A story of vampires, shape-shifters and American Indians





Charles W. Bird




This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copies, transmitted or used in any manner beyond reading for enjoyment without the express, written permission of the author.



This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental and may not be broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any form without my express, written permission

Prologue; One thousand years have passed since the deaths of the HUMAN HYBRID Progenitors, Roger and Little Bear. The three great Kingdoms and their outlying dependencies are all that remain of Human Civilization on the planet of its birth. Despite the efforts of the Hybrid Warriors, that civilization is teetering on the brink of failure. Nothing those wondrous and powerful men have done seems to prevent the light of knowledge and civilization from flickering and dimming. A new human hybrid Warrior has appeared, he has been called by some THE HEALER!

Hybrid; Correct term is Human Hybrid, created by exchange of blood fluids with two hybrids known as makers, progenitors of the race were Roger and Little Bear, somewhat sensitive to strong light, can change shape in many forms, extremely powerful mind-speakers, can combine with other Hybrids or Turned Vampires to create extremely powerful long range mind-sweeps, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, can read minds of humans and turned vampires, believed to be able to control human minds or plant false images, vampiric but consider drinking human blood for food to be an abomination, there is a life-long maker/childe relationship, cannot create or bear young, have an almost fanatic urge to protect humans particularly children, have an intense hatred of those who would harm humans particularly children slavers, can be savage fighters of great ferocity, life span unknown but believed to be greater than 2,000 years, form life long relationship with their mate, only occur in the male form – no known female Hybrids exist, it is not known how many mated pairs exist in any when, also known as Spirit Warriors, Roger was the first Captain of Hybrids, omnivores
Turned Vampire; Created only by the exchange of blood fluids with a Hybrid (see Hybrid above), light sensitive, strong sunlight is fatal, cannot create other turned vampires, cannot create or bear young, vampiric, however consider drinking human blood for food abominable, life span less than 2,000 years, mind-speakers, cannot tell a falsehood because of mind to mind meld contact, extremely loyal to their maker, referred to as childe, omnivores
Human Sensitive; Many Humans have rudimentary mind-speak abilities, most are unaware of their ability. Humans who have worked with the Human Hybrids have developed their mind-speak abilities to a greater degree than those who have not been exposed to the Hybrids. It is believed that Humans, under ideal circumstances, are able to mind-meld with Human Hybrids, however there is considerable risk to the humans doing so.
This story is a continuation of the tale begun in the “Restart 2012” Series. To understand parts of this story, you should first read that series, especially the last Chapter “We Interrupt this Program….”


The punishing winter finally loosened its hold on The Lake and the surrounding area. The folk were sad to see their Warriors begin to make preparation to depart, but they did have a fine new hospital and four mated pair Human Hybrid Warrior Healers, along with their Cadets and four Turned Vampire Healers to provide for their needs.

As sad as they were to see the Healers depart, they also knew that those Winged Warriors were needed elsewhere.

Ton and Kal were dressed in beautiful new Capes and pins made for them by the grateful folk of The Lake; their Cadet Sons were attired in their new capes as they joined their fellow Cadets on the trail southward.

All the Cadets kept careful watch, they had learned that surprises usually meant someone needed help and the sooner their Healers knew about them, the better chance at survival the injured folk had.

Unlike when the first Human Hybrid Warriors trekked through the area thousands of years earlier, it was no longer barren desert, there were now villages scattered all along the way.

The drums had sounded their message, the villagers would bring their folk needing healing to the side of the trail, in hope that a Warrior Healer would make them whole again; in that, there was no question, no Warrior Healer had it in him to abandon and injured person nor refuse healing to anyone.

The oath they took upon becoming a Warrior OR a Warrior Healer was so strong, such a Warrior would not be able to abandon an injured or hurt person, regardless of race or circumstances.

Three days south of The Lake, they came upon a village in smoking ruins, as they searched the smoldering homes for survivors, they came across two small boy children, hiding among the wreckage of their home. They were only about three years old but Lymal lifted pictures from their minds that sent him into a screaming rage, his eyes flared ruby red and fangs went into full drop, “CANNIBALS” his mind screamed to the entire company! The Warriors came running, Ton and Kal were first at the Poppa’s side!

As Ton and Kal leaped into the air, changing to Great Birds of War, they told their Cadet Sons, Mel and Mit to care for the two little boys. In their own minds, they KNEW where the cannibals were hiding.

In all directions, flyers searched for traces of the hated Cannibals, when they saw Ton and Kal heading west, towards the mountains. A string of angry Warriors Healer began following them.

Zel and Mar, two of the original Warrior Healers from the islands south of Mariposa, were first to locate the trail of fear. Like the baying hounds of hell, the angry Great War Birds followed the scent, into the broken mountains to the west; they raced in a rage that lent them speed and determination.

Their anger was so great, they left a trail of smoke in their wake and singed tail feathers floated down to the ground, marking their path. Ton and Kal were the most powerful of the flyers and they led the way, their mighty wings punishing the air to gain them even a few feet of additional momentum!

As they entered the jumbled boulders of the collapsed mountains, they spotted a stone fortress built against the rocky cliffs. Both Ton and Kal dove straight for the fortress, their anger so great, smoke swirled from their beaks and their eyes shone like red headlamps!

The swarm of enraged Warriors dove to the ground, changing to their beasts. The Cannibals looked down upon them from the heights of their walls, thinking themselves safe from any attack.

They were mistaken, fatally mistaken!

Huge animals, seen only in the nightmares of a deranged mind, crashed into the walls, tossing the huge stones aside like pebbles. In less time than the telling, all that remained of the Cannibals were mounds of body parts and gore upon the ground.

The Warriors could hear the wailing of Folk and Children nearby. They tore the log doors of the slave cages to shreds and splinters, then, brought the captives out into the sunlight, horrified at their injuries.

They spent the remainder of the day healing the hurts of those unfortunate folk. Injuries so terrible, all the Healers and their Cadets knew that, if they stopped the healing, they would never be able to stop their own crying.

Two teen boys were too far gone, Ton and Kal had done all in their power and were unable to heal the boys. Near to tears, Ton said to them, “We can save your lives, but you will be forever different, you will be Vampires.”

Both boys pleaded to be saved, Ton took Roc and Kal took Fol, both brothers, and went into a nearby cave to turn them.

They mind called their Fathers of what they were doing and both Lymal and L’oki stood guard at the mouth of the cave while their sons sat Vigil over the two brothers changing into Vampires.

On the 7th day, they brought the two brothers to their Fathers as soon as the sun had set. Roc and Fol knelt before the two leaders, “We would be Vampire Healers and follow our Makers for the rest of our days!” Lymal replied, “It will be a hard life, but, if that is what you wish, make it so.”

The two brothers would follow Ton and Kal for the next three thousand years, assisting in healing. They were especially good with the children and soon became favorites of all the children. Roc usually had sweet treats in his pocket and Fol had loving hands and strong arms to love a child with.

They led the survivors back to their village, two parents discovered their small sons had survived. In joyful reunion, they asked to join the folk traveling with the Warrior Healers, they cared little that their sons were now Vampires, the fact that they were alive was what was important!

After ensuring the health of the villagers, the group resumed their trek south the next day. The group had become enlarged by those who wished to accompany the Human Hybrid Warrior Healers.

Before they could reach the next village, the drums had told of their coming, “THE LAKE WARRIORS WERE RETURNING!”

At every village they stopped and healed those in need, news of the Boy Warriors Healer preceding them. Children and young teens lined up, patiently waiting their turn to be healed by the Boy Warriors Healer.

They finally were confronted by twin boys, so horribly deformed from birth, they could not walk, they had begged their parents to bring them to the Boy Warriors Healer that the drums had spoken of! The two brothers were convinced the Boy Healers could fix them!

Ton and Kal were not sure they had the power to help these boys, Mel and Mit said, “We will add to your power, you must try!” Roc and Fol also agreed that they would add to their Makers’ power.

The two deformed boys pleaded, “Fix us, make us whole.” They took the two boys to an area beneath the trees, where it was shaded from the sun to protect Roc and Fol, and they began transferring energy into the two boys’ deformed bodies. Their arms and hands glowed blistering red under the intense energy flow, Mel put his hands on Ton’s back and Mit did the same to Kal, still more energy was needed. The two Vampire boys rushed to their Makers, Roc placed his hands besides those of Mit and Fol did the same beside Mel.

The energy required made the surrounding air shimmer and crackle, attracting the attention of the other Warrior Healers. They surrounded the Boy Healers, looking on with awe at the tremendous energies these young Warrior Healers and their helpers were wielding.

Trees were shaking and large stones were trembling on the hillsides, threatening to roll down the hill.

Never, in the thousands of years of history of their race, had any Human Hybrid Warrior channeled such vast amounts of power! The waves of energy could be seen flowing to the two young Healers in solid sheets, setting fire to the dry grasses on the ground. Cadets came running to stomp out the flames.

Slowly, the crooked limbs of the deformed boys began to straighten, their backs uncurled and their hands no longer resembled claws. Their grimaced faces smoothed and became handsome.

Finally, their efforts were over and the crackling energy died. Ton and Kal collapsed into the arms of their Fathers, totally expended. The two healed boys, Pos and Rus, slowly regained consciousness and reached out to their saviors. They also, would follow Ton and Kal the rest of their days, becoming first, Cadets and then Human Hybrid Warriors Healer themselves.

News of what Ton and Kal had done raced through the community of Warriors and Healers, all were in awe of these two young Warriors Healer, who were able to control incredible amounts of healing energy. The drums began to speak, telling of two new Warrior Healers of vast power, able to heal those thought to be without hope.

THE BOY WARRIOR HEALERS and their feats of healing were the subject of nearly every message sent by the drums. News of their coming spread far and wide, those who did not live near the trail, trekked however far was necessary, to bring their injured and dying children to the BOY WARRIORS HEALER.

In every village, came those with no hope, they came from surrounding areas, carried by parents and family members in the hope that the drums spoke truth.

The lame, the injured, the deformed and the sick, some were even brought on stretchers or their Fathers carried them in their loving arms. They were all without hope before hearing the drums, they came in hope the Boy Warriors Healer could, somehow, help them.

Two Cadets, Pel and Nol asked to be also assigned to assist Ton and Kal, that they, also, channel their life energy to Ton and Kal to save others. The two Cadets shown they were capable of channeling huge amounts of power, the amounts of power needed to perform the healings that Ton and Kal were dealing with.

The Cadets and Turned Vampires who assisted these new Healers took to wearing a bright red beret to identify them when they were racing to assist in a healing; whenever a Red Beret was seen racing through a crowd, Warriors Healer and their folk parted to allow them through. Many would follow the two Cadets, anxious to assist Ton and Kal themselves.

It seemed as though the Cadets no longer had a name, other than RED BERET! The Cadets were required to wear their berets, even when off duty, so that they could be recognized in the case of an emergency. More than one grateful mother left the Red Barat Cadets with red faces to match their Berets with their kisses and hugs.

Anxious sisters would have promised those who wore the Red Beret anything, even their own bodies, to speed them to their loved ones, had they thought the offer could be accepted. It was, however, well known that those who would become Human Hybrid Warriors of any stripe, were able love only one of their own sex.

Their march brought them to a village on the banks of a small river, there were irrigated fields of corn, orchards, and gardens, a regional market served a large population in the surrounding area.

There, the Warrior Healers and their folk decided to rest and recuperate from their trip across the desert sands. They were exhausted from both the demands of the trip and the healings they had performed.

The Village Headman approached Lymal and L’oki and said timidly, “Can the Boy Warriors Healer help my grandson?” Lymal asked, “Is your grandson injured?”

The old man replied, “No, my Lord, he has a sickness in his head, his arms and limbs jerk and he can no longer speak, he lays upon his bed and drools.” Lymal mind sent, “Ton, Kal, come at once!”

The two ran to their Father’s side, knowing already what they needed to do. Behind them, their Red Berets stood, waiting. Lymal said, “Sons, can you help this man’s grandson?” Ton replied, “It will take much, Poppa, but we will try.”

Ton said, “May we see your Grandson?”

The old man led the way to his home, where his grandson lay. His arms and legs were jerking and a pool of drool had collected on his bed. The boy was unable to speak, although the pleading in his eyes affected all who saw him. All could see that he had no longer any control over his bladder or bowels.

Without a word, Ton and Kal went to each side of the suffering boy and placed their hands upon his twisted limbs. Their hands and arms began to glow as energy flowed into the young boy. They mind screamed, “MORE!” Their Cadets rushed to their sides and pushed them more energy. The whole room was glowing and bands of energy swirled around them.

Still, it was not enough to destroy the terrible tumor eating the child’s brain away. Pos and Rus, both newly made Cadets, joined their life energy to the meld; the room crackled with escaping energy, metal utensils melted and ran upon the floor, pottery burst and wood began to char as the two channeled energy into the boy. The room was vibrating with an intensity that threated to destroy the whole building and bring it down around them!

Slowly, the child’s tremors eased and the terrible contortions of his face smoothed as he fell into a healthy sleep. His face had a gentle smile on it, the first his Grandfather had seen in two years of suffering!

As Ton and Kal collapsed the meld, the released energy shook the house and rattled pots and pans in houses nearby. The two Boy Warriors Healers collapsed on the floor, totally expended.

Lymal and L’oki rushed to their sons and pushed energy into them, fearing for their safety. They were appalled at how much energy their sons had expended in the healing of the child, but they both knew without any doubt, their sons had accomplished something no other of their kind could do.

The Warriors Healer stood around the house, unable to comprehend the amount of energy Ton and Kal had channeled and controlled. Were the two boys not one with them, they would have feared for their own lives.

After a while, the Headman’s Grandson, Arc, woke and called for his Grandfather. The old man was in tears, he looked up at the two young Healers and said, “Those are the first words Arc has spoken in two years!”

Again, the drums started to speak, “THE BOY WARRIORS HEALER HAVE PERFORMED A MIRACLE!”

The village began to overflow with those seeking healing. The tents of the market filled with those seeking help from the Boy Warriors Healer and the Headman ordered that a hospital be built to house those seeking relief and cure.

It was weeks before the flow of those to be healed trickled to a stop, Ton and Kal had gathered a group of 8 Cadets, skilled in channeling energy to them. Another 6 Turned Vampire Healers joined them, all were wearing the Red Berets!

T’kli sat down with his son, L’oki, and Lymal, “Has a new Human Hybrid Warrior appeared among us, Ton and Kal?” Lymal replied, “We just do not know, but they are able to do what the rest of us cannot and they control more energies than ever thought possible of our kind.!” He continued, “If they are not a new Healer, then they are the most powerful of our kind to have ever lived!”

They were both!

Chapter 2 – THE BORDER

The Warriors Healer and their folk resumed their trek to the south, healing those in need along their way. As they approached the Northern Borders of the Land of the Herders, villages became more numerous and their prosperity showed in their herds and farms.

As they neared the ancient village of Crus, the harvest was beginning. Fruits and grains were being stored against the winter’s icy blast. Meats were cured and extended families were engaged in making sausages and dried meats. It was here that the Warriors Healer and their folk decided to spend their winter.

As soon as knowledge that the Warriors Healer, those who had been announced by the drums, were in Crus, folk flocked to the village in hopes of a cure or relief from their injuries.

They crowded the streets and paths of the town, hoping and praying the fabulous Healers that the drums spoke of would see them and make them well. They could not know that these Winged Warriors Healer would see them all, that they did not have it ion them to refuse.

At first, tents were erected to house those the Warriors Healer were treating, but soon, walls of a great hospital began to rise. After the first rush of those asking to be healed had been treated, the two young boys, Pos and Rus approached Ton and Kal as they were enjoying a few minutes relaxation with their Fathers.

The two knelt and bowed their heads, “Lords Ton and Kal”, they began, “we beg to be made healers as yourselves.” Ton and Kal looked at their Fathers, who smiled and said, “Let your hearts be your guide in this.”

Ton looked at Kal and something shimmered in the air between them, Lymal and L’oki drew back, startled. Both men wondered what they had brought among them. They did not fear what their sons were becoming, but they intended on being part of what they would be!

Ton and Kal led the two boys to an empty room in the house given over to them and asked, “Pos, Rus, are you sure that this is what you want? It is forever and cannot be undone.”

The two young Cadets again pleaded, “We beg of you, make us Healers as yourselves.” We have no value, we have no family but you and your fellows. Please, make us Healers as yourselves that we might help others like ourselves.”

Ton and Kal agreed and performed the needed blood exchange, then sat Vigil during their sleep of change. The two boys required frequent additions of blood and they were almost too hot to touch! On the 7th day, Pos and Rus awoke and hugged their Makers. Ton said to them, “Sons, you were worth our love for you before and that will never change. Now, you must learn to love yourselves, otherwise, you will never be able to help others.” Both Ton and Kal knew their two sons thought of themselves as worthless cast-offs.

As Ton and Kal led their new Childes out to meet Lymal and L’oki, the two older Warrior Healers were astounded, there appeared to be a shimmer of energy surrounding all four of them, Ton, Kal, Pos and Rus! Pos and Rus suddenly KNEW they had worth, they had melded with their Pappas and were loved by them!

Lymal looked at his mate, “What…….?” L’oki shook his head and sent to Lymal, “It is possible, let us watch and observe.”

The winter winds blew off the surrounding mountains in icy blasts, few ventured outside of their homes, unless absolutely necessary. The walls and roof of the new hospital had been completed before winter closed in on them and the workers were able to complete the inside.

Shortly after the winter solstice, the hospital opened its doors for patients. Ton and Kal asked to staff the Children’s Wards and were granted permission.

They were standing in the ward with their Vampire Childes, Roc and Fal. Pos and Rus came running into the ward to assist their Makers, they had heard the fire bell being frantically rung and they worried that folk were being injured.

Their Red Berets came running into the ward, mind sending, “The Children’s Orphanage is on fire!” Ton threw open the doors and saw Warriors and Cadets carrying children in their direction; burned children were being brought to them!

Their Turned Vampire Healers arrived and began escorting those who were carrying the burned children in their arms.

Ton and Kal went to each child, healing as fast as they could. Pos and Rus did the same, again, energy began to shimmer between the Makers and their Childes, including their Vampires! The entire ward was lit by the shimmering channels of life energy as it swirled from Healer to Healer and from Cadet to Healer! It was like an electric buss, supplying them all!

Lymal and L’oki entered the ward, stunned at what they saw, life energy was shimmering between the four Warrior Healers and their Turned Vampires Healers, the air was crackling and metal objects were vibrating! The timbers holding the roof above them were shaking and jumping in their sockets.

Their Red Berets seemed to know who needed a boost of energy and they went without orders, to supplement their healing life force energy. Life Energy was being transferred without touch, directly from mind to mind! The Healers worked feverishly, assembly line style.

In just a few minutes, 20 children had been treated! The last child to be treated was horribly burned, from what Lymal and L’oki could see, the child could not survive, even by Turning, none of their kind simply did not have the kind and level of power to accomplish a healing on the child!

Ton and Kal each took a side of the child and applied their hands, they could see the energy radiating from the others to Ton and Kal, the shimmer became glowing radiation in a solid stream to each Healer. Flowing sheets of Life Energy lit up the entire ward and the surrounding areas.

Ton and Kal’s arms and hands were glowing fire red as they poured energy into the child, fitting it and directing it like a music director. Surely, no living being could withstand those energies and remain among the living!

To their amazement, Lymal and L’oki saw the child’s terrible burns heal before their eyes, his burned fingers restored and his breathing return to normal, amazingly, the child was not passed out, he was asleep!

Both Warriors had to sit down, what they had just witnessed was, to their notion, simply not possible! The two boys came and sat on their Daddys’ laps. Ton said, “Poppas, we are different, we work at a higher energy level than you, that doesn’t make us any better than you, just, we are different and we work differently from you and the rest of the Human Hybrid Warriors Healer.”

They hugged their Fathers and then headed to the Adult Wards, to assist in treating those injured in fighting the fire.

As Lymal and L’oki stood there, trying to understand what their sons had become, the drums began to speak, “BOY WARRIORS HEALER SAVE THE CHILDREN. BRING YOUR CHILDREN FOR HEALING!”

Before the next daybreak, parents carrying hurt and desperately sick children began lining up at the door to the Children’s Clinic, Roc and Fal sorted out those needing immediate help to survive and those who merely required healing.

The four Boy Warriors Healers worked all morning caring for those who would not have otherwise survived, while the Vampire Healers healed or stabilized those who were not life or death situations.

Whenever the Vampire Healers discovered a child who was failing, one of the four rushed to assist. The air in the ward crackled in energy being transferred from one healer to another. The walls became scarred where stray bolts of energy impacted them, leaving seared burn streaks on the walls.

As the case load in other wards lessoned, Warriors Healer crowded at the doors of the Children’s Ward, watching in stupefied amazement as the four Boy Warriors Healers routed energy all over the ward! To them, it looked like a war zone straight out of the tales told of their ancient ancestors. With a shake of his head, one of the four would send massive bolts of energy across the room, to be immediately absorbed by a brother!

More than one experienced Warrior Healer was heard to say, “I saw it, but I can’t believe it! I thank God that He allowed me to witness this, but, there is no way that I am going to get in their way, I am NOT fireproof!”

The Northern Border of The Land of the Herders was close enough that Lymal and L’oki could force a mind-call to be relayed to the leaders of their Race, Teddy and Tong-Fu. They reported all they knew of this new phenomenon and all they suspected about their new sons!

A few minutes later, they received a message direct from Teddy, “Remain where you are, we come!”

Parents were still bringing their children for healing hours later, some of the cases would make the nearby stones weep. Even the folk of the Herders were bringing their children across the border for help. Children whom their own, experienced Healers could not help.

More Cadets asked to become Red Beret Cadets that they might assist in helping the children. Human Hybrid Warriors stationed in the Land of the Herders started arriving, asking where they could help. With them came trade and commerce. Schools and training programs were begun; The Great Herder of the Herder Folk sent his son and heir, Crown Prince Herder Ras, in embassy to the Folk of the North, something that had never taken place before.


The Great Herder ordered carts and wagons made available to carry the hurt, the sick, and the lame across the border to Crus, that the Boy Warrior Healers make them well. They came from all over the Land of the Herders, where once there were suspicions and hostility between the Herder Folk and those of the north, now there was friendship, trade and fellowship between them. They all had something in common, THE BOY WARRIORS HEALER!

Folk from as far away as Mariposa began to arrive, they were all too ill or so badly hurt that waiting for the Boy Warrior Healers to arrive among them was not an option.

Into this surge of folk, Lords Prince Teddy and Tong-Fu arrived, walking as any other, hoping for treatment. They walked into the hospital as ordinary patients, wandered around and finally ended up in the Children’s Ward. They waited patiently in line, waiting to be seen, their turn came to be seen by Ton. He had never met the leaders of his race, but he knew about them. He stared at them for a few minutes and then knelt before them, “My Lords Prince, on behalf of my Fathers, Lymal and L’oki, I welcome you to our hospital.”

He mind-screamed, “Fathers, the Lords Prince Teddy and Tong-Fu are in our clinic, come at once!”

Teddy reached for the boy and lifted him up. He stood there staring, his hands on Ton’s shoulders, suddenly, just as Lymal and L’oki arrived, the air between Prince Teddy and The Boy Warrior Healer Ton began to shimmer with energy, it reached out and touched Prince Tong-Fu and Kal, then it reached Pos and Rus. Minutes passed, Lymal and L’oki were frozen in amazement, then it was over as if nothing had happened.

Teddy and Tong-Fu sat on the floor, winded as if they had run many miles. Teddy rose to his feet, unsteady and shaken to his core, “I, I, I have never experienced anything like that, it was like filling my soul with energy and life!” Tong-Fu just sat there, tears running down his face, “I have just relived my entire life and now,……” He could not continue, he rose to his feet and kissed Ton on the forehead, “You are a worthy man, Warrior Healer Ton, you and your brother, Kal, are the future, you both are the Tomorrow Warriors, you shall be THE HEALERS OF ALL THE RACES OF MAN!”

Pos and Rus stood beside Ton and Kal and the Red Berets flanked them. Rac and Fal, Mo and Pel, Jep and Let, all Turned Vampire Red Berets stood behind their Warriors, Kal stepped forward, “My Lords Prince, we are but young Healers, but we will perform any task which you ask. In return, we ask only that we remain together with our fellow Warrior Healers, our loyal Capers and the Folk who have served us, guarded us and helped us.

Lymal and L’oki stepped forward to greet the Princes, as they passed by their sons, the shimmering band of energy reached out and touched them. Both suddenly sat on the floor,

The two Warrior Healers looked at each other and then began to sob, they clung to each other like drowning men. In amazement, they said together, “We were a mated pair, two Warriors Healer in two bodies, now, we are one Warrior Healer in two bodies, our souls are one!”

All those who had been touched by the strange energy produced by the two Boy Warrior Healers were forevermore changed. They would be hard pressed to describe their change, but others knew, just by looking at them, they were no longer ordinary Warriors!


The journeys of our Warrior Healers are not yet completed, nor are their tasks finished. THEY ARE THE HEALERS OF THE RACES OF MAN.



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