Ton followed the young father to his child’s bedside, his wife weeping beside the girl. He placed his hands on the child’s body as his Father had taught him, pumping energy from his own body into the little girl to combat the poison circulating in her small body. Kal stood beside him, volunteering his assistance that his brother might not stumble.

More and more energy was needed, his arms and hands were glowing bright red. He turned to his Cadets, Del and Lat, and commanded, “ADD TO ME”. The Cadets placed their hands on Ton’s back feeding life energy from their own bodies into his. At last, all that remained of the snake’s attack were two fang marks on the child’s leg and they closed without a trace.

Ton was completely drained, Del and Lat continued feeding energy to him to restore his vitality. The little girl opened her eyes and saw her parents, “Mama, Poppa” she cried and held out her arms to be picked up and loved.

Ton was too drained to assist in healing the children, but Kal was in the middle of it, healing broken bones, horrific burns and illnesses. He, also became completely drained, he left to join his mate, Ton, at a table, both were gulping down food and cool juices to restore themselves.

The young family came to Ton and the little child hugged him, saying, “Tank you, tank you.” in her child’s voice. The young father asked, “How can we ever repay you?”

Ton smiled and said to the young man, who was hardly older than himself, “Raise your daughter to be a fine woman, that is the only reward I ask.”

The young mother hugged Ton and said, “Our legends are true!”

As soon as Ton and Kal had refreshed themselves and insisted Del and Lat do the same, they went to the adult tent to assisted the other Healers.

The tent was in riot, there, they were met with equal horror and hurt. They worked throughout the night repairing broken folk. It was like a war zone, adults and young adults had injuries most associated with wars and combat. Broken arms, mashed legs, whole chunks were missing from their bodies and more hands and fingers were missing than they knew how to count.

Two boys, twins about Ton’s own age, lay on the bed together. They had been burned horribly. He later learned the fire had taken both their parents and that they were orphans. The boys had been so badly burned, at first Ton did not know if they were boys or girl children!

He called for Kal to assist and proceeded to heal the first boy while Kal healed the other. Del and Lat acted as backup, lest their two young healers overextend themselves again, however, Ton and Kal were racing against time, the two youngsters were near death.

As the twins’ injuries healed, they fell into a peaceful sleep and Ton and Kal went to other beds, healing those in need, after their Cadets had brought them large cups of fruit juices, laden with natural sugars to replenish their energy reserves.

Late in the afternoon, all the injured were finally treated, they had lost none, but eight men and two boys had required Turning to save their lives.

Ton and Kal, along with all the other Healers were totally spent. They sat at a long table eating high energy foods to help restore themselves.

They heard a small voice behind them, “Sirs, please…..”

They turned around and found the two twin boys, whom they had healed from terrible burns, standing there. They were Mel and Mit, they said they were orphaned and had nowhere to go.

Both dropped to their knees, “Sirs Healer, we are alone in this world, none to care for us. Would you be our Poppas?” Both young Healers heard their Fathers’ words in their minds, “It is your decision, follow your hearts!”

They picked up the two twin boys and cuddled them in their laps, “Yes, you will be our sons” The boys had death grips on the new fathers’ necks! The boys were soaking Ton’s and Kal’s neck with their tears as kept repeating, “Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa………”

Later, twelve pair Cadets asked for changing to become Human Hybrid Warrior Healers, including Del and Lat. The Warrior Healers remained in the town while their Cadets became Warrior Healers. Summer was fast ending, so the decision was made to spend the winter at The Lake and continue their trek the next spring.


The town folk offered homes to the Warriors Healer and their Cadets to stay the winter. They were building a huge new hospital that would serve the surrounding area and beyond.

Some of the new Warrior Healers and their Cadets were thinking of remaining in Lake to man the new hospital.

As winter began its icy blasts, the Warrior Healers, their Cadets and the Hunters protected themselves inside the warm homes offered to them by the town folk. The Hunters were in demand as storytellers, the people of Lake never tired of the Hunters’ tales about the Winged Men and their exploits.

The Warriors flew patrol and had some minor clashes with raiders from distant folk, until they learned to leave the Folk of The Lake alone. The Warriors were tired and had little patience with those who enslaved others. They had made war against slavers and cannibals the entire distance from the old Dracule Home and Lake.

Schooling resumed for the Cadets and the Hunters as well as several of the younger hunters who asked and were accepted into the Cadets. Several of the Cadets had blossomed into skilled mind-speakers, but, before they had gained those skills, those around them had aching heads and scrambled thoughts. They were very strong mind-speakers!

Mel and Mit were growing like weeds, with good food and loving care they had become alert, intelligent boys. They, also, asked admittance to the Cadets and were soon proudly wearing the Capes and Pins.

The four young Warrior Healers, Ton and Kal, Det and Lat were popular among the young folks of the town, they were always asked for if a Healer was needed.

Mel and Mit became Ton and Kal’s Cadets as well as their sons. The four of them were usually seen together, whenever Mel and Mit were not in class.

They were Cadets, there was no question, but they were also young teen boys. Their pranks and mind-shouts kept the entire group of Warriors Healer and their Cadets in an uproar! It was hard to discipline them, they all meant well and were splendid Cadets in an emergency.

Everyone just hoped they would grow out of their pranks, SOON!

The fierce blasts of winter dumped snow and ice on the town, isolating it from the rest of the world until spring. Warriors would fly patrol over the outlying villages to ensure all was well. A series of signals were devised to alert the Warriors overhead if the village had an emergency or needed a Healer.

Several other boys, including the Headman’s youngest son, asked for admission as Cadets. They were accepted and there was soon a Cadet to assist every Warrior Healer again.

T’kli entertained everyone with his tales of The Lake and his childhood. The dramatic story of their rescue by Roger and Little Bear and their young band of new Human Hybrid Warriors kept everyone on the edge of their seats for several nights.

Ton and Kal vowed that they would visit the shrine to Roger’s Older brother, The First Bobby at Bahia de Los Angeles. The Folk of Mariposa have maintained the shrine for thousands of years.

Lymal and his companions will continue their search for isolated communities of humans, bringing them back into the folds of humanity. Along their way, they will heal the differences, sooth the fears and repair the fellowship of Humans, Dracule, Vampires and Warriors wherever they go. The road from Lake to The Land of the Herders is known to all of them as the Trail of Death for it was along this trail that many of their kind lost their lives trying to reach safety offered by The Bobby and The Andrea, co-rulers of Mariposa.




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