This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

The "Starkeeper" dropped down hard. But down is where gravity pulls. And
in space there is no gravity, so there is no up and down. Down on the
"Starkeeper" is where its artificial gravity says it is, which is the decks
of the ship. So when the "Starkeeper" changed to it's "down" the gravity
generator had to work to make a new down. It wasn't built to make it that
fast and the "down" kept changing while the helmsman tried to get the ship

Right when Scooter was ready to push the last digit was when the ship
dropped. He felt his finger hit the screen but he didn't know where he hit
it. He started sliding back. He could feel Douglas trying to hold him, but
he was going too fast. He and Douglas both started sliding. He could hear
Douglas screaming then he dropped over the side of the walkway. At the same
time in the bridge the helmsman got the ship going straight again, but the
gravity generator was working to make "down" the decks again. Scooter could
feel himself get pulled against the wall. He grabbed the top of the control
panel, which was sticking out a little further than the wall. He was
hanging there by one arm trying to get the other one up. He looked down at
the floor. It was a long way down and he knew it was very hard.

He wondered what happened to Douglas. Douglas was sliding with him but he
never went over the edge. There was some equipment on the upper deck and
maybe he hit it. The ship got steadier and Scooter tried swinging to the
ladder. But then the ship shook again, but not as hard.

I must have hit the right digit, Scooter thought. The ship is still on one
piece. The ladder was close and he tried reaching over to it, but he
couldn't quite reach it. He knew he couldn't hold on to where he was for
very long. He could feel his fingers slipping. He was afraid to let go and
reach again. He didn't think his one arm would hold him any more. Then
below him he heard voices. He tried looking down and saw some crewmen come
into the engineering room. They looked up and saw Scooter.

"Hey, am I crazy or is there a kid up there swinging from the control
panel?" one of them asked.

He started up the ladder and reached out for Scooter. Scooter reached back.
The crewman grabbed his wrist and pulled him over to the ladder Scooter
told him his friend Douglas was up on the deck. The other crewman went up
and found him unconscious on the floor. He was up against the equipment.
He put Douglas up on his shoulder and brought him down. His face and head
were covered with blood. Scooter looked at his soulmate and felt tears
coming. Oh God, he thought, I hope he isn't hurt bad.

The crewman who got Scooter was checking on the Chief Engineer and the other
unconscious crewman on the floor. The other crewman called on his portable
radio and soon two medics came carrying stretchers. The ship was still
shaking some, but not as badly. The two crewmen and Douglas were put on
stretchers and taken to the ship's hospital.

One of the crewmen who came in was the Second Engineer. He started asking
Scooter how he and Douglas got into the Engineering room and why they were
there. Scooter told him the whole story.

"Well, I think this is something for the Captain to deal with." He called a
crewman over and he took Scooter back to Scooter's cabin. Scooter could
tell the shaking was getting less and less. He had to still hold the wall
to walk, but he didn't have to crawl, and the shaking wasn't enough to knock
him down. It was looking more and more that he and Douglas hit the right
last digit. And it was him and Douglas. He could feel Douglas put the
numbers in his head. It was like Douglas was guiding his finger on every
number making sure he hit the right ones. He could feel Douglas in his
head. It was like they were one. And now he was worried about him.
Douglas was unconscious and bleeding the last time he saw him.

Full power came on while the crewman took Scooter to his room. They put the
code in and the door opened. The room was a mess. Scooter's dad was on the
couch. He could tell he was hurt. The crewman got on the phone and called
for help. Scooter's dad moaned. He had been sitting there with his broken
leg the whole time Scooter was gone. His dad looked at him.

"Did you get the code to the Chief?"

"Dad, he was out on the floor. There was nobody there. Douglas and I had
to put the code in ourselves."

Gordon groaned. "Ohhhhhhh man it hurts....I'm proud of you son. Very
proud. I think you saved this ship and all our lives."

"It was Douglas and me both dad. I couldn't have done it without Douglas.
We did it together."

Right then the medics showed up and got Scooter's dad on a stretcher and
took him out. Scooter followed them, hoping he would see Douglas. But
instead of the hospital, he was taken to a lounge. So many people were hurt
that only the worst of them were taken to the hospital. Scooter still
didn't know how Douglas was.


Captain Fuller sat in his chair on the bridge. The ship was running
steadier and steadier. It was also slowing down. The Second Engineer came
onto the bridge.

"The Warp Enhancer was disconnected, Sir."

"Oh? And how did that happen?"

"Two boys shut it down."

"WHAT!!!!!! Say that again! I don't think I heard that right."

"Two boys got into Engineering and shut it down."

"Oh my God, I did hear you right. Who were they? How did they do it?"

"The were Gordon's son, Scott, and another kid. Douglas, I think his name
is. How they did it we haven't found out yet. But we will. Whatever they
did seems to have brought us back under control."

"Or they were responsible for the last big dip we took. What is the

"A lot, Sir. We haven't had time to check it all out. But the injuries are
coming in from all over. Two dead have been found so far. One passenger
and one crewman. That boy Douglas is one of the injured. He hit his head
when he did that last bounce."

"Well, I have Number One in charge of damage control. With the Chief out
you need to get Engineering taken care of." He looked at the view screen.
"I haven't been seeing any warp balls flashing. We're out of the storm.
We've been bounced around a lot. Helmsman, take us out of warp. We need to
get a check on the stars so we can get pointed in the right direction."

"Aye, sir."

For the first time in weeks the "Starkeeper" dropped out of warp. Scooter
was in the lounge where a lot of the injured were including his dad. He
suddenly felt a dropping feeling in his stomach and some sudden dizziness.
He looked out of the view port and suddenly the colors of warp were gone and
the blackness of space was there. Scooter looked out and saw the stars of
the Milky Way. They were so bright they almost lit up the room. He
wondered why they were out of warp.

On the bridge Captain Fuller waited while the astrogator checked where they
were. As soon as he got them pointed in the right direction they would go
right back to warp. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes for him to
pick out the right stars and get them turned. He stared into his computer.
Time went by. Captain Fuller started getting impatient.

"Well, Lieutenant Harris? Are you ready to get us turned?"

Lt. Harris was sweating. He didn't like what he was seeing. Or what he
wasn't seeing. And he was afraid to tell the Captain. He looked back into
his computer screen hoping what he was looking for would show up.

"Well, Lieutenant?"

"Captain. I can't find a star I recognize."

"What do you mean?"

"So far my scans don't bring up a known star. I've only checked the closest
ones, but I can't find a star I recognize. Not Alpha Orion, not Sol, not

"And that means what, Lieutenant?"

"Right now, Sir, until I can find a star I recognize, it means we're totally
lost. It means we have no idea where we are. It means whatever happened to
us in that warp storm sent us someplace humans have never been to."


The boys on the ship were all trying to figure out what to do. The storm
seemed to be over. The ship was leaving warp. Already most of them were
helping clean up the mess in their cabins. All of them sensed this storm
was far worse than anything anybody expected.

When the power came on Alex called up Jim's room to see if Stevie was okay.
He almost cried when he heard Stevie's voice he was so happy. Alex said if
he had known how bad it was he never would have let him go. And that he
loved him.

Mike hugged Alex. He knew how worried Alex was about his little brother.
And he knew how much Alex and Stevie loved each other.

Stevie had been just as worried as Alex. Alex barely beat him to a phone to
call. And Jim hugged Stevie just like Mike had hugged Alex.

Ryan and Travis spent the storm in Travis's bedroom holding each other when
the could. All the major furniture in each cabin was built into the floor,
and everybody held on to it as much as they could because no matter what
happened it wouldn't come loose.

Brett and Jeremy were happy to see the storm end too. Brett had never been
so scared, but somehow having Jeremy to hold him made it all better. He
wanted to cry from fright, and a couple of times he did, but each time
Jeremy was holding him and telling him it was all right. Like everybody
else he was beat up and bruised, but nothing serious.

Matthew's mom had a broken arm, but Matthew was okay. He just wished he
could be with the other boys now, and that didn't mean Robert Charles or
Jordan. He needed to figure how to get away from them. But he was afraid
that if he did anything they would get back at him or his parents, either
here on the ship or later on AO IV. He sat in his room crying. He was so
lonely. He thought Jordan and Robert Charles were cool because they seemed
in charge and they liked him. Now it was like nobody but them liked him.
And he hated it when they made him do sex with them.

Jordan was scared too. He heard his dad was hurt. That he was knocked out,
but was awake now. He couldn't wait to be able to see him. Right now, he
wanted to get drunk to keep from shaking. But he was afraid to in the
middle of the day.

Robert Charles sat on his bed. He was wearing nothing but his undies. He
had wet his pants when the ship took its big dip. He thought he was dead
for sure. Now he was just embarrassed. If his dad knew what happened he
would beat the crap out of him. He had thrown the pants into the laundry
basket after washing them out in the shower. He knew he let his dad down.
Leaders don't pee their pants from being scared. And his dad expected him
to be a leader. Well, nobody would ever know, and he would work to forget


The "Starkeeper" was stopped in space. The Captain sat in his chair
watching the astrogator. He knew that he was trying hard to find a star.
The computer was sorting stars, but it couldn't get them so it could find
Alpha Orion or Sol or any other recognizable star.

The Captain picked up his microphone and talked to the passengers. He said
they were stopped to check out the damage to the ship and to get it lined up
with Alpha Orion. He said that anybody hurt of having questions could go to
any of the lounges.

Then he called for Mr. Z and the RD. They were both in the RD's office
talking about all the cleaning up that has to be done and how it would be
done. The Captain called and said for them to see if the older boys could
help with getting things in order. That way the crew could take care of
other things. Both of them thought of exactly how they could help. Mr. Z
got on a phone and called Robert Charles. He asked him to come to Mr. Z's
office right away.

Robert Charles moaned. All he wanted to do was stay in his room. He hurt.
And he was mad and embarrassed about peeing himself. He got some clean
clothes and put them on and headed for the RD's office. When he got there
he was asked to organize the older boys to come clean out their offices.
Only he was told to tell them they needed to meet in Mr. Z's office to help
with the emergency. Robert Charles smiled. He liked this. None of them
could say no, because they would think they were going to come to help get
people organized. And when they got there they would be stuck.

First call went to Mike's room. He was surprised Alex was there too. They
both were eager to help. When he called Jim's room, Stevie was there.
Nobody was at Scooter's room or at Douglas's room. Calling Travis's room
brought Travis and Ryan. The next call was to Brett's room and sure enough
Jeremy was there. He suddenly wished he had somebody who could have been
with him. Then he remembered wetting his pants and was glad he didn't.
Jordan and Matthew were like him. They were alone.

When all the boys were in Mr. Z's office Robert Charles told them they
needed to clean it up and left for the RD's office. He went in and sat in a
chair and told them he had everybody at work. The RD and Mr. Z told Robert
Charles what a great job he was doing.

Meanwhile in Mr. Z's office everybody was unhappy.

"Where are Scooter and Douglas?" Alex asked.

"I don't know. I hope they weren't hurt," Travis said.

"The big question is, where did Robert Charles go?" Stevie asked.

"I'm sure he had important things to do," Jordan said.

"Yeah, like sitting on his butt," Mike said.

Jordan glared at him.

"This is stupid," Alex said. "I want to find Douglas and see what he would
do. Or better yet, just leave this. Mr. Z can clean up his own office."

"Douglas would want us to find something useful to do," Travis said.

"Hmmmmmm...let me call Marie," Alex said. He picked up the phone. Marie
answered on her portable.

"Hi Marie."

"Alex! Where are you, hon?"

Alex told her what they were doing.

"That's a waste. We need you here. Come to the 3rd deck observation

Alex had the speaker phone on and everybody could hear.

"You heard her guys, let's go."

Everybody but Jordan started walking out of the room.

"Hey," Jordan said. Where are you guys going?'

"You heard. We're going somewhere where we can be useful. And that's sure
not here," Alex said.

"Robert Charles will be mad. He said to work here."

"Fuck Robert Charles."

They started out again. Jordan grabbed Matthew. "You stay here with me.
We'll do what we're supposed to do."

"Hey," Mike said. "Leave him alone. He can go where he wants."

"He's mine and I say he stays."

"What do you mean he's yours? You don't own him." He looked at Matthew.
"You can come or you can stay, but you go where you want to go."

He looked at Jordan. He was afraid if he didn't do what Jordan or Robert
Charles wanted they would tell on him.

"It's okay," he said quietly. "I'll stay and help Jordan."

"You're sure?"

Matthew looked at the ground. "Yeah."

Mike looked down at him, but his hand under Matthew's chin, raised it up and
said, "If you ever want to talk, remember I'm here for you." Then he walked
out of the room. Matthew looked at him leave with a sinking feeling. One
thing he knew for sure. Mike wasn't the person who slugged him in the hall.

Mike went to catch up with everybody else. There was something strange
going on. He knew that Matthew didn't stay behind because he wanted to.
Matthew was a sweet boy and he wanted to find out what kind of power Jordan
and Robert Charles had over him. Matthew seemed to fit in way better with
his group than with Jordan's.

When they all got to the lounge they saw it was full. Marie saw them come

"Boy am I glad to see you boys. Let's get you started on things."

Jim saw Scooter in one corner. He was sitting next to his dad.

"Scooter! What happened?" he asked as he ran over.

Scooter saw Jim and jumped up and hugged him. Then he saw the rest of the
boys. He went over to them. Within a couple of minutes he told them what
happened. Marie was listening in. She had already heard the story, but not
from Scooter. Scooter's story was coming out way different from what she
had heard from the crew. The crew said the two boys were trying to sabotage
the ship and were irresponsible. That they were responsible for the big dip
the ship took. But listening to Scooter it was like they were responsible
for saving all of their lives. She would talk to Scooter's dad about it as
soon as she got the boys working. Including Scooter.

The boys got to work bringing food, favorite things from cabins, helping
some of the not so hurt people clean their cabins, getting blankets, or
anything else that was needed. Things went from happening slowly to
happening fast as the boys worked hard and fast helping Marie and anybody
else who needed it. A lot of people got smiles on their faces because the
boys were so polite and friendly and ready to help.

While the boys were racing around helping, Marie talked to Gordon. She got
the same story from him as she did from Scooter. She told him she would
call the hospital and see how Douglas was doing. She found out that Douglas
hadn't woken up yet and that he had a concussion. It didn't look like it
was serious, but he was still unconscious.

Douglas knew he should wake up but somehow he couldn't. He kept feeling a
thought build up in his head. Over and over it was "Scooter, Scooter,

Scooter was walking down a hall running an errand for a medic. Suddenly he
heard something in his head. It was a voice.
"Scooter....Scooter....Scooter." It was like the voice he heard when he
punched the numbers on the screen in Engineering. The voice that gave him
the right numbers to push. It was Douglas's voice.

Scooter stopped and closed his eyes. He thought of nothing but his love.
Then he let the thought build up. "Douglas I love you."

Mike and Ryan came up to Scooter who was standing totally still with his
eyes closed. Mike was about to say something when Scooter said, "Oh God,
Douglas!" and fell right into Mike's arms.

At the same time Douglas opened his eyes and said, "Scooter!"

His mom and dad were next to his bed. They both looked at him. Douglas
looked back. His head ached a little but he felt ok. His parents smiled at
him and kissed him.

"Are you okay?" Mike asked Scooter.

Scooter stood back up. His head stopped reeling. "Douglas is awake. I
felt him. I heard him."

"Well, let's go find out then."

They helped Scooter finish his errand and then went back to the lounge.
Scooter went to Marie and asked he to find out if Douglas was awake.

"I just checked 15 minutes ago. He wasn't then."

"Well, he is now."

Marie checked. She looked at Scooter. "You're right. He is."

Gordon looked at his son. Scooter had told him about hearing Doug give the
numbers. Now this. There no doubt was something special between those two
boys. Something very special.

Suddenly Captain Fuller came into the lounge with the Governor. He checked
on the hurt people who were waiting for the doctor to get to them. The ship
wasn't set up to have this many people hurt at one time. Most of them had
broken bones. They were waiting to use the bone setting machine. If
somebody had a clean break the machine would get the bone healing almost
instantly. They still needed a cast for a few days, but it took care of
most of the pain and started healing the break.

Captain Fuller saw the boys being busy and was impressed. This was just
what he wanted to have happen. He saw Scooter's dad being taken to the
hospital. It was his turn on the bone setting machine. He figured tomorrow
or the day after he would have to talk to him about the consequences of what
his son and his friend did in Engineering.

Just then Robert Charles showed up with the RD, Jordan, and Matthew. The
Captain saw him and walked up to him. In front of Mike, Scooter, Ryan,
Alex, and Stevie he said, "Robert Charles, I want to tell you what a great
job you did. This is fantastic. Your father should be very proud of you."

Robert Charles smiled and looked at the rest of the boys around him. He had
come into the lounge to chew some major butt, but now they could see what
being a leader really is about, Robert Charles thought. And his dad could
see that he knew what he was doing. Robert Charles seemed to forget that he
had nothing to do with organizing this, but he was ready to take all the
credit. Marie listened to it all and shook her head. She was hoping one of
the boys would say something, but they all stayed quiet.

When night came things were close to under control. The hurt passengers
were being fixed and most of them were back in their rooms. The boys were
finished helping the crew and they were exhausted. Scooter went to visit
Douglas. He was happy when he was let into his room. Doug's mom was
sitting there. She smiled at Scooter and told them she would give them some
time together.

"Fifteen minutes," she said.

As soon as she left Scooter bent over and kissed Douglas on the lips.
Douglas held him close and kissed him back deep.

"Oh God, I love you, Douglas. I was so worried about you."

"I'm okay, Scooter. The last thing I remember is holding you while you
punched in the numbers. Next thing I know I'm here in the hospital hearing
your voice."

"You heard it?"


"I heard yours. And I heard you tell me the numbers."

"Wowsers. I don't remember doing that. I remember holding you and
then...then..Oh, Scooter. I do remember. The numbers, and the ship
dropping down, and you sliding. But you're here. I saw you go over the
side of the deck. I remember all of it."

Scooter told him what happened and Douglas smiled. He was happy his love
was okay.

"I'll be out of here tomorrow morning. The doctor wants me to stay
overnight. If everything is okay I'm free to go."


"Yes, Scooter?"

"Do you think we can read each other's minds?"

"I don't know. I've heard you in my mind twice. But I can't read anything

"Maybe it's just when we really want it to happen. Can you read this?"
Douglas closed his eyes and but everything he had into his thought. It was
hurting his headache even more, but he kept doing it. "I love you,

"I heard it. You said, 'I love you, Scooter.'" Scooter kissed Douglas
again, deep and hard. Douglas's mom started into the room right then and
saw them kissing. She started to say something, but instead she backed out
of the room. Then she called Doug's name, counted to 10, and walked in.
Scooter was sitting next to Douglas now. The kiss was over. Doug's mom
decided not to say anything for now.

That night the dreams of both boys were about each other. They slept an
awesome deep sleep.


When the boys left Mr. Z's office Robert Charles was pissed. He could feel
he was losing control. He was thinking of how to get control back.
Thinking who the weak link was. And he had that figured. He just needed to
work on it. Since he had the girls and Jordan and Matthew all he needed was
two more to have control. And he knew who that was.

He pulled Matthew over and put his hand on his crotch and started rubbing it
through is pants. He could feel the little dick harden up. He put his
hands inside Matthew's pants and rubbed up the hard shaft. Matthew loved
the feeling, but he didn't like Robert Charles doing it. In fact he didn't
like Robert Charles at all.

Jordan remembered what happened before between them and he already had his
hairless dick out and was jerking it. Robert Charles opened Matthew's pants
and soon had them down. Then he pulled his own pants open and rubbed his
dick up against Matthew's mouth.

"Suck me little boy. Make me feel good. Come on, do it."

Matthew knew all about sucking. Jordan had him do it. But Robert Charles
was so big. And the end of his dick was all wet. He didn't want to do it.

"Come on. Make your leader feel good. Suck it."

Matthew looked at it again. It was thick and long and hairy and it scared
him to put it in his mouth.

"Do it, Matthew. Go do it," Jordan said.

Matthew got his tongue on it. Licked the precum off. It tasted salty but
ok. He got as much of Robert Charles's dick in his mouth as he could and
stated sucking like Jordan taught him.

"Oh yeah, you're a good little cocksucker, Matthew." Matthew hated being
called that but he kept going. He didn't expect what was going to happen.
Suddenly Robert Charles exploded in his mouth with a loud cry. Matthew
remembered seeing Robert Charles cum the last time but he didn't expect it
to happen in his mouth. He gagged and choked and spit some on Robert
Charles. He even swallowed some. Jordan was so turned on just like before
that he shot a hard hard dry cum.

Robert Charles pulled up his pants. "Pull your pants up, kid. Let's go see
what is going on." That was all Matthew got. It was like nobody cared
about him. He was just there to make people cum.

When Robert Charles got to the lounge he was ready to chew somebody for
leaving the job. But then when the Captain praised him, he knew that he
should go with the flow. Especially since his dad was praising him too.
And now it was time to divide the clique around Douglas before it got too
powerful. Tomorrow he would start his plan.


The astrogator looked up at the Captain.

"I have found our stars, Sir. The computer search finally picked something

"Wonderful, Lieutenant. So tell me where we are and how long it will take
us to get to AO IV. How many extra days it will be."

The Astrogator looked at him. "I don't know how we got to here as fast as
we did. I mean we travelled an incredible distance in a very short time."

"Okay, okay. Just tell me."

"Sir. My calculations say it will take us a year to get back."

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