The Starkeeper


This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers.  If such things offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read on.  This story is not true, but who knows, maybe someday it will be. This story is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the author.


The space transport "Starkeeper" was orbiting Earth waiting to get its new load of passengers.  The destination was Alpha Orion IV. The transport would be taking new colonists and their families, some visitors and tourists, businessmen, and government officials on business plus cargo. Captain Fuller watched as the shuttles from Earth brought up loads of passengers and cargo.  The passenger list said 1155 passengers. The

transport had a crew of 400. That would be over 1500 people. Captain Fuller was proud of his ship.  It was over a 1000 feet long and had 30 decks. It wasn't the largest or fastest, but to Captain Fuller it was the best, with the best crew.


The shuttles emptied their passengers into the huge transport. It would take the "Starkeeper" two months to get to Alpha Orion IV. Captain Fuller would miss Earth, but he knew he was coming back. Most of the passengers would never see Earth again.


Douglas got off the shuttle with his mom and dad. He was 14, 5'3, brown hair and eyes. He had a sad look about him. He didn't want to leave Earth. He had too many friends there. He didn't understand why his parents wanted to go to some planet that was just getting started when they had everything here. He scowled while he followed a crewman and his parents to their cabin.


As he walked down the hall he saw a boy his size go the other way. Douglas said hi and looked at him, thinking how cute he looked. Well, at least there was another boy his age on board.  He had to figure how to make friends with him.


Travis, 13, with dirty blond hair, looked at the boy going the other way carrying his bags. He was a good looking boy. He wondered if he was as upset about leaving Earth. He knew he was going to hate whatever dumb planet it was they were going to. He hoped he saw a new friend go by. He seemed real friendly. He wondered if there were any other boys on this



Sitting in a cabin on a middle deck was a short blond haired boy. His name was Scott, and he was 13, with short cut hair. His dad was in the engineering section and had helped to put in a new part to the warp drive. It should take a whole week off the trip to Alpha Beta IV. Since his dad invented the part he was going round trip to make sure it worked right. Because he didn't want to be separated from his son for four months he arranged to have Scott come with him. Scott was excited to be on his first space trip, and happy to be with his dad.


The next shuttle docked. Stevie, 13, and his brother Alex, 15, got their bags. They were going to join their step dad and mom on Alpha Orion IV. They were brothers and not only brothers but best friends. They would be traveling alone. An attendant met them. She said she would be the person they contacted and she was going to kind of be in charge of them. She heard they were both good kids and hoped they would have a good trip to meet their parents.


Fifteen year old Mike followed the brothers off. He had been watching Alex the whole trip up from Earth. This was one cute and hot looking guy, he thought. And his little brother wasn't bad either. Mike waited for his brother Brad. Brad was 12 years older than Mike. He was going to Alpha Orion IV to start a new job and a new life. Mike didn't have anything to

stay for on Earth. He was ready to follow Brad anywhere, and it looked like it was going to be to a new planet.


Braden felt sick and miserable. He felt this way to often. Only now it was worse. He was leaving his estate, his mansion, his home, for some undeveloped planet. Just because his dad decided he needed new challenges. Who needed challenges? He had the best life in the world.  Plus Ian and Todd weren't coming yet. His dad wanted their new place built first. But he thought roughing it some would help Braden. Make him tougher and stronger. The 5 foot, 14 year old coughed and looked for his

medicine. He already decided he was never going to leave his cabin for the whole 2 months. There wasn't anybody worth meeting anyway.  And they would just tease him like he was teased back on Earth.


A short skinny blond boy got off the next shuttle. Ryan was 14, but looked younger.  He as shy and quiet. He was traveling to meet his parents. He didn't want to go. He had been living with friends and was happy to keep it that way. He didn't even like his parents. And there was nothing for him on a strange planet. No friends, relatives, nothing. He was alone. He knew he would have a roommate. And he knew his roommate would end up not liking him. Especially if he found out what he was really like.


He had noticed a tall boy on the same shuttle. Jeremy was 13 and athletic. He was outgoing and daring. He loved showing himself off any way he could. His parents had gone to Alpha Orion IV a year ago. They couldn't afford to take him. Now their farm was doing pretty well and they sent the money for him to go. He was excited. He had new places to conquer, new things to learn, new people to meet, new friends to make. He could hardly wait. He was anxious to meet his new roommate. He wondered if the cute blond riding the shuttle with him could be him?  He was alone, so maybe it was.


Robert Charles was 14. He was 6'0 tall, heavy and muscular, but with a little fat still on him. His dad was going to be the new Governor of Alpha Orion IV, representing the Earth government.  Robert Charles was used to moving. He was used to being in charge. He was used to meeting new people, finding out real soon who he could trust, who he could use, and who he could bully. He knew there would be some people on this trip that wouldn't fit in those categories. He opened the cabin door. The "Starkeeper" would be leaving orbit soon. He wanted to go to the observation deck. Not so much to observe Earth, but to observe what boys showed up. And see who looked vulnerable.


Jordan, 12, was in a cabin in the crew area. His father was the Chief Engineer. His mother was dead. So he lived on his father's ship when his father traveled. He met lots of new boys each trip.  He knew some would be on this one. He saw the passenger list. Jordan knew the ship inside and out, better than a lot of the crew. He was used to getting his way on the ship. He knew the only person he couldn't get his way with was Captain Fuller. Jordan was a bright cute boy with reddish blond hair. He was also terribly spoiled. He had a hard time getting along with boys his age because he was so used to dealing with the crew.


The "Starkeeper" was loaded. Captain Fuller gave the order to leave orbit. Passengers headed for the observation areas to get a last look at earth. Eleven boys, ages 12-15 were among the passengers on the space transport. And except for Alex and Stevie, none of then had ever met.


But, before long, their lives, plus those of three younger boys, were going to come together in a way they never dreamed.


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