The Election

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Travis walked angrily down the hall and to an elevator. He needed a friend
badly right now. Douglas was great to talk to, but he knew where Douglas
was, in bed, and not alone. He better leave him alone. Every time he
thought about a friend he thought of Ryan. He went to his room to look up
Ryan's cabin number.

He called the Ryan's intercom number. Nobody answered. Maybe he ended up
going to the spa, Travis thought. Or he's in the shower. He isn't out
eating, because the dining halls are closed. He could've gone to the games
room. Travis decided to go there first.

When he got to the games room the only kids there were Matthew and some of
the littler ones. Ryan wasn't there. When Travis started to leave, Mike
came in.

"Hey, Travis, how's it goin?"

"Hey, Mike. Okay. You seen Ryan at all?"

"No. I thought he might have gone to the spa."

"I was there. He wasn't there. I called his cabin and he wasn't there

"Maybe he is taking a shower or something."

"Maybe. I'm going to his cabin to see if he is there now."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"Thanks. But if he's there, I gotta talk to him about something important."

"Okay. But if you need me you know I'm here for you."

"Thanks, Mike, I'll remember that."

Travis headed to Ryan's room. When he got there he pushed the buzzer. No
answer. He listened for something, hoping Ryan was in there. He pushed the
buzzer one more time. No answer, so he pushed the buzzer a third
time. Still no answer, so he started walking away. He got a few steps when
he heard the door open. He turned around. He saw Ryan's head peek out.


"Hey, Ryan. What's up? I came to visit and say hi."

The door was hiding most of Ryan's face. Travis tried to look through the
crack, but Ryan kept himself hidden.

"Thanks, but I'm busy right now. I thought maybe it was somebody from the
crew or something buzzing. Thanks for stopping by."

He started closing the door, but Travis stuck his foot in it. Something was
wrong, but he didn't know what.

"Hey, get your foot out. I told you I was busy." Travis thought he could
hear a sob being fought, but he wasn't sure.

"Too busy for a friend?"

"Since when are you my friend?" Ryan was trying to act cool, but he was
shaking inside. He wanted Travis to come in, but remembered Travis walking
off with Carmen over him. What he wanted from Travis he would never get.

Travis stood there with his foot in the door. Ryan's question made him feel
sick to his stomach. He wanted to be friends with Ryan in the worst way,
in ways he couldn't even begin to explain. He started to pull his foot out
when for some reason, he pushed it in harder again.

"Since right now. Let me in. We have to talk."

"I can't let you see me like this?"

"Like what? Never mind, I don't care. I'm your friend and I don't care. I
want to see you. I care about you."

Ryan felt tears coming on. Shit, I can't let him see me like this. I just
can't. He'll hate me forever.

He started pushing the door against Travis's foot. But Travis was stronger
and he pushed harder the other way. Ryan lost his balance and the door flew
open. Travis stumbled into the cabin. He looked at Ryan, who was wearing
nothing but a pair of briefs. He could tell Ryan had been crying.

Travis caught his balance, and Ryan came up to him and tried to push him
out of the door. He pushed but Travis wouldn't move. Suddenly Ryan half
collapsed on Travis, put his arms around him and buried his head in his
chest. He started crying getting Travis's shirt wet. Travis reached back
and pulled the door shut, then put his arms around Ryan and held him close.

"It's okay, Ryan. It's okay." Ryan kept sobbing. "It's okay," Travis

Ryan took a deep breath and tried to stop.

"Let's go into your bedroom and talk. Lock the door in case Jeremy comes

"No! No! We can talk out here. It's a mess in there."

Travis started there, but Ryan stopped him again. "Please don't."

Travis knew again that something was wrong. He stepped away from Ryan and
walked into the bedroom. Ryan's bed was covered with Kleenexes. It looked
like Ryan had been crying for a long time.

Travis sat Ryan on the bed and hugged him. "Tell me what's wrong. I'm a
good listener."

Ryan sniffled. "I'm a lousy talker. You see me in the games room. I can
hardly say hi. I can't make any friends. I never have. Even Jeremy looks
down at me I bet."

"Ryan, you're an awesome, sweet boy. I know one friend you can have just
for the asking. Because this person really really likes you."

"Who is that?"

Travis smiled at Ryan. "It's me, silly."

"But you left me to go with Carmen. I mean you..well you and
I.....well...never mind I don't know what I mean."

"I know what you mean. You mean you want to be my friend too."

Ryan looked at Travis. "Yeah, well, but Carmen...."

"Fuck Carmen. I went with her to help Douglas get some girls' votes. It
didn't work out very good."

Ryan looked at Travis. He tried to think what Travis was saying. How didn't
it work out?

"All she did was embarrass me," Travis said. "And the whole time I was
there I was always thinking of somebody else."

"Your old girlfriend on Earth?"

Travis was quiet. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know if he should
tell Ryan what he thought. What he really thought. But if Scooter and
Douglas could go off like they did then maybe he could too.

"No. I was thinking about you, Ryan." Wow. He said it. Now what was Ryan
going to say? Did he blow it?

Ryan started tearing up again. Only this time it was from happiness. He
just hoped Travis meant it.

"Are you okay, Ryan? Did I say something wrong?"

"No. You said something exactly right." Ryan sat on the bed and wrapped his
arms around his knees. "I've never really had any friends. I wanted to be
yours right from the start."

"It's how I feel. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad, Ryan. I won't do that
again. Ever."

He sat next to Ryan and hugged him. The two of them sat on the bed and
cuddled and talked quietly. They didn't know it, but they were starting to
fall in love.


Scooter and Douglas woke up just before lunch. They were both hungry. They
were all tangled up in each other. Douglas was awake first. He looked at
his friend. But he seemed like more than a friend. He wasn't sure how yet,
but he knew he had lots of friends. But the feelings he had for Scooter
were way different. He couldn't take his eyes off him. Couldn't stop
touching him.

He couldn't stop thinking of him. Or even dreaming of him. So what was he
feeling? Was this what love was?

Scooter opened his eyes and saw Douglas looking at him. He smiled and
squeezed him. They kissed and hugged. They didn't want to get out of the
bed, but they knew they had to.

"Who showers first?" Douglas asked.

"I don't know. Why ask? Let's just shower together."

That sounded pretty good to Douglas. He pulled off the covers and the two
of them got up and walked into the bathroom. Scooter knew his dad wouldn't
mind. The two of them in one shower would keep them from going over their
water ration.

Scooter got the temperature right and the boys got in. Showers had to be
fast, and they set right to work washing each other. Both of them still
had their morning boners getting into the shower.

Because they hadn't pissed before getting in because they had morning
stiffies they both needed to go bad. Douglas had peed in the shower a lot,
it was the place to do it in the morning. So he let go being careful not to
hit Scooter, even though he really wanted to. Scooter looked at him peeing.

"What are you doing?"

"Pissing, silly. I'm saving more water. Don't have to flush."

Scooter laughed and stared pissing too, being careful not to hit Douglas,
even though he really wanted to also. They both really enjoyed the other
guy pee out of his boner and it made them even more excited when they

They started washing each other, but their hands kept going to the other
guy's boner. Pretty soon they were facing each other kissing and rubbing
their boners together, and it didn't take them long to have cum, Douglas
shooting all over Scooter's belly and dick. The water washed them off
quick. They cummed just in time, because the shower shut off right
after. They got out, dried each other off, kissed, and got dressed to go to
lunch. +++++++++++++++++++++++

Robert Charles sat next to Lisa making plans in his head. He had two
ideas. The first one needed her help. The second one was only if the first
one didn't work. Either way, Douglas and his queer buddies were in big
trouble. Jeremy decided he'd had enough and got up to leave. Carmen
followed him.

That left Lisa and Robert Charles. Robert Charles stroked her legs, kissed
her, felt her breasts. He tried going farther but she stopped him. He
tried putting her hand on his boner, but she said she didn't want to. I'm
gonna get you, the thought. And it won't take long.

He eased up some, just keeping his arm around her and playing with her
breasts which she didn't mind. He told her about his first plan. She
listened to him and didn't like it at first. But he kept rubbing her tits
and her leg and he told her he loved her. He kissed her deep and told her
again. She told him that she loved him and they kissed more. And when they
were finished he got her to touch him and stroke him. It only took a couple
of strokes and he shot all over himself and her hand.

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwww...that's gross."

He told her what it was, cleaned it off her, told her that he loved her and
asked if she would help him with her plan. She said yes because she loved
him and wanted him to win because he was the best.


At lunch everybody compared notes about the morning. Scooter, Douglas,
Ryan, Travis, Mike, Alex, Stevie, and Jim all sat at one table. Jeremy,
Braden, Matthew, Jordan, Lisa, Robert Charles, Carmen, and Felicia at
another. The only upper grade student not there was Michelle. The two
tables were on the opposite side of the dining hall so they couldn't hear
each other.

Everybody at the first table noticed how Travis and Ryan were together. In
fact they were all noticing pairs and how there were a lot of happy smiling
faces. But Ryan had looked so sad and down, and now he was so close to
Travis and looking so happy.

Alex sat close to Mike. Stevie was with Jim. And of course Douglas and
Scooter were together. They looked at each other and all started to wonder
about what was going on. Were each of them falling for another boy? No,
that couldn't be right. Not all eight of them. Or maybe even more, because
there seemed to be something between Jeremy and Braden too. All this was
going through everybody's head.

Everybody was wondering if the tables were votes. If they were it was eight
to eight, with Michelle's vote in the middle. It was going to be very
interesting by the time Wednesday came. +++++++++++++++++++++++

The afternoon went by quickly. The kids spent most of their time in the
games room, playing games, becoming better friends, and each learning more
about the boy they were falling for. Evening came and they headed to the
right dining hall for dinner.

After dinner most of them skipped the games room. Mike and Jim headed for
Alex and Stevie's room. Douglas was planning on another night with
Scooter. Ryan and Travis were in the games room. Ryan was talking to Travis
about spending the night together. Jeremy and Braden were in the games
room. Jeremy was thinking the same thing about Braden that Ryan was about

Robert Charles was meeting with Jordan, Lisa, and Felicia. Carmen couldn't
come, or didn't want to. Nobody was sure. Matthew wasn't invited. Everybody
figured him as being too young. Everybody but Matthew anyway. They were
talking about the election. And what Robert Charles had planned to get his
votes. Then Felicia left and Robert Charles told Lisa and Jordan his first
PLAN. They loved the idea and were ready to help. He decided to keep plan
two secret for now. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

In Alex's room, Mike and Jim were getting a lesson in boy sex. Mike had
never done a thing with anybody, and all Jim had done was jack off with
Scooter some friends on Earth, and with a couple of friends on Mars.

Stevie showed Jim how to kiss and how to JO his partner the best, and how
to rub dicks, and how to make a sweet spot feel good fingering a butt. Alex
was showing Mike the same thing on the other bed. Both Mike and Jim got
feeling like they never had before.

After they all four had a couple of hard hot cums, Alex and Stevie had Jim
and Mike lay down on the beds. Then they both got between their partner's
legs and started licking under their balls. They sucked their balls next,
and then licked up the shaft. Mike and Jim had feelings like they never
felt before as Alex and Stevie brought them farther and farther along until
they shot in their partner's mouth.

"Oh, man," Mike said. "That was incredible. Totally awesome.

"Next time you get us," Alex said. "Right now let's bed down together and
talk and learn about each other. And cuddle some."

Mike hugged the smaller skinnier Alex close and tight. Jim and Stevie were
about the same size, and they cuddled and talked and kissed too. Mike and
Jim both got their partners off. Even after three orgasms each the boys
couldn't get their boners to go down. It was time for Mike and Jim to learn
how to suck their partners. +++++++++++++++++++++++

Scooter and Douglas cuddled naked on Scooter's bed. They were happy to hold
each other and kiss each other and make each other feel good. They both
loved touching each other and being touched.

Douglas had his head on Scooter's stomach. He was looking at his smooth
uncut penis. He let his hand rub slowly along it. He pulled the skin back
and looked at the shiny head, then rubbed his finger across it. He brought
his face closer. Both boys knew about oral sex even if they had never done
it. Douglas was just a couple of inches away now. He knew that if he got
closer and licked it Scooter wouldn't mind. And if Scooter didn't mind,
then he might as well do it. Well, here goes nothing, he thought.

Before he could think about it any more he went down and let Scooter's dick
slide into his mouth. Scooter shivered with surprise. He looked down at
Douglas, and saw his dick disappearing into his mouth. The feeling he got
was unbelievably incredible. And for Douglas having Scooter's sweet boner
in his mouth just felt right. He could tell it belonged there. He started
bobbing his head, sucking and licking like he had done it his whole
life. For Scooter the feeling was so amazing his body wouldn't stop
shaking. He tried holding back what was coming over him, but he couldn't so
he just let it go. He pumped his dick into Doug's mouth, shook and moaned,
and had the most intense orgasm of his life. He almost knocked Doug's head
off he pumped so hard. Then he fainted on the bed.

Douglas was scared. He thought he did too much. He looked at Scooter and
kissed him. Scooter opened his eyes and looked at Douglas and smiled.

"I'm glowing," he said.

Douglas kissed him. And it didn't take long for Scooter to try his skill on
Douglas. And it didn't take long to fill Scooter's mouth with his sweet
cum. He tried warning Scooter, but he was feeling so good his orgasm just
happened. Scooter didn't flinch though and he swallowed it all. He
couldn't believe how good it tasted. He kissed Douglas and the two boys lay
next to each other on the bed holding each other.



Scooter's heart was thumping. He wanted to tell Douglas what he told him
last night when he was sleeping. He was afraid, but he knew it was the
right thing to do.


Douglas knew what was coming. Already he could almost sense was his friend
was thinking or feeling.

"Go ahead and say it...because I feel the same way."

Scooter knew deep in his heart what Douglas meant. So he said it.

"Douglas, I..I love you." Now, did Douglas really feel the same way?

"And I love you, too," he said, his heart singing.

The other boys didn't get quite as far yet. Jeremy and Braden talked a lot
in the games room. Once, Jeremy tried touching Braden's let, but Braden
pushed his hand away. Then Braden felt bad doing it. He just didn't know
why a big handsome boy like Jeremy would be interested in somebody like
him. Finally he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. Jeremy walked
him to his cabin. Once again Jeremy tried something, as he reached for
Braden's hand. But Braden wouldn't let him take it.

Ryan and Travis were in Ryan's room. They were watching a vid. They were
sitting close to each other on the couch. Travis let his hand touch Ryan's
let and Ryan touched Travis's. Pretty soon they were leaning against each

No, Travis thought, I'm supposed to do this with a girl not with a guy. He
could feel Ryan's breath on his cheek. His pants were tented, and he could
see the same was happening to Ryan. Ryan's face was so close he could
almost lean over and kiss him. And if Ryan was a girl he would. But Ryan
was a boy, and boys usually didn't kiss boys.

Ryan could feel Travis's breath. He wished he knew if it was okay to kiss
him. Because that was what he wanted to do right then. Travis had him so
excited. He wanted to kiss him so bad. He edged up closer to Travis, and
Travis moved a little closer to him. He turned his head and looked at

They looked at each other, into each other's eyes. Their lips were inches
apart, they both were ready to kiss. But instead they heard the beep of the
door code. Jeremy was coming back. They lay back on the couch, and went
back to watching the vid. Both of them knew that something awesome had
almost happened. And they both knew that they wanted to get there
again. Their love was growing.

Jeremy looked at them. There was no doubt in his mind what was going on
between them. He liked Ryan and liked jacking off with him. But somehow
Braden was the one he wanted. If he only wasn't so hard to get.

And in Jordan's room, Jordan found another bottle and started drinking. If
only he could get Matthew drunk with him. And then fuck him over and
over. That would be so much fun. He took a big swallow out of the bottle
and felt himself get warm all over.

Matthew sat alone in his room. He felt very lonely. Jordan told him he
shouldn't talk to anybody but him. He said that the other boys would pick
on him and use him. That the real big kids like Mike and Jeremy and Travis
would beat him up for not doing things they wanted. But he wasn't sure if
Jordan was really protecting him, or if maybe nobody was really after
him. What he did know was he didn't like some of the things Jordan was
doing to him. He liked the feel good parts but not what he was doing up his
butt. But he knew if he didn't do it Jordan would tell things about
him. All he knew was he wanted more friends but he didn't know how to get
them. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sunday was pretty quiet. The boys there with their families spent a lot of
the day with them. Douglas left Scooter's in the morning. They kissed long
and hard and told each other "I love you."

Jim left to be with his mom, but Mike stayed at Alex's a little longer. The
brothers taught him what a three way suck was like. Mike liked enough to do
it twice, then went to have Sunday brunch with Brad. Stevie and Alex
showered together then went to brunch together.

Just about everybody was at the games room that afternoon. Jordan hung
with Matthew almost the whole afternoon, whispering and talking to
him. Jordan had skipped breakfast and brunch because he was sick. He had a
snack earlier and was feeling better. Now it was up to him to get things
going for Robert Charles.

After dinner some of the boys went to the games room, some to their own
rooms, some with their friends. By 9:00 everybody had gone to their own
rooms except for Matthew. Jordan had him do stuff to him, like suck him and
let him up his butt. But he didn't do anything back to make him feel good
and he wanted to feel good. He was very hard, and Jordan almost didn't seem
to care.

The first phone call went to Mike from Lisa. She sounded like she was

"Mike, I have to talk to you. Please. It's about RC."

"What's wrong?"

"I can't say it on the phone. Please. You've always seemed to nice and
easy to talk to. I need help."

Mike could tell she was really upset. He had only talked to her a couple of
times because she always seemed to be with Robert Charles. He knew Robert
Charles was a prick and now he seemed to be proving it. Lisa seemed to be
in trouble. Big trouble.

"Where do you want to meet?"

"How about the observation lounge on deck 12? In fifteen minutes?"

"Okay. I'll be there."

"Please. I'm scared."

Mike hung up the phone and looked at the clock. He probably should tell
Brad first that he was going.

The second call went to Jordan. Matthew heard a female voice on it.

"It's time for you to go Matthew. Take elevator two, because number three
is down for the night."

Matthew figured the voice was his mother. While he pulled his pants on
Jordan told him how he owed him. And how bad the other boys would treat
somebody little like him if it wasn't for Jordan protecting him. And how he
would never want those boys to know he took it up the ass.

Matthew left and headed for elevator two, even though he usually took
elevator three.

The next call was to Jeremy. It was from Jordan.

"Somebody said Mike was pretty wild tonight. Really upset. I can't find
RC. You're the only guy even close in size to stop him. I don't want him in
trouble. Maybe you can find him and calm him down. I heard he was on deck
12 somewhere around the observation deck.

Jeremy said he would see what he could do. He told Ryan he would be right
back and headed toward deck 12.

Mike told Brad he would be right back and headed to deck 12.

Elevator 2 stopped at deck 12. Matthew stepped out and got slammed by a
punch in the gut. He doubled over in pain and tried to look up to see who
was hitting him when he got punched in the face twice and fell to the
floor, blood coming out of his mouth. He couldn't tell who it was. All he
knew was that it was somebody big. The hall was spinning and somebody was
still there. He looked up and saw Mike.

Jeremy came around a corner and saw Matthew on the floor and Mike kneeling
in front of him. He walked up and saw that Matthew was holding his gut in
pain and he was bleeding from his mouth and already was getting a black

"Get away from him!!!!!!!!!" Jeremy screamed. "Get the FUCK way from

"I didn't do anything. I came around that corner and saw him on the floor."

"Like hell you didn't do it. Just like you didn't hit Ryan."

Mike stood up. He was getting angry. "I never touched him? Why should I?"

"Because you're pissed about something. And because some little kid got in
your way and now you can show what a tough asshole you are." Jeremy was so
mad he was ready to hit Mike. "What were you doing here anyway? This isn't
even your deck."

"Lisa called me to meet her in the observation lounge. She was having some
kind of trouble."

"Well, for your sake that better be a true story. Because if it isn't
you're going to have every boy on this ship ready to get you." He bent down
to help Matthew up. "He's just a little kid. And tomorrow I'm going to
make sure somebody deals with this. I think your ass is fucked."

Jeremy took Matthew and walked him to his cabin while Mike stood there
wanting to help. He was confused. Lost. Wondering what was happening to
him. He turned and walked to the observation lounge to meet Lisa, trying
hard not to cry.

He sat in the lounge for over an hour. Lisa never showed. And he knew
why. He knew he had been set up. And unless he could prove it he might have
cost Douglas the election by being stupid.

He walked back to his cabin and woke up Brad. He told him exactly what
happened going back to the cavern on Mars. When he was done, Brad hugged
him and sent him off to bed. Then he sat down and wondered how much trouble
Mike was in. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mike sat alone at a table at Monday's breakfast. Ryan came a couple of
minutes later and stared at him. Mike didn't want to look back at him, but
knew he had to. After all, he had no reason not to. Ryan sat down next to

"Jeremy told me about last night. He says you hurt Matthew pretty bad. He
says you're going to be in big trouble when you show up for class today."

Mike looked down at the table.

"You're the one who really hit me, aren't you? And you hit Matthew. I
believed you Mike. I believed in you. I believed you were who I thought you
were. And all the time you were probably laughing at me." Ryan was near

Mike took a deep breath. If he didn't say anything right now, Ryan would
leave believing he was the one who hit him and Matthew. He looked up at

"Ryan. I never hit you. I never hit him. I was set up last night. I swear,
I never hit anybody. And I mean here or on Earth or Mars or anywhere."
Mike went on to tell about the strange call from Lisa and how she never
showed up for their meeting.

"Yeah, Jeremy told me what you said. Jeremy was ready to kill you last
night. He is so pissed right now. He called Lisa this morning and she said
she didn't know what he was talking about."

"Ryan, she's lying. She called me to meet her saying she was having
problems with RC. I was set up. And I bet it was by RC. He wants to force
Douglas to quit taking my side and to split up our votes. He's evil,
Ryan. Totally evil. And he needs to be stopped."

Ryan looked at Mike trying to decide whom to believe. He was about to say
something when Douglas and Scooter showed up and sat at the table. They
hadn't heard about last night, and Mike and Ryan filled them in.

Douglas looked at them. He was wondering what to think. He liked Mike. A
lot. He just couldn't believe Mike was the one who attacked Matthew. But he
did believe it that Robert Charles could. He also knew that backing up Mike
would pretty much lose him the election. It would all depend on who
believed Mike. He was stuck with a decision to make. Would he back up Mike
and stick by his friend and lose the election for sure, or would he turn
his back on him to give him a chance of winning?

Finally he made up his mind. There really was only one decision to make and
that was the right one.

"I believe you Mike. I'm behind you all the way."

Mike was stunned. It wasn't what he expected to hear. If Douglas stood
behind him he stood a good chance of losing the election. And that couldn't
happen. Robert Charles could not be allowed to win.

"Thanks, Douglas. That means a lot to me. You're a good friend. But you
can't support me. It would keep you from winning."

"You don't know that, Mike. And if I won because I couldn't stand up for a
friend...well, then I am not any better than Robert Charles. This trip is
only a couple of months. Being leader for two months isn't that big deal.
And I sure wouldn't turn back on a friend even if it was for two years."

Mike felt tears starting up. He tried to pull out a hanky to wipe them away
but it was too late. By the time he got to them and started wiping,
everybody saw them. And nobody cared.

Right then Alex and Stevie showed up. When he found out what happened, Alex
was ready to explode he was so mad. But he felt a little better when he
found out what Douglas had decided. It made him feel they did a pretty
good job picking their candidate for leader.

Then Robert Charles, Jordan, Lisa, Jeremy, and Matthew came into the dining
hall. Matthew's lip was swollen and he had a black eye. Robert Charles
walked up to the table.

"He looks real nice, doesn't he asshole? And I see your faggot friends are
still sitting her talking to you. I guess that says a lot about you
guys. I'm sure glad you won't be winning this election, Douglas. Because it
would make us all real sick taking any orders from you." He walked away and
joined his friends at another table. A couple of minutes later Braden
walked in not knowing what had been going on. He saw Jeremy and went over
and joined them.

They counted and recounted votes. No matter how they counted them, the vote
was 9-8 in favor of Robert Charles. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

When they got to class, Mr. Z called Mike into his office. Matthew was
there and so were his parents, and the ship's First Officer. Like he
expected, Mike was accused of attacking Matthew. Matthew said he wasn't
sure if it was Mike. He just knew it was somebody big and that Mike was
kneeling next to him when he opened his eyes. Mike told his side of the
story. Lisa was called in and said she never called Mike last night. When
it all ended Mike was put on a two week cabin restriction, except for
school and meals. He was told if anything else happened he would be totally
restricted to his cabin for the rest of the trip. Matthew's parents said
they couldn't understand why a big kid like him had to assault a little boy
like Matthew.

Mike was crushed. He tried telling Matthew as they left the office that he
didn't do it. But Matthew wouldn't even look at him. He went straight to
Jordan and ignored everybody else. He knew for sure now that Jordan was his
friend along with Robert Charles and that the rest of them weren't close to
as nice as they said they were.

Just after break an alarm went off and yellow lights started flashing. It
was an abandon ship drill. If the lights were flashing red it would mean
it was the real thing. If they had been in their cabins they would have
gone to one of the big shuttles. Since the school was toward the back of
the ship near Engineering it was too far from them. It had it's own small
shuttle. The student would get on it, then would meet up with one of the
big shuttles after it left the ship. Mr. Z. was trained to fly the little
shuttle. They opened the lock to the ship, and all got in it. Just after
they got seated the smaller kids came through the lock and sat in the empty
seats. Mr. Z took a count and got on the radio. Pretty soon the alarms
stopped and they got off the shuttle. This was the first drill they had
from class, but they already had had two of them at other times.

At break Douglas went to talk to Jeremy and Braden. He tried telling them
that Mike didn't hit Matthew and that he was set up. But they wouldn't
listen to him. They had made up their minds they said. Jeremy told Douglas
about the call from Jordan, that Mike was threatening people and if he
could try stopping him.

"Isn't that interesting," Douglas said. "Jordan just happened to know that
Mike was on deck 12. Matthew just happened to leave Jordan's room the same
time Mike just happened to get a call to meet Lisa on deck 12. Think about
it Jeremy. You're being set up just like Mike was. They're playing you for
a sucker."

But at lunch Jeremy and Braden sat with Robert Charles and his
group. Douglas had a chance to talk to Michelle about how she was going to
vote. Michelle said she didn't know, and even if she did she wasn't going
to tell anybody.

That evening Jeremy was invited to Braden's room. Braden wanted to
talk. They talked first about the election. Braden told Jeremy he thought
that maybe Mike was telling the truth. Jeremy said he didn't think he was,
but Douglas did say some things to think about. But he still thought Robert
Charles was the better leader. He was bigger and more forceful. He acted
like a leader. Douglas sometimes seemed to hung up on himself and his
problems and he was only running because his friends talked him into it,
not because he was interested in being a leader. Not like Robert Charles
was. Braden and Jeremy agreed not to totally make up their minds until

Then they talked about each other. And why Jeremy wanted to be Braden's
friend. And how Braden needed to come out and join everybody more. Finally,
Braden asked Jeremy why he wanted to be his friend.

"Simple. I think you are a kind sweet boy with a big heart. I like
you. You're special." Braden smiled. Then Jeremy got up to leave because it
was getting late. He got to the bedroom door and turned and smiled. "And
besides, you're really hot."

He left fast and Braden stood there stunned. And hard. Hot? Me? He looked
in his mirror and a short skinny kid. No Way. But thinking about it and
Jeremy made him get a nice sized bulge in his pants.

While Jeremy was in Braden's room, Travis was in Ryan's. This time they
didn't wait. They both knew what they wanted. They sat on Ryan's bed
kissing and hugging. For Travis it didn't make any difference that Ryan was
a boy. In fact somehow it made it better. For Ryan, he was getting exactly
what he wanted. He was in love.

When Jeremy got back he saw them both kind of messed up and breathing
hard. He knew exactly what was going on and smiled. Ryan and Travis had
gone as far as kissing. They both knew more was going to happen and they
couldn't wait.

When they came down to earth, Jeremy asked them about what happened to
Matthew. Ryan said he was still sticking with Mike. He didn't see how
anybody as sweet as Mike could do the things he did. Travis said he wasn't
so sure. He could see both sides. But he agreed with Ryan that he couldn't
see Mike doing it. It was just all the evidence seemed to show that he did.

Travis finally left. But he didn't really want to. He wanted to spend the
whole night with Ryan, and now he wasn't even feeling bad for wanting
it. He was in love. So what that it was with a boy. Love is love.


Tuesday was a lot of talk about the election. Mike was unhappy over his
restriction. He knew he had done nothing wrong. Mr. Z was unhappy about
Douglas backing up Mike. He saw Douglas as being another trouble maker, and
was hoping totally that Robert Charles would win the election.

That afternoon two things happened. One was Robert Charles's dad visiting
Mr. Z. He reminded him how he could get Mr. Z. a top position on Earth or
any planet he wanted, and how much easier that would be if Robert Charles
won. He told Mr. Z that Robert Charles had been raised and trained to
lead, while the Douglas boy was just another nobody kid. He said real
leaders should win. And truly great teachers knew that only the best should

Not long after Robert Charles's dad left Mr. Z's office Robert Charles came
to see Mr. Z. He didn't know his dad had been there. But he did know he
wanted to be totally sure he won and it was time for the second part of his
plan. He told Mr. Z. how cool he was. And how if he won the election he
would be a good leader and keep things in order. And how he could find ways
to make things good for Mr. Z. About an hour later, Robert Charles left the
office. Mr. Z was still tasting the sweetness that Robert Charles shot
into his mouth. And Robert Charles walked out thinking that a lot of people
could learn how to give a BJ from his teacher.

That night, when Engineers were looking in other places the temperature
gauge on the Warp Enhancer jumped close to the red mark and slipped back
down. Alex and Stevie slept cuddled, both loving each other and thinking of
their new loves. Jeremy and Ryan jacked each other off, but were thinking
of the boys they wanted. The rest of the boys jacked off in their own
rooms, thinking of who they loved on the "Starkeeper".

Suddenly it was Wednesday morning. It was school election day. Robert
Charles and Douglas woke up ready to see what was going to happen.

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