This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

The boys all woke up at different times in the morning. Breakfast was
served from 6:00 to 10:00, whenever anyone felt like eating. Douglas
always seemed to wake up early. It was around 7:30. He showered and went
into the living room of the cabin. He was hungry and left a note that he
was going to breakfast. He headed out into the hall. He stopped when he got
to Scooter's cabin. He wondered if Scooter was awake yet. His answer came
quickly. The door opened, and Scooter stepped out wearing a white T shirt
and blue shorts. Douglas felt his knees shake when he saw Scooter. Scooter
got the same feeling. He couldn't believe his luck that Douglas was
standing right outside his cabin.

"HiYa, Douglas."

"Hey, Scooter. Are you off to breakfast?"

"Yeah. My dad got up a long time ago."

"My parents are still sleeping." Douglas laughed, and so did Scooter.
Scooter loved Douglas's laugh.

The two boys walked up the hall to the dining room and found a table to eat
at together. They talked and chatted like they had been friends for years,
telling each other about their friends and lives on Earth. Douglas thought
Scooter was so lucky that he would be going back to Earth. Douglas ached
for a minute because he missed his old home and friends so much.

While they were finishing breakfast, Scooter's leg brushed up against
Douglas's. Douglas felt a shiver go through him at the touch. The leg kept
pushing against his, then got pulled away. Douglas wanted to tell Scooter
it was okay to keep it there, wanted to look at him and smile about it. But
he was afraid Scooter would see it all wrong.

Scooter had pushed his leg up against Douglas on purpose. He wanted to see
how Douglas would react. He was disappointed when Douglas did nothing, but
kind of happy that Douglas didn't pull his leg away when he touched it.

The boys finished breakfast and walked back to their cabins to brush their
teeth. They agreed to meet in ten minutes to head for the games room

Braden woke up. He wasn't feeling too badly. He took his morning medicine,
then stepped into the shower. He soaped himself up, grabbed his dick and
quickly made it hard. He closed his eyes as the warm water flowed over him,
and rubbed his hard dick, thinking of his cousin Noah, who was cute, hot,
but someone he never was able to touch. Braden shot hard against the shower
wall, and the water washed his cum off. He was feeling good. It was time to
leave his cabin and get breakfast. He was hungry, really hungry.

Braden got dressed and checked his map for the way to the dining hall. He
was in #2. Turning a corner on the way, another boy came rushing the other
way and bumped into him. He was about Braden's size, but younger.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Watch where you're going!"

"I'm sorry," Braden said. "I was checking my map trying to get to dining
hall #2." Braden wanted to tell him that he was the one who was in a big
hurry, but decided he didn't want to start any trouble.

The boy looked at Braden. He hadn't seen this boy before. But he was small,
quiet, shy. He decided to see what would be done with this kid.

"My name is Jordan. My dad is Chief Engineer. I know this ship. Let me help
you get there."

"I'm Bradenton. But you can call me Braden."

"Bradenton? Like the city in Florida?"

"Yeah. I was named after the city."

"Cool, I was born there," Jordan said.

Braden smiled. He already was making a friend. Jordan smiled too. He was
finding himself a second victim.

Jordan led Braden to the dining hall. They found a table and sat down.
Just as they got their meals, another boy came into the hall. It was
Jeremy. He saw the two boys eating alone and walked to their table.

"Hi. Okay if I sit down here?"

Braden looked up at the cute athletic boy. His heart started racing. He
pointed to a chair and nodded yes. He was having trouble talking. He was
having trouble eating. Jeremy sat down and punched in his order. He
introduced himself to Braden and Jordan, and they introduced themselves to

Jeremy looked at the two of them. They were both cute. And it looked like
maybe they were making friends. Then Jeremy looked closer. Jordan was
younger, and very cute. But he looked into the eyes. And behind Jordan's
smile, he saw cold eyes. He looked at Braden - into his eyes. He saw warmth
and friendliness. He realized something looking into him. Braden was more
than just cute, he was hot. From his study he saw two things. He saw
someone he wanted as a friend and he saw someone who he had better watch
very carefully.

Jordan asked Braden if he wanted to go to the games room with him. Braden
was about to agree, when Jeremy asked Braden if he wanted to sit in the
lounge with him and talk. Braden was torn between the two. He looked at
Jeremy. He couldn't believe this boy was interested in talking to him. But
if he was, he wanted to take advantage of that. Because he knew he had an
instant crush on him.

Braden told Jordan he was going to talk to Jeremy.

"Fine, be that way. Don't be my friend. I'll remember this." Jordan got up,
and waked quickly out of the dining hall.

"What's wrong with him?" Braden asked.

"I dunno."

Braden and Jeremy sat in the deck lounge getting to know each other. They
both felt something for each other. Braden was shy, quiet, and
small. Jeremy was outgoing, daring, athletic. But somehow they were
attracted to each other in a way they couldn't explain. To Jeremy, part of
it was Braden's eyes. They showed somebody who was warm and deep. Jeremy
kept looking at those eyes, loving them. He wondered if he was attracted to
quiet boys. He thought of Ryan still sleeping in their cabin. Brian had
been quiet and shy. He felt protective of them.

He flinched a little thinking of Brian. Brian was the only thing on earth
he missed. He missed his "little bro" and the fun things they did....not
just the sex, but everything.

The both were so opposite. Big and small. Quiet and loud. Rich and
poor. Sickly and athletic. Hating having to leave Earth and ready for the
big adventure on AO IV.

They talked for almost two hours. They felt like best friends by the time
they were done.

"Watch out for Jordan," Jeremy warned.

"Why?" Braden asked. "He seems nice."

"I don't know. Something about his eyes." For some reason Jeremy thought a
lot about eyes and what they told. "Remember how he acted at the end of

"Yeah. I'll watch him," Braden said. "I trust you." And he did. He didn't
know why this boy who was so opposite liked him, but he was happy he
did. And happy he decided to leave his room and have breakfast.

They hung together until after lunch when Braden went back to his cabin to
take a nap. Jeremy went to the games room, which was full of kids. He knew
who the older ones were already. He saw Scooter and Douglas sitting
together watching a vid. He wondered about those two. They seemed awful
close. Then he shook his head. He knew every boy or pair of friends
couldn't be like him.

Scooter and Douglas were close, sometimes touching they were so close.
They wanted to be closer, but each one was afraid to make the move, both
because they didn't want to be seen doing it and because they were afraid
of offending their new friend and losing him. Their eyes were on each other
more than on the vid.

Alex and Stevie hung out with Mike a lot during the day. Ryan and Travis
joined them too. Jordan hung with Matthew a lot, but he also started
working on Ryan. And when Braden came in, he invited him to play some video
games. Braden did, and later Jeremy joined them. Jordan acted like nothing
had happened at breakfast.

Robert Charles made sure everybody saw him hanging with the girls. He
thought it strange that, other than Travis, none of the boys was paying
much attention to the girls. There were only four of them, and he figured
everybody would be competing to get a hold of one. He had the prettiest,
and showed her off. But nobody seemed to be impressed. Faggots, he
thought. That's what they were, a whole bunch of faggots. Which faggot ass
should he kick first for Lisa, he thought? He looked over at Mike. Nah, not
yet. He wanted to show Mike just who he was. He looked at Ryan and Travis
and smiled.

Closing time for the games room was suddenly there. Everyone stared heading
back for their cabins. Scooter and Douglas stopped in front of Scooter's
cabin. They looked in each other's eyes. Douglas couldn't take his eyes
away from Scooter. And Scooter stared right back at Douglas. Douglas wanted
so badly to kiss him on the lips. It was all he could do to hold himself
back. Scooter was feeling exactly the same way. They looked at each
other. Neither one moved. Then Douglas broke the spell.

"Night, Scooter." He took off quickly for his cabin. Scooter looked at him,
kind of stunned and relieved at the same time. He almost kissed
Douglas. He couldn't believe how close it was.

The boys ran into their bedrooms, tore off their clothes, got on their bed,
naked and hard, started jerking off, each one thinking about the other and
the kiss that didn't happen. In two different rooms, at the exact same
time, they cummed.

A few decks higher up Robert Charles caught up to Jordan.

"Hey, kid, I want to talk to you. Wait up."

"The name is Jordan, not kid. What the fuck do you want?"

"Calm down, Look, I'm sorry for how I acted yesterday. I
guess I wanted to get some things straight right away. But you're right,
this is your live here."

Jordan looked at Robert Charles. He wasn't sure he trusted his sudden
change in attitude, but he figured he would play along with it for now.

"I've been watching you in the games room," Robert Charles went on. "I
think you and I could make a good team. I saw how you handled some of the
boys in there. I could help you convince some of these losers that you
should be on top. What do you think?"

Jordan didn't trust Robert Charles for one second. But he figured he would
use him like he used everybody each trip he took. He might be 12 and small,
but he was smart and knew how get the advantage.

"Ok. You have a deal. But....I'm the boss. This is my ship."

They shook hands. Each boy walked away thinking they had won something from
the other boy.


Douglas woke up right around 8:00. He always seemed to wake up around
8:00. The e-mail light on his computer was on. Douglas missed his computer
at home. He could talk to people all around the world and even in Luna
City. This computer had e-mail from around the ship, had games, music,
vids, and could get information from the ship's library. There was a green
light on top of the monitor that glowed when e-mail was sent. This was the
first time he saw it on.

He got out of bed, hard with a morning boner, turned on the monitor, and
accessed his e-mail. He had two of them. One was from Scooter and the
other was from Mr. Z, who he knew was going to be the teacher of the older
kids in the ship school. He read Mr. Z's first. Keep the best for last, he

To all students of the Senior School:

We will be arriving at Mars right after lunch. Any students wishing a
quick tour of the surface should report to the shuttle bay at 1:00. We will
be back by dinner.


He opened up Scooter's mail next.

HiYa Douglas

Just wanted to say good morning and I hope you have a super awesome day.
Are you going on the tour? I am.

<3 Scooter

He typed an answer.


Thanx for the hi. If you're going so am I. I will see you at 9:00 for
breakfast. I will be at ur door.


At 9:00 he walked out of his cabin and headed for Scooter's. He was happy
when he saw Scooter already waiting in the hall. When Douglas got to
Scooter's room, Scooter walked up to him and gave him a big hug. Doug was
stunned for a moment, then he gave Scooter a hug back.

"I think hugs are a great way to greet people you like," Scooter said.

"I guess that means you like me," Douglas said.

Scooter smiled at him. They walked to breakfast, standing close together.
Travis was at a table and they both sat with him. He said he was going on
the tour too. They all agreed it should be fun.

Alex and Stevie were staying on board. Marie had set up for them to be able
to practice their music in a cargo bay where the loudness wouldn't bother
anybody. They hadn't touched their instruments since they got on board and
were excited to finally be able to play.

After breakfast they went to the games room. Most of the boys there said
they were going to go to the Mars surface. At noon they headed for
lunch. Douglas and Scooter ate with Doug's mom and dad and Scooter's dad.
They all had a good talk. They wished the boys a good time on Mars.

The "Starkeeper" had entered Mars orbit during lunch. The ship's shuttle
was going to be used because the people they were picking up were at a farm
which had a runway too short for a large shuttle.

Douglas, Scooter, Travis, Mike, Ryan, Robert Charles, Jeremy, and Jordan
were going. Alex and Stevie were going to play and sing, and Braden didn't
feel well. Two girls, Lisa and Megan, were going, and Matthew was going
because Jordan said so. Jordan got his way with Mr. Z. Robert Charles
walked over to Jordan and whispered something in his ear. Jordan smiled.

They all strapped in and the shuttle left the ship. The boys all strained
to get views of the ship, Mars, and maybe even Mars' two small moons.

When they landed they were told they were going to get a view of a
hydroponic farm and atmosphere station. Men had been changing the surface
of Mars for over two centuries, a small part at a time, the guide told
them. But now a new way of making atmosphere and making soil had been found
so crops could be grown. It had been tested on Mars for the last two years
and it worked over ten times faster. The equipment and the expert were now
going to Alpha Orion IV, Earth's newest colony. So far no planet had been
found with any kind of life on it, and to make a colony, special farming
and atmosphere making was necessary. Even now, only a small part of Mars
was livable.

The last part of the tour was underground. There were passages that went
under some of the water farms, and you could look up through the
transparent super steel. The kids stood in a small alcove and looked
up. Jordan was holding Matthew's hand. Robert Charles was behind Ryan.
Mike was to the left side of Ryan. Travis and Jeremy were to the other side
of him.

The guide said that he was going to turn out the lights. He said it would
be very very dark, that at first they wouldn't be able to see a thing. But
after a few minutes, when they looked up, they would be able to see small
glowing plants floating in the pond. The lights went out. It was so dark
they couldn't even see their hands in front of their eyes. They all looked
up waiting to see the green glow and moving plants.

Suddenly they heard a loud thud, a moan, and someone fall to the floor. The
lights went on, and Ryan was down on his knees holding his stomach.

"What happened?" Mr. Z asked.

Ryan couldn't talk because he was fighting to get his breath back.

"I think somebody punched him in the gut." Robert Charles said.

"Who? Who was standing close to him?"

"Mike was right next to him," Robert Charles said.

"Anybody see anybody else?"

"Robert Charles was behind him," Travis said.

"Yeah," Robert Charles said, "but he was hit from the front. How could I do
that from behind him?"

"Robert Charles wasn't even close to him," Jordan said. "He wouldn't be
able to even find him and get around him in the dark. Mike just had to take
one step around, and hit him. I didn't see anybody else close enough. Did
you, Matthew?" He squeezed Matthew's hand real tight.

"," he said.

Mike stood there not believing what he was hearing. "I..I..just want to everybody, and especially Ryan. I didn't do it. I would never do
anything that low."

Ryan was feeling better. He looked at Mike and glared. He couldn't believe
the boy who was so nice to him that first night would do that. He hated
trusting people then getting burned. He finally stood up. Travis was
holding him, his arm around him, telling him things were okay.

Mr. Z looked at Mike. "I will deal with you when we get back to the ship."

As the walked back to the shuttle Douglas and Scooter both came up to Mike.

"We don't think you did it. We can't prove it other than you showed us
you're not like that. There were two others who had a better chance, maybe
three, but we couldn't see how close Robert Charles was. We think Jordan
was lying...and we saw the look he gave Matthew when Matthew agreed with
him." Scooter was doing the explaining.

"Thanks, guys," Mike said. "I appreciate that." Mike looked over at
Ryan. Ryan turned his face away. Mike was hurt and was going to find out
who it was who really hit Ryan. He had a pretty good idea.

They got to the shuttle and walked out to it. A lady and a boy came out of
a waiting area and walked up to join them. The boy looked to be about 14,
and as he got closer everybody could see that he was very cute. Scooter was
watching them both carefully, because they looked familiar. Then he was
sure. It was Jim, after 2 years, it was Jim!


The boy got a surprised look on his face. "SCOOOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The boys ran across the tarmac and hugged each other tight.

Doug looked at them. He suddenly knew how Ryan felt when he got slugged in
the gut.

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