Friends, Lovers, and Trouble

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Lisa and Robert Charles, Jordan and Matthew, and Scooter and Douglas left
the games room in pairs. The rest of the kids in there went to games, or
vids, or just talked.

Travis was ready to play some air hockey with Ryan when Carmen walked up to
him and grabbed his arm.

"Can we talk?" she asked.

Travis looked at Ryan. Ryan looked back, his eyes saying, 'Say no.'

"Sure," Travis said. He hurt inside when he saw the look on Ryan's face.
And inside, even after his talk with Douglas, he couldn't understand why he
would rather go with Ryan then with Carmen.

Carmen led Travis to a couch. Ryan went to join the others, his head
hanging some. Travis looked up at him and his whole gut hurt. He was ready
to turn to Carmen and tell her he wanted to be with his guy friends for

But Carmen said something that made him decide to stay.

"Douglas isn't going to win. So why is he bothering?"

"Why do you think that?"

"Come on. He pays no attention to the girls. Everybody can see how he and
Scooter look at each other. I think they are a couple of queers."

Travis swallowed. "Excuse me? I thought we didn't use those words any

"Well, it's true. Come on, you know what I mean. I guess it's okay for
them, but if he wants to lead us, he better start paying attention to us
girls. Robert Charles does, you know what I mean?"

"I think he will. This weekend I know he will."

"Maybe when he goes into the spa with us tomorrow?"

"Yeah, maybe." Travis was worried now, because he knew Douglas wasn't
planning on going to the spa in the morning.

"But, if you want to be friends, maybe that could help Doug a little." She
held on to his arm and smiled at him. "My parents are in the theater right
now. We could go to my room and, you know, get to know each other a
little. I think you're really cute, Travis."

Travis was feeling really nervous now. He had had a girlfriend on Earth,
but while they kissed and felt each other a little, he never was totally
alone with her. He wasn't sure he wanted to be alone with Carmen. But
Douglas needed all the help he could get. So he agreed to go to the room
with her. They got up and left. Ryan watched them. He tried to shake the
sinking feeling in his heart. Travis left never seeing the look of hurt and
sadness on Ryan's face.


Robert Charles and Lisa were in Robert Charles's room. They were kissing
hard. Robert Charles slipped his hand inside of Lisa's blouse and inside
her bra. Lisa's breasts weren't very big yet, just starting, but their
softness felt good to him. He rubbed one, then slid in and rubbed the
other. Lisa moaned some and kissed him. He put her hand on his crotch. She
felt how hard he was. She had never touched a boy down there, or even had a
boy touch her breasts. She squeezed Robert Charles. It all felt so good.


Carmen led Travis to her cabin and into her room. She closed and locked the

"We have to be done before my parents get back."

"Done with what?" Travis asked.

"Well, you know. Like what we came here for." She leaned close, looking for
a kiss.

Travis looked at her. He didn't really want to kiss her, which seemed
strange. She was a girl right? So he should want this. But all he could
think of was Ryan. But this was a girl. A cute one. And kind of nice. And
Ryan was a boy. He leaned over and kissed her back. Her lips were so
soft. He felt better. This felt right. Except for one thing. He kept
wondering if Ryan's lips felt as good as a girl's.

"Oh, Travis, you kiss so good."

Travis could feel her breasts press against him. She wrapped her arms
around him.

"Oh, Travis. Oh, Travis," she whispered. She started unbuttoning his
shirt. Travis felt himself starting to get a little hard. But not like he
wanted. Not like he did sitting on the couch with Kaylin.

"Have you ever been, like, with a boy before?" Travis asked.

"Once. Just before I left." She pulled off his shirt. He had a T-shirt on

"What did you do?"

"This boy, Devon, me and him got naked at his house. He was like 13 and
very sexy just like you." Travis blushed. Carmen pulled off his T-shirt. He
felt his boner straining at his pants. They kissed again. He pulled her
shirt off and looked at her in her bra. The farthest he ever went with
Kaylin was down to their undies, kissing and feeling each other. But not on
their privates. She was afraid to touch him. He just touched her boobs and
kissed her. He had to jack off three straight times when he got home. He
had come so close to shooting in his undies. Kaylin was all he could think

Now he was taking the bra off another girl, a girl he just met. But instead
of thinking of her and her boobs, he was thinking of a flat chested boy,
thinking of Ryan. He got her bra off and they were both bare at the
top. They kissed some more, tongues going into each other's mouths. Carmen
started opening Travis's pants. He moaned. She opened his zipper and saw a
wet spot on the front of his briefs.

"Did you wet your pants, Travis?" She rubbed her hand on it.

That should have felt good. Instead her what she said took something out of
him. His mind said, Ryan wouldn't have said that.

"No. It's called precum. Look. I have to go."

He grabbed his shirt and T-shirt and stood up. He was so flustered he
forgot his pants were open and unzipped and they fell down to his
ankles. He suddenly was standing there in his underpants, his boner getting
soft, his undies with a big precum wet spot. Carmen starting giggling
looking at him, stood up, pulled off her pants so that she was standing in
front of him just wearing panties.

"Want me to take them off?"

Travis stared at her. She started tugging at them. He looked as her pubes
started to show as she tugged them down. He wanted to pull up his pants and
go, but stood there frozen.


Ryan didn't know why he felt so bad watching Travis leave. After all,
Travis left with a girl. Guys were supposed to leave with girls. So why
did he feel this way?

He decided to head back to his room. As he headed out Mike stopped him.

"Are you okay, Ryan?"

"Yeah. I just don't feel well. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Are you going to the spa thing?"

"I don't know yet."

Mike gave him a sudden hug. He looked down at the little blond boy and
whispered, "Keep your head up. Take care."

Ryan managed to find a smile and headed to his cabin. He punched in his
code. He walked in, pulled off his clothes, and finally stood in front of
the mirror naked. What he saw was a boy who was 14, blond, thin but hard,
with smooth skin that had no hair on it except a thin line of blond pubic
hair over the top of his dick. His dick hung softly, about 2 inches, but up
to 4 when it was hard. He pushed his dick between his legs and looked in
the mirror like he was a girl. Maybe if I looked like this, he thought,
with no dick and no balls, Travis would want me. Like that girl Carmen. He
started crying and turned away from the mirror.

His parents hated him. All he was to them was money. Most of the kids on
the "Starkeeper" liked him. But he was so quiet he couldn't make any close
friends. And, except for Scooter and Jordan, who weren't staying on Alpha
Orion IV, these were the only kids he would know when he got there. And
somebody had slugged him in the stomach in the dark. Which showed that
somebody didn't like him much. He lay on the bed, naked and lonely, and
wishing he was dead. He could see no reason to go on living. He just
needed to find a way to do what it was he wanted to do.

He put his dick in his hand, but it didn't want to get hard. He didn't
really care and pretty soon he fell asleep.


Jeremy and Braden sat on a couch talking. Jeremy was so outgoing and Braden
so quiet. Even quieter than Ryan. He couldn't figure out why Jeremy liked
him so much. Jeremy looked at Braden. He is so hot, he thought. And so
vulnerable. So cute. Smart. Sexy. Jeremy couldn't take his eyes off him.

"I guess I better get to bed," Braden said.

"I'll walk you to your cabin."


They got up and left. As they walked down the hall, Jeremy put his arm
around Braden. "I really like you, Braden."


Jeremy stopped and turned Braden. He looked right at him. "Because you're
sweet. And, well, because you're.....cute." He looked Braden right in the

Braden didn't know what to say. He just knew he was amazed that this studly
boy liked him. Nobody like him ever liked him on Earth. He just smiled and
blushed a little.

When they got to Braden's room, Jeremy asked Braden if he was going to the
spa in the morning. Braden said he might if he didn't have to get
naked. Jeremy said he didn't think anybody would have to get naked, they
just could if they wanted to. Then Braden asked Jeremy if he was going.

"Sure I am. It's going to be a major thing. Why wouldn't I go?"

"Some people think that if you go you're for Robert Charles. If you don't
you're for Douglas."

"I haven't decided. All I know Mike supports Douglas and that bugs me. I
still think Mike hit Ryan and he is dangerous. He's going to get somebody
else soon, you wait and see."

Braden nodded and keyed in his code. He looked back at Jeremy, smiled, and
walked into his cabin. Jeremy headed for his, ready to take care of the
boner that touching Braden created.

When he got to the cabin, Ryan was lying naked on the bed. He was sound
asleep. Jeremy kept looking at him while he undressed. He loved looking at
Ryan. Ryan was really hot, and it was fun having him as a roommate now that
he jacked off with him. But somehow, of the two quiet boys in his life,
Braden did something to his heart that Ryan didn't. It was like Ryan was
cute, but Braden was hot. Pretty soon Jeremy was naked, lying on his back
on his bed, wishing he could put Ryan's dick in his mouth. But as he jacked
off his thoughts were on Braden. He wanted to see Braden naked and hard. He
cummed hard over his chest and belly.

Meanwhile, Braden had gotten into his pajamas in his room and was jacking
off too. He thought of Jeremy's strong arms around him, hugging him. He
imagined what his hard dick must be like. He thought of Jeremy naked, and
of him being naked with him. He cummed in his PJs, getting them all sticky


Mike, Jim, Alex, and Stevie were the only ones left in the games room. The
little kids had gone a long time ago. The room was going to be closed soon,
but until it was they were going to sit on a couple of couches and
talk. The seating ended up different from what was in their minds as they
walked over there. Instead of the two brothers sitting together, Alex ended
up sitting with Mike and Jim ended up sitting with Stevie.

"It looks like Scooter and Douglas really like each other," Alex said. Alex
was never afraid to say what was on his mind.

Mike looked a little confused. "Like each other? You mean, like friends?"

"I was thinking of a little more than that," Alex said.

Mike felt his face turning hot. "You mean, like.....? No."

"Yes. Why not? It's no big deal. Me and Stevie are both gay." And with that
Alex became the first boy on the "Starkeeper" to come out. He said it like
it was no big deal.

"Gay? You two? But you don' do stuff, right?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"You're brothers."

"So? It's not like we're going to get married or have kids or anything.
It's no big deal. We'd both like to have somebody else, but we like each
other. Stevie and I are very close. VERY close. But someday we both would
like to have our own boyfriend, which wouldn't stop us from loving each
other. Our love for each other is endless. Right, brother?"

Stevie nodded yes. Then he added, "Alex and I know the look. We saw it with
Scooter and Douglas. They have the look. You watch them real close."

Jim didn't say anything. Even though he and Scooter had only jacked off
together when he lived in Earth, he knew there was more to Scooter than
just messing around. Just like there was more to him than just messing

"Alex, I can't believe you can just come out and say you're gay. I mean on
a lot of Earth it's not a huge deal, but with some people it still is. And
with some it's a huge deal."

"Believe me, Mike. Me and Stevie can take care of ourselves. Against

Mike, who was almost as big as Stevie and Alex put together, believed it.
He knew Alex wasn't putting him on. Suddenly he wanted very badly to tell
Alex how he felt. Tell Alex what was inside of him. Tell him
everything. He trusted Alex totally. No...more than that. He had feelings
for Alex. Were the kinds of feelings Alex thought Scooter and Douglas had
for each other? And more importantly, did Alex feel that way about him?
Mike always was doubting himself, afraid of losing any friends he had. But
Alex had stood behind him on the Ryan thing. He knew Stevie would go with
whatever Alex said. He didn't know Jim well enough to know what he thought,
and right then it really didn't make much difference.

"Alex," he whispered, his heart thumping with fear and dread.

"Yes, Mike?" Alex said something was really on Mike's mind. If it was an
antigay thing he was ready to challenge it.

Mike felt the fear inside him. The kind of fear that always held him back
from his friends. That kept him from being as close to Zach as he wanted to
be. He was about ready to say something lame, when he decide, No, not this
time. This time I'm going to fight it.

"I think I'm like you...." There. He said it. He came out with it. He
waited to see what Alex was going to say.

Alex smiled at him. "Mike, that's great!!! Because I really like you. I
mean really really like you."

"You do?"

Alex patted Mike's knee. "I do."

"So would it bug anybody if I said I really like Jim?" Stevie asked.

Jim was stunned. He looked at Stevie. "You do?"


"Wow, because, Stevie, I really like you too."

Now all three of them looked at Mike. "What are you looking at? I was going
to say it. And I'm going to mean it. Alex, I really like you too."

All four of them laughed hard and Alex hugged Mike while Stevie hugged Jim.

"You guys want to spend the night in our cabin tomorrow?" Alex asked.

Mike looked at Jim who looked at Stevie.

"I think that would be great," Mike said.

They got up to go back to their cabins.

"Are you going to the spa in the morning?" Mike asked everybody. "I think
you guys know my answer."

Alex and Stevie said they were. They were curious and wanted to see what
was going on with the "other side." Jim said he wasn't sure yet.

When the boys got to their cabins they pulled off their clothes to take
care of hard dicks. With Mike and Jim it was straight jacking off. Jim
liked humping his pillow until he cummed all over his sheets. Mike just lay
back on his back and did it with his right fist. Neither one could believe
they said what they said in the games room, but both of them were happy
they did it. They couldn't wait until the next night with Alex and Stevie.

For Alex and Stevie getting naked meant sex with each other. They made
sweet love. The two brothers loved each other so much. But as much as they
loved each other, they were happy that the other brother might be finding a
boyfriend. And both of them were beginning to wonder if just about every
boy on the "Starkeeper" was gay.


Travis was doing his favorite JO with his legs up. He was thinking about
what happened in the room with Carmen. Him standing there in his undies
with his pants at his ankles, a big precum spot in front, his boner
shrinking fast as he looked at a girl getting naked in front of him for the
first time ever. Carmen pulled her panties down and stepped out of them,
totally naked, telling him to take his undies down. She walked over to him
as he stood there frozen looking at her. She had a few pubic hairs, and
small breasts. She came over and tugged his undies down to his
knees. Instead of standing there all hot and hard, he was embarrassed, his
dick shriveling up. She touched the fuzz over his dick, then touched his
dick. He told her again he had to go, pushed her hand away, pulled up his
undies, reached down and pulled up his pants, and pulled his shirt on while
she kept asking him what he was doing. He said he wasn't feeling well and
wasn't in the mood. She stood there naked yelling that he was like all the
rest of them as he walked out the door.

Now he was ready to jack off over his face. But it wasn't Carmen he was
thinking about as he started squirting. It was Ryan.


In Engineering an assistant Engineer was checking on the Warp Enhancer.
Someone called to him and asked him to take a look at a fuel feed that he
thought was a little slow. The assistant Engineer walked over to look, and
while he was gone the temperature gauge on the Warp Enhancer moved quickly
up, came just short of the red area, and dropped back down.


When morning came everybody was happy it was Saturday. No school was

Travis woke up wishing he was with Ryan. Ryan woke up hard wishing he was
with Travis.

Jeremy woke up hard too. He was wondering if Ryan was awake and wanted to
jack off.

Alex and Stevie woke up wrapped in each other's arms. They told each other
how much they loved each other.

Douglas got awakened by a kiss from Scooter. He wanted to roll over and
sleep, but when he saw the look in Scooter's eyes, all he could do was kiss
him deep. Suddenly the sheets were thrown off and the two boys were humping
and kissing until Doug's cum was flying over Scooter's dick, belly, and
smooth pubes.

Robert Charles woke up thinking of Lisa. And what he wished would've
happened the night before and what didn't happen. Girls. He hated them
sometimes. He was ready to get everything, when she stopped and cut him
off. Both of them in their underwear, him ready to pull hers off, when she
pushed him away. He tried to pull off her panties one more time, but she
said no. He started to pull off his own briefs so she could see him naked,
but she said she wanted to stop. She was getting scared. Robert Charles
wanted more right then, but he figured if he waited and worked, he would
get what he wanted real soon. Besides, her parents would be back soon, so
he probably should stop. This time. So as much as he didn't want to, he
said ok, and kissed her and told her he had to go. He got back to his room
and jacked off hard, thinking of what he would do with Lisa next time.

Jordan woke up feeling horrible. He had taken Matthew to his room after
they left the games room. And he did Matthew's butt again. It was so
wonderful. He jacked Matthew off and sent him off to his room. Matthew was
way better than jacking off. Then he snuck into his dad's alcohol supply
and got some whiskey and drank it down until he was drunk on his butt. He
crawled into the bathroom and started puking in the toilet hoping his dad
wouldn't come home before he was done. He didn't.

Jordan got up out of bed, went into the bathroom, and started puking again.

Braden was awakened by his intercom buzzing. It was Jeremy asking if he
wanted to go to the spa. Braden thought of seeing Jeremy naked and got
hard. Then he thought of Jeremy seeing him naked, and said no, and rolled
over and went back to sleep.

Ryan woke up when Jeremy started talking to Braden. Jeremy saw he was awake
and asked if he wanted to go to the spa. Ryan wondered if Travis would be
there, and thought, Well if he is I might as well go. He told Jeremy he
would go with him.

Matthew woke up with a sore butt, and turned around and went back to sleep.


Robert Charles got to the spa at 10:00 and opened it up. So far nobody was
there. Well, it was early, and he had it for 2 hours. It was the only time
he could get it because adults had it reserved in the afternoon, and his
dad had to work hard to get this time.

He hoped everyone wanted to be naked. He took of his clothes, and looked at
his good sized dick. I'm 14 and hung, he thought. I want all those little
boys to see me. He thought of Lisa coming. He hoped she would. He thought
how close he came to getting her at least naked last night. His dick
started rising. He stood in front of the mirror watching it go up. Jeremy
came in and saw him.


Robert Charles jumped at the voice. He looked and saw Jeremy grinning.
"God, you scared me."

"Something got you hot?"

"Just thinking of last night," Robert Charles said. He gave a big smile.

"Did you do her?"

Robert Charles didn't say a word. He just grinned.

Jeremy got undressed too, and he also had a boner, but it wasn't from
thinking about a girl. He was thinking about Robert Charles's big dick and
about Braden.

The boys went into the sauna and waited to see who would show up. Both boys
were still hard and playing with themselves some.

Jeremy wanted to jack off in front of Robert Charles badly and he wanted to
watch Robert Charles do it. He was just lightly stroking himself wishing
Ryan had come. Ryan said he was, and then he wasn't. Then he said he would
come, but would sleep in and skip breakfast. Jeremy offered to pick him up
after he ate, but Ryan said he would go to the spa on his own. But right
now he was sleepy and didn't feel well. Jeremy was worried about Ryan.
Something was bugging him and he needed to find out what. He also needed to
get Braden out of his shell.

While he was thinking this Travis walked in. Travis was naked too, but
didn't have a boner. Once he saw the erections on Jeremy and Robert
Charles, though, his started working its way up all by itself. He sat on a
bench next to Jeremy and they both looked over at Robert Charles's nice
sized dick and watched him lightly stroking it.

"How did things go with Carmen?" Robert Charles asked.

"We just talked and stuff. What about you and Lisa."

Robert Charles didn't say anything. He just smiled and stroked himself real
hard for a couple of strokes. Travis thought he got the picture. Robert
Charles went all the way, while he got scared and ran away. Some stud he

Travis was fully hard now. Alex and Stevie arrived next. Alex was a little
surprised to see the three boys stroking themselves, but it sure didn't
take long for both of them to get just as hard. Now five of them were
sitting on the benches with boners.

Before they got used to each other Jim came in. He was naked too, since
that is what everybody had talked about being. He saw that everybody was
not only naked but hard too. Which of course started arousing him.

But before they could get used to each other, Lisa and Carmen walked in.
They were naked but had towels wrapped around their waists. Lisa went and
sat next to Robert Charles. She was so amazed. She had never seen a naked
boy before, and now the room was full of them, all with boners.

"Well, it's nice to see you can get it up," Carmen said looking at Travis's
boner. Lisa giggled, and Travis got super embarrassed.

"You have a little trouble last night?" Robert Charles asked.

"It's none of your business."

Lisa and Carmen were both giggling. Travis was furious. Girls! Fuck 'em!
And he didn't mean in bed.

He glared at Carmen, his boner going down. He got up and left the sauna and
went into the locker room. He pulled on his clothes and left.

"That was very mean of you, Carmen," Alex said.

"I was just kidding with him."

"I don't care. It was still very mean and hurtful."

"He should be able to take a joke," Robert Charles said. By now all the
boners had started to fade. The place didn't seem so sexy now even with
everybody naked.

Finally Robert Charles broke the silence. "Everybody like this? You can use
the wading pool too you know. I got it all for us until noon. And if you
elect me on Wednesday, I know I can get it for us a lot, maybe even after
school like somebody else didn't do."

"Let's not get nasty now, Robert Charles," Alex said. "Douglas tried and
something happened."

"Bullshit, he tried. The rec director himself said he didn't try. You can
go ask him if you want. He lied. Just like his buddy lies when he says he
didn't slug Ryan. They may seem all nice and sweet, but they aren't. I know
I can get things done and I'll be straight with you too." He had his arm
around Lisa. He was the only one left with even a semi boner. "I figure you
guys all being here, you probably support me." He wondered where Jordan and
Matthew were. It would look better with two more votes here.

"RC, I wouldn't vote for you to clean up the toilets. I'm here to enjoy the
sauna and so is Stevie. But the smell in here is getting real strong all
of a sudden. I think we're going to follow Travis." He and Stevie got
up. "Oh, and about Mike. Mike is a big gentle giant. He wouldn't hurt a fly
on the wall. So don't tell me Mike slugged Ryan. You better look someplace

Alex and Stevie left the sauna. Robert Charles looked at the others. "You
guys feel the same way?"

"I don't know," Jeremy said. "He could have hit him. And I know Douglas is

Jim didn't say anything. He knew his old buddy Scooter was falling for
Douglas. And he knew Scooter would never fall for somebody who was a liar
and a cheater. But he wasn't sure what to say, because he knew he couldn't
say that.

Lisa said, "Me and Carmen are with you. We're like both your girls you
know." Robert Charles rubbed her leg some. Man he'd like to take her right
here. She was real damp up under the towel.

Jim was feeling real uncomfortable. He said he'd better go and get ready
for lunch, which they all knew was a lie because lunch wasn't for an
hour. He got up and left and only Robert Charles, Jeremy, Lisa, and Carmen

Robert Charles was very angry. He wasn't sure what this meant for votes.
But he was smart enough to know trouble when he saw it, and this was
trouble. With him, seven people came. Alex and Stevie already said they
wouldn't vote for him. Well, add Jordan and Matthew to take their
place. Travis he didn't know about. Jim he wasn't sure about. Ryan stuck
with Mike, no matter how much he tried to tell people Mike punched
him. Scooter was with Douglas. Felicia was his. Michelle he didn't know
yet. Jeremy he was pretty sure about and he hoped he could deliver
Braden. Suddenly he realized he was only sure of five votes. Five and he
needed nine. Well, he did know this; there was more than one way to get a
vote. Right now he could tell he was in trouble. But he also knew who would
be in trouble on Wednesday. And it wouldn't be him.

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