Scooter and Douglas

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Scooter hugged Douglas hard. He could feel Douglas shaking. The elevator
doors opened up and both boys looked to see if anybody was standing
there. The hall was empty. Scooter let go of Douglas and the two boys
walked down the hall. When they got to Scooter's cabin, Scooter
stopped. Douglas took a couple of steps toward his own cabin. Then he
stopped too. He turned around and looked at Scooter. Douglas's face was
streaked with tears. Then he saw that tears were dripping down Scooter's
face too.

"I guess I better go," Douglas said. "I...gotta go finish my cry."

"Finish it with me," Scooter told him. "I think a good cry likes company."

Douglas sniffed once, fought off a smile, and suddenly started to giggle,
then to laugh. Scooter looked at him and started laughing too.

"Does a good laugh like company too?" he asked.

"I think so, Scooter." Both boys were between laughing and crying as
Scooter punched his numbers into the cabin's keypad. They headed to
Scooter's room and Scooter locked the door.

"Dad won't be here until after dinner. He never is."

Doug lay down on the spare bed. Suddenly his body shook and the tears
started up again. Scooter got on the bed next to him and hugged Douglas
tight. He took a finger and wiped the tears off of Douglas's cheek. Then,
as another one dripped, he licked it off.

Douglas turned his head and looked at Scooter, but didn't say a word. The
two boys looked into each other's eyes. Both eyes were moist. They could
not stop looking at each other. They each saw something in each other's
eyes as the tears started drying up. They weren't quite sure what it was
but they liked it.

The boys were on their sides, faces close looking at each other. Scooter
put his arms around Douglas and hugged him. It felt so right doing it. It
felt so good.

They kept looking at each other.



"I really messed it up today didn't I?"


"Breaking down crying. It's not the way to win an election."

"We can fix it."

"I really did reserve that room. I don't know what happened. I really
don't. I don't understand how it happened." A couple of tears were dripping
again. Suddenly Scooter got close and licked them off of Douglas's
cheek. Douglas put his cheek up against Scooter's. The boys were holding
each other, cheek to cheek.



"We have to beat Robert Charles you know."

"I know."

"You can do it. I know you can."

They lay there quietly holding each other. Looking at each other. Both
wanting to take the next step, whatever it was. Scooter lifted his cheek
off of Douglas's. He looked into Douglas's eyes. The feelings he had right
then were ones he never felt before. His whole body was shaking. His heart
was beating fast. He could feel Doug's heart beating. The two didn't move
for what seemed like forever.

Scooter brought is face closer and closer to Doug's, like they were telling
each other what they wanted with their lightly touching lips. It was like
a quick bolt of electricity shot through them.

They both pulled back. Looked at each other waiting to see if anything was
said. But all they saw was the love in the each other's eyes, even if they
didn't know what it was. They hugged tight, their lips touched again, only
this time the kiss was hard, and their bodies hugged together super
tight. Now the electricity was pouring through them. It was as if they were
becoming one.

Both boys had messed around with friends on Earth. Scooter with Jim and a
couple of other friends. Douglas with friends of his. But it was at most
lying naked on a bed, next to each other, jacking off, looking at each the
other boy, wanting to touch him, but not doing it. Just jacking off. Just
watching the friend. Just getting off with each other and wishing for more.

But this was different. Now they were side by side. Looking in each
other's eyes. Seeing things they knew were awesome but they didn't
understand. Kissing somebody else's lips in love for the first time.
Scooter didn't want to end the kiss. He didn't want to stop whatever it was
that was going through him from Douglas. Their lips touched hard, and
breathing became hard to do. Scooter's lips opened some and somehow without
knowing they were doing it their tongues touched. They both flicked them
back, surprised by what happened. But their mouths stayed open. And their
tongues found their way back. They were soon wrapping them around each
other. Their tongues playing, their lips kissing. They were holding each
other hard and close.

Finally they needed air. They needed to stop and figure out what was
happening to them. They looked into each other's eyes again, windows Jeremy
thought were so important. And what they saw was love. Only they didn't
know it. They didn't know it was love, but they could feel it.



Douglas could hear Scooter's heavy breathing.

Without thinking Douglas moved his hand under Scooter's T-shirt and ran it
up and down his smooth chest. It was like he didn't even know he was doing
it. Like his brain was on automatic pilot. Scooter loved the feeling of
Douglas's hand moving up and down his chest. Douglas pulled up the T-shirt,
Scooter raised his arms, and suddenly the T-shirt was off, like it had a
mind of its own. Douglas kept rubbing the beautiful smooth tanned chest of
his friend. Scooter lay back on the bed, his arms raised up over his
head. Suddenly Douglas stopped.

"Ohhhh, Douglas, don't stop. Please. That feels so good."

Douglas didn't say a word. He untied Scooter's shoes and pulled them off.
He kicked of his own shoes and looked at Scooter.

"Now, anything can happen," he said with a smile.

Before he could get back to stroking Scooter's chest he felt Scooter tug on
his T-shirt. He raised his arms and let Scooter pull it off. Now both boys
were shirtless.

They went back to kissing. Their tongues played with each other as they
discovered all kinds of new feelings they never had before. Their bare
chests touched, a little bit wet with sweat. Inside their pants their dicks
were hard, pushing against their undies. Scooter started rubbing his crotch
against Douglas's as the boys held each other tight and kissed each other
hard. They rolled on the bed, sometimes side to side, sometimes Douglas on
top, sometimes Scooter on top, their bodies tight, humping each other.

Douglas pushed his hand down to Scooter's pants. He found the button and
opened it. His heart was thumping. He waited for Scooter to say something
or stop him. But Scooter looked at him with the same look of love he had
been seeing. Douglas pulled down the zipper. Scooter did nothing but spread
his legs some. Douglas touched Scooter's hard dick through his briefs.
Scooter jumped a little and moaned.

"Is that ok?" Douglas whispered.

"Oh yes...oh yes...oh yes...but your hand inside...please," Scooter
whispered back. Douglas slid his hand inside the waistband, and felt the
tip of Scooter's straining rock hard boner. For the first time in his life
he was touching the private part of somebody else. He'd wanted to, he'd
been close, but he had never done it. Not the hot, hard, smooth, piece of
flesh he always wanted to touch was in his hand. But not just any dick. It
belonged to someone he was getting feelings for that he couldn't even begin
to explain.

He took his hand out, pulled on Scooter's pants. Scooter raised his hips
and Douglas pulled them off. Then he tugged at the briefs and wiggled them
off. Now, except for his socks, Scooter was naked on the bed. And Douglas
saw that he was beautiful. Slender, tanned, a beautiful, hairless uncut
dick. He could see that Scooter had what looked like a fine bubble butt. He
turned Scooter a little and admired his rear, then turned his attention
back to his front.

Scooter knew what he wanted to see too. He worked Doug's pants open, then
pulled them off. He rubbed the tent of the material of the briefs against
Doug's dick. Then he pulled them off. Now Douglas was naked as well. He
looked at his hairless, cut, boner and stroked on it. For Douglas it felt
like electricity has shot through his whole body. He touched Scooter back,
then looked in his eyes.

The boys kissed again, hugged again, only this time their naked boners were
touching and rubbing. They held each other tight, kissing, hugging,
rubbing, humping. They moaned from all the pleasure and feelings they were

As both of them got close to a climax their actions got harder and faster
and their kisses deeper. Doug's dick was digging into Scooter's belly and
Scooter's was pushing up against Doug's. Their dicks rubbed belly to belly
and dick to dick as they rolled around on the bed. They couldn't get enough
of their partner's touch. They were both lost in their feelings for each
other. They both moaned, made strange sounds they didn't understand. It was
like their soul and their insides were flowing across to each other.

Scooter's back arched, Douglas dug in, they both warned the other they were
cumming, and then they got attacked by the fiercest orgasm either boy had
ever felt. Scooter screeched, Douglas screamed, and Scooter felt his belly
and dick get wet with something warm and sticky. They both became lost in
the incredible feelings of their orgasm

Douglas collapsed on Scooter. Scooter pushed him to the side. They both
were exhausted. Scooter felt the stickiness that Doug's cum left on his
belly and dick and started rubbing it around himself. He put his fingers to
his mouth and licked them, tasting cum for the first time.

"Do you like it?" Douglas asked.

"It tastes like you," Scooter smiled.

They lay there looking at each other. Nothing had changed in what they saw
there. Douglas kissed Scooter lightly.



"I'm feeling stuff for you and I don't know what it is. All I know is I've
never felt anything like this before."

"I am too. It's like I can't get enough of you."

Both boys wanted to say the 'L' word. Both wanted to say the thing that was
right at the top of their minds. Both of them were scared too. After all
that happened neither boy wanted to go too far with the other one. They
looked at each other. They felt the love. They couldn't say it.



"We better head for dinner, don't you think?"

"I don't want to leave this. I want to stay here with you naked on the bed

"So do I. But, I'm hungry. You made me work hard and I'm hungry."

Both boys laughed.

"Yeah, you're right," Scooter said. They smiled at each other, kissed, and
started getting dressed. They both left themselves sticky with Douglas's



"Are you going to spend the night with me tonight?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Douglas grabbed Scooter's hand like it was the most natural thing in the
world, and they headed out the door to dinner.


At dinner they sat at the same table with Travis. Travis asked Douglas if
he was okay. Douglas said he was. Travis looked at Scooter and Douglas. He
saw how they looked at each other. He knew that something happened after
Douglas ran down the hall. That what ever trouble they had before was taken
care of. And that maybe they were more than just friends. Travis wasn't
sure how he knew all this looking at them, but he just did.

"Anybody say anything about Douglas running off?" Scooter asked.

"Yeah. Robert Charles, Jordan, and Jeremy." Travis told them about Robert
Charles telling everybody that he had the room reserved for Saturday
morning. About how he said it looks like Douglas wasn't ready to lead
anything but little boys down the hall. Douglas and Scooter both blushed
when they heard that.

While they were eating dessert Travis asked if Scooter and Douglas were
going to the games room. Scooter started to say that they weren't but
Douglas stopped him.

"I think we should go for a while. I think I better show my face."

"You can do that tomorrow, Douglas. You were hurt big time today."

"Yeah, and I will be hurt worse if I don't show my face tonight. If I'm
gonna run for the office I can't go hiding, Scooter."

Scooter looked at Douglas with total love. "You're right my.....Douglas."

After dinner the three of them headed for the games room.

"I don't know why I did that," Douglas said as they walked to the elevator.

"Did what?" Scooter asked.

"Broke down crying because of Robert Charles and the spa not being ready. I
mean its not like I'm a crybaby. It's not like I haven't had things go
wrong. Even in my school where I was president, I had to deal with things
that didn't go my way." He looked at Travis and Scooter. "You guys put all
your faith in me and I blew it before the day was even over."

The elevator door opened. They got in. Scooter put his hand on Douglas's
shoulder. Travis looked at them and smiled, letting him know whatever they
did it was okay with him. "Douglas, you didn't let me down."

"Or me," Travis added.

"But you've been unhappy. You didn't want to move, and it's stressed you.
You decided to run for us. You were trying to do something for us all, the
spa, saying you would run, and then one more bad thing happened. It kinda
caught up with you."

"I dunno, Scooter. I think I blew it. Who is going to vote for somebody who
cries when something goes wrong?"

"I would."

"Me too," Travis added. "I've already seen what you can do. And I like
it. I think you would be a good leader."

"I'm not so sure," Douglas said. Scooter kissed his cheek and Travis said
nothing. He just smiled. He thought how nice it would be if Ryan did that
to him.

No matter how much Douglas didn't want to get there, the boys reached the
games room. It was already full. It looked like everybody was there.

"Hey, Douglas," Mike called out. "What's up?"

"Hi, Mike." Douglas, Scooter, and Travis went over to Mike. Mike said hi to
all three and they started talking.

"Are you all set to kick some ass next week, Douglas?" Mike asked.

"You mean the election? I think I blew that."

"I'm with you. You got upset. We all do. You'll be a great leader. I'm
behind you all the way. And I don't think I'm the only one. We all know
what RC is like."

Mike noticed that Scooter and Douglas were standing awfully close together.
He smiled to himself. It looked like whatever upset Douglas had brought
those two together.

Ryan came over and stood next to Travis. They smiled at each other. They
talked some more about what happened to Douglas and how it hadn't changed
their minds. Travis told how Douglas had helped him with a "problem". Ryan
and Mike remembered how Douglas had made them talk after Ryan got slugged
on Mars. Douglas was starting to feel pretty good when another group walked
up. This group was Robert Charles, Jordan, Matthew, Lisa, Felicia, and

"Well, it's my rival, Douglas. I hope you're feeling better. You looked a
little upset this afternoon," Robert Charles said. He smiled at the
girls. Jeremy, Braden, Jim, Alex, and Stevie wandered over and listened.

"I don't want to put you down, Douglas. I think you're a nice kid, and are
a good friend to these guys." He gave Scooter a smile that made a chill go
through him. He moved a little closer to Douglas, if that was
possible. "But to lead takes guts when things go bad, and you have to be
able to get things done. You have to have what it takes inside. But that's
okay. You're a good kid and I like you. When we get to Alpha Orion IV I'm
going to need kids like you."

Douglas was fuming. He hated being called a kid by somebody who was the
same age as he was. He hated Robert Charles's condescending attitude. He
hated the look the three girls were giving him while he talked.

"I have the big spa reserved for tomorrow morning at 10:00. I know we're
rivals right now and all, but I hope you're big enough to put that aside
and be there tomorrow. See ya, buddy." He smiled and held out his hand for
Douglas to shake. Douglas took it and shook it, feeling really stupid doing
it. He knew that once more Robert Charles had gotten the best of him. Lisa
hung onto Robert Charles's arm and smiled at him. Travis noticed that
Carmen was standing very close to him. Robert Charles and Lisa left and the
rest still hung around.

"Looks pretty obvious who is a leader and who is a nothing, doesn't it
girls?" Jordan asked.

"It looks pretty obvious who isn't being fair, Jordan," Douglas said. "I
know I reserved that room. You know I reserved that room. You're the one
who supposedly knows all about this ship, so maybe you can tell me just how
that got changed."

Jordan glared at him. "Are you accusing me of something, because if you are
I will take you on right here."

Douglas looked at the little 12 year old standing there ready to fight and
almost laughed. "I'm not accusing you of a thing, Jordan. What I'm saying
is, you know what happened. And it would only be fair if you told us all
what went on."

Jordan kept glaring. "You guys are something else. You stand up for Mike
after he slugs Ryan. You make up stories to get votes. Then you accuse
people of doing stuff they never did. I think anybody here with any brains
can see who to vote for."

With that Jordan grabbed Matthew and walked out of the room.

"You know something," Alex said, "there isn't anything wrong with those
guys that a good pop in the mouth won't cure."

Mike looked at Alex in surprise and then laughed. "I like that. I really
like that."

Scooter put his hand on Douglas's arm. He looked at Douglas with pure
love. "You ready to go back now?"

Douglas looked back with the same look. "Yeah. Let's go."

"One thing, Douglas," Mike said. "Are you going to be there tomorrow? At
the spa?"

"Nope. I'm really tired. I have a feeling I'm going to be sleeping in."

"I have a feeling a l'm just going to have to skip breakfast tomorrow and
sleep in too," Mike said. And he knew that skipping breakfast would be the
biggest sacrifice he could make.

"You guys do what you want," Douglas said. "But it will be interesting to
see who shows up. Maybe not as many as somebody thinks. Make up your own
minds. And if you do go, I won't take it as personal against me." He looked
at Scooter. "I'm ready to go."

Scooter and Douglas walked out, Scooter's hand on Douglas's shoulder.

"If I didn't know any better, I would say those two were in love," Mike

Alex turned to Mike. "I think you know better. 'Cuz they are."


When Scooter and Douglas opened the door to the cabin Scooter's dad was
there watching a vid. "HiYa, Dad."

"Hi, Scott. You're back early."

"Can Douglas stay the night?"

"I don't see why not as long as it's okay with his parents."

"They said yes at dinner time."

"Ok, then son. Don't stay up all night. Have fun. You want to watch this
Vid with me. It's a pretty good action story."

Scooter looked at Douglas. Without saying a word they both knew what the
other was thinking.

They sat on the couch and watched the vid with Scooter's dad. Douglas knew
it would make Scooter happy to be with his dad. And it would make Scooters'
dad happy. They sat close but not too close. Scooter's dad couldn't help
noticing that certain things were passing between his son and Douglas. He
said nothing about it, but he had a feeling Scooter had found a special

When the vid was over Scooter's dad said goodnight and went to bed. Douglas
and Scooter went into Scooter's room. They locked the door. They looked at
each other. They smiled and started undressing each other. Slowly and
carefully until they both were standing naked in front of each other,
hairless hard boners sticking proudly up in the air.

They lay down on Scooter's bed and cuddled. Their hands rubbed everywhere.
Back, neck, chest, butt, legs, wherever they could touch. Their dicks
rubbed. Their lips touched. They both were so full of sex they couldn't
hold back. The kisses became harder. Their dicks pressed harder
together. Their breathing got shallow. Their hearts raced. All they could
feel was each other. The moans got loud, and if they could think they
would have quieted down, but they were beyond thinking. Scooter rolled on
top of Douglas and humped his dick hard, his hips grinding his own dick
into Doug's belly. Douglas arched his back, moaned, "Oh my god Scooter, it
feels so good........ohhhhhhhhhhh man............."

The two boys were bucking each other. Scooter felt his balls pull up, and
his body shook hard with his orgasm. Douglas was right behind him, shooting
his clear boy cum over Scooter and himself. Both boys collapsed, Scooter
falling on top of Douglas, his body sticking to the cum between them.

They turned so they were side to side. Both of them were glowing from the
pleasure they felt. Both of them were full of feelings for each other they
knew were powerful but that they didn't understand. They couldn't say it
yet, maybe didn't even know it, but they were totally in love with each
other. Douglas loved the feel of his friend next to him. Scooter felt the
same way. It just felt totally right.



"I...I...I had fun."



"I did too."

Scooter lay there holding his, his love. He heard his breathing grow even,
like he was asleep. He whispered very quietly.


No answer. Just his breathing. Scooter could feel his chest against him.

He whispered very, very quietly. "I love you."

No answer. Scooter fell asleep smiling inside and out, holding on to his

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