Boyfriends This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If
such things offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then
please don't read on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some
day it will be.

They next week after the show things got pretty routine, except that the
boys in the upper class found an amazing thing about each other. They
already were starting to find out stuff about their best friends. ALEX AND

Friday morning before class started Mr. Z. called Alex into his office.

"You didn't show up yesterday."

"I wasn't feeling good, sir."

"You need to let me know."

"I forgot."

"Someone said they saw you near Mike's cabin."

"I got lost."

"Alex. I know we're just going to be together a little while. But I know
some of the teachers on AO IV. They won't put up with your attitude."

"Sir, I don't have an attitude. You have the attitude because you don't
trust us. You aren't honest with us. So we don't trust you. Sir....."

"That's enough Alex."

Alex didn't like being interrupted. But he kept his mouth shut. He didn't
want to end up like Mike. On restriction. Then they wouldn't be able to
see each other.

"Sorry, sir." It was now kiss ass time. "I'll try to be better, sir. I'm
just not used to dealing with teachers. Stevie and I were home schooled on
Earth. I'm sorry if I was disrespectful. I just wanted everything to be

"Well, Alex. Life isn't fair. Don't expect it to be. Then you can never be

"Yes, sir."

Mr. Z. let him go back to class. He would have to watch Alex. He was smart
and not afraid to speak his mind. Students like that were dangerous.

At lunch Alex went to see Marie. He told her about Mike not being able to
go to the concert that night and wondered if she could help get permission
for him to go. She said she would look into it. He told Mike and both of
them hoped that she could do something.

Just before class ended Marie came by and called Alex and Mike outside.

"I'm sorry. The First Officer wouldn't budge. He said Mike has to accept
the consequences for what he did. And that he is lucky it wasn't the whole
voyage. That what he did was serious and could have landed him in the
brig. He wasn't pleased that he was even asked. I tried for you. You're a
nice kid Mike. If it means anything, I don't think you did it, or I
wouldn't have tried."

Both boys thanked Marie and went back into the classroom. Alex felt for his
new love. He wanted Mike at the concert so bad. He was going to make this
all up to Mike some time, no matter what. Mike felt badly that he wouldn't
be able to hear Alex and Stevie.

After school Alex and Stevie had some crew members take their instruments
to the theater. About a half hour before it was time to play people
started coming. Their classmates came the earliest so they could get up
close. They were ready for something better than movies and jugglers. This
was going to be real entertainment.

When show time came the theater was full. The lights went down, and Robert
Charles appeared on the stage.

"What's he doing there?" Alex asked Stevie.

"I don't know."

"This is really making me mad."

Robert Charles had a microphone in his hand.

"Ladies and Gentlemen and all my fellow students. I'm happy to have helped
to make this possible. I heard how talented Alex and Stevie are and I
wanted nothing more as the elected leader of the upper class to help give
them a chance to play their music for all of you. I'm proud to present our
favorite brothers on board the "Starkeeper", Alex and Stevie."

The boys in the front looked at each other. Douglas and Scooter were
shaking their heads. Ryan turned and whispered to Scooter, "What an
asshole. He never did a thing."

Behind the curtain Alex said to Stevie, "He's gonna get his. You wait and

Robert Charles walked off the stage and the curtain opened. Alex and
Stevie were on stage and the spotlight hit them. As soon as it hit them
they started playing their music and singing. Douglas and Scooter looked at
each other. All the boys looked at each other. They figured they were
probably good. What they didn't know was, Alex and Stevie were awesomely
great. The kids loved it, the adults loved it. Everybody was clapping and
yelling and whistling after each song. After close to an hour Alex
announced the next song.

"I want to dedicate this song to somebody I love and who can't be
here. It's called "I Miss you Like Crazy"."

Alex and Stevie started off. Alex did the singing.

When I think of you, I don't know what to do. Even more than words can
say. I miss you like crazy. Every minute of every day. When will I see
you again? I miss you like crazy More and more each day. Boy of my dreams
When your love's not around I miss you, miss you like crazy. *

*(Words from the song "I Miss You Like Crazy" by Alex)

The kids all knew who he was singing about. They all knew who wasn't there
and who Alex was missing. And they could tell Alex was putting a little
something extra into it. The adults were kind of confused, except maybe
Brad, wondering why he was singing a love song about another boy. But it
was great music and maybe they were missing something. When the song ended
Scooter, Douglas, Jim, Ryan, and Travis leaped up and cheered and whistled
so loud it almost drowned out the rest of the audience. Braden stood up
with them and started cheering too. Jeremy, Robert Charles, and Jordan
didn't get up. Matthew started to when he saw everybody else get up, but
Jordan grabbed him and made him sit back down. Matthew was confused. He
wanted to join all the boys who were excited and happy. The guys sitting
down didn't seem either one.

When the concert was over everybody went nuts, even Robert Charles, Jordan,
and Jeremy. It was the singers they didn't like, not the music. Jordan had
to admit it was one of the best shows he had ever seen on a trip. He knew
they would get a second night, and even play for the crew. They were good.

After everything was over, Alex and Stevie helped get their stuff back to
the cargo area. Then Alex went to Mike's cabin. Mike let him in. Brad was
on the couch and said hi. Alex and Mike talked with him for a while. Then
they went to Mike's room. Brad watched them go in and smiled. He knew love
when he saw it.

Except to eat Alex didn't leave Mike's bedroom all weekend. They made the
sweetest love. On Sunday, Alex figured he better get back to Stevie. He
told Mike he would see him in school.

After Alex left, Brad talked to Mike.

"He's pretty special to you isn't he?"

Mike knew he wasn't hiding anything from his brother. It was time to be

"I love him, Brad."

"I could see that."

"I think I'm gay."

"You think, or you know?"

Mike felt a couple of tears. "I know."

Brad hugged him. "Nothing to cry about. It's not as bad as it once was."

"Some people think so."

"Some people have always had to hate somebody, bro. Some people always
will, I guess. Nothing you can do about it. Just know I love you
brother. And we are brothers in more ways than one."

Mike looked at his older brother and smiled.

"I'm here for you anytime you need me, Mike. See you in the morning." Brad
gave Mike one more hug and headed for his bedroom.

Other than school and meals Mike stayed in his room until his restriction
ended. But Alex was with him every chance he got. And they made love every
chance they got, sweet love between two boys who loved each other.

When Alex wasn't with Mike, he was with Stevie. They would play their music
in the cargo bay, or make love on their bed talking about Mike and Jim. The
brothers loved each other totally, but they loved that they each had a
boyfriend. This whole trip was turning into something awesome for both of

The next weekend Alex did not go to the games room but stayed with
Mike. Brad could tell the love they had for each other and was happy that
they didn't spend ALL their time in the bedroom and came out to talk with
him, or play games, or watch vids.

Friday, Mike and Stevie did a show for the crew. Everybody but the crew on
duty was there and they loved the it. Jordan got to watch it again. Matthew
was with him and they both loved the show as much as before. Jordan and
Matthew sat in the back of the crew lounge listening.

Sunday was special. The boys made sweet love in the morning, went to lunch,
came back and talked some with Brad, then spent the afternoon cuddling and
talking. It was Mike's last day of restriction. Mike told Alex how ready he
was to get to the games room and have fun again with the whole group. The
only times he saw everybody was in school and at lunch. Alex found some
time in the games room every day so he could let Mike know all that was
going on with everybody.

What he didn't tell Mike was the big surprise that was planned for him on
Monday. Mike would just have to find out when it happened. And Alex knew he
would love it.


Stevie was upset with what Robert Charles said at the concert. How could he
take credit for what happened? Stevie knew what happened in Mr. Z's office.
Stevie knew what he did so they could have their date back. Stevie hated
Robert Charles. But he wouldn't let that get in his way of making this
their greatest concert ever.

Before Alex sang his solo for Mike, they both sang a song that Stevie told
Jim was for him.

Saw you this morning with that look in your eyes I hate to see you looking
lost and lonely Baby, I'll be there for you When you need somebody When you
want somebody who cares.

When you're down and feeling blue I'll be there for you When you need
somebody When you want somebody who cares.

If you look you'll find I got you on my mind I'll be there for you.*

*(from the song "I'll Be There For You" by Alex).

When it was over there was a ton of applause. Jim looked up at the stage
and at Stevie and said, "I love you." Stevie smiled and blew a kiss. Jim
knew it was for him.

Because Alex was staying at Mike's after the concert, Jim and Stevie had
Stevie's cabin all alone. The boys undressed each other and kissed and
hugged. Pretty soon they were 69, working hard on making each other feel
good. Both boys were totally horny and it wasn't long before they filled
each other's mouth with sweet hot cum.

Both boys were glowing. They were naked in bed cuddling and talking.

"Thanks for the song, Stevie."

"I love you, Jim. I was hoping you would like that. I really will be here
for you. Any time. 24/7."

They kissed some more.

"I'm glad I have you, Stevie. I was so excited to see Scooter. And then I
find out he's in love with somebody else."

"You love Scooter?"

"Yeah. He loves me. But not like he loves Douglas."

"Are you jealous of Douglas?"

"I was. Big time. I thought Scooter was supposed to be mine."

"You're not any more though?"

"Uh uh. First, it was two years since I saw him last. And second I found
you. I love you. I love Scooter, like a best friend. But I love you
like....well...I love you..."

"Like a lover? A boyfriend?"

"Yes. Like that."

They kissed some more.

"If you had a chance to have sex with Scooter would you do it?"

"Only if it was totally okay with you."

"I love you. I trust you. If it made you happy that day, it would be okay
with me."

They talked and kissed and soon were asleep all cuddled up and tight.

Like the other boys, they hung out together in the games room and at
lunch. Nobody was talking about who was falling in love with whom, but it
was like they all knew and were all waiting for it all to come out in the
open. With Alex, Mike, Stevie, and Jim it already was.

One day after school they were in Stevie's room. Alex had gone to visit
Mike. Jim and Stevie were alone.

"I love you, Jim."

"I love you, Stevie."

"I want you to make love to me."

" Like sex? Like..."

"Yeah. Like up my butt."

"Doesn't that hurt?"


"You've done it. You and Alex?"

"Yeah. And one other person who doesn't count." Stevie wasn't ready to tell
Jim about how he was abused when he was younger. "Now I want the boy I love
inside me making love to me."

Stevie guided Jim inside him. Jim had never felt anything so tight and warm
and wonderful. It didn't take long for his 13 year old body to have an
orgasm that almost knocked him out.

A couple of days later Stevie became the first person to take Jim's
butt. For Jim it was very special. For Stevie it was the first person he'd
done it to except his brother. It was just as special to him.

When the crew concert came, Stevie had fun. But it wasn't the same as when
they played for the passengers, and his friends, and for his Jim.

He did remember what Alex had said to him the night before. About the
surprise for Mike. He thought it was going to be awesome for Mike and for
everybody. Jeremy and Braden

After the concert Jeremy walked Braden to his room.

"When do I get to stay the night, Braden?"

"Do you really want to?"

"Yeah I do."

"I'll ask dad if it's okay tonight."

Jeremy got a big grin. He couldn't believe his luck. Braden always kept
turning him down. Now, suddenly, he said yes. He didn't know why, but he
wasn't going to turn it down.

Braden came back and said it was okay. Jeremy hugged Braden. Braden wasn't
sure what to do so he just stood there and let him.

They went in. Jeremy said hi to Braden's dad. He told them not to stay up
too late and went to his room. Jeremy and Braden went to Braden's room.

They played some vid games for a while. Jeremy was getting pretty horny
though. He couldn't stand both of them sitting on the bed fully dressed.

"Let's get some of these clothes off and get more comfortable," Jeremy

"Why?" Braden asked.

"Because, like I said, it's more comfortable sitting in your undies."

"Let's just play some more."

"Right. Play some more in our undies." What Jeremy really wanted was to get
Braden naked, but that wasn't going to happen right away. One step at a

Jeremy took off his shirt. Braden looked at his bare chest. It was starting
to get muscular, and it was so smooth and so wonderful. He looked at
Jeremy's belly button. Braden loved looking at belly buttons, and Jeremy's
innie made his dick start to get hard. Oh how he wanted to rub his hand
along Jeremy's belly and around his button.

"Come on, Braden, at least take off your shirt."

Braden was afraid that Jeremy would see how skinny he was compared to
him. Braden was afraid of being embarrassed and Jeremy laughing at him. He
still couldn't figure out why Jeremy liked him. But he loved it that he

"Come on, Braden," Jeremy said again. His voice sounded kind of
hoarse. Jeremy thought Braden was hot. Sexy. He loved his small size and
skinniness. Now he wanted to see him with nothing on. Tonight would be the
first step he hoped.

Braden sat there pushing on the control and didn't say anything. Both boys
had their shoes off and Jeremy was shirtless.

"These pants are hot and tight," Jeremy muttered. He opened the belt and
the top button. His hard boner was pushing up tight against his pants. He
wanted so badly to adjust it.

Braden was getting harder and harder. He wanted Jeremy to open up his pants
more. He wanted to see his undies. But he was afraid to tell him. He was
afraid Jeremy would know he was gay and wouldn't like him as much.

"Still kind of tight," Jeremy muttered again. This time he adjusted his
package. Then he unzipped his pants. Braden could see Jeremy's white briefs
showing. Braden was so hard now he thought he was going to burst.

Jeremy was breathing hard. He wanted Braden to see him. All of him. He
wished Braden would follow.

"Aren't you hot, Braden? In that shirt I mean. I still think you should
take if off." Jeremy's heart was thumping. So was Braden's.

Jeremy lifted himself off the bed and pulled at his pants until they were
off. His boner was pushing his briefs into a big tent. Braden stared at his
friend sitting in just his underpants. He looked at his smooth legs and
smooth body. He looked so hot in the white briefs. And he could see them
pushed out by Jeremy's boner.

"Maybe I should put my PJs on," Braden said.

"Yeah. Your PJs."

Braden took off his shirt. Jeremy looked at Braden's chest and almost
cummed right then. Braden got his pajama shirt and put it on. Jeremy
wanted to stop him but all he could do was sit there breathing hard. Then
Braden pulled off his pants. Jeremy got a look at his briefs, but he
couldn't tell if Braden was hard or not. Braden grabbed the bottoms, but
then set them down. He sat on the bed next to Jeremy wearing his PJ top and
his briefs. He saw Jeremy put his hand inside his briefs and adjust his
hard dick. When he took his hand out he could see the head pushing out the

Braden shuddered. He felt his dick shake. He put his hand over his mouth
but some sound still came out when he had a cum in his undies. He never
even touched himself but he could feel his undies get wet with the cum he
shot into them.

Jeremy knew exactly what had just happened to Braden. He was so close
himself. He couldn't stop himself now if he wanted to. He pulled his briefs
down under his balls and his 5" dick popped right up. Braden saw he had
just a few hairs over it and it was leaking precum. Braden had just cummed
in his undies, but he was still hard looking at somebody else's boner for
the first time. Jeremy stroked his three times then moaned loudly. His body
arched and he shot a huge fountain of cum. He hit his neck, then down to
his nipples, his belly, his button, then into his pubes. He collapsed on
the bed, his cum so awesome his head was swimming.

Braden was so lost he didn't even know he was pulling up his PJ top and
pulling down his undies. Jeremy looked over amazed as he saw Braden's
perfect almost 4" dick for the first time. He had just a little more hair
than he did. Braden was stroking with his eyes closed like he forgot Jeremy
was even on his bed. He stroked about a dozen times and let out a long slow
moan. He started cumming, the first squirt landing on his PJ top. Then
across his belly. Jeremy watched as his friend cummed over himself.

Suddenly Braden realized what he did. He pulled up his undies and turned
bright red.

"That was great, Braden. You are so hot."


Jeremy leaned over and held Braden's face. "You are. Very hot." Then he
got real close like he was going to kiss him.

"Jeremy, what are you doing?" Jeremy answered him by kissing Braden's
lips. Braden got all tight and then he relaxed. Jeremy kept his lips on
Braden's. Braden suddenly realized that this was incredibly wonderful.
Without knowing what he was doing he opened his mouth and Jeremy's tongue
shot right into it. Braden felt like he was hit by electricity. His whole
body shook hard, his heart started racing, and his breathing became
fast. He didn't ever want this to end. Ever. The kiss went on and on and

Jeremy pulled off Braden's top, so that now Braden was just wearing his
undies, and so was Jeremy. They were kissing and hugging tight. Braden
couldn't believe this was happening to him. Two straight cums and again he
was hard as a rock.

Jeremy's hand started rubbing Braden's crotch through his underpants. He
felt Braden's perfect sized hardness. His other hand rubbed Braden's
chest. Then Jeremy stopped and pulled off his briefs. He was naked now. He
grabbed Braden's waistband and started tugging. Braden wanted to stop him
and didn't want to stop him, so he just let it go and soon he was naked

Then Braden put his hand on Jeremy's dick. He not only was touching another
boy's dick, he was touching the dick of a boy who was so hot and athletic
looking. It was like all the warp power in the "Starkeeper" was roaring
through him when he touched Jeremy's dick. And when Jeremy touched his
again he almost fainted. The boys kissed harder and deeper, arms wrapped
around each other. Their dicks touched. Jeremy pushed his against
Braden. Oh how much he had wanted this. Braden squealed it was so good.

Then he kneeled down between Braden's knees and let Braden's dick slide
into his mouth. Braden saw colors, his brain exploded, his dick exploded,
his cum exploded into Jeremy's mouth, and then he did faint.

When Braden woke up he was lying under the blankets with Jeremy's arms
around him. They were both naked. Jeremy was sound asleep and it was still
dark. Braden kissed his face lightly and realized something. He had never
been happier or ever felt better. He smiled and fell back to sleep.

When morning came Jeremy woke up feeling something rubbing his belly. He
opened his eyes and saw it was Braden rubbing his dick on his belly
button. Braden moaned and he felt Braden's warm sticky cum on his belly

After Braden's cum the boys slept in some more, then finally woke up and
took a shower together. They washed each other all over, touching every
part. Braden found out he loved feeling Jeremy wash the crack of his ass
and rub on his rose. That got him incredibly hard again and he saw that
Jeremy was too. They soon were washing and rubbing each other's erections,
and before the ration for the day ran out were cumming hard over each
other's wet bodies.

Other than being with each other as much as they could nothing happened
again until Tuesday. Braden and Jeremy had time after school to do
something in Jeremy's room. Ryan had said he would be in the games room
until dinner. Jeremy sucked Braden off and asked Braden if he wanted to
return the favor. Braden felt his heart beat hard, looked at Jeremy's
beautiful hard erection leaking precum, knew he wanted to badly, and said,
"Not now, maybe later."

Jeremy knew he shouldn't push his new lover. He was amazed he got Braden to
come this far since Sunday, so he ended up pushing his dick through
Braden's legs and humping him. He cummed all over Braden's legs and all
over his sheets. It was good, but he knew he wanted more. It just would
take time, just like it took time to get Braden. He loved Braden. He was
going to let Braden set his own pace, but would keep trying to get him to
do more.

They were finished and dressed, but lying on Jeremy's bed together when
Ryan came in from the games room to get ready for dinner. He looked at
Braden and Jeremy and smiled. What kind of group was in this ship, he
wondered. This didn't seem to be a great trip for a girl to be on. Almost
every boy seemed to like another boy.

On Thursday Jeremy, Scooter, and Douglas played three on three against
Robert Charles, Matthew, and Jordan in the ship's gym. Jeremy thought it
was strange to see Douglas arranging this, but he was glad. He liked
Douglas and wanted him to get along with Robert Charles. It would make
things so much easier. The other boys were asked to play. Mike was on
restriction and Alex was with him. Travis and Ryan said they had some other
plans, and so did Jim and Stevie. When they were finished everybody was hot
and sweaty. Jeremy knew he needed a shower. Braden sat and watched them
play. He always thought he was no good at sports, that he was too short and
too skinny, so he never played. Jeremy tried to get him to, but he was
happy to just sit and watch.

They walked to Jeremy's cabin and Jeremy punched in the code. He was
already throwing off his clothes as he walked through the door. He
remembered that Ryan told him that he would be in the games room again
before dinner. His shirt was off and on the floor and he opened the bedroom
door. He and Braden walked in. Braden saw what was happening on Ryan's bed
and let out a high pitched screech. He ran out of the room and out of the
cabin. Jeremy looked at Braden zooming out and then back at Ryan's bed
where Ryan was on his back, his legs up, and Travis inside his butt. Travis
pulled out, Ryan dropped his legs, and both of them said at almost the same
time, "Oh, shit."

But Jeremy didn't bother hanging around to tell them it was cool. He ran
out chasing after Braden, wearing just shoes, socks, and sweat shorts. He
finally caught up to him just before they got to Braden's cabin.

"What's wrong, Braden?"

"Nothing." Braden was kind of sullen.

"Come on. Let's talk about it," Jeremy said gently. "Let's go to your room
and talk."

Braden said nothing but coded into his cabin. Jeremy followed. Jeremy's dad
was in the living room.

"What's wrong lil' sport?"

"Nothing. Jeremy just wants to talk to me for a second." They went into
Braden's room.

Braden's dad looked at them go in. Jeremy looked like he'd come straight
from the gym.

Something was wrong. He didn't know what, but he would find out later. All
he knew now was that since Braden started hanging with Jeremy he was eating
better, sleeping better, and not needing his meds to keep him calmed down.
He hoped and prayed that something wasn't happening that would cause him to
lose his new friend.

Braden and Jeremy sat on the bed. Jeremy started talking to Braden again
about what was wrong. Braden started crying.

" wanted me to see that. You wanted to do that to me right there
with them."

"Braden. I thought they were in the games room like on Tuesday. I never
knew they were in there, and I sure didn't know they would be doing
that. Yeah, I want to do that, but not until you're ready. I won't ever
make you do anything you don't want to do. I love you, Braden."

"What did you say?"

There was a long pause. "I said, I love you," Jeremy said quietly. Then
Braden broke down totally sobbing huge tears, burying his head into
Jeremy's bare chest. Even sobbing as he was he could smell the boy sweat
still on Jeremy from playing basketball.

"You okay?" Jeremy asked.

Braden lifted his head. He hadn't felt like this since Josh died. He looked
into Jeremy's eyes. His heart was racing, but he said what he had wanted to
say since last Friday. "I love you, Jeremy." They kissed, hard and deep
and long.

When Jeremy left, Braden's dad could tell by their looks that everything
was okay, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Jeremy spent the weekend with Braden again. They had intense sex. Braden
wasn't ready to take the next step yet. For whatever reason he couldn't
bring himself to get Jeremy's dick in his mouth. But he was close. He knew
that if Jeremy loved him and he loved Jeremy he would have to give Jeremy
the same pleasures he was getting. Ryan and Travis

For Ryan and Travis the week was spent becoming better friends and closer
lovers. They kissed and held hands and hugged whenever they could. If they
had known Jeremy was going to stay at Braden's on Friday, Travis would have
stayed with Ryan. But they did know on Saturday and Travis spent the night
with Ryan. That night was very special for them. Neither Travis nor Ryan
was very talkative. They could say more in a look or a touch or just
sitting there saying nothing than lots of kids could saying a million
words. It was a night of kissing, rubbing, jacking, and sucking. It was a
night they both declared their love and slept in a warm naked embrace.

Tuesday they were in the games room after school. Ryan walked Travis to his
cabin, holding his hand walking down the hall. He dropped Travis off and
went to his own cabin. He punched in the code and walked into the
bedroom. He was surprised to see Jeremy and Braden lying on the bed. Braden
jumped up and turned red. Ryan just said, "Hi guys," and tried not to
embarrass anybody more.

That night he and Jeremy jacked each other off. He wanted so bad to tell
him about his love for Travis. He wanted to know what happened with him and
Braden. But he was too shy to ask.

On Thursday Jeremy was going to be gone playing basketball. Travis wanted
to play, but he wanted to be with Ryan more. They had special plans they
had talked about the night before in the games room. Everybody saw them
together every night. And most of them could see their love.

As soon as school was out they almost ran to the cabin. When they got into
the bedroom they undressed each other. Fast but carefully, licking and
kissing and nibbling while they did. When they were naked they kissed and
touched all over. Ryan got on his back. Travis got the lube he took from
the bathroom in his cabin. Ryan had read all about this on Earth and he was
ready to try it. He wanted Travis inside of him.

Ryan lifted his legs and Travis pushed into the hole. He couldn't get it to
go in. It was so tight. Ryan told him to try his fingers. Travis got them
lubed up and worked Ryan's butt with them until it loosened up. Then Travis
tried again. This time he pushed in. Ryan grunted. It hurt some. He
grimaced. Travis kept it in him, then pushed a little more. Ryan grunted
again, then said it was okay. Travis started humping some, taking it slow.
For Ryan it hurt some, but there also was a great feeling starting up. He
liked having his love inside of him, he liked how it felt. Travis was
humping him now, and he moaned from the feelings.

Suddenly the door opened. Ryan looked around Travis. He saw Braden standing
there with Jeremy, who was wearing just shorts, behind him. Braden said,
"Noooooooooooo," and ran off. Jeremy turned and ran after him.

Travis's dick popped out of Ryan's hole with a pop. He looked at Ryan. Ryan
was totally white. Travis was shaking too. He could see tears coming into
Ryan's eyes.

"Oh God, Travis, he knows. THEY know. They saw us. They're going to tell
everybody. Oh God, we're finished."

Travis's voice was shaking. "I don't know. I don't know what to say or do."

They lay there holding each other. Both of them were crying and
worried. They weren't hard or turned on any more. They finally decided to
get dressed and go to dinner, even if they suddenly had no appetite. Jeremy
came back in as they were leaving the room. They all looked at each other,
but said nothing.

After dinner Travis and Ryan went to the games room. Jeremy did too. But
they avoided each other. Everybody could see something was bothering Ryan
and Travis, but when anybody asked them they just said it was nothing.

After the room closed Ryan went back to the cabin. He didn't want to. He
didn't want to see Jeremy ever again. He thought about going to an
observation lounge and curling up on a couch and sleeping. But he knew that
there weren't very many hiding places on a spaceship, so he finally went to
his cabin.

Jeremy was lying on his bed. He was naked and reading a book. Ryan was
hoping Jeremy was asleep, but he wasn't. Ryan went into the bathroom and
peed and brushed his teeth. He came back into the room and started
undressing. When he got down to his briefs he started getting into his bed.

"You aren't going to be naked?" Jeremy asked.

"You want to look at the butt that was being fucked? Is that why you ask?
See all of the fuck boy?" Ryan started crying. God, he hated it when he

Jeremy got up off his bed and came over to Ryan.

"Go away! Leave me alone! Pervert!" Ryan was so emotional he didn't even
know what he was saying. He turned toward the wall, crying.

Jeremy put his hand on Ryan. "It's okay, Ryan. It's cool. I've done what
you were doing. I'm no virgin. I've had my butt fucked."

To Ryan it sounded so nasty hearing it that way. But still, Jeremy said he
did it too.

"'re not mad at me?'t going to call me a faggot
or...or.." he started crying again.

"Ryan," Jeremy whispered, "I'm gay. You and Travis are cool. Good night."

Ryan stopped sobbing. He turned and looked at Jeremy.



He paused. He wanted to tell Jeremy he was gay too. That what he was doing
with Travis was more than messing around. But he couldn't quite do it.


Both boys fell asleep smiling.

Travis spent the weekend with Ryan since Jeremy was at Braden's. Ryan told
him what Jeremy said.

"Travis, before this gets too far. I have to tell you this. I'm gay. I'm
sorry. It's okay if you stop. Because, I'm falling in love with you." The
tears were staring again. Ryan was mad at himself again. He could never say
anything serious without crying.

Travis looked at Ryan and kissed him. "Ryan, I don't know if I'm gay or
not. But if being in love with you means I'm gay, well then I'm gay."

They kissed, and finished what they had started on Thursday afternoon.
Robert Charles, Jordan, and Matthew

When the concert started Robert Charles got up on the stage. He had to make
sure everybody knew who got the concert on the stage. He stood up and took
his credit and sat down. The kids all knew he was their leader. Now the
adults who would be living on the Alpha Orion IV would know about it too.
His dad told him to become elected a leader he had to impress everybody.

When he sat down he was sure he did.

His week was spent making sure his power was known in class. Everybody knew
who was elected leader, but he wanted to make sure they didn't forget. When
Mr. Z stepped out he found ways to get somebody into a detention,
especially Douglas.

He also tried to get Lisa into bed. He could get her naked now, and she
even sucked him, but she wouldn't let him fuck her. Well, his time would
come, whether Lisa wanted it or not.

On Thursday he somehow agreed to let Douglas talk him into playing some
basketball. He realized soon it was a bad move. It seemed every time he
tried to rebound or go the basket, Douglas would hit him with an elbow. He
didn't know Douglas had played basketball. Robert Charles didn't know that
because he never paid much attention to what Douglas did. He looked at
Douglas as a cry baby loser. Now suddenly he was getting thumped all during
the game. He wanted to punch Douglas out, but he knew if he did it would
set him behind in all his plans, so he had to take it. But he didn't have
to forget what Douglas was doing. Douglas thinks he's getting a hard time
now, just wait.

Jordan made sure Matthew was around him as much as he could. Every time he
could, he made sure Jordan was in his cabin. He took Matthew with him to
the crew concert. He touched him as much as he could without being seen.

After the concert he brought Matthew to his room. His dad was going to be
working on the overnight shift, which he usually didn't do. He looked in
his cabinet, got the key and took out a bottle of vodka.

"I think you're going to like this Matthew."

Matthew woke up Saturday afternoon. He was sick. His head hurt, his stomach
was upset, and his butt hurt. He got up and went to the bathroom and
puked. His head was in the toilet. He hated Jordan. He was puking and
crying. He hated Jordan and he was hating himself. Scooter and Douglas

For Scooter and Douglas the week was mostly getting to know each other
better, and love each other deeper.

Both of them were amazed by the concert and how good Alex and Stevie
were. And they both were disappointed that Mike couldn't be there.

As the week went on they also could see what was developing between pairs
of boys. They were both pretty sure that they weren't the only boys in

Robert Charles got Douglas two detentions for disrupting the class when
Mr. Z. was gone. Scooter and Mike both stood up for him, but Mr. Z. always
took Robert Charles's word. Douglas didn't mind because the ship's school
really didn't count for anything and because Scooter was always in the hall
waiting for him.

Douglas set up the basketball game just so he could play defense on Robert
Charles. He enjoyed throwing an elbow every chance he could and he could
tell Robert Charles was getting mad, which made it even more fun since he
couldn't do anything about it.

On Saturday Scooter was staying at Douglas's cabin. Doug's parents went
out to some kind of casino night so the cabin was empty. Doug and Scooter
were naked in Doug's bed. They were kissing and rubbing and telling "I love
you's." They were hard and horny and couldn't touch each other enough.

Douglas had two of his fingers in Scooter's butt and was licking up his
shaft. He pulled his fingers out.

"Why did you do that?" Scooter asked. "It felt good."

"Because. I want to do this," Douglas said. He got out a jar of Vaseline
and rubbed it on Scooter's butt. He was ready to rub some on his dick. He
and Scooter had talked about how it was done, and he wanted Scooter in
him. But somehow to Douglas it seemed right that he made love to Scooter

"No, please. Don't do it."

"Huh? What's the matter my sweetness? We talked about this."

"We talked about me doing it to you."

Douglas looked at Scooter. He saw sadness and tears in his eyes. "What's
wrong my sweet love. Why is my cupid crying?"

Scooter wrapped himself around Douglas and bawled. Douglas held him and
told him it was okay, that it was all okay, that he wouldn't every do a
thing to hurt him. After a while he could tell Scooter was asleep. He
pushed himself up tight against him, wondering why Scooter had reacted like
he did. Soon he was asleep too.

When morning came Douglas woke Scooter up in the best way he knew
how. Scooter's dry cum in his mouth shook his love awake. Douglas looked
into his eyes and saw the love.

"How is my love this morning?"


"What was wrong? What happened?"

"Douglas, I don't want to talk about it right now. Please. I love you. God,
I love you."

"I love you too, Scooter. But I want to help you."

"It's okay. I'll be okay."

They lay next to each other for a while longer.


"Yes, my sweet."

"Do you think I'm gay?"

"What kind of a question is that? I just know I love you. What else do I
need to know. But I think I am."

Scooter breathed deep. "You do?"

"Uh huh. Girls mean nothing. I love you. I like watching the other boys on
the ship. I keep thinking all those best friends we see being made feel the
same way we do. We both know there are interesting things going on."

"Yeah." Another pause. "Douglas."

"Yes, my sweetness?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"I think I'm gay too."

"I'm glad."

"You are? Why?"

"It means I can love you forever."

"But I'm going back to Earth."

"I know. But just because you're going back doesn't mean I can't love you

"I won't ever stop loving you, Douglas. You're my soulmate. I feel it."

"I feel it too, Scooter. I'm sure of it." But if you're my soulmate,
Douglas thought, why can't you tell me what made you cry last night?

They kissed and rubbed their bodies and dicks until they each had an
incredible orgasm. When it was over Scooter fell asleep again from the
glow. Douglas looked at the boy he loved so much. Somebody had hurt him
badly, so badly he was afraid to let him make love to him. He somehow knew
that their souls wouldn't touch until Scooter trusted him enough to tell
him what it was the hurt him so much. Their love wouldn't be complete
until he had all of Scooter's trust.

He listened to Scooter's breathing and watched his chest rise and fall. He
loved him so much. Tomorrow Mike came off restriction. And tomorrow was
Alex's surprise. They made sure that Jeremy, Robert Charles, Jordan, and
Matthew didn't know. And of course the girls weren't told because everybody
knew girls couldn't keep secrets. Braden was going to get Jeremy to the
surprise, but nobody wanted Jeremy to know ahead of time. Not everybody
trusted him, and they knew he didn't like Mike.


And in the bridge the night crew was looking at the colors of hyperspace
flow by. They were always different, but also in a lot of ways the same.
Suddenly a bright flash of color went by the view screen.

"What was that?" the new ensign asked.

"That was trouble," the First Officer answered.

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