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This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be. This
story is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the author.

The "Starkeeper" was racing to Mars. Usually it would go directly from
Earth to Alpha Orion IV, but a special stop had to be made at Mars. Nobody
knew exactly why, but Mars would be the first job. Using the Planetary
Drive it would take 2 days. The ship could warp faster, but Scooter's dad
and the Chief Engineer were working on installing the new part and Captain
Fuller didn't want to go to warp inside the Solar System.

Douglas was sitting in his cabin. He had his own room in a suite. His
parents had a room, then they had a living room in between. Each bedroom
had its own bathroom. There was a little kitchen too for snacks. But there
also was a big dining room for the passengers. Douglas was thinking about
Scooter. He couldn't get him out of his head. Looking at him, touching him,
listening to him. He knew he was falling in love. And with somebody he knew
for only 5 minutes. He looked at the map of the ship. There was a game room
for kids. After dinner he was heading there. Right now he needed a nap.

Scooter was in his room. Thinking the same kinds of thoughts about
Douglas, wishing Douglas felt the same about him. But he knew there was no
way Douglas could feel that way. Most boys didn't feel that way about
other boys. Maybe after dinner Douglas might show up at the game room. He
hoped so.

Jeremy was lying on is bed. Ryan was asleep in the other bed. It was
almost time for dinner. He figured he better wake Ryan up.

"Hey, Ryan. It's almost time to eat!"

Ryan opened his eyes and looked around him trying to figure out where he
was. He looked over at Jeremy. Jeremy was wearing just a pair of white
briefs. Ryan couldn't take his eyes off him. He could see that Jeremy had a
boner. Ryan felt himself stirring. He turned his head and looked up at the
ceiling. He couldn't let Jeremy know what he was thinking. He wished Jeremy
would cover it up.

Jeremy knew Ryan saw him. And he didn't care. He wasn't ashamed of his
body, any part of it. In fact next time, he would lie there nude and see
what happened. He liked Ryan and figured he needed to wake the boy up and
get him out of his funk.

Ryan knew Jeremy hated him because of the way he acted earlier, crying like
he did. He knew he needed to stop it. Especially in front of somebody like
Jeremy, so confident and athletic and macho.

Alex kissed Stevie. They were in bed together. They planned on it the whole
trip. They just finished making love. They had hugged each other
close. Shared deep kisses. Rubbed their hard dicks against each other,
their naked bodies humping each other. Both of them were still sticky with
cum. They kept kissing and hugging wishing they didn't have to get out of
bed to eat.

"I love you my dear sweet brother," Alex whispered to his little brother.
Stevie closed his eyes loving how safe and loved his big brother made him

It was dinner time. There were five dining rooms for passengers on the
ship. Everyone was assigned a dining room, but could sit where they wanted
in there. Robert Charles wanted to check out all the other kids on board
one more time. See who he could rule it over. Dinner wouldn't be the time
to do it. But he knew there would be some activity in the game room after
dinner. Then would be the time.

Douglas walked into the dining room with his mom and dad. They were
assigned to dining room #1. It was huge. He wished he could see who was
there. Something caught his eye. Some blond hair coming in through the
door. It was Scooter. He was with a man. Douglas figured that must be his
dad. Scooter and his dad sat at a table near the middle. Douglas kind of
led his parents to the same table. They all sat there together.

"Hi, Scooter." Douglas said with a smile.

"Hiya, Douglas."

"Well," Doug's mom said, "it looks like you've made a friend already."

"Oh, sorry mom." Douglas apologized. "Mom, dad, meet Scooter. Scooter, my
mom and dad."

Scooter introduced his dad to them. Each table in the dining room was round
and had 8 seats. There were 30 tables in each dining room. Pretty soon a
couple and a young boy sat down and the table was full. The boy was
probably 5 or 6. Douglas was sitting right next to Scooter.

"Are you going to the game room tonight?" Douglas asked.

"Sure. Are you?"

"You know it."

Scooter looked at Douglas and smiled. He liked the way he said that. He
liked everything about Douglas he'd seen so far. In fact it was getting
uncomfortable inside his pants; the boy beside him was having an effect on
him. What he didn't know was, Douglas was having the same problem.

Douglas saw that Travis was sitting a couple of tables away. He wished
he'd seen him earlier and got him and his parents over to their
table. Well, there were a lot more meals to go. All he knew was, there were
2 very cute boys in this dining room with him. Too bad he couldn't do more
than look.

Travis saw Douglas and Scooter sitting together. He smiled. He was happy
they were in the same dining hall. Next time hoped they could sit
together. Oh well, he thought, the trip has a long way to go. Two long
months. He gave Scooter and Douglas a quick, shy wave, and was happy when
they waved back.

Braden's dad knocked on his door.

"Time for dinner, Jelly Bean."

"I'm not hungry dad. I'll get a snack later."

"It will do you good to get out."

"Maybe tomorrow. I'm really tired."

Braden's dad left to eat. Braden heard the door close. He took of his
clothes and his underpants, lay down on his bed, took out his 4" dick and
started jerking off. He wondered if there were any cute boys on the ship he
could jack off to. But to find out he would have to leave his cabin, and he
didn't want to do that. At least not today.

Jeremy and Ryan sat together at a table in dining hall #2. The table soon
filled up. A man sat there and a couple with a son and a daughter. Jeremy
started talking almost right away. The boy's name was Matthew, and he was
10. The girl was named Linda and she was 13. The boy had black hair and was
very cute. The girl was cute too, and if Jeremy had been into girls he
figured he would sure be into her. Lisa, of course, had no clue about the
boys. She thought both of them were cute and started flirting with
them. Jeremy was flirting too, only it was with Matthew. Lisa looking at
Jeremy, thought it was her he was flirting with and was smiling. Ryan
thought Matthew was cute too, but he was too miserable to flirt. He was
wishing he could steal an escape pod and head back to Earth.

The man sitting next to Ryan started talking to him. He told Ryan he had a
son their age. Ryan asked where he was. The man told him he wasn't feeling
well, and was still in the room. Jeremy was half listening to the talk
while he ate and flirted with Matthew, who didn't know Jeremy was flirting
with him, and ignoring Lisa, who thought Jeremy was flirting with her.

Another boy, Jeremy thought. He wondered if he was cute, and how soon he
would be able to see him. Maybe in the games room after dinner, he hoped.

In dining hall #3, Mike and Brad looked for an empty table. They were
running late. They could find only one table open, and Mike was happy to
see it was next to the one Alex and Stevie were sitting at. He got a chair
near them.

"You guys going to check out the games room after dinner?" he asked.

"We plan on it," Alex replied.

"Great. I hope I see you there."

Mike saw that his dinner was being put in front of him. It was time to quit
talking and get into something important- dindin.

In dining hall #4, Jordan made sure he was on the opposite side of the
dining hall from Robert Charles. He scouted the dining hall for any cute
boys. He saw one who looked 10 or 11, but was a ways away. And another who
was about 9. He hoped he might see them in the games room after
dinner. They looked real ready to learn the ropes from and expert;
himself. He would make sure before the trip ended they would learn
everything they needed to learn.

Robert Charles, on the other hand, was scoping the girls. He found one who
looked around 14. He had seen her coming off a shuttle. He knew he had seen
a couple of others. They must be in other dining halls. But he would see
them soon, either in the games room or on the school.

Scooter and Douglas finished their dessert at about the same time.

"Do you want to go straight to the games room?" Douglas asked.


The boys excused themselves and headed for the games room. Douglas checked
his map and they headed for an elevator. It didn't take long before they
got there.

The room was already starting to fill up. Scooter and Douglas both started
checking out the boys together. Only they didn't know the other one was.

The room was huge. It had video games, virtual games, pool, ping pong,
pinball, computers, videos, almost every game that could be imagined. It
looked like nobody was going to be bored during these 2 months.

They saw Alex, Stevie, and Mike come in and they both scoped them
out. Travis soon came in, and they both knew what they thought of him. When
Jeremy and Ryan came in, Douglas noticed something. Ryan was checking out
Travis, he was sure of it. Travis had spotted Lisa, and was heading her
way. He didn't notice Ryan looking at him at all. Lisa, though, was
heading for Jeremy, who was trying to find Matthew. While he was looking,
Jeremy saw there were quite a few cute looking boys on board. He wondered
if any of them liked playing other kinds of games.

The evening was spent with kids getting to know each other. Scooter,
Douglas, Jeremy and Ryan found themselves playing foozeball together and
really liking each other. Mike, Alex, and Stevie were watching a Vid of an
old 20th century movie, and just talking, telling each other about their
lives. Travis was talking to Lisa, who kept looking over at Jeremy. Travis
would look over in the same direction, wondering who she was looking at. He
thought all three boys were cute, which kind of surprised him, but his eyes
kept coming back to the taller of the two blondes. It was bothering him
that he kept wanting to look at him more than the blond girl sitting next
to him.

Jordan was the one who found Matthew. They were playing a virtual video
game. Jordan was going to let Matthew win some, but was mad when he
discovered that Matthew could beat him on his own, which was okay because
he thought Matthew was cute, and his goal was to get Matthew go do what he

Robert Charles walked up to Travis and Lisa. He remembered her from
watching the shuttle's unload. He thought she was the cutest of the girls
he saw getting off. She was definitely the cutest one in the room. Besides,
going for her, he had a chance to show the boy sitting with her who was

He looked down at Travis. "Do you mind if I have a turn talking to your

"Sure," Travis said with a friendly smile. "Have a seat."

"I was thinking of alone. And you maybe going to find some other girl, or
some game to play with the little boys."

Travis thought he saw a sneer on the bigger kid's face. He thought for a
minute of telling him to go fuck himself. But he had only known Lisa for
about an hour, he remembered how she kept looking at other boys, and how
that one blond haired boy kept looking his way. And he didn't think he was
looking at Lisa. For some reason he was having an effect on him, like
nobody ever had before. But the blond boy was just that, a boy. He
shouldn't be doing that to him. He shook his head and got up.

"Here. Go ahead and talk." He walked off towards the foozeball table. To
Travis what happened was no big deal. He realized he didn't like the big
kid who sat next to Lisa. What he didn't realize was the big kid saw this
as a victory and saw Travis as just one other person in the galaxy for him
to boss around. In his mind, Travis was his first win. He saw Travis go to
the foozeball table. He looked at the boys there. All of them were between
13 and 15 he figured, not real big, and all boys who within the week would
do whatever he wanted them to. Yeah, he thought, as he let himself sit real
tight to Lisa, he would own this ship in no time at all. Like his dad, he
was born to be a leader.

Ryan looked at Travis walk over to the table. And he kept looking. And
looking. And he felt something start to get hard, which caused him to be
embarrassed, because he had a feeling everybody knew what was happening to
him. He was afraid they would see, and then he would lose all his new
friends. And he knew Travis was a dead end anyway, because hadn't he just
been sitting there with that cute girl? He quickly turned his head away and
back to the foozeball game. He didn't notice that Travis was staring at him
hard, and with the same results. Only Travis was more confused, because he
knew he liked girls. Ryan, at least, had always known it was boys he liked.

Scooter and Douglas introduced Travis to Ryan. Ryan turned again to look at
Travis and saw that Travis was staring at him. Oh shit, he thought, he
knows. He felt a tear coming, and knew he better go back to his cabin.

"I'm really tired guys. Travis can take my place." He left the table in a

"What's wrong with him?" Travis asked.

"I think he is a little lonely and a little homesick," Jeremy said. "He is
really nice. I think he'll be okay. I'll go back to the room early and make
sure he is."

As Ryan headed out the door he bumped into somebody big. He looked up and
saw a dark haired boy smiling down at him.

"You sure are in a big hurry."

Ryan was still fighting back tears and wishing his boner away. Now he
probably was making somebody mad as well. He tried snaking around him, but
the boy grabbed him.

"Are you okay?"


"No, you're not." The boy grabbed Ryan's arm and led him to a chair and
plopped him down. He sat down next to him.

"My name is Mike."

"I..I..I'm Ryan."

"Nice meeting you Ryan. Now, do you want to tell me what has that sweet
face looking so sad?"

"I..I...I....," Ryan burst out crying. Mike pulled Ryan close to him, his
arm around his shoulder.

"It's ok, just let it go. Get it all out. I'm here for you."

Ryan felt so safe in this big boy's arms. It was like he bumped into a big

Travis saw everything that happened. He didn't like crying. He didn't think
it was right for boys to cry. But somehow he wished it was his shoulder
that Ryan was crying on. He wished he had followed Ryan when he started out
of the room. He fought down his feelings. A girl was supposed to cry on his
shoulder, not a boy.

Mike kept comforting Ryan. Letting him know it was ok, holding him close.
Suddenly, he noticed a boy standing in front of them. A boy as big as he

"Well now, isn't this a cute sight." He looked at Mike. "Is he your girl

Mike looked up at him. "Why don't you go play someplace else?"

Robert Charles looked at him and laughed. "I've got your number punk." Then
he looked at Ryan. "And as for you, I'd be real careful whose shoulder you
cried on. I'd be guarding my butt."

Mike let go of Ryan, and stood up. He already knew he'd had enough of this
punk. But the crew member supervising the room smelled trouble and started
walking that way. Robert Charles looked at Mike, laughed, and walked away.

Mike sat back down next to Ryan. "He gives you any shit, you come to me,

Ryan nodded yes.

"And if you ever need to talk about anything..anything at all, I'm here for
you. Any time, any place, understand?"

Ryan nodded yes again.

Ryan said he wanted to go back to his room. Mike said he would walk back
with him. He said good-bye to Alex and Stevie and headed out with Ryan.

After a few minutes the crewman announced that the games room was going to
close in 15 minutes. Kids started to head back to their cabins. A lady in a
crew uniform came into the room.

She found Alex, Stevie, and Jeremy. She asked where Ryan was. Alex said he
went back to his room with Mike. She was the lady who met them getting off
the shuttle. Her name was Marie, and she was in charge of the kids who were
traveling without a guardian. She told them if they had any problems they
could look her up any time. None of the three boys told her that Ryan was
having a problem. They all figured he was being taken care of just fine.

The boys were heading back to their rooms. Douglas found out that
Scooter's room was not very far away from his. They walked back together,
very close to each other. Once their hands brushed. Both boys
shivered. They got to Scooter's cabin fist. The boys stood there in the
hall not sure what to do. All they knew was, they didn't want to leave each
other. Douglas felt an incredible urge to kiss Scooter good night. He
fought it off. Scooter smiled, said good night and went into his cabin.

Mike dropped Ryan off, reminding him that he was there to listen to him any
time. Ryan was feeling much better. He really liked Mike. He felt safe, and
yes, loved around him. His feelings for Travis were something
different. Those, he would have to fight.

The boys undressed in their rooms. Travis stripped down to his briefs and
got under his covers. He stuck his right hand inside his briefs. He was
incredibly hard. He wanted to think it was Lisa, but somehow he knew it was
Ryan. And he was very confused. Finally he pulled his briefs off, pulled
back the covers, and went to work on his problem. He kept trying to think
about Lisa, but he kept seeing Ryan.

Douglas always slept naked. As soon as he got his clothes off he set to
work in his hard 4 incher. There was no doubt in his mind who his jack off
fantasy would be. The sight of Scooter kept dancing in his brain.

Scooter always slept naked too. In fact, he got naked as soon as he got
into his cabin. He loved being naked. He lay down on top of his bed. His 4"
dick was hard as a rock. He started stroking it when he heard his door
buzz. He flipped a blanket over himself quickly, and pushed the button by
his bed that released the door lock. His dad stuck his head in.

"Just wanted to say good night son. I hope you had a good time. Did you
make any friends?"

"Yeah dad. One especially. His name is Douglas. I think we might be real
good friends."

"That's great. You aren't unhappy to be away from home for so long?"

"No. I'm happy. This is going to be great. Thanks for bringing me."

"Good night, son."

"Good night, dad."

The door closed. Scooter pushed the lock button. He pulled back the
blanket and worked himself furiously to a back-arching dry cum.

Ryan looked asleep when Jeremy got in the room. Jeremy took of his clothes,
lay on his bed, and started jacking off. He didn't even bother to turn off
the light. Ryan opened his eyes and saw what Jeremy was doing. He couldn't
take his eyes off it.

Jeremy didn't care if Ryan saw him do it or not. He thought about the cute
boys he'd seen, thought about Jeremy, and jerked himself to a hard orgasm.
Ryan looked amazed as he watched the cum arc out of Jeremy's dick and over
his chest and belly. Jeremy shut off the light without wiping off. Ryan put
his hand down on his hard boyhood. It didn't take him long to stain his
sheets, his thoughts on Travis.

Travis was also jerking off. He was trying to think about Lisa. But when it
came time to cum, all he could think of was Ryan. (You already said this)

Alex and Stevie cuddled up in bed together. Their instruments were on the
other bed. They wouldn't need it. They never needed another bed. They had
had their sex that afternoon. Sometimes all that needs to be done is
cuddle and sleep. They did that, naked, arms around each other.

Braden was already asleep. His told his dad to bring him breakfast in the
morning. His dad said if he wanted to eat badly enough, he could get up and
get it himself. Braden took his meds, thinking he was right. He couldn't
spend 2 months locked in his room except for school.

Jordan was thinking of Matthew. He could see already he was going have
himself a slave boy this trip. Matthew was already becoming putty for
him. And the boy who was crying, he might be older, but he would keep an
eye on him. He'd found ways to use older boys before. He thought about
Robert Charles too. And his punk attitude. Pushing him around like
that. But for some reason, Robert Charles made him very hard.

Robert Charles was having his evening jerk off too. He was thinking about
sitting close to Lisa. He was thinking about her curves; he could see she
was just starting to get breasts. She was so fine. He had other thoughts
too. He already had established himself with that little asshole Jordan. He
didn't care if his dad was President of Earth, no little jerk was going to
stand in his way. And that Travis kid. He sure gave up Lisa to him
fast. No balls at all. Then there was Ryan. Any kid who cried like that was
his to own. And the big kid with him. All mouth. That kid knew already who
was boss. Yeah, he thought, the first day of the trip was just ending, and
already four boys knew who their boss was. And they would start telling
some of the rest. They looked like a whole group of faggots to him, and he
knew they were all going to be his to rule. There was no question in his
mind who the leader of this voyage was going to be. One day and he had
established that. He was ready to cum, the image of Lisa in his head, but
when he got his orgasm, it wasn't boning Lisa that was in his head, it was
holding down Jordan and taking him.

The "Starkeeper" raced on planetary drive towards Mars. Eleven boys fell
asleep, tired from the first day, their heads full of different and
sometimes troubling thoughts. New relationships had been started on a
voyage sure to test each boy.

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