The Ship's School

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

The day was Tuesday. Ship's school would start the next day. Nobody was
really excited about that, but it was figured there was less chance for
getting in trouble if the kids were in school. The kids thought

But they had one more day of freedom, and they planned on using it. After
breakfast they all seemed to end up in the games room.

Braden was watching a vid when Jordan came up to him. "Hey, Braden, what's

"Hi Jordan. I'm just watching this vid. 'The Robots of Saturn'. It's pretty

"I've seen that one. Lots of action. You mind if I sit down here?"

Braden shrugged his shoulders. Jordan sat down next to him.

"What do you think about what happened yesterday?"

"You mean on Mars? "


"Everybody says Mike didn't do it. Even Ryan."

"Mike has everybody fooled. He talks sweet and smiles a lot. I saw where he
was standing. So did Matthew. No way anybody else could have done it."

Braden wasn't there so he wasn't sure. But Jordan described things to him,
and it sure seemed to make sense. He saw Mike talking to Ryan and suddenly
got scared for Ryan. And if Mike was that kind of bully, when would he
come after him?


Alex and Stevie were in the cargo bay playing and singing. They were naked,
the way they loved to be. And if somebody came in and saw them, well that
was tough. The brothers loved their music. They missed performing
already. They finished playing a song that they wrote together. Alex
looked at his brother, whom he loved so much. He walked over to him and
kissed him on the lips. Stevie opened his mouth and let Alex slide his
tongue in. They started kissing hard and deep.

Stevie took off his guitar and the brothers were soon lying on the floor
kissing and humping each other. Their dicks rubbed as their kisses got
deeper and harder. They held each other close, hugging and kissing, rubbing
and humping, both of them feeling good and full of love.

"Did you bring any lube?" Stevie asked.

"No. I didn't think we would end up here on the floor."

Alex kissed his little brother and let Stevie roll on top of him. Stevie
put his dick between Alex's legs and leg fucked him, his dick sliding along
this thighs, letting his stomach rub on Alex's dick. It didn't take long
for Stevie to feel things build up. His humping got harder and jerkier, and
he moaned loudly, ready to cum. The explosion built up in him, he let out a
high pitched scream, his body shook, and his light boy cum shot over his
older brother's thighs. Alex rolled them both over on their sides, rubbed
himself a couple of times against Stevie's smooth stomach, and covered his
little brother's stomach with his thicker cum. They held each other tight,
Alex's cum rubbing off Stevie's belly and back on to him.

"I love you Alex. I don't know what I would do without you. I don't know
how I ever would have made it without you. I love you. I love you." He
kissed Alex one more time.

"It's the way I feel about you my sweet brother. We've been through so much

Stevie cuddled up to Alex. "I'm scared, Alex. I'm scared we did the wrong
thing leaving Earth. I'm so scared."

Alex petted Stevie's head. "Stevie....we didn't do the wrong thing. There
was nothing left for us there. Dad can't give us what we need. There was no
place else for us to go. Right now we're together. We have each other. What
more do we need?"

Alex felt a couple of drops on his chest. They were Stevie's tears. He
pulled his brother close to him. Stevie shook.



"What...what...if one of us fell for somebody else. Like here on the ship?"

"Why? Are you falling for somebody?"

"I don't know...I'm just saying what if?"

"If it was you I would love you just as much. You're my brother and I won't
ever stand in your way of finding someone to love."

"I won't either Alex. Ever. I love you."

Alex petted Stevie's head some more, then held it and looked into his
eyes. "Who is it Stevie?"

"The new kid. Jim. How about you?"

"The big kid. Mike. The one in trouble. Funny how we both kinda knew isn't

"We've always known each other pretty good. Even before we could talk."
Stevie kissed his big brother...then snuggled close up to him.

Stevie suddenly thought of something. "Our music. We're keeping it to

"Then let's talk to Marie. The ship has a theater. Let's ask if we can play

Stevie smiled and hugged his brother tight. They both could feel the love
flowing between them.


When Scooter and Douglas came into the games room, Jordan looked them over.
He was thinking how those two were always together. He told Braden he
needed to talk to them about something and got up and walked over to them.

"Hi guys."

"Hi Jordan," Scooter smiled. "What's up?"

"I need to talk to you a minute. It's really important."

Scooter looked at Douglas. Douglas shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay. Let's go over to the corner."

"No. It has to be in private. It's really important. Let's go to my cabin."

Scooter was really curious now and followed Jordan. Jordan used a key on
the elevator so it would go to the crew decks. They got out in an area
Scooter hadn't seen yet, the crew's quarters. Jordan led him up a couple of
passageways and then into a cabin. The cabin was huge with an observation
window. Scooter could see the colored specks of light flash by that showed
that the ship was in hyperspace using warp drive.

Jordan took Scooter into his room. Scooter could see it belonged to
somebody who lived on the ship instead of traveling on it. It was full of
posters and pictures and models. Jordan sat on the bed and invited Scooter
to sit in a chair.

"So what's this all about Jordan?"

"Well, you know that my dad overruled your dad about that warp enhancer?"

Scooter didn't like the way this was going. "Yeah."

"Well, my dad was right. He wouldn't take any chances. Your dad was wrong
and doesn't want us to go the fastest we can."

"My dad said doing it the other way wasn't tested yet. He didn't think we
should use it. But why tell me about it. It's none of our business."

"It's just this. That friend of yours, Douglas, has been talking smack.
About you and your dad. How he doesn't know what he is doing and how my
dad knows more about the enhancer than your dad does. And how because of
that you're pretty much a loser like your dad...."

"HEY!!!!! Quit getting on my dad!"

"Hey, I'm not saying it. I'm just telling what was said. What your so
called friend said. I mean my dad totally knows what he is doing in
engineering. But that's no reason to get on your dad or on you. Because I'm
a true friend."

"Thanks." Scooter wasn't sure if he believed Jordan or not. He just
couldn't imagine Douglas saying stuff like that.

"Who did Douglas say all this too?"

"Me. Robert Charles. Lisa"

"Ok." Scooter felt his stomach churning. His stomach always churned when
things started upsetting him. He needed to know if Douglas said what he
said but he was afraid to ask, because what if he really did say it? Or
what if he didn't and got mad about being asked?

Scooter looked over at Jordan. He was so cute and innocent looking. He
couldn't believe he was being totally lied to. But he also couldn't believe
Douglas would say those things. He'd only known Douglas for a couple of
days now, but he just couldn't believe he would say it.

Jordan saw Scooter looking at him. Scooter was so cute. He wanted Scooter
in the worst way. Already he was working on him so Scooter would be his
friend. Now it was time for one more step. He started opening up his
pants, unzipping them, pulling them open. Scooter saw white briefs showing,
and thought they were tented. Jordan leaned back, put a hand inside his
waist band and started playing with his hairless boner. Scooter stared at
him, felt himself getting hard, and he wanted to join him badly. Jordan
pulled his briefs down, let his rock hard boner pop up, and stared stroking

"You like?" he asked. Scooter was breathing hard. His own dick was caught
inside his pants. He needed to free it, it was swelling up. "Come on
Scooter, join's cool. It's just getting off." Jordan's breathing
was getting harder, his stroking faster. "Come on. Do it."

Something inside Scooter told him, don't do it but at the same time he was
opening his pants and pulling out his 4" hairless boner. Both boys were
stroking fast, and with his head start, Jordan was soon shuddering and
rocking to a dry orgasm. Scooter was a minute behind him, stroking hard,
rubbing his foreskin over the head of his penis, and shook, arched, and had
a hard dry cum.

Jordan smiled. He was sweet on the outside but on the inside he said, 'Got

"That was great, huh Scooter? I bet Douglas don't do that with you. I can
be your best friend Scooter. I'll do things for you on this trip like you
never knew about."

Scooter pulled his pants up and zipped up. This wasn't right. He never
heard Douglas knock any one. He wished he hadn't done this. That Jordan
hadn't seemed so hot.

"I better go."

"Ok. I'll get you back down the elevator." Jordan got his pants back up and
took Scooter back.

Scooter stood in the elevator feeling bad, wishing he had left as soon as
Jordan had opened his pants. He had a bad feeling about all of this. His
stomach hurt. He needed to get back to his cabin.


Just after Scooter left, two little boys came in with their parents. They
were identical twins. They looked 9 or 10. Douglas overheard the parents
say that it looked like all the boys were older and they left. Douglas was
disappointed. The twin boys were cute.

The games room emptied out for lunch. Douglas was disappointed Scooter
didn't come back. Jordan hadn't come back either. That must be some talk
they were having. Well, maybe he would see him at lunch. He headed for the
dining hall. Travis and Ryan were both there. Some of the boys were
ignoring dining hall assignments at breakfast and lunch since the dining
halls were never full then. It was harder to do at dinner and permission
was needed then. Nobody really cared at the other meals.

Douglas sat down with them hoping to see Scooter. He talked with Ryan and
Travis and saw they were getting to like each other a lot. Scooter never
did show up and Douglas got a little worried. He left the dining hall and
headed to Scooter's cabin.


Braden finished eating his lunch. Jeremy had joined him and they ate and
joked and had fun with each other. When they finished, Braden said he had
to take his meds and then would meet Jeremy in the games room. Jeremy
offered to walk with him. Braden thanked him and said he would be there

He turned into the passageway that led to his cabin. Coming the other way
was Robert Charles.

"Well, well, well, look who is coming my way," Robert Charles laughed.
Braden stopped. He felt his blood turn cold. He looked for a way to
turn. There wasn't one.

Robert Charles stood in front of Braden. He was taller and heavier, but
only a couple of months older.

"I sure do like you little boy."

"Don't call me that."

Robert Charles grabbed Braden by the collar. "I will call you anything I
want, LITTLE BOY! I bet you heard about what happened to somebody down on
Mars. It can happen here on the ship too. I'm not saying I did anything,
I'm just saying shit happens. But maybe we can strike a deal, little
boy. Like, you do me some favors and I see that you're protected from the
bad guys on this ship."

"My dad will protect me from the likes of you."

Robert Charles laughed loud and long. "I liked that. Your dad ain't shit
Braden. Do you know who my dad is?"

Braden shook his head no.

"Try the new colonial governor. Try a former Senator. Try a former state
Governor. Try one of the most powerful men on Earth. Think about who is
going to protect who. Now let me leave you with a word to the wise. Watch
out for three boys. Mike, who seems real nice but is dangerous as shit.
Jeremy (Braden winced), who I heard had a reputation in Earth, and..."

"What kind of reputation?" Braden asked.

"Let's just say he left Earth before the law could catch what he was doing.
At least that's what I heard."

Robert Charles could see Braden was shook up by that one. "The third one is
Douglas who thinks he should be in charge and will do anything to anybody
to get there."

Just like you, Braden thought.

Robert Charles pushed Braden hard up against the wall. "If I hear anybody,
your dad, your friends, your wall, has heard about our little
talk...well...then it probably would be a good idea if you never left your
cabin. And think about our little partnership. It would be in your best
interests. " He let Braden fall to the floor. "See you around, little boy."

He let Braden go causing him to fall to the floor. Braden wanted to cry but
didn't. He'd wanted to cry the whole time but wasn't going to give Robert
Charles the satisfaction. But now the tears were coming and his breathing
was coming hard. He got up off the floor and headed to his cabin. He spent
the rest of the day there.


Douglas rang Scooter's door buzzer. Nobody answered. Well, maybe he went to
the games room, Douglas thought. Scooter was alone in the cabin. He was
pretty sure who it was ringing the buzzer. He didn't want to talk to
him. He felt sick about what he heard in Jordan's room and what he did in
Jordan's room; so sick he skipped lunch. He got up off his bed, walked into
the bathroom and puked one more time.

Douglas headed back for the games room. Scooter wasn't there either, but
Jordan was. He decided to ask Jordan where Scooter had gone after they

"I don't know where he went." Jordan looked at Douglas with his sweet
angelic face. "But there is something you should know."

"What's that?"

"I think Scooter is falling in love with me. But he is kind of nasty about


Jordan got real close to Douglas and whispered, "He pulled down his pants
and jacked off right in front of me. He told me he wanted to have sex with
me. Be careful around him." Jordan walked away, and Douglas missed the evil
grin on his sweet face.


The night before the first day of school caught up with everybody. Scooter
and Braden skipped dinner. Scooter told his dad he didn't feel well, which
was exactly what Braden said to his.

Scooter's dad was mad because the Captain didn't meet with him. He had
something to take care of. He set up a meeting for Thursday with Scooter's
dad and Chief Engineer Paxton.

Around the ship the boys settled into their beds. Twelve horny boys taking
care of themselves. Scooter thinking of Douglas, more and more positive
that the things he heard couldn't be true. Douglas, thinking of Scooter,
how much he was falling for him, how beautiful he was, how Scooter couldn't
be falling for Jordan. And did Scooter really jack off in front of Jordan?
The thought made him jealous and hot at the same time. He shot all over his
chest and stomach.

Braden was in his bed thinking of Jeremy, how badly he wanted to see him
naked, how he wanted Jeremy to be more than just a friend. His cum stained
his top sheet.

Jeremy was on top of his blankets, jerking himself. Ryan was used to it
now, and was doing the same on his bed.

"Let's see who shoots first," Jeremy challenged. They both sped up, hands
flying along their shafts, Jeremy shooting over himself with thoughts of
Braden, Ryan cumming seconds behind thinking of Travis.

Alex and Stevie were happy to talk and snuggle. Sometimes that was all they
needed. Alex talked about Mike. How he had to be getting a raw deal. Stevie
talked about the new kid, Jim, how he wanted to become friends with him.

Mike's thoughts were on Ryan. How could anyone think he would hit somebody
that cute and wonderful, or think he could sucker punch somebody like
thatb? It didn't take him long to shoot thick wads of cum on himself while
his whole being cried out for Ryan.

He cleaned himself up thinking how he would show everybody what he was like
and what Ryan meant to him.

Jim thought about Scooter. How great it was to see his old friend, and
wondered if they could go back to doing the things they did before he
moved. He wondered what Scooter had going with Douglas. Douglas was cute,
smart, friendly, the kind of boy Scooter would fall for. He cummed over
himself thinking of the fun he used to have with Scooter.

Travis was on the floor, his legs up in the bed, jerking himself hard. Ryan
was on his mind. So cute and blond and smooth. But he wasn't a girl. Right
now he should be thinking of Lisa, or somebody at home....not a boy. His
body shook and shivered, he raised his legs, and shot his cum onto his
face, catching some in his mouth. It was a great, hard cum. He wiped his
face with a finger and licked it clean.

Jordan was thinking of what happened in his room before lunch. How he got
Scooter to jack off with him. That was so hot. And how he made sure Doug
knew it. And he thought of little Matthew. It was time to make a move on
him. His cum shook his body, his legs jerking.

Robert Charles thought about Lisa. How he was going to get her naked. How
he was going to add her to his list of girls. And while waiting to get Lisa
naked and in bed, there were a few wimpy faggy boys he could use to keep
himself satisfied. The thought made him hot and hard as he shot his thick
cum on his belly and into his pubic hair.


The next morning after breakfast the children on the "Starkeeper" headed
for the ship's school. The older ones were in Mr. Z's room. The younger
ones had a teacher named Miss Sampson. They were in separate rooms. The
ship's school was really a place to keep up with things. Everybody would
start with a test on the computer, then get things to work on at their own

There were four girls and the twelve boys were in Mr. Z's room. Matthew was
in Mr. Z;s for now. Whether he stayed or not would depend on his test.

Mr. Z introduced himself to the boys who hadn't met him yet. He set up the
rules of the class. He let them all know that there would be a tour of the
ship tomorrow and that it would take close to all day. He had all of them
introduce themselves and tell where they came from so he could get to know
them better. Of course he already knew Jordan.

He said that they would get a lot of say in how the room would run and that
they would need a leader. Since they all didn't really know each other well
enough yet to vote for one, he said he was going to appoint one for the
first week and next Wednesday they would have an election.

"The person I want to appoint for now has a background in being a leader."
A couple of kids, including Scooter looked at Douglas. They knew he had
been a school president. "He has been raised to be a leader. His father is
famous. I think he has the respect of all of you here already. So, at
least for the next week, when I need help, Robert Charles is my choice."
Mr. Z stood there waiting for a reaction. Almost always, his choice ended
up being the one the students chosen the next week. This time all he got
was, "Way to go, Robert Charles," from Jordan, Lisa, Matthew, and the other
3 girls. The rest of the boys were silent. Then Braden said quietly, "Nice
job, Robert Charles." Jeremy looked at him, and wondered if something
happened. He knew Braden didn't think much of Robert Charles. He would
have to find out more later.

The rest of the morning was spent taking computer tests. They finished just
before lunch. Mr. Z said they didn't have to come back until the next
morning and for them to be ready for the tour.

As everybody left for lunch, Mr. Z asked Mike to stay behind.

"Mike, let's get right to it. I didn't see you hit Ryan but Robert Charles
told me yesterday that he heard somebody move and that the only person in
that area was you. Jordan backs him up on a lot of this. I've just met
you. But I can see you are a big kid. Only Robert Charles is bigger than
you. So I don't see any reason why you would need to bully anybody. Can
you explain that to me?"

"Yes, sir, I can."

"Well, good. Tell me."

"Sir, with all due respect, I never laid a finger on Ryan. Never. Ever."

"Two people give evidence that says different."

"I don't care about the evidence. I never touched Ryan."

"Are you saying Robert Charles and Jordan are lying? Their dads are the new
Colonial Governor and the Chief Engineer of this ship."

"First of all sir, I don't know how what their fathers do has to do with
anything. All I know is, I never touched Ryan."

"Mike, I think what you need to do is learn from what happened and move on.
If you show me what I think you're really like, I know I won't hold it
against you."

"Sir, let me say this so you can understand it. I did not hit Ryan. And let
me add a second thing." Mike didn't wait for Mr. Z to say anything. "And
that is, I think you're going to find that giving Robert Charles that
position was a big mistake."

"You may go now Mike." Mr. Z dismissed him.

When Mike got out into the hallway somebody was waiting for him.

"Hi Mike."

"Ryan. Thanks for waiting."

"He kept you after because of me, right?"

"No, he kept you because of some asshole." He started laughing and so did

"I want to go in and talk to him. Set him straight."

"Some other time. Let's eat lunch. I'm ready.

They walked down the passageway to a dining hall. Mike reached out and put
his arm around Ryan's shoulder. Ryan smiled at Mike and was greeted by
Mike's huge happy grin.

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