This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Matthew was hanging on to Alex. He couldn't stop crying. Alex knew he would
have to deal with Robert Charles later. Right now Matthew needed help. He
took Matthew's hand in his and unwrapped his arms from him. Then he took
him and headed for Mike's cabin, so Matthew could see his "brother". On the
way a crewman checking on things went by. He looked at the two boys, a
short, skinny 15 year old wearing nothing but a pair of tight briefs
holding the hand of a short skinny 11 year old whose cheeks were wet and
eyes red with tears. He looked and shook his head, but didn't say

When they got to Mike's cabin, Alex pushed the buzzer. Brad answered it.
He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

"Hey, Alex, what's up?" He looked at Matthew. "Looks like it's trouble. Do
you want Mike?"

"Yes, please."

Brad went to Mike's room and buzzed it. Mike was sitting on his bed naked
playing a vid game. He got up and answered the door.

"You better get something on, you have company."


"Alex and Matthew."

If it was Alex, Mike would stay naked. But since Matthew was with him he
figured he had better at least put some briefs on. He picked a pair off the
floor, slipped them on, and went to the door. He was happy to see Alex was
as well dressed as he was. Matthew was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Mike
led them into his room. He sat on his bed, Matthew sat on the other bed and
Alex sat cross legged on the floor.

"So what's wrong, little bro?" Mike asked. "You don't look so good."

Matthew sniffled. Then he told about what happened that night, and the
other things that happened to him. Mike and Alex listened, both getting
more and more mad.

"That does it!" Alex said. "I'm gonna go kill RC tonight. I don't care what
the consequences are! He is scum and deserves to die." Alex got up, red
with anger. Mike stood up and stopped him.

"No, Alex. Don't go when you're like this. RC is gonna get it. He's gonna
get it big. And we're gonna do it right. We're gonna do it so he is totally
embarrassed and humiliated. Just hang on. His power is slipping away bit
by bit. Now, let's see if we can help out Matthew."

"And what were you doing in the hall in your underpants by the way?"

Alex told him about his talk with Stevie, and that he was on his way to
beat up Robert Charles. Mike said it looked like a good thing he didn't
make it there. Alex told him he wasn't going to kill him, just hurt
him. Now he wanted to kill him. But he told Mike not to worry. He would
still play it his way, even if he didn't agree.

"I think I better leave you two brothers alone to talk," Alex said.

"You sure you're ok?" Mike asked.

"Don't worry. I'll stay away from RC. He wouldn't let me into his room
anyway." Alex got up and left. Brad saw him out the door, telling him he
had good taste in clothes. Alex stuck his tongue out at him as he left,

Mike sat on his bed looking at his sad little friend and brother.

"Talk to your big brother, Matthew,"

"You hate me now, don't you," Matthew said fighting back tears again.

"Why would I hate you?"

"Because I didn't believe you."

"Matthew, come over here." Mike patted his bed. Matthew sat on the bed with
his head down, tears flowing hard. He couldn't believe he still had tears
left in him.

"I hate myself. I hate me. I'm no good," he sobbed.

Mike got up and went over to the bed. He sat next to Matthew and put his
arm around him. Matthew turned and buried his face in Mike's chest. Mike
held him close.

"I love you, little brother. Don't hate yourself. I love you. That makes
you pretty special."

"I didn't believe you and I did nasty things and I was friends with Jordan
and Robert Charles and I'm so sorry I thought you lied to me and I want to
be your little brother and I love you and I know you hate me."

Mike grabbed Matthew's chin gently and held it up. "Matthew, don't ever
feel that way again. You're my little brother, and love you. And tomorrow
you're going to hang out with the friends I love and who will love you,
instead of with two guys who don't give a shit about you and keep you just
for themselves. You don't ever have to be with them again. I love you
little brother." He hugged tightly Matthew again.

Matthew looked up at Mike, and for the first time in a long time he smiled.
"I love you, big brother." He lay his head on Mike's lap and fell
asleep. Mike slowly got up and lay Matthew on his back. He untied and
pulled off his shoes. Then he took off his T. He unbuttoned and unzipped
his pants and pulled them off. What he saw was a cute little boy with a
smooth, hard, hairless body, wearing tight white briefs sound asleep. Mike
lifted his legs and rear and pulled the covers back. Then he set Matthew
inside the fresh sheets, pulled the covers back and tucked him in. He
looked down at him. For someone who had been through so much he looked so
peaceful and innocent.

He went out and talked to Brad. He told him about Matthew and that the boy
was asleep. Brad said he would call Matthew's cabin and handle it. Mike
told Brad he was the greatest brother in the world and went to bed, knowing
that Brad would take care of Matthew's parents.

A couple hours after he fell asleep Mike was awakened by his bed moving. He
felt the covers move, and then felt somebody climb in. A small warm body
cuddled up tightly to him, and then he and Matthew fell asleep.


After Matthew left Jordan told Robert Charles that Matthew didn't seem real

"Too bad. He knows who his friends are. He's with us now. You know he liked
what we did tonight, I don't care what he said. If he didn't like it he
wouldn't have come to do it."

Jordan asked Robert Charles if he had any "adult" drinks. Robert Charles
got into the unlocked cabinet and brought out a bottle for Jordan. After an
hour, Robert Charles had a little buzz, Jordan was wasted, and Robert
Charles was fucking him.

"You and Matthew are so hot and tight," he said while he was doing it.
"Almost as good as a girl." When he finished, Jordan kept drinking until he
passed out.


That morning Matthew woke up surprised to be in bed with Mike. Just after
he woke up the alarm went off. Mike woke up looking into Matthew's deep
brown eyes.

"How did I get here?" he asked.

"I guess you sleep walked in." He pointed to the other bed. "You started
there last night."

"My parents will worry. If they even miss me."

Mike told him that was taken care of it. Then he told him if he wanted a
shower he would have to share it with him. Matthew thought that was
cool. They got out of bed. Matthew was surprised to see that Mike was
naked. He shyly pulled off his briefs, and Mike saw Matthew naked for the
first time. His little hairless dick was a button, his ball sac full of two
round smooth little marbles.

Mike went to the toilet to take his pee. Matthew stood right by his big
brother and proudly peed with him. Then Mike started the shower and they
both got in. They got wet and started washing. Matthew started washing
Mike, so Mike returned the favor. Matthew figured Mike was like Jordan and
Robert Charles and started washing his dick and balls. Mike stopped him.

"You don't have to do that, you know."

"I want to. You're my brother."

Mike let him go ahead, then washed Matthew. He liked the feel of Matthew's
little dick and balls, and loved Matthew's hard round butt. But the whole
thing wasn't really sexy, it was almost brotherly. He liked the feel of all
of his brother, but didn't want to bring him off, even if he did spring a
little 2 inch boner from being washed. Now wasn't the time, Mike
thought. Besides, he is my brother. But then, Stevie is Alex's
brother. But, no matter, nothing happens to Matthew that he doesn't want or
ask for. When Mike's ration time ran out, they were rinsed. They got out
and dried.

"I don't have fresh undies."

"Punch your number on the laundry control. You should get some. Or you can
go without." Matthew smiled when he heard that, but he punched in his
numbers and the door opened soon with a pair of fresh white briefs.

They got dressed and headed for breakfast, Mike's arm around the shoulder
of his new little brother.


When they got to their usual dining hall just about all the boys were there
for breakfast. Robert Charles was at a table with the girls. Jordan was
there too, looking miserable. All he had in front of him was a glass of
orange juice. Robert Charles was surprised to see Matthew come in with
Mike. He was even more surprised when Matthew sat at the table with Mike
instead of at his table. Alex, Stevie, Jim, Douglas, and Scooter were
sitting there already. Matthew avoided looking over at Robert Charles's
table. He was happy being with his big brother. Alex saw the glow in
Matthew. His brown eyes were bright now. He didn't know what Mike did last
night, but he liked it. Douglas and Scooter noticed too. Matthew's eyes
weren't dull and looking down. They were bright and looking at Mike and
then all the rest of them. It was looking like Matthew was leaving the
control of Robert Charles and Jordan.


When they got to class, most of the boys knew they would be finding out
their punishment for skipping the detention. They were surprised to find
First Officer Benson in the room. Everybody took their seats and
waited. Mr. Z gave them a lecture on responsibility and then told them this
needed a serious punishment beyond detention. So First Officer Benson was
here to talk about cabin restriction. The thing that went through every
mind was, Oops, maybe we went too far. Restriction was not the thing they
were thinking of.

First Officer Benson asked Robert Charles to tell what happened. He told
him what the class already knew, about how he got the gym and they didn't
show when they knew they would get detention for not being there. And then
he told how they all skipped the detention the day before.

"Well, then, gentlemen," the First Officer said, "can anybody give me a
reason why you shouldn't get a week's cabin restriction?"

Douglas raised his hand and the First Officer called on him. Everybody had
agreed that Douglas would be their spokesman.

"Sir, I can give you more than one."

"Okay, Douglas, please do."

"First, we did not elect Robert Charles to be our boss. It was great that
he lined up the gym. But he had no business punishing us for not being
there. We had already made plans to listen to Alex and Stevie play their
concert for Mike. We all were going to be there. Nobody asked us about
getting the gym, it was just done."

The First Officer nodded. He liked Douglas and wasn't going to interrupt
what he had to say.

"Second, he shouldn't be figuring out our punishments. This whole thing
should never have happened. Robert Charles and Mr. Z. were both wrong for
giving us detention. We had no reason to stay for it, since we never should
have gotten it. We didn't do anything wrong."

"Now see here," Mr.Z sputtered, but Benson glared and him and he stopped.

"The last thing is. Well, sir, for the last thing I would like to talk to
you in private first."

The First Officer agreed. Since he didn't want to walk all the way to Mr.
Z's office or go into the hall for this talk, he decided to unlock the door
to the escape shuttle that was by the classroom. He invited Douglas to
join him. Robert Charles followed them into the corridor.

"I think I should be part of this," he said.

"When I need you son, I'll let you know." Then he went on down the corridor
with Douglas. He opened the door to the shuttle and they found a couple of
seats to sit in.

"So tell me son, what is this secret third reason?"

"Sir, we're pretty sure the election was fake."

"Excuse me? Do you have evidence of this?"

"Some. Marie is the person to talk to. But I guess Robert Charles, Mr. Z,
and the RD set it up. I'm not saying he didn't win, but I am saying nobody
knows for sure."

"Well, Marie has an appointment to see me this afternoon. It might be about

Then the First Officer called Robert Charles to come to the shuttle.

"Robert Charles, what do you have to say to what Douglas said?"

"Sir, I went through a lot of trouble to get that gym. I think they should
show appreciation by being there."

"Did you ask Mr. Z about this first?"

"Yes, sir."

"Did you ask the boys if they had any other plans?"

"No, sir. I figured any plans they had could be changed. And like I said it
was a lot of trouble to get the gym reserved."

"But you gave them no warning at all about this until the day it happened?"

"Like I said, there was no reason they couldn't change plans. I mean what
were they doing that couldn't be done on a different day? Their concert in
the cargo hold? It could have been done the next day."

"We had planned this for days, Robert Charles. It was to make Mike happy
for getting out of restriction. Which he didn't deserve. Or didn't you see
how tight Mike and Matthew are?" Douglas said.

"Are you accusing me of something?"

"Not at all, RC. What would make you think that?"

The First Officer had heard enough and decided to change the subject.
"Douglas says he and some others think the ballots were switched. What do
you have to say about that?"

"I don't know a thing about that. All I know is, I was elected to lead the

First Officer Benson didn't expect anything different from him. "Other than
that, is what Douglas said pretty much what happened?"

"It happened like I said," Robert Charles said with a smirk.

Chief Benson didn't care much for Robert Charles's attitude at all. The way
he figured it, Robert Charles charmed all the girls, threatened a couple of
boys and got enough votes. And it could be Douglas was right about the
election being faked, because from what he has seen, most of the boys in
the upper class had too much class to vote for a slimeball like Robert
Charles. In his mind Robert Charles's dad was as big a slimeball. He was
sure going to look into the election.

"Gentlemen, I've pretty much made up my mind what to do about that."

Robert Charles interrupted him. "I just want to remind you who my dad is."

"And what does that have to do with anything?"

"I think you probably should remember the kind of power he has before you
decide anything. I mean I know you want to be a Captain some day. Not that
I don't think you're gonna make the right decision."

Chief Benson was furious. "Look here, you young punk. I don't care who your
dad is. On this ship he is just a passenger. The crew runs this ship, not
some politician or his son. Your threats don't mean a thing here. And I
don't think your dad has the power you think he has. In a couple of weeks
we are due at Alpha Orion IV. When we don't show up they will look for
us. But only the "Heinlein" has ever been found of any lost ship, and that
was because it came out of warp right by a planet. And when we are overdue,
I think they will be looking for a new Governor. So don't give me a lot of
this power shit, young man. I have the power here."

"You can't talk to me that way!"

"I can, and I did. Now, I want you to shut up so I can finish."

Robert Charles was red but he kept quiet.

"This is my ruling. Robert Charles I think you abused your power. Douglas
was right. Your job is to lead not to boss around. There never should have
been any detentions. So that is wiped out. But Douglas, you could have
handled it better. You could have worked to get this changed. And instead
of just skipping out you could have sent a message that you weren't going
to be there and why. Good leaders communicate. So I have to give out a
punishment for the way that was handled."

Robert Charles looked at Douglas and smirked again.

"I am going to restrict you and the ones involved in skipping the
detention." Robert Charles's smirk got bigger. "I am restricting all of you
from the games room tomorrow for the entire day."

"WHAT!!!!!" Robert Charles shouted. "That's nothing!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I think it fits the crime. Which was nothing."

"You're going to hear about this, I'm not going..."

Without raising his voice the First Officer said, "Shut up, Robert
Charles." Douglas had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing. Robert
Charles was madder than ever. The First Officer got up and started out of
the ship and up the corridor. He stopped at a control panel.

"As long as I'm here, I might as well do one of these. It's time anyway."
He unlocked the panel, pushed in a code, and the ship's alarms went off,
with yellow lights flashing. It was an emergency drill. Douglas, Robert
Charles, and the First Officer went back into the shuttle. The rest of the
class followed quickly, going through the drill like they had almost every
week. The lower class was there too along with their teacher.

Benson was on his communicator talking to the rest of the stations. After
they all reported in he gave the all clear signal, but told the upper class
to stay in their seats.

"Welcome aboard the 'Moonduster'", he said.

"You mean this has a name?" Scooter asked.

"It does, son, painted right on the nose. Care to take a look?"

"Sure," Scooter said. He got up out of his seat, then stopped and blushed.
The whole class got a good laugh.

"Looks like Scooter wanted to eat some vacuum," Jeremy said laughing.
Scooter had forgotten that he was in space.

The First Officer told them that the "Moonduster" was one of the small
shuttles and only used for an emergency when class was going on in case the
kids had to be gathered up fast. I had 60 seats but there weren't always
that many kids. It had water and food for three months in the storage
areaunder the deck. It's air supply was good for six months if it was
full. It had two Centron rocketengines and fuel for six months if they went
at full blast all the time, which rocket engines never do. He described the
whole shuttle and what it could to do for them. If everything went
according to plan, the "Moonduster" would meet one of the larger shuttles
and connect with it. But it could last on its own if it needed to.

Then Mr. Benson told what the punishment was going to be, and everybody
cheered. They knew that losing day in the games room was nothing,
especially a school day.

Mr. Z. was mad. "I thought I made up the punishments here," he said.

"Then why did you ask me in?" the First Officer asked.

"To back me up."

"Sorry to disappoint you. As First Officer I decide who gets what. And
since I was asked here, I decided. End of argument."

Everyone cheered again. Mr. Z knew when it was time to quit. He saw he was
about to lose his class totally, so he said, "Of course you're right
Mr. Benson. And your decision is a fair one."

Then the First Officer talked to the class. "I hope you never have to use
the 'Moonduster," but if you do, Mr.Z can pilot this if a regular crew
member can't make it. The school is up against the wall to engineering and
the warp drives and is kind of out of they way. That is why Mr. Z is
trained to fly this."

"I was just wondering though, if any of you kids have ever flown."

Two hands went up, Alex's and Robert Charles.

"Excellent. Alex, what have you flown?" Alex was pleased that First Officer
Benson knew his name.

"I've been flying personal jets since I was 14 and could get my license. I
have over a hundred solo hours in. Stevie was just starting lessons before
we left."

"Over 100 hours is impressive, Alex. How about you, Robert Charles?"

"Just like Alex, only I have 200 hours in."

"That is impressive too," the First Officer said, but he and everybody on
the shuttle knew he was lying. "Would you boys mind staying here with me
the rest of the school day and taking some lessons on flying the
'Moonduster'"? He figured if he was put in charge of baby-sitting, he might
as well teach something too.

Both boys were excited about learning about the "Moonduster" but not about
being with each other. The First Officer could tell they didn't like each
other, but he talked them into putting that aside so they could learn
something. They spend all day learning the controls, and after they
finished he gave them both a disk to put into their computers. It was a
simulator disk and they could practice flying the shuttle in their rooms.

When the school day finally ended Alex was happy to get away from Robert
Charles. He walked down the corridor to the classroom with the First

"He's never flown a thing in his life except a computer game," he said.

"I agree. But I'm playing along with it. You guys will never have to fly
that thing anyway."


After school the boys all met in Alex's room. That included everybody but
Jordan and Robert Charles. Clothes were thrown off right away. Soon, only
Matthew, Jeremy, and Brett were dressed. Mike whispered in Matthew's ear
that it was okay to keep his clothes on, but to not be afraid to be
naked. Nobody was going to hurt him, and they all loved to be free. Matthew
smiled and started taking of his clothes. He blushed, but got them all
off. The only thing that kept him from being totally embarrassed about his
rock hard boner was that he noticed he didn't have the only one.

Douglas and Scooter were talking to Jeremy and Brett. The only reason
Jeremy had his clothes on was because Brett did. Plus, they didn't want to
stay long.

"Why not?" Douglas asked.

They said because they didn't want Robert Charles finding out they were

"RC has no power any more. None. And neither does his dad." Douglas told
them what the First Officer had said in the meeting. "Don't let him scare
you. After the First Officer investigates the election, his will have
nothing at all. The girls and Jordan. So stay and have fun."

Jeremy didn't need to be asked twice. He started stripping right away, and
encouraged Brett to do the same. When Brett saw Jeremy pull off his white
briefs and show off his almost 5" boner, he decided it was time for him
too. Brett took of his clothes, but was very self-conscious about it when
he got down to his undies. Jeremy yanked on them for him, Brett's boner
popped up, and, without touching his dick, he shot three wads of cum that
arced our in front of him and landed on the floor. Now he was really
embarrassed and almost ready to cry.

"Hey, guys," Alex said, "Brett thinks we're hot."

Brett was about to lose it when Douglas walked up to him and kissed him on
the lips. "That was hot, Brett. And don't worry about it, I wish I could do
that. Makes you hotter than that Braden dude. " He smiled at Brett and
kissed him again. For the first time, Brett felt like he belonged.

Douglas looked around and saw eleven naked boys. The love between them was
building every day. Robert Charles, the storm, some of the crew, and Mr. Z
had all done stuff to bring them together. And Douglas felt that if these
guys were going to be his friends when they finally got to Alpha Orion IV,
then there was no doubt that he was heading for home.

Except for Brett, there was no sex and no cumming. They all talked and held
each other, and cuddled and got to where they would have to do things after
dinner. But somehow they didn't want to do a group thing. Maybe it was
because Matthew was there (being held by Alex and Mike), or because Brett
was still shyly feeling his way around. But today was talk and making their
bond stronger and not sex.

They all agreed that they would meet in Alex's room Tuesday night when they
were restricted from the games room. And that was all of them agreeing, all
eleven of them.


When dinner time came close the boys went to their own cabins to get ready.
They ate with their familles or friends. The assigned dining hall was
pretty much ignored by the boys now so they could eat with the right
people. Alex and Stevie ate with Mike, Brad, Jim, and Jim's mom. Travis and
Ryan ate with Travis's mom and dad. Scooter and Douglas ate with Scooter's
dad and Douglas's parents. Jeremy and with Brett and Brett's dad and
Matthew ate with his parents.

After dinner Matthew asked if he could visit with his friends in the games
room. His parents said yes and said they would be in the ship's
casino. Matthew left the dining hall and went to the games room. Everybody
was there. He saw Mike and went to see him. Robert Charles got in his way.

"I don't like traitors," he whispered. "Remember who your friends really

Mike and Alex walked up toward the two.

Matthew looked up at Robert Charles. "I know who my friends are. And you
aren't one of them," he said in his little boy voice. But his voice right
then sounded way bigger. He walked away to Alex and Mike. They both had big
grins on their face. Robert Charles had a look of pure hate.

After a while Matthew asked Mike if it was okay for him to spend the night
with him again.

"It's up to your parents, little bro."

"Well, I'm not supposed to see you, but if they ask I'm going to tell them
you never hit me anyway, and anyway your brother can call again and make up
some story like last night."

Mike had never heard Matthew race on talking like that. He smiled and
nodded and said okay they would do it. Mike told Alex and Alex grinned and
told them he'd see them in the morning.

When they got to Mike's room they talked to Brad and he made the phone call
saying it was the last time. He told them that next time they would have to
handle it themselves and that meant coming clean to Matthew's parents, and
then take whatever happens. They both agreed and headed for Mike's room.

Big Mike picked up little Matthew and threw him on the bed and started
tickling him. Matthew giggled and tried to get away, then laughed. Mike got
his hand under Matthew's shirt and started tickling him on the
belly. Matthew giggled and squirmed and wiggled and then laughed
uncontrollably. Pretty soon Mike had his shirt off him and was tickling his
sides and belly and under his arms until Matthew was laughing so hard he
was crying. Finally Mike showed mercy and stopped when Matthew said he was
going to pee his pants if he didn't. Mike hugged him and Matthew went to
the bathroom and peed.

When he got back Mike had his shirt off. Tickling and wrestling Matthew had
made him hot. He was wiping the sweat off his face with it. Matthew flopped
on Mike's bed and hugged him. Their warm hot sweaty bodies stuck together.

"I love you, little bro," Mike said. "You ready for bed?"

"Can I sleep with you?"

Mike thought it over. He felt that Matthew should sleep in the other bed,
but looking in his big brown eyes he knew that wasn't the answer Matthew
wanted. "Sure, little bro, you can. Let's go brush our teeth."

"I love you, big bro." Matthew kissed Mike's cheek and they went to brush
their teeth.

Mike stripped down to his briefs and so did Matthew. Mike figured they at
least wouldn't sleep naked. He crawled into his bed and Matthew followed
him and cuddled up close.

"Mike," he whispered.

"Yes, my little bro?"

"Mike, can you make me feel good?"

"What do you mean?" Mike knew what he meant, but he wanted to be sure
before he said anything.

" they had me do to them."

"Who? What?"

"When Jordan and Robert Charles made me do stuff to them...they never made
me feel good." Matthew knew about jacking off. He had to from what he
did. But his orgasms were little things. He wanted what he saw those two
boys have.

"Oh, my sweet little brother." Mike hugged him tight. "That's not how it
works. You do that with somebody because you feel special about it."

"And you don't feel special about me?"

"I do. I love you. You're my little brother. So I shouldn't do it."

"Please. I love you. I just want to know. They never cared for me. I want
somebody to care for me. Please."

"But Alex is my boyfriend."

"He is? Boyfriend? You mean like a girlfriend?"


"So, you're like, gay?"

"You didn't figure that out, little bro?"

Matthew cuddled up to Mike. He said he did, he just wanted to hear it. And
he loved Mike, and he wanted somebody to care for him and love him. He
started rubbing Mike's crotch through his underpants. Mike started getting
hard feeling it.

"Matthew, you don't have to do that. I love you without that. I'm not RC or
Jordan. You don't have to do anything like that to get my love. My love
comes from my heart."

"Please, Mike....please. Just once. Please."

Mike knew he shouldn't, but he loved his little brother. He cuddled him up
tight and ran his fingers down Matthew's smooth hard belly to the waistband
of his briefs. He ran his hand along the waistband wondering if he should
go farther. Matthew lay back on his back as Mike played with him. He
started rubbing the waistband and then down. His hand brushed against
Matthew's hard little dick. Matthew moaned. He wanted this so bad. Mike
rubbed his balls, then slid up and rubbed his hardness again. He pulled on
the waistband and Matthew lifted his hips to let Mike pull off his
undies. Then Mike touched Matthew's smooth ball sac and Matthew moaned with
pleasure. He moaned again when Mike rubbed his hard little cocklet. He
wanted this for so long from somebody. Getting it from his big brother was
the best. He would never have to touch RC or Jordan ever again.

"Suck it brother. Please." He wiggled from how good Mike's hand felt. Mike
kept stroking it. "Please," Matthew whispered. "I love you."

"I love you, Matthew." He went down and put Matthew's hard little dick in
his mouth. Matthew had never felt anything so good in his life. So this was
what it was all about. This was awesome. He kept thinking it was dirty and
bad, but it was so awesome with Mike. He automatically started humping
Mike's sucking mouth. It only took a few pumps and his high pitched voice
squealed, his hips raised, his back arched, and he had the most incredibly
awesome feeling of his life. A wild dry cum shook him from head to toe as
he pumped his little dick in Mike's mouth. He fell flat on the bed
exhausted. His whole body felt warm and glowing. It's the first time sex
was good to him and his brother did it.

He hugged Mike and kissed his cheek. "Thanks brother," he whispered, and he
fell asleep with a smile.

Mike was so hard, but he knew it would be wrong right now to have Matthew
get him off, even rubbing against him. This was Matthew's night. His little
brother was happy. He rolled away from Matthew, put his hand in his briefs
and rubbed himself until he filled his briefs with his thick teen cum and
drifted to sleep happy that he made his little brother happy.


The next day went by fast for everybody. In Engineering Chief Paxton looked
at the readout of the Warp Enhancer. The temperature readout showed it
going up sometimes than right back down three times in the last day. He
knew he should talk to Gordon about it but the Captain said no. He knew
what Gordon would say. "Turn it off!" And he knew what the Captain would
say. "It isn't near the red zone so we aren't going to worry about it."
The Chief was starting to worry. He didn't understand those jumps. He
decided he would talk to the Captain soon.

The boys got through school. Alex and Robert Charles met with Mr. Benson
and showed him how they did on the simulator program. Alex's scores were
awesome, way ahead of Robert Charles. Robert Charles said he was out of
practice. Alex was smug about being better. He loved being ahead of Robert

That evening the group did their restriction in Alex's room. All eleven
were there. They decided to make their bonding more complete and make
things wide open. They wanted something special between them, something to
link them and give them something Robert Charles, Jordan, Mr. Z, the
Captain, nobody could take from them, total love for each other. Even
though it was a school night they all got permission to sleep over at
Alex's, at least the ones who needed permission. Everybody's parents knew
that right now school was just a way to take up time. The boys all had to
promise to be up on time and make breakfast. The boys were determined to do
it right, knowing if they were responsible this time it would lead to other
times. The parents on the ship knew they needed to do whatever they could
to make things easier on their kids. Even Matthew's parents agreed.

They decided to draw cards for partners the first time. They would make out
in front of each other, and if somebody wanted to help some that was
fine. The last ones would be the quickest since they would be the
horniest. They all agreed that butt would be only for their lovers, but
anything else was cool. They all wanted their bond to be with somebody else
as well as their lover.

Mike had told Alex what happened between him and Matthew the night before.
Alex thought it was good for Matthew. Matthew now found out that sex was a
loving thing, not something that bullies did to make themselves feel
good. Matthew felt loved instead of used and was ready for whatever
happened in Alex's room tonight. Instead of being scared, Matthew was
excited. Even Brett was naked and hard (and he didn't cum all over the
floor) and wanting to make it with a friend.

The cards were shuffled. If somebody got their own lover then they would
redraw because the idea was to bond with somebody new. So it was decided
that Scooter and Jim, Ryan and Jeremy, Stevie and Alex, Matthew and Mike
(now everybody knew. It made Matthew blush a little, but then saw that
everybody thought it was awesome), and Douglas and Travis wouldn't partner
either. It had to be somebody totally new.

First draw was Jeremy and Matthew. Now Matthew was embarrassed and they all
could see that. Douglas said maybe they could wait for a couple of others
so Matthew could get a little more relaxed. Everybody agreed to that.

The next draw was Scooter and Travis. They both thought that was exciting
since they each had a little crush on each other. The kissed and made out
some and soon were in a 69. They did it side to side, and soon Stevie was
playing with Travis's butt and Mike with Scooter's until both boys groaned
and filled each other's mouth with sweet boy cum.

The next draw was Jim and Ryan. They decided to rub off, and it didn't take
long for them to cover each other with sticky white cum. Scooter came over
and licked off Jim while Mike licked off Ryan.

The next was Brett and Douglas. This really excited Brett because he
thought Douglas was so hot. Douglas had his eyes on Brett too. Brett wasn't
real sure about sucking yet, so he and Douglas rubbed off too, and they
were both so hot watching, humping, and kissing they soon had each other
wet with cum. Scooter right away licked off his loves belly while Jeremy
did the same to Brett.

Then Matthew said he was ready. This time he was going to suck a dick
because he wanted to, not because he had to. He and Jeremy went 69. Jeremy
was so hot he cummed almost instantly in Matthew's mouth. Matthew had
experience from sucking Robert Charles and swallowed most of it, but some
if it dribbled out of his mouth. Mike came over and licked his little
brother clean while Matthew humped Jeremy's mouth until he shuddered hard
from his intense dry cum.

Since Mike, Alex, and Stevie were the only ones left, and since Mike and
Alex were lovers and Alex and Stevie were brothers, that meant it was going
to be Mike and Stevie. This was fine with Mike. He had wanted to do
something with his lover's brother for a long time. He wanted Stevie's hot
smooth butt, but that was against the rules on this day, so he and Stevie
rubbed dicks off too. And after they had their hard wet cums, Alex licked
off his lover, while Brett licked off Stevie. Brett was getting more and
more relaxed around his friends.

Now somebody got to have seconds. Alex drew a card. It was Jim. They did a
69 and by the time they finished the whole group was rock hard again.

Douglas was thinking that for all the friends he had left behind on Earth,
he never felt closer to anybody in his life than to this group of
boys. Travis realized more and more that his messing around with girls was
because it was what he thought he had to do. This was what he wanted to
do. He had to tell Ryan that he was gay, just like his lover was. Matthew
felt a lot of the hurt from Jordan and Robert Charles leave him. Brett felt
like he belonged for the first time ever. Ryan felt his shyness leave
him. Scooter and Jim felt much of their closeness return. Alex squeezed
Stevie. The two brothers had each other and all of this. What more could
the want? Jeremy and Mike both bathed in the glow of love in the room.

Blankets were laid on the floor. It was decided the sleeping partner could
be picked to help the bond one more time. The only rule was it couldn't be
a lover, and there had to be one 3 way. The boys talked and worked and
touched and somehow worked it all out. Scooter and Jim. Douglas and
Travis. Mike and Ryan. Brett and Stevie. Jeremy, Alex, and Matthew. They
all went at once, each lost in their own partner. After cumming they fell
asleep together.

Sometime in the night, Stevie and Jeremy traded places. Jeremy wanted to
hug his sweet Brett. Stevie wanted to be with Alex and Matthew. The two
real brothers with Mike's "little brother." The last cum of the night was
Alex and Stevie coming over Matthew front and back as they rubbed off on
him. Matthew let the brothers hug him and fell asleep between their warm


In the games room Robert Charles got horny. There was just him and Michelle
to start with. Michelle was playing a game when Robert Charles came in. He
started talking to her. He told her she was the only girl on the ship he
hadn't touched or seen naked and asked her if she wanted to come to his
room. She said no. He told her she would like it and he put his hand on her
chest and started sliding it into her blouse and under her bra. He felt her
nice round breast and smiled. But before he could play with it, she took
her other hand and slapped his face.

"What the fuck was that about, bitch?"

"You keep your filthy hands off me, Robert Charles, or you'll be sorry."
She was near tears.

"You'll like it, Michelle. Come on." He tried again, but she pulled loose
and ran out of the room.

Right after that Lisa and Carmen came in. Robert Charles was beyond horny
now, and he wanted a girl not Jordan's butt. He wanted soft boobs and a wet
cunt. He hadn't fucked a girl since he left Earth. Tonight was the
night. He talked both girls into coming to his room.

When they got there they played strip poker until all three were naked.
When Robert Charles asked who wanted to be fucked they both said no
thanks. They would do anything but that. But Robert Charles had had too
much bad happen and it was time for a yes. No wouldn't work, and he soon
had Lisa on his bed and was fucking her while Carmen watched not sure if
Lisa wanted it or not. It all happened so fast. After Robert Charles cummed
in Lisa, he asked Carmen if she was next. Lisa got off the bed and grabbed
her clothes and went out of the bedroom. Carmen followed her and both the
girls got dressed and told Robert Charles not to get close to them. They
dressed and left the cabin. Robert Charles was still horny and he left to
find Jordan. He needed one more fuck, and the little drunk would be just
right for seconds.


The eleven boys woke up that morning full of love. They showered in groups,
punching in the water code of the person with the most water left on the
ration in each group. Brett, Douglas, and Mike, all cummed in the shower
getting washed by a friend. Anybody who didn't do it in the shower, which
was short, jacked off while the rest were showering. Each boy had a morning
cum before leaving for breakfast.

When school started First Officer Benson was there again. He said he
decided that another election should be held, just so everybody had
confidence in what happened. He wasn't accusing Robert Charles of
anything, and if everybody liked the job he was doing he would be
reelected. But first he had to meet with the girls in the class and with
Mr. Z in Mr. Z's office. Then they would talk about the election.

What the class didn't know is that Michelle, Lisa, and Carmen had gone to
Mr. Benson to complain about what Robert Charles did the night before. It
was looking like Robert Charles was going to be in big trouble. Things were
coming apart for him in a hurry.

As the boys sat at their computers working on their studies, Robert Charles
was worrying about a new election. He wasn't ready for one. Matthew had
turned traitor. Jeremy and Brett suddenly weren't afraid of him. He needed
to stop the election from happening but he couldn't figure out how. Without
his power he was nothing, because he knew he had made enemies being the
class leader. But having enemies came from being in power and as long as he
had his power he could control his enemies.

Jordan was sick again. He knew if his dad ever saw how much alcohol he was
getting from ship's stores he would be in big trouble. But he didn't care,
he liked being drunk. He wished he could be that way all the time. Plus his
butt was still sore from RC coming in and plowing it last night.

In Engineering the temperature gauge on the Warp Enhancer started creeping
up. Then suddenly it jumped up and hit the red and then beyond. The extra
heat went into the Warp Drive causing alarm bells and sirens to go
off. Chief Engineer Paxton rushed up to the control panel. All the gauges
were pushing red. The Warp Drive was spinning out of control.

"Shut down the Warp Drive!" he yelled. He started pushing a set of shutdown
instructions while others in Engineering went to the shutdown
panel. Suddenly smoke started pouring out of the Warp Enhancer and then it
exploded sending everybody to the floor before they could to a shutdown
sequence. The Warp Drive kept going, overheating more and more.

In the rest of the ship, fire alarms went off. The boys heard the alarms
thinking they just had a drill yesterday. Then they felt the "Starkeeper"
shake and saw that the lights above the doors were flashing red and not
yellow. This was no drill. This was the real thing.

They headed straight down the corridor to the "Moonduster" and strapped
themselves into their seats waiting for the girls, Mr. Z, First Officer
Benson, and the lower class. The whole shuttle shook again with the ship
and smoke rolled down the corridor. Douglas saw it heading for the door and
pushed the "close door" button. The door closed just before the smoke
came. None of them knew what was going on in the ship, but they could tell
they were still in warp.

Robert Charles got up and headed for the shuttle's controls. "We're all
going to die!" he screamed.

Alex yelled at him to shut up and sit down. He got up to keep Robert
Charles away from the control panel, but he was too late. Robert Charles
pressed the launch button, the bolts that held the shuttle exploded, the
side launch rocket fired, and the shuttle was pushed away from the ship.
As soon as it was detached from the ship it couldn't stay in warp and it
fell into normal space. All the boys felt the sensations in their brains
and stomachs that told them they weren't in warp space.

The ship was heading sideways through normal space because of the momentum
from the launch. Alex went to the control panel and fired the side rockets
in the other side to stop the shuttle. Robert Charles sat there frozen
staring out of the front view screen. When the shuttle stopped, Alex shut
off the rockets. He opened all the view ports so they could look out and
try to see the "Starkeeper".

The boys looked out the ports and the big view screen in front. All they
saw were distant starts. The "Moonduster", with eleven boys on it was
sitting stopped in space. They were totally alone.

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