The Boys

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.
This story is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the author.

Each passenger deck on the "Starkeeper" has its own observation area.
Passengers were crowded in each of them to get their last look at Earth.
Travis fought to get a look over the taller adults. He bumped into someone.
It was the boy he saw in the hall. The boy turned and looked at him and


Travis smiled back. "Hi."

"My name is Douglas. But you can call me Doug."

"I'm Travis. But you can call me T."

"Stand beside me here. I think we can see. I can't wait until we shoot
into warp. It's supposed to be really spectacular."

He heard a voice behind him. "That won't happen until we get away from
Earth's gravity. Or ugly things happen."

Douglas turned around. His heart almost stopped. Standing behind him was
the cutest boy he had ever seen. He felt his whole body warm up. He stared
speechless, which was something unusual for him. He was almost paralyzed
from what he saw.

The boy looked at Douglas. He knew right away that the next 2 months were
going to be awesome. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he knew.

He stuck out his hand. "My name is Scott. My friends call me Scooter."

Doug shook Scooter's hand introducing himself. When he touched the hand he
felt something stirring inside him. He was almost afraid he was going to
have an embarrassing moment. His knees got so weak he thought he was going
to collapse. Scooter was feeling the same thing.

Travis looked at both boys and wondered. The two had their eyes locked on
each other.

The boys felt something move. The looked out the huge observation
window. Earth was starting to move away. The were on their way to Alpha
Orion IV. Douglas

Douglas was 14 and in 8th grade. During the two months in space he would be
going to the ship's school. It was all grades in one with a teacher and
lots of computers. Douglas was the President of his old school. He played
two sports there. He was well liked and popular. His dad was an engineer
and got hired to help build the colony on AO IV. He had the choice of
leaving his family for two years or bringing them with him. He decided to
bring them. Doug begged to wait until the end of the school year, but his
dad wanted them all together. Doug was very unhappy about going. But he
made friends easily and already he seemed to have found two. Although he
was very popular at his old school, only his best friends knew he was
gay. Or he wouldn't be popular real fast. Being gay wasn't awful like it
used to be but it wouldn't make a guy popular either. And some people still
liked picking on gays. Douglas would still have all his friends, but he
never would have gotten elected if he had told the school he was gay. His
mom and dad knew and were cool with it. Douglas was cool with it,
mostly. But it still wasn't always easy for him. He had done a few things
with some friends, but never more than masturbating together. Scooter

Scooter was 13 and in 8th grade. He was as smart as he was cute. His mom
and dad were divorced and he lived with his dad. He had lots of friends
there and played baseball. He skipped the 4th grade. His goal was to be a
doctor. Scooter was gay too. Nobody knew it except his friend Jim. But Jim
moved 2 years ago. His mother was a planetary biologist. After teaching at
the college she got a job somewhere else. Jim had been his friend since
they were babies. Scooter missed him. He had two friends he jerked off with
sometimes. But that was all he had ever done. He knew how he felt
though. He wanted to do so much more. Travis

Travis was 13. He was an athlete and top student. He wasn't real big but
was well built and very strong. His dad was a construction foreman. He was
going to help build things on AO IV. Travis had so many friends at
home. His girlfriend, Kaylin, for one. He missed her badly already. He
hated leaving Earth. He was going to hate his new home. He was going to
hate this trip. But already he wasn't so sure. He liked Douglas and
Scooter. At least he had some friends. ++++++++++

On another deck, other boys were trying to find space to watch. Stevie and
Alex pushed their way to the front. Alex bumped into a big kid, who didn't
budge. Alex tapped his shoulder, "Excuse me, do you think we could step in
front so we can see a little bit?"

The boy turned around and smiled. He looked down at the boy looking up at
him and his heart fluttered. Oh my God, he thought. I have just died and
gone to heaven. He is as cute as he was in the shuttle. He and his
friend. Again he couldn't take his eyes off of them. He stepped aside.

"Sure you and your friend can stand right in front of me."

"He is more than my friend," Alex said as he stepped around the big boy,
"he is my brother."

After he settled in front he said, "My name is Alex, and this is my brother

Mike laughed and smiled. "Hi guys. My name is Mike."

He held out his hand and shook hands with the brothers. Already they were
warming up to each other. Alex could feel the big boy pressing him from
behind. For some reason he felt very comfortable around this big kid with
his huge friendly smile and easy laugh.

They felt some movement, and suddenly Earth started to get smaller in the
window. The trip was beginning for them. Mike

Mike had just turned 15. He was tall and heavy set. Strong. On Earth he
played hockey and baseball. He was a good student, but quiet. His only good
friend was Zach. He was going to miss him, but the change to go to AO IV
with his brother Brad was too good to pass up. Except for his dad and Zach
and sports, he wasn't leaving much behind. Mike was gay. But had never done
anything. He wanted to with Zach in the worst way, but was afraid of losing
the only really good friend he had. Alex and Stevie

Alex and Steve were close. They were 15 and 13 but could easily be twins in
how close they were. They were brothers, best friends, and lovers. Stevie
was born right when Alex turned 2. Right away Alex was in love with his
little brother. Every time Alex walked a room Stevie would smile. Stevie
and Alex were connected from the minute Stevie was born. When Alex turned 9
he discovered the pleasures of masturbation. He was quick to show
Stevie. The boys soon found out more sexual pleasures and by the time Alex
was 10 they were close in every possible way.

The boys were talented musicians, Stevie on his guitar, Alex on the
keyboards. And they both could sing beautifully. Anyone who listened could
hear the love they had for each other in their music. When Alex turned 11
and Stevie turned 9 their mother divorced their dad, who was a musician,
and married a mining engineer. He got a job on the new colony of Alpha
Orion IV working for a large mining company. But he didn't want to take the
two boys and neither did their mom. Not because she didn't love them but
because she knew they could never develop their musical talents on a wild
planet like AO IV. Their dad couldn't afford to keep them so they were sent
to live with an uncle. The uncle abused them. He abused the boys mentally,
physically, and sexually. He took away their music. He made their lives
miserable. The only thing that saved them was their love for each
other. After their uncle made sex painful and awful, they would cuddle up
on their small bed and make it beautiful and full of love. Without each
other they would have died. After a year and a half of misery their dad
came back. He was making money with his music and he wanted his sons. Alex
was 12 and Stevie was 10 . For the next two years they were happy. They
traveled with their dad. They learned to play and to entertain. Their dad
home schooled them.

Then hard times hit again. He was going to send the boys back to their
uncle. They told him that they would run away before they went back. They
were too scared of their uncle to tell everything but they knew they would
never go back. Alex wrote his mother begging to be with her. He got a
letter back. Life was hard on Alpha Orion IV, but it was getting better. A
city was being built. She missed them (she had been back twice to see
them). If they were willing to make the sacrifice, she and their step dad
would send them 2 tickets to the colony. A month later they were on the
shuttle heading for the "Starkeeper". ++++++++++

Ryan walked into his cabin. It was empty. He picked a bed and threw his
backpack on it. The rest of his stuff would come soon after it was loaded
on the ship. He sat in a chair in a corner waiting to see who his roommate
would be. The door opened. The boy he saw on the shuttle walked in.

" name is Jeremy," he said.

"Hi," Ryan said shyly. He was afraid this would be his roommate. While he
liked the friendly boy right away, he could see he was so outgoing. And
Ryan was so shy. He knew Jeremy would end up running the room even if he
was younger. Ryan wished he could find a boy like him. Quiet. Sensible. Not
loud and brash.

Jeremy threw a bag on the other bed. "You want to go to the observation
area and watch us leave Earth?"

Suddenly Ryan started crying. He didn't want to, but the tears started
rolling down his cheeks.

Jeremy looked over at Ryan. "Hey, are you ok? Come on..go with me. It will
be cool."

"No, you go...I'll be ok," Ryan sobbed.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

Jeremy left the cabin, worried about his new roommate. Ryan threw his stuff
off the bed and cried. He was sure his new roommate hated him now. This
whole trip was starting off as miserable as he knew it was going to be.

Jeremy got to the observation room on his deck just in time to see Earth
start to get smaller as the "Starkeeper" headed out of orbit. Jeremy

There weren't too many poor families any more. Jeremy's was one of them.
Everything went wrong for them when Jeremy was born. But his parents found
ways of making it. And when things went bad there was always a colony to go
to. So they left when he was 11. They were afraid to take him because of
how wild and unsure things were. But now he was older, the farm was going,
and he was ready. Jeremy was excited. He wanted the new life. He loved
challenges and this would be a big one. He wanted to help his parents make
the farm a success. He was ready for this trip. He loved the people he
stayed with. He loved his friend who lived there, Brian. Brian was 11 now,
but for the whole two years they slept together. And did everything
together. They learned sex together and did it all. Brian wasn't the only
one, because Jeremy wasn't shy. But Brian was his bro, and even when Jeremy
did something with another boy, Brian was usually with him. Jeremy was one
of the few boys excited about going to AO IV. Ryan

Ryan was 14. He was small and light for his age. He was a sensitive boy. He
knew he cried too easily sometimes. He kept trying not to. Living with the
Swanson's the last year had helped that. He wasn't with his parents any
more. His parents didn't understand him. His dad didn't understand his
sensitive son. His mother almost seemed to hate him sometimes. He didn't
know why they bothered to send for him. He had heard the Swanson's say
something that people in the colony would get more pay now if they had a
child in the house. So they probably only wanted him because he was money.
And besides, they probably didn't have anybody to hit there.

Ryan was also gay. He never in his life had done anything. He probably
never would. His parents would kill him if they ever found out, he was
sure. Sometimes he didn't even want to live it hurt so much. And now he had
some macho roommate who probably left behind a dozen girlfriends on
Earth. He wished there was a way he could walk into space. ++++++++++

Braden lay on his bed in his cabin. His dad had asked him to go to the
observation room. He refused. Why would he want to look at Earth? He didn't
want to leave Earth and his brothers. Why didn't dad let him stay behind
with them? He was the sick one. He was the one who got picked on. And he
didn't need to be tougher. He just needed to be home in his big room in his
big house. He could feel tears starting. Yeah, dad said he had to go to
school starting the day after tomorrow. But he wasn't going to go. He would
not leave this cabin for the next two months. Not even to eat. His meds
were working on him. He fell asleep on his bed and didn't even feel the
ship start to leave orbit.


Braden was 14. He came from a rich family. His mother died when he was
born. His older brother Todd and his younger brother Ian were both adopted.
He loved both of them like real brothers, because they were his real
brothers. Braden lived in a mansion and lived a sheltered life. He had
asthma and eating problems. He had problems sleeping. He had problems
making friends. His best and only friend on Earth, Josh, had died of some
rare disease that got through quarantine from a colony. Just his luck, his
only friend dies from something hardly anybody could get.

Now he was going with his dad on this "adventure". Sure he would have a
nice house on AO IV, but it wasn't Earth. But then, other than Ian and Todd
what was there? At school he was picked on because he was small and cried
easily and was shy and quiet. The thing that kept him going was the love of
his dad and his brothers. But there was nothing for him on this new
planet. He would stay in their big house and never leave, so why bother to
go? Braden never thought a lot about sex. He jerked off at least once a
day, thinking of some boy or other. But he knew he could never have sex,
because who would like him long enough to do something with him?

Jordan sat in the crew observation lounge. Robert Charles was in a chair
across form him. They both looked at earth filling the window. They paid
little attention to each other.

Finally Jordan asked, "Who are you?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

"I'm Jordan. I'm 12. My dad is the Chief Engineer. I belong in here. I
don't think you do."

"I'm Robert. My parents call me Robert Charles, my middle name. I belong
here because my dad is the new Colonial Governor, and I can go anywhere I
want. Including here. Unless you want to make something of it."

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on."

Robert Charles got up to his full height, walked over to the chair and
stood over Jordan. "Look, punk, let's get something straight. I don't care
if your dad is the fucking Captain. I'm bigger, stronger, better and
smarter than you. So as far as you're concerned I do what I want, where I
want, when I want. Because in the end my dad outranks yours." He yanked
Jordan out of the chair by his shirt and glared right at him.

Jordan shook his head yes. Robert let him drop back onto the chair and sat
back down in his chair, his back to Jordan. Jordan looked at him with
hatred. Neither boy noticed that the ship had left orbit. Robert Charles

Robert Charles was what his dad always called him. First name, middle name.
Robert Charles was 14, big, strong, and a bully. And no matter what he did,
whether it was bullying or beating up smaller kids, shoplifting or
stealing, acting up in school, he never got in trouble. His dad was a
powerful man and fixed everything for him. As far as his dad was concerned
he couldn't do anything wrong, that any time he got into trouble it was
somebody else's fault. Even when he got Nancy pregnant, he fixed it by
having her get an abortion. Nobody messed with his dad, so nobody messed
with him either.

And he'd watched the boys getting off the shuttles. All the ones his age
were little wusses, like the stupid Chief Engineers' kid. Only one was
close to his size and he figured he could handle that kid easily. He looked
soft somehow. He figured he was going to be the show as soon as the onboard
school started. He didn't see anybody who would be in his way. And no
matter what happened, his dad was there to fix it. He also saw a couple of
cute looking girls. Things were looking up. Nothing like finding a poor
schmuck to lord it over to impress a girl. Jordan

Jordan was 12. He had lived on board transports, except when his dad was
off, since he was 6. He knew his way around all of them. Like Robert
Charles, he was a bully. He could threaten kids even bigger than him,
because he had a mean streak in him. What Jordan had learned to like was
getting sex from boys. Mostly younger ones, but he even got it from older
ones who weren't real big. He looked for vulnerable boys then went after
them. Sometimes he sweet talked them, but other times he used what he knew
to try to make them. He knew he couldn't really force anybody. His dad
spoiled him and was a lot like Robert Charles's dad. But Jordan knew if he
went to far with the sex his dad wouldn't back him. But he had ways of
getting boys to do things and then threatening them. Jordan wasn't a
physical bully he was a mental and sexual bully. And he didn't like what
Robert Charles did to him in the lounge. He didn't like it one bit.


Douglas watched Earth get smaller and smaller as the huge space transport
sped away. The crowd was getting smaller too. He didn't realize that his
body was pushed up against Scooter's butt. He did realize he had a boner
and that he liked it.

"When do we head into warp?" Travis asked.

"Not for two days, " Scooter replied.

"Two days?" Douglas asked, "I thought you said it was as soon as we got
away from Earth's gravity."

"Except for one thing," Scooter replied. "We aren't going to warp right
away. We are going to pick somebody up first."

"Who? Where?" Douglas asked.

"I don't know who. But I know where," Scooter replied. "My dad told me."

"So where?" asked Douglas.


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