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Scooter and Jim hugged and cried as soon as they saw each other. It had
been over two years since they had seen each other. Jim's mom gave Scooter
a hug. Douglas could see it was quite a happy reunion. He wasn't sure what
it was all about, but he did know that he felt a lot of jealousy build up
in him, and he wasn't sure why. These were obviously old friends, and he
had only known Scooter for two days.

Scooter brought Jim over to the group. "This is my old friend Jim. We grew
up together in Florida until he moved away two years ago. I can't believe
Jim is going on this trip with us."

Scooter introduced the boys to Jim, saving Douglas for last. "Jim, this is
Douglas. He is my special new friend." Douglas smiled when he heard
that. Some of the hurt left him. "Douglas, meet Jim."

As everybody headed for the shuttle, and Scooter and Jim talked, Douglas
realized one thing, Jim was not only a really nice boy, he was incredibly
sexy too. Oh man, he thought, I've got to keep these thoughts down. I've
got to keep something else down too.

Jim, Douglas, and Scooter sat three abreast on the shuttle. Douglas and
Scooter learned that Jim's mom had a lot to do with the new farming /
atmosphere making devices on Mars. She was a planetary biologist. Now she
was going to be in charge of installing the new equipment on Alpha Orion
IV. So far a planet with life on it had never been found. Most planets were
dry and waterless, like Mars. Alpha Orion IV was just about right for
temperature, but it had no life except the farms that were being created on
the colony and the animals brought from Earth. Jim would be living on Alpha
Orion IV with his mother.

The shuttle was docked in the shuttle bay. Crew members helped the
passengers off, then prepared to unload the equipment that was loaded
on. It would take four more shuttle flights to get it all on board the

The boys headed off for their cabins. Douglas and Scooter took Jim and his
mom to their room. On the way they ran into Alex and Stevie. Scooter
introduced them to Jim.

Jim shook hands with Alex and then with Stevie. Their handshake took just
an instant longer. Just long enough for both of them to feel electricity in
their touch. Stevie was the first to let go, but their eyes stayed locked
just a second longer. Alex and Stevie headed off for their cabin and
Douglas and Scooter dropped Jim off at his. Douglas and Scooter headed to
the elevator to get to the deck their cabin was on. They had just enough
time to wash up before dinner.

When they got to Scooter's door they stopped.

"Let's see if we all can get the same table for dinner," Douglas said. He
paused a second. "So, Jim was your best friend?"

"We grew up together until he moved to Mars. Only I didn't know he moved
there. He never wrote me."

"Why not, if you guys were such good friends."

"I don't know, but I plan to find out. Jim was like a brother to me. He was
more than a friend."

"Like a brother?" Douglas asked.

"Yeah. We were really close. I loved him."

Douglas stared at Scooter. "Loved him? Like a brother you mean?"


"Not like you guys were......"

"Where what?"

"Um...well like you friends..and like you
were brothers..." Douglas was stammering and trying hard to get out of it.



"Instead of going to the games room tonight, do you think you could spend
the night with me?

School starts the day after tomorrow and I thought maybe..well...I thought
we could just get to be friends more. If it's ok."

Scooter smiled that beautiful smile of his. "I'll ask dad. But I think he
will say yes."

"Yesssss. Well, I gotta ask mom and dad too. See you at dinner." Douglas
took off down the hall to his cabin.


At dinner time the boys all headed for their assigned dining halls. People
could change, and did a lot, but they needed to let the dining steward know
to make sure there were enough places to sit.

Doug, Scooter, and Travis sat together and talked about the exciting
day. They all agreed that Mike couldn't have slugged Ryan, not after the
way he helped him on the first night. But if it wasn't Mike, who was it?
Travis said it wasn't him. Jeremy could have. None of the three knew him
that well yet, but they all thought Jeremy was a cool guy - too cool to do
that. The only other person with a chance was Robert Charles. They all
agreed he was kind of a butthead, and maybe could do it. But Jordan and
Matthew seemed to agree that Robert Charles was too far behind Ryan to get
around him and hit him. But what if they were lying? If he was right behind
Ryan, he could do it easily, even in the dark.

"Are you guys coming to the games room after dinner?" Travis asked.

Scooter looked at Douglas. Douglas replied, "I think me and Scooter are
going to spend some time together in my cabin. Kind of get to know each

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Scooter thought. "My dad said it was ok." Scooter's
dad nodded. In fact he was happy about it. He was going to be back in
Engineering as soon as dinner was over until he didn't know when. Since
they were sitting there, it was obvious it was okay with Douglas's parents
too. Scooter was excited. There was something about Douglas he couldn't
explain. He just knew they connected - connected big time.

In dining hall #2 Ryan, Braden, and Jeremy were talking about the tour too.
Braden heard what happened to Ryan and was sad about it. Braden's dad asked
if Mike did it for sure. Jeremy said he didn't think so, just because Mike
had been so nice to Ryan. But the way he remembered the room, he was in the
best position to do it. But he just didn't see Mike as the one.

Ryan agreed. The more he thought about it and the way Mike treated him that
first night the more he couldn't see Mike being the one. They talked about
exactly what happened when the lights went out. Ryan thought he heard
movement behind him, felt somebody rub him on his left side, then it was
all a blur. He kind of turned, then he got touched on the shoulder hard
and punched in the stomach. He didn't remember much after that until after
the lights came on.

"Are you sure you heard something behind you?" Jeremy asked.

"Pretty sure, yeah."

"Robert Charles was behind you. I don't like him one bit. I wouldn't be
surprised if he wasn't the one who hit you. And if you heard someone move
back behind's gotta be him."

The boys all agreed to watch Robert Charles very carefully. Braden's dad
warned Braden to be careful. He was worried. He didn't think he would need
his security on this trip. He wanted Braden to feel like he wasn't being
watched all the time, and he figured the ship would be a safe place. Now he
wasn't so sure. He decided he was going to talk to the Purser, maybe even
the Captain, about his son's safety. If there were kids like this Robert
Charles on board he wanted Braden watched.

In dining hall #3 Mike was sitting with Alex, Stevie, and Brad. Some other
people were there too, but those four were having their own
conversation. And it was about what happened on the tour too. Mike told
Alex and Stevie all about it. They were both mad.

"I'm glad I didn't go. I think I would have found out who it was right then
and got my licks in," Alex said. "That really really makes me mad. What a
chicken shit thing to do."

"It's gotta be him," Mike said. "The thing is, I'm the one getting blamed
for hitting Ryan. He probably hates me now. If I could prove that it was
Robert Charles I would go kick some major ass."

Robert Charles and Jordan were in dining hall #4 at their own small table.

"That was pretty awesome what you did in that cave. Nobody has a clue. But
why did you decide to hit Ryan?" (Who is speaking here?")

"Because he is a wimp. He won't ever hit me back. And the rest will know
who they are dealing with. We got the finger pointed at Mike...and thanks
for your help by the way. Mike won't be seen as so great, because maybe,
just maybe he did it. And maybe he didn't. And no matter what, they will
doubt each other. And start to fear us, the real leaders of that group of
fags. Now, I have another plan. I've noticed some things between 2
guys....its time to shake some more things up."

He whispered quietly to Jordan what he was thinking. Jordan smiled. He was
liking Robert Charles more and more.

Jim was in dining hall #5. He couldn't see any of the kids who were on the
shuttle. He asked his mom if there was a way they could get another dining
hall, maybe one with Scooter in it. He was feeling lonely already.


After dinner Scooter's dad went back to engineering. Scooter knew his dad
was stressed trying to install the new part and that it wasn't working the
way it should. He thought it would be all installed by the time they got to
Mars. He and Jordan's dad weren't seeing eye to eye on everything. It was
time to try putting it back in place again.

There were two ways it would work. Scooter's dad felt for the first trial
the safest way should be used. It would be slower, but would fit how the
warp drive worked the best. It would take a week off the two month
trip. The Chief Engineer, Jordan's dad, wanted it in the other way. It
would take off two weeks. Scooter's dad knew the Warp Enhancer better than
anybody. And he knew it needed to be slow for its first real use. It worked
fine either way on short trips, but this was the real thing. Testing was
over. Now it was going on a long trip. Scooter's dad sometimes noticed the
Enhancer running a little warmer than he liked. It never did when it was on
the low hookup, but it did on the higher hookup.

The Chief Engineer wanted the high level now. He argued it was his ship,
that it worked perfectly in every test and if they noticed it warming up
they could shut it down. He saw no reason to wait until the return trip.
The passengers would love cutting two weeks off the trip.

There was a problem fitting it into the warp drive and that was holding
things up. Scooter's dad had some ideas how to make it fit by moving some
pipes. He was thinking about that when he walked into Engineering. The
Chief Engineer walked over to him when he came in.

"It's hooked up and ready."

"How? You needed to move that whole section of pipes and wires."

"We routed everything through a secondary shaft. It let us put the Enhancer
in at its highest level."

"But you can't do that. It hasn't worked completely right in tests yet. It
has a problem with heating up."

"It heats up slowly. We will watch it carefully. And it will work. It
worked in all the tests except for the heating problem."

"Look," Scooter's dad said, "let's put it in the other way. We aren't
leaving orbit until the morning anyway. We have over 1500 passengers on
this ship. The Enhancer passed every test in the low setting. We can change
it on the way back when the ship has hardly any passengers. If we have to
shut down because the part heats up hardly anyone will be bothered by
it. And it's the safest way to go."

The Chief Engineer glared at him. "My son is on board this ship. Don't get
on me about safety!!!!"

"My son is here too. And I wouldn't have brought him with me if I thought
there was going to be any danger to him. I'm in charge of this project and
I'm saying we turn the Enhancer the other way."

"I'm the Chief Engineer and the work is done. We've spent two extra days on
it already. To turn it around means moving more pipes and wires. The
Captain agrees with me. You don't like it, take it up with him. I have to
get this ship ready to go to warp tomorrow. I'll run this department, you
make sure your invention is running properly."

Scooter's dad was furious. He knew it would be running properly if it was
connected the way it should be. Right now he had to be sure it was doing
what it was supposed to do before warp.

But tomorrow, after they left orbit, he planned on talking to the Captain.
He knew his invention better than anybody, including the Chief Engineer.
And he knew it wasn't ready for the high hook up yet, no matter what the
tests said.


Most of the kids on board headed for the games room. Ryan and Jeremy showed
up together, walking up from their room. Braden decided to check out the
games room. He was kind of hoping to see more of Jeremy. He hadn't been
able to stop thinking of him all day. Robert Charles stopped to pick up
Lisa and walk her to the room. He wanted to be sure everybody saw him with
her. Stevie and Alex weren't going to go, but Stevie talked Alex into
going for a little while. Alex didn't care one way or the other. Travis
walked there by himself. Along the way he ran into Mike. Jim was going
there too. He hoped Scooter would be there. He found Jordan along the way
as well. (To many ran intos)

Scooter and Douglas were sitting in Douglas's room talking, sharing things,
finding out about each other. Scooter told Douglas all about his friend
Jim. Almost all anyway. There were some things he couldn't share. He told
how he missed Jim after he left.

"Scooter, look, I know we planned to overnight together.
haven't seen Jim in two years...and well...," Doug looked at Scooter.

When Douglas said that Scooter knew one thing for sure. He was falling in
love. Somebody who would say something like that had to be somebody to fall
in love with.

"Why don't we do this," Scooter said, "let's go to the games room. If Jim
is there I will talk to him for a while and you can play games or
something. Then when it's time to leave, we will both come back here."

Douglas looked at Scooter again. And he also knew one thing for sure. He
was in love. No question about it. He was in love with the blonde boy in
his room.

Jim walked into the games room with Jordan.

"I guess you heard what happened today. Down on Mars." who is speaking

"Yeah. I guess there are some tough kids on this trip."

"Watch out for the big kid. Mike. Don't get too friendly with him. He
slugged Ryan. He is a bully and a coward. Be real careful around him.
Don't be fooled by his smile."

Jim looked at the cute boy with him. He had such an innocent face trusting
face. He knew that he was getting things straight about Mike. What he
missed though was Jordan's eyes. He missed the coldness in them.

Jordan saw Robert Charles when they entered the room. Robert Charles was
with Lisa. He waved at them. Jim looked around for Scooter. He was
disappointed that he wasn't there. Maybe he was with his friend
Douglas. Jordan wandered over to where the younger boys were and found

Jim looked around for something to do. He walked over to a video game. He
saw Mike walking up to him. Oh shit, he thought. Not him.

"Hi," Mike said with a big smile, "welcome on board. I'm Mike."

Jim remembered what Jordan said. Don't be fooled by his smile. "Oh, hi. I'm
just waiting for Scooter. I'll talk to you later." Jim turned and walked
away leaving Mike standing there wondering what was going on. Oh well, he
thought, not everyone can be friendly. He decided he didn't care much for
this new kid at all.

Just then Scooter and Douglas came into the room. Jim saw Scooter and
smiled. He came over to them and Scooter and Jim went to a couch to talk
leaving Douglas feeling a little alone and just a bit jealous. Well, it
was my idea, he thought, and he went over to where Travis and Ryan were
playing ping pong. Mike wandered over behind Douglas.

"Anybody for doubles?" Mike asked. Nobody said anything. Douglas, Ryan, and
Travis just stood there.

Finally Douglas said, "Sure, why not."

"You can play without me then," Ryan said and started walking off. Douglas
grabbed him going by.

"I think doubles with Mike would be very cool, Ryan. And I have a feeling
if you talked to Mike for a couple of minutes you will agree. Me and Travis
will play a game to hold the table." He looked straight at Ryan, his eyes
saying, 'do it.'

Ryan was torn. Everybody said Mike was the person who hit him. But Mike had
been so nice to him. He deserved a chance to explain. Ryan nodded his head

Mike had been holding his breath through all of that from the moment he
asked about doubles. He knew he was taking a chance, but he wasn't about
to spend the whole trip being pushed away for something he didn't do.

Ryan and Mike went off to a couple of chairs in a corner while Travis and
Douglas got a ping pong game started.

Alex and Stevie walked into the room. Alex saw Ryan and Mike talking. He
nudged Stevie and smiled. That was a good sign. He liked Mike, and what he
saw made him like him even more. Jim saw the brothers walk in, and
couldn't help but look at Stevie. He wanted to know him better. Scooter saw
where his eyes were going and smiled. He knew Jim really well, and he knew
Jim saw something in Stevie and that was good. Jim was his best friend,
even after two years away, but there was some connection happening with
Douglas he couldn't explain. He knew he would have to follow it. Having Jim
on board was one of the greatest things that could have happened to him,
but there was something pulling on him.

Robert Charles walked past Mike and Ryan and shook his head. He looked at
Ryan and said, "The bastard has you right by the balls doesn't he?" and

Mike stood up, fists ready to fly. "Go on asshole, hit me!" Robert Charles
said. Everybody here knows how good you are at it. At least you will be
hitting somebody your own size and with the lights on. Loser." He laughed
and walked away, making sure Lisa saw the whole thing.

Mike was fuming. "You did the right thing," Ryan said. "He will get his. I
bet he's the one who hit me. He's the loser." He looked at Mike and
smiled. "If I had any doubts, that ended them."

Travis and Douglas got three ping pong games in by the time Mike and Ryan
got back from their talk. Both of them had eyes that were a little
moist. "Let's play doubles," Ryan said. "I want Mike to be my partner."

The whole room noticed right away that Mike and Ryan were doubles
partners. Jordan walked past Scooter and Jim. "Ryan is going to be very
sorry he did that." He grinned his sweet evil grin and walked off.

"Things seem to be pretty weird here," Jim said.

"All I know is, Mike didn't hit Ryan. He is just too nice to do it. And it
looks like Ryan doesn't believe it either."

Jim thought how he had treated Mike when Mike walked up to him. He would
have to make up for it soon.

As they agreed, Scooter and Douglas left early and went to Doug's cabin and
into his room. They talked, played some on the computer, and got to know
each other more. Scooter told Douglas that his parents were nudists and
that they were naked around home all the time. Douglas liked that because
he liked being naked too. He wanted to suggest they take their clothes off,
but he had an incredible hard on being this close to Scooter, so he decided
to let it go.

Scooter was hoping Doug would say, let's get naked. He was hard too, but he
didn't care of Douglas saw it. After all, boys got hard all the time, so
who cared. It soon was time for bed. The room had two beds in it. Douglas
wished he could have Scooter sleep in his, but was afraid to ask that. The
boys both undressed until they were down to white briefs. Douglas could see
a definite tent in Scooter's. His heart pounded when Scooter pealed off his
briefs and his hard 4" dick popped out and stuck straight up.

"Guess I'm excited about going to bed," Scooter laughed.

Douglas looked at Scooter and figured he could do the same thing. He slowly
pulled his briefs off and a nearly 5" hairless dick stuck proudly up as
well. The boys looked at each other, admiring the beautiful bodies in front
of them. They both wanted the same hug, to kiss, to hold, to
touch, to feel. They wanted each other so badly it hurt. But they both
were afraid to follow what their hearts were telling them.

They said goodnight and Douglas turned out the lights. Both of them quietly
took care of themselves, and at the same time they both knew what the other
one was doing. Douglas tried hard not to moan, but his cum was so hard and
intense he knew he made some noise. Just after his cum he heard something
from Scooter's sounded like a low moan. Both boys were satisfied,
and both fell asleep knowing somehow there was going to be more. It was
just a matter of how to get it started.


After Douglas and Scooter left the games room the other boys got to know
each other better. The ping pong game ended. Mike and Alex started
talking. Alex told him while he wasn't in that cavern, he just knew Mike
didn't hit Ryan. And it looked like Ryan didn't think so either.

Ryan and Travis were playing ping pong and talking. Travis told Ryan he was
happy he talked to Mike. They both were enjoying each other a lot.

Stevie walked up to Jim who was alone now and sat next to him. Pretty soon
they were talking about Mars and music and life on Earth. They both liked
each other right away.

Robert Charles and Jordan got together too.

"Did you see Ryan and Mike play ping pong together?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah. We have some guys who don't want to take us seriously. I think we
need to let them know who is who."

Jordan agreed with him - totally. And he looked in a corner and saw just
where to start.

Braden was sitting talking with Jeremy. He wasn't even aware of Jordan
looking at him. What he was aware of was that he was getting some strong
feelings for Jeremy, his opposite. Opposite or not they found a lot to talk
about. They both liked playing soccer, and found a good video soccer game
to play together. Braden hadn't felt this good in a long time.

It was time for the games room to close. Alone or in groups, the boys
headed back to their cabins.


Morning came. Scooter and Douglas were up kind of early. Douglas let
Scooter take the first shower. He loved looking at his smooth, tanned,
naked body. He found himself getting hard again as Scooter headed for the
shower. When Scooter got back, Doug got up and wasn't shy about his
boner. After last night there was no reason to be. He could tell Scooter
was checking it out, and that made him even hotter. He got into the shower,
and took care of business, thinking of Scooter's naked body and his hard
beautiful cock the whole time. He came hard, shooting against the shower
wall, his cum dripping down to the bottom.

Everyone was heading for the observation lounges. The ship was already out
of orbit and was going to warp soon. When it happened it was supposed to be
beautiful. A whole rainbow of colors. Then nothing but small flashing

In Engineering the Chief Engineer was waiting for the signal from the
bridge. Captain Fuller was checking the distance from Mars. The navigator
called out, "Mark!!" and the Captain called out to engage the warp drive.

The Chief Engineer saw the signal. The warp engines engaged with a loud
whirring noise and a whine. Everybody felt dizzy and strange for a second
as the ship headed into warp space.

In the observation lounges everybody ohhhhhhhhhhhed over the rainbow colors
as the ship hit warp. Douglas fought his dizziness to see it. It was
amazing. Then they died down into little flashing pinpoints of color going
by. The dizziness was gone.

Scooter's dad looked at the gauges. Everything was working perfectly but he
wondered for how long. He was going to meet with Captain Fuller in the
afternoon. The warp enhancer had to be turned around the other way. He felt
that stronger than ever.

The "Starkeeper" headed into warp. The new warp enhancer sped it up even
more. The next stop was Alpha Orion IV.

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