The Spa

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Friday morning breakfast seemed to come real soon. Braden skipped
breakfast. Travis got snagged by Felicia and Carmen. Jordan and Matthew
ended up at the same table. Robert Charles and Lisa sat at a nearby
table. In another dining hall Jeremy, Ryan, Douglas, Scooter, Mike, Jim,
and Stevie sat at a table. Alex had a bad night's sleep and skipped
breakfast to sleep in.

"I'm so glad you're running, Douglas," Scooter said.

"I'm not so sure I'm happy about it.. The only reason I'm running is that
he is making me so mad. RC I mean."

Douglas was still kind of mad that he was even on this space ship, but one
thing for sure was, the guys around him were making it seem a whole lot
better. Especially the blonde boy next to him.

"I think you're going to do great," Mike said. Mike always loved saying
good things to his friends. And he knew Douglas would need some
encouragement, especially when he made his announcement in class this

Douglas noticed Mike and Jeremy not paying much attention to each other. He
figured one person he would have to win over was Jeremy. And if he got
Jeremy he probably would get Braden. That would probably give him a
win. And suddenly he almost felt himself actually caring.

On the way to class Robert Charles stopped Jordan to talk. Matthew was
hanging close and could hear them talk.

"Did you find out who is running against me?"

"Yeah. Douglas is."

Robert Charles started laughing hard. "That wimp? I thought it would be
somebody with balls, like Alex or Jeremy. Even that asshole Mike has some
guts. Douglas sits around and looks bored half the time. Why did they pick
him? He's nobody."

"Everybody seems to like him and they think he will be good."

"Well, he's not going to win. I'll tell you that right now."

The boys got to class. It started filling up fast, and pretty soon all the
upper students were there.

Mr. Z. walked in smiling. "Good morning, everyone. Before we get into our
computer lessons we need to do some other things. First, has anyone decided
to run against Robert Charles for class leader?" Without even pausing he
said, "No? Good...."

"Uh...Mr..... Z."

The teacher turned around to see who was talking. He saw Douglas's hand up.
"Yes, Douglas?"

"I plan on running."

"You? You're joking of course."

Douglas turned red. "No, I'm not joking, and why would you think that,
sir?" Douglas made sure he heard the "sir".

"You told all of is this place bored you. That you didn't want to be here.
That you didn't care."

"I do now, sir. My friends have asked me to run. So I'm running." Douglas
made sure he heard the word "friends".

"Well, then you should be complimented for your decision. As long as you
are serious about this. Robert Charles has a lot of experience and I have
every confidence in the job he will do. You have to earn that same
confidence from me."

Douglas felt like saying, You dumbshit, I was the Student Body President of
my school. What makes you think I can't lead a class of 17 kids? But before
he could say anything he heard a sweet voice.

"Douglas was the president of his school." Douglas knew it was Scooter
speaking up. "We all think he should be able to do this."

"Well, Scooter, let me tell you this," Mr. Z. said. "Being a student body
president is running student government. And that means running it the way
you're told. I expect my student leaders to lead and take charge. And if
you want the truth, I don't think Douglas is as ready to do that as Robert
Charles is. And that is nothing against Douglas. It's a matter of age and
experience. Robert Charles will be 15 soon. He has been trained to lead
since he was little. And he has shown me what he can do. If you want to
run, Douglas, that's great. But I think you will have to work real hard to
convince everybody that you're the best choice."

Douglas felt humiliated. This was not working out like he thought at all.
His teachers on Earth encouraged him to do things. Mr. Z. seemed to be
unhappy that he was running against his pet. Oh well, he thought,
Mr. Z. doesn't vote.

Robert Charles looked at Douglas. "Good luck, dude. May the best man win."
And to himself he said, and we all know who that is.

Mr. Z. then started the class with a discussion of the history of space
exploration. They got as far as the Apollo program when he said it was time
for a break and then for their computer studies.

Groups met and talked during the break. Scooter was meeting with Jeremy and
Braden. They talked about Douglas and Mike. Jeremy wondered if Douglas
believed Mike when he said he wasn't the one who hit Ryan. Scooter said he
believed it and was sure Douglas did. Jeremy wasn't so sure. And he wasn't
so sure he would vote for Douglas because of that.

"Maybe you should talk to your roommate," Scooter said. "Then make up your
mind. It seems your making judgments without knowing everything."

In another corner Robert Charles, Jordan, and Lisa were talking.

"That little dumbshit will not win," Robert Charles said. "I told you it
was war and it is. After the little incident in the spa, which he is for
sure going to try to take credit for, let's meet in one of our rooms and
make plans. How do you see the votes right now?"

Jordan did some figuring. "I figure six votes for us for sure. With no
doubt." He looked right at Matthew who again was just standing there

"And for them?"

Jordan figured some more. "I figure six."

"So that makes five who aren't sure. And we need three of them. Or...we
need to split off some of the sure ones. Let's meet and make war plans this

Carmen and Felicia were talking too....talking about the boys. And how
Douglas never paid any attention to them, and Robert Charles did, and so
did Travis. If Douglas wasn't going to talk to them why should they vote
for him? Michelle sat by herself being quiet.

Mr. Z. got everybody to their computers and they did their computer lessons
until lunch time. Scooter and Douglas sat next to each other.

"Thanks for standing up for me, Scooter."

"He was being unfair to you. I don't think what he said was fair at all. I
don't know why he likes Robert Charles so much. Anybody with half a brain
can tell he is a big jerk."

"Well, he has some people fooled Scooter. We both know he has some votes.
I figure at least six unless we can get some girls on our side."

"Do we really need them?"

Douglas looked at Scooter and smiled. He hoped that meant what he thought
it meant. "For this election, we just might. We need to meet and talk about
this after our time in the spa."

The afternoon went quickly. The big topic at break was whether they were
going to be naked in the spa. Only Braden, Matthew, and Michelle seemed
against it. Braden and Michelle said they weren't going, but Douglas said
if it was being naked that was keeping them away then they would all wear
clothes. Braden liked hearing that but said he was tired and wasn't going
to go anyway. Michelle didn't think her parents would let her because they
didn't even let her go to the games room.

Matthew told Jordan he wasn't going to the spa that he didn't want to be
naked in front of all the big boys and in front of girls. Jordan glared at

"Remember, you promised to do whatever I asked you to. And I'm asking you
to do this. You don't want all those big boys knowing what you like to
do. Right?"

Matthew looked down at the floor. "Yeah, right," he said quietly.

Jordan smiled and told him he was a good friend and he would see him at the


The ship had five spas. They each could sit twenty people. Douglas had spa
#4 reserved from after school until dinner time. It was a sauna with dry
heat. When Douglas had asked why there were no swimming pool or any hot
tubs he was told because even with The "Starkeeper" being so big, water was
crucial. The ship couldn't afford to waste all that water in a pool. Since
water was scarce on almost all the outer planets the ship needed enough
water for over 4 months. Even showers were restricted and had timers on
them. Making dry heat was something the ship could do anytime so they put
in the saunas. There was an exercise room and showers in each spa and one
spa, the one Douglas reserved, did have a small pool that was good for
wading in after the sauna. It wasn't much, but to a kid on a long trip, any
kind of pool sounded great. But a passenger had to punch in his number to
use the pool and it came out of his shower rations. That was one reason why
kids were rarely ever able to have a spa by themselves.

Jeremy and Ryan were the first ones to arrive. The door to the spa was
locked. They figured somebody was going to come along soon to unlock
it. Mike, Alex, and Stevie walked up next followed by Carmen and
Felicia. They all figured out when Douglas got there he would have the
combination to get them in.

Robert Charles and Jordan were next. They had come from the opposite
direction. Lisa was with Robert Charles, who was holding her hand. Jim,
Travis, Scooter, and Douglas came up next. Douglas got out a piece of
paper with numbers on it. He punched the numbers into the keypad on the
door. Nothing happened. He looked at the slip again. Punched the numbers in
one more time. Nothing happened this time.

"Hmmmmmmmm. I know I punched the right numbers in." Robert Charles stood
there smirking. Douglas tried one more time. Nothing.

"Having a problem, Douglas?"

"Yeah. This number won't work. I'm sure I wrote it down right."

"Here, let me try it," Robert Charles offered. He took the slip and punched
the numbers in. Nothing happened. "Seems like these numbers don't work."

"I'm sure I wrote them down right. Just like the Director told me."

"Are you sure he gave you the current numbers, Douglas?"

"Well, I think so. I mean why would he give me old ones?"

Robert Charles looked straight at Douglas. "Or.....maybe he didn't give you
the numbers at all. Maybe you really didn't get this room because you
don't have any power. decided a while ago to run. And
maybe you thought this little bit of make believe would fool us poor kids."

Douglas was turning beet red. "Maybe you might want to ask him. I was right
there in his office."

"You're on," Robert Charles said. Jordan carried a crew communicator with
him. He punched in a number and handed the phone to Robert Charles. Robert
Charles talked into the phone about Douglas's numbers not working. He
nodded his head. Then he laughed. He handed the phone to Douglas.

Douglas listened some. Then he said, "I was right in your office. You
reserved the sauna. You gave me the numbers." He listened some more. "No
sir, I'm not calling you a liar. But it seems like you're calling me one."
Another pause. "No sir, I don't want to be restricted to my
cabin........Yes, sir.........I'm sorry, sir."

Douglas handed the communicator to Jordan. The whole class was looking at
him. Tears were forming in his eyes. He had never in his life felt so
humiliated. He turned and ran down the hall.

Scooter watched him go and turned to the group. "Excuse me." He took off
after Douglas.

In the Recreation Director's office the new Colonial Governor for Alpha
Orion IV was sitting in a chair across from the RD.

"Thank you," he said. "I won't forget this. I told you this could help your
career a lot. And you know I will carry through on my promise."

The RD looked at the Governor. "It was hard on that kid."

"He's a kid. He'll get over it. He needs to learn life is unfair. It's a
good lesson for him if he wants to be in politics. And it was a great help
to my son. And believe me when I say he is the best choice to lead the kids
here and keep them under control for you."

Except for Douglas and Scooter the kids were still standing in the hallway
in front of the sauna.

"Looks like some of you are backing a big phony," Robert Charles said. He
pulled out a sheet of paper. "I just want you to know I have the code
numbers for tomorrow. Right from the RD himself. See you all here right at
ten o'clock." He couldn't help but say one more thing. "And maybe
Mr. Wannabe leader might show up. But I doubt it." He held up the code
sheet. "Just remember who got you guys the real thing."

Douglas was waiting for the elevator when he heard footsteps running toward
him. He was wishing he had a place to hide. He begged the elevator to hurry
up. Tears were streaming down his face.

Scooter came up beside him. Douglas wouldn't look at him. The elevator door
opened. Both boys got in. Douglas turned away from Scooter trying to hide
his tears.

"You probably hate me now like all the rest. You think I'm a big fucking
phony liar." He was shaking with sobs now.

Scooter didn't say a word. He put an arm on Douglas's shoulder, turned him
hard to face him, and gave him a big hard super tight hug.

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