The Show This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If
such things offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then
please don't read on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some
day it will be.

Douglas woke up Wednesday morning before his alarm clock went off. He
looked at the time. Still another hour until he had to get up. He turned
and tried to go to go back to sleep. But his brain was spinning a million
miles an hour. Mr. Z said he and Robert Charles would both be able to give
a short campaign speech at the start of class. He turned on one side, then
the other. He kept trying not to think about the election and all the
things that happened the last few days. Finally his mind settled on a happy
thought - Scooter. Suddenly the alarm went off. Douglas shook his head and
rubbed his eyes. He was so nervous he didn't even have a morning boner. He
got up to shower.

After his shower and getting dressed, he stopped to pick up Scooter. They
walked up the corridor together to breakfast. When the got there none of
the other boys had come yet. They found an empty table and sat down.

"Well, Scooter. Do you think I can beat him?"

Scooter pulled a sheet of paper out of his pocket. "It depends." He showed
Douglas what he had written down the night before. Douglas studied the
sheet of paper.

Douglas for sure. Douglas, Scooter, Travis, Mike, Ryan, Stevie, Alex, Jim
Robert Charles for sure. Robert Charles, Jordan, Lisa, Carmen, Matthew Not
sure. Braden, Jeremy, Michelle, Felicia.

"All you need is one of the not sures, Douglas. Just one and you win."

"Jeremy would be with me if not for the Mike thing," Douglas said. "And I
just don't know about Braden. The two girls..well..i haven't done much
about going after the girls."

Just then Braden and Jeremy came in. Jeremy had gone to pick up
Braden. They went on to another table, but Braden stopped long enough to
whisper something to Douglas.

"What did he say?" Scooter asked.

"Said he was behind me. Maybe that is the vote we need. I guess we'll find
out soon."

Jeremy looked at Douglas and Braden. He asked Braden what he said. Braden
told him. Jeremy said he liked Douglas, but anybody who broke down and
cried when things got tough was not somebody he could vote for. And
besides, there was the Mike thing.

After breakfast everybody headed for the ship's school. Mr. Z greeted
them. He told them that the election would be right after everybody's final

Robert Charles went first. He told about how he was trained in
leadership. And the things he had done already, like getting the spa and
getting the auditorium for Alex and Stevie's show (That's a big lie, Alex
thought). He told how he was experienced at leading and how Douglas
obviously did not know how to get things done. He didn't talk about who was
behind Mike, but he did hint. He said he knew all those who were
trustworthy and solid people would be behind him.

Douglas told how he was his school's president. How so much of the class
had become his friends, and how he worked to come through not only for his
friends but for anybody who needed him. Douglas sat down knowing what he
said was lame, but he figured he had his 9 votes no matter what, and he
wasn't going to get the other side all upset.

Mr. Z. passed out the ballots. Two names were on them with a box beside
them. Douglas and Robert Charles. All they had to do was X in the box of
the person they wanted.

The students made their X's.

Robert Charles. X Robert Charles
Douglas X Douglas
Scooter X
Travis X Douglas
Jordan X Robert Charles
Lisa X Robert
Stevie X Douglas
Alex X Douglas
Jeremy X Robert Charles
Braden X
Mike X Douglas
Jim X Douglas
Michelle X Douglas
Carmen X Robert
Felicia X Robert Charles
Matthew X Robert Charles
Ryan X

Mr. Z. collected the ballots and put them on his desk.

"Aren't you going to count them?" Alex asked.

"At break I will. You guys can wait a while longer. I want to count them in

"Why, sir?" Alex asked. "Any class vote I've ever seen the teacher counted
right away." Alex had a bad feeling about this.

Mr. Z looked at Alex but didn't say anything.

"I agree with Alex, sir," Mike said. "I think they should be counted now."

"Mike, everybody knows how you feel. Everybody knows how you don't like
Robert Charles. And everybody knows how you try to threaten your
classmates...and worse."

Mike felt his cheeks burning. He was ready to say more when Mr. Z. looked
at Alex. "And are you accusing me of something, young man?"

"No sir, I'm not. I just think we all would like to know now, sir. This is
important to us."

"Then, if you aren't accusing me of anything, it really doesn't matter when
I count the votes, does it?"

"Yes, sir, it does. Unless you have some reason for not wanting us to watch
you count the ballots, I think they should be counted here in front of us,

"Well, I think you are totally out of line Alex."

"Can we have a student watch you count, sir?"

"That is enough! It is a secret ballot and nobody but me sees them."

"Also, sir, I think what you said to Mike was totally out of line."

"No, YOU are totally out of line! And one more word you leave for the day!"

"That would be a pleasure, sir."

"OUT! I will see you in my office before class tomorrow, SIR!"

Alex got up to leave. Mike got up too.

"And where are you going?"

"I'm going with Alex. I think you are being totally unfair, sir."

"And I think you're having enough troubles without walking out of class."

"This class is a joke, sir." Mike walked out behind Alex.

Douglas raised his hand.

"Oh, somebody polite. Yes, Douglas?"

"Mr. Z., it wouldn't hurt to have a student help count. It would make
somebody feel good and part of what is going on. Kind of like getting a
special job."

"Douglas, that is a nice thought, but I think I can take care of it
myself. That's what they pay me the big bucks for." He paused like he was
waiting for a laugh. Nobody laughed so he went on. "Robert Charles, what
do you think of this whole issue?"

"I think you're the teacher and you should count the ballots any time you
want without anybody saying anything."

"Thank you Robert Charles, I like your attitude. Okay, let's work on your
computer assignments."

While they were working the Recreation Director came in with a
notebook. Mr. Z. talked to him a while and signed something and then he

The morning went slowly for Douglas. He wanted the official count, not his
own count which might be wrong, because some people didn't tell him for
sure, and some might even change their minds. Whatever, he didn't trust
Mr. Z. Alex was right. There was something fishy about the way he wanted to
count the ballots later and in private. He looked at Mr. Z. who was at his
desk, and walked over to talk to him

"Mr. Z., I don't want to sound disrespectful, but I think the best thing
for everybody would be if you counted the ballots here in class now. It's
not that I don't trust you, but Alex made a big issue out of it and maybe
somebody might think it was rigged or something. That way if Robert Charles
wins everybody would respect him even more because...."

"I think I've heard enough, Douglas. Of course you're right. And I
apologize for upsetting everybody. It's no secret that I want Robert
Charles to win. Just because I think he is more mature and can be a
stronger leader. That's no offense to you. I think in a couple of years you
could be doing things on Alpha Orion IV."

All Douglas could think was that Mr. Z. was a slimy liar, but he didn't say
anything. Mr. Z. took the ballots off his desk and called Robert Charles

"Do you boys mind if the count is public? If you don't you can watch and I
will put it on the board. I want there to be no doubt about who the true
winner is."

Douglas and Robert Charles both agreed that a public count was okay. But
Douglas was suspicious about why Mr. Z. suddenly changed his mind. One
minute he is kicking Alex out for wanting the count to be public, and the
next he is saying a public count would be a good thing. Mr. Z. agreed
that someone could see the ballots as he called them out. Both boys agreed
to have Michelle be the person, since she didn't seem to be good friends
with either side. Scooter was picked to put the marks on the board.

Mr. Z. started flipping and calling out the ballots while Michelle
watched. "Douglas, Douglas, Robert Charles, Robert Charles, Douglas, Robert
Charles, Douglas, Robert Charles, Robert Charles, Robert Charles, Douglas,
Douglas, Robert Charles, Robert Charles, (eight votes for Robert
Charles...Douglas needed the rest) Douglas, Robert Charles, (nine
votes...Douglas felt like he was hit in the stomach), Robert Charles." Ten
to seven. Douglas thought for sure it would be by one vote.

The whole class went ohhhhhhhhh. Mr. Z. said, "Robert Charles is the
winner. Congratulations. A good choice. And a good hard fought campaign
by Douglas. Time to break for lunch."

Douglas and Scooter walked to the lunchroom together. Scooter was near

"You had him beat. Somebody cheated."

"You don't know that Scooter. It didn't look good, but Michelle was looking
at the ballots, and I really don't think she is a big fan of Robert Charles
or me. The ballots were on Mr. Z's desk the whole time so they have to be
the right ones."

"You told me in class that Braden said at breakfast he was going to vote
for you. That makes nine votes."

They got to a table and sat down. The waiter gave them menus. Douglas's dad
was at another table and came by.

"How did it go, son?"

"Robert Charles won, dad. By three votes."

Doug's dad ruffled his hair. "Sorry son. You'll catch him next time when we
get to our new home."

Doug got a sulky look on his face. "Yeah, right. Our new home. I know
where my home is and it isn't there."

Scooter could see Doug's dad get a hurt look on his face. He ruffled Doug's
hair again and walked away.

"That wasn't a nice thing to say, Douglas."

"Well, it's true!" Douglas felt near tears. Then he looked at his friend
and saw the love in his eyes. He took a deep breath. "You're right,
Scooter. I'll apologize this evening."

Scooter reached over and grabbed Douglas's hand and squeezed it. He
whispered, "I love you."

Douglas squeezed back. "I love you, Scooter."

The rest of the class started coming in. Travis, Jim, Stevie, and Ryan sat
at the table. They all talked about the election. They wondered who voted
for whom. To them it all came down to one person, Braden. He told Douglas
he was going to vote for him and Jeremy probably got to him and changed his
mind. Stevie wanted to have a talk with him, but Douglas told him not
to. It wasn't going to do any good, and besides, they weren't totally sure
that's what happened.

"Maybe not," Stevie said, "but can you think of any other way?"

Nobody could, though none of them knew how Michelle voted either. After
all, Robert Charles did get ten votes. Just then Robert Charles, Jordan,
Lisa, and Matthew came in.

Robert Charles walked over to their table. "Tough luck, Douglas. Maybe
someday you'll grow up enough to get some respect. I'll give you some
credit though, you made it close. So I hope, we can work together. Do lots
of fun stuff in the time left." Robert Charles stuck out his hand. Douglas
had to shake it or he would look like a bad loser. So he did. Robert
Charles grinned. He looked at Stevie.

"Sorry about your show on Friday."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh. You didn't hear. The auditorium was mis-scheduled. I guess Barney the
comic had both Friday and Saturday nights."

"We were told that Friday was a movie night and we could have the

"Oh well, mistakes happen. See me after school is out. Maybe I can do
something to help out. After all, I am the leader and I should be able to
help my friends." He smiled at Stevie.

"I'll come with Alex."

"I don't want to talk to Alex. He pissed me off this morning. I'll deal
just with you. Alex comes and the whole deal is off."

Stevie was getting mad. But he could see he had no choice. And right now
Alex wasn't around to help him. In fact, he wondered, where was Alex? He
thought for sure Alex would meet him for lunch.

Robert Charles ruffled Stevie's hair. "See you later, kid." He walked away

"I can't believe he got ten votes," Stevie said. "This whole thing was

"You can't go there alone," Douglas said.

"I have to. You heard him."

"You're right. I did. He said you couldn't bring Alex. He didn't say you
couldn't bring anybody."

"He's right," Travis said.

"So who is coming with me then?"

"Well," Douglas said. "I might not have won, but it was close. After all, a
leader should be able to help his friends." Douglas smiled, and the whole
table laughed. Douglas might not have won, but they were all friends and
were beginning to all love each other. Robert Charles winning wasn't going
to change that. Together they would have fun and they would stand up to
anything Robert Charles tried to pull on them.


Mr. Z. was having lunch in the crew dining hall. The Recreation Director
had brought in the other set of ballots. It was smart of him to have them
marked with an X instead of having the kids write the names so that they
could be switched. When everybody was working he had switched the real
ballots with the fake ones. He knew Douglas was going to get a lot of
votes, so he didn't want to make it too far off. And he wanted Robert
Charles to win by more than one. Ten to seven sounded just right. The real
ballots were in the bottom drawer of his desk. He would destroy them later.

Robert Charles's father came in. He congratulated Mr. Z. on a good
job. And told him a good job would be waiting for him real
soon. Mr. Z. smiled. He knew another job he was going to get too. This one
would be from a very handsome boy.


Alex and Mike were lying naked on Mike's bed. They were sound asleep. Mike
woke up and looked at the clock. Shit, he thought, it's lunch time.

"Alex, wake up, my dear. It's lunch time."

Alex woke up and looked at Mike. He shook his head to clear it then kissed

"I love you, Eeyore."

"I love you, Wol."

Both boys were Winnie the Pooh fans. And Mike was called Eeyore when he was
little because he was always so gloomy. It really doesn't fit now, he
thought. How can I be gloomy around Alex and the other friends he was
around? But then he thought about his restriction and all the crap about
him attacking people and started getting gloomy.

Alex kissed him again. That cheered him up, and he knew lunch would cheer
him up more. They got out of bed. Alex was so beautiful naked. And he had
learned from Alex how wonderful it was to have a lover inside of you. His
butt could still feel Alex and it felt awesome.

They got dressed kissed, and headed for lunch. When they got to the dining
hall they had been meeting at regularly they saw that everybody was almost
finished. They went to Douglas's table.

"Who won?" Mike asked.

"Robert Charles," Travis answered. And they all started telling what had
happened after Mike and Alex had been kicked out of class. Both of them
were mad by the time they were done telling. And Alex was extra mad about
the show. He was ready to head for Robert Charles's table, but Stevie
stopped him.

"RC is the leader now, as much as we don't like it. And it looks like he
pretty much can get his way. If we want to play for the ship, then we have
to dance to his tune. I think he could stop us for good."

"Then maybe I don't want to play for them. Fuck 'em."

"Let's give it a try first, Alex. Please. Let's see what he wants."

"Don't do anything stupid. Don't let him make you do anything you don't
want to do."

"Never. But I have to hear him out. Douglas will watch out for me."

"I don't like it. But okay. Just be careful."

Everybody got up and went back to class except Alex and Mike. Robert
Charles walked by on his way back to class.

"I guess birds of a feather flock together. Or losers like losers. Take
your pick."

Mike pushed back his chair and stood up. He and Robert Charles were the
same size. Mike had his fist closed. Alex was up too. He didn't even come
up to Robert Charles's shoulder but he knew how to fight.

Robert Charles looked at them and laughed. "Go ahead, start something. Get
yourselves restricted to your cabins for the rest of the trip. And never
get to see each other. Or any of your faggot friends. Hit me. I'm gonna
love it."

Mike wanted badly to flatten his nose, but he knew he was right. He also
knew the voyage had a long long way to go yet, and that their chance would
come. He looked at Alex who was so mad he was red in the face. Alex nodded
and they both sat down. A crew member was already coming their way.

"Is there a problem here?"

"No, sir," Robert Charles said. "Everything is cool. Just letting these
poor slobs know who their leader is." He laughed and the crew member walked
away. "Laters, losers." He left for class. Lisa had been right behind him
and she went with him. She looked at them like they were a pair of snakes.

"Damn, he makes me mad," Alex said.

"It's okay, my love. He'll get his sometime."

"He better not do anything to Stevie this afternoon. Or he'll get his
today. I'll kill him if he hurts Stevie."

Mike looked at Alex. He had the feeling that Alex might do just that.


After class started Mr. Z. said he was going to be in his office and Robert
Charles was in charge. Then he left.

Robert Charles sat at Mr. Z's desk while everybody worked at reading a
story Mr. Z had assigned. It was an article on life on other planets.
They had to read it and write a paper on it and be ready to discuss it.

"I can tell you that there is alien life," Robert Charles said.

"Really?" Matthew asked.

"Really. But don't worry, the alien life forms were kicked out this
morning." Robert Charles, Lisa, Jordan, and Carmen laughed. The rest of the
class looked at Robert Charles like he was totally lame.

I can't believe I voted for that guy, Jeremy thought. Well, he still was
better than Douglas. At least he wasn't a crier. He was a leader. But
damned he could be stupid sometimes.

After class was over Robert Charles went over to Stevie.

"Let's go meet. Mr. Z. said we could use his office. I'm sure we can get
this all worked out."

"Douglas is coming with me."

"Oh no. I said nobody but you."

"No, you said Alex couldn't come. That was it. So, Douglas comes."

"Well, then, I guess I can't help you. If you don't trust me as your leader
to help you then I guess I can't do much for you." Robert Charles started
walking away. "But if you ever change your mind, let me know. I'm always
willing to help."

Stevie looked at Douglas. Douglas nodded his head yes. He hated to give in
to Robert Charles but he knew how important this was to Alex and Stevie.

Stevie headed to the office with Robert Charles. The office had a desk and
a desk chair, two other chairs by the desk, and a couch next to one of the
walls. Robert Charles remembered the couch. That was where he made sure he
was going to win the election by doing Mr. Z a couple of favors. Now it was
time for Stevie to do a couple for him.

Robert Charles locked the door and sat at Mr. Z.'s desk. He told Stevie to
sit down.

"I don't know how this got all confused, Stevie," Robert Charles said
looking at the schedule for the auditorium. He showed it to Stevie. He knew
the Recreation Director had made up a fake one, but Stevie didn't know
it. His dad owned the RD just like he owned Mr. Z.

Stevie read it. Both nights said "Barney the Comic". Stevie remembered Alex
talking with Marie about getting the theater on Friday. He told Robert
Charles that. Robert Charles said Marie didn't have the power to schedule
the theater, that only the RD did.

"But Marie talked to him about it," Stevie said. "She told Alex she
did. All they had on Friday was a film, because Barney was going to put a
show on for the crew."

"Marie was wrong."

"Okay. She was wrong. How can you help us then if it is already scheduled?"

"Well, it's like this. There is only a movie scheduled for the crew the
next night. . I bet Barney would move a show if the RD asked him, then do
his second show next week. I mean I know how the whole class is looking
forward to seeing you guys perform. And, if you're any good maybe you can
have a second show or a crew show too."

Stevie was steaming. If you're any good....what a shitty thing to say, he

"So how do we get this messed up schedule changed?" Stevie asked.

"That's where you come in. Doing me a favor. A secret favor I might add."

"What kind of favor?"

"You mean you have to ask?"

Robert Charles got up and went over to the couch. He told Stevie to join
him. Stevie had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. He had a good
idea Alex would be mad if he found out. He knew that couldn't happen. But
he knew he had to do whatever Robert Charles wanted. Alex wanted to
perform for the passengers on the ship. He loved being on stage so much. He
would do this for Alex and Alex would never know.

Robert Charles opened up his zipper and opened his pants and pulled them
down. He had a raging hard on. Stevie looked at it. The head was wet with

"Make it feel good, kid, and I guarantee you will be playing Friday night."

Stevie knelt down between his legs and started stroking him.

"Come on, kid, you can do better than that. Suck me."

Stevie took a deep breath and put Robert Charles's dick into his mouth. It
was six inches, a bush of thick pubic hair above his dick, and a very musky
odor. He let it slide into his mouth and he started sucking, letting his
head bob as he got it deeper and deeper into his mouth. Soon he got a
rhythm going, sucking and tonguing. He played some with Robert Charles's

"Oh, man, you're good, kid. I see you've done this before. With that
arguing brother of yours I bet. You two are bed buddies aren't you? I know
you are."

Stevie had this urge to bite down on Robert Charles's dick, but he knew he
couldn't. Instead he kept giving him the best BJ he could. His own dick was
hard even though he didn't want it to be. But he wasn't about to pull it
out. He didn't want to give Robert Charles any idea that this was making
him hard. He didn't want to be hard. He hated Robert Charles and he hated
doing this to him.

Robert Charles arched his back, moaned loud, and shot a huge load into
Stevie's mouth. Stevie wanted to spit it back out over Robert Charles, but
he swallowed it, hoping that would make him happy and give them the theater

"Oh shit that was good, kid." Robert Charles pulled his pants back up. He
made to effort to try to make Stevie feel better. "I bet your brother just
loves having you do that to him. Well, tell him that I will talk to the RD
and see about getting the theater back on Friday."

Robert Charles walked out. Stevie followed him, almost wanting to cry. He
felt cheap and like a whore, but he knew Alex would be happy. They were
going to do what they loved best, play in front of an audience.


The next two days went by fast. Alex was happy that they were going to
play. He asked Stevie how he arranged it. Stevie said he just talked to RC
to see if he could help them, since he was the class leader now. Robert
Charles talked to the RD, and he talked to Barney and it was all taken care
of. Stevie had never lied to Alex before, ever. Alex was his big brother
and his hero. He worshipped him. He kept telling himself he was doing this
for Alex and it was okay. But in his heart he knew it wasn't. If he had to
lie to his brother then it wasn't ok.

Mike was hating his restriction. But nobody said he couldn't have visitors.
Travis, Scooter, Ryan, Douglas, and Jim all stopped by. But the biggest
visits were from Alex. And on Thursday Brad was out, and they made hard but
sweet love to each other.

When they were done, they lay in bed, naked and hugging.

"Well, you have your concert tomorow night, my love," Mike said.

"I like it when you call me that. And yeah we do have the concert."

"Stevie did a good job of talking did he?"

"I think it was more than talk. And that is what worries me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I think Robert Charles made him do something. Like sex."


"And if he did, then Stevie is lying to me. And Stevie has never lied to
me. If he did I could forgive him, but I don't know why he would lie to
me. He knows I love him unconditionally."

"Maybe RC threatened him."

"Maybe. I dunno."

They cuddled a little more. Then Mike said, "I'm going to miss it you


"My restriction."

"Oh, shit, I forgot about that. Well, a donkey can always crash a party."

"I know. But I don't want it extended."

"Hey. If Stevie can get his way, then so can I."

"You're not going to Robert Charles are you, Alex?"

"Fuck Robert Charles. He is an ass kisser and a big phony. I'm going to
somebody who really has clout. I'm going higher than him, which believe me,
isn't hard to do."

"Good luck my love." Mike gave Alex a deep kiss. They heard Brad come into
the cabin. It was time for Alex to get dressed and leave. The boys kissed
one more time and Alex left the room, said good-bye to Brad and left.

In the games room that night, just about everybody else was excited about
the show. Robert Charles spent a lot of time bragging how he got the
mistake changed so that Alex and Stevie could play. It showed what a great
leader he was. Scooter and Douglas both could hear him and it made them
mad. Robert Charles saw them.

"Did I see you guys holding hands on that couch a while ago?"

"And what if you did?" Douglas asked.

"Then it is one more reason I'm a better leader. You might have gotten
seven votes, Dougie, but I think if we voted again tonight you would lose
half of them."

"You would be real surprised," Scooter said. And he grabbed Doug's hand
making sure Robert Charles saw it.

"And don't call me Dougie," Douglas said.

"Whatever you say, Dougie," Robert Charles laughed. He took Lisa's hand and
held it.

"Douglas, I think the smell is getting bad in here. Let's go." Still
holding hands the two boys left the room.

Robert Charles looked at Lisa. "Don't see how a faggot boy like that
thinks he can lead. This whole group is a bunch of wimps, except maybe
Jeremy. When we get to Alpha Orion IV, I'm going to totally own these
guys. And then I will have REAL power. A few of them will be sorry they
ever crossed me." He looked at the door. "And those two will be the
sorriest." He took Lisa's hand and led her to the couch, where he made sure
everybody could see him kissing the prettiest girl on the ship.

Scooter and Douglas stopped in front of Scooter's door and kissed. They
said good night.

"I love you, Scooter. What you did in front of RC was awesome."

"I love you, my sweet love. You let me take your hand. We were both

Douglas walked to his room feeling happy. He was in love. And so what that
he lost the election. On his new home there would be other elections. And
he would have a good reason for running and winning. The reason would be
beating RC. Maybe he was going to like his new home. Then his heart
sank. Scooter was just on board for the trip, not to live there. In less
than two months his love would turn around and go back to Earth. And he
wished he was too. Next: Chapter 14 Boyfriends

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