The Tour

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Jordan saw Ryan and Mike walk together down the hall. He had to tell Robert
Charles. They needed to keep them apart. If they kept everyone split, then
they would be the ones with power and they deserved it because it was
already looking like the other boys were wimps. Knowing the ship and how it
worked always helped Jordan. He might only be 12 but he knew how to use
people to get his way. He was latching onto Robert Charles because he knew
Robert Charles was tough, a winner. Robert Charles's dad was the Colonial
Governor and that gave Robert Charles power all by itself. Jordan knew that
whoever became Mr. Z's leader had lots of power. It always worked that
way. And the person Mr. Z picked was usually the person elected. They had
to make sure that is what happened in a week.

Most of the boys had pretty much agreed to meet in dining hall # 2 for
lunch. They got a table together. Douglas, Scooter, Mike, Ryan, Jeremy,
Jim, Alex, and Stevie sat at one of the tables. Braden had gone back to
his room. Travis was sitting at a table with two girls. Jordan and Robert
Charles were eating in dining hall #4.

While they were eating the boys talked mostly about Mr. Z's choice of room

"I can't see him getting elected. I don't see who would vote for him,"
Jeremy said.

"Well, who is going to run against him?" Mike asked.

"Why not you?" Ryan said. "It sure would piss off the teacher. And you know
if I don't believe you hit me, then nobody else will either."

"How does everyone feel about that?" Mike asked. "Did I really slugged

The table got quiet. Then Jeremy asked, "If it wasn't you, then who was

It got quiet again. "It wasn't me," Mike said quietly.

"Then who?" Jeremy asked again.

"It wasn't Mike," Ryan said again. "I don't know why I know, but I know.
And look how nice he has been to me before and after it happened."

"And maybe he is taking you in," Jeremy said. "Look, I'm not trying to get
on you Mike, but why would Robert Charles, Jordan, and Matthew all lie
about what happened? And why would anybody hit Ryan anyway? The only guy
close to him who talked to him a lot were Mike and Travis."

"And you," Ryan added.

"Okay, and me. Only I never talked to you. Mike and Travis did."

"So you think I slugged Ryan?" Mike asked.

"I don't know. I'm just saying you might have. Or somebody else might

Douglas had been taking this all in. Finally he decided to say
something. "Let's get on with the subject. If we don't like Robert Charles,
then who is going to run against him and beat him?"

"Weren't you the President of your old school?" Scooter asked.

"Yeah. But that was because I had a lot of friends there and everybody knew

"But, see you have experience. Why don't you run? I don't know if Mike will
get enough votes."

Mike looked sad. He was losing friends because too many people believed he
hit Ryan. He was determined to find out who did hit Ryan. Because whoever
did it had hurt Ryan and him both and he was tired of being blamed.

Douglas was thinking about what Scooter said. He was still unhappy about
having to leave his school. Unhappy about not being President any
more. Unhappy about losing his friends. Being the leader in Mr. Z's room
was nothing compared to being President of an entire school student
body. Douglas didn't want to get involved here. He liked most of the boys
in the group, but there was too much going on.

Scooter looked at Douglas. "Well?"

"I don't think I'm interested right now." Douglas saw the disappointed look
on Scooter's face. And it hurt him. But, he thought, I'm really not
interested. And Scooter is interested in Jordan anyway. So why should that
bother me?

"Well," said Alex. "If nobody runs, then Robert Charles wins."

"Maybe that's not so bad," Jeremy said. "The teacher likes him. He's kind
of a jerk sometimes, but he seems ok. I mean, all he does is act big for
the teacher. It's not like he is running a government or something."

"Let's all think this over. We have a week, but we need to decide earlier.
I think Robert Charles needs somebody to run against him. Just so it
doesn't come too easy." <who said this?

Everybody kind of agreed to think about it and got up from the table.

Ryan was disappointed that Travis wasn't there. Jeremy felt the same way
about Braden not being there.

Travis had his lunch with two girls, Carmen, who was 12, and Felicia, who
was 13 like him. They had invited him to lunch and he thought it was a
cool idea. But while he sat there all they talked about was the boys on the
ship and why none of them except for him, Robert Charles, and Jordan seemed
interested in them. They were talking about how fine all the boys were, and
were mad because the boy almost totally ignored them. They wondered if
Travis knew why.

All Travis knew was that this lunch was boring him and he wished he was
with the boys in the other dining room. But then that was wrong, because he
was supposed to like being with the girls. He was supposed to want to pick
out a girlfriend like he had on Earth. But here he was sitting with two
cute girls, and all he could think about was sitting with Ryan. He shook
his head like he was trying to clear it. He smiled at the girls and said he
had to go and said good-bye. He walked back to his cabin wanting in one
way to go back and talk with the girls, and in another way to find Ryan. He
felt very confused inside.


Scooter's dad, Chief Engineer Paxton, and Captain Fuller were in the
Captain's office. They were discussing the warp enhancer. Scooter's dad
told the Captain about it being put in backwards and what the dangers were.
He told him he thought the ship should be taken out of warp and the
enhancer turned around.

"Is the ship in immediate danger from running it this way?" the Captain

"Not at all," Chief Engineer Paxton answered.

"I don't think so," Scooter's dad said. "But it never has been tested over
long distances when it's in this way. In ten short tests it started heating
up twice and we had to shut it down."

"Was your test ship in danger?"

"Not that we could tell. It would heat up real gradually. We could see the
gauge go up and we would shut it down."

"And this happened only two times out of ten?"

"Yes. But it was all on short tests. We only did longer tests with it in
the other way around. So we don't know yet how it will work on a long

"But both times it heated up it was real gradual?"


"So if we got a heating problem with ours we could shut it down? We would
have plenty of time to do that?"

Scooter's dad thought a few seconds then told the Captain they probably
would, unless something happened that wasn't on a short test. "I really
think it should be tested first on a long test, like we did the other
way. We just don't know why and until we do we shouldn't use it." He looked
at Chief Paxton. "There are over 1500 passengers on here, including our
sons. This isn't the time to experiment. We know one way has been safe on
every test. The other has worked right 80% of the time on short tests
only. I am asking you to take the ship out of warp and turn the enhancer

"I disagree," Chief Paxton said. "It can save us an extra week. And we will
monitor it very carefully. I'm not about to risk my life, the passengers,
or the life of my son."

The Captain sat and looked at both of them. "Here is my ruling and why. We
could take a week of the trip with the drive on the way you want it. But we
use more fuel than by having it in backwards. It's been turned around now,
and the speed we go now works best for time and fuel. The enhancer lets us
go faster on the same or less fuel. If we went a week faster we wouldn't
prove a lot. If we go like it is now we will save two weeks and set a
record. Chief Paxton and his crew will watch the enhancer carefully." He
looked at Scooter's dad. "And I know you will be right there checking on it

Scooter's dad looked right back at the Captain. "The Captain of the
'Titanic' was trying to set a record too."

"I don't plan on hitting any icebergs."


When Scooter got up to leave the table Douglas got up with him. He needed
to talk to him. He wanted to find out why he wasn't at dinner and about
what happened between him and Jordan. He was afraid of his new friend
slipping away and he didn't want that. Plus he felt something very special
for Scooter, and he somehow needed to find out if Scooter felt the same

"Hey Scooter."

"Hey Douglas."

"Do you have time to talk?"

Just then Jim walked up.

"Well, I promised Jim I would talk to him. Do some more catching up. How
about after dinner tonight."

"Yeah..sure. I don't think I have anything planned. I'll check." Douglas
watched Jim and Scooter head down the hall. Somehow right then he felt
really empty. He decided to head for the games room. On the way he bumped
into Travis.

"Hi Travis. Where were you?"

"Hey Douglas. Eating with some girls."

"Oh. I bet that was fun. With who?"

"Carmen and Felicia."

"Not Lisa?"

"Nah. Lisa is Robert Charles's girl."

"So, do you like girls a lot?"

"I had a pretty cool girlfriend back home. I miss her. But these girls were
boring and the whole time I was thinking of....." Travis paused.

"Thinking of whom?" Douglas asked.

"Never mind." Travis wasn't sure what to say now. All he knew was he was
confused. He wondered what Doug would think if he told him. He remembered
when they were all getting to know each other that Doug was the president
of his school and probably liked girls a lot. But still, Doug was one of
those boys the girls were talking about who never seemed to pay any
attention to them. And he also knew that Douglas used to be a peer
counselor in his school. That he was somebody other kids could come talk
to. And he needed to talk. Now. Badly.

Douglas looked at Travis and smiled. Both of them right then were feeling a
little lost and lonely. "Douglas, can we go to your room and talk. I need
to tell you something..

"Sure." The boys headed for Douglas's cabin. His mom was in and said hi to
the boys as they went into Douglas's room. Douglas secured the electronic
lock and sat up on his bed. Travis sat in the chair.

"So what's up?" Douglas asked.

"Can I tell you something very private and secret? Something just for the
two of us? You said today in class that you were like a peer counselor in
your school. That means kids could talk to you real privately and you never
told anybody right?"

"Well, that's how it was in my old school on Earth, yeah."

"So can I talk to you like you're one of those? Like totally privately and
secret...and you promise you won't hate me or anything?"

Travis knew he was taking a big chance. But if he didn't tell somebody he
was going to explode. He knew he wasn't gay or anything, he just wanted to
know if anybody else had the same feelings he was having. And he trusted
Douglas. He'd seen how he handled Mike and others in the games room. He saw
something special in Douglas, something he could trust.

"Did you have a girl friend on Earth?"

"No...not really. I'm just not..well wasn't..into girls much."

Travis heard how Douglas changed what he said, and what it might mean.

"I had a girlfriend. We were tight. We kissed a lot, and she even let me
feel her boobs and stuff. She felt know...."

"I get the picture," Douglas laughed.

"Well, now here on the ship I kind of fall for Lisa. But that asshole
Robert Charles took her. And Carmen and Felicia are nice but kind of
dumb. I don't know much about Michelle yet except she stays to herself a

"Ok. And you're falling for one of those girls now?"

"No. And maybe that's the problem. I'm always thinking of somebody else.
And that's the problem. Whenever I'm with one of the girls I'm thinking of
somebody else."

"So it's like when you're with Felicia you think of Carmen, or maybe even

"No. That isn't the problem either. It's...I...well..."

Douglas gave Travis a smile. "It's okay. No matter what you say, Travis,
trust me, it's okay."

Travis took a deep breath. It was dead quiet in the room. "I keep thinking
about a boy," he whispered and hung his head.

It stayed quiet. Travis's heart was beating so hard he knew that Douglas
could hear it. Then Douglas smiled and said, "Is that all? Who is the lucky

Travis breathed for the first time in what seemed like hours. "You mean you
don't care?"

"Hell no. I think it's great. Who is the lucky boy?"

"But I'm not gay. I've never thought about boys. Ever. Just girls."

"Just girls? Never boys? Not even in a JO fantasy or a wet dream?"

Travis's bright red blush told Douglas everything he needed to know.

"So who is the lucky boy?"

Travis laughed. Douglas was making him feel good. "Ryan."

"Lucky Ryan. And don't worry about liking a boy. Hell, we're kids, so who
cares who we fall for. I've fallen for a boy too."

For some reason Travis wasn't surprised. "Scooter, right?"

Now it was Douglas's turn to blush and tell Travis everything.

"Travis, can I ask you something real personal?"


"Do you jack off a lot?"

Another pause. "Yeah, I guess."

"I do it two or three times a day. And all this talk got me kind of, you

"Yeah. Same here."

" to do it? You ever do it with anybody else?"

"No. Have you?"

"Yeah. It's fun. And if you have these feelings about Ryan, it would be
like...good practice." Douglas wondered why it was so easy to talk about
doing this with Travis, but so hard with Scooter. "So, do you want to do
it?" Doug could feel his heart pounding. Travis was very hot looking.

"Sure...I guess."

"Let's do it here on my bed. It's more comfortable."

Douglas pulled off his shirt and Travis followed. Douglas loved the look of
Travis's bare chest, and his hard stomach. Travis was starting to get some
muscle on him, unlike his own skinny self. They both pulled off their
shoes, then Douglas unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. Travis looked
at his tented briefs and knew he had to see more. He pulled off his own
pants, and now both boys were standing in front of each other wearing only
white briefs, both tented out. The waistband on Doug's briefs were pulling
away from his waist he was so hard.

Douglas wanted to pull Travis's off in the worst way, but that would seem
like sex, not getting off. Doug pulled off his briefs, and his boner
slapped his belly. Travis's was off and they lay side by side on the
bed. Both of them started jerking off, trying hard not to look like they
were scoping the other guy out too much. Their hands flew along their hard
dicks; Douglas hairless and almost 5", Travis with some fuzz at the base
and 4 ". Pretty soon they both were close, and their faces got contorted,
their bodies shook, and within seconds they exploded, both of them shooting
light cum over their chests and bellies.

Doug got up and grabbed some Kleenex to clean up with. What he really
wanted to do was taste Travis's cum and eat his own, but he didn't think
Travis was ready for that.

"Was it pretty good?" Douglas asked.

Travis blushed but had to admit it was. He was surprised it didn't
embarrass him more. In fact it hardly did at all. He cleaned himself off
thinking of doing it with Ryan. But he also wondered if Ryan would want to
do it.

Douglas had his mind on one thing when he cummed - Scooter. Even with
Travis jacking off right next to him, which was hot, the image in his brain
was Scooter. But if Jordan was right, Scooter liked Jordan not him. And it
was Jim he went with after lunch. Travis admitted he was falling for Ryan,
even though he thought he liked girls. And Jordan seemed to hint Scooter
liked boys. But that must not include him. He wondered if there were
things about some of the other boys he didn't know. Scooter was going to be
a dead end, even after the "special friend" thing. He needed to find


Scooter sat on his bed and Jim was on the second one. They both were naked,
like they had been up until Jim moved away. They always were naked, they
were both raised as nudists. Right now they both were hard, but were just
slowly playing with themselves.

"Why didn't you ever write me?" Scooter asked.

"I did. You never wrote back."

"How could I? I never got anything from you. I didn't know where to write

"Something strange is going on then. I'm going to have to find out what
happened. I know I couldn't tell you right away where we were going because
of that other company trying to hire mom to do the same thing she did. But
I figured once we got to Mars it would be okay. I guess maybe it
wasn't. After you never wrote back I gave up."

The two boys sat quietly for a while, stroking themselves. Scooter was
hairless, but Jim had hair, something he didn't have the last time Scooter
saw him. Scooter wondered how much cum he shot now. They both were
comfortable jacking off in front of each other. They had done it lots of
times before. And more.

"Scooter, do you want to........"


Nothing else needed to be said. Jim came over to Scooter's bed. They got
into the 69 position. Jim worked the skin on Scooter's uncut cock. Then he
licked the head, swirling his tongue on it, flicking the pee slit, then
letting it slide into his mouth. Scooter moaned with pleasure. At the same
time he sucked on Jim's cock. It was a lot bigger than the last time he had
it in his mouth. The two boys bobbed their heads on the other's hard dick,
licking and sucking, feeling each other's balls. They were humping each
other's mouths, loving the tastes of each other, tastes they hadn't had in
two long years. Scooter was ready first, and he rammed Jim's mouth with a
hard dry cum. About 15 seconds later Jim shot, surprising Scooter with the
amount of cum he had. Scooter couldn't handle all of the sweet boy cum, and
some of it dribbled down his chin. Jim saw it and licked if off. The two
boys kissed then cuddled on the bed.

"You know I love you, Scooter."

"And me, you."

Jim looked at Scooter. "I will always love you my best friend. And I know
you. You called Douglas your special friend."

"There is something about him. It's like I'm connected to him in some
way. But it's like he doesn't know it. Or I don't. Or we can't talk about
it. It's all so strange." He looked at Jim. "I don't want to hurt you my
old best friend."

"Scooter, when I got on the ship I met somebody. And he sent sparks through


"You know me pretty good too, Scooter."

"Jim, maybe God meant us to be on the ship together so we could find our
loves together." The boys kissed deep, old best friends and lovers, both
knowing they were happy being together again, but that somebody different
was going to enter their lives in an important way.


Jim left Scooter's cabin soon after that. Scooter decided to go find
Douglas and see what he wanted. He headed for Douglas's cabin but nobody
was there. He decided to go to the games room. When he got there Jordan
came up to him and led him to a couple of chairs in the corner. Douglas
had wanted to talk to Scooter, and stopped when he saw Jordan grab him. He
stood there feeling jealous again.

"Scooter, I just wanted you to know that Douglas was talking smack about

"How? What was he saying?" Scooter asked.

"Stuff about your dad. We talked about his invention. And he said your dad
didn't care about the ship, just about his invention. Then he said he was
acting like he liked you because he wanted to see you naked and stuff like
that. He called you a little wimp. I'm not saying this shit, he is. I just
thought you might be the one to know."

Jordan walked away leaving Scooter hurt and confused. He saw Douglas walk
up to him.

"Can we still talk tonight, Scooter?" he asked.

"Not tonight. I'm kind of tired. Maybe tomorrow or something." Scooter left
the room fast before Douglas saw him fighting off tears. He headed back for
his cabin, feeling sick again.

Douglas stood there confused. He knew there was a connection between
them. He felt it. He felt it hard the night they stayed together. Why
couldn't Scooter feel it?

Jordan saw the sad look on Doug's face. He walked up to him.

"Scooter just told me how he wants me to be his friend. And how he wished
you would leave him alone and not bother him. If I see you bothering him,
I'll protect him. So take this from his friend....fuck with him you, fuck
with me." Jordan walked away. Douglas was amazed how that cute little boy
could act so tough when he looked so angelic. And he was crushed by what he
heard. He left the room too, feeling tears coming on just like Scooter had.

Mike had been talking to Alex while all this went on. Both of them watched
Jordan, Scooter, and Douglas. Both of them agreed something strange was
going on.

In another part of the room Jim, Stevie, Ryan, and Travis watched. Jim knew
how Scooter felt about Douglas, and was having a hard time figuring out
what he had just seen. He wondered if he should get involved somehow.

Douglas didn't see Scooter and his dad at dinner. He felt empty not seeing
him. And that night he didn't show up in the games room. Well, he would see
him at school tomorrow. Tomorrow they would tour the ship. It was going to
be interesting.


Most of the boys agreed to meet in dining hall #5 for breakfast before
school. They were all pretty excited about the tour. Scooter, Jim, Mike,
Douglas, Alex, Travis, Ryan, and Stevie sat at one table. Braden, Jeremy,
Matthew, Jordan, Robert Charles, and Lisa sat at the other table. Mike
thought about who would run against Robert Charles and the votes. If the
tables meant anything he saw it as 8-6 against Robert Charles. And there
were 3 other girls in the class. Depending on how they voted it could be
very close. The question was, who would run against him.

Braden didn't really want to sit at this table, but the other one was full.
Plus, Jeremy wasn't really sure about some of the kids in that group. Also,
he was a little scared of both Jordan and Robert Charles. But then, he was
scared of Mike too. He didn't understand why any of them talked to
Mike. From all he heard Mike was the one who hit Ryan.

Douglas sat next to Scooter. He wanted to talk to him badly, to tell him
how he felt. But he knew it was useless. Scooter had it for Jim and Jordan,
not for him. Scooter had the same feelings, but he knew Douglas didn't
like him. But even knowing that, he could feel something coming from
Douglas, something very powerful and lovely. Both boys sat next to each
other, not talking and very confused. Jim and Travis both noticed it. They
didn't know what was wrong between the two of them, they just knew somehow
they had to help fix it.

Breakfast was over. It was time to head for school. Today was the big tour.

The class met with Mr. Z. in the ship's school. There were 17 of them. Mr.
Z told them that he and Robert Charles would be the ones in charge. He said
he had talked to Robert Charles about what was going to happen and told
them to do what he said.

Then he asked if anybody had decided to run for the room leader. A couple
of eyes went to Mike. Scooter looked at Douglas, hoping to hear a yes, but
nobody said anything.

"Remember, the election is Wednesday. If nobody runs, then Robert Charles
gets it, which isn't a bad choice, and if that is who you want, then of
course we won't need an election. I think he will do an excellent job."

The tour was going to cover the four main areas of the ship. Life Support,
Passenger Services, Engineering, and finally, the Bridge.

They started in Life support. Everything on the ship was recycled to make
water and air. A lot of the things Jim's mother used on planets were used
on the ship so that there would be air and fresh water for everybody. Life
support took up a whole deck of the ship. The LS Engineer was a nice lady
who was very proud of what she did and made her part of the tour

>From Life support they went to Passenger Services. They got to see the
stage where entertainers put on shows. Some were hired each trip and stayed
in the crew areas. Most of the entertainment was for the adults. Alex and
Stevie asked if there was any way they could put a show on for the
kids. Everybody knew they used to do shows on Earth. Mr. Z, and Marie, who
was on the tour with them both thought it was a great idea and said they
would see what could be set up.

The most interesting part, since almost all of them were hungry teenagers,
was the ship's kitchen. There was one kitchen for all five dining
halls. The crew had its own kitchen. They saw the huge refrigerators and
freezers that were used to keep over two months worth of food. Mike was so
interested in all the food around him that he missed the rest of the class
starting to leave. He looked around and saw nobody, and had no idea which
way they went. He was suddenly afraid of being locked in the storage area.

Robert Charles came back around the corner and yelled at him, "Hey, get
your head out of your ass and join the group."

Mike's fist balled up. "Get off my case. You're not my boss."

"Somebody thinks different, and he's the one that counts."

"Well, somebody is going to run against you and beat you."

"Yeah, well, I hope it's you, loser. With your reputation I'll win easily.
You're a big joke. Now let's get your ass moving."

Mike walked up to him, fuming, ready to punch him out. Robert Charles
looked at him and smiled. "Go ahead, hit the room leader doing his
job. You're going to have a great two months being restricted to your
room. Come on. Hit me, asshole."

Mike took a few deep breaths. His time would come. This wasn't it, but it
would come. He wasn't going to take too much more from Robert Charles, he
knew that.

When they caught up to the group Robert Charles made sure to make a big
deal out of finding Mike, embarrassing him, and making him even more
determined to get even with him somehow, sometime.

They went to Engineering next. Jordan's dad did the tour and Jordan stood
right next to him, making sure everybody saw how important he was. Chief
Engineer Paxton explained how the warp drive worked, then bragged about the
Warp Enhancer and how it would make the ship so much faster on less fuel.

"We're going to take 2 weeks off of this trip because of the great way we
have this working." He showed them where it was installed and explained the
gauges. Scooter was angry because his dad was never mentioned and it was
his dad who invented the Warp Enhancer. He was mad that it wasn't his dad
who was there explaining it. Plus he knew his dad was against going after
the record and taking 2 weeks off. He wanted to speak up, but he still felt
too shy around everybody. Maybe he would say something in class later. It
wasn't right that Jordan's dad was getting all the credit.

The boys all looked at the gauges and machinery. It didn't mean much to any
of them. Robert Charles was at the end of the line. He looked at the Warp
Enhancer. What a boring piece of machinery. He looked at the meaningless
gauges. One of them suddenly moved quickly from a blue line to a red line,
stayed there, then dropped back. The gauge said "Temperature". He wondered
what that was all about. Oh, well, he thought, it's probably supposed to do
that. He followed the group out and to the tour of the bridge.

The bridge was interesting. They saw the navigation equipment, all the
ship's controls. The Captain had the speed changed so they could watch the
dancing colors on the view screen change. The Communications area was
empty, because nobody had been able to figure out yet how to make radio
work in hyperspace. Jim, who loved science, had a fantasy about being the
one to invent warp radio.

After the tour was over the class went to the crew dining room for lunch.
The Captain, Chief Engineer Paxton, Marie, and the LS Engineer joined
them. Robert Charles's dad was there too. Scooter noticed that his dad
wasn't there, even though his dad had everything to do with how fast the
ship was traveling right now.

Robert Charles was sitting next to Lisa, running his hand along her leg. He
wondered if he should bring up the sudden jump the temperature gauge
made. Fuck it, he thought, it's supposed to do that. And even if it wasn't,
the Engineering crew would see it and figure it out soon.

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