Helpers and Leaders This story contains sex between minor boys and
teen-agers. If such things offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of
age, then please don't read on. This story is not true, but who knows,
maybe some day it will be.

Saturday morning meant the games room would be open again. The boys woke up
and kissed their partners. Some even had some morning sex. A couple
showered. The shower ration was cut in half, so showers were best shared
and the boys loved sharing.

Everybody didn't show up in the games room until after lunch. Then things
started to happen. Robert Charles called Brett and Jeremy to the
side. Everybody saw it happen.

"So what was the big meeting about?" Robert Charles asked.

"We don't know," Jeremy answered. "We didn't stay."

"What do you mean you didn't stay?"

"I guess they didn't want us there."

Robert Charles looked at Brett. "Is that right?"

"We left before they talked," Brett said. He couldn't believe that for a
while he actually thought of voting for Robert Charles, that he believed
Mike was the villain.

"I don't think you guys get it," Robert Charles said. "You two are mine. I
am taking a vote on Monday in class on something. I better win it. You guys

"Yeah. We understand," Jeremy said. "Come on Brett. The smell is getting
bad here."

Robert Charles grabbed him. "You really don't get it, do you?"

Mike and Alex walked up all of a sudden. "Anything wrong here?" Mike

"Nothing we can't solve," Robert Charles said. "So go where somebody wants

"You don't want us here, Jeremy?" Alex asked.

"Sure I do," Jeremy said.


"I think Jeremy doesn't really know what he wants. Do you Jeremy?"

Jeremy knew he didn't want trouble with Robert Charles. And he knew with
Mike and Alex there he and Brett could get out fast. "I know I want to go,"
Jeremy said. "Come on, Brett." They left the room.

Robert Charles looked at Mike and Alex. "You guys really think you can
cross me?"

"Us?" Mike asked. "We would never think that, RC. We have nothing but
respect for you." He and Alex turned and walked away. Robert Charles knew
he hated those two big mouths more than anybody.

Jordan came up to Scooter and said he needed to talk to him. Scooter looked
at Douglas, who nodded okay. At the same time Robert Charles moved in on
Matthew. That got Mike and Alex watching very closely.

Jordan got Scooter into a corner. "I heard about you being a hero and

Scooter just nodded. He didn't know where this was going.

"My dad doesn't think so," Jordan went on. "He thinks you and Douglas
messed up. But I guess the computer says different. But you want to know
what I heard?"

"No. What?"

"That Douglas is claiming he did the whole thing. That all you did was
follow him. That he kept you from panicking."

"You know something, Jordan? You fooled me once. I'm not stupid. You won't
fool me again." Scooter was too nice to tell him what he really
thought. He just turned and walked away.

At the same time Robert Charles was talking to Matthew but when he saw Alex
and Mike moving in close again, he decided to save it for later. He now had
even less use for Alex and Mike. Instead he went to find Lisa. He needed
to work on her, so the next time they slept together they would be going
all the way.

Alex and Mike walked up to Matthew. "I told you we would watch over you,
Matthew," Mike said.

Matthew didn't say anything. He just hung his head. Mike put his arm around
his shoulder, but Matthew pulled away. "Something wrong, little bro?"

"Robert Charles knew I went to your room."

"Oh? I wonder how he found that out. Somebody in the group must have told
him. And I have an idea who."


"No? How do you know?"

"He knew before you guys met."

"Oh." Mike thought for a minute. "You don't think I told him do you?"

Matthew started getting a tear and started walking away. Jordan was
watching them both and was close enough to hear. He smiled. Matthew's
little try at making friends was coming to a quick end.

Mike grabbed Matthew. Matthew tried to pull away again. "Let me go!"

Robert Charles came over quickly. "Anything wrong here?" he asked with an
evil smile.

"Bug off, RC," Alex said. "This is between us."

"Who told you that Matthew came to my cabin?" Mike asked.

"You mean you don't know Mike? You have to ask me? Get real." Robert
Charles took Matthew by the arm. "Let's go, Matt. Now you know what these
jerks are really like." He took Matthew and left the room with him.

"Shit," Alex said. "That dirty cocksucking son of a bitch. I'm gonna beat
the shit out of him. Like right now!" He started heading for the door, but
Mike grabbed him.

"Alex, don't. It's not worth the trouble. His time will come. But we have
to get Matthew back. They will destroy him."

"I know. The bastards."


Robert Charles got Matthew to his cabin. Jordan caught up with them just
before they got there. They went into the cabin.

"You're with your real friends now, Matthew," Robert Charles said.

Matthew felt dazed. He didn't want to be with these two, but Mike betrayed
him. Mike lied to him. He would do whatever they wanted just to show Mike
and make him sorry.

Jordan walked up to him and put Matthew's hand on his crotch. Matthew could
feel Jordan's hard dick under his pants.

"We did you a favor, Matthew. We rescued you from guys who want to use
you. Now you can help us out. You can tell I need help."

Jordan told Matthew to unzip him. Matthew did what he was told, and soon
Jordan was naked and very hard, his small hairless dick pointing at his
belly. "Suck it Matthew. Make me feel good."

Matthew did everything automatically, like it didn't mean anything. He got
on his knees and put Jordan's dick in his mouth and started sucking. Robert
Charles has his pants and undies down and was jerking his big cock off. It
didn't take long for Jordan to start humping Matthew's mouth, his moans
getting louder. Then he jammed his cock into Matthew's mouth and had an
intense dry cum, almost knocking Matthew over. Robert Charles came right
after that, shooting his cum into Matthew's hair and over his face.

Matthew let Jordan's dick fall out of his mouth. He could feel Robert
Charles's hot cum drip down his face. "I gotta go to the bathroom." He got
up and went into the bathroom, put his head into the toilet and puked.

He got up, washed his face and ran water through his hair. He looked in the
mirror. He saw a skinny 11 year old boy with dirty blond hair, a little pug
nose, and sweet lips, and cheeks that dimpled when he smiled. Right now he
wasn't smiling. He hated the boy he saw in the mirror. He hated this
ship. He hated not having any friends and losing his brother, who was a

He went back into the living room. Jordan and Robert Charles were dressed
now. Matthew never took off a bit of clothing.

"Hey, dude, thanks," Jordan said. "You're a great friend."

Matthew walked back to his cabin, tears in his eyes the whole way.


That night Douglas was sitting in Scooter's living room watching a vid with
him and Scooter's dad. When the vid ended Scooter's dad got up to go to

"Good night boys. Don't stay up all night."

"We won't. Good night, dad." Scooter got up and gave his dad a hug. "I love
you, dad."

"I love you, Scott."

"Good night, Mr. Starr."

"Good night, Douglas. You boys are both great. I'm so proud of you."

He went into his bedroom and the boys went into Scooter's on the other side
of the cabin. Scooter and Douglas hugged, kissed, and undressed each
other. They got into Scooter's bed and played with each other's hard
hairless dicks. Douglas got down and licked Scooter's smooth balls, then
licked up his 3 inch shaft. He pulled back the foreskin and licked the
smooth head of his lover's dick. Scooter shuddered from the good feelings
he was getting from Doug's tongue.

"Oh, God I love you, Douglas," Scooter whispered through deep breaths.

"Scooter, I want you. I want to make love to you." Douglas started
fingering Scooter's rose, pushing at it with his finger. Scooter tightened

"No. Noooo. Please don't," Scooter begged.

"Scooter what's wrong? Please tell me."

"I can't. I love you." Douglas could see tears of hurt in his lover's
eyes. He pulled his finger out and hugged Scooter's small body close to

"You can," he whispered. "Close your eyes and tell me. Close them and
think hard."

Scooter closed them and shuddered. He thought of that awful day, the day he
had locked away in his mind. The thoughts went to Douglas, and for the
first time he felt Scooter's pain. He saw the man who hurt his love, he
felt the pain he left, and it hurt his heart and soul. He turned and
grabbed his sweet love and held him tight.

"Oh, Scooter, I love you so. I want to take away the hurt. I want somebody
inside you to be love, not the awful thing that happened to you, the awful
thing in your mind. Please let me love you, Scooter. Let me fill you with

Both boys were hugging and crying now. Scooter had his head buried in
Douglas's chest. Douglas could feel the tears running down his bare
chest. He petted Scooter's head, whispering I love you in his ear.

"Scooter, you don't have to. You never have to. I just want you to feel my
love. I think it will make things better for you."

"I love you, Douglas. I'm scared."

"Then we won't do it." Douglas kissed and hugged Scooter, feeling his
rounded butt and up his back. They lay there for almost ten minutes feeling
and kissing and loving each other.


"Yes, my love?"

"Will you do what I did?"

"What's that?"

"Give me your thoughts. Only give me your love thoughts."


"No," Scooter whispered. "While you make love to me. Think your love to
me. Close your eyes and think it."

Douglas kissed Scooter. Now his tears were starting again. He loved Scooter
so much. He felt like his soul was linked to Scooter's. He knew they were
soulmates, and now they would make it official. He would put his sweet
seed inside the boy he loved so much.

He wasn't totally sure how to do this. But he knew he wanted to look at his
love's face. They figured if Scooter raised his legs up it would work. They
got themselves into what seemed like a good position. Douglas knew he was
supposed to lube up, and he did that. He and Scooter had both heard about
doing this on their computers, so they pretty much had an idea of what to
do. Douglas pushed up against Scooter's rose. He was thinking love at him.
Love. Pure love.

Scooter closed his eyes and tried listening. He felt Douglas push up
against him. He felt him go in slowly. He felt pain.

"Noooooooooooo!" he cried. Douglas stopped. He was hurting his love. He
kept thinking love thoughts. Scooter whispered to Douglas to keep going.
Douglas pushed in again, slowly, a little deeper. He kept thinking love.
Scooter's mind felt pain and hurt and a big man. He wanted Douglas to stop
but he said nothing. Douglas was his love and he would let him make love to
him no matter how it hurt. He would do it for his love.

He felt Doug push in deeper. More pain and hurt and wanting him to
stop. Douglas kept thinking love. He closed his eyes and concentrated all
his love to Scooter. Scooter felt only the pain. Douglas pushed in
deeper. Scooter groaned. It hurt hurt hurt. Suddenly his mind felt
something warm. I love you. I love you. I love you. The pain was leaving
his head and he was feeling warm thoughts of love. I love you Scooter. God
I love you. Scooter felt Douglas inside of him, but now it wasn't pain, it
was pleasure. It was love. Douglas pushed deeper. I love you. I love
you. I love you. He was in all way. Scooter could hear Douglas's love in
his mind. He could feel Douglas's love inside of him. This wasn't pain and
fear. This was warmth and love. I love you Scooter. I love you my soulmate,
my best friend, my forever love, my soulmate. God do I love you.

Douglas was humping Scooter now, starting up a rhythm, pushing his
love. Scooter felt Douglas's thoughts, Douglas's perfect cock inside him.
Douglas rubbed across Scooter's sweet spot over and over. Scooter felt
pleasure like he never felt before. I love you. I love you. I love you.
Scooter and Douglas both felt the pressure build up inside, felt their
dicks swell, felt their love ready to shoot out. Douglas was taking Scooter
fast and hard. Scooter could feel Douglas's mind scream inside his brain. I
love you Scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas called Scooter's name out loud. He felt his cum surge up and shoot
out into Scooter's tight insides as Scooter's ass muscles squeezed down on
him. Scooter felt Douglas's cum coat his insides. He moaned and his dick
fired the orgasm of his life without him touching it, raising him off the
bed as he shot two thin streams of cum on his chest and belly. I LOVE
YOU!!!!!!! went from mind to mind at the same time as they both saw stars
and darkness explode in front of them and then passed out.

When Douglas woke up he felt Scooter's stickiness. He looked in his love's
eyes, which were just opening. He saw the love in them.

He showed Scooter a sticky finger. "That's yours my love. My soulmate. You
shot it. Your first one."

They were side by side. Scooter hugged Douglas and kissed him. "That was
awesome my love. I felt your love inside every part of me. Our love is
forever. I'm never going be afraid of making love again." Scooter and
Douglas kissed, hugged, and fell into a deep sleep, sharing dreams as they
held on to each other.


In the rest of the ship the evening went by in different ways for different
boys. For Alex and Mike it was lovemaking in Alex's cabin. For Stevie and
Jim it was the same thing on the other bed in the cabin. They made love and
watched, but didn't trade partners.

Jordan ended up in Robert Charles's cabin. Robert Charles took his dad's
key to the alcohol cabinet. When Robert Charles did Jordan, it wasn't
making love, it was fucking. They drank until Jordan, who was way smaller
than Robert Charles passed out, on the floor. Robert Charles crawled into
the bathroom and puked and spent the night with his head in the toilet or
on the bathroom floor.

Jeremy stayed in Brett's cabin and slowly loosened Brett up more and
more. They also talked about Robert Charles and how they could get away
from his power. They both wanted to be part of the group not controlled by
Robert Charles.

Ryan and Travis made happy love. For Ryan this was the best time of his
life. For Travis, he was still trying to figure out how he could be so in
love with a boy, but he decided to quit fighting it. All both of them knew
was they loved each other totally. That they had found the sweetest partner
anybody could ask for.

And for Matthew it was a lonely night. He hated how Jordan and Robert
Charles used him, never once making him feel good. He hated how Mike lied
to him. He hated how his parents ignored him, acting like they had more
important things to do. Sometimes he wished he could find a way to die. He
was too young for the senior group and too old for the junior. Only Jordan
took him in to start, and now he was hating Jordan. He was so lonely. He
turned off the game he was playing, undressed, went to bed and cried
himself to sleep.


On Sunday, Douglas, Scooter, and Mike went to see Marie. On Sundays Marie
was in charge of all the recreation since the RD had the day off. She was
in the recreation office. She greeted the boys when they came in. They told
her about the phony election. Douglas did most of the talking, with Mike
filling in the details. When they finished, Marie shook her head. She had
already figured that this was the strangest voyage she had ever been on,
even without the storm. She didn't think much of a lot of the crew,
including the Captain, the Chief, the RD, and the Teacher. What happened
the last few days made her thoughts pretty sure. Now she had to decide what
to do about this news.

After a lot of discussion they decided she would take a poll of the class
to see how they voted. Nobody had to tell her, and probably everybody
wouldn't, but she was going to try. She was going to tell them that it was
discovered a couple of the ballots were mismarked and the X was between the
boxes, so they wanted to make sure they had the right count. Douglas
thought the reason sounded phony, but it was the best they could come up
with. Most of the class would know what this was all about anyway. It was
the girls they would have to fool. They all knew how Robert Charles and
Jordan voted.

She made out a ballot with the two names on it and copied it. She would ask
them to fill them in just like an election. She would ask them to honestly
tell her how they voted in the election. Scooter, Mike, and Douglas filled
in the first three.

Marie went looking up the rest of the upper class. She took Scooter with
her. She explained to everybody that Scooter would keep the ballots to make
sure nobody looked at them until she had them all. She found Lisa and
Carmen together. Lisa had spent the night at Carmen's. She had been waiting
for Robert Charles to call her, but he never did and she was a little
peeved. They said they would be happy to do the poll.

Next she went to Alex's room. That got her four votes. She smiled. She was
already getting a pretty good idea what was going on between the boys in
the trip and she thought it was great. She found Jeremy, Brett, Travis,
and Ryan in the games room. They all cooperated. Jeremy thought about lying
on this ballot and saying he voted for Douglas, but he changed his mind. He
wanted this to come out right.

Marie found Michelle alone as usual. She was so quiet and sweet. Marie
wished she could get Michelle to be a little more open.

Next it was Matthew's cabin. Matthew's mother answered the door and got
Matthew. They went into Matthew's room. Matthew was surprised anybody was
interested in the election after what Mike did to him. He thought Mike had
been all phony about it. Now he was wondering. He marked his ballot and
gave it to Marie.

"Did Douglas come and talk to you about this?"

"Douglas, Scooter, and Mike came."

"Mike did?"

"Yes. Does that surprise you?"

Matthew didn't say anything. He just sat on the bed. Marie got up and left,
worried about little Matthew. She could tell something was troubling him.

She thought about skipping Robert Charles's room. She knew how he and
Jordan voted without even asking them. But she thought it would be best if
she asked, because they would find out about what she was doing anyway and
she didn't want them to think she was trying to go behind their
backs. Robert Charles answered. He looked terrible. He was wearing nothing
but a pair of sweats. When she told him what she was doing, he told her
that was the dumbest thing he ever heard and he refused to cooperate. She
said fine and started to leave. He told her not to bother going to Jordan's
cabin, since Jordan was still asleep. He had spent the night there. He
didn't tell her that Jordan was still passed out naked on the floor. He
said he was sure Jordan wouldn't participate either. While Marie thought
what the other boys were doing overnight was awesome, she didn't have the
same feeling about Robert Charles and Jordan. She was convinced even more
that the election was faked. The boys she liked so much would never vote
for him. But she also knew he could charm the girls with his smile and good
looks and that they just might vote for him.

Marie's last stop was Felicia's. Felicia gave her vote too. Marie and
Scooter took the ballots to the office. Mike and Douglas were waiting
there. Marie took out the ballots and the counted them. Ten votes for
Douglas, five for Robert Charles, and they knew that the two missing votes
would be for Robert Charles. According to her poll, the vote was 10-7 for
Douglas and not 10-7 for Robert Charles. She knew the election was fake.
Now the question was, what should she do about it?


On Monday school started again. It at least gave everybody something to
do. Mike tried to say hello to Matthew, but Matthew ignored him and went
straight to a seat next to Jordan and sat there. Mike felt a pang of hurt

Mr. Z started class by telling them Robert Charles wanted to have a class
meeting and he would leave until it was over. Then he left the room.

Robert Charles got up and started talking. "We have some unfinished
business from before our little storm. Some of you owe detention for not
showing up to the gym."

"Put a sock in it, RC," Alex said. "That issue is long dead."

"And what about the second chance?" Douglas asked.

"I'll tell you what," Robert Charles said. "Let's take a vote on it."

"I didn't hear a motion," Douglas said.

"The only rules we go by here are mine, Dougie. So, let's take a vote. The
class votes to let you off the hook, then no detention today." Robert
Charles was pretty sure he would win. He had talked to his girls at
breakfast, and he knew he had Brett and Jeremy by the balls.

"I move we use a secret ballot," Douglas said.

"I second it," Scooter added.

"I said we go by my rules," Robert Charles said. "Motions denied. You're
lucky I'm even giving you this chance. It only shows how nice I can
be. Now let's vote. Yes means you're for the detention. No means you're
against it. And I think everybody should do what is fair. And agreement was
made and everybody should stick to it."

"Do we get a chance at discussion?" Douglas asked.


"We never agreed to anything with you," Douglas said.

"Is there something about NO you don't understand, Dougie? Alex how do you

"I vote we raise our hands and get it over with."

"I'm about out of patience. Do you want to vote or not? If you do, we do
it my way or no way."

Alex glared at Robert Charles. He wondered what the penalty would be for
kicking the crap out of him right here in the school.

"Okay. I vote no," Alex said. He turned to Mike who voted no. Douglas and
Scooter voted no. Stevie and Jim voted no. Then it was Lisa, Carmen, and
Felicia who all voted yes.

"Brett?'" Robert Charles asked when Brett didn't say anything.

Brett turned red. He wanted to vote no, but he looked at Robert Charles's
intense stare. "Yes," he whispered looking down at the table.

"Jeremy?" Jeremy was having the same problem that Brett had. He felt like
he was letting down his friends.


Ryan and Travis voted no. The vote was 5 yes and 8 no. Michelle, Jordan,
and Matthew were left. Michelle liked those boys, but she didn't want the
girls hating her. If she voted with them maybe they would talk to her
more. If the vote was a secret one she would have voted no. "Yes"

Jordan voted yes. It was 7 to 8. Jordan looked at Robert Charles who
nodded. He put his hand on Matthew's crotch and started squeezing his
balls. He was telling Matthew to vote yes or there would be trouble. "Yes."
The vote was tied. It was up to the chairman to break the tie. Robert
Charles broke it with a loud Yes vote. "See you guys after school," he
said. Then he adjourned the meeting.

At lunch the eight boys who lost the detention vote sat at a table

"Why did Brett and Jeremy vote against us?" Ryan asked. "They keep trying
to be our friends and then they do that."

"RC has something on them, but I don't know what," Alex said. "You saw
them. They sure didn't look like they liked what they were doing. I don't
know if you saw the look on RC, but it wasn't pretty."

"The one who worries me," Mike said, "is Matthew. I think he is being
seriously hurt by one of them. Something happened to change things since he
talked to me."

"Looks like we have to stay now," Travis said. "Two hours of boredom."

Douglas looked at Alex and grinned. "Didn't we have a nice meeting in your
room on Friday, Alex?"

"Yes..." Alex was trying to think where Douglas was going.

"And isn't it two and a half hours from the time school is out until dinner

"Um..yes." That's why we're getting a two hour detention, he thought.

"Would your room happen to be available after school today for another
meeting?" Douglas's eyes were gleaming. Scooter was grinning wide. He knew
exactly where Douglas was going.

"Well, yes," Alex said with a big smile as the light bulb went on. "I think
it is very available."

"Then let's plan on being there right after school," Douglas
said. Everybody had a big grin, and there was no argument.


The Captain was having a meeting of senior officers which included the
First Officer, the Chief Engineer, the Purser, and the Environmental
Engineer. They discussed the Warp Enhancer. All the readouts looked good
until this morning. The temperature needle had moved up and right back down
twice, but not anywhere close to the danger mark.

"I think we should show these to Gordon," Chief Paxton said. "See what he
thinks of those jumps."

"I don't think that's necessary," Captain Fuller said. "I think you can
handle it just fine, Chief."

"Captain, Sir, with all due respect," the First Officer said, "he was hired
as an expert. He invented the Warp Enhancer. Nobody knows it better."

"Are you questioning me, Number One? Or questioning the Chief?"

"No sir, but I did hear you say that you would let Gordon Starr check the
readouts twice a day."

"That was before I fired him."

"You can't fire him, Sir. He is not a member of the crew. He was hired by
the fleet to make sure the Warp Enhancer worked properly. So far we haven't
used him properly at all."

"I am the Captain of this ship. He was totally insubordinate. And I don't
care what you found out at that hearing, Number One. Like I told you, he
and his son put this ship in danger. If he had his way he would shut it
down and make us take a year to get back. That will not happen."

"But, Sir, ......"

"That is enough, Number One."

"Yes, Sir."

The Captain asked for other reports. The Purser said he had a problem with
some of the upper class it seems. He would find out more later in the
afternoon. Marie had a report to make. The Captain groaned inside. Why
couldn't I have a nice quiet science ship, he thought, with no teenagers to
deal with? He was getting very tired of the upper class.

"Number One, I want you to do something about whatever is going on. I'm not
going to have six months of teenagers running wild on my ship."

"The RD and the Teacher should be taking care of that," First Officer
Benson said.

The Captain glared at him. He got the message. His punishment for helping
Scooter and Douglas was to become ship's baby sitter.


The end of the school day came. Mr. Z and Robert Charles said it was now
detention time, two hours worth. The girls, Jordan, and Matthew were
dismissed. Douglas raised his hand.

"Yes, Douglas?"

"Mr. Z since two hours is a long time can we all take a bathroom break

"I think that's fair. Be back in five minutes, all of you. Don't be late or
I'll tag on time tomorrow."

The eight boys got up and left. Robert Charles was talking to Mr. Z. He'd
go later when they were done. He didn't want to be in the bathroom with
that group right now. He had been President of a group before, and they all
respected his power. This class did not. Alex, Douglas, and Mike were the
biggest mouths. And before the voyage was over they would pay, and pay big

What Mr. Z. and Robert Charles didn't know was, all eight boys went
straight for Alex's cabin. When they got there they all sat down and
laughed, except for Douglas who headed straight for Alex's bathroom.

When he came back out Mike asked of he was all right.

"I'm fine. I just had to go to the bathroom right away. That way I wouldn't
be lying to Mr. Z. I actually did go to the bathroom."

They all laughed and cheered at that. Then Alex asked how they should
conduct their meeting. Douglas said a striptease would be great, one at a
time. They drew cards. Luckily Scooter was drawn first. Scooter was not
embarrassed about putting on a strip show. Alex put a disk in his
player. It was a recording of the band they played in with their dad.

Scooter put on a dance, kicking off his sandals, taking of his T-shirt and
waving it over his head, then pulling off his shorts, showing off that he
had no undies. His uncut dick was hard and sticking straight up. The whole
group cheered.


Matthew got halfway to his room when he remembered that he forgot his
computer game disk in class. He turned around to get it. When he got to the
door he heard voices. It was Robert Charles and Mr. Z.

"Those slimeballs skipped out. I'm getting their asses. Let's go find them,
" Robert Charles said.

"No, I think we should call First Officer Benson. He has the power to
restrict to cabin. And I think that is what they all need now I think. A
week's restriction."

"I like that. There is another problem though."

"What's that?"

"Well, the other day Jordan followed Matthew to Mike's room. I guess
Matthew overheard us somehow telling about the election being changed. And
he told Mike."

"Oh no. That explains why Marie wants to meet with me so badly."

"Sorry. I thought Matthew could be trusted. I thought we had him under
control. He is going to pay for this."

Matthew felt tears again. He was wrong about Mike. Mike was his brother and
he doubted him. The first person on the ship to be really kind to him and
he didn't believe him. Mike was so nice, and RC and Jordan were jerks. But
RC and Jordan scared him and he kept feeling like he had to please
them.. Now he was really scared. Mike said he would protect him, just like
he tried to in the games room. Now he had to try to figure out a way to
make up to Mike. He turned and went back to his cabin. He didn't deserve
to be Mike's brother. He didn't deserve anything good in his life.


After Scooter got naked it was Alex's turn. And Alex wasn't shy either. He
did his dance followed by Douglas, who was wearing undies. He twirled his
shorts over his head while he pranced around the room in his tented
undies. That led to a lot of cheering and the making of boners.

Ryan was next. Watching the first three strippers ended his shyness. After
him it was Jim, Mike, Stevie, and finally Travis.

Then they all set to work with their partners. But this time there was some
extra grabbing and groping going on after they started with their
partners. Jim stroked Scooter's dick while Scooter and Douglas kissed and
made out. Mike was doing stuff to Ryan the same time he was making out with
Alex. In the end they made two daisy chains. Alex, Mike, Ryan, and Travis
were on in that order, with Travis sucking Alex. The other one was Douglas,
Scooter, Jim, and Stevie in that order. For the first time Douglas was able
to taste Scooter's sweet new cum. They all were so turned on and horny
they came within a minute of each other. And now none of them was dry.

They all sat recovering and glowing from the experience, holding on to
their boyfriends.

"Now wasn't that better than two hours in detention?" Douglas asked.

"Yeah, but we still have to face the music tomorrow," Travis said.

"Well, this time it will be worth it," Alex said., "because we EARNED that
detention." They all agreed on that and got dressed to get ready for
dinner. For them the time after school was the greatest.


That night each boy was in bed with his thoughts. They all knew they were a
long way from their new home and were all a little scared about whether
they would make it or not. They knew nobody had ever traveled this far on a
ship like this. Now they were part of a big adventure.

Douglas was in his bed thinking about Scooter and all his new friends. He
remembered not wanting to leave home for Alpha Orion IV. He remembered
sulking when he came on the ship. Now he had the best friends he ever had,
and he had found his soulmate. He thought it was almost a good thing the
trip would be lasting longer. He would have Scooter that much more, because
after they reached AO IV Scooter would be returning to his home on
Earth. Then they would be separated. The thought made him a little sad, but
then he saw Scooter's face in his mind, and he turned over on his side and
fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Scooter was happy. He was so in love. And he would have Douglas for the
next six months. He wasn't going to worry after that. He could make love to
his sweetness now without being afraid or feeling the hurt. He was going to
ask his dad if Douglas could sleep with him on school nights. He wanted
every second he could get with his soulmate. He had a smile on his face too
when he fell asleep.

Travis was thinking about Ryan. Ever since he first thought about sex he
thought about girls. He knew he was supposed to think about them. Now all
he could think about was Ryan, Ryan, and more Ryan. He knew he was in love,
because only love could feel this good. And he was in love with another
boy. Did this mean he was gay? He thought about it and decided he didn't
care. He was in love and that was all that counted.

Brett jacked off thinking of Jeremy and the hot boys in his class. He was
tired of being on the outside. He was ready to tell his dad what Robert
Charles was threatening. He knew his dad had some power too, so maybe it
was time to see who had the most. But he was afraid he would hurt Jeremy if
he did. He came thinking of how he had to quit being so shy about sex and
being naked, and how he tasted Jeremy's cum that afternoon. It was so
sweet. He was thinking he and Jeremy needed to talk to Douglas and find
out what he thought. He wanted them all to know he wasn't against him and
the vote today wasn't what he thought.

Jeremy and Ryan were on Ryan's bed jacking each other off. It was fun doing
it to each other. They talked about what happened in Alex and Stevie's
room, which got them even hornier. Jacking each other off was better than
doing it solo, but they both were thinking of their loves.

Ryan was just as in love. He was thinking about Travis. Ryan thought how he
was always quiet and felt like nobody ever liked him. Well, Travis did more
than like him, travis loved him. I must be pretty special to be loved by
Travis, Ryan thought. And now I have all these friends. If I only didn't
have to go to my parents, this would be really special. Well, the accident
had his parents a little farther off, so at least that was good. Ryan shot
over his chest with Travis in his thoughts.

Jeremy was thinking of Brett. How Brett was doing more and more. Brett
swallowed his cum today. Brett was so hot, so cute, so sweet. He saw Ryan
cum as he jerked him off, then 15 seconds later he hit his chest with a
stream of cum. After he shot he went over to his own bed. He gave Ryan a
quick kiss on the cheek first, which Ryan loved. In his bed he was thinking
the same thing Brett was. That they had to get away from the power of
Robert Charles. He told Ryan why he voted like he did in class. Ryan said
it was kewl and it was just one more reason to hate Robert Charles and
Mr. Z.

Jim thought of Scooter first. How great it was to have his old friend
around. Then he thought of Stevie and how lucky he was to have a sweet love
like him. Losing Scooter to Douglas didn't hurt so much now. Stevie was in
his heart, but Scooter was too. He still loved Scooter and always would. He
slept thinking of having Stevie pushing up against him in his bed, him
having his dick pushed against his butt and spooning him.

For Mike it was Alex in his thoughts. He can't believe he had gone this far
without somebody like Alex. He wished he could sleep with Alex every
night. Alex was so full of life and so willing to stand up for his friends
and his brother. He loved Alex's loyalty. He loved Alex's body, his mind,
his dick, his ass, his balls. He loved Alex inside and out. He cummed hard
over himself thinking of the person who meant so much to him now.

Jordan was in Robert Charles's room. He was watching Robert Charles finish
with Matthew. Robert Charles's butt was bouncing up and down as Matthew
was leaning on his arms with his butt up in the air for Robert
Charles. Robert Charles was plowing him hard, grunting. For Matthew it
didn't hurt like it used to, but he still hated it. Robert Charles had
called him into his room saying if he didn't do him a favor everybody would
find out how he loved taking up the butt. What Matthew didn't know was
none of the other boys would care that he took it up the butt. Matthew
didn't know why he said yes to this, except every time it happened he ended
up turned on and didn't know why. He waited patiently for Robert Charles to

Jordan was jacking off hard watching. He had already done Matthew's butt,
with Robert Charles watching and getting turned on. But he was hard and hot
all over again. Robert Charles rammed Matthew hard making him grunt, then
groaned and cussed and shot deep inside Matthew's bowels. He pulled out as
soon as he cummed and Matthew fell on his stomach. He wanted to cry, but he
wasn't going to let Robert Charles and Jordan see him do it.

"Well, little dude, you were hot and tight as usual. You have a nice boy
cunt. You're almost as good as a girl. You've got a hot pussy." He slapped
Matthew's cute smooth bubble butt and got up off the bed. Jordan cummed
with a hard dry cum and his knees shook. Matthew just lay there on the bed
wishing he was dead. Robert Charles's words made him feel embarrassed and
cheap. He was totally miserable now and wanted to puke. What made him
feel worse was that he was incredibly hard and turned on during the whole

"Well, girl, you better get going. You don't want to be late and have your
mommy miss you. You were great though. We have to do this again soon."

Matthew got up off the bed. His butt hurt. His eyes hurt from holding back
the tears. And his stomach hurt. He pulled on his undies, then his pants,
and then his shirt. He slipped on his shoes. He didn't care about the

He opened the door and left the room without saying a word. His parents
would be back late tonight. But he didn't care. When they got back they
would find him dead in his room. He was going to make everybody
sorry. Maybe somebody would love him if he was dead. He got into the
elevator and went down. It stopped and got out not even sure he what floor
he was on. He felt dizzy and leaned against the wall. He slipped down it
and sat on the floor and put his head between his legs. He felt like
puking. Maybe if he puked all over himself before he did anything to
himself he would get what he deserved. He sat there in the hall crying and
hurting. He had to get up to get to his cabin and do what he planned.


Alex and Stevie were hugging and touching after finishing sex. Alex had let
his little brother make love to him and they both loved it. Alex talked
about Mike and now much he loved him. Stevie talked about Jim. They both
rubbed and petted each other's naked bodies. The two brothers couldn't get
enough of each other.

Alex mentioned Robert Charles and how he was worse than just a bad leader,
that he was evil and he would love to kick the shit out of him. They
started mentioning the awful things he did.

"What I can't figure out is why he took away our playing time in the
theater and then gave it back to us. It doesn't make sense. I know I set
it up right. Why would he and the RD change it?"

"I don't know," Stevie said. This conversation was making him nervous.

"I mean something made him want to change it back, unless he just wanted us
to see how great he was."

"I don't know," Stevie said again.

Alex felt Stevie tighten up a little as he touched him. He saw Stevie was
sweating a little.

"Stevie, is there something you aren't telling me?"


"Stevie, don't lie to me. You know I hate lying. You know we are always
totally honest with each other. If something happened tell me. You know I
love you. Unconditionally. I will help you with anything. But don't lie to

Stevie's heart was thumping. He knew he was in big trouble with Alex,
because Alex was right. He could take anything but lying, and he not only
was lying now, but by not saying anything he had been lying a long time.


Tears started pouring out. "Ohhhh, Alex, I love you." Stevie grabbed Alex
tight and cried and told him what he did for Robert Charles to get the
theater back for their concert.

As Alex listened he got madder and madder. "Stevie, damn it, you should
have told me right away. I would have forgiven you. Why did you hide it?"
Alex wasn't sure who he wanted to hit worse, Robert Charles or Stevie. He
had never been so mad at his brother in his life.

"I..sniff..I...sniff..I just wanted to make you happy, Alex. I wanted us to
play and I wanted you to be happy about it." Stevie waited for Alex to chew
his ass out, but instead he got a huge hug and a kiss.

"Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, I love you so much my brother. Promise me


"Don't ever lie to me again. Ever. For any reason."

I..I..sniff..I promise, Alex. I love you." Stevie gave Alex a big hug
back. Then Alex jumped up off the bed, grabbed a pair of briefs and pulled
them on.

"And that was the last fucking straw. There is nobody around to stop
me. It's time for Robert Charles to learn that this skinny little guy won't
be pushed around by anybody. Time for him to be bloodied!" Alex ran out of
the room and the cabin and up the hall, wearing nothing but his briefs.

He ran up the hall, around two corners, and toward the elevator. He turned
one more corner and glanced up the side hall. He stopped suddenly. He
thought he noticed something or somebody. He took two steps back. Somebody
small was sitting on the floor up the hall with his head between his knees.

Alex walked up the hall towards him. He got closer and could tell it was
Matthew. Matthew was shaking with sobs. Alex got down on his knees in
front of him.

"Matthew? Are you all right?" He was answered by more sobs. Alex lifted
Matthew's chin. Matthew's face was wet and his eyes were red. Matthew said
nothing. Alex helped him to his feet.

Suddenly Matthew reached out, grabbed Alex, and cried more, his hot tears
dripping down Alex's bare chest and belly.

"I want my brother," he sobbed.

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